LEADER : Do you understand this business? - FCA Peter Cox【EN】

LEADER : Do you understand this business? - FCA Peter Cox【EN】

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All, right. So. Who's. A leader here. You're. All leaders. Are. You working with people that are leaders. Or. Are you working with people that are followers. Are. You working with people that have the potential to be leaders. Do. You understand, this business. Do. You really understand, this business. Do. You understand, what makes this business tick. I'm. Going to cover 20 points. Number. One do you realize, you need a dream. Have. You worked that out yet, that you really need a dream you need a goal you need a why you need a reason. Debbie, just covered that what's, going to make you go out on that rainy night. What's. Going to give you that drive. Have. You worked that out number, one in this system is the dream, do, you really know because. If you really did know then you wouldn't fluctuate, in this business you wouldn't be up and down like a yo-yo. You. Have no attitude problem, you just go out and do it. What's. Your heart telling you, right now. Don't. Think with your mind think with your heart what's. Your heart tell you about this business are you on track for your dream do, you really know why you're doing it. Number. Two are you counseling. Are. You counseling. Most. People say yeah I'm cool I mean leaders club I counsel, people, ring. Up and they say I want to be RSO, I want a business review session, I want someone to tell me where to work I want, someone to tell me this and I want someone to tell me that guess what that's not council. Councils. To do with change. That's. What this business is all about are, you changing. How. Long have you been in the business and, what, sort of person, are you today. What sort of leader are you today compared. To when you first came into the business now. What you've got to do is turn around and have a look at the size you grew and. That. Will tell you are. You taking, counsel are you changing in the right areas is your, business growing because, your business is a reflection, of you. And. You can't get away from that in this business but. You need to, take serious, counsel, from someone, upline. Now. If you, go to your upline and you say we need counsel, and that upline. Gives you counsel, and there's, tantrums, and you don't listen to what they have to say and you've got your own to Bob's worth anyway, is. That good. Do. You find that sometimes when you're counseled, upline they, sometimes say, things to you that may strike a nerve, because. That happens to Debbie and I would put on Angie that's act happened, with us with Jim and Nancy Dornan, you. Wait til diamonds council diamonds. That's. Quite interesting. It's. True. Always. Remember, your upline is kept being plugged in and being counseled, by somebody, else and counsel. Is to do with change it's not to do with strategy. Strategy. I can tell you on the phone where to work how do you. Get. Out of that living room move into that one what are you doing over there that's not counsel, counsel, is actually, getting. A pummel stone and grinding. It into your shoulder blade and trying.

To Make it round instead, of square maybe and then, maybe getting some sandpaper and, you know your nose and rubbing sandpaper, on your nose man that's how we counsel people you understand. Because. Maybe your nose is too big and we've got to chop it off a little bit. Makes. Sense, are, you counseling, the right way though when, you leave counsel, are. You sure are you a changed person do, you go away and think about what you are counseled, number, through your work ethic. Do. You understand, these Fitness takes work. Has. Anyone work this out yet. Do. You really understand, this business, do. You really understand, you need to do 20 planes a month or forget it. You're. Playing with it. How. Many good planes have you done this. Month. Think. About it. If. I stood do 20 planes I reckon I'll do four good ones maybe, five. If. I used to do five planes I don't think I'll find a good one. It. Comes back to the work ethic, and as, I said last year I did a hundred presentations. Because I chose to do a hundred presentation. Because I'm really focused, in depth and we're not playing with this thing we want to drive those legs deep and I'm going to get out there and draw plans, and don't feel sorry for him he goes on your upline diamond and I want to do that but. If I want to take chunks to time off like I had three months off last year and one hit I'll do that as well, but. When I'm out there I'm going to draw plans and, out. Of those 100 planes I had six good presentations. Just, six but out of those six planes came six directs six, directs x, 70 500 PV. Is. How much 40,000. PV. 45,000. 45,000. PV that just increased, the turnover, our organisation by a hundred thousand a month and, if we increase the turnover, our organization, by a hundred thousand a month from finance doing six good plans that's a million bucks a year in turnover. He's. That good. And. When. You turnover, goes up what happens to you income. Ones. Are those bonuses. What. Happens to the car you might be driving the house you might be living in you see I'm doing the same thing last night on, Thursday night in a living room as. I was doing five years ago. Nothing. Changes, it takes work but you need to understand, the business that it doesn't take a lot of good plans. Turn your business around. But. Yes you have to do a lot of plans, to, find the small few that are good ones to, change your, business and, so. That's the attitude I have when I go into, that living room. Because. If you find the right person or, the, right couple that want to build this business it'll. Change your entire organization. But. 20 planes guys, 20. Plans do you understand, that number four are, you reading. Reading. Has been a weakness of mine I've, read more than the last 18 months than I ever had the one thing I'm looking forward to about going to Europe is I'm gonna do it Nancy dawn and taught me to do and I'm taking four or five books with me because when you fly around the world there's nothing else to do and I'm going to read every single one of those books but. That's a weakness for me but. I'm working on that but, I do more reading now than I ever have. And. I've just about finished, a book that. Book by which device compassionate, capitalism, and there's one thing that really stands, out there in that book because it's always something, that will help you change or help you move forward and he said the reason why people fail in life is because they are too worried, about what other people think they're doing. Yeah. Well. See Debbie and I never had that problem. Have. You got that problem are, you really worried about what people think you're doing are. You doing it thing maybe you're doing nothing, you. See if you're not doing anything no one really cares I don't think about you it's only when you're doing something they can actually think about you he understands.

So. Won't you create some work and create that problem and I know someone's like you thinking about me, because. If you don't actually do anything they won't think about you but when you pull up in the 911 fog. You stay on the track. Don't. Think you did something in this business but it's too late thing because you've got your freedom. Tennis. Teams. But. If you want to change you need to read it you've worked that out who's, reading. That. Jack Donaghy, tight. He, said it. Yeah. But I want to shut it down it's. Four o'clock in the morning. Reid. I'm. Tired, jack. We're. All tired and. You. Can answer that question but. I know who's reading and who's not when I work with people. Number. Five. Do. You understand, you need to know the facts about this business because the invites getting more. And more understood. Out there in the marketplace, you only have to pick up the phone and say hi you go and they guys not the my business is that. So. You need posture, you need to know the facts you need to plug into those tapes read, those books stay close to your upline so you've got posture, and say yeah it is the emwave business, and you still break. Yeah. It's the my business, you tell me how to break down how you've got no time will we plug into a couple in the early 30s, they just blink and they go to Disneyland, where are you going. Redfern. You're. Gonna have to get better at the approach do. You understand, that you, can't just use hi be at my place at 7:45. Are. You open to a business proposition this. Is a high-tech, business, do you understand, you need to change the approach. It. Has to be ethical but. Get create, a start, changing, this baby you understand, that and I love it I'm itching, to go, wide again. But. I can't because I'm going deep but, when I go wide I can't, wait, to run into some of them turkeys that go, it's not my either. You. See my attitude. See. The difference. What. Are you teaching your people, are you teaching your people posture in that living room when they pick up that phone. There. Was a particular gentleman I was with last night when I did a get start session with this guy 200. Names on his list real, sharp couple, and I said the bottom line is forget, the invite I said, use posture, and smashing. Because. That's the sort of invite you need. Have. You worked that out yet do you understand, that do. You understand, this business well, you still going around saying in the. Manual learn, the words.

Recite. Them read them off the page you'll get a perfect invite. Know. The facts about this business though. Do. You understand, this business do you understand it will do close, to a billion in Australia, is anyone, worked that out yet by. Another decade that's only seven hundred million dollar increase on what we're doing right now only seven hundred million that's. All. Well. If you look at what's. Happened with the first three hundred million, which. Took twenty three years in this country and in, the next seven they're going to take it from three hundred to a billion, I think, that's cool momentum. But. Every time we make that invite to that person, they're not lying in bed thinking geez I hate this guy's bringing me about the my business, just pick up the phone and smash him. Give. Him the facts. Has. Some posture. Do. You understand, you need posture. You. Need it people. Will not follow timid, people we. Have a powerful, spirit, man humans. Have a powerful, spirit, use. It don't be timid. People. Want to know leader, has ever been followed, because he's a wimp. You, understand that. But, with that spirit, comes love and, if. You invite, with compassion. Which. Is what which the voice spoke about you'll, break some of those barriers, down and some, of those people will come and have a look at your my business. No. Matter what they thought it was about. But. That takes change. Number. Six certification. Do you understand, this business works on edification, anyone. Work that out yet. Really. Some. Of you still struggle with it though some. Of you still come to, all the line between business. And upline. Who. May be a friend. Understand. You've. Got to know where to draw the line. Edification. Is I will just say, nice things about my upline because I want to, or. Because I have to it's, because it just comes out you understand that it just should come out naturally. But. We need to teach it because, it's not a natural thing but, once it's been taught it becomes, natural, but the greatest weapon we have in a living room is edification, it's, not your circles. And. That's. What I love about these pulldown meetings is when we do these pulldown meetings, we. Can get around and edify all the core leaders club people and. What. That does it it sponsors, people new. Prospects, in that living room. Are. You giving your upline the power to help you. Or. Are you the Big Shot. I'll. Teach you one thing that I've learned about this business I want, to be number two I. Want. Put on Angie Ross to be number one. People. Ng Ross have a much bigger organization. And Peter and Debbie Cox so I'll be humble, and all edify, those guys and I'll do whatever they advise me to do because sometimes Debbie, and I've been close to bringing out the Peter and Debbie Cox Network 21 system, you understand that we're. All this time but we check up line and then whoa. You, know stands, you. Want to be number two in life you don't want to be number one. Because. When you become number one the buck stops with you. That's. What edification, is all about. Number. Seven have you do you understand, how to do follow ups. Really. Do. You, do. You understand there's no point doing the plan unless you're booked a follow-up and you got to book it within 48 to 72, hours, and. You. Need to make sure that both the husband and wife will be there when you go and do that follow-up. No. Half couples, now half couples invited, the presentations. And now half couples, add follow ups. 48. To 72, hours every, time after that every. Day after that you're multiplying, compounding. 50%, less chance of bringing those people into the business. And. When. You do that follow-up are you making sure you've got someone there to train how to do a follow-up or you just the Big Shot. You. Want to be able to do that follow up and teach someone else how to do follow-ups when you draw circles, in those living rooms you want to make sure you're not working on your own you've got someone, with you otherwise, you've just got an my job you'll never get freedom never, work this business on your own ever. Do. You follow up with potential, core leaders club people and do plans in depth, with potential, core leaders club people. Now. Here's the key first, I got my gold Eagle this month I did thirty plans thirty. Plans, man, but, I didn't book any foul-ups I. Get. My moment of glory the big Gold Eagle. But. It didn't make any money. Business. Didn't grow. 20. Points a month men back. Off. Make. Sure you get good at doing 20 plans a month and getting follow ups understand, before you start trying to do 30 plans and hunts, don't. Try and bite off more than you can chew. Now. I'm going to ask you right now how. People, that you sponsored, this months.

Think. About it how. Many planes have you done and how, many people have you actually registered. Into this business. Think. About that, or. You just the most unbelievable, my circle, draw the man that the world. Has ever seen but you just don't do follow-ups, and no one gets in. Because. Maybe you're doing something wrong the way you run your in-home, meeting genestein, the in-home meeting needs to be run right right it needs to be time the edification needs, to be in place there needs to be an introduction there needs to be a close maybe. Your postures not good enough maybe is you're, too timid maybe, you don't look people in the eye you understand, that maybe. You think you give out information packs, like lottery tickets and because they take one they're interested you find them stuck on your door when you go back out there after, the meeting half of the meeting. Checkup. Line what's, working for you and what's not working for you. But. At the follow-up, it's business, it's, not, your game when. I go and do a follow-up it's business. I'm talking, eye to eye and you're gonna do it my way Turkic is I'm busy. Do. You understand that. Now. You can be flexible, with people, if. They've got a money problem or a timing, problem or whatever. But. They're still going to follow you because you're the leader you're the teacher. Do. You understand, that I don't know have, you got your mind around these principles, number, right are. You plugging people, into the system are you plugging them straight into that starter pack tape series are you edifying, those speakers. In that tape series during, the in-home meeting and at, the follow-up. Are. You moving those fast track 1 tapes. Fast. Track to fast track 3 Quicksilver, tapes are you plugging people in have you got stopped some fast track 1 fast track to fast track 3 and Quicksilver, tape and you start a packed tapes and do you have your own whiteboard or do you ring your up one ago I need some tapes I need some information packs, and get over but lender your whiteboard please. Do. You understand, this is a business you need to carry some stocks you need to have a couple of my starter, kits there you, know two of those two of them over so when you're going out there and doing the fives you know if the coop hasslein your upline are, you hustling your upline are you organized if you got everything set, up do, you have a feeling. At home that I'm running a business. Because. Do you understand it to business. And. Some, of you may have been in this three years and you haven't worked that out yet. Are. You getting people on that hundred percent user certificate. Real. Quick 25. Basic. Products, are you getting people started at. A, seminar, real, quick do you carry those tickets, are you, plug in people in are you getting good at promotion. When. You promote promote. With posture just, say buy it. Understand. It's. Very simple. Non-negotiable. You, need to be here you just tell me you want to make money see, on Saturday that'll. Be $15. For your wife 15 $30, arrange a babysitter, not, a problem I've got all your suite so organized look forward to seeing you there on Saturday bye. You're. Doing those people a favor we, know once they come to one of these functions, you want to sell them any more tickets. They'll buy the next one. Profile. For success, do. You have that book are you using that book the right way do you understand, that that is a tool in. The. Inner eye. In. The in-home meeting just don't leave it lying there under the coffee table use. It during the plane when, I do it I talk about Pete on Angie Ross Norman Linda Leonard and Jim. And Nancy Dornan. Use. It a great. Way to do this with this book is to put that book up with, the network 21 square and, at. The end and say there's 1 billion, dollars, worth of business in this book. There's. About 120, key, people. That, you might want to read about over a cup of coffee and if I can fit you in on maker time because I'm busy. So. The difference. Or. Do you just say eyes if you do drowneded, doing circles, and they're called diamonds. 1. Billion dollars worth of business. Pretty. Powerful statement and you say can't you see it I love, saying that the people see. It there's a billion dollars worth of business in here but, you can't see it and you can't see what we see so won't you come and check out our world, he's a ticket, he's a tape see on Friday understand.

That. Number. Nine. Teachability. Are. You teachable, do you understand, you need to be teachable unique, do you understand that your upline knows more than you about this business and if they say you got to change you've. Got to change if they say you're not drawn enough plans you need to do all might enough plans if they say you're not wide enough you need to go wide if they say you're not dressing, well enough they you could adjust well if they say you got long hairs growing out of your nose you've got to cut them out of your nose I understand, that. Did. It stands. Are. You teachable, I. Don't. Know do. You understand you need to be teachable in this business. You. Understand you need to follow your upline, around to be teachable to learn if. You, want to learn watch. The successful, people in this business follow, them in depth watch, how they work in those living rooms go deep deep deep say can I go to that pool there meaning that, you're doing on Thursday night I really like to bring a couple of that but I want to see how you draw that plan it's, up to your upline as to whether let you come if they say yes I'd be there don't stay at home on Thursday night and watch TV. Get. Out get. Somewhere learn. Get. It into your blood get. The business in your blood. Number. 10 do you understand you need a good family life to make it in this business has. Anyone worked that out you need balance. If. Your father out there with three kids and you haven't been home for four months, because. You're the greatest circle, draw that draws more plans than anyone else in the my business but you haven't sponsored, anyone for four months I'd back off of it. You. Need balance get that family unit right that, was something, that Debbie and I had to really, work on and we, didn't know how important, that was but when we look back one of the most important, things we've learned in five years at this level in the business is, that we know if the family, unit is good if things are working well at home if the wife is building up the husband the husband is building up the wife the kids are involved in the goal setting of the my business they're dreaming about going to Disneyland and they're pushing mum and dad out to that meeting and there's no emotional, pressure in that house your business will grow but. If your luck knocking heads all day long, having, an spats best, of luck. So. What do you need to do, to. Get that family life sorted, out. You. Know. I would advise you. Need at least one, whole day off out of this business a week. And. I. Know people come along ago I can't find the time. Fine. Disintegrate. Then. You can hang around in the forty year plan for the next forty years. You'll. Have plenty of time to think about it. Number. Eleven three. Types a day you listening to three types a day one. In the morning. One. On the way to a plane on. Our way back oh, no. Average. Minimum, three, a day. You. Go stay plugged in. I'll. Assume that Nancy Dona leadership tape yesterday, Oh what, distracts, you I think it was what. A tape but. Driving. To. That follow-up not. Bill and great, John. Late and beat me by three shots yesterday. But. John. Distracted, me then hit his golf ball in front of me so Nancy taught me about that but. I, wasn't. Very distracted, by the time I walked into that living room to do that get start session you understand just, focused. How. Bad do you want it so he has a diamond I need to listen to those tapes you want to know why otherwise. I'm just going to stay in front of the fire I'll never get there oh that's a mere distractions, I'll never turn up it's. So much rubbish. Involved, in there in this business. Yeah. Tough. Don't. Get distracted. Three. Types of Dale help you number. Twelve, are. You on time, do, you understand you need to be on time for. A. Follow-up for, a plan for, a counseling, session, never. Keep your upline waiting, for at a counseling, session because they may have three lined up that day three. And. Maybe. You're number two in the queue and number three is arriving, in an hour's time and they've only given you an hour you, don't walk up the Europe line and say i want three hours time today buck oak. Just. Keep that in mind and, you make you see if you, start holding, you up line up you, are your downline starts doing it to you you. Get it right with your upline and I know people have kids and I know they have work pressures, and they're out there driving the miles and they're trying to do the business and bla bla bla ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba guess what leaders are never, on I never, late always, on time I.

Can't. Stand being late. For. Anything. Be. On time. But. You'll, only be on time if you understand this is a business because what happens if you turn up to work late. But. That's alright isn't it cuz that's a real business that it's a real job. Number. Thirteen do you understand this is not a game. This. Is hardball, this, is a business. It's. A business it's not a game. We. Have people that say. But. We thought it was going, to be fun. Well. Yes it is fun but, first and foremost it's, a business and, there, are things that you need to do in a business that, you don't like doing that, may cause pain that isn't fun. But. If you want the end result which. Is the money the, time and the lifestyle, which equals, fun in capital, F capital u. Capital n, then. It's a game. But. I know that. There. Are people that still, don't understand, that this is not a game, it is a business, if you had a hundred thousand, dollars tied up into this thing would, it be a game. So. What I recommend, you do is invest money into the business the, more you invest into, it the less you'll play with this thing I wish that cost people two thousand, dollars to register into this business. Not. Two, hundred bucks, what. A joke, to. Start and get some products and plug in as some types. You. Know. That's. Why it is a game. That's. Why we have those new people that go well I don't know whether I can fit Saturday, in. If. I. Spent a hundred thousand. Dollars they'd say yeah what. Time do we start. Is. That how you treat your business, that's. One thing that's always worked for Debbie and I it's never been a game it's always been, a business. Always. Number. Fourteen. Do. You understand. Vital, signs. Do. You want the pin or the, money. Do. You want your moment, of glory. With. Your direct. Pin up here with three in your group, cuz. You solve 45, CMS's, for six months in a row. Well. Would you rather a. Hundred. People here today with. One or two CMS, has gone through a month good, solid business under two grand a months. You. Need to be patient the vital signs means. You, need to be patient and it may be that you have a goal set with, your upline to hit a certain pin level at a certain, time and I know that, we have counseled, people and they have, had their heart set on this granite but their vital signs just haven't come together it, may not because they weren't doing the work it just hasn't happened well, then put it off. But. Are you teachable, because, we know when the upline comes in and says but I don't. Know about that we, know that you want the goal we now have bad you want it then it's going to give you all that glory you're going to feel great but if it's not built on vital, signs you're, going to struggle, in it's.

Going To fall over. Hang. Back. That's. What the vital signs are all about that's. Why they're in place but, we'll never stop people, from going over. You. Want to be a 21 percent with, three in your group one. On our to go. For it you. Won't get much speaking, time now I tell you. The. Vital signs are there to protect you, this businesses longevity, do, you understand, the vital signs are rules. Now. You can say they're good rules or bad rules but rules are rules but. That's why we have them so, that people will hit those pin levels at the right momentum. And continue, to grow and guess. What vital, signs are frustrating. We. Want our organization. To be bigger than what it is we, want to see more silver man we could pump up another ten Silver's on this stage next month. I. Already. Know if one's that will be up near next month on vital signs but I know of a few that are real close that may not get the green light I understand that. But. We've never stopped you from going. But. I tell you what. You. Got a long slog then between there and gold producer. Vital. Signs are there to help you guys they worked. Out by Jim and Nancy follow, them. Are. You looking at the number of applications, you're bringing in are you looking at the number of people that are on our twos and are you looking at the number of tickets you're selling, they. Are three real key vital signs you've really, got to look at how many apps did I bring in this month. How. Many people, on, the. Tickets and how. Many people on the artis. Study. It get, it into your mind set, a goal what goals have you set for the success seminar, in May how, many people by then will you have on the type program how many yet you need to bring in between now and a, 22nd, of May and how many people will, you have at that seminar. Understand. Think. About it how, many going to be on that tape program. Number. 15 are. You working in the right living room. Do. You understand, that this business isn't this to do of running around sean plans wherever you want you, need to make sure you're working in the right living room, the. Right living, room how, do you make sure you're drawn plans in the right living room. Check. Upline who, are you checking up line with right now or. You just a maverick that doesn't, have any communication.

With Anyone upline. Just. Check that's, what an links all about. Buthe, bills if they hadn't checked up line this week that, would have worked in the wrong living room well made a mistake out there in the marketplace anybody. That's. Right so, gives you a nice warm feeling that you're checking up line. Now. Number. 16. Do. You understand you need to go deep. Do. You have a goal of how deep you need to go between now in 12. Months time, right. Now I want to take a leg another 10 deep in the next 12 months that's my goal that's, why I went out there with that wisdom tooth and stitches. And Google, and I look like I've been hit by Muhammad Ali your track and a Bronco all in one, it. Arrives on that doorstep they joined because they felt sorry for me. Gonna. Be here today. Or, just serve for. Noon. And. See why I said cuz I'm going one day well just do it shortcake. Got. A goal that's, what makes me get out there in them cold, rainy, nights leaving booboo and numb. Dane. Who. Are now called bruiser. Lockport. Pocono like 20 years not a problem. And. I went out there because I'm going one, more deep I'm going 23 d 2014. 25, days 2016. I'm focused. Yanis teens. To. D per month is, that how you work this business do. You understand you need to go deep. Number. 17. When. You're driving depth, do you understand don't lick the wrecks pass you by don't be 20 deep and a leg and go wow, there's a diamond, couple that joined 14, deep six up can't. Go and help them guys bye hope, you fail. Are. You checking out what's going on in your business, yes. You need to work at the bottom of the leg the, leaders always work at the bottom of the leg but yes there, will be people that'll come in higher, up in the leg that you may need to go in this and get started sessions with and build a relationship and, get them started and put five on their front line and maybe, that'll become your new tap root you don't know. Just. Keep an eye on those things number. Set our number. 1718. Number eighteen. Are. You spending eighty percent of your time with twenty percent of the people do you understand if you try and spend your time with everybody nothing, will happen. Who. Are you spending your time with who, are you teaching who, are you sowing, the the Amway business into. Who are you training, who you teaching to do the plan to do follows to move taste to become a good promoter who you takin down in depth who you drinkin coffee with who you counseling, whose call whose leaders club who's that next Quicksilver, person, you understand that who are you focused, on are you working with the next Quicksilver, are you in the right leg is that where the next Quicksilver, is going to come if it is just stay in there.

You've. Never pull back, working. That Quicksilver, leg. Number. Nine in are you moving from room to room when you're working dents are, you going from living room to living room are you driving the same Jacuzzi for the last three months you're not working dev if you want to know if you're building this business you're lost if, you've got the gregory's out and you don't know where you're going you're building, them you're. Doing it but. If you don't have the gregory's out you're not doing it if, you know where you're going all the time you're not doing it but. Make sure when you've got the gregory's out you're going deeper. And. Last. But not least is your heart changing, the wards people. Is. It changing, is it softening. Are. You loving people building them up giving, them time to grow how's. Your heart is, it like a block of concrete. Towards. People or do you have compassion, for people. Are. You giving them time. Do. They feel that your wisdom do they feel that you really care, because. If you're like a a robot. Forget. It. How's your heart is it changing, all, of our hearts need to change to make it in this business and we. Look forward to seeing you guys in Hawaii thanks very much. You.

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