Le Good Morning Trading du 19 mai 2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

Le Good Morning Trading du 19 mai  2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

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very interesting so to see if if everything goes well so I'm just checking if it works a priori yes there is a big big latency sure on youtube here we are now I'm sure to be live so let's go we only attack the hard we immediately attack the stock market calendar because it is important today at 11 am on the annual CPI of the euro zone in the current climate of pressure on rates and inflation it's super super important we expect it to increase to 1 8% annually we will see what it gives and above all this is what will motivate us all day it will be waiting 20 hours minutes from the fed on clan report of the last meeting of the fnc so it is not the meeting of the iphone it is that of the minutes of the fed but it is really the report and we see all the discussions that the members may have had the decisions of the votes without it allowing to see if there are disagreements between the members of the duo is femme sai t if there was a very large majority not to lite lifts also to certain lacks of the vph at the mc who are starting to worry about a rate hike so it will be extremely extremely rus 7 this report these minutes this declaration the general report of the assembly of the co-owners of the fed sometimes it is moderately important there it is still many consider the climate of tension which has on the markets it is worth it to be careful so here it is at 8 pm its grave the algorithms works have deciphered the words in less than a few milliseconds and the candles will go in all directions and then after we in the two three minutes which follow we said we to the human voter who will locate the keywords and see also That's the important thing so be careful at 8 p.m. what's going to happen we're going to say we're going to wait it's a bit all day long between 7:45 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. been able to have activity in the impression that the stock market will be dead within three 3 minutes before 20 hours liquidity provider will withdraw on the order books ali serious traders the professional will withdraw you have a drying up of the golden square the flop and the hamas have increased considerably and will remain a lot here a ring there and then at 8 p.m. for that can go in all directions so it's funny

much less violent than the decision of the fmc about the purpose of the speech there it just needed the dad and then it's all to watch anyway there is a member of the party who will speak at 5.35 p.m. to make a speech there so here is if things move a little between 5.35 p.m. and 6 p.m. it may be he who slipped an info but what is important here is to say if you hang around today 'hui a little bit in the morning and the closer we get to 8 p.m. and then you have to be careful because everyone will be in the tent so the volumes will sell will dry up and then we risk having candles un a little bit weird who can who can go and it's a day ed in fact that tests the patience of traders it is the challenge of the day will not make a link is boredom is not and will not at all treated with impatience we will be very early night with a volatility that risks crashing at this candle from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. maybe 10 a.m. and then after more but we still have the statistic of 11 a.m. in europe which could shake the coconut tree a little bit but here it is today ' hui today it is a day of zen monk 2/8 level it is to wait perhaps for his first milking after 8 p.m. and maybe even

to pass no line of 2 during the day it does not matter of the at all at all the stock exchange will be open the next day we maybe not we will maybe have the night but the stock exchange in any case it will be open so patience today is really patience that will pay more than be in position do not hesitate to subscribe to the youtube channel to receive the little notification to put your thumbs up on super encouraging to offer you this content without advertising and free here I made my speech now in attack analysis technical analysis so we will start with all the European indices so cac 40 that's what was interesting there has had us made an all-time high ak-47 especially because the index drops a little can naturally spring up every time a dividend to dividend is withdrawn from the index you have a clue you have the cac 40 where we have kept dividends this is the case with all the other world indices on the forty-one or two others it doesn't come to mind it's really an exception all dividends are withdrawn anyway historical record out of 4 40 record historical record on the dax 30 year on the candle between 9 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. historical records on dax 30 and for the eurostoxx we were not sure of the historical record we passed not far not far not far when even a few pegs at a3 and we is going to say but three points close so the European indices took off sharply and there was profit taking one it was a more than what I had told you on historical records attention maybe to have profit taking I think in beijing would have as much and yesterday we actually reached all the low points that i had spotted but i didn't think that we were going to course in israel too life so we are indeed a rebound on the monthly r1 on the cac 40 and we have also had a bounce on the friend monthly dollars on on the dax it's about the two features to secure the purchase on the on the cac 40 and the dax to take over rostock him he put a lot more than time before going to fetch it that me monthly delessard and of and rollon well sent and in the moments of tension the pivots which works exceptionally well sealed monthly pivot because we have we have a lot of people on it is sure on these levels there and has it systematically they all run on de s European indices then we have the supports of the week which are interesting we see here on their stocks but the daily supports here it is we read tell us of benchmarks but it is not the level that we actually expect really how much and the amplitude of the worry we are going to type monthly every day and this is what has happened since the beginning of the month so on cac 40 there it's interesting it goes straight just from bounce back a few seconds ago very precisely five minutes ago on the high of the previous month so indeed it can be a fallback zone for the pour paul for the cac 40 and a small rebound zone the problem is that we affects this area of ​​the 6300 in premarket so it is an area which risks being extremely extremely fragile at 9 a.m. at the opening of the stock market so if the downward rules continue personally I will not drag this area too far. crossing like butter is rather gone é try to monitor them the zone on the 1000 monthly dollars a little bit below on the zone of 6250 it seems to me all the same here waiting support an ace 6236 1250 slow down a wave of decline it can be that can be not bad but there really we had we had three beautiful days on the back which made us wait for a historical record and then we start to have a construction a candle of decline that affects all the indices on all the European indices a bit since they are who are at the cleat and then a little bit in a range not very bad yet on the American indices on the dax small rebound 8 stacks on its monthly pivot point but even finding even like that exactly my post act for four fields even if it is a level 257 and level loving this fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty I have been talking about it since April it's really we systematically come back to it that we go a little above we come back to it that we go a little below we come back therefore there for me it is neither to enter the chain there enters in the front it is really the level of the team of the force the stasis and therefore I will wait to see which side the force to the dark or the bright side switch to possibly have a return a few days later on its fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty but here I am I will not intervene I would just put an alarm on the fifteen thousand hundred why not we can re lost 1 10% we arrived on dax so it's a little bit in the -2% it's still not bad but here on the friend of the east without mentioning who could perhaps have weight enough to work on and then the lowest from the previous month to 15,000 28 cases very well worked and also tested to see if if we reach there rather with rather pessimistic rotations there are many things which fall in the night besides we had I post and on the fort we have had bitcoin which approached 40,000 dollars there he even broke them so in a few hours in 36 hours we went from 55 thousand dollars to 48 dollars over the weekend for the facts of two very simple things to bayonne musk who said that he would no longer use bitcoins for tesla so the vane side is a little little manipulation of the market and above all that's what created I also tweeted last night when the Chinese authorities fell there repeating that it is up to two Chinese financial institutions to use in any form whatsoever the bitcoin is so there it comes alive slap in the night very very very clear and one has been passed me there the 40 miles away so I know that the Chinese authorities since 2010 are saying the same thing the only difference is the way to tell him because there they said in an extremely firm way, not for a bit with their fist on the table, implying that if there were any who continued they could go to prison in the Chinese prison, it is a little recovery camps so there they put a little a little limit er the markets we take a little time to react to understand they have already said yes but it's not quite full of things and what is also important to see is the effect of time it is to say that how to say to you can have for example a law in France which is voted in the national assembly the media speak about it during fifteen days that excites everyone and everyone thinks that ba the law that is it there is it voted the national assembly does not exist at all at all not at all certain laws that have never been promulgated in the official journal and therefore they have not been talked about they were voted by the parliament in a democratic way and they were never activated personally me when I was a teacher there was a law which concerned the civil servants who resigned who could leave with two years of salary it was good I wanted I wanted to leave reacted had to wait I had to stay six more months in national education between the law and the application cret published in the official journal and the official bulletin of national education to validate the law can be used there were even 3.3 three layers so it is a little bit the same

when the Chinese authorities say something period of time before before application but the lily equaled a little strong and so we are used to knowing that there has broken the 48 dollars why remember that China is between going according to the demographic data between 20 and 22% of the world population so it is an absolutely huge market imagine tomorrow that the L'Oréal share that L'Oréal products for some obscure reason are banned in China the share collapsed you have to see the what the Chinese market can represent as a current consumer for the real and especially as a potential future market with 300,400 million people who will get out of poverty who will reach the middle class who are going to be able to buy themselves reds at ease it is about the population of the whole of the european union which if all goes well in five six years will be new consumers in china us in europe we are no longer a dynamic market when we are a market support anyway demographic growth it is also a problem that my parent speaks of this word even if it does not surprise demographers it is the solution which is really interesting its demography since 25 to 50 years then extremely precise that is extremely precise so we have an aging market which will not grow while china india and all and ahead of the so-called markets next 50 years if we are not if we are dead so bitcoin saout on china so that's why that when he takes a big slap in a very short time I come back to the clues excuse me for two for the bitkom parenthesis on the stage as I have no script as I have no script as I have no teleprompter I am told nothing at all at the moment that I press the button to start the video I have absolutely no idea where it will lead me maybe one day we will talk about the loads of Napoleon's hussars and me there is a logical link here it goes I do not know the everything I was talking about the pine pon it was not useful that's how we are going to come back to our indices rather Europe and therefore we also see in addition the reaction on the biomass bridge or and even if it was the night of the little ones candles very short we feel no energy not enough atmosphere but it's normal we will still wait 20 hours on the eurostoxx so he rather has an even more worrying signal on their stocks is that he has broken air sami a monthly on which they could they could rely and already below so if we continue to tumble will go get its monthly pivot point which is below 3950 maybe a little resistance but we can go and find the three 1935 36 in contact with the pivot point we feel more it would not be a a huge drop would come back more or less to the levels of May 12th so Wednesday May 12th there is exactly a more interesting week ago because a little bit more dynamic I think today it will be the American indices as much more than 8 pm we have there is a news which concerns them paris has us the report which concerns them limits of the festival which concerns them all the more dow jones then we were not on the highest historical we went well above the monthly middle r1 and then we had a slow but sure sag little by little little by little left salah which interests me a lot this is the last quarter of an hour so I often say to united states be careful on 29 45 10 p.m. anything and everything can happen simply because a lot of traders have crossed out that you have reverse charge software in funds in hedge funds so as not to be positioned at mike day cdu to be was a pure so to pa rtir from 9.45 p.m. who must leave your positions cissed reverse charge these same IT which takes precedence over physical traders and it is absolutely necessary that the position is flat on the action so that they can sleep well and then their take advantage of an opportunity the next day and there we really had a nice a nice slide of nearly 200 points on the circus on the dow jones we broke the 34 mines and we then see the safer at 10:15 p.m. of the American futures then it reopens between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. to open then when you see the amines there and we have not managed to catch up with this base its name is far there we have the impression that the highest of the previous month it is it is very very very far whereas we lost like that finally more than 250 points in a very short time and we did not recover them 7 me so me it is still a rather rather negative signal on the on the dow jones with the middle s1 of the week that could do maybe was supporting the el it is not bad on a term of positioning on symbolic levels we are on 33,750 so place I put myself alerts to see if we are going on one thousand seven hundred and fifty six have also rebounded also tried to buy them a little below the 750 may have gone to see if it does not come back on the 33 1800 also of 2.2 nibble about fifty points and if they want to preserve the uptrend and still be

able to go up on the friend monthly dollars which is important c ' is where is in contact with 34000 or is at the level of the city of the air one year only 33 1950 and there it is not a massive drop is strong one did not see a warning look at these two candles the dune Wednesday last 2 and last Thursday at the oracle we went very well very well but here we are already sure only at least 0.34 but under the supports so it's not a good sign it's not a good sign between the purchase it seems difficult you better wait more than it goes down starts to sell it's u n little bit we will say sewn or crazy before the front before 8 p.m. and the minutes of the fed but in any case we feel that it is worse market which enthusiastically returns to more or less the levels of April where we has stagnated we could perhaps position ourselves on these levels and then wait to wait to see a little what is happening at the level of inflation all this same scenario for for the nasdaq said I rather quickly take the lowest of the month previous which interests me the 13000 zone without seeing the 13000 zone if we go back over it we have a nice reaction when we went below 13000 here we took 4,100 points but it is not a good sign that we come back to it on the other hand if we break and the 13000 points here we play we can see clearly here if we break and 13000 point we can go get 2007 12750 I think in a very short time a day or a session we can we can go get the monthly support so there really what will worry the trade rs on the on nasdaq is really saving this area the middle s2 monthly thirteen thousand like here and we were here it was beautiful I said here before the rebound on Friday we went looking for the 13 1906 roughly 900 simple from memory it was fair judge we felt that it would play out little things and finally we had this rebound but when we look at the candles technically we really have a bearish channel emerging here we have a classic jedir passion reaction at the bottom of the canal and if we start to trace the part I do not have them but to trace but you can see yourself well here we affirm in the water of the canal which weaves which is drawn is one and a reflux so if we stay in this channel there it is not funny to go and look for the 2700 2750 to arrive again at the bottom of the channel of the descending channel here is only hope to maintain this trend Thursday it is a little this zone the d13 united without worry we take support etc have rebounded we can go again to seek monthly support is perhaps to start again on the friend of the monthly ESR and there that would make a technical signal of invalidation of the duduk analysis like that we drop a little we take support on a support and we go north and we break down the channel there it would rather be a strong signal relate to the purchase mr we will know by the end of the week it is very clear last little info on the sp 500 so for me it is graphically it is the one that goes the worst if they don't succeed in their interests the monthly pivot point to stabilize on it for the American session and before and before 8 p.m. it becomes a little worrying a little bit worrying because we really have an inspiration pushed towards the friend of the monthly esa who is who she anyway 1% lower so there he plays a little a little bit that his survival the snpi 500 ha here I have two or three little things to add to you am just lost in my stuff so here is if I summarize that of a day of waiting does not trade boredom room to your patience will be put to the test we will type orange periods of 1 hour 2 hours maybe three hours where it will vary from doing according to the indices from 10 points to 30 points while being there it can vary from 2 0 0 15 10% so there is no time to get in position everyone is waiting to see what happens the first returning beauce usually those who are decapitated so it's a little bit like the army if you want you never volunteer to be a scout here are the scouts those who are ambushed in the face in fact we send the guys to see or the enemy and when we shoot them who burst baroncelli billions my mother was there we weren't expecting on the hill over there and the patrol they all died yes ok but hey they did their job we know where they are now that's a little bit like that so we there is no volume when we are in a range don't be bugles don't do not take positions the other traders he waits to see where his share and who is being massacred it is very cowardly the stock market in the end it is too much is not the strongest at all at all at all at all happening not billions is not tens of billions we are nothing at all so to give an image I do not know if the cowardice of the schoolyard in middle school or in high school which there are two groups fighting hippie and then no do not intervene because we have we are not strong but we look at who will win and then we go in fact on the side of the winner ah that's the goal of the game in fine know it's not to be smart it is not to be forced can be courageous on the stock market where the panache on the stock market leads you to exploding accounts and not in my opinion bah it is relaxed then say to yourself not I wait I wait for that and buzzy them ya and I don't know what other monster to agree to for the teeth in a way or that the buyers face popping them sellers and in these cases I put myself buyers to try to take a little bit of the course of the trend once it is that they were drawn by groups and if seeing it this positive way that's why what will save us money is to wait is to wait and really see where the balance of power is is why I use the pivot points this codo our wounds of the balance of power gave way to the dock in a basic phase if we arrive at a monthly pivot point it is at this moment that can have a counter attack from buyers so I always say it, be careful when I say this zone at 250 can be interesting I don't buy at all at 250 we get there I take my green tea I look at what is happening and if I see that there is a rebound that seems violent to me that starts I go back I did not anticipate I'm not trying to be buying at the right time I'm waiting to see if there is a counterattack that ddd buyers and if it seems violent I come in saying maybe we will continue a bit and I will be able to scratch at a few points without having been a scout at all without having cleared the way let the others tickets to play on the stock market let the others lose the money won but let the others take risks for you when they created the boulevard bah here you are you are in laye look and then you go there quietly and they have tickets all pale they jumped on the mines but not you it is a little it is a little the goal and there it is a day when what will make you earn money or what it will make you not lose it is to be especially patient here add ita but before I don't forget to tell you to subscribe to the youtube channel please put your thumbs up it's super super encouraging and then we'll meet tomorrow 8 hours live and then we'll have a lot from two things to 2 things to say since we would have had the two stat important to the day that will have passed and we will have made the point of info for the next coming weeks next months on inflation on this I wish you all a good day

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