Le Good Morning Trading du 17 mai 2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

Le Good Morning Trading du 17 mai  2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

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hello everyone and welcome to the good morning trading I am delighted to meet you we are on November 17 May 17 same 2021 here I am checking that I am going well we live we will take stock of the market news a trader by the trader I hope you took advantage of the day on Friday I told you that we risked having an acceleration of a thymic gorilla during the last two hours on the market indeed we had a break out on the market American we kept going up going up going up going up going up going up so that's typical of desert trading go so it happens when it happens on Friday Friday evenings and often that's why I Statistically talked to you about it often on Friday evenings we had a lot of volatility during the week as if the algorithms, sales, institutions etc. were trying to return to median levels at the center of the bollinger bands so we really had one on a Friday evening I was going to say typical on the American markets as the last two hours from 8 p.m. French really really typical which went up in a straight line here I hope you will enjoy especially especially not you are not neither in shorts and such and such a trend way all the indicators were managed so ensure t shirt and when all is well and when everything is green it is always extremely extremely risky we will see the stock market calendar here it is seen it knows nothing in particular for us today we had two important statistics held in china two contradictory statistics we will help us to find a stable direction this morning in any case before the Americans open we had industrial production was still very vigorous in China so that shows that Chinese factories are producing and that world demand is important so post post that ovide in progress on the other hand sales Retail were below expectations in April in China that is that domestic consumption has not failed to explode at all so as a sign that the global economy is going well as a sign that the 'inside China it is a little more mixed so we end up with these two signals a positive to negative and we are managing well that's an average we risk giving I maybe a little bit this morning hearing from the united states nothing else on the stock market calendar it has passed we will now move on to technical analysis so do not hesitate to subscribe to the youtube channel with the little check mark to receive notifications to put thumbs up for me motivate me to get up early in the morning to make you free content without any advertising to piss off the attacker now the technical analysis then we go there we see immediately that it is particularly mixed with a cac40 which is rather good at comic book contact 400 points here is the euro pe which stabilizes a little bit after the strong progression on Friday evening in the United States the United States is pulling lose a little they have progressed so much on Friday evening that it is a little normal so there we have the nasdaq the future zac so there you really see from 4 p.m. and especially the breakout of the support to my only that we had an inspiration you said on Friday morning that we had a start of law of two under construction in the east more to confirm them now and the objective of rising and perhaps going to look for the middle east airlines makes it go a little bit above it may be in contact with 13013 1475 13500 and 13 1917 with the r1j and landre maybe a small wave that is falling there arrives on the 13,520 which have come down and a little on the friend of the east surely alone why not what interests me is more this night it did not move much we had the acceleration here very strong on the sure values ​​of the American values ​​of 2 Friday night and then we wisely landed on the pivot point of the week so you can see the effectiveness of the pivot points if not if we need two to see them in all as there we could see that the resistance a newspaper yesterday c ' is she who was resisting and that once we broke I was bleeding accelerated so we bounced a lot on the pivot point of week 13 1350 here we see what it is to work it maybe all morning knitting a little little or from above during the day I would like a fallback then the ideal super group by you see here very clearly it would be to return to the contact and 13 1250 rebound towards the support a monthly or for biology we have 25 to 50 points to take here we stagnated all day Friday and from 11 a.m. to the shifts until

the water until 4 p.m. in the United States I'm a little afraid of this type of scenario it's Monday morning it's Monday we don't has not yet all the information on nervousness is committed quarter of an hour diet and it is therefore we risk a risk e around 11h 11h30 to position ourselves then it will perhaps be the pivot point during the week that maybe the daily pivot point that maybe the highest of the previous day and then we will stagnate for two three four hours it seems to me the probable scenario especially since we do not have statistics that could move the markets a little bit we do not have two statistics like here at 4 p.m. so it could be one morning even olm album but it does not matter we wait quietly in any case eat quietly wait 3:30 pm for the opening of the American markets they see how it settles down we always find ourselves in this same situation between hopes of the exit of the coville savak signs of more and more and more there are fewer and fewer people who are against against vaccination in France was 60 70% of the shares who were against and now we are at 1 20% to 25% so here it is and worse it also risks those to accelerate since ue when people have returned to a normal life because they will have been vaccinated will not accept to be in my opinion their freedom reduced because a minority of the population refused to be vaccinated then the vaccine is no longer available so that it will be rather we live normally and worse if you empty local tankards and can we die too bad for your mouth it will be a little bit that we sail almost happen in September October we will be able by confined between quotation marks the people who are vaccinated protected and who protects others because of the offer of their vaccination so we can have this type of tension is we are we know how it starts ended this kind of two things the masses are systematically opposed to ear after the 'accept and as there is the neighbor who did it who is happy and as there is the neighbor who did so that they do not count death from the vaccine blah blah blah blah there is a contamination between May 10 by the mass share by the world and then even d skeptical people will end up getting vaccinated to get both a normal life and perhaps not to risk their life because taking quickly is not funny and I suffered them for him during October day 101 for six months anyway six months later and I took extra care not to catch it so here we are at a crossroads where things are falling, especially in the United States, that's why the American economy leaves again that's why Americans are no longer obliged to wear the split mask been vaccinated sarr sorry in the direction of the return between May 10 to normal life with all the problems that will create because you had good people moaning because that they were locked up and you go people you will see I give you my ticket this surplus will have special flashes this stream will have ten shows on bfm just above with people who are afraid to go back to work with colleagues who were and benoït to t really happy to telecommute from home that's got these points in advance so we come back to a little bit on dow jones why I'm talking to you about all this because we are now here we feel on the markets have price the end of the empty shot or even if there is always the poor of which circulates a little it will be on a minority of the western population ah and then good then for the poor countries it is a bit my graph for them between quotes because they have 50 60% of the population which is young so there are not really huge consequences like in europe for an aging population and the 40 50 60 70 80 90 years old have been extremely affected when you have like some African countries 50% the population who are under 20 years old locals in this regard is seen much less so we are on a return that is in a hurry has almost by abe by everyone in the markets a slow return but to the normal little by little except new heard varying at half temp s except extraterrestrial attack except at this time eight o'clock except eruption of all the world volcanoes and so on and so on of stars is yours you can always find something to be afraid of whatever happens but here we are being reasonable we can see there we see the end of the tunnel fortunately and that's what is in the course that's why it bounces but we are still on this problem this fear that it bounces too quickly somewhere with an inflation a patient may be that they risk 200 floor on the dow jones we see who has it then in relation to the nasdaq so the nasdaq takes a pivot on its pivot point to take support on the pivot point of the week it is specific to the pivot point of the week on the dow jones there is more broom on is very plain 174 and the high of the previous month 34150 so he could come back on it he would lose a hundred points which would be really not much for the dow jones then he loses 70 if he loses -0 20 so see if we lose a hundred more it will end up at -0 50 and we will end up here in this area I find a lot of expectations for the dow jones I don't know at all what this is going to do give must really wait 3:30 p.m. and see the direction of the markets if we go down, I have this zone 30 4033 1950 which I like a lot to possibly go back to the purchase there we really we see we aloi from the back accelerating on a wave of decline here we can see very clearly especially since this is where we are led almost all the month of April a good possibility that the decline will stop so that we can spend a few stopovers etc and then if that decides to bricks and to rise strongly unparalleled ball seller 34500 potential why not and then it is here if we break or quite clearly the high of the previous day does not have above the 30 1400 that we s' maintains it and that we seem to want to go up we have 450 and 500 who can be in line of sight that gives a little resistance a newspaper is giving us here it is not bad it is the flattest cv 2 of the decrease why not in part but I think that we risk this year and in volumes perhaps that they finally the three in any case this morning it is sure on the cnp 500 we have exactly the same problem then what is interesting to return to the purchase is the cats is slightly under 4000 150 1 4145 4150 to play 45 50 it makes 5 points or even a little more if we accelerate here that was what was interesting the real signal of the real signal date of to return to the purchase on the cnp 500 was a little bit out of sync on Friday compared to the other clues it is on this candle when we really had a flat bottom here and we crossed the 4150 there it was really an interesting signal you can enter on this candle there it was 5:15 pm if we you do n't take too much risk says 5:45 p.m. and then we could let go until almost 9 p.m. 9:15 p.m. mo n apart at 9:30 p.m. here final the last half hour it happens a little a little bit

whatever your going to like it going out but there we are we see that we are in a market which is buoyant and which is again rather also since we are starting to light up and I would like to draw your attention to the size of the candles there we really see that last week we had a lot of volatility look at the size of the candles in relation to the candles of the month April which was mary titi we were doing 0.50 to can not a little more than 0 50 per day so there it was not easy to get out of cash very very difficult there on the other hand it was much much more easy finally in any case for me we need a lot of volatility and there the counters panic and there it is really catastrophic for me that we have the death of volatility like that what I fear is that Monday we risk having a bit of a drop in volatility and we have a scenario o where we come back a little bit on things a little bit more a little bit tighter at least for today we will see for cac 40 while he is doing really well so if you have never seen a rise to thymic gori 1 on 4 42 there you have a perfect kubla until 9:45 p.m. and keep some that's it that's what's interesting it started with those to those triggered after the closing of the stock exchange of the European stock exchange so here it is is the seam and then it rose with absolute regularity absolute absolute absolutely absurd from the very small candles 15 minutes we will not look for many points over fifteen minutes at least 5 6 points but over several hours it makes you totally take off your index and he blocked stack as if by chance if not by chance on the middle r2 on the air friend of man alone so there we see that you have little almost identical candles extremely tight with perfect tenfold there we went on the she-wolf to why am I showing you because from 5:30 p.m. on Friday on the order books on the cac 40 and then it's the same on the dax but especially the cac 40 there is no one left and everyone has left there was that you must have about 15 traders and allocate them to the cd album do you really have to remember it's this absolute regularity that can come only from algorithms and the second thing is that they they have their time they have they have the time and understand a good trend on Friday around 6 p.m. on the European markets you have to try to keep it so it's super hard in fact finally for me in any case it's super difficult it's super exhausting because we are constantly monitoring it etc but in fact the thing is to get in position put a very short profit stop it leaves and it leaves and come back at 9:30 pm to see where it is and then maybe can - to be West Indies that's when the number of fakes I said to myself I would have put my stock to profit I get ready But I would have gained a lot more than by staying until 7:30 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m. in front of the screens in ten years in ten years on a mini little fold that was quickly erased it was so it will really try to locate its so sealed Friday after so evening on American and European markets after after 5 p.m. 5.30 p.m. 5:45 p.m. after the cultivation here is on the other hand if you are in

the wrong direction and you start to see these little candles that light up against you cut you cut your severed hand you the forearm quite quickly but don't wait for the c1 I remember 15 years ago it was a lodging in bad position had put itself horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible and ended up taking its loss at the highest at the highest of the day and it is very very very very difficult so here we can see the rebound on the lawn of the previous month around 10 a.m. so here we passed germs below the candles of invalidation of the tendency of their acceleration candles if really we were s ûrs have been able to fill traders this duel which is not chic you come back on this candle there and we went out here it was about 50 points on the 50 points on our friend the cac40 and we started again here on the aubrac so between this candle leave this candle there and we could in two raids on almost all the progression but it really has to be traders and have patience and patience pays off on the stock market it's dirty that's it who pays the most is not the technique it is the patience yes so I still give it the low levels they are rather obvious if you put your resistance back a monthly is there and the pivot j we have this area there c 'is the area we are hesitant to open the American markets we could come back on it we will have our toys quotes and if we smell them sweat the rsr 1m 6346 a 350 it can be a small entry to make 10 15 20 points of the trading on the start of cac 40 which is rather not bad and then if the markets They decide to erase everything, well, we quietly return to the highest on the previous month's high, no more questions are asked than is expected quietly and from the man to have battled a little bit on the dax then same topo on the dax he was looking here it is less clear you see on the high level dax with gori thymiques welcomed cac 40 then it is due to what it is really due that on the cac 40 there is nobody any more 'there is no longer any trader we will say neither my part as the senses and it is really the hand in lomé but it shows it takes three points it goes down a point and a half his cross takes two points it goes down 'a point certain points and a half it goes back down to the points here it is really a continuous creeping increase which is great when you are well positioned and exhausting if you have to keep the position and when you are against this market it is I'm looking for the word but it's torture it's the Gordian knot not really you will die ez suffocated little by little tried a dress our gorillas years for those who do not know it is an invitation to read a book from a prison the republic is very very good go I leave you an original and who I know I'll help you a little bit he between valéry giscard d'estaing and françois mitterrand here is no there is not between valéry giscard d'estaing and françois mitterrand no it is not pidoux that beats who was to leave who was a literary and who wrote in particular very beautiful things precisely on France and his i touch mont blanc long blanc apologized silence we could read them this is exactly what we are living at the moment it is the end of the so flash on the economic culture of the transferor dax we had less less clearly but there there there is the same when sees this acceleration and we were on a monthly strength and we started to fall low as just the great classic 1 / as soon as you get to the first contact over a distance one month and at the end of the session we generally have a shot was what is interesting look for the dax is that they really have a feeling that the economy is starting again illegal higher of the higher of the higher of the higher of the higher of the higher I can not here it is on its historic highs quite simply quietly has 1 candles in two days it is useful is increased on these on its historic highs and when j the two days is today that took a little Friday magnificent rebound and there is a new contact on his monthly resistance almost on his historic highs so that telling you whether to buy on the historic highs on the date tends to trend is profitable for him rather to wait for a withdrawal anyway a shortness of breath but sometimes we wait for the shortness of breath that does not happen and it continues at the head of are not therefore easy to be helped on the highest the dax I would at least like them to come back a little bit on the on the 'air friend to monthly to possibly do a little something ideally yielded 15 m3 ideal role it is the fifteenth 250 which are really the point the point of attraction for two months has sent the fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty that was really the level the level of a high level of the systematic pull again we see it the size of the candles that we have a very clear acceleration of the nervousness of the volatility so here they are they can decide on bricks and their historical highs and there it will be necessary to really watch to monitor if we arrive in contact with the fifteen thousand five hundred if we have we should have a reflux on the first passage its past a little above but be careful not to insist in my opinion too much on a little your above the 15 thousand five hundred per week that I would not take to pass level there because it seems to me really risky because it could come back quickly and also sow shelter the fifteen thousand five hundred thirty or not have really a wave of acceleration and the friend of the air of monthly to be name of juan traits of a year almost 2 a brutal fast in any case the opposite towards the fifteen thousand six hundred there it is really the possibility that have and of accumulation of tension and then transmits to lighter poum to the issic in spain claude previous month for me very little time the most real it could accelerate so there it is rather a profile the dangerous when one sees that it has rebounded so strongly to put in my opinion a short and the other at 40 is not the main indicator in the works here I was a little bit fed up I can not tell you more like all Mondays you have to spend a day of trading in contact on the ground in the order book and all that and Tuesday I will have a lot more information to give you six beats be careful the markets hesitate we will I necessarily have to from 3.30 p.m. opening of the American markets and it is they who will give the decision n is there in europe we risk moving our head from 9 am to 10 am gone 10:30 am if we are really nice and then we will wait we will wait so here is patience patience and do not pass that famous 13 of boredom if you are in front your screens if you know what to do I created the city forum precisely why I am writing you to take care of démarres playing video games until he is something happening in the markets so that's c 'is a tool that is at your disposal to share discuss about your patient and especially not to spend this trade in trouble on what will cost I tell you tomorrow, be well, do not hesitate to subscribe to the youtube channel to receive the notifications I made two other videos for you on Thursday and Friday on my trading days so you can go and see it I 'll do you once in a while once a week to analyze trades that I think interesting the day of saturday was nothing in particular it was a day when gingham nor green a pretty I ended up around also I left the market a little too early that I stopped very various 8:11 p.m. I could have held out for an hour it continued to go up here is about the only interesting thing that I could tell you that I have already said everything in bull marianne training on the 2 Friday morning on the strategies be well and then bah we meet again during the day for another video if you are a subscriber you will be informed below otherwise you will miss out on reindeer but it does not matter, it is you who decide on this

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