Le Good Morning Trading du 12 mai 2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

Le Good Morning Trading du 12 mai  2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

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hello everyone and welcome to the taste of death of old trading I am delighted to find you a trader by the trader we will take stock of the market news I hope you have followed the wording very worthy of yesterday since the levels that I had indicated on nasdaq worked wonderfully, throw only the sda ​​which yesterday is a little bit the dow jones at the end of the european session i will return my entry point a little to dow jones and the The cap side has been optimized but it's my trading technique quite secure enough it's a shame but it's always a shame so what is happening on the markets as announced yesterday morning on good morning trading had a good chance to fall with this climate or tension on the rates of fact that we are of course almost on historical records and that was the case all the clues took a nice a nice slap we had roles not on just about all media on all sup monthly ports interesting what it pinlou waves and very worthy of 10 to 50 points only up to its point according to the indices so it was a classic day in quotes but with a lot of volatility so I told you if you are on futures you could see in particular the order book on the nasdaq that they fought in an absolutely incredible way with a lot makoun two volumes it was not a drop without volume so it shows us as something important we have mounted the last fifteen days with relatively little volume and there we go with volumes so we see that it is starting to be a real worry a football trend we had indicators in China rather favorable to a rise in inflation we have the copper the copper price has gone up so as investors begin to say that central banks may intervene faster than she thinks back rates or reducing their interventions markets that is to say that every day the central bank buys assets of assets to support prices there they will perhaps be limited this reduce the wing a little therefore investors ' fears buyers of being less supported so it gives the hand to the sellers for the moment not at all not to deny that the decreases which are controlled but to we will see what it will give a little more this week arts that is what is very important today at 10h gmt we have industrial production there and at 13h 30 pages and bedridden the meslier mission between gmt by gmt pages we also have maybe gmt it's been 14:30 here I do not know if I determine gmt or not gmt because as you are on the five continents watching the videos I get emails after saying yes you said it was at 11 a.m. in metz took place at 10 a.m. or hi at noon sega lives in england where also in poland it's not quite the same time so from tomorrow i will force me to put in gmt so I convert you and with your your zone your zone but what is super important is in the USA of consumer prices of course so in this climate afraid of an increase in inflation it will be there 'indicator that needs to be watched for very advances to is a little bit risky then I invite you to watch the order book as it will dry up just before a few seconds minutes before the publication all pro traders clear the algorithms too and liquidity provider goes away there is almost nothing left it's gruyere and instead of having on nasdaq instead of having the bidet the azpitik which is touched on a ticket so the smallest possible variation or on dow jones se therefore affect buy and sell orders were not all touching if you have by all this will take in terms of ethics 5 sometimes 8/10 tic of difference we see that there really is no one and that's it a symbol if I had you are looking at the order book that you see that you have to get out immediately if you are not aware of it it is that we are going to fall and there it is what is called a draining of Canada and there it goes all over the place it's a toss up we really gave up it's casino mode so it will move a lot then the consensus passed an increase of 0.2 in consumer prices over a month and over 300 3 60% over one year which is already a lot more three glasses of 60% since we are rather on a contained inflation it is rather + 2% + 2% and a half for central banks so if we are on a sliding year at +33 0 60% already knows it's already not bad but the central banks understand that they are not going to do it to us there there alan greenspan from the central banks understand that we have to manage this in an extremely flexible way not to do panic the markets so we are in a climate like as I told you yesterday a little difficult to deal with since We know about the detentions, don't hesitate to subscribe to the youtube channel and put your thumbs up, it's very encouraging for me to be able to continue to offer this to you for free and without any advertising, so we're attacking the technical analysis which he had the big blow yesterday was therefore what I told you in the doubling in training at 8 o'clock in the morning the good shot was the very very classic robot on the lowest of the previous month and the acceleration that l 'we have or that we then had on the nasdaq so here it is you have here in concentrate 95% of my positions of the day to the purchase released to the purchase made a single short position it was on this wick there the first time we were hit support 1 in ground I sold I took ten points and a lot more to take my life 30 40 but as I was not in the right direction everything was red but since we had bounced violently I was not very comfortable and I really just made the only shorts rooney damage it was done is on it and from 6 p.m. I gave up a little bit because we were starting to enter a range indeed its parity sap was very very very easy in treviso I can j 'love how much volatility I love when it has amplitude like that after the Rhône in a range, it's a little bit my cup of tea but what we can see is that the indices after having bounced back well turn all in the red that at least it is clear and that we had exactly what it is what we had the night last night here you see we went under the support a monthly and we came back on look for that was the night from Monday to Tuesday and this is the night we just spent from Tuesday to Wednesday we have exactly the same the same thing at the nasdaq trying to hang on these areas of the 3205 in suppressing alone I told you it was the stake of the day yesterday if he could stay in contact with the thirteen thousand two hundred and fifty la ba isse was not in definitive quotes, here is the trend that leads to good care lower from the previous month and today he will try to approach the 13th 250 so quite honestly we will have to move the European indices this morning will move the American indices will follow me but given the statistics but there is important that awaits us in the United States this one which is important but if you want in our current anthem for fear of making a statistic on inflation in the United States ah it's even more expected than a fed meeting so be very careful of you can guarantee yourself 90% that we will have beautiful candles during the announcement so be careful not to be beheaded then it will go but at the millisecond the algorithms analyzes and ideas that the figures fall we are expected to become the figures that already it leaves it is gone one way or another that's why how to tell you I see people who Sep recipitate to try to get the right figure, I can never get it, I won't even look for the figure or we half an hour later I'm right in front of the screens because what counts the algorithms and computers of the banks region always much faster than me and then what they do is their interpretation is not my interpretation of a number twenty years ago I pretended to understand to understand everything on the stock market a duo of May 2027 of my 25 26 27 years and I was looking for the figure I was doing my analysis and here it was how the figure was good that I was buying figures who wants me I was selling but that's not what is important it's because I think it is not a bad interpretation this is what people think who have one hundred thousand ten thousand times more money than us it is they who do the who make the market we can have ten thousand individual traders to block on the old turn to a right they do in the united states in front of those who support ient on the button all of us swept away so the stock market that's why sometimes I say that the stock market and not to think about disconnecting your brain that's what I mean our own analyzes no value apart from an intellectual value and can -be narcissistic but its bus what will count when the us is going to fall enough skate is programmed in the algorithms this is what people who have a lot of money and who manage hundreds of millions of billions will decide by pressing the button it's not us who will make the slightest difference so that's also why the bo I often say it's the school of humility because here it is important n ' It's not to be right or wrong the important thing is to be in the movement two major trends so we can always be against the trend with less chances of making money it can bring more pleasure more pleasure because there is more a sport it is more a struggle is more a cha llenge you have a lot of people who come on the stock market to confront each other he thinks he is we rush to the market but often merge with themselves ah ah there is more pleasure the intensity chip but you have to know if you stock market returns for pleasure intensity or if we come to be earn earn money with as little risk as possible if it is the second solution earned money in common from what we can start from the trend and follow the bigger ones without thinking I started on that but I'm coming back from technique by lance so for our technical analysis will listen to me I'm going to do nothing before the American statistics and I see the highest and lowest we have had in the day yesterday it's kind of marker so I see that to pass the low of the previous week is to come back slightly above on a bullish trend on nasdaq it was difficult he even had it not grazed and that we have the lowest of the previous month tooth that has us which has protected us so already cm2 marker but two areas on which I can intervene the lowest the previous week intervene if we have a break out because if we have good news and complete the lowest of the previous week this will really be a sign of buying the middle finger and I had I will return to this signal if we then lower the first zone of besse where we can have a rebound which seems interesting to me it is the lowest of the previous day c 'is the lowest of the previous month if this zone there on the other hand I do not like to rush because we can pass it at full speed like in butter if I dare say and there in these cases there our zone of defense for buyers is thirteen thousand and the middle s2 monthly we have not gone very far it is at about sixty points we know that there is a huge zone 2 rebound possible so in the news I will not rush I will see a little where things are going but we can then be frustrated because that the news we can go right on the low of the previous day or on the low of the previous month and crazy people start to rise again we can have a scissor movement so it's okay we can miss an opportunity there will be some another one hour after two hours after tomorrow the important thing is to be still there the next day I have to say it's almost our whole life the problem of our whole life is to be there during the day next is to wake up in the morning this morning it is necessary I did not die last night it is positive and well on the stock market it is exactly it is exactly the same thing so I really rather watch these points these two extreme points on the dow jones and had to play between the trade I took on dow jones as you see on the dow jones a was a tight range at the previous month high dow jones was trying to get there so hang on to stay in a movement of upward rise for him we have the dow jones struggling on the stud of the month preceding the nasdaq which are struggling on the low of the previous week we can see immediately that it is not at all the same the same the same dynamism so good it was actually a bit boring on the on dow jones j I took only one trade I have prices on this candle there at 34 40 we go around here I sold at 34000 60 20 points more why because when it is when we were more talking about price oil water and that we were at + 3 years that we were at 34 miles 65 70 I put my stop profit at 34 mines 60 in ten years if it goes down again I cash 20 points at oil increase made 160 points I am very happy and then keep the possibility that it will continue accelerating upwards well there was a small refusal his touch and therefore managed cashed and then a few minutes later he was noted he climbed to 240 so there were 180 more points to be done but it's my way of doing between 10 meters of scalping what we take a point is not really c ++ scalping of discredit these j them round on a trading position of excess yards but quickly a stop profits that often affected so that's why it makes me simpler plus 3 + 10 + 20 and and because when I come home I think that it can really really accelerate extremely quickly it was not the case good it is a pity and then I did nothing on the on dow jones because for me it was visible that the church they will be judged powerful without much interest taking had to take risks to earn a little money it was not it is not very interesting I just watched at the end of the session if we are not an upward acceleration to seek resistance is a monthly but absolutely not so I took advantage of my series on netflix polony it's good it's not great for the pure for today's trading I tell you about the same thing it's there at almost the same as for the nasdaq to be very careful for me there is a possibility of tidying up r worse what we will see the news it will go in all directions in any case what I note is that 34,000 250 were difficult to cross we did not manage to cross on the other hand it is seemed just a symbolic area which is interesting because there are no real markers like resistance 1 a monthly so there on other things I do not know what to do if we go back down to the monthly pivot point that we have here it seems to me a good opportunity ensures vision of a robot that would please me of course look it's all we had in the half of the month of April as soon as we arrived at about this zone there for that rebounds it is thus this little towards the memory of the markets they can redo us the same thing thus on the advertisement in the previous week the monthly pivot if we arrive on it monitor if we have here it starts to leave and that we have a five-minute candle which confirms that maybe it's worth a master stroke a ticket to go at least wanted 337 00 50 see 30 3800 links it to a good ticket after May 6 to increase and to this area which will be complicated at 34,000 sheltered a little above of course other young people I really have no sight of monitoring but I don't have a lot of two feelings above on the 5500 by the farms of 4100 we came close to them at three points three and a half points yesterday by cons if we have a bad date a bad date kate missions can be punctured com. com it's not possible so waiting here we moved a lot yesterday so the worst day we could have on the American indices which is why I do not insist too strongly already waiting for the statistics is that we are put away up to the statistics ons to the statistics its part in one direction or another in an extremely violent way and then again you reach 3:30 p.m. and it could start to move a little again but also to eat away so that it risks

that that it's a hard day to trade on the May indices s if the stat is good when I look at the snpi 500 like that in an hour over a week we see that it will tend to want to go up if I look at the dow jones a little bit too so I still have a ticket rather rather buyers and yesterday I told you I jumped in shorts and all the rest of my very long summer at the chapel yet it was red but there were really significant areas of support and we felt that the buyers Didn't want that should therefore to the tooth he didn't want I didn't want to let go of everything and so here we are we are almost we can say in pre position if he is able and the aude to go up on the indices on the American indices I will tell you do the cac40 so arm the cac 40 once we have another drop our initial base in the morning we got a little fixed the good news is that we have not been typed the 6200 so that shows that they have buyers still under the guide of the seal under his foot that I watch this es t here we are making a return under the large monthly pivot so the zone 6150 6170 is a little below the aca could perhaps be something interesting to enter it on 4 40 we still notice that tech terrain did not put itself there at all in a rebound position I show you day our the nasdaq of the nasdaq is there we see that it has really taken down on the lowest of the previous month which tries to get back on the most high on the low of the previous week to the kind of support on the dow jones is a little short on the 5500 which regretted a guiding clue we see that there is an attempt to rebound note reinette on the other hand on 4 40 we are going rather than we tried to dalé to go even lower so rather rather pessimistic about it on the cac 40 because of that what we have is that we are on the lowest of the day yesterday so it's not it's not great on the tax because there we have very clearly an attempt to rebound quite clear in p resting on the lowest of the previous month ball to the great classics support 1 of the week what I had also indicated to you that they were seemed to us that plus the proximity of 15,000 the best possible rebound zone on on the dax and it worked really well I did not get into it knowing I was thoroughly sweaty on the nasdaq and that I can not very many clues at the same time simultaneous a base and returned it to me so I there are no regrets and we had exactly the same bounce during the night the same bounce so he tries to hang on to sami of the ess a monthly in contact with fifteen thousand hundred the 15,000 zone bounced back optimally during the night we had up and down around 14 1996 97 rebounds so for the moment even if it has been worked it seems to want to hold well the American statistics will also play or if its role but here you see we have quite different things on the 'together on all ten clues I really advise you to m finally me I really like this view this view over one week in one hour is not candles so we do not really see the low point is really the high points but we review the dynamics as well I put them in bed mode we see the dynamics are there we see that very clearly the dax at will to go up only on dow jones a little bit but it is not so asserted then on a much clearer access this will to rebound than on cac 40 is rather a will to lower them a little bit downwards so if there is a clue that can bounce back I will not put a lot of money on the cac40 but I have better configurations on the dax or on the top on the s p 500 so this little one at a very simple coffee one hour a week you put the pivot points of the month the pivot points of the week the low points of the week the points where the week the low points of the month and the high points of the good month I added the back of the dujo n of the previous day and then the lowest it gives me a very small mark on what happened in intra day I find that it is very very very very visible of course it is not with 7.7 this graph that you are going to return to position but to perceive to perceive the trend the trend I finally find it in any case for me they talk to me a lot find it extremely effective so if I sum up complicated psychological climate not bad on Monday which puts itself in a position of possible rebound it is not us who decide what and the biggest and the biggest will decide according to the statistic of the American inflation this is really that the most important I was talkative today I have lots of good things be careful this may be a day a little less obvious which yesterday do not hesitate to subscribe to the youtube channel to receive a notification when the videos are ready and are uploaded.No technical problem a priori what I have my return is true that fo work we'll see otherwise I still would have done this for 25 minutes for nothing and I'm used to it since the beginning of the week like that are you doing well ah and then very follow and be careful this afternoon and the American statistics little talk about inflation it's really we have more than that in mind you all have tomorrow 6pm live

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