Le Good Morning Trading du 11 mai 2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

Le Good Morning Trading du 11 mai  2021 par Benoist Rousseau - Andlil.com

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Hello everyone and welcome to a good morning trading I apologize it's 8:29 am I have had a taste for mardin trading since 8 am and here it is not going like yesterday so it is frankly starting to swell me because I I'm not going to continue good morning trading if I get up early I do the draining tongue tips at 8 a.m. and I have to do them again at 8:30 a.m. it works the second time because it stresses me out a bit for my trading I don't have my half hour of concentration here is to be able to process then I will do it in ultra fast mode in more half an hour to develop the full of things there I will judge it you you the condensed good thus we attack the stock market calendar one at Monday 16 or at 9 am gmt it's been 10 hours it's something that's important it's the feeling of business leaders and german investors know how to be watched in europe we still have a problem that we had yesterday i told you be careful to buy on the highest historical in the climate of tension that we have at the present time, it could be a little a little bit dangerous, well, that's what actually happened, we started to descend in particular on the nasdaq then on the supports that I have for you and they rebounded well so I hope that you have taken some common points like that in the passage we thus find on him a rather strong climate of tension and which takes again the top thus sealed fear of inflation especially since we have two American statistics which will fall on Wednesday Thursday and which are extremely linked to inflation so it is also a little bit what we mean but beware if nasdaq has taken a slap we have almost all the big actions of the nasdaq which are ready -2% from intel to microsoft we have a good not a very good resistance of the dow jones of which we are on a market which is really very very delicate we have clues which take a good slap and then we has others who resist although they put on resistance supports like the cac 40 like the dax like like dow jones we will see this in detail of glam told me that it works good here I am not getting around doing it a second time for nothing it's still quite frustrating especially when you choose to do it at full speed when at 8 o'clock I had all the time to make the taste of eating trading do not hesitate to you subscribe to receive a little alert when I make new videos there is not a new video a day besides the taste of morny trading but no blog posts all only if you are subscribed to the channel you will be able to be in shape and yesterday I made a video on how to open a professional account against companies to deal with the strengths and advantages and then do not hesitate to put small alike because here I am on the point of completely stopping the gmts if youtube is messing around like that every morning it will not be possible for me to continue if he calms me down because I am rarely angry but where that really pisses me off because I have absolutely everything under my eyes nickel eye or you tell me that I am live who broadcasts and I speak for the year remain at the end there is nothing so it's a little a little bit tiring there these problems of doing that alone also if I have a technical team which would be a form would have immediately and I do not speak for half an hour for us we therefore attack the technical analysis then I had finished on the tax so from the first video that you will never see I will take a bit of this that I said I started with the zac so the nasdaq how, as I had indicated to you, monthly pivot middle support a monthly one we did have some bouncing this is also where I mainly intervened so that rather healthy even very well very well worked and then if we really have a downward signal, it's up to you rtir or 8pm concas the send first pass goes up it's good when we break we start to tumble and we are just ball read by the low of the previous week and there is a move a move that interested me enormously it was this one it was the movement 13002 thirteen thousand two hundred 50-60 that is to say if one passed under the support to my only the first interesting level to take support it was at the symbolic level of the 250 supported 3250 and you symbolically pressed on top for a dollar the united parents 13200 supported by support for the day and so we bounced back well here we just have to wait in 5 minutes it's even much clearer because we five minutes jumped roughly here and going to find monthly support with the closing of that so that's a little frustrating this is a move that I had spotted yesterday it took place that night so j could not be helped and today I will not hang out not so well it has just happened so s i we start falling again if we go down on the thirteen thousand two hundred i will not go into lcom trading position there i wanted to try to take 50 points 60 points maybe possibly scalping to try to nab three points quickly I'm going to be very careful because this movement has taken place and that's a little a little bit frustrating if we still have a downward wave on our on the nasdaq we can see very well here what could really limit the wave of decline and of course the contact and 13000 points symbolic level is the lowest of the previous month at slightly below the 13 1100 so on nasdaq that I will not take positions at all morning I really had to wait for the opening to 3:30 p.m. and see if we start to drop so I'm on alert g12 intervention alert this zone of 13 feels lower from the previous month symbolic level possibility perhaps of buying slightly below 13 thousand cent for a return on the support 2 of the week or even a return to 13,150 and by extension the 13th will be down the blood so there may be a little bit of play 10 20 30 forty points played and then especially there it would be really good it would be the 13,000 the 13000 plus middle plus middle s2 monthly which which 20 points below there we have a potential reaction zone to return 13 thousand to the low of the previous month to approach 3050 maybe there there are 55 points maybe possible to take so this is really what I'm going to watch and then if we start to rise I will follow slowly slowly because we have we have the statistics Wednesday and Thursday two stages for US inflation and it will really be very important I remind you that they are the technological stocks which have the most to fear from an increase in the interest rates of the banks of the central banks so as soon as we see that the inflationary risk here are convoys that the inflationary risks risk of b Aisser we have a very strong increase as we can see the dune asda place was the American jobs which were less good than expected so move away a little from the inflationary risks crazy the nasdaq starts to rise and then there we had again statements of speeches not pro inflationary but let us warn against the inflation which arrives in particular we have problems at the level of the production chains it is normal everything was stopped for about a year so the time that sar is put back in place it takes a lot of time try to do a research on one on a report that I saw that they were quite edifying on arte on everything that is put at the level of logistics in place so that 'we can eat frozen fries cm hallucinating hallucinating hallucinating it's a real economy of two wars us it seems normal to us to go to another supermarket to understand frozen fries to put in the oven and all but it is a just absolutely absolutely crazy crazy crazy this was some great report that reminds you the title you type the fries supply chain fries or not sure what arte you will find you will find missions know 30 mg to go in like that but it was quite brilliant all that to show you that it is normal but for the capitalist system with this enormous force it is that it has this force of productive logic and of large-scale distribution housing therefore the system would simply be on if we were in the ussr and not at all two logics of production or development us of large-scale distribution it was the economy of scarcity and we the capitalist system gives us everything we consider for the western world in japan australia etc to a universe we will say abundantly which seems quite normal to me but we realize that it is something which is ultimately extremely fragile and which is true ment colossal amounts of energy so that we can eat frozen fries it's quite impressive the dow jones then the dow jones there we have or not there we see a drop college on dow jones se dioula la houlala it is not good no it is not catastrophic at all for fresh water because in fact they were drums yesterday a historical high it was looking for the 35 thousand beds 35 points ali score of all time and then small wave of catches in profit on a 35 mile level we expected a little bit and it ultimately lost less than 1% on its all-time highs so it is holding on well is still here the dow jones continue to decline I have to say c it is not serious at all it can return on the 34 points the thirty four thousand points to it was the level of stabilization of all the month of April before Europe which made 30 4035 points at the time of a week so there on the dow jones is not really anything to worry about it is not at all the decline of the nasdaq has yes the nasdaq has stopped falling since ie since early May continuously that's why I would like to catch a low point at the dow jones it can stay in the 30 December 4500 zone is at 34400 contact of the resistance is monthly and it will always be well above anything it could have done in April on the säntis children we have the same the same configuration on the 5510 where it stands rather well then there too I missed something last night I told you about it I believe or on forum q that I had spotted that I was expecting that is to say the contact on the 4150 symbolic level quite strong on the säntis 500 and then if it started to bounce off send it we were at 4149 25 or lower and see if they bounced back in and trying to nab around ten points in the lead so roughly around there too frustration of the morning in addition to youtube bullshit frustration is that at a trade that I had spotted with very f strong conviction very strong confidence on nasdaq and on the sp 500 took place this night but I did not put on alert because I want to sleep now to put continuously at night but here it is it is a bit of a pity even thing same story if it comes over all the time you answered a scalp trading to try to steal some points because the script has already had the energy has already been spent somewhere and it's a little bit is a little sad when he could still wait for us on American renegotiation schedules to get the 4150 it would still be nicer for the Americans and then for us also the cac 40 then the cac40 breaks 6300 points so be careful there we have ' impression maybe 40 is collapsing but oh it's normal the cac40 stops tasting at 10 p.m. while the dax is quoted all night long so at eight in the morning we have we have the readjustment so here it is a candle which seems violent which completely nor badly it is their adjustment at 8 o'clock the reopening of the future 4.40 so yes what is interesting we see it it has not stopped one has stopped climbing the cac 40 it is the best European index it has made a high score him also exactly as dow jones did him his high score on monday the dow jones same and then we have our wave of decline so yes the song blossed 6390 so which approached 10,000 four small waves of decline a decline of 20% and a half for the moment there is no there is no there is no fire in the lake and in addition we can technically see we could return to the peaks of 150 to the loser by about 40 points that would not put at all in danger would raise in contact with the support the week nearby the air friend to monthly here is here then if it remains above the high of the previous month turn better but it could go back down on the 'friend of their lover alone that would not question the current dynamic at all, it is exactly as for the co ncours the dax the dax will try to hang on to the fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty that's really what is important for him so here we see European clues arrive on levels where they will certainly try to hang on to a little bit while waiting to see what the united states will do because the united states gave the mixed signals a few hours ago the dow jones made an all-time all-time record and then took a little wave of decline this very very very con that we can therefore nothing but very normal always on this explosive dynamic to the dow jones it was the champagne cork a tale put when he started to light up the 34 minutes he climbed in four days directly to 35 points so dow jones is doing really well the nasdaq gets slapped on fears of inflation is in the middle of that we have our european indices which must who must choose who tries to hold on so for the dax big stake for him it is to try to save the pivot point of the week and the pivot point of the month so stay between 15 min 2 and 15 1250 to be able to perhaps start again to the rise and to seek them with the friend of the air to my only a little less dynamic anyway as a profile than the cac 40 since the up which made it at the beginning of May only allowed it to go looking for the highs of the month of the previous month at leucate 40 was looking for a historical record so 15 1250 it was the level of attraction between quotes magnet level of the month of the month of April I was constantly talking about it that we went below 15 m 270 that we were at 15,895 1200 we went back to 250 so we will see today it is really the test if this magnet still works if it polarizes the buyers sell them the buyers make go up to fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty systematically will see if it works and then if we have a wave of decline today 'hui tomorrow the day after tomorrow it will depend on fears about the inflation of s next American statistics which are super important Wednesday and Thursday above bah we have this royal zone in at the zone of 15 me the lowest of the previous month symbolic level lowest of the previous month support 1 of the week so if we buy if we sees that we rush to the top of the top olala it never happens it's rare but the top of the top is going there is that we have touched the fourteen 1950 that it starts to bounce and there are fifty sen .se to look back on the low of the previous month there would be 80 for the sphere and that would be two months on the on the on the dax but here it is really the hyper ideal scenario the wedding kiss of dream you will see in any case if it happens there normally it works has I believe that yes it is good it worked saw me I am really sorry especially for those who wait for it at 8 am but know that it is when even super frustrating for me too two steps to do all this for nothing so I will do tests tests tests to understand what is thought why it does not pass the first time it works out well the second time be careful be careful if I summarize the situation in the inflationary fears saf these fears are rather lowered it of course the technology companies on has the breasts the dow jones those who resist well so contradictory signals on the American markets we have the European indices which will try to stay on on acceptable levels between quotation marks cac 40 could drop a few more points there will be it would not be at all in danger at all the dax good it will be a good sign for him who hold the fifteen thousand two hundred and fifty six not hold them there we have a great level for we will have a lot of buyers on the level of 15000 so be careful it worked which is difficult to deal with a tale of 10 to nice 1 1 ten Americans which drops another which is maintained or which ends up in the green it is a bit of the movement here buckets it shows that there is perplexity case the tension which has doubts and questions on the markets and its most difficult periods to deal with in all the indices we have more than one percent that everything is green in europe in asia in the united states well there is not much to think about the trend is hyper auxerre we buy and then after we do not moan a little because it is perhaps a record we bought that went up slower than the others but there is not much angie not running risk of following everyone here but when we have such discrepancies between the clues to it is much more difficult to deal with so no it may be less trade skip a day while watching to really take the market sentiment to feel it but not necessarily for yesterday I made about ten trade which is not a lot for me but hey well here I was waiting just that the nasdaq arriving on eggshells on huge racks because the situation was a little bit a little bit a little bit complicated so here be careful it's really not easy to manage at the moment and before leaving to if you are more than 301 spectators at the same time do not hesitate to subscribe to the channel for them click to receive a notification when you have an extra video everyday that I won't necessarily be on the blog or because I won't have time to write an article on it but the video will be done anyway do you well we find ourselves delayed during the day with a new video and live at 8 am and then bah 6 to 8 am we saw nothing coming scorer 30 years and I am still doing this for nothing at all but well we will find a solution

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