Launch Your Keto Pruvit Ketones Business // Pruvit Promoter Benefits

Launch Your Keto Pruvit Ketones Business // Pruvit Promoter Benefits

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Hey. Guys welcome, to. Our. Little promoter getting started right call.we. It has been a, few, months since we've done one of these right, yes. Yeah I feel like December was really crazy all. Of our kids were home we, had all this extra Christmas stuff so I know for sure we haven't done one in December I don't think we did one in November and, we. Have a couple of other people who are going to be popping on, we're. Gonna make this super short. I. Want to be cognizant. Of your time so. If, you have ever tried ketones, and love them if you have ever wondered, if, there was some sort of opportunity that you could do from. Home fit, in the nooks and crannies of your daily life. This is it first, of all this is it this is the best, opportunity available. In. 2019. But. We, just want to go over sort, of a overview. Of how to get started how we earn money like, how to share the ketones, I'm, gonna have a couple of people popping, on with me and Trisha to tell their story. But. Like I said we're all gonna do it really quickly there will be questions that don't get answered today so. Reach. Out to whoever invited, you to watch this and. You. Know we'll make sure that you get all of your questions answered so that you can get started on this crazy journey with us. So. My, name is heather, hooker I am a ranked 7 pruvit promoter which means that I have. Built, a team and. A business, that. Does. Extremely, well it's. This opportunity, has changed, my entire life, changed my family's life but. At. The end of the day what, we do is we help people we, help people to feel better from, the effects of sharing. These ketones we also help people build businesses. From. Their, home, from, their cell phone, it's, a super. Millennial, thing I feel, like but. Building. Brands and building businesses. On the Internet is really. Um, where. It's at right now I mean everything's transitioning, to the Internet, okay. So Trisha. Why. Don't you um. Sorry. Jessica's messaging, me trying to hop on why, don't you tell me like, how did you get started, first. Of all where, did you ever hear or, see ketones. Were. You reading a book. Did. You see them on the Internet. Yeah. So. Um. Without. Like, taking, a long time cause it could, I won't, long. Story short had, my second baby went. Back to doing what I was doing before wasn't. Working eighteen, months later still, didn't lose any weight loss, gained same ten pounds. Was. At a pretty low place, honestly. And. Your. Face popped up on my, my. Newsfeed. And, I. Had, not even heard about ketones, or keto, or anything like that. And. So it piques my interest and. When. You talked about, really. Struggling. With a lot of the same things I thought, to myself. What. Do, I have to lose like, you. Know I know some, people are concerned about, so. It's a different product and I've tried things or the cost or whatnot but if you really, think outside the box, you. There. Are so many other areas that, you are either, spending, money or doing things that aren't contributing, to, your life so. I, knew, that, this was something that, I was ready to try and. Literally. Within 3-4, days, everything. Just kind of took off and I. Was hooked on the customer, referral. Program, because. I, have not seen a customer, referral, program, as amazing, as ours I mean not only do you get. Free ketones if you just tell your friends and family and they use your referral, code I mean hell oh that's amazing, and there, are so many people in my downline, of customers, that are getting, free. Ketone, but, then you, get an entire free, box on your fourth month so you can kind of try something, different it might be a different product like, it's amazing. So. I just, was like okay I've, spent enough money on stuff and so I'm gonna refer all kinds of people because I just I just don't to pay for this and then I realized, how. Amazing, it was then, I had all these friends jumping on board and how they were like oh my god thank you and I. Just felt like I had to pay it forward and I felt. So strongly, about it that I knew that this was something that I needed to do I am. Nine months now prove it promoter and. It. Has and I am was just crying has. Entirely. Changed. My. Life entirely. And, we're just started. It's, not even. Just. The ketones it has entirely. My. Family life my relationship it's. Like. If that's not enough I don't, know what is yeah, I, know. That's how I feel too I feel like I have to like tone it down because.

If I really went around telling people like. How, amazing I, feel and, how like. This, business opportunity, is so. Lucrative, I feel like people would think that I was legitimately. Crazy, so. I feel like you have to like tone it down like things. Are really good over here and if, you need a little bit more goodness, you. Need to try you need to get on this train right, absolutely. I've, had very, minimal, experience. With other MLM. And. Just. The energy, the vibes the things that we do as a team it, just. How. Can you not become a better person. A better more positive person who feels better in your life because of ketones, but also because of the people who are surrounding you, um I. I for the first time in like 10 years which is as long as I've been battling weight, and you know struggling, with this I don't, care about. My weight I don't, care anymore dad, like I still, have I have some ways to go but I don't. Care I don't, think makes me another year I just feel amazing like, this has been awesome, because. You feel so much because, you feel so good right right. Yes. Yes. Okay. So getting, back to you, tried, the ketones you had like a personal, transformation and, then how did you I know, that you were sharing your customer, referral, link and you had all these people signing up like what were you saying to people or what were you posting. That. That, was peeking everybody's, interest in your network because nobody, else on your Facebook feed was talking about ketones, right no absolutely. So. What. I did is I just I mean I I've always kind of like. I said I've always trouble with my weight so I've always tried to do different things I've always had a community, of like friends, that I've worked on with this, and. So I just, was, like and, I'm an, open book if anybody knows me I'm an open book so I. Just was like you gotta. Try this like, this is what's happened to me this has changed my life I you know yes I lost X amount of pounds in the first however but then my energies, through the roof and it, was so much easier to lose the weight because the cravings are gone and my appetite is suppressed, and I just. Want to do more I want to be more active overall. So, me it's just a cycle and, I just shared that, that, is all they shared like watching experience link, it's. Amazing. And I didn't even have ten days cuz I wasn't a promoter when I did. That you know so it was just like just try, this and, and people knew how genuine, I am about. Things like that and, how one, thing that you know my friends and family know about me is that I don't do, something unless I've done a lot of research and, and I, don't put. Things out there unless I truly, believe in something, and so, you, know at that point people were like okay you, know this, is working, we, can see that this is working we can see the transformation. And you I want. This friend. It became bigger for me because I knew I could help so. Many more people, yeah. I I, it. Was incredible. To watch you. Because. You. Had all these people, and up left and right and then I was like what. What are you doing like why aren't you a promoter like you yeah, you're, technically. Sharing, and I, think that's something that I just want to point out really quickly is in this social media age we. Are all selling. Something you're. Selling, your, lifestyle, you're selling, you. Know some sort of recipe that you made for your family like we're we're all selling, something on social media that's literally. What we're doing but. Like why not be, compensated. For it if it's if it's something that you're aligned, with and if it's something that has really made a difference in your life in all these areas so, I am. Super. Excited about what, is happening. With. You and your team this year you have, an amazing business. Started. And like I said this is just the beginning but thank, you so much for hopping on I'm gonna let, you hop off because I know you have to get to story time and family. Is the most important, thing period, window, story so, thanks. For sharing your story, with us this morning yes. No, problem have, a great day bye. Alright, miss, Katherine. Sweaty. Sweaty. Cat oh. Wait. Let, me turn you there you go alright now we can hear you now you can hear me. So. Miss Katherine, let me let. Me preface this with you had all of these years, of business. Social. Media business experience. Right oh, so. Many. Years. Y'all. Like. Yeah. So Heather it's giving me a little grief because, I had like, this, much social. Media experience, like. Zero. I had told nothing. I. Like. My family and friends creep on Facebook that's all I had, which.

Was Like, 200. People I mean I had nothing. Like, I was posting pictures and my kids and my dogs and that's. About all I knew and. Along. Came some ketones. And. And it was. Like. The biggest, transformation. Switch I, mean. I'm still astounded to, this day but. Like, my ketone journey started, with a 10 day pass like a lot of people's, and, it. Was amazing and I, fell in love with my ketones and a foul. Okay. So it was about two months and I realized that, like all these people were asking me like what, are you doing like how. Do you have so much energy how he. Resists, that french toast and, like. How how are you doing this and, so. I just started sharing with my friends just like Trisha was mentioning, like you. Know these, are these key times have you tried ketone checked you what do you know about keto in ketosis and, different, things and. It. Was then that I realized I had this huge friend group that. Wanted to be a part of this and. I. Figured. Why. Not like. Yeah. Okay, so, people were like you're gonna join an MLM, what. Does that mean, like, I had, no idea I, was like I don't know I'm just gonna post on Facebook, literally. That was my mole thought like, I'm, just gonna put this little group together over, here on the side and, I'm, gonna stick some of my friends and family in there and, we're, going to talk about ketones. I. Love. That we didn't know what network, marketing was. Sure. Like. Thursday's, where like I don't know a. Day. Comes along and I'm like I guess I know what I'm doing because. It's. Been it's been about a year now, I would, say a little, over a year since I joined in as a promoter, it's like only. Regret I try to live without regrets but only regret is that I knew it sooner but it. Has been about a year and to think that like my little group of 30 people that I think I started off with this now hitting the thousands. Like my, business case there, were 5,000, this morning, and.

This. Morning I went for a run like, I drove my kids to school I wasn't. Worried, about like, getting myself a four work because, mind you I worked for like the first six, or seven months when I was a promoter like I was doing both and then. My, husband one day was like um, you're. Making, more money than you were then you are teaching, preschool like, what, are you doing. And. He was ready and so, like this morning I drove my, kids to school and then I drove directly to the park and I, ran for four miles and at like running, this morning I was like this. Is my life now like I, have. The time and the ability and, the freedom to go run for miles and to know that I get to come home and, chat. With people literally chat with people today about like how to make their life better, that's. Great, and that is. Amazing. To think they all started, because I took that little bit of leap but they. Can. I share my locations, with other people and that's all it was yeah. That. Just gave me cold chills because, like, that, to me is what freedom is I know when I got started when, I first started my own you. Know home-based, business. On social media like I didn't, I didn't, mean a million dollar house I didn't need, a brand new car I just wanted. To be able to. You. Know go eat lunch with my kids and not have to ask somebody or if I was sick or. If my kids were sick I just wanted to be able to you. Know not, have to ask somebody if I could stay home with my kids or not get paid if, you. Know I family. Needed, me in some sort of way so I, think. The fact that you highlighted, that as like that's, your that's freedom oh yeah. Avery so I have a daughter. Who is seven and she told me the other day mama, you have the best job. She. Is seven, so she doesn't have a full, grip on what's going on but, she said you are the best job and that's why. And, she said because you, get to help people but. You get to come hang out with me mmm, and it's. True because like now like I'd go there school once a week and get to help out their teachers and different things and I've got, to be super involved in the Christmas party and she's already signed, me up for Valentine's, Day party stuff. But, different things but like that's coming from the seven-year-old, who like. I mean obviously she has no real idea of what I do everyday but like, she. Realizes that I'm, helping, people but, that I get to spend time with her and my son and, that's. Pretty powerful. Yeah I agree and she's really gonna think that you have a cool job when you go pick out your new car, oh yeah, well, she's already she's, already heard little rumors, of that happening, and so she's like what color is it gonna be yeah like that's all you worry about the colors yeah I can't wait I, can't wait I'm super excited well. I know that, you just finished your run so can, you just talk just for a second about how. Ketones. Are a part of your healthy, lifestyle, like they're. Not a quick fix I thought, that they work like fix the first time esalaam and that's. Why I was like anti, I didn't, want to try it I didn't want to hear about it I'm not interested, in quick fixes, I like. Holistic. Wellness is, important. To me so. Can you just explain, how. How. These fit in with that yeah. So, yes. And a lot of people do seem, to lose weight. Fat. Loss they, really quickly, when, they first take them but. For me it has been so much more than that, so I think first, off the fact, that I haven't been to the doctor in the last year even for like a sniffle cough, whatever. Is amazing. Like I feel. That my immune, system as a whole is. So. Much more improved and then I okay. So this little secret but like if I do feel like I'm coming down with something, sometimes. I have like, a second, pack of ketones and it's, something about reducing like. My. Overall, problems. In my body that, lets me like, get over the hump of something and so I never have had, zero, doctors in the last year and a half but, for me the big huge thing for me is so, I do practice, intermittent, fasting so.

I Stopped eating at 8 o'clock at night and then don't eat until noon but, I have my ketones every morning so, why, is this important, what like I like to work out in the mornings so but. Now I'm working out fuel. By ketones. And. I, am, in. A full ketosis. State and so literally like when I go work out I'm not burning that carbohydrate. Mess that I have in my body I'm not burning those stored carbs like I'm specifically. Targeting. My. Fat and, the. Ability, to use, your fat so, efficiently, to get lean like. Leaning, meeting y'all, um. It's. A powerful, powerful thing and like, my skin, is clear like. My overall mood, is, better like, again, my kids are 10 and 7 any. Patients, as much as I can get I. Hate. It all day long so. Not only do I need energy, but I need the patience, to and I find like. This. These, ketones, help me get there and help me be that ever-present. Mom and enough help me have that patience. And help me you know, do these workouts in the morning like everybody's like well don't you carbo load before you go long run. No. I. Used. To I used to do it all the time I was one of those people that was like give me that plate of spaghetti because I'm gonna need that, to. Run tomorrow that's. A bunch of baloney like. I wish. I had known that years ago because your. Body can run so efficiently, on these ketones, in terms of your overall fitness and, health. There's. No need to eat that plate of spaghetti because you know what like it's, not really doing much that could, right, it. Doesn't even after. You know yourself, off of. Like. Simple. Carbohydrates. I'm again. Like. Cardboard and, I. Was, like a sugar carbajal ik Oh, just. Crazy how your taste that's change right yeah. I mean like, I'm 50%, Sicilian. So to say that like I love some pasta, before. This whole world came upon me would be like an understatement. Like two, favorite foods pasta, and cake hey y'all eating, pasta or cake well I've had I have how to be skate thanks because birthday, cake doesn't count so, I have had but, I haven't had a bowl of pasta and, probably in over, a year, yeah, I know, even. Want it I mean. That's I don't it's, crazy it is crazy okay. Thank you for hopping on Katherine I know you literally. Just finished your run so I'm oh, wait where'd Stacie go Stacie disappeared. It's. Great because, I. Just. Mention while we find Stacie again is um. Like. Brain. Health is so, huge these dates like the ability, to feel focused and present, and do these things and I've, done. A lot of research, and for those of you who don't know like I have a PhD, in molecular, physiology, and, biophysics so to say I'm a science, nerd it's a little bit of an, understatement but I love. These. Days about. Alzheimer's. And patients. With brain, trauma, and different things and they're like if you give them a whole bunch of sugar like their brain doesn't do much. Of anything I mean that's part, of the problem with an Alzheimer's, patient but. If you give, them some ketones. Their. Brain lights, up like a Christmas tree like hello, I'm, alive again and, like. I'm not, saying it's secure like don't, I'm, not saying that but, the. Ability like, moving. Forward and knowing in that, I get to be a part, of. Possibly. Like an entirely, new, revolution. In the healthcare industry is, amazing. Like this isn't that quick fix this isn't. Just. One little thing that you're gonna do and be like two months will now be like well that was fun like this could really change the entire health, industry. As. A whole and, I. Feel honored and privileged to be a part of that because the, research, that is coming out and the studies being done are. Absolutely. Amazing, and, when. I miss it like I just want to be a part of that and to be with like all these awesome ladies, and getting to do that every day is is. A pretty amazing experience, I agree. A hundred percent I've been in the health and wellness, field. For. This. Is my fifth year and I definitely, feel like there. Is a, tide. Turning. Or like I don't know exactly how to say it but there's. This. Movement, is only going, to grow as more and more research as more and more of the old guard. Passes. Away Rebecca, lack of a better word but you, know these. People have held, onto these ideals, for. Years. And decades. But. All you have to do is take one walk. Around, any Walmart and you can see that what. We, are doing now. As a society, is not working, and, and. There. Is a better way and. So. You. Know I I'm, the same way I feel like it, it's.

Like My duty, at this. Point to say, like. There's another way like you don't you. Don't have to eat oatmeal for, breakfast, and. Sandwiches. And chips for, lunch and you, know a big bowl or pasta for dinner if, if you, are if that's your diet and you feel like crap. Do. Something. Like. There. Are. Alternatives. To that, so. I part. Of that like to see the keep revolution, coming like I mean, and it's coming fast, late, like. A year ago when I started, this like. I had to go searching, through Walmart, or Publix, or something, to find some key to foods like I'm like a little mouse cream and, now, it's, like. Kaboom. Like everything. And like we got a Jillian, Michaels talking. About keto and, her. Book to. Be fair. It's. Not the, right way but right, Thanks she. Knows how, to get pressed she has a great PR person. Like. You do you Jillian Michaels but, okay, like if you anybody, wants to talk about extreme let's go back a few years and watch The Biggest Loser because that, is, extreme, um. So anyway we we don't have to talk about her but, you think it's interesting but, like, she, went after what is right now the biggest, thing, that is happening, because she knew that would get her PR right, because. This, pedo revolution, is here, and that, everybody. Who. Who's. Trying to feel better in their lives is jumping, on and that's what she went after and I think it's just a testimony, to how awesome. Kido is yeah, we. Were we. Were leaving a restaurant. The other day and it was in a strip mall beside, a GNC and they had pulled a little sign out that said we, have the best keto products, and my kids. Saw. The word, Pino and they were like mom. But. I'm. With you I when, I started, this you. Know a year and a half ago that it was nothing there was no nothing, keep it on the shelf you you could not find a physical book in the Barnes & Noble that, had keto none of the magazines were talking about keto it is, happening. Quickly, because. It works so. I'm, all for it like the more people that get educated, about this however. They get educated about it the better um. Katherine, I'm gonna let you hop off I know you have to grab, a shower and we've got pink backs so thank you so much for sharing and I, will, talk to you later. Yeah. I was on my computer and I don't know what happened, it just was like oh no. We're not gonna work for you anymore yeah, yeah, well. I'm glad you found your way back to us um so, what I wanted, to ask you about this morning is, so. You've got kids, we've. Got a husband, who works crazy hours, you. Yourself, work crazy hours and, your job, that, I know that you love you, don't have any plans of stopping that ever so. What makes you want to take on this extra thing. On. Your plate that was already full well. Initially, I was already looking for something, to do on my days off I work 24, hours on I have 48 hours off, and on some of those 48 hours my husband's, gone for 24 hours so. I needed something to do I have, my, two oldest, ones are both teenagers, they're 16, and 15 and, then a 10 year old so. They're. At school and they have other activities and.

Here I am a mom sitting, at home some. Days and I was bored right, and I was like ok I needed something to do but I didn't want to work another 24-hour, job I didn't want to work another 12-hour, job I'm you, know I had, the option of going to the hospital and work and I had the option of going to another service and do an extra but, that's not what I wanted to do. So. I happen, to run across your, video and. Your. Video, really, spoke to me I was like oh my gosh I I've, been, there I've been, there and, so. I tried a 10 day and I. Had tried many many, other products, by. Day 5. I was like this is something big this. This is this, is really, some I've been in the, healthcare field for, 12, years I was like this is this is a game-changer, I had, never, heard of ketones, in this area ever. And, I, was like this. This. Is is, there a business opportunity. Like. Like, does anybody so, I started searching I was like okay I knew where, you were and you were states away and I'm is there anybody around here, and I couldn't find anybody that, knew anything about ketones, and here I was shaking up my drink and I was like oh yeah, this, is this is this is good mmm-hmm. And, I, just, right. After my 10 day I was like I'm, on board yeah, I'm on board let, let's, do this if I can make a few extra hundred dollars, a month. Cool. This. This. Is what I wanted and, it's. Far. Proceeded, the extra, just a couple of hundred dollars by the way yeah, it's, it's. Amazing. And. You. Know we've. Built a back deck Wow. I've got a new car. So. And it's not like I can, do a little, extra things for myself and not feel guilty I have that extra income coming in and. Not. Feel guilty because I know that my two oldest ones are looking at colleges, now oh my, gosh. So. That's. The wiggle, room is is nice for sure it, is, like. You know lilies, 10 I feel like I'm gonna have to like, my next thing that I'm, worried about are not worried about but. The, next best big thing that's coming is like she's gonna need a car, you. Never knew like. It. Is worth it to me personally to stay up an hour, later you know having these conversations about, ketones, and to be able to put her in something. New. That, is safe, with, you, know the new technology. Safety, features then you. Know to have to you. Know maybe buy her something a little bit older so I totally. Get what you're saying oh really, how, do you how, do you make it work like I, know you have, long. Hours, do you schedule, things on, your social media yeah. All my work days but not before I usually, schedule. What. I have, a plan on what I want, to chat about and you can and I schedule, post on my groups and I interact, as as I can like, it if if I can if I'm at work I, do try to interact and a. Lot, of my, businesses, come from people. That see me that have watched me change like. I started in April, and. Big. Change the first two months and then like. Of weight loss I was never Oh beast, but, I was overweight, considering, my height and my. Age and. They. See they're. Like. They. See me at work and I. May. Be running, my ass off that and, I'm, in a good mood I'm like okay let's go and they're like oh my gosh, yeah. Why. Like. Let, me show you let. Me. See those, your, muffler is, really, good I think that you look younger a, lot. Of people have said that I'm 40 yeah, I'm not, afraid to say it I'm 40 you're, aging, backwards you, have more energy. You're. Still keeping up with all of these other things that were on your plate that you're passionate about better. Priorities, to you but. You're fitting this in making, it work and it's only gonna, grow like that's the crazy part to me it's like we're. All just getting started I have that I was, talking about something I was I was, sort of like beating myself up for something and I. Was talking to a friend and she was like we're all new, like. We're all new like if you miss something. Like. It's a learning opportunity and, they're, this we've. Got Oh didn't you see this. Completely. Jealous, right now. I. Don't know with, the old.

Yeah. I, don't, know anything about that, oh good, I, have, just heard raves, and it's like it always said like everybody's, talking about it whenever I first come in and I'm like, I've. Never seen that, where is it and then all of a sudden it's, possibly, back and better surprise. Here's, a gifts for you oh jeez yeah. So we've got that that's coming up next week that's gonna be huge, or. You, know everybody, and then, next. Month we have our another, fun brand new product, that's launching, so. What would you say if somebody's watching you right now and they have. Been, sort of looking, for something more, in their life like you were but, they feel busy and they're just not sure like. If this is an opportunity for them what would you say to that person right. Now who's watching that. Um. As. Far as me, being on the go and everything, like that I I'm always, going. And doing something my three kids go to three different schools. One. Wants to get back and Cheer the other one you know has, worked like I am, a busy, busy person but. The. The. Support, you get from this whole team and. The. Way, we do things the way the, duplication, and, the help and each other, it's. Amazing. Like, there's. Some days that I don't want to think about it and I, have somebody else that actually helps, me think about it but, like. Kind of okay this is what I'm doing, lets, you know remake, yours talk, like you want to talk and here you go there's you an idea yeah, and, and it just helps in like the the friendships, I made there's, ladies I've never even met and the other promoters, are. Amazing. Absolutely, amazing, like, these little chats right here love, it I know I feel. Like I could go to just, about any, anywhere. In, the United, States and like have a have, a friend like yeah it's. Pretty cool and I know for. Me and I don't know if you felt like this on your, long, stretches. When your husband was at work and your kids were at school like it's, lonely, like even if you have even, if you have friends who are up the street like they're busy they got their stuff going on. Just. A hat just to be able to pop in and and have some adult human, interaction, with friends like as a stay-at-home mom that, was big for me yeah, in the beginning just. Some. Adult. Interaction. It's. It's like. I said it's better than sleeping like I was doing that's, seriously what I was doing I was just like well I don't have anything dude let me get my I'm taking the half on time and. So like, I, feel. Like there's a little bit more purpose, even though that I do a, really. Cool. Job like, I I, do and, I help a lot of people I kind. Of like, do. This too and I helped a lot of people and I do a really cool side gig mm-hmm. And it's amazing to see like. Here my customers talk about their transformations. And how, they how, they feel, and what they're doing and just. To be a God along, that and just have like a small. Price. And that have a small like just I sort, of helped you and like you're doing all of it and it just makes you feel good like. I don't like to see that people, are getting healthy it doesn't matter whether. They choose keto or, a lot you, know they're getting healthy yeah, whatever, you want to do like more power to you we wish you well but like. If we can help you along this journey mm-hmm. Like that's the name of the game and there there's, no better feeling than getting those, messages well, no, better feeling. That's right all. Right, well miss Stacy I know you worked on I much.

For Hopping on good, I'm, gonna let you hop off so you can go sleep. Actually. I'm not gonna do sleep but, I have about five hours of sleep at work. Hours. And that was good, and so. I'm gonna obviously. Got my workout clothes on and I'm gonna go work out you like a little energizer bunny, over there no, I'm. Oh give my husband some ketones and he'll go work out with me Oh. All right we'll have a wonderful Friday and, I. Thank. You so much for hopping on, bye-bye. All. Right guys so that. Was a little bit longer than I thought it was gonna be but, I hope that you, saw, somebody that you connected, with saw, some story that you connected, with and like, I said before if you have any questions, about this opportunity getting, started. Please. Reach out to whoever, invited. You to watch this and we. Can get you set up we can get you started you. Do not have to pay, anything, to, get started. We. Can help you get started today this, weekend, launch. Your business and just. Take on 2019. Like, nothing, you've ever seen so. I. Look. Forward to chatting, with you later. Today.

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