Latino Men Try Therapy For The First Time

Latino Men Try Therapy For The First Time

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My name's Eli my name is curly I am got the end a little bit we are men, doing therapy for the first time I. Don't. Know anything about therapy, I still, don't understand, the concept, of it I'm here to learn more about it I never. Thought, I needed therapy I think, as a, man and also as a Latin man it's not something talked about it's seen as weakness but I've never done it because, in, my. Family we, were always told, that, therapy. And. You. Know anything that had to do with it was very much like a white American. Thing that they knows really do we do not really, talk about mental health any thought, of needing, help kind. Of shows just a crack and who you are as a man they, always wanted us to figure, it out for ourselves because, they were like we did it why. Can't you be honest with true I'm walking in here with a clear mind but at the same time I want to learn more about it is this truly, something that benefits people I'm hoping that this experience will, not, only help other men to feel more comfortable with the idea of it cuz I know it does help but. Also make me feel more comfortable and being, able to tackle, some of those issues today we're gonna meet a therapist for the first time I'm excited to meet this therapist, mama Eva I think this is a new step for me and I'm really looking forward to it hi my name is Adriana. De Henry I'm a licensed, Marriage and Family Therapist. And founder, of Latin, ex-therapist, it was. Founded. So that, people. Can have a, source, for, mental. Health we, took, it upon ourselves to, start a directory, where, people can find a lot NextEra pissed also, today a therapist. From our network will, be providing, therapy services. Hi guys. Likewise. Some rates of essencial, licensed, Marriage and Family Therapist. And I'm here today to do. A one-on-one session, with all three of you I've been a therapist, since 2009, and I'm. Very experienced, working with a lot, of next men what's, the difference between like lionex, many Latin ex men tend to have a more, difficult time to open up emotionally because, there's a lot of stigma behind that so, I'm pretty.

Comfortable Helping, a, lot of next men through, the process, of getting to that more comfortable place in therapy, I'm nervous I gotta say the fact that you have met a lot experience working. With Latin men specifically, I don't know I'm feel like I'm seeing like a medium or something like I don't know it feels. Like we're gonna talk to a psychic. What. I know is how to guide you to get more in touch with what it is that you're comfortable putting. Out there for anybody to know what is the process like when it comes to a therapy, sessions we start wherever you feel comfortable if you don't feel comfortable talking, about anything in particular about, yourselves. We, can start with answering. Questions about therapy, when somebody's, never experienced, therapy that's where I start with them and just kind of putting them at ease letting, them know that those are very common, concerns. That most men come into therapy with I always seen therapy as an American, thing but yeah thing, too I didn't I didn't grow up in my household like I've asked my mom mommy let's, go at that baby come look at therapy can I see the therapy out of the. Table young III another. Pole Iike a gente, esta pasando hombre, y. But. Get in hand see that I like Y and so I'm like oh I don't have. Especially. Being a man as well as like I think you just have to play it you have to be strong, it is seen as like a weakness yeah we, were. Told to be. Self-reflective like. Deal. With it what can we expect you. Can expect, for me to answer any questions if, you if you just want to focus on us just. Talking about your concerns, about therapy, or if you have anything in particular that you. Want to and feel comfortable talking. About and then, you might even walk, away thinking I, want, to go to therapy after, this yeah so. I was. -, Leah look wait I have to open up now. I want. To understand you. Know is therapy. You. Know, was. The point of it and what can I get out of it therapy, is, something. That people, find typically. Find helpful because it. Allows you, to get to know yourself on a deeper level I learned a lot from sitting down in that session what's, the point of therapy getting, into the session I was nervous I was scared because I'm like now I gotta be vulnerable I'm not, used to being horrible, and also I grew, up with the idea that being vulnerable is weakness but, then I was like you know what if I'm gonna have a therapist, right I'm gonna take advantage of this I'm gonna use it let's see sometimes, I don't know how to react to certain situations.

Emotionally. Or I'm, just not available. Emotionally. For a thing what does that look like for you for instance like I have bad relationships because, I can't be vulnerable that's one thing I do want to work on because I am single for. That reason hey. Hey we talked about that, wanna be more emotional, I have a hard time being vulnerable I haven't, been in a relationship in, a really long time your, poll opacity, una mujer Adafruit, add a tiempo, and they can so rapido, quali so messing Alice Alice. Concern. Locum encantado. Es, que se. Siente, que. Una vez esta Caliente er una historia, cuando. Tu eres. Nino. Associate. Prefer a Lhasa, Toshio me, my mom are super for Faria so salvo capitalistic, a Brandi DFC mm-hmm, and my sister grew up in this household they didn't know how to be loving so that's a common sense I'm the older brother, and make sure that I'm like I'm loving, to all my Podesta's. Hey yo, man. Folk ago, and said Macario so kanhaiya's. Porque. Yo se que ya no lo, recibir, una casa no, sane creado como en soy yo soy yo quiero hacer. La persona que se kirino's a su vida, Yo. No tengo, same IDO ser Corino super Menma the problem, is when. I date somebody and, I, like somebody I, don't, express, that, to them I'm dope en el miedo que. Keisuke. Dentro de una de, onde 8 que es lo que viene, a tu mente cuando, su, hey Samia doe C soy kirino's o. Que. Que. Se dicen Conte, la, primera novia mia yo estaba bien enamorado, no se lo demás trauma, porno so Starla you know as I loved you and, she was like what you don't mean it hey como. La. Quiero entonces, operati. Significant. No I say good Italian Express are el amor introduces, of whale in el mensaje que tu internally sustained si si, cuando, nosotros estamos. En. Una relación in tema venimos, Kinesis ideas podemos expect, at Eva's a veces. Que no son released --is dentro, de una relación, siempre. Viveur cierto. Nivel de amor tal vez para ta la more Vassar mess. In, Cerritos mementos y para la otra persona menos, Yaris, s ba ham BR pero es algo que que, ba evolution, Ando y con el tiempo el, re, lacy own aprende, a, sustainer. Esos, esos cambios, da. Doctora. Como, puede sacar sa, miedo. I. Kept making jokes because I feel uncomfortable my say Jo I'm a comedian she's playing in a way that it takes time and it's a process and when it comes to emotions, you have to like uh soften, it up like, play-doh la manera que se como el miedo por. Una Reed emotional. Es. En, friend Ando lo es como, de una. Bola. De niro see, a jugar, 'la yahoo, garlic a nosotros tenemos la forma que necesitamos, charlie. K. Funciona, para nosotros y, de hammett a de otra cosa yo se que tal vez en las. Calles, no sense Anunnaki yield, servile than a blazer, Debbie, but.

Not Being able to be vulnerable. His actual, weakness, when she explained that to me I was like, muchas. Gracias por la sección de. Man canto mucho the American irascible like having, so many Latino Ellen. I feel, like I'm in a haunted house and the ghosts, are like my, past. Emotions, it feels like you're in a haunted house yeah so what we discussed in this session it was essentially, just like how, the session was gonna go and and, how I perceived. Being. In that space of walking, into a haunted house and being afraid to see ghosts, she's, so amazing, that. She's able to just look straight to your soul and say. Why. Are you feeling that way tell me what what's happening for you right now I'm. Just I'm nervous, cause. It's like I know it's. Haunted and I. Know I'm, gonna, probably see a ghost but I don't know I'm gonna do once I see it okay, so what's. The worst that could happen I don't know I guess in this experience, it's just like I've, been. Such, a hustler, in my life, where. I've, worked, so hard when, I'm you know provide. For my family and I want to take care of my mom and I want to do all these things and like I'm afraid that like oh man, if I go. Back to the base of, Who I am through this experience, and, I've, already built all this life and hustle and like it's like a Jenga piece. Or I feel like I'm building building, building but, I feel if I mess with that bottom it. May, affect, all. The work I've already done I came, in super confident me and Maya had this idea to do this video and I was super open and do it sitting in there I was ready to go and I just immediately felt uncomfortable, and I, immediately felt, afraid because I've never been, able to express, myself in that way before in therapy, we. Can start where, it feels safe. Okay what's something safe that we can start with um, I, think. My dating, life a big, thing for me doing this is like I'm noticing the generational, curses in my family I'm like I am NOT a part of the history of like good, solid. Relationships, and I. Notice that I'm getting older. And I'm like man hopefully, this isn't like an issue that I can't, like connect with someone in a way and that's a pretty good spot to start with because that's probably what's most relevant in your life right now yeah right yeah. I mean la lonely um that's. The thing what happened right now that you set that smile, well I looked over to everybody.

I'm. Wondering. Like what was it that was going on for you as you said that cuz it's almost like you caught yourself me. I guess. I mean I guess I had to follow up with like a joke everyone, said I was I, was like the hardest to crack like I was in and out of it and that. But. I do notice that in spaces where maybe I do feel uncomfortable, or. Things. Are getting serious or whatever else like I'll crack a joke or, I'm light in the space or all I see, someone smile or react. In a positive way my okay that's I feel. Good, based off that it feels more comfortable tell me about that comfort, that, comes up for you I think. I feel valuable, what would it look like if you if you were doing the opposite of you weren't we, starting to the jokes I don't then I don't know I guess I feel like I'm just there I don't know maybe I don't exist I suppose I don't know so you feel scene in bringing value yeah. I know the. Amount of motion that was behind that smile that I had like. It was, so. Interesting. To see like how much I could hide in such a good way cuz I was like I want to explain more I want to get more detail because of what you've witnessed you've, put, on yourself all this pressure about getting, it right, am. I right yeah. One, of the things that I like to tell people is, you, have to be, compassionate. With yourself when, you're trying to to, undo, something that that. You've learned or that you've seen I think it is one thing that totally makes sense is that I do put a lot of pressure on myself yeah. I'm the oldest of. Five. Sisters. Two brothers the, role model yeah, yeah. So, there's no room for messing, up it, has honestly been really positive for me I think it validated, a lot of my strengths, and I, think it, made, me realize, that I'm not as. Lost. Or as kind of destined for failure as I thought I was it's, interesting to find the connection overall, like how everything, is interconnected I don't know maybe the pressure of me having, to you, know deliver, and provide and do all these things every day is kind of affecting the fact of connecting. With someone we have to shift our, perspective and, that this doesn't just have to be like an emergency, room right, right you don't just have to run to therapy, when we're bleeding if we, do the work before we, get to that point mm-hmm, then there's. No need to run to the ER thank, you so, much felt. Like I like, made, it out like I did it something, like that, okay I mean through the race. At. The time when I was in it it felt so good I was like oh my god, I love this so much the minute I walked in the minute I met her she looked like one of my pre Mouse she looked like she could be every move mine so, I was like oh love, her felt so comfortable with her I felt, like right away I just went, just. Like opened, basically. What I wanted to talk about today was I'm. Newly. In relationship, but I had before, then have been a serial dater for very very many like for many, years and, I recognize, that it's, a lot to do with my. Inability. Or my unwillingness, to want. To allow, people to get, in look I don't want them to get too close to get too in and, I think, that that has to do a lot with growing. Up like in an abusive household. Where, I watched the dynamics, of a relationship, or what was supposed to be my example of a good relationship play. Out in an abusive way it's, interesting because it was difficult, to have it on camera and it was difficult to have it in a way that wasn't.

Putting, Anybody on blast and putting anybody in my life on blast because, we've come so far for. Me like that's what I would go I would like to figure out how, do I, allow. People in, in a healthy, way it, gets lonely right I don't, want to admit it, but, I think that's. Why I go in so many different dates so basically, we covered how I. Love. People but I definitely have this wall specifically. With men and that, kind of affects a lot of my relationships with what a men in my life I'm curious when you say. That you, don't. Want to let anybody and what what do you start telling yourself I think, that I have. Built this powerful, human, being and I can feel my power when, if. I have it something in my in my head that I need so I get over and very much like let's go out if I'm sad I'm like but, it's gonna be something that you really like let's go to a movie and I think that if I would have let somebody in if they would have ruined that it's, my fear that they have ruined it because of my own fault. But I have given them the, pad gave them the power I gave them the control let's say you're at the point where somebody is, hurting. You mm-hmm just thinking, about that what comes up for you emotionally, or physically emotionally, and really, I immediately, I'm like oh like. Don't cry we could immediately, trigger it but I immediately, get. Placed. Back into, like. Being that three year old that used to watch all this stuff happened and it was interesting because we kind of traced it when it started and it said it as like being a little kid I didn't, expect to feel uncomfortable like I genuinely wouldn't in being like this is my truth I need to be open and I'm so open about a lot of things you immediately. Flashback, to being a three-year-old, yeah and it, becomes pretty scary yeah, yeah, and so, I want you to sit with that just. For a moment. Okay. What's, I like to sit with it it. Sucks so for me it was like oh yeah like with just another thing to be open about but, it's still a thing that this isn't just my story, this was including, other people yeah and so the best way you know to take care of yourself or that, three year old self now is by protecting yourself, making, sure nobody's gonna come and hurt you again what we do is. We. Get in touch with that inner child and we take, charge as the adult that we are because you're no longer that child right. You have the, ability to take care of yourself to provide for yourself to love, yourself, right. And so I think, what, I'm hearing is, that you, recognize that ability, you're very aware of it but. At the same time it's almost like well because I already have it and I don't need it from anyone else that's, exactly, what that is you sometimes, think what's, wrong with me like why do I not do this why do I not act. This way or why can I not have a relationship like those people over there and you're like oh it's, because of something that happened when you were younger every time you mentioned, me as a three year old they get like. Appear. Is like I'm like that's like really that's, important, that you notice that so. You're fighting the tears back what are you afraid it's, gonna happen if you'd let just let them know oh, I. Don't. Know to, be able to communicate these things and talk about these things and kind of recognize, where that may have started it, was really powerful and those are tools that I don't think I would have understood. Or. Would have had had, I not, started. To dive into therapy a little bit more it sounds like like, the healing, that needs to happen is a, lot around men, for you and it's. Doable kind. Of go in circles exploring. And seeing like what is, it that I need to work on what is what's wrong here. Right and so. Notice. That I didn't say what's wrong with me because. A lot of the times we internalize that as something. That's wrong with ourselves why have we show you so much for listening to me I know that was a lot to take in and like the short time that we shared together yeah how do you guys feel now I feel good I feel like oh I want to do, more like, so much more to explore set, up a space for us to open up to you so I think that's pretty cool I definitely want to explore that a little bit more I think I've felt, safer in this space versus, talking to friends because it's like I always feel like you're talking too much or it's, like you start feeling like you're just oh it's all about me.

Yeah. They're or they're not gonna care I. Appreciate. That it changes the dynamic, definitely, out of all of us who's the who's the most. My. Answer to that is gonna be we're all up, in our own way. Was. There any difference. And just like who we were how we you. Know I could, clearly. Sense. Who probably, is more. Experienced. That opening up emotionally. That's one of the things that therapists, take into account a lot is, that we get a sense for the client we get a sense for where. You're at and we meet you there so, that's kind of what I did with each one of you with you we got deep pretty quickly. We just went for a dive and. Then with you we kind, of took our time and we we, got but we got there yeah right yeah and with you it was like in and out in and out right like we're dancing we're, back. And forth and so it, but we still managed, to get, deep. And we still managed to get you to, experience some of that it's the case where like I say. Like a witty comment why in the mood as much as I can again. I. Was. Still a little afraid we've, been I was seeing down, here joking around but. Part. Of me was like man don't. Cry. In front of the camera yeah. Definitely. Gonna continue yeah, thanks to you I definitely wanna explore a little bit more and, learn to understand, therapy. A lot more yeah thank, you thank you you put a lot of things into perspective and, thank you for listening to us yeah. Would. I do it again would I go in and have. More sessions yes I would love that would I do it on camera again and probably never ever ever, ever again, before. I didn't see the point of it but, now I'm able to see what's the point of getting therapy, really was able to really, hold my hand through that whole experience and I. Really appreciated, that going, in there it lived, up to my expectations, it felt really good felt like a lot of the advices she was giving was very powerful I feel like she definitely understood, me but the fact that she was lying was amazing and made me feel more comfortable I felt like she was able to look at me in a way and was, able to understand, the process understand. The relationship, I had with my father understand, the process of being surrounded, by multiple siblings, in the Latin household, and I feel like everybody should do it especially.

The Alcaman do, it because, hurt people, hurt people. You. You.

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Therapists' services are tools. They have the knowledge they had to acquire in university to get their license and can offer you an outside-view perspective of your problems/worries. It can be helpful to get a second, more professional, more clear headed opinion. Therapists can also listen to you vent about life or whatever you want. It's cathartic to just talk to someone. Why not use the tools offered for your own benefit? It's better to swallow one's pride and accept/reach out to get the help you need to better your life/survive. (Edit: Fixed a word.)

I love pero like! As a latino this makes me connect to my latin side so much more knowing there are more people like me out there going threw what I go threw.

This was really amazing. So glad you guys did something like this and showed other people, men, and more specifically Latino men that therapy is so helpful to your mental health. Much respect

Me watching this video: Man I cried...hard mainly at 0:00-20:51

I love this so, so much. Thank you for being open--trust me, it takes true strength to be vulnerable. Such a powerful video.

I love how she said "We're all f**ked up in our own way"

Fuck yeah. Latinx therapy...I was waiting for the therapist(s) to come out and I was like * I hope it isn't a white person * and I was so relieved to see Adriana, Maritza and hear about this Latinx Therapy group, so amazing! Being vulnerable is a strength, guys. You got this and I'm so glad you got to have this experience!

"Hurt people Hurt people" - @gadiel. That was deep and impactful!! Awesome video.

As a bilingual Latina who goes to therapy.. I find myself speaking in Spanish too when I’m having conversations with the therapist.. I have asked why i tend to want to speak Spanish and my therapist had mention that growing up, Spanish is my inner voice my first language and it’s what comes naturally to me.. i feel as gadiel is experiencing something similar as I do.. is when we need to express emotion we use our first language

Yesss! I'm thankful Pero Like addressed this. Therapy is still stigmatized in POC communities. Even though we need it. Therapy can be wonderful depending your therapist. It can assist you in moving forward in a new way. She was a gentle guide in this session. Happy for you all...

What came to mind: Who gonna cry first?

If your money wasn't on Curly, then you don't know Pero Like.

Eli : My name is Eli Curly : My name is Curly Gariel : MY NAME IS GADIEL DE LORBE

I believe minority communities have a lot in common, like soooooo much. I'm just glad we are having the conversations w/in all these communities

Yes, Asians and African Americans are also very much against seeking therapy.

Thank you all for the love. Maya and I produced with some really brave and awesome people. Check out @Latinxtherapy for resources and information therapy in the Latin space.

Tell your friend from El Savador w/ the glasses to get an ultrasound of his thyroid (no surgery, no radiation pill, no biopsy?)? I hear thyroid conditions usually involve weight loss than weight gain? Illuminati want u dumb dumbs in therapy to then pill u up then u go crazy. Therapy is gaaaaaaaaaay, no offense to gay people

I love @latinxtherapy!! Glad y'all promoted them

This is a huge deal. As so many people comment below there are so many similarities between the Black, Asian, and Latinx communities attitudes toward how to take care of mental health. it's finally changing, but its because of things like this and vulnerabilities you guys show choosing to do this. The Pero Like team should be really proud about the good work all doing.

+Ohmi Dios its a gender neutral term for Latino

You truly are an amazing person eli! You'll find someone, I know you will.

The content we need & love

Do we find them through IG? I’m a little confused as to where I type “@Latinxtherapy” ..... TIA!!

Eli Vazquez why you so cute ?!

Sometimes when we expose our emotions that we aren't use to expressing we feel naked. I truly admire you and the other fellas putting yourselves out there. I've been going to therapy for three years and it has helped me tremendously even when I didn't think I needed to go. Sending positive vibes and love to your team

Brave isn’t a word I would use Kaitlyn Jenner is brave more like relevant maybe even sloppy and I would describe the atmosphere as one of unisonous

Your situation being the oldest is something I struggle with there is no room to mess up and to be yourself when you want everyone to look up to you and the pressure is so thin go don’t want anyone to know because I have made sutch a persona that is a lie I’d like to let my true self to get out and get some help and this video relly hit home thanks for open in up eli and pero like crowds love y’all if you would like to reach out let’s talk insta- @jmendoza100

Thank you Eli and Maya!

What the fuck is Latin x

I know this wasn’t easy to experience on such a public platform and for that I’m so thankful for y’all sharing this.

This is something that is so hard to do, it was hard watching you guys go through this as it reminded me of when I went to therapy my first time. I don't know you but I'm very proud of you!

Thank you for slowly opening up in front of the camera lime this! I know for a fact that you will be inspiring for someone watching this video

Eli Vazquez This was amazing! Thank you for sharing ♥️

The only therapy i want from her is kiss therapy!

It takes a real man to ask for help, proud of these guys.

Its makes me so happy to see strong Latin men showing that you can be vulnerable

Thank you for this video :)

I really want to go to therapy but I have no money or a car to go or pay for

Do this with latina women please

This video showed me that I really need to go to therapy bc I can relate to all of them

Just seek therapy if you need it. Latino or not we have to address our mental health. I see fellow men who pretend to have thick skin but don't. Keep your mind open and seek the help you need.

Fantastic work guys! Thank you for continuing to break through all the taboo within our culture and within men. No one is weak for seeking help. It is strength that allows for vulnerability. I would think when I was younger that going to therapy, seeing a psychiatrist was something only crazy people had to do. I started going to therapy when I became very depressed and my eyes were opened. I didn't stay because I was trapped in an abusive relationship and I only went in circles. After I left that relationship I did some more and included my family since I felt they needed it too. Very helpful. Like the therapist said, don't wait until it's an ER situation, it's better to be preventive.

This is an amazing video, I needed to watch this. I’m at a point where I feel I can’t express my emotions and I’m drowning. I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to and open up to and this just reminded me how important it is to vent and asking for help is the best thing you can do. Having an anxiety disorder makes it challenging to open up because of the fear of being judged but mental health above all should not go untreated.

CURLY!! Thank you for talking about domestic violence. I don’t hear about it enough, especially in the Latino community. It made me see a perspective

This. Soo much of my own experiences of dating closed-off Latino and native men were reflected here. I love that you three willingly and publicly explored therapy.. it's no small thing to do. The most powerful therapy I ever had was going back to speak with my 5 year old self... completely next level and absolutely worth the vulnerability.

Loved this video!!!!

❤️❤️❤️ i just wanted to give curly a big teddy bear hug.

This was such a great video but can the media PLEASE stop pushing the term Latinx!! How would I even actually say that in real life... if you dont want to use specific gender terminology just say Latin. Latinx is not it. Thats not even proper spanish Like literally whats the point of saying "latinx men"? Might as well just say Latino. Honestly im not with this new wave of "acceptance" because half of the people who say it are fake woke and will tear you down if youre not with the agenda. New terminology doesnt solve our deeper underlying issues. Dont @ me I said what I said much love!

This was an awesome video

I'm glad they did this. Society in general has a stigma about mental health. Men and minorities are less likely to go get therapy. There is no shame in needing help. You are not a weak person, you're human. It's important for you to be healthy physically and mentally ❤

This was AWESOME thank you GUY'S

"We're all f*cked up." Truth.

Curly talking about building someone within him resonated.

curly’s session was MY session

I love this because as people of color we go through so many struggles and it’s good to have someone to talk too

I was sexually abused at 5 my family never took me to get therapy because they said I did not need it it was traumatic and now at 27 and whith a daughter off my own I decided to break the generational curse and do better for her and have decided to go to therapy.

This is so important.

Wow i love them

This is one of the reasons I’ve taken on psychology as a major I want to help all minorities realize that talking to someone is completely ok. This video is amazing! Bravo gentlemen!

My husband has the best Latinx therapist. Thank you all therapists who do this amazing work

i want more videos like this!

I loved this and how vulnerable the guys were it literally warmed my heart ❤️!!!!!!!! So proudddddddd !!!!!

Best video ever.

I cant take seriously anyone who uses the word "latinx" unironically

Gadiel is so precious! Well they all are but I just finished Gadiel's part

This has probably been the best Pero Like video I've seen. Really well done. Thank you for sharing with us!

totally incredible and desperately needed

So my brothers got to go to therapy and if I even mentioned it I would be yelled at btw I'm a Dominican female

This is great! Me encanto! I am a Latina woman y yo voy a terapia, me tomo conocer 3 therapists before I found the right one for me, I grew up with very manipulative parents y terapia es necesario

God bless all of if you for this

This is one of the best videos you guys have done.

I love this

Eli ily

Gracias muchisimo por hacer este video! This helps folks who may be afraid, hesistant, or stigmatized, confused or unsure about talking to a therapist know what it's like. We all have mental health and minds that need to be cared for and therapy is a great way to do it! I love Pero Like!

One thing that they don’t mention is that you have to “bar hop” till you find the one therapist that you feel good with. Like I don’t particularly like this therapist but I LOVE my therapist now. She challenges my thoughts and asks the uncomfortable questions that keeps me thinking about the session all week. She’s amazing. But always try a therapist for a month before you decide to find a different one.

Don't generalized all Latinos, unless those in the USA. In Mexico we go to therapy and is provided by our universal healthcare. AND STOP USING LATINX IT IS WRONG; La Real Academia Espanola already said it, so is either Latino or Latina; as far as I know in English is Latin LATINX doesn't exist.

I wanted to see em cry.

Wow this was refreshing. Thank you for allowing strangers to listen to your stories and see you at your most vulnerable. That took some guts. Also it shed light on how positive and helpful therapy is. Highly educational to latino audiences. Great video.

This was an amazing video to watch.

Jamas olvidare lo buenote que esta el papa de Eli

Gotta say there is nothing sexier and more endearing to a woman than a man who is being 100% AUTHENTIC!!! OPEN, VULNERABLE, because in THAT space where true strength is drawn you surrender your human ideas (limitations) of who you are and let divine source guide and support you. It is the unmatchable power of a child’s innocence, or the beauty of a field of flowers, or the love a mother that always finds a way... where there are no obstacles or get to just love and be loved. Anything and everything is possible from THERE! Only scary if you are attached to the idea of who you are! Who you are is too big to be defined! BRAVO to you gorgeous beings who are daring to be REAL! In this sincere direction that you’re all taking you are immensely appealing to this conscious sister!

Latino countries are very taboo about therapy. That’s why I don’t want to marry a latino. I need someone who understands he’s a human and has to deal with his emotions rather than bottle them up and blow up later. Heeeeeelll nawwww

I would love a podcast to listen to on my way to work!

Great segment!!

Best pero episode yet!

You guys should definitely look into transformational life coaching. My focus is geared to a holistic/spiritual side. Where you can not only go to the source of the issue but you can heal that event that marked you. Tanto entreno en inglés como español. Es como el primo hermano de terapia pero es interactivo. Tanto son sesiones individuales oh entrenamientos de grupo donde nada es casualidad y puedes constelar eventos de tu vida para apoyar a ti y a los demás. Y creado al lado holistico. Ofreciendo tanto el lado transformaciónal y el camino holistic con Kyoshin donde descubres cómo amar tu sombra para así poder aceptar la luz que habita dentro de ti. Luego en tolteca te conviertes en el artista de tu vida conectado con el libro de don Miguel Ruiz; Los 4 acuerdos, y el 5to acuerdo. Donde creamos ejercicios en base de esos acuerdos. 1. Ser impecable con tu palabra 2. No te tomes nada personal. 3. No hagas falsas suposiciones 4. Dar el máximo en todo lo qué haces 5. Leer detrás de las palabras/ escucha todo y no creas nada. And then you get to Maya; El Camino del Guerrero. Donde conectas con la civilización Maya y el sincronario Tzolk’in a empiezas a fluir con la sincronía y la energía del universo. That was very brave of you guys. Wish you the best.

Is it just me or gadiel really looks like yk osiris

I'm going to forward this to my Mexican-American ex-boyfriend.

Curly sounds gay

Es demasiado importante que los hombres también puedan canalizar sus emociones sin sentirse juzgados! Excelente video!

As a Latin man, I really appreciate and in awe that all of you have put yourself out there in, These kind of vid is have hlep my wife understand a bit more about Latin men and it really has help me understand that I am not alone and that other Latin men get the struggles we go through in keeping emotions in gracias a ustedes and keep up el tremendo work que están haciendo.

Gadiel, I'm here for you papi. Lol all yall are sweet little babies

Gadiel and I got the same problem, I don't fucking know how to express my feelings to others, I either show too much or show nothing

We are all fuckup in our own way lol

Is there a version of this in Spanish I have Dominican stepdad I could show this to who I would love to show this to maybe finally got him to understand the concept of f****** therapy

Me encanto!! Gracias por el video y ayudarnos a buscar ayuda ! Dlb

I hope there is something like this in the future for other races like Koreans and Indian families too!! Awesome initiative

Thank you so much for making this video!!! I'm a Psychology major. Every human needs therapy. It doesn't matter sex, culture, sexuality. Please take the time to love yourselves.

This is amazing

Yes yes yes. To everything in this video. And triple Yes to finding a therapist that is your same ethnicity. Because they will understand better where it is you're coming from instead of helping you based on their own history. (Yes I know therapists are supposed to be unbiased but tradition and cultural background is the foundation in which many of us grow up on.) A white therapist is going to understand our value and loyalty to family as well as a latinx therapist would. Etc, etc. Y'all feel me? And that is for all ethnicities. I'm so proud of these boys for agreeing to do this video. It's so hard to talk about mental health in our community. There needs to be more and better communication when it comes to these things. This video is one of many baby steps to creating a better understanding of one's mind and how emotions can control all aspects of one's life. Whether for good or bad.

I love this video! Argentina is the country with more psychologist in the world... And still men don't go. I go to therapy since i was 6 years old (now i'm 32) and it was so helpful!!! Thanks Pero Like!!!!

I love this SO MUCH!!! While listening I tried answering those questions to myself and got very emotional. I felt this whole video.

hellll yessss!!

Fantastic video. Felicidades a esos hombres latinos que pueden ser vulnerables, es difícil pero lo lograron. Besos y bendiciones.

What type of therapy is this?


I absolutely love this!!! You guys are so brave to do this, and stand as an example that therapy is okay to pursue by the Latin community

I'm not Latino or Hispanic, but I relate so much to this. Asians have this issue as well. It's kind of crazy how much our cultures think alike. : ) Girlfriend is Hispanic so it's interesting to see how alike we can be. Hopefully someday, it's something not taboo with our parents.

gadiel daddy

Excellent!! As Latino therapist in New York this brings a huge smile to my face. This is my message to a lot of the men I work with...

The word Latinx is so hard to wrap it on my cabeza it makes this video watch it so hard ....

Oof when curly said “we did it why can’t you?” in the beginning as a reference to Latin parents. I FELT that

You guys need to be the latino try guys. I love all three of you guys you guys are amazing! Being vulnerable and being open with your emotions is an incredibly attractive trait in anybody but especially in men. you guys look even more handsome now .you guys did great!


I’m a Latino male and I’ve gone to therapy. I didn’t find it difficult because I know that I needed it at the time. I’m also lgbtq and that made it easier for me since I already have done so much introspection and have fallen outside of what’s considered the ‘norm’ for heterosexual men that it was just easier. But I can understand why a reticent male raised in such a masculine and patriarchal culture would feel weak when admitting to therapy. It’s a vulnerable experience.

After seeing this I need therapy too..lot of issues I've been through since last year, too pressure by my parents, college, and my relation with bestfriends and now is beckme strangers. I lost hope and energy for going to college which I should graduate next year if normally. I pretend I'm okay front of people around me I don't know where and who I should talk this my emotional issues. Sorry for story

Machismo and toxic masculinity are the same thing! I ❤️ my roots

Hugs for Curly ❤️

Eli: *points at the camera* ... “you’re fucked up”

When Eli said "me and Maya" I went

I love you guys. You’re all so strong. Let’s heal that generational trauma! It doesn’t serve the future

Therapy for me is weakness. That's how I was taught. I tried to go once but i couldn't. I always hide my emotions cuz that's how I am .

It makes me very happy that you all did this video and tried therapy ☺️. I'm currently studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling and my main reason is to reach out to the Latinx community and other people of color, because growing up in a Salvadorian household God was always the answer. Mental health is so much deeper than religion and I want to help our community and break the negative stigma. Also there aren't many Latinx counselors/therapist, at least in my area.

fan-freaking-tastic. therapy is for EVERYONE. If I could afford it, I'd go weekly for the rest of my life.

Oh wow I loved this!!! I’m a student of professional counseling (LPC) and seeing short sessions with Latino men was so interesting!! Thank you!

Love it, I think they should continue in private, it looked like there were much more things they could've let out, like maybe 4 more sessions, I know they would grow so much

Men: It’s NOT unmanly to cry or talk about your feelings. You’re human. ❤️

Asians think the same way, we don’t usually seek therapy. Though, I do find this video useful because I’ve been wondering if I should go to therapy myself...


+Gena Brigham YASSSSS!!! I . could . not . agree . MORE!!!

Great video!

"Im always lonely u know, is a thing"

Waiting now for that CNCO interview..

"Hurt people hurt people." So true!

I love everything about this. ❤️

Thank you so so so much! Thank you all for opening up! And thank you curly for talking about trauma. We are allowed to name our truth even if it calls people out. Whats important is how THEY treat it, whether they silence you, or deflect, or genuinely wish to change. So happy gadiel said everyone should do it. Yas to the openness and healing. Yall are making history at pero like. Thank you for putting our real stories out there

I love this video thank you guys for opportunity for men of color to feel okay to get therapy

Make it a series! Same people over time!

This some powerful shit right here.

I love Gadiel and I hope he finds that one that understands and accepts him for him

Gadiel changing into his mother tongue because that's more comfortable for him is the reason why not every therapist is for every one and diversity is important in so many ways

I’m in tears right now watching all of you. I think that men and women feel very similar deep inside, but we create barriers rooted in past hurt and trauma (especially childhood). I pray that one day men and women can unite and be that partnership God created to be one - not so isolated from the true being inside seeking that place of refuge and real connection. As you all spoke I felt part me also speaking through you. Los amo and so proud of some of the bravest Latino men I have witnessed. Also props to the amazing therapist, your beautiful soul is a gift this generation. Much love everyone reading this ♥️

This was beautiful to watch.

Wth is Latin X? Is that like cochino or something? Lmao

All I could do was cry when I hear and seen what curly said, I feel the same way he does...

Porque si es un canal de latinos no ponen los subtítulos en español por lo menos

This is so not just a Latino issue trust me.

I tried to go to therapy when I was younger bc I had bad anxiety and depression due to me coming out and dealing with that. I told my doctor and she said “Why? Why are you anxious?” (She was Hispanic). And my dad said I was just a malcriada. I finally went to the therapy this year when I got to college. Latinx families are harsh.

I'm from Puerto Rico and after watching this I feel like I want to go to therapy


latina women try therapy for the first time?

I feel very very blessed in a sense that although my extended family is very closed off when it comes to mental health, my parents were really all about it and so supportive when I told them I needed help, my whole extended family thinks therapy is “weak”

Y'all need to listen here. The machismo in the Mexican & Mexican/American culture is a product of colonization. Just want y'all to know that indigenous ppl of America culturally & historically have no problem with emotions, homosexuality, transgenders, and far less toxic masculinity. Just a PSA

Men should show more emotion smh if y’all only knew that it makes the relationship better , when u don’t show how you feel you lose someone that could of been great for you

I LOVE THIS EP of Pero Like!! And the therapist is super amazing, I wish there is a Polynesian therapist where they understand everything I go througg because they know it too....does that make sense? lol

Crazy since In our culture its frowned upon

5:55 i dead got the same problem

Eli looks just like Ammar from Yes Theory

This one was long but very good

As a Latina counselor in training, I adore this video so much. There is so much stigma in our community about mental health. I hope this video continues spreads and help stop the stigma. Therapy is such a powerful tool.

@Gena Brigham YASSSSS!!! I . could . not . agree . MORE!!!

@Ohmi Dios its a gender neutral term for Latino

so good

En la comunidad latina se tiene un estigma muy fuerte sobre la terapia, personalmente lo vivi de niña cuado pedi ayuda a mis papas y se asustaron, no entendian que podria estar pasando para llegar a ir al "loquero". Hoy en dia mi familia a entendido los beneficios y como me ayuda ir a terapia, a traves vivencia directa es como se abrieron a la experiencia. Pero sobre todo los hombres batallan mucho con el tema, por eso vemos mucho problemas de adiccion, se prefieren las drogas y el alcohol en lugar de la terapia.

I loved this one!!! So brave going through this on camera. When our bodies get hurt or are sick, we seek help but why is it so hard to seek help when it's our mind that needs it. Kudos guys!!!

Women are falling over themselves for Gadiel. So ironic that he’s single. Hope he continues to grow-he is so awesome!

Oh I love this! This made my therapist heart smile! (Im a therapist just in case that comment didn’t give it away!) I am so glad that you all did this and show the benefits of therapy especially for communities of color. There are so many resources and directories for our communities out there. We just have to tap into them. Thank you for this! I’m posting it everywhere!

It would be interesting to see latino men viewers go through the same experience. Any chance of that happening?

Thank you this is very nice

Argentinos can't relate

I love that you guys are lifting up the stigma in the latinx community, thank you :)

The idea of therapy is only for white Americans is in all latino mind.. I have been told that when I said I needed help from a therapist.. it's so sad that we think that way..

such an amazing an powerful video. thank you guys.

I want to hug Eli ;-; my heart

I absolutely love this! More of our Latin men need to realize that it’s okay to ask for help when they need it. Our culture frowns upon therapy/going to a psychiatrist. It’s beautiful to see people break the mold on such a huge platform. I hope all my Latino men out there see this and get help if they need it ❤️

loved the video but the LatinX shit makes me so angry LOL. I hate the term so much that it turns off immediately. I know this is irrational feeling, but it's a horrible and unnecessary term.

I wish my therapist was latinx. Sometimes I wanna speak Spanish, but I gotta find another way to say it in therapy

This was beautiful. Latinx men ridding themselves of toxic masculinity

OMG curly got so skinny

Can she b my therapist

As a human being, this reminded me how much I need to focus on my mental health and take care of me but how to also be open-minded to the people in my life. "Hurt people, hurt people" As a therapist, I'm reminded how much I love the work I do. Like she said, being a guide for someone. We're not here to heal you or do the work for you, but rather be someone to stand beside you as an aid. Someone to process with, to lean on in a different way then you lean on friends and family. We're not here to gain anything but rather to help YOU gain something. And therapy takes time. I think there's a misconception you'll feel some sort of change right away buy give yourself time. Nothing needs to change immediately and sometimes you may feel something right away. Don't judge yourself for not doing therapy "right". It's not a test or a competition.

I am not Hispanic, but I do enjoy when I'm around Hispanics. And this is one of my favorite YouTube channels!! I have the same problem with opening up to ppl. Especially since moving from my home state where I was raised and had so many healthy relationships to NorCal where I have 1 healthy relationship. I feel like each of the 3 men in this video touched on something I'm dealing with. Opening up about who you are and what you're struggling with is very important. It's the 1st step towards actual freedom. Way to go, Pero Like!! Just subscribed

I'm not Latino but I know that a lot of Latino parents, don't pay attention to mental health. The would normally say "Oh, you're fine." Now, that's really sad...

I did have a lot of therapies sessions growing up with my Latinos parents. Her name was "La Chancla."

This is so excellent, I have no words! As a therapist serving Hispanics in south FL, this is such an excellent resource. Thank you! I’ll be sure to plug in w Latinxtherapy!

Accept Jesus in your heart and read the bible, and you'll be just fine!!!! the truth will set you free!! Jesus is the truth, the way and the life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done guy's,this is great video! There's so many people in the world that have mental health issues and/or struggle emotionally. I hope this can reach many of them to help them either change their mind about therapy or just encourage them to go talk to someone about the things they are going trough or have been through. And same to you 3 ,I hope you will continue to talk to someone to help yourselves. There's nothing wrong with wanting to heal our head,our heart and our soul, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be happy from the inside ,out!!! We all deserve to be happy emotionally and psychologically. And PLEASE stop letting someone else talk you out of getting help.

They look so uncomfortable on that little ass couch

Guys, men & women! Do therapy ! I am a 23 year first generation Mexicans male, so yes I relate to all the Latino machismo ! & everything the guys said about “vulnerability” I started therapy 6 weeks ago & I am happy I did! , yes it’s expensive but it’s WORTH it. Your mental, emotional health is worth every penny! Best of luck in any of you who decide to take the step!

Lol i was crying for y'all.

As an aspiring therapist and as a Latina, I am so happy to see this video! With it, you three Latino men are pushing open a door to educate our Hispanic community in regards to mental health and the benefits from it. Your opinions from the experience (as short as it might have been), can nudge our community to become inquisitive, to wonder if this could be something for them. I loved every bit of the video, but more importantly the impact it can have on our community and their stigma over mental health. Kudos you guys!!!!

This is awesome! Break the stigma, men’s mental health matters

I wish there was one I could find in my area :( I think I would feel most comfortable with someone that was a Latinx because they would really understand me

This is super helpful and important for us.

Thank you

Yes! :-)

Lets stop this fuckery with this Latinx shit. Soy Latino, pa que tu lo sepa.

I doubt these humans have had therapy. Content much.

Eli Vazquez thank you so much for highlighting this topic for the Latin community!! It’s such a needed topic to be discussed!

is it weird? As black person that has grown in Africa, can identify more to the Latino culture than actually the black people culture in America maybe cause they carried there culture to America, they have the language,the food and ofcourse family and how they think therapy is "white people thing" but this episodes is the best really covers a lot for both cultures. You should hear African men mentality towards therapy some would really thrive if the just had a chance to have therapy. Anyway will get their one day. THANK YOU FOR THIS

What a great episode! It’s interesting to see that Gadiel and Eli have a similar family dynamic where as the eldest male child in the family, they have an inherent pressure to be the “strong man” and almost surrogate father figure for the smaller siblings. This in many ways takes away from them having the opportunity to be vulnerable children, and it’s interesting to see how this affects their romantic relationships as adults. And yet- both deflected from vulnerability through comedy and cracking jokes. My heart broke for Curly talking about his inner child. I’m glad he recognizes those road blocks. Thank you for doing this episode! It was such an important topic for our community ❤️

this was such a great video wow

It's wonderful to see these men open up, or at least try to. Being sensetive, crying and talking about your feelings is beautiful and does not make you less of a man. Lots of cultures consider therapy as a thing for the weak, and it's a damn shame.

"...but actually, not being able to be vulnerable is the real weakness." pfff that's one of life's biggest truths

This is really making me want to experience a therapy session myself... as a Latino man. I don’t open up to anybody and even if I do open up to someone it’s never deep Enough. Just barely scratching the surface and no one can dive deep enough to find out what’s at the bottom of my ocean. Idk if it’s necessarily a problem or not but I’d like to see what therapy could do for me. Thank you Pero Like, I’m sure you’ve impacted a lot of us Latino men watching this video.

This hit home. Being a Latina suffering from anxiety and depression, coming out about it was difficult. My father still thinks it is nonsense, and honestly so did I... until I thought I was dying one day, called 911 and they told me I was having a panic attack... my whole life changed. Even at the clinica hispana they told me that antidepressants were for weak impressionable Americans... it wasn’t until I wasn’t able to function without the meds that I realized this is a real thing and a real chemical imbalance and anxiety is real. I hope one day the Latin culture recognizes this.

I like this video though as a Latino man I’ve never felt afraid of going to therapy for reasons of masculinity. I think I need to see a psychotherapist and undergo psycho analysis and may do so in the future when I have the money.

I am a mental health and school counselor that works with a lot of young Latinx and I am so happy you guys did this

I love this. Someone who is not in therapy but trying it out.

That background music makes me feel like I am watching a soap

I always heard "you don't need therapy because you're not crazy" from my parents and now that I have been in therapy for some months, I realize that phrase was stemmed in fear of me discovering how my surroundings and upbringing was flawed and how it has affected me negatively. Parents don't want to be reminded that they're not perfect and that they may affect their children negatively, as much as they are good and loving parents. Being too in touch with our feelings makes them too uncomfortable.

Ok what's up with this constant BS rhetoric of latinx men having "the culture" of being macho while therapy is a white American thing? Its presented as being them being only ones with a manly man problem. Have you looked at shooter stats? It's all white American guys.


LMHC from Miami here. This was really well done. The therapist asked all the right questions and matched each client in tone, language, and pace every step of the way. Thank you for producing this very important video!

i think this applies to females in the latin community as well, at least from my experience. theres a whole stigma around being weak when it comes to anything but physically weak. curly saying "we did it why cant you do it" SO TRUE

this needs to get more views, mental health awareness is so rare is latinx communities and even more so in the "male" space considering the misconceptions about therapy in general and being vulnerable as a man. its so awesome that you guys opened up yourselves to make this a teaching moment for people who might really need to see this. much love yo

Eli your daddy had you lookin 10 types of fine and you got this beanie back on. im over you.

I love Latino men❤

GADIEL THE DOMINICAN MOM DESCRIPTION IS ON POINT! It's like some of them want to be affectionate and break that strong woman concept but like someone said "feeding my children is most important " and yes Dominican moms switch it up like, "stop complaining! you have more than those poor folks in DR and you have a lot to be thankful for!" They actually make you feel guilty for you just suck it up!

Gadiel, venga conmigo y lloramos juntos. Eres un tremendo ejemplo como hermano mayor. Eso de querer apoyar a tus menores como simbolo de amor es increible

Juuuuuuuuu guys

Thank YOU!!! Pero Like for making this video. Super Helpful ❤️❤️❤️

We all have reactions and walls we use to protect ourselves and try to avoid pain. That is why many resort to jokes when they feel uncomfortable. But over the past couple of years I have seen you three grow. So, even before you made this incredible video, recognize and be proud of the growth you all have worked through. Keep up the amazing work.

Eli is so adorable.

what the heck is a latinex man?

She's amazing

0:31- literally what my dad said when I asked my mom if our medical plan includes therapy. I’m from South Africa and here in the Afrikaans culture therapy is seen as a weakness especially in men. You are told to just pray about it and move on, if therapy is your biggest problem then you obviously don’t have enough ‘real’ problems are usually the mentality.

@j esco God bless you

Love, love, love this. I hope all 3 of you guys continue with therapy. Get healed and get whole bros. :)

I'm so proud of you three

I relate to Gadriel I live in a household where everyone is just kinda detached. No hugs, no I love yous, or just a conversation if we talk its arguing. Growing up where my parents argue or my dad trying to hit us has really affected me as a teen. I have a hard time putting myself out there emotionally in a relationship I like the person, but I just can't.

Great segment

When Gadiel said at the end "Hurt people hurt people" I truly felt that with my entire being. This is why mental health is so important. People who do not learn to positively cope with their issues don't realize how they can project their anger, frustrations, violent behaviors, etc. onto others and really f*$k them up in the process :/

Therapy's bullshit. Shrinks are paid to, basically, shoot the shit with depressed people.

The therapist is really good. I am an Latina therapist and my DR Mom asked, "que hace mi hija". I remind her that she travelled from NY to CA to go to my graduation in 1998

Wow, the concept of cultural-adapted therapy is really cool! Mental health issues are so tied to the narratives of different social settings, it never occurred to me that sourcing therapists with similar cultural background could help break so many barriers.

Wow this is amazing! Ty for the video!

Damn that Eli guy is cute af!

“Who’s the most effed up?” “We’re all effed up in our own ways.” Hahahaha

Ahh Eli is so cuteee. Is he single? (Not that I wanna do anything about it, just wanna know)

I'm in love with Gadiel

As a therapist, this was awesome to see!

This feeling is why I'm so glad my therapist is also Asian. Having that cultural understanding is truly amazing!

hurt people hurt people - this is so true, but at the same time, sometimes hurt people just hurt themselves more and i dont know which is worse

Curly and Gadiel are just the best people!

So what we are saying is Eli is now open to date Daysha?

Bravo! Can't have been easy at all, especially putting it out there for the world to see. So brave! Also, what Gariel said: "hurt people hurt people". When we tend to our emotional, mental and psychological needs we aren't just helping ourselves, we are helping those that surround us and those that love us. Great video!

I'm actually glad my parents told me to harden up because if they let of my emotions slide who knows what kind of medications or treatments I would have gotten. At the same time they encouraged me and told me that life is a lesson. It sucked sometimes but I'm thankful

Thank you!!!! Machismo has haunted us latin men for way to long. Go get therapy! I pray for all the women that are victims of this behavior by my fellow Latinos. I hope you find someone to treat you with TRUE LOVE and does more than just put a roof over your head. latin fathers lets break this tradition of machismo!

As a latina, this was beautiful to see. I love this channel so much.

I wish she was my therapist

ya´ll. i´ve been going to therapy non-stop for about 4 years now. looking at these three, i see my past self in all the different stages of it, in every aspect. joking around in potentially vulnerable moments like Eli, fighting back tears whenever i think about that helpless, hurt child in me like Curly, trying so hard to understand what i can do to work on myself like Gadiel. i love it and i love them for being as brave as they are, opening up on camera like that. i am so happy that they all decided to keep trying to go to therapy because guys. it does. get. better. you can and will improve if you keep on going. like me :D

Definitely relate with you Eli~ She got me when she referred to not using therapy as an ER when your mental hits the fan *guilty* .. Thank you for beginning to break the stigma of mental health and the latino community. ♡

Oh man, that line about "if we fix it before we feel like we have to run to the ER" hit me so hard. I've been in therapy for coming on four years and that was one of my biggest hurdles in the beginning of feeling deserving of therapy even though I wasn't actively in crisis. I'm so glad you guys opened up even this much and I hope you continue.


This scream the Dominican & Nicaragua man I was dealing with. He wasn’t very happy over text & I asked him what was wrong & if he wanted to talk about it & immediately he shut down. He said “None of your business.”, then I said “Well, if you ever feel comfortable to talk about it let me know.” & he responded with “I won’t, but okay.” .....Like my lord. He has A LOT from the pieces he told me regarding his mother & father splitting up. It’s a lot, I wish the stigma was not there. Even in the Black community (I’m African American) it’s there.

Wow, this is so great, she was wonderful! It was nice to see the guys getting more comfortable as they started to open up. How brave for them to take this step on camera and start to take some of the stigmas away from Latinx men trying (and benefitting from) therapy!

I feel like they could of gotten a bigger couch

"Hurt people hurt people." So succinct and powerful!

Can i just give you a hug ?

I love!

I'm a Latina therapist (Dominican) and I'm so glad you guys are broaching this topic. I noticed how when crossing over from superficial topics to sincere, deeper ones, Gadiel switches over to Spanish. Often times, people are more likely to express deep emotion in their native language. This is especially relevant to issues of trauma. This is why it is super important for there to be more therapists/clinicians/psychiatrists/etc of color. Even code switching can be a very powerful tool to help bridge the gap between yourself and someone who is wary of therapy.

Do iiiiiit. Doesn't matter your race or culture. It's so good to vent to someone. Takes one to know one.

Really love this content

Dang, kind of feel like I'm the older, black female version of Eli.

Just don't say it's an American thing because your excluding allot of people that are Latinos.

They're all so cute I love them. Therapy is for everyone

I'm so glad that you could bring light to this! It's such a beautiful thing to see people taking their mental health into their own hands.

I’m literally the one in my family who’s been super open about being broken, needing help, acknowledging it and thankfully despite most family looking at me weird, they knew better than to try to fuck with me but look at me like...fuck it this guy is saying shit like this so openly, you do you

I can't take the "latinx" shit. Just say latin or latino, why is the x necessary?

Gadiel is such a beautiful man!

I'm so proud of these guys for taking a chance and getting out of their comforts zones ❤️

make some videos about braziiiil


What is latinx? People in the video keep saying it.

I love how Gadiel says his name. That’s just a sidenote: I hope Caribbean and Latinx men really abandon the machismo attitude and really take care of their mental health. Not just for them selves but for those who love them.

Everyone (I) choked when Gadiel said he was single

I Love Gadiel

I love pero like

These men are role models for other men to experience therapy. Way to go guys.

This makes me want to be a therapist!, helping people overcome feelings, traumas and events is important to me

I really needed to see this today.

Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone. Therapist is a label i guess...anyway the idea is a perspective other than your own. It takes vulnerability to open and seems like what these gentleman did here. Great job

Love! Love! Love this video! Thank you so much for doing this video!

I love you so much for being vulnerable

I hope Pero Like could do a video on child abuse in Hispanic families. I know a lot of people try to cover up and joke about the abuse from their family but it has lasting consequences.

I would personally feel more comfortable talking to a therapist of color, having had some truly terrible white therapists who were clueless about Latinx culture.

Wait doesn't Eli not know Spanish lol so he was just lost on that couch

This is GREAT!

para ser un hombre necesitas un corazon tambien. si es duro por que los padres dicen que solo ser tough es bien pero no es eso todas las veces.

Omg. Thank you so much for sharing this. I acknowledge that I am in need for therapy, but I wanted to find someone that would understand my life experiences as a Latina woman and be able to guide me based on those experiences. I have been searching for a therapist forever, and thanks to this video, I went to the Latinx Therapy website and found a latinx therapist in my area! I am so thankful

Can I just pls have a surprise date with Gadiel. I love him.... All the way from San Antonio TX ❤

as a Latino that latinx stuff drives me up the wall. so somos latinos

Nice video thank you for keeping up your channel it will be cool and you talk about PTSD from military soldiers living a miscible life sometimes and people just think we are crazy


It isnt easy being a male latino especially where when as a kid my mother taught me to never show weakness or to never cry as a kid and I think she feels pretty bad about that and regrets that she did that but hey it was integrated in me from childhood so it's really hard to be sympathetic to my best friends when they need me emotionally or when I feel really sad and cant cry because of my past so yeah i wish i had what gadiel and the other guys have in this video

Really really awesome especially for the Latinos to see that it doesn’t have to be bottled up...their are professionals and one that is a Latin Therapist , wellll, you can’t beat that! Men, you knocked it out of the park with this video

Keep this content coming! This is what our communities need!

Gadiel appears to be the only one who dropped into Spanish during the session. I think that's interesting. I speak Spanish, but I{m not latino. I speak it well, but it's not my culture. Uet I feel I've put my heart and soul into it somehow. And I really love the language, the history, the culture. I'm just really happy to see this channel and to see the culture coming out into the states and learning how to thrive with all of us up here. Spanish America deserves a space in this world we have y'all. And maybe someday I'll achieve a native like fluency so I can appreciate it to the best of my ability.

I love these guys!! They are so strong and so brave to talk about some hard core things

It's so true that it's a cultural block. Yes latinos are expressive with their emotions, but don't like showing weakness. Therapy is sort of seen as for someone who is sick, like someone who has schizophrenia or something. It should be seen as going to your physician for a check up, something normal for the sake of your health

Eli is so fine

I love this. Three years ago I left an abusive relationship and lost my way to function. As a mother of four (at the time, 5 now lol) I couldn't"t let my trauma affect my way of being a parent but it was hard. My mom looked down on therapy and made me so hesitant, but after my first session I felt so relieved. I did therapy for two years and it helped me find ways to cope with my life situations on my own. I think everybody should try it at least once.

Woow, can we have a date all four together and we just hug eachother for an hour? My mother is Venezuelan and she always told me not to date Latin men. Well I must say a lot have difficulties to really open up and show real emtions, that comes from the culture. I always loved to have a partner that also speaks Spanish and can understand this part of my culture but it's just to difficult with most of them. They just hunt women but never have the courage to really love. Where are all the men in the old classic salsa songs?

I desperately need therapy...just can’t afford it :(

Why did I start crying as soon as she started talking, her voice is so welcoming :)


Gadiel ❤️

Very encouraging.

Damn, she’s good!

no one: my mom:Therapy is for white ppl

Eli needs a lot of therapy he wants to be happy but his obligations don’t let him.gadiel has a tough road a cold mom is hard to shake my friend went they that too and u can see his struggles.curly is healing and yes not in front of the camera brave to share what they did.i had therapy best thing for me.things I saw in El Salvador as a child still seem fresh to me over 20 years later.

I relate with Curly so much in this video ❤️

Crying helps release stress so if you ever need to cry, cry. Because it's ok, it's normal and healthy! There's nothing wrong with showing emotions. Now you can move on to another comment! Have a nice day

I’m not Latino, I don’t speak Spanish, but I’ve been binge watching pero like videos hahah

Eli is relatable

god I have this friend well he’s not really my friend anymore but I wish he would go to therapy he needs it so bad he is the most stubborn guarded Mexican I’ve ever met in my life, I still care about his dumbass and I know he’d never go to therapy but I think it would help him so much :( oh well :(

Eli Vazquez Dude!!! Phenomenal job!!! You are no doubt helping a ton of people by being vulnerable and going through this process so that we can see our stories in yours and have the desire to explore therapy and liberates ourselves from our fears and pain! Lots of love and thank you for your bravery!

I love how Gadiel has thought about this, he came to this therapy already saying "hey you know I feel like this, I been told I'm not enough of this" and not because he wants to be something to live up to anyone's standards but better himself, Gadiel is actually so self conscious in a good way, he thinks about what he does and doesn't seem to beat himself up but try to figure how to correct bad behaviors. Also when he said "Doctora, como puedo sacar estos miedos" staring dead at the camera, I wheezed he wanted to do some señorita Laura shit.

I love the term "Latin X Men" because my brain read exactly just like that xmen, but I do understand where it comes from as a trans man myself, I love thinking myself as an xmen. Anyway nobody cares about this, wish I could still pay therapy, anyway super proud of gadiel straight up talking about machismo and this closed off mentality, but then doing his intro with "and I've come to learn more" we stan.

I love that they did this on a great platform and especially for men as well. I feel like most people think of therapy is mostly for women and men usually only get dragged there because of they're significant others. This really shows another side of all of them that we've never seen before.

This is my favorite video. Everybody got to be vulnerable and talked about things I think many people can relate to. This was really cool and helpful.

This is so beautiful....

Flipping awesome everyone! You are making History!!! This is BRAVE

Thank you Maya and Eli for this. What was so curious to me is the fact that what worries them the most is the thing that almost NOBODY thought it did, and that's love, relationships, partnership. In our communities (Latino, Asian and Black ) women are believed to be the 'love seekers'; but in truth, men are more emotional than women.

It was beautiful to see you all open up. I hope you keep working on healing. Know it happens in layers and sometimes things you thought you were done with come back up. Mucho amor

In my family getting therapy or talking to a professional about our issues means we are crazy. It’s been engraved in our heads since childhood and it was a struggle to finally be comfortable w/ the idea of talking to someone. This video helps break that stigma, that you aren’t crazy for seeking help and we should be comfortable about opening up. Mental health is no joke

Love how you guys realized that therapy is a good thing and you discovered a way to help you grow and be ok with having emotions and feelings.

Aww Gadiel's final words really got me :)

I really connected with Gadiel and his whole hot and cold, moving back and forth in a relationship. I have been told the same thing in my relationships. Seeing this kind of has me thinking about maybe trying therapy.

Bruh I love gadiels open-mind-ness in all the videos he’s in !

As an Italian american woman thank you for explaining why latin men are like this. My dad had always had a hard time expressing love and emotion. Now I know why. It's not that latin men dont have emotions is that they have too many.

I know this is a Latino/a space but for those that live in intersectionality, I would love to drop this gem that has been helping me: or you can follow them on Instagram: @therapyforblackgirls

Kudos to you men to show others that seeking therapy IS not Weakness or make you less of a man.

Wow guys. Thank you for your vulnerability. It takes a lot of courage to open up let alone to do it on camera.

geez...i’m about to cry. this hit me hard since i relate so much to what all three go thru. i may just cry here at work

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