La BCE, le PIB US, résultats de Microsoft et d'Alphabet, bons du Trésor américain... ça bouge

La BCE, le PIB US, résultats de Microsoft et d'Alphabet, bons du Trésor américain...  ça bouge

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hello everyone and everything is delighted to meet you for the good morning trading your daily show at 8 am when it works yesterday I could not broadcast the good morning trading since I tried to broadcast a free youtube stream for everything the world and influential for premium for my school and my software didn't like that i see influencer again in youtube at the same time so he blew me my license at 7:58 am so it was difficult to be able to make the brand taste trendy at 8am and youtube or if they don't like it since he changed the keys of the streaming keys to me so we can't stream with the same account twice but that's okay I'm going to another county then we are going to test this so for all the people of the school a little patience I remind you that the school opens on January 2 so it will be ready for January there we have two months of test and start from Monday we will do there will be a specific dedicated stream on the school private youtube stream allows to have private feeds so you will have all the information and for the members of the school who were not sure that they were not connected who did not receive an email go ahead to a gift of my 400 euros which is waiting for you to activate which starts on November 1st so taken advantage of the press we attacked the analysis of the day then we started to see a small decrease anyway on the dow jones which lost about 160 points it fell from 0 74 yesterday the snpi lost half a percent and the nasdaq remained unchanged supported in particular by very very good results from American companies a duo nasdaq microsoft which took more than 4% 4 2 and which is on its highest record of all time it worked super well for microsoft especially all its cloud activity in et laon it's a question i might even do a webinar above thinking about it at sks the valais icon will continue to exist because most of the income will be linked to the banned but I s uis a little bit virtual which is what the cloud is so the highlight is me who pays 99 euros per share - for example to be able to use the office pack and have a title opted for wild ride I use permanently and my main backup is all I have on my drive and casually at 99 euros x millions of people that's colossal sums but in the end maybe that physically silicon valley no longer has a great future in it is extremely expensive housing there supply and demand and we saw with that empty premises that we could work extremely well especially thanks to the tools set up by microsoft like steam at an extremely well worked rate in sedan in the remote computing sector so maybe maybe we could have a start of reflection on must we necessarily have 3000 employees who travel every day who take their car which creates traffic jams and knowing that california c 'is still one of the most sensitized countries with the richest population is also the most sensitized to ecological problems we could perhaps have a beginning of end of reflection on especially that and have to store microsoft which would be something share 80 90% online even even for the hour but even for their employees see the little reflection of the morning do not hesitate to comment if you have any ideas or all had I just just thought about it last night in looking at microsoft's results so very good alphabet the subsidiary the parent company of google pardon took more than 5% after market because it posted a record profit for its third quarter in a row on wednesday evening the really alphabet is fine historical record of profits historical record of profits historical record of profits it does not stop and in particular it outstrips the growth of its advertising revenues so we really have different dynamics on s In this sector we had on Friday slap justice tape with its cat stadium application which collapsed which lost more than 20% because its advertising results were extremely average and next to google which prances in the lead the right to measures good me hopefully all goes well and that takes even the luxury of 5% on its last title after the market so we really really extremely large difference in dynamic between business market supported by good results of American companies attention the big heavyweights who have been very successful and all formidable came out microsoft I will not remind you more since at two alphabets + 5% and in the end we have this morning the nasdaq index which is up +0 around noon for that it means that when all the big heavyweights have released their super mega results bravo guys congratulations he also to the organization is there then capacity of reaction of adaptation etc and then they have some billions on bank account that it quickly allows to adapt also in all the bravo superb superb reaction face to face to face to face to the crises to the others perhaps have more difficulties thus in big heavyweights released their mega result I think it will be difficult for the American indices to stay on their all-time highs and we finally saw it a little bit yesterday with the dow jones who lost -0 74 for it starts to see less super good results falling and so we pay attention the day before it was on historical records we have a very small a little a little settling for at least one thing to really take a tale which is very important for the values ​​to choose which value to fishing action in the united states we were going to yield the 10-year US treasury bill which fell further and this is the fourth consecutive day that the decline recorded on the largest decline since August 13 so it also favors tech stocks over-indebtedness to growth stocks is benefiting from some very good results, but also from the low interest rates, so that allows us to maintain our ability to stay at high levels, but I insist when the big heavyweights have all poured out their excellent results which is what we could have left as fuel to be able to still run for the highest historical it seems to me quite difficult enough we have compared to the high tech sector which behaved rather well even if it ended flat, we have in contrast the financial sector which ended the session in the red and all energy stocks also because we have good news it is the fall in oil prices their good news as a consumer then we will see this at the pump in the best case, of which about three months if it continues to explain to you a little the principle of the gap between the barrel the price of the barrel is what we pa ye at the exit for us here the waters are reflected immediately the drops that but three months to arrive here it is not the same channel I think of growth in any case for for the companies and so we have we see that we has not seen any sectors that are starting to take a bit of a slap the low energy sector is normal because it is extremely linked to the price of energy but it is good news for the consumer and it is good news for inflation which could perhaps be reduced a little bit more important thing to we have wonderful studies wonderful study on inflation and the price of the baguette then there is one thing which we can deduce from all the studies which were carried out by two of the magnificent theses two sons of a baker who were in economics thesis is that when you have the price of your baguette which goes up which is linked to real reasons that is to say increase wheat prices and these increases also in transport this that we bring wheat from China it costs a little more and there are many French baguettes which are made with Chinese wheat and by and by Italians for example here I invite you to review the sketch of fernand raynaud on the baker foreigners this news at the moment have you read is to speak like that because otherwise I'm going to go live so I try to refocus I was talking about inflation so yes compared to the prices at the price of the baguette all the studies show that when we have an increase in the price of the baguette which is real which defeats reindeer which is due to concrete reasons the concrete reasons it is the increase in transport or the price of wheat when the price of transport collapses as for the price of wheat collapses the price of the baguette never goes down again so here it is important if you arrive 1 euro the baguette whose your it is to watch is today today we have two extremely important things one to the decision of the b This at 1:45 p.m. on its rates normally it is unchanged but what will be very much listened to is the speech of Christine Lagarde who is a very skillful very intelligent woman and she risks to you to normally give us a reassuring speech therefore in theory nothing to expect from the bce some bad tongues will say as usual but normally it should not see a cosmo-planetary event of the bce's decision however know that it could happen it happened once and once from time to time it can happen so cautious all the same if we do not wait for the big big bang on the side of the ECB but it is the speech to break a guard yvette watch to see the weight between those who want between the governors of the banks are national banks between the weight and it is a common duty as we think the Germans if we have to raise the rates the French the Italians the Spaniards will see a little the state of the forces but especially to 2:30 p.m. at the first estimate of the gdp for the third quarter of the United States this is the major indicator of the day it should be good it should be very good if we are to believe the bombardments of super superheroes count as microsoft alphabet etc etc therefore a priori everything is fine but we have the first signs of weakness I told you about the dice last week telling you when the big heavyweights released all their good results what will remain in the engine to keep up levels as high and there we saw for the first time we have the dow jones which is a little bit a little bit shifted 0 74% so for many it is because they were the beginning of crack this observation we is more used to seeing a drop of 250 points on the good dow jones know that a normal drop with level 2 the level of the dow jones which is still at more than 35 points a normal drop on the dow jones a little supported his 1000 points lose at 2% and a half and we will not meet again will be 35,000 to 34 miles so here you say it is nothing at all at all at all and I will take this opportunity for three minutes to talk to you about this and I will come more particularly to novice traders a novice trader in my mind it is people who have been on the stock market for one two three four years no more you have not really experienced big volatility I am giving you an example of the amplitude on a dax 40 index currently when there are 150 points d 'amplitude is huge between quotes the amplitude with an index at 15 miles 1 the average amplitude a few years ago on the dax is a small day 1 it was 250 to 300 points so double for short days is now that we have 150 points usually we find that it is a big day on the dax so pay attention to that you are not in quotes not used to normal volatility there we really have more and more extreme volatility in re duced why because we have had the interventions of central banks who buys who buys this is therefore it allows to smooth all forms of decline and therefore valleys and it is a little that does not go back what they buy billions of billions and hop hop hop there the central banks will begin to emerge and little by little to intervene less and less so gradually the market will become what they should always have been in a capitalist economy, i.e. not supported artificially by the central banks it's not a value judgment it's just to explain to you that we will arrive in the coming months and from the beginning of next year to mid next year normally we could have had permanent crutches from central banks and there that will swing if I dare say it is rather it will volatilize it has moved much much more than what we have known there we were on an infusion but an infusion of we were going both morphine is a drug that we fall asleep is what we had on the markets that's why we fool around tilffois days of amplitude variation of a third 2% to 2 0 33% on indices but that's unheard of between quotes if you have several years of experience on the stock market it's unheard of it's a public holiday although almost three days after that, during the week we have public holidays a dad a lot of amplitude and this So this is the perpetual intervention of central banks that breaks this a little bit but they will emerge so there will be less there will be less oversimplifying enormously to but really for you understand the image there will be much less purchase in the order books between quotes to stabilize the variations governor must be in quotes at the rate of a few billion per day globally if it embodies a general order much less provided so we will see amplitudes much much more nice i warn you laon december maybe even e to see they are only going to a rally we will take advantage in quotes from there we take advantage of our last weeks of tranquility to have the abyss the bce the the fed behind us with crutches which prevents the markets not force of diving but which also prevents the markets from having very very very strong daily amplitude is what she wears like me we are looking forward to finally two bodies become adults and that we rework big large amplitude daily here we are going to analyze technical but that really remember that because here is when you are 250 points on dow jones index is that it is found that it is a big day in but no it is a holy holiday normally so expect that. '' we have days at 1000 points of amplitude and then beautiful beautiful beautiful big days next year has maybe 2000 points - minus 5% we will have maybe 2 2 or 3 in the year so there you go I hope the end is a hope for me between gu illemets skipper is not necessarily for the managers but that we find amplitude as we find the nervousness that we find in beautiful intra day variations is not that we feel when we are in such narrow hikes that 0 33% on the day is exhausting it is exhausting of waits if I dare say it and of nuns denain of non-intervention thank you very much for subscribing to the channel to put small thumbs to support the channel which is always without advertising as long as we can hold and that alphabet does not force us to put good publicity in view of the result they abuse nothing there frankly if to lose if the attack of the record results on the publicity which leaves the webmasters and youtuber who want to diffuse their free content without any advertising here then we attack here let's go so our friend the cac 40 still blocked we find him at the same level on the 6000 750 which is really a strategic level that he likes that he likes well we can see it yesterday we got uas not had any no amplitude really we went down to 6726 at the lowest 25.5 at the lowest I remind you for those who have read

my book reread the chapter on the steps of 25 years 25 / on the cac 40 here it is the zones where we intervene we do not try to buy on 30 33 or anything we try to buy on 25 50 75 100 and even slightly below ideally but you have all the explanations on the why and how depending on me in any case so there was 1 it's gone for the range normally christine lagarde should wake us up a little bit that but I don't believe it so we risk being a little bit in the same configuration which yesterday we are going to go look for a low point which has almost always the same good the 6725 and hop it goes up slowly and we somehow manage to take 30 points during the day 25 30 points so we want to do our +0 30 +0 40 it's deadly enough it's deadly enough so a point of shorts would tell me you looking at we were going 6775 which worked well on Tuesday why not sky higher the previous week is approaching 6800 it seems a little bit risky to me that we can really see the configuration which is still very very bullish All the European indices I insist the cac 40 is where we see that there is even the United States who wore it who the and who support it so it is not in my opinion the one 10 priority if you want to sing the markets and seen the results of them because they fall keep your desires for shorts maybe for next summer v it's not really the time so it's difficult to buy on the historical poles I spoke about it yesterday and there was a comment on the youtube channel then I particularly appreciated which made me think I apologize for his nickname I have trouble remembering the the the nicknames but roughly speaking he told me benedict it is normal that you are struggling to buy the most h historical auts because you are an old traders like me and we knew the years 2000 etc and after reflection it is indeed that it is that it is that we knew 2000 that we knew 2006 2008 2010 the flash crash from 2010 to my is struggling to buy historic highs because we have seen stocks that have lost behind 90% of their value so over several months several years from 2010 the flash crash to there are those stocks that have lost 90% of their value value during the day is completely astounding so in fact yes after reflection it is indeed a trauma that I walk around and that young traders who have not known for ten years that have experienced no downward phase will not be taken into account of the potential risk they take by buying on historical highs especially if they are swing trading there it's a bit deadly and at the same time like it has nothing to do with my idiot but it has really become in the vocabulary current on the other hand on the other hand for me it is a real trauma that blocks me to be able to make performance when we are what we are sure on the highest historical a blockage in quotes a trauma quite simply a trauma I did not suffer especially in the crash of the 2000s because I was I don't have a lot of money so I think I earned a little but I really had I really didn't have a lot of money I was coming out of my years of studies and military service which got me completely ruined so here I had nothing at all well not much so I do not really know a financial trauma that I could have but to have the courses that collapse and that who has nothing that holds them back nothing It's sure that that 's mc so I didn't realize what I do so it's a thank you very much for this comment I have to work on it to finally try to liquidate this trauma kim which puts sticks in me the wheels to make the current yield which will not prevent him from being careful but yeah I think there is something to dig on this we are the sum of our experiences and what we have lived we will pass to the dax so it's quite a small message for the pros for the old trader is what you have the same problem it is perhaps with the fact that they knew 2000 then what knew 87 it is certainly even worse for those which not know 1987 I invite you to looking at a dow jones in 1987 and you are going to see what it is like the power of the dark side of force over a day thats pretty impressive knowing it should be a little less now because we are dropping more of 10% we have what we call short circuits he says it zac the stock market in quotes he lets people take back a little to resume how to say their mind sar kot after and there they are not leaving the market open non-stop and then if we are like in russia if if that I am too much and say it well we stop we cut and we will reopen in two weeks time for the spirits to calm down you should know that the stock market is still not a market which is in fact tied yeah that's it we are not tied i.e. when you have extremely strong waves of decline you are a whole protection system that is put in place to try to limit the decline it does not work very much but at the same time it is not it would certainly be much worse on the other hand there is no system to limit increases I give you an example on futures on futures bets in March when it has fallen sharply if you have a short position for example with adele high on futures policies have won so much big we are with an engine that slumped all that is during the day you have the balls the regulator the clearing houses who said go hop we double the margins by now to buy a lot must more spent ten thousand thirty thousand dollars its 68 dollars and donation c you had to c is there is a salesman with shooting while earning little below all at once you went from 10 lots to saint cloud and you also say on condition that theology max moment it is in this kind of situation rather tendency to press and the visit but what is happening in panic mode I did not press any button how come I had sales well it was the clearing houses that we set up the brokers are forced to follow and in the middle of the session in the middle of the session you have your half of your short positions which are cleared, that is to say that in fact automatically the least ten lots that you had for sale they have shan5 guys to buy So it helps to limit the drop and you it shoot you there me it shoot you half 2 you of your results so here is your full of people doing heaps of projection but know that if you can buy 10 water permanently at the 'current time to purchase very well we will never put the sticks in the wheels we will never tell you be careful be careful the markets show oh no no like 90% of people generally buy eh well we will satisfy the majority on the other hand when it goes down that you are seller sellers to then we are going to put sticks in the wheels we will see prevent you from keeping your islets and therefore end up with 5 lots so you keep them that the market continues to fall and there believe me you are extremely angry by saying but it is not possible if we always protect the majority of the population blah blah blah good after ethically to talk about it for hours but these messages and that but when you made him you still have it like that on the spot we ground you which only you your position has while all is well all is well you are in you are in the beautiful green but no there it is and for those who are buying on the other hand it is exactly the same thing we make them take their losses automatically and if we are in the face of crack finally it may not be bad news, such bad news, but hey here we have the impression that we are systematically under guardianship and not being able to manage as we want the most hard anyway is that we have winning positions and we wanted to be firm to the losing limit and we wanted to be firm by force why not but winning and we wanted firm by force there there is no justification protection of the consumer trader I do not know what this is really good I stop it will put in fleece again these stories about rarely anger but that may be the darfour I was angry was supported for a year that it's going to be sorry so I come back to on the dax small bearish profile on the tax anyway we see it since Tuesday we know another strong acceleration its decline or kindly and kan sahbi soil I look where there is had the goal of the people the beginning of the people was Tuesday at 8h 9h we were is set to accelerate and since then we are slowly falling downwards downwards so what would interest me would be that we come back to this area of ​​resistance one of the week a little below fifteen thousand six hundred and fifty and see if we have a small reaction to preserve things if we stagnate on has no reaction I pass my turn and I put myself at the level of 15,000 6 years which corresponds to the high of the previous week 1000 dollars monthly the middle r1 is without protection 24 points below so there it is really if we could go to this area on Thursday or Friday I will really be starting that I I I sign because it really has a potential to bounce back from 25 to 50 points and we do we made our day when our week on this trade extremely little, finally little risky statistically than to now go back to buying or selling we are in the zone we are really in a no man's land of uncertainties on the dax 40 I was very talkative I v but just slightly accelerated me to concentrate on the american indices then our friend the dow jones who made the crash of the century by falling from 0 67% to look at where he was braked he was braked exactly he bounced back quite a bit brilliant of about sixty points pil pil pil on the highest of the previous month we can not do better that is if you follow me you know that it is really the level that interests me and we got the thing typical that is to say when we broke very clearly the highest of the previous month here we with very clear mother lighter we then came back to test it it turned into support we started again at all costs and there in a few hours in two hours it is me we erased almost two days of two and a half days of rise for peel touched the highest of the previous month to the unit near to the point near and to start to bounce so that it c is the kind of thing you shouldn't miss when you have previous month highs nt which become support it works really well and conversely downward phase when you have the lowest of the previous month we come back to look for them lungs to recover a slap usually wears out and it starts again on a wave on a bearish wave so that's the kind of small raid not in quotes to miss or in any case not to go against the grain that is to say that in the day yesterday when it was going down fell low in line of sight the most interesting area was the highest of the previous month so this is where patience pays off the more you will be patient - you will lag behind but the more deals you have are going to be good qualities and the possibility of earning points with a minimum of risk is strictly useless to gain 200 points by taking risks because the next day you go all the trains or next week or next month on the other hand gain 20 points by limiting 90% of the risks and that has much more value for me and therefore c every day a small step a small step a small step a small step passed the Japanese kaizen method at 6 if you are interested in the method of small steps which allow the big changes the big candidates nasdaq reduction then our nasdaq no bravo to him he has succeeded in maintaining yum fortunately alphabet + 5% and microsoft + 4% it's good it's great on the other hand that's it they gave the result now so it will be necessary that those who follow behind also give very good results and then we have fewer and fewer heavyweights luckily we still have amazon me what I'm waiting for your amazon amazon amazon see what because amazon is stupid it's all online business it's all the dynamics it is for me perhaps the value which has the most of which has more than it more sense to really see the health check of almost the whole economy and the american way of the whole economy of the net and the services here is and and consumption because when we buy on amazon good ben there if amazon announces 10% to it is that people have heated the credit cards and that all is well and I hope that the local traders will also have supply of 10% but it is less and less it's less and less safe maybe living lower and lower in the cloud here we will not work in the office and we will not buy in stores and here in fact no I am an alien c 'is exactly what I do unfortunately amazon ollivro pendant d'or and otherwise 99% of my purchases when I was in france 95 go we will say it was in the area apart from food the rest everything is and on amazon ec2 never clothes as you see it so well with my eyes paulo a but it is my side of croissants ash 95 62 me in charron in value have more one but bigger purchase it was only on amazon so there you go ça c'est la valeur que que j'attends avec extrêmement d'impatience c'est que va nous sortir amazon pour nasdaq bah écoutez stabilisation il profite des bons résultats ils profitent de la baisse de la baisse des taux à 10 ans américain comme tout comme caen comme tout indice qui est très sensible aux variations des taux lit ou à l'endettement de deux de ses entreprises là c'est un peu difficile franchement de vous dire ce que je pourrais faire sur le nasdaq là il est 8h30 j'en ai strictement aucune idée je suis toujours parfaitement parfaitement clair sur mes plans sur mes plans d'intervention je sais pas du tout je sais pas du tout du tout ce qui peut nous faire on est bloqué sur les quinze mille 700 ha et on a un petit point bas moi qui me plairait bien cédé 15 1482 ans à dire quinze 1475 passer légèrement souffle de la semaine précédente et tenté est tenté un rebond donc cette zone à 15 1515 1475 m'intéresserait si je vois qu'on part pour essayer de rentrer à ces 100 points plus bas je sais pas du tout du tout du tout ce que ça peut donner aujourd'hui on a le don à troisième trimestre pib troisième trim estre américain on a encore de belles valeurs qui vont qui vont donner leurs résultats les indices sont plutôt tendance à baisser c'est une p 500 a perdu un demi pour cent le dow jones 0,74 le nasdaq flat hier je sais pas du tout voilà je peux pas vous aider plus que ça vous fait une réponse de normand là la seule chose quand quand je ne sais pas c'est que je suis beaucoup plus exigeant sur mai sur mes entrées donc je prends vraiment je tape sur du gros support type e résistance mensuel pour commencer à m'intéresser à ce qu est ce que ça peut faire mais là on scalping intradays dessus ne sais pas du tout si le russell 2000 alors qui est toujours très très évocateur rousseau modo du climat global un petit peu de la tendance et il s'est pris une bonne claque qui s'est pris une bonne claque dans le sillage du dow du dow jones bon oui c'était un petit peu plus appuyé alors on va dire légèrement plus appuyé puisque depuis 48 heures il nous a perdu 3% donc c'est pas mal il est saisi il essay e de se stabiliser c'est pas c'est pas une coïncidence sur cent mille dollars mensuels donc sur son plus gros support qui là qu'il a sous la main il a au légèrement rebondi sur les supports delà de la semaine à il y avait quelques petits points à prendre très rapidement scalping vraiment très rapides et ensuite il les a eus nous a enfoncés tous un par un en rebondissant systématiquement sur chacun donc il était gentil pour les scalps oeuvre les scalpers eu un petit peu de sous même s'ils n'étaient pas forcément dans le bon sens entre guillemets de la tendance sur des unités de temps beaucoup plus élevé mais dans leur unité de temps en scalping il était dans le bon sens puisque ça rebondissait et qui suivait qui suivaient leur bon ça c'est super important parce que j'entends toujours des gens oui mais le trade a pas été pris dans la tendance etc mais la tendance ça dépend uniquement de l'unité de temps tout simplement fuente de temps annuel et vous êtes à la chasse et la tendance depuis dix ans et puis vous pouvez avoir une unité de temps cinq minutes et puis bah ça fait déjà quatorze 14 bougies cinq minutes que s'arrête pas de dégueuler et donc vous êtes dans la tendance baissière aussi est pareil pour le säntis cats et c'est donc ici on d'élever un peu le débat au niveau du trading et de pas se comporter je sais pas comme les supporters abrutis qui ne parlent qu'ils ne voient que leur équipe voit la même chose arrêtons d'être abrutis en disant je sui bul je suis acheteur je suis vendeur et d'en faire une religion les gens qui ont des religions en bourse s'ils finissent toujours brûlé à part la bourse donc voilà vous êtes dans votre unité de temps que vous maîtrisez bien et vous êtes super à l'aise dedans et vous traitez votre unité de temps et tout va bien et vous êtes un permanence dans votre tendance personnel si j'ose si si je veux dire la tendance est entre guillemets la tendance de fond de climat psychologique à prendre en considération la en tout cas sur le r usse elle s'abaisse bien sa veste bien et ce qui m'intéresse c'est qu'on arrivait sur les 2250 au contact de l'ami de l'air à mensuel qui a juste permis d'arrêter la baisse on a une petite tentative de rebond mais alors denain a donc ça veut dire que c'est super super fragile cette zone là et que la prochaine étape importante si ça se met à baisser nextep c'est pivot mensuel à 2200 ha et ce serait pas déconnant que l'on a eu le dessus puisque on s'est maintenus dessus quasiment les quinze premiers jours du mois d'octobre donc si on revenait dessus bas ça vous ferait simplement un mois sans rien sans rien sans grande sans grande sans grande amplitude au final est ce qui m'intéresse la halle à sévrier bien sûr les bougies journalières donc c'est qu'on a stagné pendant quinze jours du 1er au 15 on a stagné sur point pivot mensuel on s'est mis à accélérer à tout va pendant quelques jours on a été tapé la résistance à mon seul est là depuis 48 heures on est en phase de baisse assez appuyée et on vient d'effacer la hausse de 406 est à peu près huit jours on a effacé la hausse de 8,9 jour en 48 heures et là on est pile au milieu au milieu du range du mois sur la middle et ramon seul ce qu'on a appuyé sur point pivot mensuel remontait sur la résistance un mensuel et là on est on est pile le stabiliser dont ce serait presque un gentleman agreement on l'a donné aux acheteurs on n'a pas massacré les vendeurs on se pose sur les 2250 c'est l'ami de l'arast mensuel et maintenant que vais je faire je pense qu'ils ne le savent pas du tout et ça va être le flot des le flot des entreprises qui vont qui vont déterminer le sens mais en tout cas il ya quand même un a priori à cétacés a et e voilà ça de ne pas tellement envie d'acheter franchement sur le russell 2000 n'ont donc bruxelles dow jones snpi qui descend le seul car il sait pour l'instant c'est le nasdaq voilà c'est pas des ces démarches est là qui commence peut-être à souffler et je vous dis pour moi le plus grave enfin nos gr aves il n'y a pas de gravité du tout ni de bravitude en bourse peut-être l'information la plus importante c'est que les poids lourds qui donnent leurs bons résultats qui peuvent vous maintenir des marchés qui peut donner un second souffle et grâce à ça en break eh ben il y en a de moins en moins qui tombe on a perdu on a perdu facebook il ya 48 heures on a perdu alphabet hier un père du microsoft on a pu d'une telle on accuse ibm etc donc baraja y en a de moins en moins et une bande noire taille nous reste du amazon il reste encore des belles valeurs un bien entendu mais pour rebondir pour briquer on a de moins en moins de cartouches quelque part c'est un peu l'idée que que je vous faire passer selon moi bien entendu et ça n'a strictement aucune valeur si ce n'est la parole que que j'aimais à 8h45 plein de bonnes choses on se retrouve demain pour le goût de morning que trading d'une petite tentative de good morning premium a priori pour les jambes de l'école en tout cas lundi c'est sûr normalement c'est réglé il y aura une partie privée chaîne youtube voilà il faut juste que je teste 50 fois 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