L'inflation et les résultats des entreprises USA Good Morning Trading en direct - Benoist Rousseau

L'inflation et les résultats des entreprises USA  Good Morning Trading en direct - Benoist Rousseau

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hello everyone and welcome to good morning trading a trader is talking to traders I am delighted to find you in better shape who yesterday and in less good shape than tomorrow so there it is getting better I can finally talk continuously with my victims de [__] so all is well all is well we are going to take stock of the news of the markets then these are markets which as I indicated to you are rather pessimistic and wait-and-see then why pessimistic by listening to the thing the thing is simple to find month of good news it is themselves quite surprising that the markets also remain with donations which are not based on a form of will we feel that investors want to believe that the equity markets can continue to rise but this conviction clashes with me. will tell the reality a little bit the reality of the continuous rise in prices we still have a barrel of oil which is which and on its highest inflation is there will it last is the big big g big question we were told at the beginning that it was to restart the economic system which was totally seized up which is quite normal but the prices seem to be maintained at levels at 10 high levels then I think that you see when you go to the pump is asleep it is relatively protected but it was not bad increased the Mount of gold I might make you scream but we were diesel which hosts 1 euro _his_ memory so it's huge and earlier below below one euro which I imagine that in France we must be in the 1.50 to 1.60 Parisian denims it is often much more expensive so here we have we have this inflation which is there which worries since I explained to you well that these anti valuation of the actions this inflation at the same time because it increases all the whole productive system if you produce allah would be only that that a card holder and well you have the raw material the raw material no matter what s expensive your product will cost more two solutions either your product will raise the price but you risk selling at least or you maintain the same price and in these cases you will win me so that's the first phase is the second phase of inflation perhaps the most serious, especially for companies that will be in debt, is the rise in rates because central banks cannot let inflation set in and because what it does it for companies it also does it for households and it is extremely destructive inflation quite simply destructive of purchasing power not necessarily at the outset because we have companies which go up which raises wages a little which is again a demand for a second time for companies but it becomes by ricochet effect if I dare say by propagation waves it also affects employees and heads of companies whose purchasing power we therefore es t really something that is very negative and we are right in there and that is what I find interesting I am quoting to you a cc michael johnson who chief analyst of a big english bank who is said to the investors want to believe that the Equity markets may continue to rise but this belief comes up against the reality of the continued rise in energy prices and tensions in supply chains which will likely have an impact on the margins of companies not likely to c 'is a one a certainty while the risks of the consumers the incomes of the consumers are likely to be under pressure during the winter months so that indeed if it is necessary if it is necessary to heat oneself that it costs much more to make the full of its oil tank that can reduce considerably for some households the turnover let us remember one thing that is obvious when you fill your tank of fuel done there instead t the summer the party not in the month of October November when it starts to get cold that everyone rushes to fill I mean all the latecomers the only problem is that the latecomers are generally in the majority but a schull chip that fills up in may june july august when nobody thinks it is there you will always have the lowest prices this is where you are sure to be delivered instantly and it is the same by calling you can give a a little bit on the prices because the boxes they need cash which comes in and therefore they are they can reduce their prices a little bit their prices which she announces to you because in the month two months of June July they need cash would not be what to pay the quarterly urssaf or things like that so to make a little effort not count on any country no reduction in october november december there you if you are delivered you are already you are already happy I am convinced that there is people who i bid to be delivered as a priority too many mans to think about it seized us make you have you once but not but not there but not twice so we are really time in a climate on the equity indices which is nothing positive this that we are waiting for what we are waiting for what keeps my opinion the markets high is that we are waiting for the publication of the results of the companies this evening after the close of the markets we have the real because they and I of the little which is not nothing as a weight and as a symbol for the cac40 and as a global company and especially on Wednesday we have the first large American companies which open and in particular will we have a jeep and morgane which will open the banking season in the united states it will be very watched their results will be very watched but above all their forecasts and this is where everything is actually played for this downward phase to end where it is accelerating it will depend only on the forecasts of companies American and if we have profit warnings or not and there it can do that can hurt very much so we are really in a downward phase there is no news that allows us positive allow us to go up not rather an accumulation if I mean anguish but we hold on and that's pretty wait-and-see thanks to this hope mode that companies' results will be better than expected and especially that they will give positive prospects for the end of the year therefore everything is played there that's why I insist it is risky lines from today since tomorrow we have in quotes the release we start to see the first results we have the minutes of the fed we have a American statistics extremely extremely important and very followed which are the consumer prices so I insist well we are preparing we are preparing very very clearly for tomorrow tomorrow here is if you really want to put you trade and come back tomorrow evening or tomorrow or j eudi this is where really all risk of those to be triggered and we risk having a lot of volatility on expectations the hopes if they are disappointed it can do that it can hurt and if on the contrary things go well in the sense of helping investors will see a relief and we can get back to bouncing very strongly so we are really going to this this risk zone that my boyfriend I estimate Monday Tuesday until until Wednesday and then good we are going to have the regular results of the companies which will fall we will find ourselves that a real dynamism but this is really the wait-and-see attitude before the rise to the front also josé we will move on to technical analysis do not forget you subscribe to the youtube channel not to encourage me to do it but direct every morning at 8am free channels until youtube will force the improved advertising I will resist until the last moment good if youtube starts to impose the paid advertising on a youtube channel with 27 thousand people is that they really need money also maybe a sign a sign so what starts to ask questions here is good I think not because it is three four months since they spoke for the moment there is no banner but I want to inform you if one day you arrive or on one of my videos on the youtube channel and you see advertising it will be against my will and there will be no really alternative solution because here is youtube still offers a very nice service to broadcast live in 4k and I am extremely happy it has a good cost at the same time I create content for free so it attracts people who come and watch you are 3,4 watched it to me every day but my videos and then youtube automatically impose access to other videos which are usually with ads so if you continue your safe way on youtube you will save money money on youtube here is pro it was It was a little bit my rant because I don't find it nice to impose advertising because my fear is that yetu the rotten broker paradise black paradise and companies that will try to make the ad on my channel and I have been fighting them for 12 years already so I will see if I continue the youtube channel under these conditions the cia of the company advertising rotten broker no so I would find an alternative solution I will broadcast them myself on a guide good morning trading here I don't know if technically I manage to do it but we will try go let's go so Wednesday expectations sheaf exactly the same little thing that yesterday on feigning minutes from the fed on the quarterly of the American banks with jp morgan who will open the ball consumer prices tomorrow is the big day tomorrow my brothers little reminder we have all the weekend webinars 10am Saturday 10am 12pm and Sunday on history and I wanted to thank you for the historical webinars you wrote me that makes me think because many have told me that he hates history they loved it so to see and in the summer there without any relaunch without anything there were over 4000 60 people who watched the webinar on Sunday so here I am I am very honored technical analyst everything is red here it is quite simple everything everything everything is red there is no good news we just have a statistic today important at 11 o'clock it's Monday plays on the sentiment of investors in Germany it's the only thing once we have gone through it has rather to concern the dax 40 once we have gone through that we do not have to '' other system stats are waiting for the big day Wednesday down we besson down on the 40th room we see that since Thursday we have done our job we can not hold the market and here we are trying to hold the symbolic support there of the 6500 points with difficulty we can see it clearly here in five minutes since the opening of at 8:22 am we can't hold out we have a very small attempt which is not even really a rebound attempt which is an attempt to save the 8500 points and it is 8:22 so personally I do not see going back to the purchase at all on the cac 40 if not perhaps on the middle s1 monthly on the low of the previous week we have here we touch it and bourbon we came back to it quickly and violently on Wednesday there we start to see candles type Wednesday that means that we can start to drop non-stop until the opening of the American markets but if it bounces back this step we can continue to drop so we could we for going to break this zone where to make offered a beneficial technical rebound to see but in any case I would rather put myself opposite to the purchase on these zones the low is below the middle s1 monthly lowest the previous week then of course only when we see a decrease in size candles to people that a decrease in the intensity of the drop and when we see from the back that a first candle is being built which starts again in the right direction there we take a ticket if it continues to rise we quickly place an order with a gain of 1.2 3 points and then we cross our fingers for for for so that it starts

spinning 6 to 6 to go back down to listen we tried it we did not lose money we won a few hours or a few dollars with our our healthier tp between tp plus our protective stop at one point or two points that's the important thing is to at this moment is to have entered the market to have tried something a movement of techniques which equips which seems what seemed to have a real potential at that moment you are going to do five you are going to get stopped are going to vote pays more than once twice and then the sixth time you have cashed in their time because it will rebound strongly in a straight line and and there it is, maybe re the most complicated in the end we earn a lot of money but this is the most complicated moment because do we go up cctp very quickly or are we a little more breathing there? is the eternal the eternal problem here we have sometimes we have a small refuge on the market we collect 20 points and then it was the last small ebb of the market it takes 80 points a straight line without any ebb and there we say to ourselves all the same it's stupid but hey it's going to be very technical which I insist they are wait-and-see so that's not and we see the gtv 8h22 these three mines that I'm talking about the cac 40 we were seated 1501 6501 and half we really see that there are hardly any changes not asking that you show the father has no orders there is no nervousness they are really in a wait-and-see phase so take that into consideration so 6500 to keep for tomorrow ideally for the cac 40 but it is not necessarily won and 15 points to keep on the dax we are almost here by survival years you pretty but it is close to the opening so the market here may be a potential cause of the low of the previous month due to the symbolic level of 15 mines my background even when the risk classify therefore wait well which is rather a reinstatement by passing below and we try to reintegrate at the 15th with the climax it is the famous day we slipped from Wednesday with at least two organ points and by putting ten alert because there is really a potential for a rebound more than on fifteen thousand 15 million we may have but here we have a real potential is the fourteen thousand seven hundred fifty 14,800 the lowest of the previous week to the this area the addition of the 10 already on Monday if we go over there there is a real potential at least two decide to return to the monthly support and casually we already have 77 81 points to take so that's really the area on the dax that I watch for to make a pretty pretty I hope e for you re to make dice trading but always always I repeat we do not anticipate here we here here it is one hour candles but imagine that it is five minute candles we anticipate in passing by its fact nothing at all we do nothing at all and then finally we have a candle of indecision and it is there we can start to go home have tired of one hour candles but whether it is an hour a minute or five minutes it is exactly the same the same the same topo on the eurostoxx I don't often talk about the same thing in my opinion on their stocks we are going to the 4000 which could protect it was the equivalent of the 15000 on the dax if we are in the zone if we are in zone of uncertainty and then the real zone of low rebound and 3950 which one calls there I believe that they all have me lower low if I believe that this thorn lowest in fact a priori there is a half point of near it is here there is the second thing then the ideal is if one with the euro stoxx50 and the dax which arrive at the same time on their zone and that you send one which bounces the second which connects there it is really great we have a synchronicity we have the dax 40 malo stoxx50 which arrive at the same time on the same strategic zones and bounce this enough it is really signals major techniques that's why even if you don't drag the euro stoxx50 have the euro stoxx50 in front of you even if you don't drag the snb 500 if you do the American markets and and the s p 500 in front of you because when you see the nasdaq the dow jones the sp 500 which all three arrive on the [__] of support that you have spotted and that all three bounce one already it's beautiful it's beautiful it's aesthetic c ' is it is beautiful it is synchronized cc india announced synchronized swimming i saw this for our children during the olympics which are two on they are two jumping but it falls no it is swimming synchronized mission in the water that's what jumps it's something else t-be such that they are both at the same time but that but that I have not seen anyway it is very beautiful there is beauty in a stock chart really when you see the world whole which bounces at the same time on major supports vouvoie there is really something there is the poetry yann the pause there is the poetry in the code and the poetry in the training camp and especially savoring force it shows you that there is a flow that shows you that you have investors who have the same analysis and different assets that also look alike so there really that has a lot more weight and worse must say there is the mimicry effect there is 'mimicry effect which reinforces all here it is by being by following the offices that one gives money on the stock market thinks that the word of the word of the year for the stock market this coming year it will be l 'humility ah because we had we experienced markets that it was I will weigh my words but relative ment easy to deal with it only went up good even if we had a bad entry for people who do swing trading while waiting a little in its ranks very little buttocks we came back we came back in the change and we made guys so It's been ten years that we have in easy mode in fact we in automatic gearbox mode to drive a car and well now it will be much more complicated we are more in gearbox and automatic we in manual gearbox which will have to be ourselves doing the accelerations etc it's more complex to process it's also more fascinating here, but it teaches us humility because the super clickers who have made lots of money for two or three years in a market that also never experienced phases of decline or or prosperity like that of hesitation about what we can put ourselves to rank like that for three months not knowing what to do then suddenly breaking range and the market collapses where the market explodes north v these are not easy markets to deal with so because good word it will be humility knowing that the market whatever happens one already does not know that we exist that it is stronger than us and that This is why we have to be in this perspective to follow the movement and even if we think it's delusional that what is too much that it is too low and what we think is disconnected what we think it has no value will be worth the day I wish you call me since it will be nice I would like to come and see it the day you manage 10 billion and you spend on his bissy and you can you become the oracle of omaha then it will maybe be the rock of paris the roc of lörrach of rome or the rail of madrid but yeah this is where we can between quotation marks trade and according to his vision of the world according to his vision of the market we must treat according to the vision of obese bob traders in the bahamas eating his mac do more or less the ultra ultra rewarding image here no he is not in baseball not at all does push-ups and where he is super hunky but it still eats like mcdo bahamas and it is that he presses the button that it changes the fate of our of our chart us that changes absolutely nothing so here is humility humility especially especially with these markets these markets there I did not foresee at all you speak of humility it happened to me like that but but well here it is is important of this high school will verbalize and find like that the game continues forgiveness on the american indices dow jones look at the dow jones he is also right on his bridge from you monthly or in 34 1200 points a monthly pivot point thank you monthly pivot point thank you if they weren't there we would be sure the 34 min all that to tell you that if we have bad hesitations we lose our point come back on the thirty-four thousand points to wait for Wednesday that does not seem totally totally to me delusional come back u n little bit of which we turn in the bottom of the range and wait and wait until Wednesday that it will be totally decisive so there it is in a slightly negative perspective we can have the resistant optic under the 34 swell the dow jones remains in contact with his monthly pivot point may go below he will try to reinstate it but here it is a little bit the zone of the expectations for the dow jones before the ultimate the big revelation of 8 pm on the minutes of the fed and there he will not stay quietly neither on his monthly pivot point nor on the 34 miles he will have sport nasdaq same thing nasdaq then him the lowest of the month of the previous month friend of the esa monthly room saved it yesterday sent to sidelines and the episode bounced back a little bit during the night in which the Asian markets fell there was no good news or inflation also in Asia so here we are, we talk more about inflation we're not talking about the blow fast at the moment I can if you s have noticed we say we replaced by the word inflation and except that kovy whose rival is not to curb we have not yet created an anti-inflationary vaccine except a policy of austerity and austerity policy is very complex to put in place more and more more and more to put in place in the teeth the economies democratic liberal it is more and more is more and more difficult especially since we have known the no limit whatever the cost and it will be very, very hard to explain that for the economic situation to be healthy it will be necessary to renounce to make efforts etc etc it is not in tune with the times especially as France we are we are we are in the political air so it's overbidding besides I will present one for a politician I want to tell you since a lot of people are showing up why not me so I heard that we proposed a minimum wage to increase the minimum wage by 2 10% including 1600 euros for hidalgo 1800 euros for Mélenchon I finds that it is totally ridiculous and that it is necessary to do it at two thousand 2000 euros the minimum wage and if there is someone who proposes it another candidate 2000 rouge 2 will propose 2500 euros here and I am sure to have voters and that I will give you a special good morning by benoît rihoux would do a webinar on the consequences of the increase in the minimum wage I am going to follow political ideas a little bit without doing politics and giant would like to do that if there really is aberrations that we try such as the 80% levy on a candidate for the primary environmentalist who is not part of the family even if her name is Rosso who proposed 80% of levies on high incomes so you do that frankly guys 8th below where it remains look look at a fixed idea it's as simple as that so you have to understand you have to create dynamism and not and not barriers and spoke no scale to the info give you a little bit dynamism in this company on this I left again on another that I'm sorry in fact I'm very happy to find you in good health here is in good health I have not bad I was able to make my first night okay since Friday so here I have a great fishing and when embarrassed when I have a great fishing there is a lot of energy and energy in talking to you lots of things doing lots of things it overflows and there I am in full overflow I'm sorry I will end on wii on the nasdaq the clues and I leave you alone so here it is on the nasdaq me I if not if we national the scenario I was going to say they will put themselves in a defensive position while waiting for Wednesday the minutes of the fed the forecasts of the companies a 20% slip I'm not necessarily talking about today we maybe Wednesday Wednesday at 18h 19h if we find the nasdaq at 14500 it's not at all at all a scandal it even seems technically relatively relatively logical fortunately what protects the ache teurs is this low of the previous month so even if we are below there will certainly be sudden there we start to see it an attempt here of those to hang on to this monthly low but I really think that for the dow jones either we keep the monthly pivot point or we go on 34 miles but we will certainly be Wednesday before the minutes of the fed on these areas and on the nasdaq a little bit the same topo in a defensive situation it can be at 14,500 in contact with the low of the previous month there friend of ESA monthly except very very good news I can't see the markets leaping maybe eight years we can have leaks of rumors or things or things like that but here there are no signals which can tell us that the markets can rebound today in a very very very violent way the russell same topo except that it amplified a little bit more so I would not be surprised in keeping on the 2200 I wouldn't be surprised if he joined we steal the lowest of last week here is 1 2 and 3 it will be a little contact here that I would not be at all surprised and I put myself on alert and on the snpi 500 over two weeks so it seems to hold up well then there this 4325 is a level in quotes excuse me the expression of battle it is a very small 25.6 if I dare say we have a middle east within the week which is really not huge so either they do on the 4000 3 and there he can hold he can resist mister sy al amine leaves a monthly there are the 4300 symbolic level if the low of the previous month here there is the stake for not for not the lowest the 4325 here there is a little bit in the middle in the middle of the desert and we see there is minus -0 55 at the moment good it can then 27 points it would still be sandals at more than minus 1.1 percent say it's when not even bad but but that's what you will understand for a trading position in fact I put myself in fallback mode pending We may not go but it does not matter I would not have made a trade in these cases today but I would not have taken a position between risk quotes and I really put myself in a waiting situation on the basis safe on the lows of the range and on the major supports see what is happening at this time so it's this area at 4003 lower of the previous month on the snb 500 it corresponds to fourteen thousand five hundred or so sure the on the nasdaq it corresponds to the dow jones or thirty four thousand thirty 30 33 1950 and it corresponds to the russian is approximately or zones 2175 2002 2185 if the four american clues arrive at the same time on these zones and we see a rebound on all four at the same time that's a shop is in my opinion to be taken here bah listen that's all I could tell you about the taste of morning trading this morning at bahn hesitated not to subscribe to schengen to put a lot of small shoots here is live it is announced to me is direct what so much there are not two hundred simultaneous spectators 242 thus embarrassed here at your place it is the price ah it is the price to pay a little click to separate you thing and it is so much happiness for me and thank you for speaking of this of this youtube channel which i will try to make it progress and expose for the next five years this is my goal one hundred thousand ha and from there it unlocks it unlocks the counters for for youtube plus plus your channel a great and the more he offers it to people who do not know you and it is the snowball effect there is a huge snowball effect from 100 miles so we are at 27 miles we are at 27% so in the eardrums we will try to do 100% and dartin the 100,000 pissing it's a great number it's a great figure for your lots in everything as there were a million posts on the forum the first time it's weird and then there we are a million five ears of corn within five years we redo the two million and it's a great adventure that continues together in a good mood, in good health, in good health, it is not quite finished yet and then basel has lots of good things to be found on the forum I embrace you thank you very much j I couldn't answer if I was really in agony these last three days thank you I had to go and give myself an additional painkiller war injection so that's to tell you that it's cozy I can't respond individually to the tens hundreds of messages that you put on the videos but created by e-mails and all here thank you very much for your benevolence here is humility this year on the stock market and benevolence between us and we will have a great year, be well ciao

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