Konsep Dasar Trading Forex II Basic Forex Trading Concepts

Konsep Dasar Trading Forex II Basic Forex Trading Concepts

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It's more than the usual If we work and get IDR 150.000 in a day, or maybe we get... *Opening Music* Well, good evening, everyone! Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

I hope all of you are healthy Welcome new members! I'm sorry for my fault I hope in this holy day, you still have spirit to learn Trading Be better in the future and always fix our Trading quality "Amen" Welcome Mr. Syifa from Malaysia, Mr. Samsul in America and other friends I start it from basic material For you who are new and old member here, there's nothing wrong to repeat our material It's to fix our Trading quality The first thing I would explain related to Trading material is... most of you told me about this It's related to it's hard in entering the Trading. Especially, Forex, GOLD, and Index Trading

Of course all of them have advantages and disadvantages Before entering Trading, I always remind to all of you If you're not ready, don't have mentally strong, don't try to do real Trading! Because it's so dangerous! I always remind you that Trading is high risk but also high return Trading isn't as beautiful as what other people said Sometimes, people just tell about their profit only without telling the risk Because their goal is only 1. Selling the product I don't offend anyone. I just give you knowledge for all of you especially for Wijaya Trading family Before entering Trading, make sure that you're mentally strong first If you don't want to face MC and bankrupt, learn it seriously! Can we succeed in Trading? We can! It depends on how we work hard and learn more to sharpen our skill Trading is full of logic and skill If we only learn the theory and indicator, I'm sure you won't survive in a long time as long as you don't understand the basic concept The point is knowing the basic concept. The basic concept of Trading is trade. So, what's inside our mind is we must direct it to the technique and strategy to get profit Of course by using any kinds of logic. It can't use fix programming. Because Trading is related to world market I don't recommend you to use robot. Especially for newbie. Don't trust the lure like "We sleep and tomorrow morning we'll get profit!" I'm sorry, it isn't educating Because they direct us to be lazy for working. We can't get money if we don't work!

We must work hard first to get money! After working hard, we make it realistic So, the most important thing is logic I answer many questions to me Some of my friends who learn it in years, why they still can't get consistent profit? Why is it so hard reading the market? It is what it is. When we chase the market, it runs. When we don't chase it, it comes. So, the most important thing is logic Use our logic well We'll learn about Price Action a lot Price Action is one of Technical analysis which relies on price movement So, we prioritize our logic If we only learn about candle pattern, chart pattern, It won't be valid forever There is another parameter which makes those candle becomes invalid Sometimes, the market changes 100% What will happen is we use the logic Once more, Trading is full of logic, so use your logic later! Learn, try, practice a lot! So that you'll find any kinds of market model So, activate your logic! To activate the logic, there are some basics We can't analyze it without the basic and reference It becomes gambling We must pay close attention to this Maybe I only explain those kind of materials But, we don't focus on that material We prioritize logic. Logic is related to experience Our experience in managing the budget, reading the market probability Trading isn't easy. It needs practice, experience, and skill that must be trained continuously It's not too late to learn it. So, when you learn, 'This is new'. No, it isn't.

But we focus on always train the skill to fix our Trading quality So, we understand that Trading isn't like others think Many people think that it's easy to get thousands of dollars in Trading It means, it's so easy to get more profit quickly That's correct. But it needs to be asked That's no problem if the budget is big. But if the budget is low and get thousands dollars is just a dream! It needs long process If people can get thousands of dollars by low budget, of course many Traders becomes rich But, you can do survey, how many succeed Trader? Don't they understand? Don't they have big budget? Of course it's hard to answer this question. Because the most important thing is how we understand the Trading concept

and we must straighten our mindset. It's not to get thousands of dollars quickly, but Trading is more than usual If we work for a day and get IDR 150.000, or maybe we get $100 in a day, If we apply it in the real Trading, it will be hard to get $100 in a day with low budget So that, make a realistic target Because realistic is so safe, last-long, and can get consistent profit continuously What's the purpose of learning Trading and Trading concept? Of course, it's not for looking for certainty Certainty in analysis Because there are many people still only thinking about candlestick pattern continuously There were many questions about candlestick pattern 'Is there any the most valid candlestick pattern?' 'Is there any the most accurate candlestick pattern?' Then, there were many questions about the most easy, the most profitable, and so on. If there is the most accurate candlestick pattern, all of Trader will be rich.

What we learn is only to determine visual overview about the biggest probability Of course, we look for the biggest probabilities What is it about? It's about the market direction Because our basic is Price Action (price movement), so, don't forget about price history What we read is previous price If I said about history, it's to get an overview about the market direction probability It's based on the happened price There are some people who wants to get advantage only. 'Please read the future analysis' We read future analysis by using previous market as the reference Usually, meatball seller know that his market will be crowded on the weekend or on big days. How do he know? Of course based on the history If it's on Ramadhan or Eid Al-Fitr, many sellers get big profit Many sellers get big profit in these certain days For example, usually, they sell it 1 quintal (in normal condition) When it's on big days, they know it. They increase their things What is it for? It's to anticipate many orders How do they know if there will be many orders? They know it from the history From the previous years. From the days which has been experienced.

Se, we use the happened price (history) as the reference It's to map how's the future look like. Because we can't read the future precisely There is no certainty in analysis There is only probability. If we're wrong, do correction directly! Don't persist with your opinions! It can't if we only persist with our wants We must always follow dynamic We'll explain how to see the market's dynamic There is always clue whether the market wants to go up or go down Sometimes we feel complacent. Sometimes we're over confident. While we don't want to realize that the market's condition has changed It means, the dynamic has been developed When we order Buy, but the market goes down! Even it moves passing the Support! While we're still waiting and hoping that it will rise. I've explained this. When the market has changed, the only way is doing cut loss

So, don't be afraid to do cut loss when the market reverse! We need to be brave. That's why I told you, if you're not ready, don't join Trading! It's better to do real business. Because the impact of Trading is so cringe When we get loss, facing MC, the budget runs out. Then, it's done. If we sell chicken or food and it isn't sold. We still have the rest of it. But if we do Trading and face MC, it's done! Only pain left. So, we need to be brave in doing cut loss Don't wait for it when the market really reverse It must be understood early Then, we enter Trading system Many Trader fail because they don't use right Trading system They just follow other people They don't have their own concept, basic, and Trading plan So, they don't understand it. They just follow the signal

Even there are many Trader who buy Signal! Usually, if it's in the morning or night, they got the Signal "Sell now!" "Buy now!" or maybe "Buy limit", or "Sell limit" We don't know where is it from They just give you signal. How if the market reverse? What can we do? We can't. We just wait for it Customer: I get floating. I order Buy Signal giver: Just wait for it! It'll reverse Then the customer be patient and wait for it Customer: Why it's getting down?! Signal giver: Please be patient. It'll reverse after this

Then, the customer be patient until the rest of budget is 20% The customer is stress. They're depressed, feeling afraid, confused. Signal giver: You must add the budget. If not, it'll disappear The customer still be afraid if his 80% budget disappear So, he follows the Signal giver's clue Signal giver: borrow money or use your saving money What happen is money that shouldn't have been used was also taken away Only to safe the 80% budget. If in the Wijaya Trading, 20% can't be saved. Just wait for it. It will be collapse The signal giver gives hope for customer Signal giver: just add the money, the 80% budget will go back It happens continuously This kind of condition is faced by our friends who know nothing That's why if you don't want to depend on other people, learn Trading seriously Get more knowledge, do more practice and discussion. It's just preview. I hope it can open your mindset

I also hope you can choose which one is better to be continued...

2021-06-01 10:36

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