Konsep Dasar Pasar Forex || Basic Concept of Forex Market

Konsep Dasar Pasar Forex || Basic Concept of Forex Market

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"Turns out the red is not strong enough" It's still far Now, logic with candle combination. We combine all the greens body The small reds are eaten by the green. So, we can ignore it Now, let's combine the reds It means the meeting of red and green becomes a green If we draw it in a candle, it's like this This is green, and there's tail above By the candle characteristics, it's still dominated by buyer Maybe it's at the peak. Let's see the left It's very far. There's no limit at the left No nearest resistance, because it already breakouts them all Watch it generally. If it breakouts many resistances These strong resistances are breached be careful, it's a long breakout Long breakout means there's big chance for it to continue to go up But, if the range is fulfilled there's big chance that it'd go consolidation, sideways Follow the time "What is the range in D1?" Let's see D1 If we compare it with the yesterday it's impossible since it's got past. It means we use the longer previous one

Let's measure it. It's still way longer Remember about Thursday and Friday Those days could breach the 3rd resistance and the range We must know that Thursday and Friday can get past all of them It's a part of caution although it breakouts Many people MC when they face these kinds of things They assume that buyer is weak, while actually it's strong " I also thought that before." -If it's like this Buyer dominated the market since morning be careful, even the history got breakout and long If it's long, be careful if you're opposing it especially on Thursday or Friday. Maybe it's because you're still inexperienced We must know the technique, and how to read the range Then, we'd only rely on candle pattern. Candle pattern can't stand by itself

Don't just focus on candle pattern I never teach to use candle pattern for reference But, it's the trigger after we know the structure Don't ignore the structure Second, key level If we see the structure, buyer absolutely dominating it It won't go back just because of 2 candles like this except when red opposed before or the price ups and downs are strong Like this condition If like this, it could turn strong It's absolutely been dominated Let's zoom out. It breached all of them If the peaks are breached we must be careful If it breached the peak and breakout it'll change direction, from down it'll go back up and buyer will dominate Even if it's consolidation, it's just temporary because it breakouts. So, the consolidation is temporary At the end, it'll go up stronger "Why?" -Because it got past the long peaks In order to breach that, it needs extra power It means it needs strong buyers to change the price from there For example, you're selling chicken The usual price is 20000 rupiah, but I want to sell higher. How? I must have the budget and buy all the chickens I must have the power and the stock would be rare When it's rare, we can raise the price This can't be done by a person. Only big banks that have power "So, when it goes up, what's the reference we can use when it's weak, Is it the tail?" If it goes down and breakout, then the big chance is going down If only this, it'll go ups and downs around that It'll be at a range, like this. You may prove it

The ups and downs will be around that Even if it goes ups and downs, it'd be around this area It'll go up strong if it breakouts the upper edge When it goes down strong, then there's chance to order sell Even that is limited by this correction area Will it go strongly? Let's see later. Don't be a fortune-teller It's called market dynamic, so follow it Small things like these is difficult. We can enter but when we order buy, it'll go down and vice versa "It means we must watch the volume too?" -Yes, and the domination The last formed too. If only reaching the neck, like this it has no effect on the buyer power from the bottom here "I didn't watch that" "I thought that it was at the peak" "After the candle pattern trigger, I thought that it was the start" If we use trigger, actually we can do that but you forgot the steps There's trend, candle structure then support and resistance or key level, including range If it can't breach the range, be careful, it could bounce up Especially, there's no down power here It means it never scored a price below No power that could go like this If it did this, even though if it's rejected by buyer at least it scored a price here then there's a big chance that it'd go down again At least half of the body. Things like this often happen I'll give an example of that rejection This, for example This goes up, then it goes down Then, rejected up again. Logically, it's a strong buyer rejection But, don't forget that it scored that price It means it'll try to breach that price, even if only the half of it If it's like this, we can use the chance. How?

We can order sell, but wait for it to go up as strong as it can first After it went up, then down and getting thicker, we can enter Or if it breakouts, we can follow the breakout Logically, it already turns It went up, but only a bit, only around 50 It often happened. Let's find another example Watch. When it goes up strong suddenly the market goes down here. It went down first

It goes down to here, then rejected by buyer. Logically, it goes up But, since it scored a price here at least it'll go down again, even though it's only half of the tail The tail is not too long here. If compared to the volume, it's long It means there's still chance to go up and down, same as before There's up chance and down chance here It's just how we play it, including this one It goes down very strong It goes down strong, then rejected up The rejection is way longer than the body Logically, it's an up rejection, but the next one doesn't go up That's the importance of reading the time Seller is dominating there It's important to watch the time I always say to wait for 5 minutes so we're not fooled by early move If there's 2 dominant directions Buyer rejection is strong, but the seller is starting to be in line. It's called sell structure It's aiming down, but there's buyer rejection Which one do we use for reference? Since it's on balance, same ups and downs we must be careful. This is a balanced power

Balanced means when it goes up, it pulled back down and vice versa We must be careful here. If we want to order, we better wait for the first 5 minutes If it doesn't go up after 5 minutes or it goes down long If it's strong after 5 minutes, we can follow it by waiting for correction When it goes down and there's up correction, we order sell only use the correction or the running We can't use this as trigger For example, there's a strong support here Breached support means continuation but don't forget that there's range When it nears the range, even though the pressure is very strong it could have a correction and bounce "Where's the range?" -See the yesterday It's around 900 Let's see this one. It's around 700 From 900 to 700 So, we can know it. If we take a sell chance The remaining ones are 200 For example, we're ready so limit the loss if we follow the breakout For example, the breakout goes down, so we sell But remember, the move is only 200 pips left It's around here Next. Let's measure it with the previous one Let's measure with the previous one so we understand it We wait at this area. This is the correction area

When it's at the correction area, be careful since it's a key level So, not just support and resistance, but the retrace too If we refer on the above one, it goes up to here And, the correction is here The correction is here if we use to the above one We use the highest. So, if we combine it Combine the volume of the greens Let's combine all the candles The condition is like this. If we compare it, it's still at the retracement It's still at the retracement. By visual, it's still at the middle There's rejection, but small Logically, even though the rejection is not long, but it's a rejection Second, if we assume that it's a breakout it's a simulation, it's fine as long as you prepared it all Let's say we already ordered sell here So, let's limit the loss. Where's the area? It's around 150-250 It's around these edges This is our maximum limit for our loss The maximum limit is 250 Use what you like. This is almost 200, so we can place it here

It's fine if we assume that it's a breakout Our analysis is not absolute, it still need a long experience All of them must be tweaked from various dimensions whether it's candle combination, support and resistance, retracement including the last formed candle character, like rejection If we get a loss, it's the risk. But, we can do recovery We must think about this too, not just about profit and chance If we only think about profit and profit when we're taking a wrong step our mental could fall down If we already did that, for example it'll be able to be seen in the first 5 minutes This green didn't go down at all after 5 minutes After 20 minutes, see it again Is there any down rejection? This is our area to do recovery When it's thick and has square edge, we can use the correction When it does a down correction we can order buy here and save the below one It's for saving the below one that's trapped That's the logic. For example, we already get a loss In 20 minutes, there's no down movement at all It means buyer will appear strongly No need to wait long, we can use it for recovery Recovery is for reducing loss, not always for profit The main thing is for reducing the loss If you want to order again, watch the condition again like what we said yesterday When I cut loss once or twice, it doesn't have to be completed I even had to gather more power. The process is done gradually Then, when it's at the edge there's time and chance that we can use We even take small ones. It's just for reducing the loss If we're not used to it, we lose and our mental falls then our mind would be ruined We'd be afraid of it We'd be afraid to enter even if we never doubted to enter before We'd consider too much It'd happen if we're not used to turning conditions If we often face a turning market and able to do recovery well we'll be stronger and tougher That's the difference with just valid analysis Many people only looking for valid ones Usually only looking for indicator or signal They assume that it's profitable It's because they don't want to try and experience it They only want the easy way So, they subscribe for signals They get the signals in the morning like buy limit and sell limit, and etc.

If we don't know the concept, we'd only rely on stop loss if it turns The recovery would be stop loss while actually it limits our move When it nears the stop loss, say, we placed a stop loss here If I place a stop loss, surely we'd just wait for it We'd underestimate it if we place the stop loss We'd only rely on the stop loss If we only wait for stop loss, it means we only wait for the loss But, when we use the time and movement by watching the condition or dynamic We can use that condition to do recovery To be continued....

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