Killing Gävle

Killing Gävle

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Because. I play, the, Korean, up in the bell, tower people. In the community, of yeah Blair they, said. I'm the man in. The tower. We. Have about 100,000. Inhabitants. For. The moment, we. Have a very. Famous. Hockey. Team, then. They're also very famous goat. In. The Christmas time I look, out, of the window, and, I will be inspired, when I say that the goat, you, know a. Couple of years ago there was a man. From United. States he, he he, thought it was okay to and burned them the goat so. He put fire on the goat and and then. He got, to. Yale. But. I think it should be a shame you know. Dog. The, Christmas Gold is representing. A tradition. A. Proudness. A, piece. Of, happiness. In. A dark, dark. Time. It. Started, as a marketing. Strategy, and became. Successful. So. The. Year after, they build it again and. I. Think because. It was burnt the first year. It. Meant. Something, and the. Last 50, years the goat has been burned for. 29. Times. The. Goat has a, long history and. Many, years of, course, not. So happy. History. A lot. Of accidents, once. It was a car, driving, down the, goat. Once. It was a santa clauss who. Jump in to, the goat and, get it to, fire, I'm. The mayor of yeah, black commune, and, I. Think when the. Goat burns, down, I can. Feel in the whole town that. The people are said. They. Don't talk, to each other in, the bus in the morning and. I. Can't. Explain, why, they are doing it. Sometimes. I think they. Are drunk and don't. Think it Oh blue sometimes. I, think perhaps. It's money because. You can bet on the goat, and. I think that is awful. The. Last goat, builder, he was, allergic. To the straw, so. Then they came, to me and asked me if I wanna build it. We. Start in August. When. We buy some wood. And. After. That we start to build, a skeleton. From. The last horrors, there we, take the straw because it's the best it's. Fresh and. Fresh. And nice. I. Have, a bill, to go three, times and. Twice. Its pound townn and that. Feels, a very, sad. Because when they burn it down they ruin, the Christmas, feeling for, everybody especially. The, kids. But. Yeah. I don't like. Every. Year in gobbler we are thinking about how to burn, down the goat and. While those town, businessmen. Think it's a tradition. They started, is, not if, something, our sweets have been doing for centuries. The. Build your IKEA shelves, and Christmas, mascots, sip schnapps in your polite society and, drive cautiously through, your sheltered, lives but. Always, know that your, older, self hidden, by the darkness, that is part of you is, waiting, by you. Burn, it all. This, is the darkest. Time in the year in Sweden, the. Sun Goes Down very, early and. Goes. Up very late so it's many. Hours, with our dark here and therefore we need a lot of light and, in. Advent, time we start where tradition, with is, goat, hair in the area so we say we. Tell ourselves, and. All, our people it's. Time to start preparations for, Christmas because. We need a light. People. Were, worshipping. Light in some ways before, Christianity. Because, it was dark, even when. It. Was mean to make people. To. Go more to resolve out of the city for shopping I want, to look at the go to take, a coffee and, shopping, and take. A phone to and it was really success. For. Their they, who run business. We. Make some gingerbread. That, looks like the gold and, I. Think. It's, not. Good. For the shopping when it burned arms. Every. Kids are a little. Bit sad when it first sound because, you have you have connection. To it walking around every day and you, get a happy feeling in your body and also bring. Something more to Christmas and then but, something you talk about when you come home as a kid how. Big it was and how fast, it was and it comes with some kind of myth I don't, know I, don't know how to explain it it's, just. Something. Old, something I. Know. It feels, a little bit like like, us like, the town it's, connected. To us somehow. Burning. The novel. Ago it could be part of a collective, memory. As such. Where. People do. This because it's part of a longer. Tradition. Within. Themselves, to create some sort of balance between this darkness. And light. Because. The Sun is, it's. The source of life without the Sun we cannot access of course it's been important. During, their early. Ages also for the Sun to you to. Return. For. The. Harvests, to even grow. It's. It's, a battle of traditions. Ours. Goes, back to the beginning. Of time when. The gods created our world from fire while. Their cute little custom, was created, by some ad company. Some, 50 years ago to, help sell the capitalist, Christmas, mascot. Every. Year they feel their Trojan, horse and every. Year, they. Are shocked, when Troy, gets burned to the ground. When. I talk to her she'll learn about the cold we, just wait, and see and we hope for it to stand all, the way to Christmas. But, if. It's. Going to happen that someone will burn it down and we talked about it with the kids because, they.

Think. It's sad. It is it that did goat isn't there in Warren. We're. Talking, about doing, right and wrong things, somehow. To. Do. The right thing and what, that is so I tell. Them the story that, long. Ago in Sweden, children. And people, were believing, that it was a goat coming. At, Christmas. With. Presents, and he. Was, banging. On the door then, there was a little bit afraid of him as well because. The. Goat was not always the, nice ones. So. If, if. You've been bad you, don't have any present. I. Think. This goat the survived, only, 12 times of this. 50, years I think. It's only three or four people have been, prosecuted, for this, burning. Down the goat in, the Swedish Criminal, Code Chapter 12. Paragraph, 1 it could be, prison. Up to 40 years, and the. Most common. Penalty. Is fine and the. Fine is about. 80 thousand Swedish crowns. There. Is no possibility. For me to make. A verdict. Beside. The, word we. Follow, the law, nothing, else it's. Not possible. We. Have an, historical. Fire in this town and I, know it. Was 9,000, people living, here in. The city of Diablo, and. Approximately. 80%. Was, left without houses. There's. Always a risk when a goat is on fire that it can spread and we, have the old town, quite. Near where the goats standing, so that's always worried. My. Whole occupation. Has been. Based, on putting fires out and helping people and. These people don't help anybody, like. The one not. Last year about the year before he. Used some kind of, petrol. I think and, he. Got it, on himself so the. Man was thought that the gold, fire was burning himself, so. I think he got a good lesson there. There. Is, they. Say a secret, goat. Burning, Club and. There. Was a rumor - that the fireman's here in the town have. A secret, society that. Also, was. Burning to go down but. I, don't believe in that rumor I've. Never heard. Such a silly. Thing. Before. The false light of Jesus, shone on our country, we here. In the north we worship. Fire it. Kept us warm during long winters, and and burned down our enemies and. In. Its scorched wake we, planted, seeds we. Might live another year. In, the northernmost part of, our love there's, only one sunrise. One. Sunset. A year. From. Spring to autumn the. Sun makes its way slowly across, the sky, and. In the winter. In. The winter. Pray. For the Sun to, return. If. You look at the Galago as a symbol you can you can see both the, very, nice Christian. Symbol, of the. Christmas. Goat but. Also the very devil, ish side if you like. In. Many of the legends that are around here the devil is often disguised. But it has a the. Hoof of a. Goat and that's how you can recognize him. 350. Years ago we had this boy in Yahweh who accused. His, mother, among, others for witchcraft and, telling these stories how, he was abducted to, blow, Kula the, land of the devil, along with the east, witch's, weather. We're having intercourse with the devil and so on.

His. Mother she was sent. To trial and she was. Sentenced. To death. Beheaded. And burnt at the stake. They. Have a very, special. Incident. With the goat and it was very tragic. And. It. Was a man, who first he. Killed a man and. After. A little. Time, he. Also burned. The gold and we. Didn't know it, was the, same man but when we talked with him he. Told, us that, he was the one who have, burned down the gold. And. It. Was a sad, story. But. He was out of after, five six years now I, think he had family. And live like, normal. Life. It. Was the 4th of December, in. 2005. Two, young men one. Of them was, dressed like a gingerbread, man, another. One like a Santa, Claus and it's. Difficult to get the goat so. They. Get the goat on fire, with, fire. Arrows, and. The. Goat burned down. The. Mightiest, of all our warriors, store, he was carried through this guy on, a chariot, that was pulled by two goats, and, their hooves made, this sound of thunder. And. Every, night the, hardwood God would. Throw them both into fire and eat their flesh. At, every. Morning the goats would be resurrected so. He could write again a burning. Sun across our Nordic sky. Yesterday. The. Sun showed for, four hours. Only. Sacrificing. Fire we'll bring it back. The. Gold. Represents. Love. Light. And. Happiness. It. Gives hope. For, the, people in our town. When. The, goat burns. Downs you, feel like, the darkness, as one. And. I don't want, to have that feeling I would, like to, say. No, to the, darkness and, I, will say we, must take, it back for. Light again. When. I look down for my tower. I. Very. Very angry. When you'll see black, black. Goat, and. You. Know it's. Sad. For every people here after, what's happened I. Will, play my. Favorite. Christmas. Song in, minor. Not. The major because. I think, it's a symbol of the sadness. Many. People, he's. Feeling now. Even. It's you it was a terrible. Thing what, that's. Happened, the, Sun. Is still shining. And the. Sea is still blue and. I. Think, in. A year from now a new goat, will. Rise, from the ashes.

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I really love this depiction of the event! The builders caring about the materials. The bad guys scheming to burn it down because of the system. Teachers teaching the children right and wrong. The man in the tower playing the christmas carol in minor after it burned. Brilliant!!

I dont get after 29 times of it burning, they dont put police out there to beat up the idiots trying to burn it down. Im not keen on christmas either but burn the goat because you think you are making a statement. Horse sh*t.

KatsaPoBane It would cost to much to have one police gaurding it 24/7 the whole winter. Even more then rebuilding the goat

God, the arsonist is pure cringe.

"Goat Phoenix"

Let me guess - the American who burned it down - was a "deeply religious Christian"???

+Cybernaut Oh boy, so just plain old stupidity! What a relief....

Nah, he'd just heard it was tradition to burn the goat down...which I mean he wasn't wrong technically I suppose, but you know...Arson is a crime.

What a fascinating and important thing to do a story on. Now let's get back to ignoring those weekly gang related bombings.

So the things that has to do with ordinary people, that's not worth watching? Their stories isn't worth telling?

The swenglish is strong with this one.

+GABBE Did he say it was a bad thing? Personally, I find it charming!

wtf did you expect?! Record yourself talking Another language that your not familiar about you will problably sound the same.

Security ffs ,this is stupid ,or lock the man in the tower in with a phone and a gun.

This is not the USA - in the Nordic Countries, we don't shoot people for burning down Christmas decorations!

I live close to it! I think the politicians burn it up because they profit of its publicity

The goat = Bhaphomet = Satan Some traditions are not worth keeping.

I've got another spooky scary numerology question for you though that might be more your level. Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Also I bet you thought they were some kind of loony christian fundamentalist, but judging by that link it seems just as likely that they might be some new agey far out 'occultist' themself. So Helena are you in any particular cult or?

I was going to write something sensible, but this person, if you follow the link is apparently completely divorced from reality and thinks christmas is a secret human sacrifice ritual because the number 13 is scary to them. I am reading this text and it strikes me to be a very good joke page...until you realize this person is apparently serious. It's a bit like if a kid figured out Santa wasn't real, and therefore concluded there must be a worldwide conspiracy of mall santas and parents that keep them under survelliance and keep secret naughty lists. Kids of course aren't that stupid.

Traditions like religion, for example.

Leave America out of this please nothing to do with her and she has more than enough Satanic problems of her own. Thanks

I'm sure they're just heartbroken by your non-defamatory defamation and will take appropriate steps to become more palatable to your (probable) American sensibilities.

It all tracks back to the Fallen Angels. I am not defaming Scandinavian (and Germanic) traditions but calling them what they are ... Satanic.

Helena Jordan The pagan roots of the Yule Goat has been tracked back to the Neolithic age, which is before anyone ever thought up the idea of the Abrahamic monotheistic god and your "satan". The earliest part of the Old Testament wasn't even written back then, the first parts wasn't written until at its earliest around the 8th-7th century BCE, the majority of if it was written between the 6th century BCE and up to the last parts of it that wasn't written until the 1st century CE... Besides, when Christianity couldn't replace old pagan symbols they got adopted, so our Yule Father, (Odin), got mixed up with Sct Nicolaus and the Yule Goat became his "steed", so even if we take it from Christian "tradition" it serve as a symbol of a subject of "Sct Nicolaus"... So hold your tounge before you defame our Scandinavian traditions! And please remember, if you have a Christmass tree, its roots is from our pagan traditions as well!

Well, that's not your call.

To me, as a Swedish person, this documentary is hilarious! That pagan guy is either having a right laugh or he's a demented Neo-Pagan. The way he tries to be as dramatic as possible, tying it in to some perceived version of the old Norse mythology (please remember that we have absolutely NO idea what the old Norse religion was like. People tend to think we know what it was like, but as with most such things it was made up in the 19th century, pieced together by the remnants of the Sagas) is either something said to take the mickey outta a British film crew or he's insane. Still, a very enjoyable documentary! I had a good laugh! =D

Oh he's almost certainly having a laugh.

I almost suspect it's an actor!

One things for sure, it doesn't sound like he knows much about the old Gods but that doesn't change the fact that Asatru is on the rise all over Scandinavia and Iceland! Sadly, some of the interrest has been from white supremacist, who is for some reason attracted to it! Guess they've been watching too much HBO and think the Norse("Vikings"), was about "race purity"! (Which has absolutely NO merit in the things we DO know about our Scandinavian ancestors)

seems like yet more marketing. that pagan dude sounds fake. this is how nessy was born. set up a perimeter and have a security guard 24/7. problem solved. duh

+Kevin Giambrone If you made the perimeter larger, no one could get around it in the town!

+MeroTV I'm pretty sure it's more expensive having the firedept go and kill the fire and secure the area than it is removing the straws - besides, they still have to take down the frame!

+Kevin Giambrone They even explained that one year it was set on fire using fire arrows - didn't you watch the video?

and if it didn't burn down, no one outside of that small town would care about it!

they can't make the perimeter larger because it's surrounded by the main roads. They could move it, but its tradition so they wont. And secretly they want it to burn down because if it doesn't they have to spend money taking it down.

then make the perimeter larger. come on, this is simple to solve. they want this to happen.

Actually, they DO have that but it still often doesn't stop the saboteurs. They have fire they can throw...

ha, ha, ha! Brilliant! :D

Where can we get the music by Goat? It's not up on the Spotify page or listed on their FB page!

The Guardian is it possible to post publicly where to find goat’s music?

Shazam,lll be using it on my next surf vid.Thanks for putting me onto it Guardian dudes...

We will find out...

First wrold problems the documentary

Build the Lamb of God...arese-holes! Fooling no-one!

So funny

What do you mean? gävla in the nothern part of sweden? the middle milstone of all the country are located like 30 miles ich north (swedish miles).

Love the color grading, good job

Damn, I thought my town (Galva Illinois) was named after some amazing place in Sweden..I was wrong!

I really hope that this documentary was a joke.... // from a swede

"Got to Yale" Hahaha.

I agree with the below comment - that this is a hilarious documentary (it would be anyway if I wasn't partly paying for the joke).

A waste of our tax-payers money. As a part Swedish, part British citizen, and a registered Gävle tax payer, I really do have to question the motives behind the Gävle goat. It gets burned down every year, and from what I have seen most of the locals regard it as a big joke, and nothing like the mayor, the hockey player, the priest or the shop owners reaction, that I would describe as atypical. Its got to the point now that the news of the goat burning is actually a bigger tourist draw than the original idea of the goat itself. Why do we waste our tax payers money on this? and its not just on the goat, but on the guards they hire to protect it. This has become a national joke, and all for drawing money into Gävle (its really not about christmas).

...except it's not paid for by taxpayer money, you doofus.

Arson is a crime ... so is breaking and entering yet Santa aka Satan does it every year.

As a Swede from Gävle, I can say I hate Swenglish and also the way I can't pronounce G's properly

Isak Izzy nice foil hat you got there

haha. Fair play.

Nope...cults take energy...I'm too lazy

My assumption, which could be wrong, is that your viewpoint is heavily colored by American evangelicalism and the thought that you need to make everyone else see the world in line with your beliefs, and that you have no respect for centuries of traditions from countries you're not a part of. If I'm correct, then this has everything to do with America and I will not leave 'her' out of this.

Cybernaut IDK but my guess is 7 8 9...!? Also, no reason to be sensible when it's craziness unfolding....

@GorillaGuerilla I would say that the main proponents, at least in my experience, of worshipping the old gods are in some way or another connected to the far right. Which is really sad, as you say. But that's what you get when you start to worship a religion cobbled together in the 19th century by people in the midst of nationalistic (and racist) thought.The fact remains; We don't know much about religion in early medieval Scandinavia since there are no surviving sources. The Sagas give us tiny hints about what that religion may have looked like, but it's really nothing to go on. We might as well try to cobble together a religion from tiny slivers of the Marvel or DC universe and claim that that was what people believed in in the 21st century. Asatru, as you call it, is a relatively modern construct and has most probably very little to do with the beliefs of early medieval Scandinavians.

listen, all I'm saying is that if they wanted to stop it, they could. They haven't, hence they don't. No fire and it's just a dumb straw goat and no guardian story.

Well,this bock is now world famous,so its working..

people love fire

Helena Jordan hail santa.

Trump fan? Nah. They're all soul scalped...and believe in Santa or should that read Satan.

Let me guess you are a Trump fan ? Leave the field,you just gave yourself a red card..

Why not make burning the goat part of the celebration? Keep it up till Christmas Eve and then burn it to the ground safely, that way people can enjoy what it represents in different ways.

Yale was like: Bruh u want a scholarship bruv

I think "both sides" know that but they are playing their parts especially for the tourist draw, not so much a joke as a marketing campaign.

It's an actor. He's overly dramatic, and more importantly his English is absolutely perfect.

supposedly his local friends told him that was a TOTALLY legal tradition. Needless to say, he was incorrect about the legality (but not the tradition part =P)

Or, it could just be that paganism lends it self to ethno-nationalism? You know, praising your ancestors, traditional gender roles, heroes and maidens and fighting off foreign invaders. It encourages a population to have pride in itself, and to derive strength from its history. Sounds pretty alt-right to me.

There is a Guy on youtube called The Golden One who may be playing a part in spreading Norse mythology to the alt right.

That one guy who was super dramatic was to serious about this. It sounds like a prank rather than an act of anarchy

What about some sort of flame resistant coating:

Which actor did you hire to play the "bad guy"? Literally no one thinks about the goat the way he does. They burn it down because it is a funny and challenging tradition, not because of Viking gods or crap like that.

Helena Jordan Well isn't the USA home of the antichrist Donald J. Trump and all the false prophets flocking to praise him? It's a old tradition of ours, we sacrifice small babies and Christians every Christmas - and we then eat them, except if they're Americans, they are usually too fat and has all sorts of diseases, not part of a healthy diet! So them we just make warm clothes out of! Officially most of us are atheist, but you know it's just a cover up - in fact we all worship the old gods and we're just waiting for the old wise one eyed to tell us to rebuild our longships, set sails and go to Israel to help Gog and Magog invade it. It's victory and glory or we go to Valhöll or Fólkvangr, if and as it pleases the gods.... Well, it's either that - or religion is full of shit and the pagan symbols is just decorations we use when we celebrate Yule, the time of year where the days are the shortest, like we most likely have all done for millenias and which is the reason why the Christians decided it would be the perfect time of year to claim their god was born...

Politically he seemed more like an anarcho-primitivist when he was talking about fucking with the corporations. But then again the alt-right seem to love fight club, they're pretty confused in their thinking.

They have a bandcamp page:

here you go, friend, been listening to them ever since they came out: you can probably find a download link on their website

The goat music? The music played by the tower man? - Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus - White Christmas - Stilla Natt, Heliga Natt

cinematographers shouldn't edit

deep and dark just my cup of tea

what a yoke

There is no thing as a "Swedish miles". Gävle count as being the northern part of Sweden.

do you know what "Flataklocken" is? its the geographical mid point of Sweden and you know where it is? north of Gävle. now i know Gävle/Gästrikland belong to "Norrland" but Norrland takes up half of Sweden so even if the name har norr in it doesnt mean thats its the north.

Uppsala is still in the same region of stockholm. It is pretty obvious that it isn't in Norrland because we have 3 states territory. Götaland, Svealand, Norrland.

Luggg3n But the thing is a big part of Dalarnan isn't above Stockholm so I never said that it was in Norrland. Dalarnan belongs to Svealand which is central Sweden

You are wrong again... Dalarna are north of Stockholm but its still not in Norrland. Uppsala north of Stockholm still not in norrland. get your facts straight

Luggg3n If you translate Norrland to English you will get Northern Sweden. You don't say northern land because that can be everything north. Like Norway, Finland, Russia. That is why you say it is northern Sweden. Basically everything above Stockholm is Norrland.

This is crazy! They actually build a huge satanic symbol for chirstmas and the whole town gets edgy because of some goat-terrorists that seek to burn it down every year?! Amazing, i love it.

Jag talar inte svenska.

Burn it down!

In 2017, no attempts to burn the goat down were made, and it survived.


One of the nicest cities I have ever visited. Part of my heart will always be in Gävle.

GABBE we're collectively amongst the best English speakers in the world here in Sweden.

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