Kelsey Gets Barbie A Promotion In The Perfect Sim Challenge | Part 11

Kelsey Gets Barbie A Promotion In The Perfect Sim Challenge | Part 11

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It's a morning, of firsts for Barbie that. You. Know we found a lot of things Barbies not immediately, good at. Hey. Everybody I am Kelsey, I'm back here again to play the Barbie challenge this challenge this is for that I kind of made up but also was, inspired greatly, by a lot of other challenges in The Sims 4 where I'm gonna try to make Barbie the perfect, Sims gonna have every, skill and every. Job perfect. However this challenge, was very lofty, and the game keeps glitching, so I think that, I'm gonna end this challenge, at the end of October, I'm sorry for, all you barbecue, however. The story can continue, because, I can save Barbie to the gallery and you can play with Barbie at home how's a challenge gonna wrap up used. To say got tuned in to find out you know Sam well clearly we won't beat the challenge by the end of this but well. Maybe you beat some other challenges. Barbie's, in her new home she's. Like, uncomfortable are, you ok girl but isn't it you skipper's. Over here it's a Monday, evening have, you done your homework sweetie she has oh my gosh, why. Don't you go, to the restroom eat food and, then, oh no, it's been night I was gonna say she could invite over like a friend but I think that's a no wait what Stacey, yeah, I think Stacey is going through a phase let's see how she's doing on her skills, as a winch, ok she's halfway. Through, so I feel like we can make her the, best witch, that ever was first. Off how is she doing with that skill, of cooking, she's level 7 that's her highest, skill that we haven't already maxed, out what. Did you just you're gonna burn down the house Barbie she, just put her stuff in here and then left it in the oven you get your tired but back, to that oven and take, your veggie dumplings out, before you burn down, this, house listen, do you have another potion that, you just we. Blew up your your needs. And, we can just get the ball rolling we need to make more potion, how, dare, you get off the counter lecture. Human food and jumping up on counters, absolutely. Don't Melissa, get off the counter I don't care that we're just acquaintances, this is how Barbies, gonna cook herself up, plentiful. Need she needs an apple, you just buy an apple online or you just get seeds and, you. Start. Her fruits. I'm. Gonna go for the starter fruits hopefully, we get an apple out of it, open. Seed packet, we got apples, biggie Barbie's, exhausted. She's, so sad you're gonna be fine. This is gonna work out okay. You. Know, sometimes. We fly too close to the Sun come on Barbie. I, like, woke her back up still didn't let her sleep I'm like you can finish it it'll be fine it'll, work don't even worry yes go to work go. To work go to work, oh she spells it good oh. Wow. We messed that up it's alright Bobby go to work you'll, be fine you'll be fine at work oh, did. We get what. Do we get in the mail, little. Baddies a lot, of, bills. $21,000. Whoo. Yeah. That's, a that's a Barbie Dream Mansion, can barbie afford, this oh no oh. No she can't, oh great. Barbie. Got a promotion. We. Did, it the glitch is over okay, is she gonna be an environmental. Manager. Or, a Mauryan, biologist, we're going on environmental. Manager because it makes more money and we need money right now, congratulations.

Barbie, She has been promoted, to, conservation. Regulator. She will now make an additional. $65. Per hour for, a granite total of a hundred and twenty seven dollars, now her next shift is Tuesday why didn't she get a bonus she needs money well everybody, needs help. I was, going to let skipper like have a teenage, student you, know date, boys make. Friends, we are destitute. On the brink of losing the, house so I think we need skipper, to. Make or twit let's sell stuff you want to come here oh my god yes, ken come over and hang out okay what can we sell. I'm just gonna sell things Barbie doesn't care what weight. That gave me literally, enough money to to, pay our rent we're gonna finish. Making that up a bomb Abba, Dabba Dabba da all, right and then why don't you grow, that. Potion of plentiful, needs because you need it wait ken was over my girl I can't ask to come over and I said of course Ken, and then I completely. Forgot. He was here, also we probably need to do something for work what do we need to do prepared, grant application, how do you even do that yes we'd, bottle. All of that fix your needs you don't need anything you. Just need that now we're gonna prepare, our grant, application, also. Let's check on tater, it's, tater time Oh. Attention. Is low on tater clean habitat, and. Play. With tater she's starting her grant, application, I'm so proud of her I think that Barbie, she, she wants to be the top of her career before she gets married and has kids and starts. A new career so if we can get her, at the top of this career, I dare, say Barbie might get married oh she's cleaning that up I guess she could have magic did clean but she is teaching, her sister good habits, Chelsey's eating popcorn for, breakfast, which honestly isn't moot, I like that move it's good move and I thank you for leaving your plate so that up Stacy's, up Annabeth Barbie is crushing, it I feel like she needs to practice to become also the brightest Witch of her age but. She's like an adult so there's. A lot of competition out there practice, some practical, magic, I'm glad that all my girls just keep eating popcorn instead, of meals keep that up because the popcorn is pre-made well. There she goes oh yeah, you should go to work cause I feel like she. Goes. Up at, work faster. If she goes she's, next level baby and. We got two new talent, points to use she, can use practiced. Her, practicality. Practical. Spells and potions always, succeed when sim, is an herbal spellcaster range or charge. Range failure, is greatly reduced in charged and overcharged sizes love that for her she should definitely have that I think that's a great way for her to use, one of her talent points and then her second talent point this one says blender arm oh yeah I want her to do really good potions, as well good.

Job Barbie, and, then she changes. Into, her professional. Wear which honestly Barbie, you could do better and. Goes. Into order Thank You tater what. The. Doctors, at the sacred, spleen. Memorial. Hospital, wish. To express their gratitude to, tater, oh thank god this year will be remembered, in medical history has, the year that a fully, functioning. Ear, was, grown on taters, back, which. Was then transferred, to a sip, suffering, from. An. Osha here's, to you tater. I thought. Tater had, died and yet tater saved, a human tater is better at this challenge, than I am the tater a treat, because, tater, deserves. It oh. All. Right I think you should invite over your friend, Scott. Barbie, now they're not really, good friends, yet but maybe they're gonna be like enemies turned friends oh it. Burns me, banks, meet $800. Today I'm so proud of you Barbie okay, she's got to prepare the grant application, again she's not having fun or energy, but you know what can fix that magic. Take, the easy way that's what we're learning here on the barbie challenge no sleep for Barbie, that's. How Barbie gets all of her stuff done magic, and no, sleep there's Scott you're, frickin late boy you. Took forever why don't you talk to I'm Chad him up see if you guys can be friends and maybe more oh they are being friendly, you, must have just had a bad day Barbie's still working away she's like I'm gonna be the very, best like, no one ever was Barbies. The Ash Ketchum. Bobby. No stop everything it's kid ohmygosh. Become, best batch of care their. Best forehead oh, she's. Just greedy Kendra that kids IV return do that they're so in love o. Serenade. Him, this, outfit is terrible, it doesn't look like Barbie at all, change your outfit girl let's do like a fancy one why the. Heck not yes, Queen no serenade, of never. Love, fo. Sure. Side what, Sam said oh. I kind of like it yeah. She. Loved you too the chef's kiss chefs, kiss all. Right, Stacey. Is sad why, are you sad you're in the bear costume, don't be sad oh my gosh she witnessed a bully will step in and stand up for your friend there. You go you're fine, Barbie, just reads parenting, skill level five yeah new. Skill wait Chelsea's, going through a face she'll pick up an instrument any chance she gets yell off an internal radios up to 11 are you going through like a pug, face these, Barbies are very different than in the TV show Oh Oh Scott's, leaving okay well then why don't you just practice on your own what other skills can we work on here, charisma. Barbie could be more charismatic wait, did you finish your thing oh she didn't good, job Oh. Do, not start fires turn. That off once you do a little dance video. You don't like do a little workout dance time you finish whoo cheers good. Job Barbie, it seems like skipper, and Scott kinda, got along but. Not a ton maybe we need to invite Sydney over today. Oh that's. Not good for school Oh No, maybe, Barbie, should share some of her potion, with her sister, not, that. We condone the. Girls, learning, you, know bad habits, all the girls are going to school, I don't even think they do. Their homework none of them dead by Barbie, have fun at work in your ugly, outfit. Caters, very hungry oh no, someone, feed tater when you get home who's gonna be home first come home from school skipper. Come home there. Tater is hungry, we need to save tater. Hashtag, save tater, nothing. Else matters, in this, world oh my gosh poor tater you deserve, so much better, how do we go so far from the Sun what's up. It's freakin kids wait she's never even met Ken I feel, upset, the girls have not hung, out with Ken yet but now that she is home won't you invite, someone to come hang out maybe she can invite, over Sidney. Tulip, skipper. Your. Friends here inviter. 8 hey. Old. Ken's having a dance party. Actually. Barbie, probably called Kenda to have him kind of check in on the house and, the pets while she was gone shavon, out Oh. City's, romantic.

I'm. Not getting ideas Sidney. Also was wearing purple and black Wow, I know. Someone, else who loves purple and glad look at their friendship, it goes up so fast, wow I didn't even, give. Her a hug your robbed Stacy invite over clasp or Tommy yeah. Oh. My god, Tommy's. Coming over. I'm. Just saying. What. I think I slipped and fell into a ship. Yeah. Buddy, skipper's, gonna have her first romance, Scott. They, can't get along that well guess. Who's getting along with her Barbie. Bra home cheered a vacation, day I want. You to do better though because I, want you to be level, eight so you're gonna drink your potion. You're. Gonna Barbie, up alright, there she goes, change your outfit get your pink gone all. Right and, you're gonna power through cuz, you're a queen she's, gonna go start. Another, grant. Application. How. Many grant applications, do you need a mate and it would go back to skipper Wow ask, her if she's single. That's. What that's what friends do prints that are in love oh I, just want to see her put her arm around her she looks, fine. This is show, flirt. Why. Are you doing. First. House Barbie doing a maze. She's. Doing great, how's Chelsea. Oh. My. Gosh this, is Tommy Carson, aka, kids, little brother and, he. Came over from school, today to hang, out I forgot, it was skipper's learning DJ skills ghost. Get oh my gosh is this the most yes. Queen, oh, it, sounds terrible, oh that's, bad Oh. Oh. Kids, like I'll see you later I love that kids over like Oh. Share. Some insecurities, go talk with her you took a break get. Back in there brighten her day first she is so flirty right now though she, likes, her she. Just got nervous. Wait. Wait wait Sydney come back soon, no. Why. Don't you go learn some weird DJing, this kind of fun right don't. Do school go DJ in the cold skipper. Just, got, her first crush today she's. Like learning her, pet new passion, which is DJ, Herbie, are you done with your skill. You know what that means we're gonna steal body fat, charisma, to be the most charismatic Queen, also, I love that her top ones are charisma and parenting wait. Sydney's. Still here I thought she'd left makeup, loquacious, Joe. Mon, Dieu. Okay. Okay okay. Okay, oh. My. Gosh. Meanwhile. Barbies just chatting. To herself in the mirror. Okay. Syd, he's gonna go now look, at skipper. She's. So, happy, look, how happy she is. Smurf. Yo. Level. Six over, halfway there and Chelsea. Are. You, taking out to your big sister. I guess practice practical. Magic I want a new spell and then I maybe it will have her do another potion discovered. A new spell you. Oh let's. Do it let's look at it three, out of nine all right we need to keep practicing oh my gosh what's, skipper up to she's doing her homework, and. Her sister's room which is like cute but also kind of rude Barbie, what's you up to girl did you finish that potion, I need it yeah but all that up what do you mean what are you doing going to get food you don't need to eat if, you just drink that potion you, don't need anything although you know what if you do need to eat then you can cook something that, helps that skill you know clean. Out the spoiled, food for, you yes, bring, that money see now we're fine, there she goes, well. She's been wearing heels all day if I were at home my, fields would be.

So. Good Barbie, Barbie. Got work at three hours, I, guess, while her take care of her needs the old-fashioned way considering, that she doesn't really mean to use her, potion. Quite yet maybe do something fun play, some video games look, at her she's she. Levelled up her video game skill now she's little - good. Job Barbie, Oh everybody's, off to school okay. Have fun at, school everybody. Skipper. Have, fun at school. She's. Gonna go to school on her broom. Cute. Oh Barbie, used to go also Barbies feelin really flirty, maybe. Barbie needs a date after work, loves. Days tomorrow I know what we'll be doing tomorrow. Barbie. Brought home money but did not advance, in her career, I am up set, someone's, calling Barbie a teacher had to break up a fight between skipper, and another student on holiday, was. It Scott have them work it okay Barbie is feeling and not super good but you know what we, have for that we have a drink for that Barbie. Best. Out you know all work and no play makes, Barbie adult, a goal. Doll good she's feeling pretty flirty so why don't we invite someone to hang out. Get. Cute. Get. Invited. Go get him go get him Barbie, she's like this, can wait because. Sometimes I got to focus on what matters most. Brunette can. Tell. A dirty joke no. Barbie. But. She can be enticing, they, could watch a movie together but, I feel like none of these would probably give her a skill, where is Barbie doing oh. Oh. She's. Dancin where. I wonder if Barbie just starts dancing, if he'll dance with her or I guess you can talk with him while she's dancing, Oh invite to teach dancing, yeah. You can, teach him down to dance there he goes but what we really need to do is work on this Rome issue you, know, compliment. His appearance, we, want to be Oh. Try, for baby a sauna. Well. Just we'll see what happens, that would be scanned all symbols, Barbie. Gets pregnant oh I'd like. Not. That there is anything wrong with this I feel like maybe it was a passing whim of Barbies, you know she was just like we could buy old habits from Hunter baby challenged diehard, boyfriends. Oh, look.

At That profess, undying. Love this is real I love, you with. A burning, passion Ted. Oh. And. She, did what. A strong queen. May. Be capable of bars with a little, cheek caress. Oh. That's. Too, cute, what's up Barbie, do. Her work cuz she probably needs, to know, she could magic her work away do you have a good time it that's cool today you see Sidney hang. Out romantic. Interest, it's too early to tell but there could be something there oh and. She came in to talk to Barbie school, is stupid what you asked. Her about Sidney. I should just be able to start working or living life can I never go to school again school, teaches important things I, like. To the other answer though it's kind of harsh schools required in society, who's up it's Stacie she's. Feeling, great she's eating some some, bread. Proud. Of you sweetie maybe you should do a little bit of homework all right Chelsea's, finally, gonna do her homework, she's. Very hungry though maybe you should get some food chills are you are you done are you done are you done Barbie yeah Barbie's done after, that welcome, Barbie do you probably should just work, on some magic, first practice. Practical. Magic. She's. So practical, our Barbie, practically. Perfect in, every way can, you send the text. The first text, be. Chilled so she can say she's gonna text back, I. Guess. They. Barbie's. Got a new spell its transport. Towel hey, move, instantly to another location regardless of distance whoa, let's. Test. This. No. Baby, okay I want to watch Barbie, transport. Boom. Now. She doesn't even gonna walk but, ciao. Oh, my. Gosh. Do a flirty painting Barbie. Express. Yourself. Oh Stacey doing, she's doing good I think Stacey's finally, moved. Away from her, phase of always, dressing like a big purple bear Chelsea seemed pretty good that's Barbie she's still painting uh okay, first draft it kind of looks like Chelsea. Did it and. She's level two out see. You know that's fine Brian practice, violent I don't think she's ever played violin before either it's a morning, of firsts, for Barbie yeah. You. Know we found a lot of things Barb's not immediately, good but she's learning, really, fast, cuz she's so inspired, from her little paint fest Barbie. Reached violin, level 2 and, now she's gonna go to work, she learned two new skills, not bad for a warning gosh I wish I learned, two new skills, before going to work in the morning we're gonna work hard and now we're gonna watch his head look at these two, vets just news of the day away in the sunshine, they're enjoying this lovely spring. Day it's. Just really what pets do when you're not home they're just kind of sleep should skipper invite classmate, Scott over I mean I guess, you. Could have invited over your girlfriend, they're, not girlfriends oh love, day why are you gonna fight another sky, maybe, she invited over Scott so. That it wouldn't seem like she's inviting over Sydney for. A love day that's, like pretty intense they just flirted for the first time to. Be inviting over Sydney, for love day right off the bat that's a lot she's just inviting over a couple friends. To. Hang out vita' her Sydney she's tired you can't be tired, we'll. Fix it no I can't, get to Barbie stuff Sydney's. Coming over, what are we gonna do how we gonna wake her up did she do the potion yet I don't, think she can I think that's just Barney to get she doesn't know to brew anything okay Barbie will be home in 30 minutes, skipper you just took the last 30 minutes there's Scott that's just Scott don't worry about Scott just, take it back take, oh there she goes Oh, Sydney's. Here right oh geez going up and Cindy's. Here okay well gotta invite her in oh sure, love Daisy wait Sydney man, Barbie's. Been. Promoted. To a sustainability. Specialist. She will now make an additional fifty one dollars per hour for a grand total of one hundred and, seventy eight per, hour, she's. Also received the following bonus, right, conservation. Paper I don't know why that's a bonus that sounds, like something that you're forcing us to do Barbie is now our tired. A little bit less fashionable queen, is now at, level. 8 we only have two more levels and. Then she. Will have mastered, her first career I'm very excited for what we've done today next time we are going to go, in guns, a-blazing, for love day thanks for tuning in and I'll see you guys next week bye everybody.

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Kelsey, You should do the Asylum challenge- I feel like this would be hilarious with you at the helm!

How is Barbie a conservationist?

Why you never do the projects, the children haves

I’m still made Skipper is lesbian




Kelsey flirting with sydney was hilarious, I’m dead.

Finished grants and conservation papers go into your inventory and you can publish them like books and get royalties.

if you end this series can we get the 100 baby spinoffs back??

Personally I’m glad you are ending this series, it’s not bad but I think there is so much more content that can be made from the spin offs (more realm of magic, mermaids, university) and I’m here for a SKIPPER AND HARRY CROSS OVER, like skipper brings back Harry from the dead and they become wizards or they go to university

Anyone else really really sad

The last episode, you should have them have an expensive wedding and get Barbie pregnant! ;)

If Barbie doesn't get married to brunette Ken I will be VERY angry.


I ship Scott and skipper

Kelsey when a career gives you the option of working from home TAKE IT YOU GET PROMOTED FASTER. Guys up it till she sees it

“That’s what friends do...FRIENDS THAT ARE IN LOVE”

This challenge went seriously off the rails

Rags to Riches seems like a good series to try. And you can do it with one of the 100 baby kids!

Where is the PART 10?!

End it with Barbie having a baby or getting married please!

"How many grant applications do you need to make?" OMG STORY OF MY LIFE!!! #nonprofitsector

I think when this series ends you should do a series on skipper

You can tell Kelsey has PTSD from all the deaths from 100 Baby Challenge by how she panics over Tater

11:14 *shipping intensifies*

Magic... Because she's Barbie... Duh

I ship Skipper and Sydney so freaking hard. I want to download them both and play them as a full-fledged couple

10:07 Skipper skipped school... ha haha... am I the only one who thought that?

I love this challenge so much but I know it must be annoying with all the gliches so it was the right choice.. But for an idea we could have skipper go to university and maybe also have Sydney in this spin off? Hmmm?

I wish the series wouldn’t end

I think we should either see Skipper enter uni or have more of the 100 baby spin offs!

I play violin and I’m way better than Barbie

Please do 2 a week if your ending this challenge?!


To be honest, I was getting just a tiny bit bored with this challenge anyway. It seems way too daunting. But such a cool concept! Please don’t end the 100 Baby Challenge though!!

#save tater

I'm so sad! This on Fridays and 100 Baby on Saturdays is my weekend lineup!

17:25 when Kelsey forgets which challenge she's playing lol

#Save Tater

at least keep it going until you max out her skills!

Cant they just fix the glitch instead of ending the challenge? I think she's lying about that.

Maybe the views aren't enough or her schedule is full idk somethings fishy.

Anyone else more interested in Skipper and Sydney than Barbie?

Nooooo! I need to live vicariously through you playing Barbies in the Sims.

Don’t end it :(

I feel you would appreciate the "Sam and Mickey" stop motion Barbie parodies.

Who else thinks that with cc Kelsey will be overwhelming for her

I’ve been casually working on this challenge for like 1000 hours on the vampire couple in my household. Lance has only been a top dr and science, Lilith has been an esports champ, game modder, fame and she’s a pretty great actress. Anyway your sims content is great ❤️


please keep the series i love it so so so much


honestly have watched every episode including all of the originals but you have me SO MUCH ANXIEITY WITH ALL YOUR YELLING THIS ONE! turning it off 8mins in .

Nooo, Kelsey, please don't end this challenge, it's my favorite thing on youtube!!!

So cute!!! love it really want to do a sims challenge on my channel

Barbie is so awesome that she can wear heels like most of us gals go barefoot because we're not a fraction as awesome as Barbie when it comes to rockin' heels.

was there a part 10? I don't see it on the channel

You can change the work outfit to anything you want by using this 'cheat'. If they get promoted and get a new outfit, you'll have to edit it again. Sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas

I hope you rethink ending the series now that you know how to advance Barbie’s career better. But I’m sure whatever challenge you do next will also be fun. I just think this is a good idea and has longevity like the 100 Baby Challenge which is important.

Is it just me or is part 10 missing?

what happened to part 10?

Oh no... I'm so sorry to hear that you're not going to be continuing this challenge. I really enjoyed it, and it's disappointing that you're giving up on it. :( Thank you for at least trying it out!

I also noticed part 10 is missing

It seems weird to me that you end the series and still try to fiddle around with all the skills... why not just focus on one goal to end it? Get her married, reach top of environmentalist career and done.

I'm so sad this challenge is ending.

Sad to see this series end, but maybe we could see more of the 100 baby spinoffs? I know most passed away but some are still saved to the gallery? Maybe Eric could become a master hacker or Dustin could become a gardener/conservationist? Or a series about the triplets?

Unpopular Opinion: I ship Skipper and Scott lol

Why is there no part 10? It goes 9 then 11??

8:00 *RIP headphone users*

Please don't end the 100 baby challenge though! Would it be too much to ask for a different more achievable Sims 4 challenge Kelsey? I love watching you play the Sims 4!

Kelsey could you possibly pick up this challenge on your own channel sometime? Just for fun sometimes? Maybe making the house smaller? I really enjoy watching you play and it makes me really happy. I understand that it is frustrating and that you have a lot on your plate. Thank you for playing this for as long a you have. Big Barbie fan here.

Kelsey: _ending the series because it's glitchy_ Cc&mods users: *nervous laughter*

My question is are you going to keep her from aging so that she can do everything?

#SaveTater :)

I kinda ship skipper and scott since they’re the og couple from the show.. kinda disappointed that they didn’t workout. I still wish u can fix it tho heheh

Lol Barbie don't know how to act since she learned how to apparate

Al least let barbie marry ken and have the most expensive beautiful beach wedding ever existed

"i know someone else who loves purple and black" me, a fander: vIRGIL-

take tater

I’m awkwardly watching this video while there was like 4-5 soldiers outside my car (I’m hanging out at my husbands work). I’ve gotten a couple weird looks when Kelsey has slightly screamed

I am not mad on Keasey 'cause she stop this challenge. But I'm mad that she doesn't even try for real for real. I still thing it could be fun challenge.

So sad this is ending!

I think you named the episodes wrong but oh well, love love them

I don't like Sydney I prefer Scott



Well it was fun watching Sims Barbie challenge.


It's over.... all ready? Well, okay then. Give us 100 Baby spin-offs with all the kids to make up for it

Wheres part 10?

Was there a Part 10?

Has anyone seen part 10?

Soooo, I can't find Episode 10 anywhere... I'll just watch this then lol

Um did we skip episode 10?

Kelsey: "shes gonna be the ash ketchms of the--" Me: "lol" Kelsey: *screams* Me: *screams*

Is the last one of this series going only on twitch or something?

....Where is part 10? Like why does it go 9 to 11?

"Tater is better at this challenge than I am!!!" honestly when I come home from a grueling day at work to my cat chilling on the bed enjoying life, this is a WHOLE mood

wtf happened to part 10?!

Skipper and Sidney remind me of that one song by girl in red called I wanna be ur girlfriend (Plz make Skipper and Sidney a couple)

Where's part 10?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “Try for a baby” Let’s go Barbie and Ken

Has anybody noticed that this one should be labeled 10

Is there a part 10 or no?:) love this new challenge:)

Skipper should not be with Sydney she is a girl!

HER REACTION TO KEN COMING TO VISIT BARBIE WAS AWESOME lol let me replay that!! love your excitement Kelsey

I don't think the computer would be glitching from a sim having 2 maxed out skills and 1 max career but okay.

im on board with skipperxsydney ship than kyou for the content kelsey

her face at 17:24 ,so sly LOL

Wait why was there no part 10? Did part 10 get taken down?

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