Jubilee: Celebrate Business in Longmont 2021

Jubilee: Celebrate Business in Longmont 2021

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Ugh I'm just weirdly nervous, you know? I just...  I really want people to enjoy the show and   of course they're not going to because this is  never going to be as good as the real thing and   I'm just worried they're going to be disappointed. Stop it, I don't have that many fans. You know what? You're right. People will  understand because we have been through a lot   again this year and this is still something  that we can do to celebrate our community.

Thanks Zuzu. It's show time! Hello and welcome to the Longmont Area  Chamber of Commerce's annual awards event:   Jubilee! Every year we ask the community to  nominate the businesses and non-profits that   deserve recognition for their accomplishment. We  received hundreds and hundreds of nominations and   tonight you get to hear from the 2021 business  award finalists who have all demonstrated   incredible ingenuity, generosity, and growth.  This event is to honor and celebrate all of our   finalists and to announce our award winners so  thank you so much for joining us. We know that  

this virtual style doesn't have all the pomp  and circumstance of an in-person celebration,   but that doesn't mean that our finalists and  our community are any less deserving of a   little celebration. So I will aim to deliver as  much circumstantial pomp as humanly possible.   During the show you'll hear from  Longmont Chamber leadership,   our presenting sponsor the Longmont Times Call and  all of the finalists for the 2021 business awards,   but before all of that I'm going to take a moment  to thank all of our sponsors who support Jubilee.   The presenting sponsor of this evening's program  is the Longmont Times Call, an invaluable partner   to the Chamber and the Longmont community for over  a hundred years. Our gold level award sponsors are   High Plains Bank, Pinnacol Assurance, Flatirons  Bank, Longmont Power and Communications and   Nexlight, Elevations Credit Union, Longmont United  Hospital Centura and Wonder Tours and our silver   sponsor this evening is T-Mobile here in Longmont.  Our sponsors are the ones who make an event like   this possible. Not only are these sponsors  proud to bring you the 2021 business awards,  

they also supported the highly anticipated return  of the curated local gift boxes- all 250 of them   mind you- designed to accompany this event. So  if you have a Longmont Chamber celebration box   beside you as you enjoy the show please join  me in raising a glass to thank our sponsors for   their continued support and to honor this year's  award finalists. What do you mean I don't have a   glass? Seriously? Supply chain issues? When that  gets here it better be really good and oh sorry   sorry that was a really Karen thing to say. Moving  right along I'll turn things over to the CEO of   the Longmont Chamber Scott Cook to welcome you  all and talk a little bit about this last year   and the one to come. Good evening and thank you  for joining us for this virtual Jubilee event.   This is an exciting time each year when  we recognize the accomplishments of our   businesses and non-profits in the community.  It's also a time when we recognize our outgoing   and incoming board members and thank them  for their service to our organization.  

I'd like to recognize these outgoing board members  and thank them for their many hours of service:   Jason Amrich with UCHealth Long's Peak Hospital,  Christine Cavalier with the Group Real Estate,   Mark Sample with Sample Supports, Andrew  Ritz with Longmont United Hospital Centura,   and Sandi Seader with the City of Longmont. I'd  like to recognize these incoming board members:   Aparna Palmer with Front Range Community  College, Joni Marsh with the City of Longmont,   Stephen South with LSE Builders, and  Thaxter Williams with Thaxter Williams CPA   Thank you to all of these individuals for  choosing to give up your time and resources   to the chamber. I, probably like you, thought we  would be in a different position at this time of   year with a pandemic far behind us. We don't often  get to choose the challenges we go through in life   but we do get to choose how we respond. 2021  was full of progress but also false starts  

and a struggle to move forward. 2022 may not be  a lot different. In response we are committed   to creating safe opportunities that balance  the health and well-being of our community   with more in-person events. This includes our  monthly after-hours, our Leadership Longmont, our   committee meetings and one that I'm particularly  excited about: Unity in the Community. Yes,   after a two-year hiatus this fun-filled community  event will make its return in late August.   Our Board, staff, and volunteers have worked  as hard as we could to deliver membership value   during these tough time. Our plan for 2022 is  to provide more access to events and meetings  

that matter to our businesses and the community.  I look forward to connecting with you next year.   Thank you for your continued membership and  with that let's enjoy the show! Thanks Scott!   And now... it's show time. Our first award tonight  is Emerging Business of the Year presented by   Flatirons Bank. As a locally owned community  bank Flatirons Bank is proud to support all   businesses but especially those in  the early stages of business growth.   an emerging business for the Longmont Chamber  awards is an establishment between one and   five years old. Those early years are often the  most trying times for businesses and Flatirons  

Bank is proud to support businesses through a  personalized approach and innovative solutions.   So now let's hear from the Emerging Business of  the year finalists. Hi my name is Mike Simons   owner of Biscuits @ Mike's food truck, one of the  only breakfast food trucks in the front range.   So first things first my mom and I would like  to thank the Longmont Chamber and its members   for selecting us as finalists in the Emerging  Business category. You know we had a lot of   confidence in our ability to make a great  breakfast but we've never really owned a   business before so being selected for something  like this is incredibly humbling and we feel like   we owe a lot of our success to our engagement  with our community and our ability to respond   to our community and so it's very important for  us that we're recognized for something like this.   Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hi everyone  I'm Jennifer Ferguson with Bricks Retail,  

a brick and mortar retail shop in downtown  Longmont making local gift giving easier   and providing equitable and accessible retail  shelf space for local vendors and I can't tell   you the honor of being nominated and being  a finalist in this year's Chamber Emerging   Business award so with that deep honor I just  want to say thanks again and we'll see you soon.   Hi I'm Brenda Fuller with Outworld Brewing. As  a new business we have appreciated the support   that we have received from the Longmont  community as we have launched our brewery   and full service restaurant to bring to Longmont  a unique dining experience and private event   venue using sci-fi fantasy themes and events.  We have partnered with local talent businesses   and organizations to make Outworld a local  destination for music, comedy, dinner theater,   and other on-niche entertainment such as  Dungeons and Dragons and role-playing games.   The Longmont community has warmly embraced us  and we are honored and humbled to be named one   of this year's finalists for the Emerging  Business awards. Cheers! And the winner is-   what is this? I'm supposed to drink  it? Drink the beer? Okay... well...  

light beer the original bubbly water and  apparently the winner is in here. Here we go oh god oh that's that's really awful okay oh okay okay oh sorry about that all right  here we go all righty and the winner is Biscuits @ Mike's! Congratulations, cheers to you!   They always say that the first few years of  business are like drinking from a fire hose so   can relate. Congratulations Biscuit @  Mike's, our Emerging Business of the Year! Recent years have brought a whole new  understanding and appreciation for   workplace safety the Longmont Chamber is proud  to have been offering a workers compensation   safety program to our members for nearly 30  years every year a business is recognized for   their exemplary track record and named our safety  champion this year that award goes to Nixcavating   under the brokerage of True North and Dave Owen  Congratulations! Moving right along we have the   Building Bridges Award presented by Elevations  Credit Union Longmont, sponsor of the Chamber's   Education Committee. Elevations is a member-owned  not-for-profit financial institution serving the   Colorado front range. They have long been devoted  to community involvement, volunteerism and  

education. The Building Bridges award recognizes  a member of the community both an individual   and a business who demonstrates commitment to  supporting student success and partnering with   education in Longmont. The Longmont Chamber and  Elevations Credit Union would like to recognize   Kim Kittlson in the individual Building Bridges  award category. Kim has been an engaged advocate   for student literacy and single-handedly collected  over 70 stuffed animals so each first grader could   have a book buddy to read with. In the business  category for Building Bridges the award goes to   FastSigns Longmont. FastSigns has been a highly  engaged business with our local students and   hosted a student intern from the Education  Committee, providing them real world exposure   and experience with design, manufacturing, and  customer service. Thank you Kim and FastSigns  

for your investment and involvement  with our future workforce and leaders. Whoa! Speaking of fast signs that was my cue  card telling me we're a third of the way through   the show! I think it's time to hear from Al  Manzi the CEO of Prairie Mountain Media and   the Longmont Times Call the presenting sponsor of  tonight's show. The Times Call's long history in   the community has made them a close partner and  supporter of the Longmont community for decades.   Take it away Al! Good evening,   my name is Al Manzi and I'm publisher for the  Longmont Times Call and President and CEO for   Prairie Mountain Media. The Times Call has been  a proud sponsor of this event for over a decade  

and we're honored to be presenting the  finalists for Legacy Business of the Year.   The Times Call is by definition a legacy business.  We've been serving the greater Longmont community   for well over a hundred years. Staying in business  that long means that you have to be willing to   change. Our news and information used to be viewed  only in print. Today our news and information is   viewed by more people than ever before. It's  true. We still have a lot of printed copies but  

now you can get your information that we produce  through a multitude of digital platforms. In fact   I bet when Longmont news breaks many of you  receive that news on your cell phone almost   immediately. The Legacy finalists this year have  weathered the same change and continue to excel.   They are: the Samson Law Firm, members  since 1992, Edward Jones John McLean,   members since 2009, and Georgia Boys BBQ,  members since 2011. In total these businesses   have been serving the community for over 50  years. I have no idea who will win, but one   thing I am certain of is that every one  of these finalists is clearly deserving   and we all want to thank them for their long  service to the Longmont community. I also want  

to congratulate the Chamber staff for their hard  work in making tonight possible. Business in   Longmont continues to grow and thrive thanks to  all of you. Thanks and have a wonderful evening.  Look at that! I got my drink just in time to  raise it in thanks to Al and everyone from the   Longmont Times Call for their decade-long  support of the Jubilee event. Cheers!

The Legacy Business of the Year award  is presented by the Longmont Times Call.   This award recognizes businesses that have been  members of the Longmont Chamber for over 10   years. With 50 years of business between  tonight's finalists, I think one of the   hardest things they've had to do is sum all  of that history up into 30 second videos,   but let's have them give it a shot, eh? Hello I'm John I'm Catherine we are honored   to have our Edward Jones branch be a finalist for  Legacy Business in Longmont in 2021. We have been   serving this community for over a decade helping  families and businesses meet their financial   goals. We are proud of the fact that during a  global pandemic we have increased our capacity   to serve with the personal touch that you expect  from Edward Jones. This nomination means a lot   to us because it feels like a validation of  the work that we do to help people here in   the community. Thank you for your support and  we wish you and yours a happy holiday season. 

Hello everyone! I'm Matt this is Nick from Georgia  Boys Barbecue and we're super excited to be   nominated for the Legacy Business award this year. Here at Georgia Boys Barbecue we provide   southern-style food and hospitality to all  of our guests and community. One of the most   proud accomplishments that we've done here  is provide over 4,000 meals to evacuees,   firefighters, and first responders  during the 2020 East Troublesome fire  We also want to thank our staff as  we hit a huge milestone this year.   We hit our 10-year anniversary this past July  and we couldn't have done it without our staff   and without our community so thank you. Thank you.  Good evening, my name is rick Samson. I'm an  attorney, I've been practicing in Longmont   for about 30 years. My wife and I moved back  to Longmont in the 1970s. My wife is a native  

we wanted a community where  we could raise a family   so that they would have a true hometown.  Longmont is a true hometown, and we have enjoyed   every minute that we've been here and I am  honored to have been nominated for this award. ...and the winner is... cute. Because  this is my legacy. At least it's not   38 jalapeno peppers. It's just  one bell pepper. Let's do this. *chewing sounds* and the winner is Georgia Boys! Congratulations! I would like   a lifetime supply of barbecue  bell peppers. Thank you.   Let's go now to the Ambassador of the Year award  presented by Pinnacol Assurance. Ambassadors of  

the Longmont Chamber represent the values of our  organization in the community and support the   success of our many events and programs. Without  them our staff of four would not have been able to   bring back more than 25 in-person events this  year. For this very event, many of them gave   countless hours- who am I kidding I definitely  counted it was over 300 hours! Tag writing, bow   tying, and box stuffing for the return of those  amazing local gift boxes. This type of unseen   work is too often in the background, but it makes  a huge impact that is exactly the kind of work   that resonates with Pinnacol Assurance, a company  that has stood with Longmont businesses to ensure   that they have the resources and support that they  need to navigate a time where workplace safety is   of significant importance for business success and  employee safety. Standing with and supporting the   Chamber is second nature to tonight's finalist.  Her consistency, care, and compassion make her   presence at events a joy. She's willing to step  up and do whatever is needed. This is also why  

she is heavily relied upon by Chamber staff when  we're in need of the kind and careful touch that   is so unique to her genuine nature. Off-the-wall  volunteer roles like "please follow me around all   day with a walkie-talkie headset and do all the  things that I know I will not have the time to do"   or even being the exclusive golf lounge  bouncer, because who could argue with a   congenial British lady? For everything that  she's given the Chamber, her fellow members,   and this community, it is with great pleasure that we honor Catherine Mchale as Ambassador  of the Year. Not bad for your first year as  a U.S. citizen, Catherine! Congratulations!  Our next award actually represents two events.  High Plains Bank, sponsor of the Non-Profit of   the Year award, is also the presenting  sponsor of Unity in the Community, our   largest event that we haven't been able to  host now for two years. However, the belief   that community comes together at the intersection  of businesses non-profits and elected officials   (or at least at 4th and Kimbark) is alive and  well thanks to High Plains Bank who believes   in helping people build thriving communities by  doing the right things and by doing things right.  

As we look with a hopeful eye on Unity in  the Community returning in August of 2022,   we would be remiss to not acknowledge the  continued effort and extraordinary work   of organizations in our community. In 2021 with  generous support from High Plains Bank and both   Longmont Walmarts the Unity Funds the Community  grant at the Longmont Community Foundation   has reached its largest sum to date. With  this support, every finalist for non-profit   of the year will get at least a $1,500 grant from the Unity Fund. When we say the   finalists are all winners we mean it! Now let's  hear from the non-profit of the year finalists. Hello everyone my name is Tim Rakow. I'm the  executive director of The Inn Between of Longmont.   The Inn Between exists to provide that  gift of home through affordable housing   and supportive services which really lead  toward a pathway of greater self-sufficiency.  

Ultimately we're really proud of the  accomplishment of being nominated for such   an award as Non-Profit of the Year and I think  it's really a demonstration of the value that   the community has in the work we do and we're  very grateful for that. Thank you very much. Hi my name is Marc Cowell, the executive  director here at the OUR Center. I'm very   proud of how our team adapted and persevered in  a very complex and ever-changing environment.   This year alone we experienced over 350  increase in the needs for our services   and our team tackled that challenge head-on  with the utmost professionalism and compassion.   We're very humbled to receive this nomination this  evening that highlights our team's creativity,   resilience, and dedication during extraordinary  times. They are truly my heroes. We want to   say thank you for this nomination and  thank you for all the community support.

Hello I'm Jackie List, executive director of  Safe Shelter of Saint Vrain Valley. We provide   safety and support to anyone impacted by domestic  violence, family violence, human trafficking,   or abuse in later life. We take great pride in the  resilience, creativity and dedication of our staff   who meet survivors where they are and help  them navigate the complex challenges they face.   We deeply appreciate being nominated for  Non-Profit of the Year by our community   there is no greater honor than that  granted by the people we serve.

...and the winner is... [*ping*] Safe Shelter of the St. Vrain Valley! Congratulations! It is my privilege to let  you know that as the Non-Profit of the Year   you will receive a $3,000 grant  from Unity Funds the Community.   Our other two finalists will receive a  $1,500 grant as well. Congratulations!  I just love surprises! Which is why when  the opportunity presented itself to dupe   Chamber outgoing board chair Chris  McGilvray, I just couldn't resist.  

Chris has experienced a lot of surprises in  his tenure: becoming chair for two years,   unexpectedly steering our nonprofit  through unprecedented pandemic waters,   navigating virtual learning as a parent and as  a professor at Front Range Community College   and pivoting his own brick and mortar business,  Longmont Liquors. Chris still gave tirelessly   to our organization. So from all of us staff,  thank you, you've truly made a difference at the   Longmont Chamber. Now, for everyone else please  enjoy this amazing candid camera moment where I   told Chris he was giving a speech, but in reality  he was receiving the Making a Difference Award.  Oh, tender! This is it people it's the   final stretch- we only have a few awards left! The  next award represents the need for us to partner   with other organizations and rely on each other  as a community. It's amazing to see what happens  

when people and businesses rally to support one  another the Resilient Business of the Year award,   presented by Longmont United Hospital, was created  last year to acknowledge the swift response   of businesses to support a community in crisis.  As this crisis evolves what is apparent now more   than ever is a need to care for one another. We  are fortunate to have a hospital like Longmont   United caring for our community for over 60  years. Tonight we are honoring businesses   that have mirrored that care for Longmont in  their own businesses. Let's hear from them. Hi I'm Emily Bauer, founder of Blue Skies Massage  and Wellness. I'm most proud of our amazing team.   We've gone from 600 square feet to 1300  square feet- more than doubled our space   and been able to really survive and thrive  through this difficult year and being nominated   for Resilient Business of the Year means the  world to us because it acknowledges really   the difference that we make and  what we have to give to Longmont.

Hi my name is Molly Abernathy. I'm the owner and  veterinarian of the Family Pet Hospital here in   Longmont Colorado. I started this practice in  2015 with the idea of "stress less care more"  In the past year, this challenging pandemic year,  we have actually gained 1,300 new clients, I've   physically expanded our space by 1,400 square  feet, and we've added five new staff members. I'm   super excited to be nominated for this award as  it's a recognition of all the work that we've done Hi this is Goodlife Acupuncture. We're a local  acupuncture and wellness center here in Longmont   Colorado where we use Chinese medicine,  acupuncture, and herbs to help keep your   entire family healthy. We're really proud because  we've been able to help many people stay healthy   through the pandemic as well as many recover  after the pandemic. We're also really proud  

to be nominated because we've been able to keep  six employees employed throughout the pandemic   and we've been able to use our medicine to  show what resilience is truly like. Thank you ...and the winner is...   little did you know I have pockets in my  pantsuit and I cut ribbons like two days a week and the winner of Resilient  Business of the Year is... Blue Skies Massage and Wellness! Congratulations and thank you so much for  your dedication to the Longmont community.  We're here! The peak! The finish line! The  summit! The pièce de résistance! The culmination   of the Chamber's Jubilee! I feel...

I feel a little dance number coming on.... ♫ Give My Regards to Broadway ♫  No. This is a terrible idea, just  kidding, we're totally not doing it.  It's time for the Business of the Year award  presented by Longmont Power and Communications   and Nexlight. As Longmont's own fiberoptic gigabit  internet, Nextlight is for Longmont, by Longmont.  

Tonight's Business of the Year finalists  also represent this incredible aptitude to   support the community first knowing that they  will be supported in return. That is the true   power of community. Without further ado, let's  meet the finalists for Business of the Year. I think one of the most defining things  about learning who you are as a person is the   struggles that you go through. My name is Rachel  Hunter and I am the owner of a florae flowers. Hello, I'm Scott Brasington, owner of GreenPoint  Roofing. I'm most proud of our GreenPoint family   and the culture that we have cultivated over the  past 10 years. I'm very proud of their commitment  

to our customers, to each other and most  importantly their commitment to our community.   We're so grateful and humble be considered for  the Business of the Year award by the Longmont   Chamber. Just to be mentioned with these other  outstanding Longmont businesses is a true honor.  Thank you Longmont! Thank you Longmont My name is Stephanie Fournier and I am  a shareholder and attorney at Jorgensen   Brownell and Pepin. We at JBP are a family-owned,  local full-service law firm with attorneys who   have decades of experience. That allows  us to be your community legal advocates   for life's unexpected moments. We are beyond  privileged and truly honored to be a finalist for  

Business of the Year. Since our inception in  1989, we are proud to have called the Longmont   community home and we would not be here without  the support of our clients and fantastic staff.   We are truly humbled by this  recognition. Thank you again.

and now I will magically pull the Business  of the Year winner from my top hat! well that's a tiny pumpkin so we're going to  try this again. The Business of the Year is... a florae! Congratulations!   That's it for our show everyone! Thank you so  much for tuning in. We are so happy that you   chose to celebrate business with us tonight.  We can't express how grateful we are for the   support our community continues to give us.  Remember, no matter what the year throws at us

we'll get through it. Together. Here's to a healthy prosperous happy new year! I thought you were going to throw  it and I was going to be like *GASP* Got it. And the winner is... [I can work with this] Can this be in the bloopers? Oh god! A little more loft,  a little more like a- oh! [*laughter* More like that?] Like that. I'll just..   oh god no! It's a terrible  idea! It's ruining my hair! [*laughter*] And the winner is- HIGHER! Leah Winkler! How long do you think my arms are? And the winner is...

[*sound of box lid loudly  landing in the trash can*] Okay this is just a practice  arc? And the winner is- [*crashing noises*] no And the winner is... Safe Shelter of the St. Vrain... Leah Winkler! Control... Control yourself! This is ridiculous! All I see in the background is

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