Journey with Self Managing NDIS

Journey with Self Managing NDIS

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So, welcome. We. Are here to talk about self. Management and. In. Particular my. Journey, with self management. I'm, mom. Of a daughter who's, 22. Years, of age she, has very high physical support. Needs and we've. Actually been in NJ for about five years. We're, from the bone region, so we were part of the trial site and. So. We've actually. Been, been. Through, the mill a few times with ndia. So. It's been for. My daughter. A, really. Exciting. And, wonderful, journey, for, me it's been a. Lot of hard work so. Does, anybody here, have an, ISP. And individual, support, package, we've. Got a, couple. Do. Any of you. Self-managed, or do. Direct payments. Alright. Well under, NDA it's totally, different. Alright. So I. Naively. Thought that you, know if I self manage my, ISP, I can self manage my, nja. Nowhere. Near the. Same in the process, that you have to do I'm going to give you some basics. About self. Managing, I'm. Not able to tell you everything today. Some. Of you have been to some of the other sessions, that incorporate, some basics, about NDA, so I'm. Not going to go over those you know accessing. NJ. And that. Kind of information I'm here to talk to you about self, management but I can't talk to you about self, management, without. Talking, about the, other, management. Options, in regard to ndia. So. Just. To to. Get started, so, the. Fund management choices, under, ndia. There, are three different ways to manage the funds. This. Choice is actually made it to India's planning, meeting so. And. Let. Me sail India's, planning, meeting, and. Us actually, call your planning meeting a pre. Planning, meeting, so it's, really important, that you get that terminology. Correct. Your. Pre, planning meeting, is your. Meeting. In do go away and, they, develop, your plan. So. Part, of your planning. Is to decide how you're going to manage the money. In. The plan how you're going to manage the budget and, how, you're going to have bills paid, etc. Change. Of management, option. Later. Can, only occur. If you have a plan review, and playing. The views take quite a bit of time to, arrange and organize so, we could find that your natural. Plan reviews coming, along before we can actually get an. Additional plan, review, so. Ngii. Try. To avoid, and. In, some respects, you, should true you should only do a plan, movies when they're when they're absolutely. Necessary. Because, there are a lot of hard work for everybody so. You. Need to make that, decision about managing, your funds at your, pre-planning. Meetings so you have to put some thought into it. Before. You get started. To. Make claims against, your plan and, to. Get information on. Obligations. In regard to being a provider. Have. Your family. Members. Basic. Information. And if. You're self managing. That. You'll actually make.

Claims. And. You. Don't have access to a computer it's. Going to be much harder for you to self manage it's not impossible. Everybody. Who has, becomes. A participant, under NDA, will. Need, access to, the. Participant. Portal through mygov, we're. Not going to talk today about how you get in to do that. That. Is how you make, claims under self-managing. There's. Just I'm going to skip, this. Is a presentation. That normally goes over two hours so, there's a few slides. That I'm going to not, go into detail, about. Under. NDA there. Are two types of providers. Registered. Providers, and non, registered providers. So. This is where. Self-management. Of management. Can be helpful because you can use either of, those, types. Of providers. Whereas. If your money. Is, enjoying. Manage you can only use. Registered. Providers. Process. To. Become registered with enjoy a. With. A qualified, unable, to provide supports, in the area that they're registered, for. Unregistered. Providers. And. Provided, invoice for these services. So. Mr.. Providers. It's. Up to you to. Ensuring. Qualified. And, capable. Of, doing, the, services. You. Want them to do. Remember. Under, self managing. You. Can use either, as. A self manage of myself. Twelve. Providers, that I have. That. Are unregistered. So. You. Don't necessarily need. The. Variety of registered, and unregistered providers. So. It's important, to remember that the ndia is a funding, plan it's. An, annual allocation. Of money for all the supports, the. Monies actually paid in. So. With, an ice or. Other forms. Of funding the money either. Would. Have provided and. They. Then brought into service. With. An ice beam you just got paid a certain amount on. A regular, basis, and then you paid your providers. Under. The. Service, must be provided, before. The, service, provider, gets paid. So. That means that the service provider, is paid in arrears so. This is a different, way of your service, providers, providing their service. Remember. Please, take, time. If. You've got money, left at the end enjoy, I may. Say. We don't need all the money they had last year. So. We'll, just fund you the same amount as you've actually spent, so. Here under spend in your plan you actually have to justify. That to ndia. So. Managing, the plans and your fund. In. Reality, you're only managing. The payment, process. So. Of. The, three funding. Options. It's. About receiving, the tax invoice, making, a claim on the portal, and paying, the service provider for the invoice, and. You. Meant to budget, and monitor, the expenditure. So. Here, your management, options, enjoy. Managed, land. Managed. Self-managed. And at. The bottom there there's a little automated. Transport. Path. That's, an option that India's put forward so, that if, you have transport, funding you could have an amount paid to you. Weekly. Fortnightly or, monthly the. Same amount. So. That your transport. Funding lasts, for the whole year. Does. That make sense so. You, might, have got. Two thousand, dollars of transport, funding, then. They'll just divide at fifty two ways, or 26 ways or twelve ways depending, on what, you're chosen and they.

Regularly, Down into. Money. Straightaway, and. To ensure that you've got transport. Funds available. Throughout. The whole year once you spend that money obviously you have to use your own funds, to, contribute to your transport, costs. I'll. Just give you. I'm. Not going to you. Can use any of those, three. Management. Options, or you can use a mixture, in your plan that's. Important, for you to understand, you. Can you don't have to just pick one funding. Method, one. Management, method, you, can have any of them. So. Within the ia management. You provided, those on to. The. Provider, portal, makes a claim against you and and they. Receive the money within a couple of days they. Have to have an accounting, system they have to produce an invoice on their system but. Save an invoice, or paperwork the. Provider, makes, a claim. Electronically. To. Enjoy race through the participant, portal, there's, no, shuffling. Or anything like that between in, dia, and the providers. But. The providers do have a lot of, guidelines. That they have to meet in order to make a claim they have to have provided the service to you, they. Can't be billing for services that, they haven't provided. If. You Mei, managed. You. Don't have to do much at all you don't even get to receive an invoice unless. You ask for an invoice. So. We plan management, management, you. Actually have to have a plan manager. Funded, in your plan they get paid, to. Do the job of receiving. An invoice, from you, so, here receive, the invoice from your provider you, approve it you send, it to your plan manager, then, goes on to the provider. Portal, and they. Make a claim against, your plan. So. You at least get, to see, the invoice and check it and. They. Provide the plan, manager, then makes a claim on the portal and pays the provider. But. They get paid a fee for doing that so you need to make sure that you ask for, funding for player manager, at your, planning, meeting. So. The subject, that we'll hear about is some self managing, so, George herself, so, the self managing, you, need to open up a bank account that will, be exclusively. Used for. To. Receive. Money from ndio that. You think don't pay, your, providers. So. You. Choose manage the services. And supports. You. Do that anyway if you enjoy, a managed, or plan, manage you. Select. And manage, your services. Okay. Anyway I don't do it for you the, plan manager, doesn't do it for you so. Self, managing, the funds is, about.

Paying. Accounts. For see the accounts, throw. Me on the portal and pay them, some. People think that enjoy. A or, play, manager, are. Actually going to manage your services, and they're. Not so. No. Matter what option, you ask for, you will be managing, the services, and supports. But in self managing, you, will be receiving, the invoices, from your providers, you'll be checking them and then, you go on to the, participant, portal, and you, make a claim against. Your family members plan the. Funds then get paid down into, your bank account the. Ndia bank, account that you have created so. That you can pay your providers, account. So, you need to set up a bank account to manage the photos and you can self manage all or, part of the funds, but. Again, you must nominate this, at your planning, meetings, so. You. Can use registered, or non, registered providers. So. This. Just tell I've already explained, this that with your registered. Others, and unregister, providers, when NDA, you must use the registered providers, plan managers, you can use, registered. Or non. Registered and, the, same with, self-managed. There's. A few pros, and cons in regard to each management. Option, and you might want, to take a photo of that particular slide, if you because. There's possibly, one of the most. Helpful bits of information. With. Mja managed, there's, less responsibility, for you, you, don't even have to see an account if, you don't want to and it's. Basically, in the hands of your service. Provider and for, some families, that's. The, option that they'll choose because they really don't want to get too deeply involved in. The. Service provision and the accounts, they'd like things to just be done the way they are today. But. Essentially, under NDA, it. Does change. We. Plan managed. You. Have more more. Choice and more control. You. Need to receive the invoice and approve, it you shouldn't be having them sent directly, to your, plan manager, without your approval. Maybe, you'll set up some kind of system, where your.

Plan Manager, gets the invoice and so do you and then. You let your plan manager, know that that has that you approve. Boys. And. Manager. Doesn't go and sort out. In. Collectibles. If you've been billed for, a. Service. It wasn't private your. Plan manager, has no control over that they aren't, organizing. Who's. Doing, what on what day well. They're doing is in invoices. That you're sending them so. You still, have to deal. With your service, providers, in regard, to service. Provision, now. That's a really important, thing for you to remember. That. Anyway. Managed, by. Managed. Self-managed. With, all of those you are still, managing. The. Services. That are coming in and out of your home or, the, service, that's being provided. In. De programs. And other. Settings, for your family member. Cellphones. You do have more choices so, if you had funding, for a cleaner, for instance. You. Could get. You. Know the the, gyms cleaning. Franchise to. Clean the house you could get the gyms, mobile. To do the gardening, and mater's, if you have that, kind of funding, in your plan. What. You, need to do if you're going to use unregistered. Providers, is that you need to make sure that they're actually a legitimate, business they need to be able to provide you with a tax invoice, in. Order, to provide the service, you, can't have somebody, you. Can't pay somebody, cash, and, then. Expect, that you can claim a reimbursement, from. Ndia. You. Can. At. Times if you have a tax, receipt. But. You can't just pay somebody cash, and they, write on a piece, of paper you know received you, know fifty dollars and then, claim it from nja that, doesn't work. That'd have to be a legitimate, business, so. You. Don't get out of budgeting. Your annual allocation. Either no, matter what management, methods, you use you, actually have to budget the money to last the whole year. So, it's, something that you can't escape something. You need to do but, you can get help, with it so. You. Know some of you will ask for, plan, management funding, in. Your plan but some of you might also ask for support. Coordination, funding. And, hopefully. You've seen as a whole lot of services. Offering support, coordination, out there and if. You feel that you need help, with, getting. Your. Plan implemented. And finding. The right services, for your situation, then you should be asking ndia, for, support. Coordination, when. You have your planning meeting because, that. Is the person, that. Can help you with. Finding, the right kind of services, and getting them under, way and. Getting. All the paperwork ready.

That's Going to enable. You to move forward, with your plan. Which. That's what that's about. Help. With managing the budget your, support coordinator. Some. You, can get extra. Funding. For financial, and service intermediary. And they. Can help you a bit more with service, provisions, so support coordinators. And. Hourly. Financial. And service intermediary. Can. Help, you we. Can ask for assistance, from your NJ planner, or your local area coordinator. Most. People with plans will, have a relationship with, a local area coordinator, and that's, somebody who should be able to. To, a system. So. The rules different, for self managers. Not. Really. But. You, had to do basically, what a service, provider would have to do and then as you must keep invoices. For. For. Five years you. Must be careful to ensure you spend the funds in accordance with the goals in your plan so. You just can't change, your mind and decide though, you, know I haven't, used all, of that support worker, time, so. I think I. Think we'll just go and we'll. Take our family member on a holiday because, we said we wanted them to get out doing. Social, and recreational. Stuff. Ma. Doesn't pay for holidays. They, may pay for support, workers to go on holidays, with you but, they don't pay for you, know air fares and accommodation. And, stuff. Like that, you, can't suddenly decide, well our family member needs to. Need. A new trampoline and. Get. Them a trampoline, out of your funds it's, not what the money, was. Funded. For in the first place so, you have to use the money in, accordance, with your goals. You. Can use registered and non registered providers. You. Can pay providers, more or less than the price guide so. That's an important, difference that you. Might have a. Lady. Down the road who's. Prepared. To get an NBN an. ABN. In bed. She's. Prepared to get an ABN. She's. Prepared, to take our personal, accident, insurance because. You need to make sure that there's no miss to you, and. Your family, if somebody, trips over. Step. Coming. To provide services, in your home you, don't want to be liable so, you. Know the lady down the street might be prepared to get an ABN, and be insured and you. Might also require, that she has a first, count, first aid certificate, and you're doing for a police, check on her, as well. But. That is a legitimate. Unregistered. Provider, so, that's what. You can do as a self-manage, you can have that flexibility. But. It does put more, responsibility. On you and you sort of have to do a bit of due diligence like, any business would do, in.

Regard To a provider. You. Can. Actually negotiate. Then. Discard. The. Price guards available on the enjoy website, and, it's, a crucial document if. Anybody, gets an opportunity to read it you should it, gives you lots and lots of information. You. Cannot make bookings. With providers. Service. Bookings the new thing that NJ, started, and it's a layer of. Extra. Work. For you. And. Well, for your service providers, as well so, as a self manager, I don't. Have to do service bookings which I love. Because. I'm paying my service, providers, so they don't need a service. Booking to make a claim against my daughters plan. Because. I'm paying. Them so it takes out a level of. Administration. From, your point of view and from the service providers, point of view I know, you're going one is the service booking, mm you'll, learn about, enjoy, process. You. Should have service, agreements, with your providers, so. You. Should have. Some. Kind of document, that sets out the terms that you want to do business by and, often your service providers, will come to you with a document, like. That saying you know our cancellation. Policy, for shift, is. You. Know one week and, I. Began what, one, week I don't like that at all, I'd like to be able to give my service providers. 24. Hour notice, of, a. Shift. Cancellation. But. You got to be careful because sometimes when, we're talking about cancellation. They're, talking about cancellation. Of the, arrangement. That they have, so. We need to be specific about what. We want from a provider, if. A provider doesn't, want to do business. With me anymore, I might. Want four weeks notice. They. Might want four weeks notice. So that they can let their staff know well you know Donna doesn't want you anymore, so. You know you've got four we've got four weeks to find, you another job, so. Cancellation. Of service. With the service provider is different to cancellation, of a shift so, a service, agreement sets. Out those, arrangements. So. It's just a general, agreement.

As This is how we're going to do business together. Ngi. Says. You must have, service agreements. I. Have. Service, agreements, with only two. Or three of my service, providers, because, there. Are all general, businesses, and they all have, their. General, terms of business which are very. Quite. Acceptable, to me. I don't have to have a special, signed, agreement, with them that, sets. Out my terms. You. May be audited, at any time so. Just, like any of the other businesses, because. You're receiving and paying out money and you I can audit you at any time and certainly. In the future they'll be auditing, on a regular, basis, so this, is one of the reasons you need to keep your information for, five years but. It. Is that, you need to have legitimate, invoices. For the services, that have been provided to, you. An NDA will create will, have more audits, as. Everybody. Gets rolled onto the system they're, going to do audits more of them. You. Can. Direct. Employ if you. Self, manage. You. Can also direct. Employee if you plan manage. That's. A big step when we're talking about directing, point we're talking about you being the employer, and paying. Wages and, tax. And, all. That kind of stuff and the bookwork that goes along with that but. You don't have to be. A direct, employer. To self-manage. I. Use. Registered. I use. Registered, service providers, for all of my personal, care needs for my daughter, I haven't. Found a need to direct employee. At. All so, but it's a personal, choice you do have that flexibility. If you, self manage. If. You're self managing. You have to be able to I, account, some time you. Have that obligation to. Your service providers, so there's, that that, need for need for speed, in a way by. The time you receive an invoice it might only be 7, or 14 days or, maybe. Even, after. The service has been provided so, you, need to be able to, check. That and. Claim. It off the portal, in, order to pay the provider.

And. Ndia gives, you about. 90, days after a services, provided, to be able to make a claim, so you can't sit, on things for too long, plus, your service providers, are expecting, to be paid within. 14, days of, providing, the service in most cases so. You have, to be able to put the time in I. Would. Think that you'd be wanting to do claims on the portal, fortnightly. Monthly. Would not be sufficient. Or often. Enough for many of your providers. So. If you think you have the time and the energy to. Be able to do that fantastic. I find. I have to create. An excel, sheet, to. Be able to record, all the invoices from my providers. Because. Ndia, doesn't. Have the individual, invoices. Up on the portal. They, just have both claims, on, their system, so. You, don't have the detail, on the, participant, portal, so. I, actually, have a document where, I actually record, all of my provider, invoices, because that's the only place that, I. Can actually have. That have, that detail. So. You need to be organized and have the time you. Need general administration, budgeting. And computer, skills because, you have to work out you. Have to know at any particular time. Where. Your budget is there's. A lovely little report, on the, participant. Portal, called. Support. Budget and, it, gives you a percentage, of. What. You've spent and, what, is what. The balance is so. You know if I'm three months into my plan I can look at that and if I'm if. I've spent twenty, percent of my funds I'm, pretty, happy because you. Know I'm running close, to, twenty. Five percent budget then so five percent Li ways not, too bad so, it'll always be running a little bit behind because, you won't have received, all of your accounts, I use. That as my budgeting, tool but. Also I know in. My head how, much my, personal, care bills should be, each week, and, if. I get a bill that's you, know a lot more than my average. There'll, be a reason, usually, but. It will alert me well, you know it has a mistake, be made or something like that so you have to keep your. Finger on the pulse as far as your budget, is concerned because you. Don't want to run out towards, the end of the plan, in. The same case you don't want too much left at the end of the plan, India. Is giving, you funds. The. Reason. Will necessary, funds that, you need to support your family member for the year, so you need to make it last. If, you run out you can, ask for review, before the money runs out and then though I will certainly try and. Do. A review quickly, for you but, if you think you're going to run out of funds halfway, through a year, and. You've only spent, sixty, percent. Ngi. Is not going to give you a review. Because. You know you still got forty percent of your funds left and if you are you, can carefully, manage the funds for the next six. Months you'll be okay. So. Overspending. Is not annex to. Them is not an excuse, to put your hand up and ask for a plan review when, you still got funds left. So. In day in most cases are not unreasonable. But. The budgeting, part of it is important, and it is totally, up to to family, regardless, of the funding.

Method The. Management. Method of the funds is it's up to you to budget. I. You. Can get more information. On. The NGO website, from. Valid, on self-managing. There. Actually, isn't as. Much information out there as there should be I, will, continue to self-manage, my, daughter's. Plan. Because. I'm a control, freak and, I'd like to know what's going on and I want, my finger on the pulse, but. I'm actually considering. As I move forward and I want. To do less myself, that perhaps I'll, get a plan manager, to do some of the typical. Bills. So. That our service. Providers get, paid more regularly, because with media. It. Takes a little bit longer for them to get paid so, now. That I'm comfortable with my service, providers, and I'm. Comfortable with the way the NGO works. Getting. A plan manager, might be a good solution for, our sort of a halfway. Mark. I. Think. I've told you most of stuff about self managing. Just. I supposed to get to a bit of a personal level is. That. Originally. Self managing, just about killed me. Within, dia it was, really complicated and, really difficult but. NGO have made lots, of improvements. To the portal, so that it is, you. Can now self, manage, without too, much. Difficulty. So. The, thing is that you will hear stories, about there, you'll hear, you. Know terrible stories, about people's. Experience, of self managing, and you, know I'd be saying yes yes yes that would have happened but, now. There's. Less likelihood, if, you're, having a really bad experience with, self management, I. Can't. Tell you which method to use. Plan. Management, is middle-of-the-road, so. You could always start, there, but. If you've got big regular, services, that you trust will bill you correctly, start. With ndia managed. For. Your first plan there's, so much for you to learn and, experience and. To. Complicate, it with trying. To manage money and budget. On your own. Is. Is, a big step so, take. On all the help that's out there ask for support coordination, get. Plan management. So that you have you. Know you have the flexibility, but you also have somebody to help you to, set up the budget.

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