Josh & Luke Discuss 9 Years in Business Together

Josh & Luke Discuss 9 Years in Business Together

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Hi. Everyone my name is Josh guest I'm the founder, and director of iteration, for transpire. Hello, I'm Lucas Morgan I'm the CEO of transpire, and it, is out nine year anniversary as, a business. Partnership business partner anniversary, and I use I, think. About nine, years ago where we will move in right now it's, tired separately, so years, ago we, were. At. A cafe in. Called. Last chick off signing. A partnership agreement. Yeah. As, in the this. Is a common, straightness to be based on a punishment, now we started it last ticket at the cafe I he was handed over whiskey today we. Did two FA and a whiskey, bar on this trail we're doing a testicles, are, we were reviewing it we're reviewing review Marianna. And scotch, there, was always sign a contract I was over not Swiss to escape, yeah and, was. The place. There. Anymore yeah without hotels but it was nice it was pretty, momentous like it, was um deciding. To I spent you need admit printed out a nice contract I penned a nice pin I get it wrong I, think it was an imitation Mont Blanc at the time that's, probably my sister but not this time we could afford this data hmm, and, and. Some. Document shake hands it's. A big day like I wish he it sees that yeah yeah. Deciding. To go into a. Long. Journey together to. Build, a great company and, I think we were absolutely on the same page that's what we wanted to do. Commit. To each other at our time and our passion and blood sweat and tears I don't, think then we knew, exactly. What that meant, yeah. We trusted. Each other that, we can do something, great and leave a mark on the world but I don't think, looking. Back if. We think about the journey without a nine years so, much has happened like it's it's. Been huge. It's been a crazy time and I don't think I think, one of the great, things at that time was it wasn't the first time that we met or started working together so the. Sort of real back. Of transpire. And beachy cloud as well previously, known in our partnership was I, was, actually working for Josh's as a contractor, doing doing. About an hour of work a day well that's all you're paying me for you're only paying me for an hour work I was doing a lot more work I checked his time Jason and, I think I'd lodged a timeshare I think you owe me some back pack too late for those Alex good but now that was yeah, now put my claiming no. But that was that was my sort of buying my sweat equity to the business so did about six. Or eight months of of, working. With you full-time, before. We actually went into partnership together I think that's actually a really valuable it, was a really valuable part of our experience was getting, to know each other getting to work. Out our strengths and weaknesses and how we could work together as a team before. Sort of committing to really going into business together yeah even needed that because I think that time. Together, and getting. To know each other and, then. Making it because apart this fast ships a huge commitment and, getting.

To Know each other how we work that. We're very different, in. Good ways you know I, think, our approaches, are quite different but that's actually what makes our partnership strong. That. Means we have a really, strong fundamental. Understanding, of how each other operates and works and, we've. Got a very strong trust, in. Each other the, right thing but, you come back together like I think that's what we sort. Of learned in, that first six months is that yeah. Although we would have. Disagreements. They, actually put like productive, ones the ones where we go. Away we think about it we come back and we have the ability to do that rather than you know sort. Of the further. Her. Arms about and make, a big deal of it so I think, that was that was the important thing about those there. Was sort of eight months or so that we work together or that I worked I really worked for you and before. We before we went to partnership I think there was two important things about that one, was we. Spent, time working, out was there actually a business opportunity before, we just went full. Full. Depth into right, we're now a startup and we're running a business so we actually created, business opportunities, for ourselves, and. Then you, know created, the opportunities, create. Income, that was you know a really important thing as a start-up we, started charging customers consulting. For our time and we invited ourselves early, on we valued what we were doing we, didn't know always what we were doing we don't know but we. Worked that out along the way but we would uncover opportunities, we signed deals and then we'd work out how to deliver there and then, also figuring out how to work together and actually is this worth us committing all of their time and effort into because. That's in the early, day so that's such an important thing because you constantly when. You first. Started your company you're. Constantly, on the deciding. Whether or not do. You continue, being a, founder, and a director of a company or do, you go and take a job you know and and there's, really tough times there's times where we. Haven't got the next customer in the early days and we're trying to work out what we do next or how. We're going to pay the bills next and yeah. You're, teetering on do we just give this up or do we keep going, and spit, on our server you know who you major competitors, are and I guess as a founder of a business off and your biggest competitor, is actually doing, getting a paid job yeah, that's how you're sort of always competing, with you is thought in the back of mind is. This all were that all of this responsibility, all of these blood sweat and tears that your your shredding to to build your business in your brand you. Know should I just already know would it be easier if I actually just got a job and. For. A lot of people that's the reality of, startup. World and a building a business is that most businesses, will not succeed and you. Know there is I think a lot of praise. That should be given to those that do at least attempt to start. A business and success, is definitely never guaranteed, but, you. Know for those that can persevere, and. Find that you get pragmatic. Fit for you from those services and that you can build a good team and that you can actually build, good. Relationships with customers if. You can persevere, through those really hard times, then. You can start to enjoy, yourself, and get rewarded for it more than what you might be able to an individual, role in. Business or as an employee. So. Him yeah 90, years a long time what would be one of our biggest challenges. We. Face in nine years, Oh your. Face I have, to think back I probably. Want one major thing that comes to mind where we'll. Probably a team of about. Probably. About 18, or so at the time and. We. Were working with a startup.

Company Who. Had, very quickly become actually our biggest customer, they, were a trying. To disrupt the sort of telecommunication. Space they, were building some hardware and software and we'll building out their mobile apps for them incredible. Vision like oh, but the vision, that they had something. We really, bought into yeah, we really bought into and have team really bought into our team actually, really felt strongly, as part of our customers, team and that was fantastic and they became you, know they raised a bunch of funds early on they became a really large customer, of ours and we probably had, you. Know ten or eleven about sort, of a chain team members all on this one client and when. Things are going well it was fantastic, I remember. We got a call one day out of the blue from the from the CEO, and when it went for we had a coffee. And. And. I remember hearing the news that. It's all going to stop you know the venture has. Ceased and there's, no funds to pay back, pay us for the last month or so of work yeah, it's no more funds, to continue development and. Remember. We I, came, back upstairs and I first, had a Chad to look I said hey there's a situation we were in I what. Are we going to do and and, I remember Luke. Had said well let's, just get our whole team together and. Let's. Just talk about it let's let's, just share the news with everyone and let's just figure out what we do next and we did that when to the little grass area in the corner at the office and we. Talked. About it as a team and it was amazing so quickly the team went right this. Is what we're gonna do we're gonna jump on this hey can we stand and we. Got it we got through it but I'll tell you what that was a No a pretty. Low point for that yeah and I think it was a really good lesson for us and for others is you know there's always time for panic and that can come later you know I think your first response to any really. Difficult situation of business is to try to remain. Level-headed, be. Pragmatic, really. Try to you. Know engage and communicate well with your with your stakeholders, especially, your team and try. To work out well, what are the best steps that we can take to mitigate the situation let's. Go and commit ourselves to doing those, actions, because. It's a temptation to sort of just go into panic mode and. What are we going to do about this, if. You actually have that as a team you might get some ideas and we got some weird ideas from others in our team that we probably wouldn't have thought of just on us on our own so. That was really important one. I'm. Not what sir yeah, what about, proudest. Moments, you know think about so, many things we've been able to, achieve. In, nine years and, I'm just one, comes to mind for me yeah, I remember always in. The early days. Jumping. On flights. And traveling. Into state and. And. Being. In, small business entrepreneurship, really bought into the the virgin virgin, Authority, and Virgin Australia story, and made sure I always traveled with that airline and then, and, in one day this thought what are we amazing if we get rid of all these paper tickets and imagine. We as a business could have an impact on an industry, as awesome. As that plus, with a, company. That shares a lot of the values, and vision to Richard Branson that you know I've, certainly read his books and and you, know absolutely, fine to it and imagine. We could work together and it was like earlier I was like 2012. 2013. And, I thought we we've, never get there you know we never, be able to do that and when. You're working mostly, with smaller, startups, at that time we, had a few large corporates who given us some small piece of work but working, with a company like that always seemed, pretty, unattainable, dinner unattainable and so I. Think, for me when. Last year we, launched the the. Entire II build. And. Digital. Mobile channels, and mobile apps and and, then seeing and using that yes, myself, and then going on a flight and seeing other people using something that we created was yeah, we talked about leaving a mark on the world and that was that's leaving a mark that's that's we've made life a lot easier for you.

Know Hundreds, of thousands of people who are traveling and that was familiar. Our. Moment to. Think that that's something we've been able to contribute, to and yeah. A lot so, and if the business didn't exist we would never have done that yeah, and I think one of the great. Things about us that we always share, as. Much as we have differences in the way that we think and the roles that we play in the business we have a lot of commonality. And one of the that we share is our desire to use. Technology, and build great technology, to solve big, challenges and. Sometimes those big challenges can impact millions, of people and they get to use the technology, that we build every day and that's really proud for us sometimes. A technology we've built in the past has only been for a small handful of people that actually. End up using it might be an internal product for for, a customer, who wants. To create. Some efficiencies, from going from a really paper-based, slow system to. Helping. Them to use an iPad, application to immediately, produce, reporting, and and massively. Improve their proper tunity and, sometimes it's only used by a small handful, of people but that's making a huge impact in their lives and in the inner clients life as well for. Their business and that's sort of the beautiful thing about where, we sit at the intersection of business and technology, we. Really enjoy be able to have that kind of impact on the world. So, I'm, thinking. The other day what are some of that really. Interesting. Experiences. That we've had over the years ones, where we've been. Thought. Out of the box and and no no the other day we were talking about it one and one came to mind, with. Verges Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile you. Know this is this is probably. Again a strong. Reflection of us where. We're. Entrepreneurs, and and you, know we think about how to create business opportunities a little bit more differently, than just a very, linear. Process so. We. Actually had, we. Had one of our earlier team members build an Android app for, Virgin. Mobile who were a MVNO. Then they no longer in operation in Australia but they. Didn't have an app to help their customers get insights about their data usage and manage their plans and things like that one, of our earlier. Team members actually built an. Unofficial app because he was a customer of Virgin Mobile's I mean and we found out about it during his interview yeah it actually helped him get the job as ice in the show he was interested in doing things on the side and had a really strong passion project, and. And. He felt, about got about 22,000, customers using, using.

This Free app he didn't he didn't do it for the money it cost him money to build it he just was frustrated, that this big brand that he was. Assert was it was a customer of didn't have a great mobile experience, and I. Still remember the day that he, walked. Into the office my first, day on the job was, the first day on the job so he was really pale. And distraught. And I said what what's, wrong with him he said I just got this cease and desist letter from legal. Team from this big, corporate. Company Virgin, Mobile that, are in. Breach of their brand and that got. A stop using, their name take my up off the App Store and. I said I'm gonna get sued this is our show we sort, of calmed him down and said show, us this letter will, help you just just relax then we'll help you figure out what's happening here and I, remember Josh she jumped on LinkedIn he looked up who is the was, the head of marketing at the time for Virgin, Mobile and. You, were, able to get his phone. Number and give, him a call and you absolutely blast it and said how dare you treat one of your loyal customers who, has gone out of their way invested. Their own money their, own time to building a product that, you guys are neglected, to do for your customers and now, your legal team is sending him cease and desist letters he, said. Cook. They calm down I, don't know what you took. And. Let. Me let me talk to legal not work out what's, happened here yeah and then I okay. I've spoken. To legal, withdraw. The safes entities that are now. Why. Should we have an app. We. Were about to build a website, why would we need an app yeah, and that started off a great conversation, where they were actually I would become a really, great early customer of ours and. Our team member who. Had been. Under threat of legal, action from a, company, that he was just passionate about being a customer of but they were able to work on their official product and get paid for it and actually. See he's work come to life and get much more support from the organization out, of suit and even, to and I know that the business is winding, up but today. It is one of the highest rated apps on the App Store it is. 4.9, stars it was up its, yeah. An enduring, enduring. Experience. And really really good app so yeah, one day we paid off and is there a present, story. Thinking. Back to some of our earlier. Team, members and you know as you I'm through, the last nine years you you, start to learn that you, need different team members for. Different parts of your journey it's. Very rare that anyone stays in a business more than a few years these days and people are quite transient, and what different have. Different aspirations and, want to try to fulfill those in different roles and. I think one of the good lessons we've learned is that you need different people at different times in. Your business and you. Know some of our earlier team members were that really the kind of people you need as a startup who could, just figure out how to get, done well we had yeah everything, about some. Of our earliest developers, you know they were developing. The. Mobile app that we're doing the middleware, they were doing the backend, they were doing the testing, and the QA and it was one person doing every thing and on platforms, that had only just been released I mean Android, when, we first started building technology. Android we had not even been a popular, platform, at all in Australia, and. Then think about some of the other devices besides, mobile that technology. That came to watch the glasses are there was so many so many so many platforms. Yeah, just so much so much. You. Needed and you need people like that, when, you first in, his early days yeah, that's right and so. This moment to reflect on our first our first employee actually, you. Know we had a few contractors, who were doing some work for us when we started the business and. Then, when we actually got to a scale where we could hire, our first employee a guy, named Tom Perry he. Was a fantastic, fantastic.

Developer. And iOS developer had, an absolutely, brilliant quirky. Unusual, but brilliant, mind and. He was the kind of person we could throw any challenge, at and he, would love to work, out how to solve big, complex, challenging. Problems and he always come up with a solution, and, you. Know it's probably worth taking a moment to reflect that, unfortunately. Tom is no longer with us that. Was a very difficult time for us as a business and us personally, that. Sadly Tom suicided. A really, really rough moment in our history one that we'll never forget in fact, we're sitting in, a room and our current office at the moment named Perry so named in Toms honor and. He's someone special that we wouldn't never want to forget and you. Know go having to deal with an. Issue like that as a small business and as a small team was. One really big challenge for us but I'm, something our team was fantastic, at being able to UM help, us with you know our head, of people in culture at the time she was amazing. At providing some really, practical. Steps, that we hope to be able to communicate what was going on with the whole team yeah should. Be able to communicate. With Tom's family to. Be able to deal with some practical. Issues that needed to be dealt with that you wouldn't even consider, like. Being able to access someone's, computer and being. Able to get source code and, access to projects. Importantly. Even just helping us you know I you. Know you don't. Winner, in business there's so many things that are unexpected that, you know you've never experienced. Before and, and. Essentially. A constant, in business and so that you, know and when. Tom passed away that, was a real, moment. Where we had. No. Idea how to handle, that we're dealing with it mostly, as well there's a huge you, know. Just. A huge loss I get upset thinking about it now there but you have to we had to sort of put up for our personal. Feelings aside for a moment yeah you know people look to the leaders of a business when you're going through challenging times and. We had to take. All the steps that was necessary, for our team and bits supporters, for them and. Be the communicators, between our clients let them know what was happening and. You know we had to almost put, all of our personal feelings and challenges, that we were going through on the back on the back burner until we had time to deal with those afterwards, and, I. Think from that one of the one of the interesting. Things about Co we, we. Always tell our teams, how. Important confidentiality, is in projects, and and. And. I remember, in. We're, talking to Tom's. Father actually Pathan and about. Some of the stuff that he'd worked on that, Tom had worked on and in his dad said I had no, idea I'd, always ask him what are you working on what are you doing at the moment and and. He'd always say them that I can't tell you it's it's, confidential. And then as we told and. Actually. Spoke it at his his. Funeral and and. Told. Some of the incredible. Achievements, that he had done, from you. Know building, applications. To help people in you know in health care within, you know all different industries solving the biggest problems and it was just actually a wonderful moment, I, know for his family to his. And, it's an honor to sit in a room named after him yeah I know and I think it was for. Us although obviously. An extremely unfortunate, and. Saddening event it was a catalyst for us to be really mindful of the importance of mental health and.

You Know being really. Strong, mentally, and having support around you and calling. Out issues of mental health and. In. A team and in, a business is of. Crucial importance, and you know there was probably it, was not something we'd ever really paid much attention to or called out at all. But you know everyone goes through mental health challenges, at. Some point in time and it, shouldn't be treated any differently than a physical problem someone might have you. Know people are very comfortable to say I'm taking a personal day because. I've got a shocking migraine, or I've got a terrible stomach ache so. I'm taking sick leave but we don't as a team and. As a culture tend to openly, say you. Know my head's not really feeling, great or I'm having a bit of a mental health day and. That's something that's helped bring that conversation to life and. That's at least one positive light that can come from those difficult situations is, that it's made it more prominent for us as a business to acknowledge, these. Challenges, that face everyone and for, not to be a stigma it's something that we can try and help people get through as a team try, and help provide support and. I'll see it as something that needs to be swept under the rug yeah, absolutely. I think, that's even yeah, can we talk about that yeah. One. Of the questions is. And. And thanks we've actually got some questions here prompted. From our our team and and. One of them is what. Keeps us up at night running. A running a company now and. A. Growing. Company. Yeah. I think, of many things that keep us up at night but they, will talk about a couple with that's. One that keeps you, have a night yeah, I think a constant. No. Matter where you are at a business so you. Know whether it was just nine years ago and it's just the two of us and our costs were extremely, low we. Weren't taking any money out of the business probably just enough that we could buy some groceries and I afford, to pay some rent and live, even. Credit, card bills, you. Know even fast forwarding to today where we've got 50 staff and you, know office. In the in the Melbourne CBD. You.

Know Cash flow is always front. Of mine and, I, think no matter what size you get to as a business especially as we're self-funded. You, know we started business from a $0, basis, and have. Always bootstrapped, the company being. Mindful of cash flow and good strong. Commercial, practices, is something that's been really important, to us and. Some of them are really quite, good at yeah I think you know there's times in our history where, we haven't been, great at how. We look at those metrics, and and. It's from those times because there's no I'm. Sure there's books that talk about this but you know really you, know. For. Us I think we've learned a lot of things impact us and so you, know we we've, learned, over time how we ways. That we can get much better at, managing, some of the metrics in the business so, then we, can and the tools we've got now, compare. That to what we had say 3 or 5 years ago yeah we had no idea what was going on and you know everything we're learning about in, in, arrears and just finding about it after it's already happened but we get to the end. Of the year we go and we look back you know do. We make any money. They. Lucky to run a profitable business every, year and even even, from being a bootstrap business and not taking any external. Investment we've still been managed to do it to do that. But. You, know I think it's something it's probably not talked about enough there's there's a lot of the we talk about a lot of the work we do we talk about other teams and you see this in the business community in general but, in a really strong sound, financial and commercial management, is fundamental. To running a good business and there is nothing, if you don't have a really strong foundation, of. Your own business and making, sure you, know cash flow is king at. Any size of a business and being responsible, about how you spend, your funds being.

Responsible About how you deal, with customers and have conversations, about collecting, of funds as well and is, really fundamental and, the conversations. You can't be afraid to have we've. Seen like over, nine years you, know there's a lot of companies. Our industry, that have come and some. That have gone and, and. I'm yeah. I know, that some and I'm confident, that the things that we've put in place are, the reasons why we're still, here yeah and and. Yeah, I'm sure there's lessons to be learned some of the other companies that haven't been able. To enjoy yeah, so I sort, of always said you know having having, a lot of staff and having a lot of overhead is what kept me up at night but it's. Also what gets me up in the morning I find it you know extremely, motivating, to think that, you. Know from just the two of us we've, been able to now build. A really great foundation for it for a large consulting, technology business, that. Employs, close. To 50 people that means that's mortgages. That's school fees that's families, that we're helping to support and. I find that incredibly. Gratifying that, we're able to help you know fuel the economy and help people support, their families, and put their kids through school and, you. Know live fulfilling lives as, well and. I think for me that's one of things gets me out of bed in the morning is that yeah, we've been a, really, good testament, to you. Done. An exceptional, job at, bringing in team. Members who were just the, best like the best of the best and so. When. I got up in the morning come and work and and, the, little chats that I have or the the. Things that I hear that our team were working on all the presentations. That they've, done in the industry or it's, just it blows my mind and so, what. What we've. Done and testament. To as. Well.look is that the, people that you've. Helped us attract, into the company have, been yeah, second turnout and that's what, that, gets me out of bed in the morning and excited to come to to, work every day and and, you know that's something I'm actually, at the moment really proud of as well you know I started. Out when you. Know hiring of all about team members and, you know spending a lot of time investing, in, building, up the skills and the science to actually hiring great people and learning and getting great coaches and mentors and. Then you know we invested really early on in our people, and culture team and having that, having. That in-house to help us with our recruitment. And hiring process and also been able to retain really great people through being. Able to work on really great interesting, projects. And helping people feel really challenged, and motivated, and fulfilled in the work that they do but, now, we also come in and we find there. Are new team members who we haven't met before and have actually had no involvement in hiring, them and, it's a transitional, phase in a business where you know, where we used to interview, and hire every single person and, now some of those fantastic people that we've hired they're, now the ones who are interviewing and hiring and training new.

People As well and so you know that takes a big weight, off our shoulders and. That makes me really proud of our team that, you, know people come and work for this business used to be when we were you. Know a smaller startup that they come and work for Luke and Josh but. Now they come and work for Team. Leader whose whose team they're going to be working in or for somebody. Else who's interviewing, them and it's great that sometimes we get to a rock up and meet new team, members who like. They can teach us about and tell us about what their role is in what they're here to do and you. Know we get to see how they can grow and flourish in the business as well. As a Ripper question, has been asked which is and who. Has been the most difficult customer. To work with stealing. Your customer well it's it is it is a fact of business that I don't mean namely so no no. We won't name and shine little. Bit probably, be nice but um it is effective business that although we get to work with some really great customers. And work on great projects not. Everyone you work with over the years of conducting business they're going to be well. Suited for you to work with and. I think too it's, probably a couple, couple, examples, that comes to mind but and if we had to look at why why, they've been difficult, to work, with its that I. Think it's again one of probably. Trust their. Trust in us so, I found where you. Know a customer. Hasn't, been, able to trust in the direction, or recommendations. Of our team where they. They. Sort. Of overrun the team and, just tell the team what to do that doesn't work because the people who we bring into the business of the sorts of people will question and, challenge and, and so. As soon as that that's, lost in the relationship, the, it. Doesn't work and so there's been a few lows over the years and, and. It's difficult it's hard so really how one hard one for for. The customer is a hard one for us and to really, have one for our team and we. Know to. Attract the best people we. Have to be working on yeah, the last thing we did has to be incredible, the thing that we delivered last has to be amazing and so and, if it hasn't been then, it actually has a longer-term impact so yeah well there's, you know we're in an industry where there is a very short supply of really talented people and. You know it's already hard enough to find people with the particular technical. Skill sets that we look for in our in our development. And design, groups but. That we've always said that only gets people halfway anyways, we were to look for people who are great culture fits for us and for our clients people, who are really going to live up to our values and. So that makes it an extremely limited supply, of people who are out, there in the market that we that, could potentially come and joins transpire, and be successful so, if. We're not working really hard to make sure we've got great relationships with customers and you know this is what josh is amazing, at doing is helping. To lead our our customer, solution team and. Lead. For the business and build, relationships, with customers that, and, build relationships with people that last, for a really long time and ultimately what they're buying, when they engage with transpire, is trust. And they're you. Know they have to know that what they're getting from us is sometimes. It's going to be challenging conversations. It's. Going to be us, being very curious, and asking lots of questions probing. And. Often challenging as. To why a client, is going down a certain direction and we're gonna be making some strong recommendations, of other ways that. They could be doing things as well and you, know building. That as part of our culture and part of the team and part of the value proposition, of transpire, is, what, motivates, our team and ultimately what attracts our clients to be able to work with us because, there's. No shortage of companies that they could work with large, consulting groups who, happy. To receive a brief charge, a lot of money and do what they're told to deliver deliver. To expect deliver describe we're. Not particularly interested in doing that kind of work we've. Been lucky enough to have some really great customers, that actually believe in, our. Team and are buying into you. Know we've sort of, transpire. Comes from this this idea of, two. Parts coming together you've seen Josh's. Two. Different parts right it's um it's our hands and our minds it's we think and we make we transform, we inspire transpire.

And. That was a big part of actually rebranding, a business as well so for the first six. Or seven years of this business people known as B to cloud and I'm once, in that time we had this idea to rebrand, as a few years in yeah and we, had about 10 about, 18 members at the time yeah and remember. The name that will go that we picked two early browsers stylish. I like and and. Over we, had. Got the website built we got the business, cards down we got the Flyers everything, all that everything was done templates. Everything, was ready to go and it was like we'd. Said on a Friday like we're gonna press the button it's all gonna it's all gonna happen and look and I sat down and. Now. We're two big. Customers. You know one will lose all the all the brand recognition that we've built no no no we can't we can't fail the drinking, and so he cancelled a candidate or we. Pressed. On @b to clap so they know as, a year ago now yeah, a bit. Longer so about. 18 months ago you. Know this sort, of always had been bobbing, in the background especially for me you, know in fact Josh had come up with the name be to Claire before we'd even ever, met and I think you needed to quickly register, a business name of the with to get an ABN to about, invoicing, a customer oh it was like the number one ask quite there's another one last question is what what, is B to cloud was, like so. Many interpretations business. To business business, to cloud. Cloud. Wasn't like in 2009. Wasn't, a you, know was, a bigger. Bigger. Thing as he's now so. It was quite unique at the time and the like it was fantastic. Design. That in was. It paid for. In. I. Think. Photoshop, Illustrator yeah, copied and pasted I would avoid he still say paint it looked like a paint job but. You. Know that the, theme, for us and you know beachy cloud. Didn't. Ever necessarily. Cause, us any huge challenges, but it didn't align to our vision for the business that we wanted to keep building and it, was you know it's an important question that every company should keep asking themselves what. Is the vision that we have for what we want to do in the world how. Do we want to be known how do we want to position, ourselves how, do we want to differentiate ourselves and, basically. I've never really spoke to that so. You know we spent a lot of time thinking about how do we what. Is it that we do really well that, customers, value and, that attracts great people to come and work for us and, do we have a brand that backs that up and. I think we came to a strong, agreement understanding, a beach club as either brand we. Went on a journey of you, know searching now about. 18 months ago so we probably had about 30, 30, or so team members so. I was a lot more costly a lot more time-consuming a lot more challenging, then. What it would have cost us about six or seven, years ago to, rebrand a skylight. But. It was you know a well it was much better plan, and thought out and communicated, with our team and our clients, and we got really strong engagement from both and both, of those different stakeholders, to help us on that journey and give us input. As, importantly we got the dot-com, domain calm, transpired, calm, that. Was always on, my to-do list you know thinking about where. We want to be in the future as a business you. Know we don't, want to be known as a small melbourne-based, app developer, a big. Part of wanting to rebrand, to transpire was that we were continuing to grow and work with larger clients in other, states and other countries as well and. That we have aspirations to be a large global technology.

Consultancy, One. Who customers, from, all around the world want. To engage. When they want to build a really interesting innovative, technology, project. They think of transpire, and they get in contact with us and. So that was always the vision that we wanted to try to fulfill when. We went, through the rebranding, stage so you. Know it's another important business, lesson. Probably to think of from earlier on a. Name. Might seem really trivial and. There's a lot more of a business and a brand than just a name but, how are you going to be portrayed and how you're gonna be perceived if you are successful, and you're going to cause yourselves, a lot more costs and challenge down the line and if. You don't get the branding, and your positioning, and your things. Like your logo and your name right from early on. So. It's been nine, years. What. Would you have, told your younger. Self, for. Me I had fuse less gray heads nine years ago yeah. What. Would you tell your. Younger self, nine. Years ago based. On what we've what, we know what we've experienced, in, that time I think. Probably just to, be, more confident, in, trusting. My instincts, I think. It took a number of years before I felt confident. That the decisions, that we were making were, going. To be the right ones and even. If they weren't going to be that we would figure out how. To be okay I'm totally alarming, I, think. The same thing it's is that confidence. In we. Will make the. Right decision and and, I think. The times where we haven't totally. Backed, ourselves. But. We look back and go we should have, just done it and. Janna, Todd when you especially when your early days when you start when you when you don't know anything we didn't know anything we're learning everything, is on the fly um it's, really hard to have that experience and that confidence in your decision making to back yourself in. But. Ultimately, you know our goal sort of never really been to make every. Right student sort of just been to make more right decisions and wrong decisions and that's always taken, us on the right path so, I don't, think there's anything that we would majorly regret, from over the years but.

You Know having the confidence to make tougher, decisions earlier on probably would be some, good advice that maybe would have enabled us to grow even more so in. A time very. Good well we'll. See you again in a year it'll be our ten-year anniversary, that's, quite a momentous a big one where's our ten-year anniversary I don't know I think we what are you gonna get me. But. Look it's been a pleasure, thanks for thanks for thanks. For nine years and nine years benefited STDs to another nine or ten or twenty or fifty yeah, we'll, see here is you, know in every year camera will commit, to do a an. Annual any day yeah. Thank you for everything you've taught me over the last nine is Josh from all the lessons that you've given me and all the guidance and mentorship and, it's. Been great having this successful, partnership here high. Five to close it out.

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