Joe Biden, Kamala Harris deliver remarks

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris deliver remarks

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Folks outside, but we're. Keeping our social distancing. And. Playing by the rules. Good afternoon everyone. To me and to uh, come on listen exciting, day. It's a great day for our campaign, it's a great day for america, in my view. Over the past several weeks i've had the incredible, privilege. Of meeting and spending a good deal of time with a group of talented women leaders. All of whom are qualified. To be president. With each one. The more i learned about them the more i talked to them the more impressed i was even though i knew them before. I want to thank each and every one of them for being part of this process. I look forward to working with them as we rebuild, this country. To get elected, and once, we are elected, god willing. I approach this, with a seriousness. Of purpose. And of mind. Because this is a serious moment. For our nation. We're at one of those inflection, points you've heard me say that before in our history. A life-changing. Election. For this nation. And the choice. The choice we make this november. Is going to decide, the future of america. For a very. Very long time. And i, had a great choice. Great opportunities. I had. A great choice but. I have no doubt. That i picked the right person to join me. As the next vice president united states of america, and that's senator. Kamala, harris. You know. And it seems americans, all across this nation. At least at the outset here agree with me. Yesterday, we had our best grassroots, funders raising day, of the campaign. More than double our previous record. And in doing so we set a single day record for online, political, fundraising. And i think i know, why. So i hope, i hope that you'll join us as well those of you who listen today. Go to, Today. Five dollars, ten dollars whatever. Kamala. As you all know is smart. She's tough. She's experienced. She's a proven, fighter. For the backbone, of this country. The middle class. For all those who are struggling to get into the middle, class. Kamala knows how to govern. She knows how to make the hard calls.

She's Ready to do this job on day one. And we're both ready to get to work. Rebuilding. This nation. And building it better. As attorney, general the largest state in the country. Commonwealth took on the big banks over mortgage fraud. And one. Took on big oil. When it wanted to pollute without consequences. She was a pioneer. In marriage equality. And tackled, the gun lobby. You know we've all watched in the united states senate go toe-to-toe. With trump officials. Trying to hide the truth. Asking. The tough questions needed to be asked, and not stopping, until she got an answer. And when none was forthcoming, it was obvious. What the answer was. As a member of the intelligence, committee. And the judiciary, committee. She's been the center. In the middle of the most critical, national security, challenges. Our country faces. Well aware. Well aware. Of all the threats to this nation. And ready to respond, to them. As a child of immigrants. She knows personally. How immigrant, families enrich, our country. As well as the challenges, of what it means to grow up. Black and indian-american. In the united states of america. Her story is america's, story. Different from mine in many particulars. But also. Not so different in the essentials. She's worked hard. She's never backed down from a challenge. And she has earned, each and every, of the, accolades, and achievements, that she has. Gained. Many of them. Often in the face of obstacles. That others put in their way. But never quit. And this morning. All across the nation. Little girls woke up especially, little black and brown girls. Who so often feel overlooked. And undervalued. In their communities. But today. Today, just, maybe. They're seeing themselves. For the first time in a new way. As the stuff, of president. And vice presidents. In her campaign, in the primary, camel often talked about, what she referred to as the 3am, agenda. About moms and dads awake late at night in their kitchens. Worried. Scared, uncertain, about how they were going to take care of their families. About how, they were going to pay the bills. About how they were going to make it simply make it. Growing up in scranton, and claim on delaware. I saw that struggle, with my family as well. Kamal assault with hers as well. And millions of americans are living that struggle, as we speak. Especially, in this moment of crisis. Especially, with so many jobs. Kamala and i. Both know. That all folks you're looking for as my dad would say is an even shot. Just give me a shot a fair shot. A shot at making. It. And. It'll be the work of our administration. To make sure they get a fair shot. Working, families, need someone on their side in this nation. Because they certainly don't have anyone. In the president. Now, on their side. That's going to change in the biden harris administration. It's going to be gratifying. To see the strong, enthusiastic. Reaction. To senator, harris. As our next vice president. You know. It comes from people, all over the country it's already occurring. All over the country. All ideological. Views, all backgrounds. Events of course. We are predictable. Some of them. It comes from all over except, of course. From donald trump's. White house and his allies. You all knew was coming. You could have set your watches, to it. Donald trump has already started his attacks. Calling kamala, quote, nasty. Whining. About how she is quote mean. To his appointees. It's no surprise. Because whining, is what donald trump does best, better than any president american history. Is anyone surprised, donald trump has a problem. With the strong women or strong women across the board. We know that more is to come. So let's be clear. If you're a working person. Worried about whether or not you'll have a job to go to. Whether or not you'll be able to pay your mortgage, pay your rent. Worried about. The poison, in the air you breathe the water you drink. Worried about your civil rights even your basic, right to dignity. Which is under attack with this administration. Kamala, harris. Has had your back. And now. We have to have her back. She's going to stand with me in this campaign. And all of us. Are going to stand up for her. On january, 20th. 2021. We're all going to watch senator harris. Raise her right hand. And swear. The oath of office. As the first woman ever. To serve in the second highest office in america in this land. And then we're going to get to work. Fixing the mess that president, trump and vice president, pence. Have created. Both at home, and abroad. Through four years of mismanagement. And coddling, of terrorists. And thugs around the world. Not only will america, dig itself out of this hole they put us in. We're going to build we're going to build back we're going to build back better. We have a public health crisis.

While He's in court trying to do away. With health care. With more than 5 million reported, infections. 165. 000 people, dead and climbing. As a consequence, of cover 19.. And still. Months later. No real leadership, or plan. From the president united, states. How to get this pandemic, under control. No real help. For the states and local governments trying to fill the vacuum. Of leadership, from the white house. No real help. For children and educators. For small businesses, and frontline, workers. That holding, their ones holding our country together. Instead. He's issuing. Executive, orders. And making promises. That in the end will defund. The social security, system. While insisting. That this virus will disappear. The joe biden. And kamala, harris. Administration. Will have a comprehensive, plan. To meet the challenge of covert 19. And turn the corner on this pandemic. Masking. Clear, science-based. Guidance. Dramatically, scaling, up testing. Getting states and local governments the resources, they need to open the schools and businesses. Safely. We can do this. We just need a president of the vice president willing to lead, and take responsibility. Not as this president says it's not my fault. The government the governor should thank me more. As that all saying goes give me a break. We have an economic, crisis. With more than 16. Million americans. 16, million. Still, out of work. Donald, trump. Is on track. To break another record. On track to leave office with the worst jobs record. Of any american president of modern history. But instead, of, doing the hard work. Of meeting, face to face. With congressional. Leaders. Democrats, and republicans. In the white house like every other president has done in a crisis. To get. Americans. The relief they need and deserve. Donald trump is on the golf course. If i told you this, three years ago you look at me like i was being crazy. He hasn't, even met.

With The leadership. He doesn't have, time it appears. We have a climate crisis. That donald trump refuses, to even acknowledge. When he thinks about climate change all here we hear is the word, hoax. The biden harris administration, is going to meet the climate crisis. Protect, the health. Of the american, public. And along the way. We're going to deliver. One word. Jobs. Good, paying, jobs. With a racial cri justice, crisis. Donald trump seeks only to inflame, it. With his politics, of racist, rhetoric. And appeals to division. You know. Today is not only the day i'm proud to introduce senator kamala harris as the vice presidential, nominee of the democratic. Party. It's also the third anniversary. Of that terrible day in charlottesville. Remember. Remember what it felt like, to see those neo-nazis. Close your eyes, and those klansmen. White supremacists. Coming, out of, fields. Carrying, lighted, torches. Faces, contorted. Bulging. Veins. Pouring into the streets of historic, american, city, spewing, the same. Anti-semitic. Bile we heard, in hitler's germany. In the 30s. Remember how it felt. To see a violent clash ensue. Between those, celebrating. Hate. And those standing against it. It was a wake-up call. For all of us as a country. For me. It was a call to action. My father used to say, silence, is complicity. Not original, to him. But he believed it. At that moment i knew i couldn't stand by and let donald, trump. A man who went on to say when asked about what he thought he said there were, very. Fine, people. On both sides. Quote, very, fine people on both sides. No, president of the united states of america has ever said anything like that. See him continue. To attack, everything. That makes america, america. I knew we're in the battle for the soul of the nation. That's when i decided to run. And i'm proud now to have. Senator harris. At my side in that battle because she shares with the same intensity, i do. For she's someone who knows, what's at stake. The question, is. For all americans to answer. Who are we as a nation. What do we stand for. And most importantly. What do we want to be. You know. Someone who knows. That the future of this country is limited only by. The barriers, we place, on our own imaginations.

Because There's nothing americans, cannot, achieve. When we put our minds to it, and we do it together. One of the reasons i chose kamala. Is because we both believe. That we can define, america. Simply, in one word. Possibilities. Possibilities. Let me say it again. Possibilities. That's america. That's what sets this nation apart. Is that everyone. Everyone. The ability for everyone. And we mean everyone. To go as far. And dream as big. As hard work and their god-given, ability will take them. When i agreed to serve as president obama's running mate. He asked me a number of questions, as i've asked kama. But the most important was he said to me. What. He asked me what i wanted. Most importantly. I told him i wanted to be the last person in the room. Before he made. Important decisions. That's what i asked pamela. I asked common to be the last voice in the room. To always tell me the truth which she will. Challenge, my assumptions, if she disagrees. Ask the hard questions. Because that's the way we make the best decisions, for the american people. I got a chance to spend some time at my home today. With kamel and doug. And i want to thank them i thank them them to thank them publicly. For agreeing, to, join. And take this journey, with chill and me. Doug. You're going to have to learn what it means to be a barrier, breaker, yourself. In this job you're about to take on. America's, first. Second. Gentleman. And all their. Although they're not with us here today. I want to thank ellen, cole as well. I had a chance to speak to. Doug's mom and dad. And ellen, cole. And uh. We're going to get our, kids together. To let them know what what's coming. Our my grandchildren. Are about the age of uh, their children. I got to speak to. Them. My campaign, has always been a family affair, every campaign, i've run. So i've got some. News for you. You're all, honorary, bidens. And here's the best part. Kamala, you've been an honorary biden for quite some time. You know, i came first to know who kamala, was. Through our son bobite. They were friends. They served as attorneys, general, at the same time. They took the same big they took on the same big fights together. Comel in california. Bow here in delaware. Big fights. That helped change the entire country.

I Know how much beau respected, kamal in her work. And that mattered a lot to me to be honest with you. As i made this decision. So now. We need to get to work. Pulling this nation out of these crises, we find ourselves in. Getting our economy, back on track uniting. This nation. And yes. Winning the battle for the soul of america. My fellow americans. Now let me introduce to you. For the first time. Your next vice president of the united states. Kamala. Harris, kamala. The floor is. Yours. There you go. Thank you joe, thank you. Thank you. Joe. As i said joe when you called me. I am incredibly. Honored, by this responsibility. And i'm ready to get to work. I am ready to get to work. After the most competitive, primary, in history. The country, received, a resounding. Message. That joe was the person, to lead us forward. And joe i'm so proud, to stand with you. And i do so, mindful. Of all the heroic. And ambitious. Women before me. Whose sacrifice. Determination. And resilience. Makes my presence here today. Even. This is a moment. Of real, consequence. For america. Everything, we care about. Our economy. Our health. Our children. The kind of country, we live in. It's all on the line. We're reeling. From the worst. Public, health, crisis, in a century. The president's, mismanagement. Of the pandemic. Has plunged. Us. Into the worst. Economic. Crisis. Since the great depression. And we're experiencing. A moral reckoning. With racism, and systemic, injustice. That has brought a new coalition. Of conscience. To the streets. Of our country. Demanding. Change. America. Is crying, out, for leadership. Yet we have a president. Who cares more about himself. Than the people who elected, him. A president who is making, every, challenge, we face. Even more, difficult. To solve. But here's the good news. We don't have to accept. The failed, government. Of donald, trump and mike pence. In just 83. Days. We have a chance. To choose. A better. Future. For our country. So. Joe. Dr biden. Thank you for the trust, you've placed in me. I know, you will be an incredible, first lady. And my husband doug and i are so grateful. Grateful. To become a part of your extended, family. And ever since i received, joe's call. I've been thinking. Yes, about, the first biden. That i really came to know and that of course is joe's beloved, son, one of his beloved, sons beau. In the midst of the great recession. Beau and i spoke, on the phone practically. Every day. Sometimes. Multiple, times, a day. Working, together. To win back billions, of dollars, for homeowners. From the big banks, of the nation, that were foreclosing. On people's, homes. And let me just tell you about beau biden. I learned quickly. That beau, was the kind of guy who inspired. People, to be, a better, version. Of themselves. He really was the best of us. And when i would ask him where did you get that, where did this come from. He'd always talk about. His dad. And i will tell you, the love. That they, shared. Was incredible. To watch. It was the most beautiful. Display. Of the love between a father and a son. And beau talked, about, how joe would spend four hours, every, day, riding the rails, back and forth from wilmington, to washington. So he could make breakfast, for his kids in the morning. And make it home in time. To tuck them in bed each night. All of this. So two little boys. Who had just lost their mom and their sister, in a tragic, accident. Would know that the world. Was still turning. And that's. How i came to know joe. He's someone. Who's first response. When things get tough is never to think about himself. But to care. For everyone, else. He's someone who never, asks. Why is this happening, to me. And instead, asks.

What Can i do, to make, life, better. For you. His empathy. His compassion. His sense of duty, to care for others. Is why i am so proud, to be on this ticket. And joe and i yes we are cut from the same cloth. Family, is everything to me too. And i cannot wait for america, to get to know my husband, doug and our amazing, kids colin ella. Because whether i'm cheering, in the bleachers, at a swim meet. Or setting up a college room dorm. Or helping my goddaughter, prepare for her school debate. Or building legos with my godson. Or hugging my two baby nieces. Or cooking dinner. Sunday, dinner. My family means, everything, to me. And i've had a lot of titles over my career. And certainly. Vice president, will be great. But mamala. Will always be, the one. That means the most. And you know my mother and father. They came from. Opposite, sides of the world. To arrive in america. One from india, and the other from jamaica. In search of a world-class, education. But what brought them together. Was the civil rights movement of the, 1960s. And that's how they met as students. In the streets of oakland. Marching and shouting for this thing called justice. In a struggle, that continues. Today. And i was part of it, my parents would bring me to protest. Strapped. Tightly, in my stroller. And my mother, shamala. Raised my sister maya and me. To believe that it was up to us. And every generation. Of americans. To keep on marching. She tell us. Don't sit around and complain about things. Do something. So i did something. I devoted, my life, to making, real the words. Carved, in the united, states supreme, court. Equal justice. Under, law. And 30 years ago i stood before a judge for the first time. Breathed, deep. And uttered the phrase. That would. That would truly. Guide my, career, and the rest of my career. Kamala, harris. For the people. The people. That's who i represented, as district attorney. Fighting on behalf of victims who needed help. The people. That's who i fought for as california's, attorney general. When i took on transnational. Criminal, organizations. Who traffic, in guns, and drugs, and human beings. And it's the people. Who i have fought for as a united, states senator. Where i've worked every day, to hold. Trump officials, accountable. To the american, people. And the people are who joe and i will fight for, every day, in the white house. And let me tell you somebody, who, has presented, my fair share of arguments, in court. The case against, donald trump. And mike pence. Is open, and shut. Just look where they've gotten us. More than 16. Million. Out of work. Millions, of kids who cannot go back to school. A crisis of poverty, of homelessness. Afflicting, black, brown and indigenous. People, the most. A crisis, of hunger. Afflicting. One in five mothers. Who have children that are hungry. And tragically. More than a hundred and sixty, five, thousand, lives. That have been cut short. Many with loved ones, who never got the chance. To say. Goodbye. It didn't have to be this way. Six years ago in fact we had a different health crisis. It was called ebola. And we all remember that pandemic. But you know what happened then. Barack, obama, and joe biden, did their job. Only, two people. In the united, states died. Two. That is what's called leadership. But compare, that, to the moment we find ourselves, in now. When other countries, are following the science. Trump, pushed, miracle, cures. He saw on fox news. While other countries. Were flattening, the curve. He said the vice would just. Poof go away. Quote, like a miracle. So when other countries, opened back up for business. What did we do. We had to shut down, again. This, virus. Has, impacted. Almost. Every. Country. But there's a reason, it has hit. America. Worse. Than any other advanced. Nation. It's because, of trump's. Failure. To take it seriously. From, the start. His refusal. To get testing, up and running. His flip-flopping. On social, distancing, and wearing masks. His delusional. Belief, that he knows better than the experts. All, of that, is reason.

And The reason. That an american, dies of covet 19. Every, 80. Seconds. It's why countless, businesses. Have had to shut their doors, for good. It's why there is complete, chaos. Over when and how to reopen. Our schools. Mothers, and fathers. Are confused. And uncertain. And angry. About child care. And the safety, of their kids, at school. Whether they'll be in danger. If they go. Or fall behind. If they don't. Trump. Is also the reason. Millions of americans, are now unemployed. He inherited, the longest. Economic. Expansion. In history. From barack, obama, and joe biden. And then. Like everything, else he inherited. He ran it straight into the. Ground. Because of trump's, failures, of leadership. Our economy, has taken one of the biggest, hits, out of all, the major, industrialized. Nations. With an unemployment. Rate. That has, tripled. As of today. This is what happens, when we elect a guy. Who just, isn't, up for the job. Our country, ends up in tatters. And so does our reputation. Around. The world. But let's be clear. This election. Isn't just about defeating. Donald trump or mike pence. It's about building, this country. Back. Better. And that's exactly. What joe and i will do. We'll create, millions of jobs and fight climate, change, through a clean, energy, revolution. Bring back. Critical, supply, chains. So the future. Is made, in america. Build on the affordable, care act, so everyone, has the peace of mind, that comes with health insurance. And finally. Offer, caregivers. The dignity, the respect. And the pay. They deserve. Will protect, a woman's right to make her own decisions, about her own body. Root out, systemic. Racism, in our justice, system. And pass a new, voting rights act. A john lewis. Voting rights act. That will ensure. Every voice, is heard. And every voice, is counted. The civil rights. Struggle. Is nothing new to joe. It's why he got into public service, it's why he helped reauthorize. The voting rights act, and restore, unemployment. Discrimination. And employment, discrimination. Laws. And today, he takes his place in the ongoing, story, of america's, march, toward equality, and justice, as only. As the only. As the only. Who has served, alongside. The first black president. And has chosen, the first black woman, as his running mate. But as joe always, points out. This election. Is about more than politics. It's about who we are as a country. And i'll admit over the past four years there have been moments, when i have truly, worried about our future. But whenever, i think. That there, is a reason for doubt. Whenever i've had my own doubts. I think of you. The american, people. The doctors, and nurses, and front-line, workers who are risking.

Your Lives. To save others. The truck drivers, and the workers in grocery, stores. In factories. In farms. Working, there, putting your own, safety. On the line. To help us get through this pandemic. The women and students, taking. To the streets in unprecedented. Numbers. The dreamers, and immigrants, who know that families, belong, together. The lgbtq. Americans, who know that love is love. People of every age and color and creed, who are finally, declaring, in one voice. That yes, black lives matter. All across this country a whole new generation. Of children. Is growing up hearing, the cries. For justice. And the chance. Of hope. On which. I was raised. Some strapped, into strollers. Of their own. And trust me. It's a song you'll never forget. So to everyone keeping up the fight. You are doing, something. You are doing, something great you are the heroes. Of our. Time. And you are the reason. I know we are going to bring, our country. Closer. To realizing. Its great promise. But to do it we'll need to work organize, and vote like never before. Because we need more than a victory, on november, third we need a mandate, that proves that the past few years do not represent, who we are or who we aspire. To be. Joe likes to say, that character, is on the ballot, and it's true. When he saw what happened in charlottesville. Three years ago today he knew we were in a battle for the soul of our nation. And together, with your help, that's a battle we will win. Earlier, this year i said. I do whatever, joe asked me to do. And so now i'm asking you to do the same. So visit, To get involved in this campaign. And vote. Because electing, joe biden, is just the start. Of the work, ahead of us. And i couldn't be, prouder. To be by his side. Running to represent, you. The people. Thank you and may god bless.

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