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Just port you get started I do want to say that there's going to be a lot of French pronunciations. In this one indeed the character. Of this, video, is Joan of Arc I'm going with the accepted, English pronunciation of, her name if you wanna have a go at me in the comments ya can. She's. One of history's youngest. Warriors at an age when most of us were stressing, out about what to wear to school Joan, of Arc was leading, thousands, of French troops into battle against the English supposedly. Inspired by, divine visions, of Catholicism's. Greatest, Saints Joan first took up her sword at age 16, she was leading armies by 17, and she was burned at the stake before. She was even 20 in a short life she managed to change the course of the Hundred Years War ending. English domination of France certainly. Not bad for a literate, girl from the sticks but while most of us know the name Joan of Arc and know her tragic, ends how much do we actually know, about her life well, join us today as we take a look at the simple peasant, girl who changed. European, history before, dying, alone, and disgraced. Convinced. That she was a failure. We. Don't know today the exact, date of Jones birth all we know is that it was sometime, in 1412. - a farming, family of some, means now, some means here is definitely, a relative, term, Jones village of Domremy in northeastern, France was shockingly, port still, her father Jean, managed to scrape together 50 acres of farm lands and the family lived in the biggest house in the town for young joan life in domine mince a life of sewing and taking care of animals as a girl in medieval Europe no one taught her to read and, write or to other manly, things they, did teach her how, to pray though Joan's mother Isabelle Romney, was a devout Catholic and how devout was she well there's evidence Isabelle, may have made a pilgrimage to Rome earlier, in life a crazy, feat for a woman living at a time when traveling, three villages over meant a day's riding, and the knowledge that you might be killed by bandits, but his vault lived in a time when public devotion, afforded, a woman a certain level of respect that was not found elsewhere early, 15th century France, was filled with female visionaries, who it was taken as fact could communicate, with God while, Isabelle herself, never claimed to be a mystic, she likely told, young Joan all about these women still, Joan's early life was relatively, uneventful she became a master seamstress, she worked, on her dad's farm she made, a handful of friends had, she been born at a different time it's doubtful we'd be talking about her at all heck it's doubtful, those in Domremy, would have even remembered, her but Joan, wasn't, born at any time she was born in 1412. In northern France in northern France in 1412, was a place in the grip of a destructive, conflict, Joan of Arc had been born slap-bang, in the middle of the Hundred Years War. The. Hundred Years War could win awards, for the least accurately, named historical, events in fact it was a series, of wars between England, and France and it lasted 116.

Years Not, a hundred now, normally what would do is we'd mention the Hundred Years War and we'd just move, on but Joan of Arc's life was so short, and so tied, up in the Hundred Years War that would have to keep halting, the narrative every two seconds, just to stop, you from going, what's. Going on Simon, so like a fun Pixar short here is our quick biography, of the 100, Years War that was not a hundred years and wasn't really a single war so, 1066. The Norman King William, the Conqueror earns his nickname by conquering, England crucially. He retained his claim on the French throne as did his descendants, nearly, 300. Years later in 1328. King Charles the fourth of France he dies this, was, super good news for Williams descendant, Edward the third who, was next in line for the throne so. This point you probably think well I good news Edward gets two countries right well, no, instead, the French crowns local, noble Philip the sixth Oh while blowing raspberries. Across the channel at England's, fed up with all of these Frenchie's taunting, in his general direction Edward. Went to war with France in 1337. By 1360, everyone, was tired of warring and Edward accepted a trunk of northern France in return for abandoning, his claims to the throne so. The warring it stops, until. Thirteen eighty when, the French crowned crazy Charles, the sixth a guy who genuinely, believed, that he was made of glass Charles. The sixth was so incapable of ruling that he created a power vacuum in 1407, the French houses of all Aeon and burgundy, actually went to war to fill it the House of Burgundy, by the way that's, the name you're going to want to remember. So, a year after Joan was born in 1413. Henry v was crowned king of England, desperate, to revive his claim to the French throne Henry demanded, to marry one of Charles the sixes daughters, the French in response that were pretty much like nah that's not happenin and England's and France they went to war yet again, but, this time the House of Burgundy, allied with the English this led to the Treaty of tois in 1420. When the English and burgundy ins not only booted, the French up their backsides. But made, off with their pantaloons, to the treaty was humiliating. For France alongside other stuff it said things up so Henry would inherit, the French throne when Charles, died but, then Henry made the mistake of dying just before Charles also died technically, making Henry's 10 month old son Henry the sixth king of both, nations, the French decided that being ruled by a baby was just a bit ridiculous, so they made Charles of Valois King. Instead, and yes, we return to that old classic French play of screw the Treaty and blow raspberries, across the channel only, the English they, were no longer across the channel but they were occupying the north of France then included not only Paris, but also rancer, City where Charles of Valois had, to be crowned to be recognized, as king so that's where things were by 1425. The English and the Burgundian said everything, above the Loire River while Charles of Valois stood. To the South unable to become King until he made it to Ross it would take a miracle to break this deadlock and ends this near century, of conflicts. Luckily, though miracles, were Joan of Arc was all about. Vistas. Charles of Valois was, sulking around wishing, he could be king young Joan of Arc was having an extremely spooky. Experience. Now aged 13 Joan's life in Durham II was much the same as it was when we last left her but there was one major, difference as she reached puberty Jones started having visions of some Catherine's, and Margaret of Antioch and some Michael, now first these visions they simply told her to lead, a pious, life and remain, a virgin but as time passed they started, telling her you, know actually.

How About you become a warrior and he put Charles of Valois on the throne that sounds pretty good right now, as I said earlier female visionaries they weren't uncommon, in France but that doesn't mean that people took them seriously, the other kids they certainly, laughed, at Joan's visions, but the visions they persisted, until one day in May of 1428. When Joan was 16 the Saint suddenly, told her to go to see Charles in she know now this was a bit of a problem the war had left steadfastly. Pro Charles, Domremy completely, surrounded. By hostile. Burgundy, and territory, which in on around 500 kilometers away any journey Joan undertook on her own would likely have ended up with her debt so, Joan didn't even try instead, she went to the nearby pro-child, stronghold, of Vancouver, there, she found the garrison, commander Robert, at Bari Corps and she demanded that he send her to the rightful king, Robert Bao Recor responded, by throwing her out on her ear we're not joking here he actually told Joan to make sure that her father gave her a good beating spurns. Joan went back to Domremy presumably. Muttering, obscenities, the, rest of 1428, it passed rather slowly in Domremy Joan's, father tried to marry her off only for Joan to successfully, argue in court that should taken a vow of chastity and, must, remain single throughout the proceeds Joan kept on talking about her visions to the point that the news began to seep out to other villagers there are even stirrings, that she might be the Virgin prophesized, to lead France to victory over England, eventually, the rumors they reached the Burgundian forces they responded, by sacking, Joan's, village now remember, here the house of Burgundy, it was allied with England the last thing they wanted was some prophetess. Saying Charles of Valois should. Be the king if the sacking was meant to be a warning though it had the opposite effect in January, of 1429, Joan returned, to Van cooler that she rode, word of her visions spread by the time she reached Robert Vadra core she was a minor celebrity and, Patrick, or noticed, when, drone repeated, her demand to see Charles Madrick or unexpectedly, agreed, he gave Jones six armed men as an escort and pointed her in the direction of tional, and just like that Joan, of Arc was off to see the king. Now. II guess you're probably wondering, right now well why did Baudricourt changes, mind something it was just to get this pushy peasant, off his back others think though that had, taken note of the burgundy and sacking Jones village, and realized there must be something to her but, there is a more likely explanation by. Early 1429 the French they were desperate, the news of the war coming in could not be worse the English in the burgundians were running, riot in the north while French forces were bankrupt and low and morale worse, back in October of 1428, the English had laid siege to the vital, town of ah Lian word was only always about to fall when it did the game it would be over for the French all of this may be why on February the 13th 1429. Joan, and her guard of six men were allowed to ride out of Vancouver and, into the unknown we really can't stress just how dangerous, this was Joan, was a girl riding, into lawless, territory it doesn't take much to imagine what certain men might have done to her thankfully, don't realized, this before setting off she cut her hair short and began, dressing in men's clothes there's, evidence that it was more than just to disguise during, her ride to Shannon Joan adopted, the habits of the six men that she was with she, slept alongside them she dressed with them she acted, like one of the boys it's, something she'd do while serving in Charles's army and it's likely the key to the respect that and then had for her eleven, days after setting off Jonah nor entourage they finally, arrived at Shin on the stories of what happened next they're the stuff of legends, Charles, refused to admit this strange girl for two days before finally, testing, her by hiding, among his entourage and calling for her the moment she entered the room Joan, who couldn't possibly have seen him before strode, straight, up to Charles and declared, that she'd been charged by God to lift the siege on Ollie or and make, him King it was an impressive display and, one probably matched in the private, meeting that the two of them had although we can't say for sure because no, records, of this survived. What we can say is that Charles emerge, from the meeting ready to give Joan a chance this, was not only to go to on Leon but also to put her case to the church authorities the, idea was to convince them that God was really, working through her over the next three weeks Joan fielded questions from a barrage of theologians. She answered, with remarkable. Frankness, when asked to prove her abilities, she told them to send her to Allianz so that she could prove herself by, lifting the siege eventually.

The Theologians, must have figured it was a worthy shot because they told Charles to roll with it in April of fourteen twenty nine Charles. Agreed it's, a move that could have ended his crumbling, regime I mean imagine the propaganda, fake, Kings ends, deluded girl to die in battle but, dying it only on it didn't even cross Joan's, mind she, knew that God was on her side and she was about to prove it. All. The time Joan was trying to convince Charles to send her to oli or her legend was growing, we know this because the French army was so broke that Charles was relying on volunteers but when he put out a call that basically said hey he was to go with this crazy, girl and died defending a random City thousands. Of men they actually responded, it was the first sign of the almost mystical, loyalty, that Joan was able to command on April the 29th, 1429, Joan and a new army arrived at the siege of alia Joan was riding, atop a white horse sir Christian, banner held high with, some quick diversionary work they gained access to the city expecting, to be heralded, saviors. Instead. They found a city on, the brink of collapse Oh, Leo was at that time under the control of a man literally, called the bastard, of Ollie all while, the title referred to his parentage, it could have been used in our modern sense, the bastard, he loathed Joan. He was gearing up to surrender and didn't need some jumped-up, peasant, telling him that God was gonna save them he locked Joan out of meetings and refused to give her any role it was a move designed to get rid of her but it was also a move that failed to recognize, one important. Point all of the new troops from Shannon were loyal, to Joan and the rank and file of only are they were already, turning, to her side on may the 4th Joan was resting, when she suddenly had another vision telling her to attack the English she grabbed her sword and banner and raced, out of the city to the east just as the French were beginning an assault on a fort the sight of God seemingly coming to their side rallied, the French as Joan, plunged, into the thick of the battle they, began, to fight Hart the fort fell and the next day another, and another. By, the time May the 7th dawned the French had done the impossible that, broken. The siege all, that remained was to make a last assault on the English and all er would, be saved in the early hours Joan, led her army into, battle again by now the English were aware of the spooky girl who made the French fight like lions when, the archers saw her raise a banner they took aim the, arrow hit Rowan in the shoulder piercing six inches deep at knocked her flat and left her in agony she was dragged from the field for emergency, surgery had, got just abandoned. The French not even close, that afternoon despite, suffering a wounds that would leave most of us curled up on the floor wailing, for a mum, don't, return, to the battlefield the sight of her banner rising, once more in the afternoon sunlight, sent, up a great cheer from the French they routed, the English by maybe eight thing Glyn's forces, they were in full retreat Joan. Of Arc had done exactly what, should promised to do and the siege volley or it, was over. If, you need proof of the kind of power Joan of Arc had over the people look no further than, what happens after the siege of ah Lian where the English in Fleiss the French forces went to chase them only to be told by Joan in no uncertain terms, that, it was a Sunday and good Catholics, they shouldn't, fight on a Sunday amazingly, these rough men they listen to the English they were allowed to escape as they retreated, it said that Joan went and, wept over their dead a sign, of respect that was not being reciprocated at. Our trial not, that there was much time for Joan to weep though she already had another task she needed to get Charles, to Ross the, problem was that ROMs wasn't, like ollie on sitting, on the front lines it was deep into the English territory she, might as well be trying to take him to London but James she kept on pressing and Charles, was eventually like fine, I'll go, but you're gonna have to clear a path for me first and, well that's exactly what Joan did over the next few weeks her army stormed up and down the Loire River liberating. Towns so, effective, was she that the English began to believe that she was possessed by the devil, not, that Joan was particularly, satanic. She never personally. Fought instead, using her banner and bravery, to inspire. Her men she, also absolutely. Forbid her forces from looting or to rape any women the only unusual part, from a medieval perspective. Was the way that she insisted, on dressing, with and sleeping, alongside her men it's because of this that modern historians, have theorized that she may have been gay or trans, finally.

On June the 8th Joan's forces, met the remnants, of the English at the Battle, of patay to, say Joan's army mopped the floor with them would be a disservice, to mops. They absolutely. Pulverized. Them after, this Charles, he couldn't ignore Joan, any longer when she came back and told him to get his kingly Astaroth, he, absolutely agreed as Joan and Charles wrote across northern France town after town fell, without, even putting up a resistance they, liberated Orser chalan, tois, toir was the place where the French had had to sign the humiliating, treaty with Henry v on July the 16th or alarm e finally, reached Ross the, gates opened as they approached the city of Kings had, fallen just. Two months ago the idea of getting the French army to Ross was like asking jar jar binks to, single-handedly, fight his way inside death, private, chambers, nope and now, here, Joan and Charles were triumphant. The very next day July the 17th 1429, Charles, of Valois was coronated Charles, the seventh of France Joan stood beside him during the ceremony ins afterwards, she knelt and called him that King and that points, her visions they just stopped a mission, it was over and God apparently didn't, have any more plans for her but it seems Joan, had gotten a taste for battle as Charles the seventh embarked, on a victory lap around his newly conquered territories, the maid of all er made a fateful decision she, decided to go, to Paris. On. August the twenty-eighth 1429. Charles the seventh opens peace negotiations. With Burgundians, he worked suddenly not really so hot on their alliance with the using English, the news gave June the bad feeling that any peace treaty might block her taking action against Paris this was a big deal as the French capital it lay in the hands of the English so, Joan she, went rogue on September, the 8th she led her army out independently, to attack Paris, this, was. A major mistake to, continue our Star Wars metaphor take in Paris in 4029, was like trying to break into the Death Star using an anchovy, the. Walls of the city there were nearly 30 feet high still, Joan she tried waving, her banner and demanding that Paris surrender, she got a cross boat through the length of her trouble, and was dragged, from the battlefield screaming, at her men to continue the assault, instead, they retreated when word got back to Charles about what Joan was up to during his delicate negotiations. He, cut her loose yep. Joan might have made him King that Charles had no problem, with stopping, her supplies of weapons and Men and then basically, ignoring, her while he did allow her to keep fighting it was probably, just to get that busy but Joan riding around liberating, the odd small town was a Joan not whipping up discontent, in the army still it wasn't until the spring of 1430. That it became clear just how far Charles was distancing, himself from the girl who had saved his regime, during, an attempt to relive a siege on Compiegne on May the 23rd Joan, was knocked from a horse behind enemy lines, seeing, no point in fighting on she allowed herself to be captured by, the Burgundian, forces, everyone, expected, Charles to quickly trade for her everyone, they expected, wrong Charles, just, didn't lift a finger this left the burgundians in an awkward position on the one hands they wanted, to keep Charles happy, and sign a treaty with him but on the other hands they didn't, want citrus to return his best leader to the field to take more burgundy in towns so in July of 1430, they reached a compromise they, sold Joan to the English when, Joan heard the news she attempted, to commit suicide by, leaping from the Tower of Castle, but she survived and on January the 3rd 1431, she was handed over to English, loyalists.

In Northern France so what did the English and their Stooges do when they got their grubby little paws, on the girl he made Charles the seventh King well, they took her to raw and they put her on trial. On March. The 25th 1431, the church authorities at, Rouen charged, Joan on 70 religious, points, ranging from heresy, to dressing in men's clothes, wears, as that last one seems it, was legit Deuteronomy. Chapter 22, verse 5 does actually contain a direct, prohibition from God on women wearing men's clothes so. Well now you know Jones prosecutors, they set theological, traps trying to trip her up in Doctrine one of the key parts, of the Joan of Arc myth is that she was able to avoid these traps and leave the prosecutors. With almost nothing those, original 70 charges, the authorities, were forced to throw 58, of them out but let's. Not kid ourselves that, this was just a spirited, debate about theology, from. The moment she got to Ramon Joan was kept in awful conditions she, was chained to a filthy bed in a filthy prison and given just enough food to keep her from dying day, and night male guards, they watched her taunting, her and threatened, her with assault on April, the 18th Joan's, conditions, they cost a default badly, sick convinced, she was dying she begged to be allowed to see a priest her request, it was refused, finally, on May the 24th the authorities, that had enough unable, to settle the last 12 points they dragged Joan outside for a mock execution, and then basically said sign this confessional that execution next time it's gonna be real Joan. Signed the, documents contained a very specific Clause, forbidding, her from ever dressing as a man again and a pain of death, something that this clause was inserted. Very deliberately, because a couple of days later the authorities, came to visit Joan in prison and found, her dressed as a boy the official version is that Joan did claimed the Saints had ordered her to wear the clothes but other sources suggest, the cause, was, far darker supposedly. The men guarding Joan stripped her naked and, gave her the choice of either putting on male clothes, or remaining naked before them knowing, what would happen if she remains naked Joan she, chose the clothes regardless. The, outcome was the same on May the 30th 1431, Joan was led out to plaster, view Martians tied to a stake it said that one of her guards slipped her a wooden crucifix, on the way in order to comfort at that warm spring day Joan of Arc was burned alive, the executioner, was forbidden, from easing her misery by killing her before the flames reached her flesh and Joan, died screaming, in agony I reported, last words were the pitiful wailing. Begging. For some Michael to rescue her the angel, never, appeared when, the execution, was over the authorities, had her remains burnt again and then scattered, her ashes in the river the story of, Joan of Arc it was over or. Was it 19. Years after Joan was executed, Charles the seventh Road in Rouen by now the Hundred Years War was winding down and the French were on the verge of winning stood, in the city where his one-time Savior burnt death, Charles ordered an inquiry into Joan's trial this inquiry ended up at the Vatican where in 1456. Pope Callixtus the, third annulled, all charges, against her when the news reached France Joan was elevated, to a martyr, the 116. Years of conflict had finally ended in 1493. And war shattered France was in need of a national hero bended Joan they, found one she's kind of remained there ever since on May the 16th 1920. Pope Benedict, the 15th canonized, her four days later the French Parliament declared a national day in her honor fast, forward to today and she's arguably, more famous than Charles the 7th Henry the fifth or any of the forgotten, Kings who fought and raged, around her but there's more to Droughns legacy, than just being remembered you can still see the effect that she had on the entire world historians. Think it's unlikely that Charles the seventh would have 100, years war without June that means an English victory which as great as that sounds would have meant no United French nation just, think no France don't know French Revolution, which means no de Polian which essentially. Means no modern world just, to pick at random there, would be no, metric system no Louisiana, Purchase no France, to mock the Americans, in the Revolutionary Wars. The entire planet, eerie look completely different whilst. Joan of Arc divinely, inspired or, just, a deluded peasant girl whose belief, was enough to make her a warrior it really doesn't matter in her short 19, years on earth Joan, of Arc changed, the world in ways that even kings, and emperors rarely.

Do She, meant been born and nobody but she died Joan. Of Arc the heroine, of France. So, I really hope you found the video interesting, if you did please do give us a thumbs up below and don't forget to subscribe we've got brand new videos just like this several times a week also, hit that notification, bell so you actually find, out where we put our new videos that's just the way the YouTube works these days and as always see. You next time.

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Found the video interesting, but it does reinforce my belief that human beings are garbage. Especially those in power. For the one monarch or leader we hear about do good things there are twenty that do bad and deadpan others who are worse than imagined monsters.

William the Conqueror didn't have a claim to the French throne.

Lol didn't expect to see Shannon Sharpe in this one.

Something something fate GO

Thanks for Brexit, so we don't have to be in union with the English pigs!

Funny, we voted to get away from you cheese eating surrender monkeys. Oh, and the Krauts.

Being emotionally tough and driven etc is one thing. What I wanna know is, how the hell did she learn how to fight?

Huey P. Newton Co founder of the Black Panther Party and the reason we have Black History Month.

Why at 3:05 did I hear the metal gear solid alert sound? That’s my text ringtone lol...

Well, she didn't quite die alone, as there were friendly French and even some honorable English in the crowd who were there for her; she didn't died disgraced so much as abandoned, as all of France except for her political enemies loved her; and she certainly didn't die a failure, as she turned around a 91 year losing streak in about 7 weeks and then maintained her honor and her faith in the face of abuse and martyrdom. Clinging to what she valued most in the end, I would argue that she won, because no one could take that from her, even in death.

So... the English burn her at the stake and THEY are the ones who get to define what her accepted name is? Not cool. :)

I love the funny inserts

I don't understand the dislikes on your videos. You do professional quality content.

shes my hero cuz im 19 and i wear boys clothes lol may she resting in peace

Biographics Thank you so much for making My vidoe about Joan of Arc

Could you please do your next Biographics on Robert E Howard the Father of Sword and Sorcery genre and the Creator of Conan The Cimmerian Please !!!!!

I am confused if her title of saint really worth his dying pleas..

1. Great video. I have enjoyed watching it. And I assume you did enjoy creating this video as well. 2. "You are guilty of heresy. And wearing mens trousers" - HH song about Joan of Arc. 3. My favourite character from history and from games. 4. Fun fact: Joan of Arc planned to lead a crusade against heretical hussites in Bohemia after she would expel ¨ all englishmen from France,

Viva La France

I teared up at the part where Simon says she cried out for Saint Michael

How many channels this gus has

3:04 Did I just hear the Metal Gear Solid alert tone? Cuz I couldn't *not* see an exclamation mark appear over Simon's shiny head

Simon, You’re French is hit and miss, overall not bad. I encourage you to learn the actual language. You can do it in no time.

was Joan of arc an alien? the painting of her at 10:46 might surprise you

Joan of Ark: (Leads an army and dies a hero) Today’s crazy feminist: (Cries and accuse all men of being bigoted rapists) We sure have come a long way.

Simon I don't get in fights on the YouTube comments section...... meet me by the swings after school and bring your magic cards

Why do you always seem to take corrections to your pronunciations personally Simon? Wouldn't you rather know how to better pronounce a foreign word than not?

Actually she died an accused and convicted hieratic! She was later forgiven and proclaimed a Saint! Poor girl.... Yes In do believe she was guided by God ...but the "church"( as was often the case) , burned first and Sainted later!

Do one about Olga of Kiev :)

Simon from what culture is ugly.

Any chance of a video about William Marshall?

She flew to close to the sun Unfourtunetly

Saint Joan will forever be that symbol for all those that lived by their faith to be killed by politics. The bodies of obedient teenagers litter battlefields everywhere. May they rest in the company of Saints like Joan.

pleas do a bio of scanderbeg! the shield of christianity!

"he gave Joan six armed men" *pictures men with six arms*

La Pucelle.

Man, to think an over 100-year war could have just been avoided if instead there was a Treaty of Ménage à Troyes. Sorry not sorry.

Betrayed by his own king. Is sad.

In many way it was more a French civil war than a nationalistic conflict, like it is often described. In fact, Joan of Arc is often credited with starting the whole concept of the French identity. The conflict was started due to disputed rues of succession; not one side ignoring the rules outright. It broadly came down to whether succession through maternal lines was acceptable, as the paternal line of Kings of France was dead, and past president from that line excluded a female monarch. The english Kings were technically vassals of the French, through there holdings throughout much of France, both from there origins in Normandy, and the English Queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine. This actually gave then control over more land in France than the French monarch. When the succession crisis started Henry thought he had a good claim, likely to be supported by many French nobles, and he was right.

Awesome job Simon!

So she was basically a female isis commander.

Speaking of girls who supposedly see divine images, an interesting video to do would be Lucia dos Santos, the girl who claimed she saw the Virgin Mary at Fatima and allegedly was told three secrets about the fate of the world.

Even Americans love and revere Joan of Arc.

16:00 if Patay was a big deal ??? obviously !! in France 600 years later, we have an expression for a big defeat ( in fact we have few for other reasons which i let for other commentators , like the triggered english;) , this expression is "prendre la pâtée", " to get a pâté" , an image of what happened to the english soldiers ;)

What about some biographies about pirates, Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach, for instance?

Finally a biography on Noah’s wife! I’ll let myself out

Now that you say it Joan of Arc would be a great name for a drug. “The heroin of France”

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt as the flames rose to her Roman nose and her hearing aid started to melt!

+Biographics Well, we all love the content and the presentation. I'm quite sure that most offered corrections are not meant in a malicious manner. Try to keep that in mind. ;O)

I don’t really care tbh

Yeah, but isn't like that people care, they would want to use anything to try to make their case against her convincing even if there were contradictions.

He should do a video on the Pirate Queen Gráinne Mhaol

Right, because a woman has to be transgender or gay to sleep in the same room as some guys.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Betrayal at its best

Any historian that thinks Joan of Arc was a transgender or even gay is a complete lunatic.

I've always said France should re-establish it's Monarchy, and know I know who should be King, or rather Queen. It should be Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The English Monarchy are and have always been the rightful heirs to the French throne.

Joan of Arc a tranny? Seriously? Liberal nonsense. Everytime I start to get respect for you Simon you take it away.....

Ik it a to cover his ass from the hell fires of the comments but does anyone actually "go at him" for pronunciations... I mean I'm sure there's a few but yeah.

First Biographics video I watched. Very goood!

" Jar Jar Binks trying to fight his way into Darth Vader's private chambers" is the best analogy I've heard this year, and it's almost May lmao But didn't Henry V kick all the asses west of the Seine? Nvm I got my dates fucked up. Sorry, boys n girls.

if joan can do it Jarjar can too!!

Simon! You are perfect without those sound bites/effects like the "Nope" and video game sound effects. Other than that, good stuff as always!

Ahhhh that golden statue? Yeah, the one with her on the horse... what a wonderful, and unintentional, shoutout to what many consider to be the greatest city that ever was and will be: Philadelphia.

Thanks St. Joan of Arc, for the metric system.

this british accent is so put on....

Excellent video! For the life of me I couldn't keep up with the various names of kings and towns but very good none the less.

Taunting in his general direction!

Love the Monty Python references lol

Gay ? Fine... i can dig it. Trans tho ? Foh.. Not to mention such a religious woman carrying that kind of "sin" around sounds suspect.

I love the gags in the history of the Hundred Years’ War.

+Darth Sawlex // The people of France abolished the monarchy and established a republic. Then they elected an emperor. They didnt usurp anything. The people of france made them their rulers. Just like any other house that assended to a throne based on merit. Back that up whit a peoples vote and you have the most legitimate Monarchs you can have. Besides the bonapartes now have blood from Bourbon. So how ever you wanna swing it. The House of Bonaparte was the last to sit upon a throne of france and should be the first in line to retain it. The family of Elisabeth the seacond was elected kings of england yeat 1698. just 100 years before Napoleon became emperor of the french. Before that they were just dukes of Hannover. So how on earth to you think that Dukes from Hannover has a greater claim to the trone of France then the decendants of the greatest ruler in french, perhaps even european history?

+André Fagerberg The Napoleons had no claim to the throne, they were emperors who usurped it.

The house of windsor : orignaly house of coburg and Gotha. Is of German decent and doesnt have any claim to the throne of France. George the third renounced it over 200 years ago. If france should retain its monarchy it should do so as an empire under Jean-Christophe Napoleon as Napoleon the fourth. Emperor of the french.

The pain of burning alive... Unbearable. Poor girl.

"Gay or Trans" HONK HONK

Ahhhh, Bob.

Jeanne d'arc. This is how you are supposed to say that!

Wow I had no idea how brave she was amazing woman soldier Joan of Arc

5:50 burned yesterday. Joan of Arc statue and relics rescued.

Easy on the sound effects there Simon, your videos are starting to sound like my History of Art presentations back in school.

Today we'd have a simple reply to Joan D'Arc. We'd medicate her for schizophrenia. Which is only logical.

The world Would be better. All of the points Simon mentioned at the end of this video would mean that England would be more powerful. (You guessed it, I'm English!).

+André Fagerberg We don't call it the Napoleonic era in England though....Why would we? You don't call the 1930s and early forties the Hitler era do you? To the British Napoleon was bad, and he was, he wanted to invade and we vanquished him. Hitler tried to invade and again, we vanquished him. I will obviously say that Hitler was way way worse than Napoleon, but Napoleon was and always has been an enemy to the British people and country. God save the Queen! (The rightful ruler of France)

+Darth Sawlex Haha i know you are from england but come on! Napoleon is a hero everywere exept in the uk perhaps.. Im from sweden and he is big here. So is he in south america, Japan, Russia, Africa and so on. Everyone know the name Napoleon! Alfred the great was a great local ruler for you i supose. But he had no efect on european history. I could name at least 3 Swedish monarchs who were greater then Alfred. As Gustaf Adolf 2d, Charles 12th And Charles Johan 14th (former Jean Babtiste bernadotte marshal under napoleon and the french empire). And so on. But i guess if you havent even heard the term the Napoleonic era. Then why bother even talking to you? You are clueless

+André Fagerberg Napolean may well be seen as great in France, I don't know but he isn't seen as great anywhere else. It's like if I told you I thought Alfred the Great was the greatest leader ruler in European History, why's that? You may ask, because he united the counties of Wessex and Mercia and was the first King of all England. You as what I assume is a Frenchman don't care about some English King, like every non-french person doesn't care about Napolean. We have Queen Victoria, the Victorian Era, the King Georges (The Georgian era, the Tudor period etc) There are the Napoleonic wars, so unless theres a period in history I'm forgetting (there might be, please remind me) there is no period of history named after Napoleon. At least not in English there isn't.

+Darth Sawlex// It doesnt matther wich lineage she has. She is from the house of hannover. Now Windsor. She has no claim what so ever. The only ones who have claims is the Bonapartes and the Bourbons. If we would go after your logic. Then everything in europe would be conected under one ruler of the roman empire. Beacuse thats were it all began! And yes Napolen is the greatest ruler in european history. On par with Augustus, Charlemagne, Alexander the Great and Julius Cesar. He is the only person who ever had ha whole time period named after him. So loved that he could land on the shores of France with only 1200 men retake the throne of from the Bourbons and their armys of 150 000 men, so great he went from second lieutenant in the atillery and minor nobility. To Emperor of the french and ruler of almost entire europe based only on merit! And so feared that whole of europe declared war not on France... But on Napoleon himself!

+André Fagerberg So according to you the greatest ruler in European history was Napoleon? Ha! Queen Elizabeth II is descended from not just the Hanover's, but most other English Monarchs too, Henry VII, William the Conqueror, she wouldn't be Queen unless she was legitimate. Surely we just need to say we don't see your previous King's as legitimate and simply stake once more our claim to the French throne. The Throne was rightly Edward III's or someone like that, I'm not sure who, but the French said no, and brought in someone who wasn't the correct person inline for the throne. France and England, now the UK should have been united under one King hundreds of years ago!

Anti psychotic medications and there would be no JOA .

Actually, Joan of Arc didn't know what she was signing while she was in prison. She never learned how to read and very likely just made a mark on the document that would have counted as a signature as she didn't know how to write. This would indicate why she continued wearing men's clothing when the document forbade her to do so.

Please put Boudica on your to-do list

So, Jar Jar Binx is a Sith Lord - it's well documented.


What about some of Romania's leaders and men of power , like Mircea del Batran ( Mircea the Elder ) from the 13 hundrets , or Mihai Viteazu ( Mihai the brave ) from the 15-16 hundrets , or Stefan cel Mare ( Stefan the Great ) , like Alexandru Ioan Cuza , or deeper like Decebal , Burebista from ancient times ! That would be of great research and would make some truly great videos !! They all had a great role in Europe's history .Peace from Romania , love your videos ; all in good health !! !

As for Joan of Arc being gay/trans I will say one word "eisegesis".

It's eisegesis for sure.

lol 1420

And to think...Notre Dame was Already a couple of hundred years old, at the time of Joan of Arc...

Happy Good Friday everybody!

The idea that St. Joan of Arc was gay or “trans” is absolutely ludicrous.

My confirmation saint

As part of your "10%", I love these videos of women in history!!!

Aw mademoiselle Joan New Orleans loves her We have a huge golden statue of her in the French quarter

Yea just be like King Nero and say the 100 Years War was just Fabulous.

Brave girl, but delusional.

"If you wanna have a go at me, you can" Lmfao i love that

January 6th, 1412 for the date of birth according to historians.

dpj1 I thought the same thing and there is another thing the Norte dame survived the 100 yr war

You went for the accepted British pronunciation of a French name??? Ugh!

Think how she would have come out if lithium was available.

Simon--judging by your accent you grew up 50 miles from France. Pas de problem, mon ami.

Brave girl betrayed by the cowardly king she saved.

Jesus said yes who believe shall accomplish more than me

People with schizophrenia would certainly not be able to even think about doing what she did. Every psychiatrist will tell you that! Schizophrens are often submerged by huge anxiety and certainly unable to ride a horse, lead an army with a sword in hand and followed ! Nobody would follow a mentally ill person in the middle ages ! Joan of Arc is an enigma that nobody can solve ! Have you read the answers she gave at her trial ? Do you think that somebody with schizophrenia would be able to talk in a so logical and clever manner ? Certainly not !!!

It was a political matter ! And the Burgundians as usual used the king of England as a pawn! They were so happy to sell her to the English !!! The Burgundians would certainly not have burnt her ! They were not foolish like Henry V ' brother Bedford ! " Let these English idiots deal with her , they will be weakened and they will do all what we want from them"

Wait, so she was just a mascot? All she has was a banner and some tired man that needed a rousing speech.

I love the video but theres no need for those Nope memes

Do you have enough information about Boudicca to write a biography of her?

jar jar is the real sith master

We are learning about this in school

Thank you Simon, very cool

Sounds like Joan's mother was an excellent teacher and deserves a statue as well, in France.


(raspberry) THIS MEANS WAR

Sad story Joan of Arc didn't deserve this.

Watching this as a lesbian trans girl with a last name based on Joan, that bit about her possibly being gay or trans took me by surprise

The English claim on the French crown doesn't come from William the Conqueror but from the fact that Edward III is Philippe IV (Capet) 's grandson. He was Isabelle Capet's son while Philippe VI (de Valois) was Philippe IV's nephew. Hence the question: can a woman transmit the crown of France ? England says yes + France says no = 100 Years War.

You are so British it hurts... And I'm British. Well half British.

No one can ever know what really happened, or see what she saw (drug induced or not)... But im seriously impressed by her AND her devotion .. My Being British not withstanding... truly I admire her in many ways!

Bro thank u so much this help with my project and just learn more

that movie with dustin hoffman and that girl with the short hair was crazy.......smh

I stumbled onto your page by accident, and I'm glad I did! This American is hooked!! love these mini docs, keep them coming!!

Simon, I love your biographics. Would you consider doing one of my cousin Raymond "the quintessential Perry Mason" Burr. For the record we are related in the way as the presidents Roosevelt and the Ona L Hill biography is not that great of a read.

Her king was not worthy of her allegiance.

590 years ago today - Joan and the French pushed English forces out of France. Amazing!

Nah - making fun of your pronunciation would be like shooting fish in a barrel. It would also be very poor form on my part because when it comes to French, I live in a glass house!

Wow I feel really bad after watching this. What is worse than rape? Betrayal.

Her father's name was Jacques, not Jean.

This is one of your best videos!

I knew she was young but had no idea she was a teen when she died...

Nice subtle money python reference!!


Can you do a biographic on Robert the Bruce?

I first heard about Joan of Arc by playing the campaign in Age of Empires II. She is the most inspirational woman in european history to me. Others may have been intelligent and powerful rulers, like Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Maria Theresia, Catherine the Great etc, but none of them fought to liberate their country from foreign oppression on the field of battle. A book I can recommend about Joan is the one written by Pamela Marcantel. Its a shame Hollywood never made a big movie about this except the one with Mila Jovovich but imo that one wasnt so good.

Gay or trans? Or she made a vow of celibacy and took it seriously. Really reading modern values into the past there.

Correction.... SAINT Joan of Arc

Has anyone else ever heard that she was schizophrenic? I think that it's crap but I've heard it.

"Joan of Arc with the Lord to guide her... She was a sister who really cooked!" Excerpt, theme song: "Maude" (American TV Show)


What about historians who say she never existed?

We have an incredible golden statue of Joan of Arc on horseback in the middle of a roundabout here in Stumptown. Certainly a role model for women, but if the social justice lesbian warriors knew of her Catholicism they would immediately take exception to her. Me? Well she's my favorite female next to The Virgin Mary and mebbe Amelia Earhart.

Imagine literally being burned alive for wearing pants.

Jeanne la pucelle, fille de Dieu

So did she died a virgin or what

I have been to her cell in the remants of the castle, which still stands in Rouen. The curator let me enter the very cell she imprisoned. It was so cold and dark. I was told she had a bed of hay to sleep on.

OMG SIMON HAS UPLOADED MY VIDOE OF MY JOAN OF ARC VIDOE I LOVE YOU AND THIS CHANNEL I have been waiting what feels like years of asking, for this video and waiting like 1,000 years. it is now here best moment in my life . IF SIMON HEARTS THIS COMMENT I would DONATE TO THIS channel forever :)

10:43 Nice hands, bitch!

What an extraordinary story.

I always theorised that she had some form of schizophrenia, which would explain her absolute certainty in witnessing God and therefore truly believing she was unstoppable... until she was stopped, of course. Shame God didn't blow out the flames like.

So she wasn't Noah's wife?

Oh yeah. She cut her hair (so she wouldn't be raped by strangers) and slept among the men (because it was cold outside and...THERE WERE NO WOMEN) so yeah. She must be a lesbian!!! If you believe Joan of Arc was a lesbian you are a complete and total dumb*ss with an agenda.

Jarjar Binks was a Sith Lord......

Thanks for invitation to have a go you . Ya bald tosser

a great woman and forget old Charles what a useless man

How funny I was gonna say she was probably a lesbian or maybe trans who knows

Before the onset of SJWs and Progressive politics, historians considered Joan to be schizophrenic not homo/transsexual.

15:30 by "modern historians" do you mean radical leftist professors?

Great video

Didn’t know any of this. Appreciate the knowledge, dude.

Nice. I never thought of it that way. But now that you said it. Good Job. Joan of Arc did changed the world single handedly.

No metric system? Burn her she's a witch!

BTK killer please

2:29 When you realizes you left the stove on but your already comfortable


Thank you it does not really matter she was cool and amazing and all that that matters

she was called the Maiden of (Lorraine) pronounced (Loren). north eastern France not Orleans which was a mistake by the English and totally different places. Orleans's in France is in north central France sorry am a fan of Jehonne Le Pucelle. aka Joan of Arc or (Joeanna of the Dolphine.

Joan of Arc was a witch who deserved to be burned as do all the modern day witches and wizards. They all deserve suffering for rebelling against God. All those who worship one God deserve to suffer. Only those who serve both know true joy.

"She may have been gay, or trans." Really? Or maybe she was an outstanding leader who led from the front, living in the same muck and mire as her Soldiers. Gaining their unwavering loyalty and respect.

vachement bien mon vieux,vraiment !

16:15 Um, the prevailing theory is that Jar Jar was a Sith lord, so maybe it's not that incredible after all.

Killed because she wore men's clothing? Anyone else need more prof that religion is stupid?

They should make a new movie about Joan. I think Maisie Williams should play her. She’d be perfect.

I once met a woman and she told me her name was Gale of I said are you related to Joan..she said who is Joan?

"She may have been gay or trans" Ok, JK Rowling.

Angels seldom get credit for the work they do. All guts, no glory. And they save the snakes that are indifferent to their grace.

Joan was a Vampire Slayer centuries before Buffy took up the mantle. It's facts. my head.

Love love love history!

Taunting in his 'general direction'

Love your biographies, they are short, accurate, and objective. Your delivery is entertaining and interesting to listen to and watch. I love you as a history teacher! True lives are so much more interesting than fiction. Great work, thanks for your channel!

haha I was hoping someone would say that

Usually successful people tends to be crazy. To atheist other are crazy To thesist other are crazy Hence everyone is crazy. She is a strong women and not to be looked down because of her faith.

I love her film portrayal, starring Lele Sobieski.

0:26 Joan of Arc: "I was fighting armies while you were learning to speeeeeeel your naaaaame" Battlefield earth anyone? No? I'll shut up.

Awsome. It sounds like a fairy tale.

"No Napoleon which means no modern world" yeah riiiiight

Her mission in age of empires 2 was bs hard

RIP Joan

Lately I've been sick of everything French

7:44 *LMAO!!!!*

War is just so crazy to me... Like, conceptually. I just can't believe it actually happens. When I interact with the people I know, and just imagine every human I've met in person, I can't imagine them killing each other. I'm trying to think about what a person would have to do for me to want them dead. I really don't think anger would do it. Honestly, if I *really* hated someone, more than I've ever experienced IRL. If they like, slaughtered my family or hurt my loved ones, and I just hated them. Furious anger... true rage. Seeing them would be disgusting, and I'd want to hurt them, but not kill them. I'd want to make them hurt. Fear is really the only thing I can imagine forcing my hand. I'd have to be afraid. Deathly afraid, with no way to stop them. Oh god, especially before guns were a thing. Having to do it up close and personal... Jeez I'm legit nauseous just thinking about it. I guess that's what drove a lot of soldiers, because it was literally true, they had no choice. Then again, the same could be said for the "other"-sides soldiers. So why the f would you kill each other, if you both just want to get home alive? Orders? Because, someone told you to? They'd have to be really convincing... It's all just so insane to think of. So Joan was a warlord, fighting for a cause. She seems to have been driven by a genuine desire to accomplish... something. Making everyone else accept this dude as their ruler, instead of that other dude. IDK, I really do admire a lot of historical warlords as good people fighting for justice. It's just insane that we even need violent heroes. I guess I understand why so many writers convey the idea that hero's are really bad for humanity. The first Dune series is driven by the horrible reality of a messiah figure. Of course A Song of Ice and Fire... War really is such a waste. The world must be screwed up if *so* many people resort to murder.

The french kings were all but Jackasses (excuse my language) no wonder that the device called Gillotine was invented especially for them to be executed.

It's when God had your Gates.

Summary: Brave gal attacks people real good.

Her story was also incredibly influential. It inspired both the French and American revolution. I asked a mentor of mine once (himself a orthodox priest) why God would have interfered in politics with her and the more I learn the more sense it makes.

Need to talk about why the Burgindarian party joined the English. The King of France Murdering the Duke of Burgundy in an attempt to fix their rift would do that

Respect for not shying away from the gay/trans theory

Trans? Really? And no she was NOT gay or trans, being that transsexual is a modern term. Who are these historians that are making this crap up?

i really doubt she was gay or trans, just trying to stay safe from potential bandits

And Jean was quite clearly a schizophrenic

As for the "thought he was made of glass" - this doesn't mean he was mad. He most probably suffered from Osteogenesis imperfecta and thus, not knowing what it was, referred to himself being made of glass. Or rather, his bones made of glass.

Some people are stupid, you just can’t help that.

19:45 heh. traps.


whats his other channel? history something?

the crazy thing was Joan totally could have been towed queen inside of Charles

and probably from being raped.

My grandmother was from Do-Re-Mi, capital of La-la-land.

What is your favourite coloour???

I’m English, but damn, that’s a badass lad right there, she may be French but she’s ok in my books

Did you know Ron Burgundy is a descendant of the house Burgundy

It's crazy to see the knock on effect she had. If she hadn't won the wars, France wouldn't exist nor would Nepoleon and the modern world would be so different. A Saint indeed.

Okay not to brake the mood but.....she was hot----

oh geez....oy

"We're on a mission from God." - Elwood of Joliet

I teared up when she was annulled and now. It's beautiful.

The French law said the throne came through the male line. Edward III's claim was through the female line, which was not recognized as legal in France. Joan's home town is now called Domremy-la-Pucelle, Domremy of the Virgin, named after Joan. In Shakespeare, he never calls her by name, but only as Pucelle. He treats her as a slutty witch.

A sad fact about the public school education in the US ... if you grow up under the "special needs" banner you get taken out of regular classes for "special" classes and miss out on learning things other students do. History was unfortunately in the time spot for these special classes for me. I've always had a great fascination for history but had never been given the chance to learn it in school. So thank you for this series. I grew up knowing the name Joan of Arc but never knowing who she was or what she had done to become a martyr

Please do a Edith Piaf video!

"To say Joan's army mopped the floor with them would be a disservice to mops"

Jeanne D'Arc was awesome.

@Margarita Bazze dressing as a man for safety does not, in any respect, make you trans.

During that time ladies were raped right and left, therefore, In her situation to prevent it she dressed like a man and surrounded herself with her closest soldiers for safety and besides she was going to war. Have you research the dresses for those days? Not very confortable.. If you ask me, I would have done the same thing. I believe GOD gave her a mission that she accomplished. It was not about the king it was saving the people and stopping future wars. The king was just a piece of the puzzle. In addition, during that time women had absolutely no power, and she obtained much popularity, that was not good for political reason. She was used and disposed. Therefore, gay or NOT, that is not important. Her kingdom was not from this world.

What a FOOL YOU ARE. If this was God working through her it would NOT matter WHEN she was born she would STILL be known of. And as far as her mom telling her about mystic stuff I doubt every MUCH that she would have even had to cause that kind of stuff would have been KNOWN by the kids. You seem to think things like that are only known by Adults and you are sooooooo wrong

People in the middle ages weren't the type of deluded that people in the 21st century are. People back then may have believed in witches and were overly superstitious.. but Joan Of Arc WAS NOT A FUCKING TRANS

Charles VII-always room for one more under the bus.

Most English people I've heard talk about Joan of Arc had some sly remark about how "she didn't actually do much... Oh but she made a huge difference" or they would subtly make fun of the story. I appreciate the story being told as we know it, with little bias. I will definitely subscribe.


@Chris Wicker mad leftists dont understand context. They see a boy pass through the barbie aisle and they will be like "omg hes trans"

"Fed up with all these frenchies taunting in his general direction" is the best and most subtle monty python reference I've ever heard lol. My partner doesn't understand why I'm laughing hahahahaha

thank you very informative

She was my daughter's age when she died. How can someone be so callous to kill such a young woman in that way.

wow .... like literally WHAT A WOMAN !!!!!!!

Simon@BioGraphics, great video, as always. A sad story, but she was probably insufferable.

this type of women that we should all talk about and fallow there steps not the Kardashian sluts and all the slut on TV & news day and night.

“The angel... never appeared.”

“Frenchies taunting him in his general direction”- fabulous Monty Python reference.

Thanks Simon for a very well made video... but why would you project from our time what her life might have been about? Why not have respect for her religious commitment to honor and celibacy? The gay or trans stuff is an unfortunate comment!

@Danolyzed I know right?

The Middle Ages didnt give a fUK

"Modern historians theorize that she may have been gay or trans." Modern historians are poop slinging imbeciles. I have a degree in history and have read at least three books on Joan of Arc specifically as well as countless other history books. This is one of the most outlandish and fantastic pieces of bull crap I've ever heard.

Sure beats throwing milkshakes and fits

Interesting story, but let's be real here: she was either a sufferer of some mental illness or a compulsive and obsessed liar and fantasist (possibly a narcissist?) who was made into a military mascot and a political tool. The real impressive part is the actions of the soldiers who did the actual fighting and deserve the credit. Let's not sentimentalize here.


@Coley Durham No, you just made a typical error. Now you're trolling me.

@Yokai lol did i hit a nerve?

@Coley Durham Rightwingers don't understand anything, they see a boy pass through a Barbie aisle and will be "omg, his parents must be leftists." They see a crossdresser headed for the bathroom and will be "omg, he's a paedophile."

My Patron Saint. Even as a Protestant growing up, she was my hero! Her faith and fearlessness is what made her great and it’s true, the world as we know it would be a very different place if not for her heroic acts. As I grow in my Catholic Faith and even as I strive to be the best mother and person I can be, I look to her life for guidance and inspiration. Talk about a Catholic Feminist... ✊



you are, quite clearly an ass. #PfizerSucks

I'm surprised at how many complaints there are here about your comment that historians think she may have been gay or trans and attempts to claim this long dead individual as part of their camp. It's only a possibility, and we'll never know one way or the other, so it's silly to assert what she was. Apparently this video drew in the homophobic religious crowd. It's an interesting point of speculation anyway.


Joan of Arc is a trans man and you can't stop him

"MAY" is an important word there. It is entirely possible and would match her behavior regarding acting "like one of the boys" and feeling called to battle in the first place, but Simon didn't say that historians assume she was either. We're analyzing possibilities in history, not rewriting fiction.

Catholics don't suicide!

in the United States Memorial Day is May 30 , because of Saint Joan who has no grave , and Veterans Day is November 11 because of St. Martin of Tours ( the patron saint of soldiers ) !


God i love this channel

@Charles Lathrop thank you

@M.J. Vazquez I own but have not yet read "Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured" by Kathryn Harrison. I'll probably read this one after I finish my current book "The Enemy at the Gate: Habsburgs, Ottomans, and the Battle for Europe" by Andrew Wheatcroft.

@M.J. Vazquez Specifically relating to Joan of Arc I recommend "The Maid and the Queen" by Nancy Goldstone.

Teacher: "Who was Joan of Arc?" Student: "Noah's wife?"

"The Young Martyr" as Geras from mk11 called her

This is the first of Simon's videos I've disliked. The stupid sound bites were more than annoying.. I found them to be disrespectful of the subject. I normally love this show.. But if this keeps up I'm probably going to look elsewhere for biographic videos.

A little peasant girl born in the dirt and fated to die as a nobody was chosen by God to save her nation and is remembered by all of us today while the contemporary kings , so mighty and rich are basically forgotten .

A lot of this is untrue .For example , her last word was Jesus , not a plead to Saint Michael .Man , it is almost like this was made targeting edgy Atheist teenagers or ultra Nationalist Englishmen .

So did Joan actually make command decisions in battle or was she just used as a symbol?

"She may be gay or trans", see that is the exact way of thinking that she had to go against.  No, she can't be a woman and have a brain or be brave, she had to be trans or gay, excuse her for having a female hormone in her veins and not have it be injected into her.  She had to dress like a man in order to be safe and not be raped.  Plus, the king wasn't going to listen to her in the first place.  This was back in the day when women couldn't even leave the house without their husbands or father's consent.   Now people want to paint her as gay or trans because they just can't wrap their minds around a woman doing anything if she had to.  Shame on you!  She is proof that a woman is more than what's down below the waist.   She is heart, mind, and soul.  And to retort your remark about St. Michael not being there, as you may recall angels don't have to appear to us humans when they do their work.  So he may have been there and people didn't see him.  Besides, after the way she was treated, I wouldn't blame him for not showing up--why should he?

That's right, a woman even had to take a man's name if she wanted to write and be taken seriously.  That is why she used only her initials.

Johanna von Orleans

The actor who played that student deserves to be Time's Person of the Year

Jesus Christus...

This discussion is kind of pointless because there is no way we will ever get and awnser. For all we know she could have been anything gender and sexuality wise, from trans to straight, from gay to asexual. She could have seen herself as androgynous. We will never know. Just as we will never know if she really had visions, if she really thought she was god sent or not. The only thing we know are the historical facts of her good deeds.

that made me cry

Goddamnit, why am I crying?

No go just love.

Typical English view about the the French. Bla,bla,bla.

Coronated? Oh, please!

If I could give a video more than one thumbs up I would. Jeanne is the top of the list of my heroes. One thing of note though, her begging for St. Michael to help, well even though I am not religious, if I am wrong, St. Michael was there to help and guide her into the kingdom of heaven.

“She May have been gay or trans” Or maybe she was just a good leader and understood that men appreciate a leader who’s willing to eat what they eat and sleep in the same crap conditions that they sleep in.

Tart magica anyone?

@Jia Yi Lim Bulgarians, not Burgundians, the former live in east part balkan peninsula. we aren't very popular nowdays, except perhaps for the mentaly ill gypsy that kicked german woman in the metro few years back that was branded as bulgarian, the fake news media never apologised. (tired of reading comments again i guess ?)

@bgcvetan Woah I didn't know the Burgundians converted to Christianity. The ottomans managed to reach the border of France? I thought they always just stayed in the east :/

@Jia Yi Lim , You know the story about Moses and the 40 years in the dessert i guess. Well the french have lived under all powerful monarch for centries so it was naturally when anarchic olygarchy like the first republic a all powerful dictator to take charge like Napoleon. Actually they are very similar to the Bulgarian nobility, that mostly converted to Islam when ottoman turks began to conquer the peninsula, so they can keep their power and they were brutal as f*ck, not treating other people as human beings, yet the grand irony is that they were ultimately sacked and replaced by the very sultans they supported, in fact most of the liberation revolutionaries were aiming for republic, because as many of them said it : christian or muslim, monarchy here will be tyrany. And gosh how right they were, yet the minority with russian funding, support and the liberation war of 1878 won. After that in 1887 a Austrian named Ferdianand snatched the Crown and turned Bulgaria from Russian to Austrian puppet. Then the Commies 1945 , the free republic that they envisioned only came to pass in 1989 and not fully.

@bgcvetan Sorry mate! My eyes skipped the words "king," so I thought you were referring to the French people in general. I was perhaps predisposed to jump to that conclusion because I read some pretty prejudiced comments. Apologies for the misunderstanding. Putting that aside, I have to agree with you. I haven't looked too much into the history of the French monarchy, but I don't recall ever learning about a good king. Queen? Maybe. Marie Antoinette was a pretty decent lady, wasn't she? She sympathised with her people and tried to lower herself down by wearing less lavishly, but her people took it as her trying to mock them. I know she wasn't French by blood, but she was a part of the monarchy. People went crazy with the guillotine; they had turned their mission for democracy into an excuse for killing opponents.

@Jia Yi Lim Got any better expleanation why Gillotine was invented ?

Simon's cool. That was my rant about him.

Jehanne la Pucelle the female Jesus!

Wait, there was a prophecy of a young virgin leading France to victory that was widespread among the populace? And this belief took root well before Joan of Arc was even born? I'll be damned--Joan of Arc used this popular belief among the French to rile them up and inspire them, and then catapult herself to lead an army. What a marvelous harnessing of myth, conspiracy theory and propaganda. That's what some of the most charismatic dictators have done to seize power. Clever, clever girl...

*She had an intense sexual relationship with King Arthur

She was either really smart and knew people might believe her 'visions', or she was mentally ill and suffering delusions. I'd put money on the delusions, which is actually sort of cool, it would show you can have schitzophrenia and still be an amazing badass.

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for me.

I see we have a fan of metal gear solid here. "!"

Ma fille s'appelle Jeanne, elle est née le 27/11/2018 à St Cloud et emmerde l'OTAN...

@I'm Baby pauvre con (nne)

Cool! Taking 21st Century morays & sending then back a couple hundred years. What they didn't know.

they believe in religious fairytales and laugh at a woman claiming the same fairytales. religious people are amongst the most stupid people in the world next to socialists

Do a Harriet Tubman vid.

The church didn't teach people how to write their own name but taught them how to pray.

Good job Simon. Another great biography. Growing up with the history channel (when the channel actually gave you documentaries on history or biographies on historical figures (instead of reality shows or the latest episode of ancient aliens) its a joy to kick back in the morning while having a cup of coffee before work or winding down my day and spending 25 minutes or so enjoying a documentary or bio pic. I’ve told my history buff friends about your channels and have discussions on them. We actually have a couple of younger cats that have gotten into history through your channels. To you, Morris and everyone that helps you guys get the show on the road keep up the good work!

23:09 - 23:14 ... “Tell me one last thing," said Harry. "Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?" "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Many are called,few are chosen...I'm pretty sure there are so much more things a 16 year old girl would rather be doing than leading an army,fighting a war,being labelled as crazy and being burned alive.

Crazy or not, she did so much for the French. What Charles did to her was the action of bastards.

She wasn't a cross dresser. She had to wear men's clothes because women's was more restricting. It's the same for the female who created the first female swim suit. The only thing that we can be thankful for is that the so called "Church" no longer has any influence on government or even is "heretical" according to a religious authority by a priest or King by Divine Right. Democracy is the greatest invention humans ever discovered.

How many channels does this dude have?

I have 5. Currently.

Kimberly Patton And I understand what you mean about Mila Jovovich's emotion that puts into her roles. She sounds so... tragic...

Kimberly Patton Mila Jovovich played as Joan of Arc!? Holy hell, I had no idea! She is my favorite actress of all time! I must find this movie.

I personally prefer Mila Jovovichs' portrayal...she lends such a quality that makes you.actually believe she is Joan with all her passion and emotion.

Surprised that a lot of men volonteered to go to battle with a young girl? They were all wearing fedoras.

It's not "the hundred years war" It's "le hundred years war"

This is so boring!!

Simon: "All these Frenchies taunting in his general direction" Me: "You know Monty Pythons Holy Grail is a great movie. I should watch it again tonight"

In French Jeanne d'Arc or Jehanne

I was cringing and waiting for it, and sure enough..."she might have been trans."

A couple of mistakes here she didn't die a saint that was after her death and coronation is a noun not a verb. It is the ceremony of crowning a monarch.

Jeanne d'Arc best Waifu

A schizophrenic who never fought on the battlefield (You can look it up, she would only rear her head when they were losing or to provide a morale boost) and who's best pal was a child murderer and rapist (Giles de Rais).

as far as I know she technically did die a Saint according to the Catholic Church. I'm pretty sure being recognized as a Saint means you were that way when you died. You are made a Saint by God and then the Church just confirms it or whatever when they announce someone as a Saint. This is why they wait for "post death miracles" to prove someones Sainthood. Because these prove the person is a Saint already the Church just "makes it official" for the history books or whatever.

Joan of Arc? you serious?

@TheStapleGunKid she is noted for deeds on the battlefield but not a tactical commander. She would be in battle but not directing units as far as I know and I don't claim to be an expert. While that might make her a "inspirational" in addition to a warrior I wouldn't say she is just inspirational. She was heavily involved in strategy. By this I mean decisions of what city to attack, what siege to lift, should we pursue the enemy after the battle and things of this nature. Sometimes her suggestions would be taken, other times not but she did have major influence on the strategy of France which makes her much more than just an inspiration to the men. She was "at the table" or "in the War Room" so to speak with the King and Generals. Overall I would classify her strategy as very successful and significant in the outcome of that conflict so I hold her in high esteem.

@Thomas DeMay What I'm asking is was she making actual choices that affected the armies directly. Was she at a command map sending troops where they needed to go? Or was she simply inspiring the men?

she was more of a grand strategist than a battlefield commander. tactics is different than strategy but she was also a rebel and symbol / inspiration in addition to strategist.

notice as always it's the hypocritical leftists (that push Transgender) that then belittle the accomplishments of Joan by calling her Trans and at the same time complain "right wingers" are "anti-Female". Typical hypocrisy of the Leftists Socialist and Fake "Experts"

Don't bite the person who feeds you, and the coward King clearly did not take that advice. Joan was actually the Saint name I chose for confirmation

Probably a psychotic teenager with transgender tendencies !

Then why did you bother to watch a video about a historical figure in an era you weren't even born in?

Ironic how I made an OC who had a similar reason, but wears women's clothes over male clothing xD


Literally what I thought too

Did some research on her for work some months ago, so I'll just say that it was a great summary, not only of her, but also of the Hundred Years War. That said, and just as a side note, it's funny to see how everyone thinks god's on their side... Oh and, as others mentioned, the Dauphin was a prick.

No, historians do NOT think she was "gay or trans" for wearing soldiers' clothing: in fact historians have pointed out that there are quotes from Joan, described by eyewitnesses, in which she says bluntly that she wore this clothing because it had cords that could be used to tie the different parts of the outfit together to prevent rape, since the cords made it difficult for a rapist to pull her clothing off.  This is summarized by Wikipedia's article on Joan of Arc and mentioned in many other sources.

St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!

The King was the gay one.

I would of followed her in to anything she was a true leader to say the least people should take notes today!!!

She's a all time great!!!

Ahhh so know i know how joan of arc felt...

Simon has just made it the 156 years war. The 100 years war was from 1337 to 1453 not 1493.

im glad to have a little of her blood in me

Here Simon, have a go.

Not bad for an illiterate girl who heard voices from the sticks.

Come and have a go if you think you're a better professional narrator than Simon is! Well done sir.

"you wanna have a go at me in the cooments?! You can!"

""She may have been gay or trans" What ever!?!?! She had more balls than tat coward king. Typical kings/politicians candy asses all of them

Edward III never had legit claim to French throne

Do mansa musa next

Hahaha love the intro!!

Joan, to my knowledge, never identified herself as male. Crossdressing doesn't make someone trans, neither does it make them gay. That's like saying that because she was celibate, she was asexual. No, they're choices she made for reasons of survival and doing her job. She might have been trans, or gay, or asexual, but that's got nothing to do with *why* she initially wore mens clothing. Women wore mens clothing when they needed safety and freedom.

And then she got summoned to Romania to make sure the people are properly killing each other in the search for the Holy Grail.

Modern historians can go SUCK IT!

Her lying about her "visions" ultimately lead to her being burnt alive.

"you wanna have a go at me in the comments?! You can!"

Can you do a biographies for Jesus? Maybe a believers version based on the biblical sources, and a non-believers version based on extra-biblical sources. That’s the best way to thread the needle, I think.

That chick had some real balls. I'd shave them if she asked me to.

This woman was incredible. Taking an arrow pretty much all the way through the shoulder and still returning to rally everyone.


Alex Darr no!

french nun

“A bunch of Frenchies taunting in their general direction” Ah, don’t we love a good Monty Python reference?

She was the best character on clone high.

Damn shame the English didn't France? That's the dream

No graphics? Just this guy enjoying the sound of his own voice...

She didn't die, Saint Joan ... she wasn't Saint Joan until 1920.

What’s wrong with Joan of Arc being a strong woman??? Why does she have to gay or trans? Why do people have to go and put labels on others?

A bio. On the toxic relationship between Henry II and Thomas A 'Becket would be a good idea.

Crazy how the Catholic Church took so long to overturn her verdict and canonize her...

174 Burgundians dislike this video!

It is 15th of august. Celebration of Mary. Don't you see any relationship between Joan and Jesus himself ? Charles as Ponce Pilate maybe, but who burnt her ? She was from Lorraine and what do you say since your queen is a german Battenberg hiding behind the name of Windsor ? That's why you're damned, all of you.

That's a real stretch that she was gay or trans. With literally next to no information to go off, "historians" automatically assume she was gay or trans. Hmmm, could that have something to do with setting a narrative? Honestly, it never ends. I wonder who else they can theorize with next to no information that they were gay or trans? Lincoln? Check. Achilles? Check. If they were gay, they were gay but let's not assume things simply to fit a narrative.

Get used to it, everybody's mentally il- I mean trans.

Death at 19, why?, Alexander The Great (Sikander e Azam) set the defeated Indian King Porus free when the question of his fate was asked.

What was the point of creating a power vacuum in the fifteenth century? There would have been nowhere to plug it in. Didn't think that through at all, did they?

That moment when you save your country and your country repays you by burning you at the stake

Did she say the Rosary with her troops?

that background voice is so stupid "nope"

Thank you Simon, it was great, you have compiled the life of this Great Saint, Martyr & warrior well. Most of the clergy are filth, and conmen this was in old times and also today. France today is worse than what it was during Caligula.

Joan of Arc. The real power of pure tomboy waifus

She wus guided by alliens not the creator of all

It's nice to hear a telling of this that doesn't insist on scrubbing up her image and just tells it as straight forward as we can.

Pretty sure Eduard III was not next in line to the throne. He was Philip IV's grandson, through his mother's line. According to Salic law in France the inheritance of the crown could not happen through a female line. That's why Philip VI, son of Philip IV's brother, Charles of Valois, became king

Joan of Arc’s visions didn’t come to an end after King Charles VII was crowned (or at the very least I think so).

She was trans lol wut. People cant look at things from a historical perspective anymore. I wouldn't want to be the most feminine one in a band of warriors.

Joan was so hated by the English who judged her, esp its church members, that they gave orders that she was to be burnt at the stake for all the surrounding villages to witness, as a result her stake was so raises that the executioner could not show her mercy and cut her throat as was the norm for any burnt at the stake, so Joan really did, raised so high on her stake, burn to death by the fire. She remains in our hearts.

This time you've really outdone yourself. What a fantastic summary.

If you are a theist and your faith is waning, the story of Joan might help boost your lagging beliefs. She is completely amazing. Cool Hand Luke, mixed with Hannibal, combined with a sweet girly girly girl-type girl.

I lost count how many of your videos i have watched

I’ve lost count of how many videos I have made.

21:35 Who says Saint Michael didn't save her ? Why does he have to appear in flesh ?

What do you mean darth jar jar would have made quick work of vader

She was a (HOLY) Cross-dresser from the Middle Ages, ah tell ye ! Burn the Witch, spare no faggots, enow !

che una melanzana nel tuo boffo

I'm genuinely surprised that after betraying Joan his men didnt kill him

Can we talk about your gambling addiction and your debt?



Luminoste Eternelle!

watched this aftre i watched your white mouse video , truly inspiring

Yup. 1847 thumbs up.

"...the angel...did not appear...". Writing, kids.

WAYNE CADDELL Men dressed a bit girly back then anyway.

I thought the 100 years war was also called The Cousin’s War. I better go back and study again.

She wasn't gay or trans, how do you sleep with someone and do the dirty with your damn clothes on!?!?

The Monte Python references were a nice touch.

You know I've been thinking and maybe Joan could have lead a successful campaign against Russia

One of the best biographics. Well done.

I came here after watching the Drifters. Anime made me more interested in history than school.

Wait....... No, still don't care about her sexuality.

That's the reason why I don't go to the church. Its very typical of god to use people as tools and then discard them as garbage. Also its very typical of the church or any leader to screw over someone, and when they are not in this world anymore, they apologize to make themselves cool persons.

The claim of Edward III has nothing to do with William the conqueror...

She sounds like a really lucky Schizophrenic.

What other kind of birth do people have? BIRTHSPLOSION! HELLO LIIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEEEEEE!!! Sorry too much Borderlands 3.

Women in history dressed like men out of necessity - to earn respect and avoid being raped. Dressing in men's clothing doesn't mean she was "really a man."

looking at the comments....smh "TROLLS ARE REAL. this was a bio of someone who helped a nation, whats wrong with you. oh i forgot you comedy check didnt come. GTFOH!!!

"A wound that would have us curled up screaming for or mum's" LOL!

I respect the legend of the Maid of Orleans. She should of had more love and care .

I like u ~remember to breathe and take your time when you speak remember your time is there time Now! .. you know and I know and we both know..... this Never happened

Wait what? Goodness I have just lost all respect for modern historians. Are they all relatives to JK Rowlins? Come on dude not everyone has to be gay or is gay. Just cause I kiss my homie doesn't make me gay. I just love him.

Oh my goodness.... I thought she was just a silly girl but wow she's really cool and nice. I like her. I like nice people :)

Love this :o so many lessons I feel I can take from her story. Thanks for all you do, Simon!

La Hire wishes to kill something!

Bollocks to all of this. A teenage girl winning full on battles? No.

Joan Of Arc or Jeanne de'arc if you will

the movie joan of arc with peter O"tool he played a part as a biship joan caricter was a polish actres . that movie alined up prety clouse to history and as this guy has spoken of maybe that movie can befound on internet .i got lucky found it in public librarys recycal bin at curb before trash collection day.maybe can be found in a library could rent it

Actually, Joan didn’t try to commit suicide. She was trying to escape.

retrovideoquest Either way, not suicide.

I read it somewhere that she actually though she'd be rescued by angels as she jumped out of the window, so in a sense she hoped to escape with "heavenly help"...

Joan was incredibly brave. Pretty impressive that she knew who the Dauphin was even though they tried to trick her. Horrendous that they killed her in such a barbaric way.

Put some female parts on Nero and watch thousands of fucbois rush to defend her. Seriously, if it was a John of Arc we would be saying "Literally who"

@Bradly Dylan I know you're asking "Choza" and not me, but in my opinion it makes a lot of difference: suicide would mean she gave up hope, regretted all she did etc. "Trying to escape" would be the opposite: not giving up, believing God was on her side and would help her etc...

Why would it matter, Choza?

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