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First. Gonna jump right in, I'm Jason OKC and. We. Have been best, friends since kindergarten. That's right we've been at this business now for 18 years best. Instant Princeton's kindergarten, we. Started out making movies and mascot. Costumes, and t-shirts. Up in advance like garages. We were also the swinging fryer the Potter's mascot, for for a couple years. This. Is the elementary. School playground the cakes. I. Was Larry's class. And. As. You mentioned we started the, business sort. Of her college dorm rooms and in the summers out of my. Bedroom and, we took my, bed. And we shoved it in my closet so I slept in this like, crypt. Basically, and. You. Know it, started you. Know reached out to, minor. League baseball teams across the country we spent gosh. Write letters for 150. Clubs and one team got back to us said they liked it bullaiah and. That. Was the West Tennessee diamond, jacks and growing. Up here in Southern California we, were really influenced. By like going to Disneyland and, this idea that storytelling. Could, be used to create experience, and so. They're. In this first product we had this idea like what, if there's this diamond miner using the hills of Tennessee and, you know mining for diamonds and there could be foam pickaxes. And kids, can wear handlebar, mustaches, so we, really love. This idea about telling stories and immersing, fans. In this creative world of, the, hometown team. Yes. Since then we've rebranded about 60 professional, sports franchises. Major. League minor-league, NBA, we've. Been really lucky to, work on, some really amazing, projects. We. Also get to work for Nike sometimes we. Have, done a bunch of stuff or. For. A bunch of different departments at. Nike. Ron James Katie. Steele. And streetwear stuff. You. Know just, do it. Championship. Rings and. Yeah. They're really fun client to work for a. World. Record breaker. So. Whatever, the circus business is the title, of our talk and. The. World that we operate in is very non-traditional, it's, not your traditional sports, business, it's. The it's the minor league baseball business, and the thing about minor league baseball is, that. The. Minor. League teams, don't. Control the product on the field so all of the talent is paid, for by the major league team they. Play and control the players so, the game goes on whether fans show up or not it's good that, part of the business is completely, separate, so the line line baseball, owner you're, in charge of merchandise. You're in charge of concessions. You're in charge of sponsorship. And. In. The early days of minor league baseball. You. Know it, was just baseball fans and then someone said like Oh give away a rally towel like maybe somebody'll come out just because they want a rally towel and then. They. Started, giving away other stuff like giving like cars and people would come out and they have these dizzy bat races, and all this goofy stuff would happen on the field and. That. Was really a, paradigm, shift because, now 80%. Of the minor league fans come out to a game have no idea who's playing if knowing, either the score is or.

What The score is they know no idea what and so, we're. Really in, charge of creating the experience for, everything, off, the field do, we like to say it's a party and a baseball game. Very. Different, wait. Why instead of making it in the business model so. This is Reading Pennsylvania they. Have a mascot, bamned those have one basket they have five mascots, apply, every, game to, the, amazing man and. And, this. Is one of their mascots, the, crazy hot dog vendor, and it's, a guy that rides an ostrich, and in. The fourth inning he throws hot dogs and hurls them get to the crowd and the. Crazy hot dog vendor is, like. More, famous than any player that has ever come through that, team and, to give you an idea, kids. At Halloween don't. Want to dress up like you know spongebob or, like Batman. They want to be crazy, hot dog vendors so they are fans they're more fans in the mascot, at the ballpark than, they are of the team and. This. Is a bunch. Of crazy, hot dog vendor costumes, homemade, you. Know it's like play-doh or costume, there's the real crazy hot dog vendor, even, the adults get, homemade. Yeah. And. To, go a step further the players actually. Wear the costume, of the mascot, so. It. Just goes to show the power of the entertainment, part of this business and how, it influences, the game so much as opposed to the game influencing. The entertainment, business and so. When. We were developing some. New logos, for this team everything like okay like how do we take this idea of this ostrich and. Their. Teammates called the Fighting's and, sort of epic and fight into the ostrich and we came up this cap design, which. Is a fighting ostrich and that's what the team wears on the field I know they have ostriches. That run around the outfield burn during. Like before game they put them in these like horse carriages, and sometimes if you're like an ostrich goat you know lay an egg like. This, like metal right it's it's, right oh yeah, it is the circus business. So. We have this philosophy, the great brands, are built on great stories, and our whole process is called storytelling. And, telling, stories so the first step is we, pack our bags and, head from here in San Diego on research, visits, so we've been mile, deep in West Virginia coal mine and we. Want to be an honorary citizens, we want to you, know eat. The local foods talk with the locals. Take tours we just immerse ourselves in our in our visit. And. Of. Course we meet with you. Know staff, so this is a staff conference table, and you. Cheat organ where we're working, on a project. Yes. So again. It's. About immersion, it's about finding something authentic so we were tasked with having. To name the, troupe away from the Potters the El Paso team. Will, have been called blank for now and so we we started out. Heading. Out to El Paso yeah, and you, know we did a focus. Group and fans sit like a word, we, don't get respect from the rest of Texas we're, like an underdog, we're, like feisty or fiercely, loyal like.

The Party you were Hannibal, you know kind, of party, animals. So. We. Packed our bags you, know did our research visit and spend, time there and. When. We come. Up with names for, for. For brands new brands there's a couple criteria, and. All that kids eat chocolate oh yeah. So we, don't like formulas, but. We. Don't like formulas, but. But. We found that these four things are really good to name my other baseball team so something. About our. Something. About you know our research visit is really important so we find things, that are deep, constantly, offensive to the region it's, all about kids all about family. That's. Really really important, can't, be ignored, you know these minor league teams they're not major league teams they don't have major. League budgets they don't have big TV deal and so, we use. Naming, as we'll get into. That. We've. Done so, we use the naming process and everything to really get a lot of attention and then we wanted to inspire the fan experience so, when you go to the ballpark and you mentor into El, Paso's ballpark and should speak, to El Paso should, speak to the brand we're creating. So. We. Were in a, we. Were in a parking lot and Casey asked me is like what desert. Are we and I think one of the Chihuahuan Desert. We're like okay feisty, fiercely, loyal underdog. So, we had idea of. One. Of the names the, brain eventually, became the El Paso chihuahuas. And. So when you go to a Chihuahua's, game you, know you walk in it is, true Allah's everywhere, the whole experience. It's kind of like going to Disneyland the whole experience, is centered. Around the chihuahuas. They. Have the WWOOF top deck which. Is at, the top of the ballpark and it overlooks the entire experience. It's awesome, and you can party if your friends up there. They. Have an incredible. Food so, they're right on the border of Mexico the ballpark, and so, the great, you know the frutas and like all like the. Pepper. And the chili, and you. Know I ate one of these whole pineapples, when I was there and it, was amazing a few, minutes later. More. Snacks that, you know rebranded. This. Is their signature who died it's dark. Bull nachos. And. They serve it in a dark wall and, he just ate nachos and, kids. Take this home and they tell, their parents and they demand that they want to eat, their breakfast, out of the dog bowl they got the night before, so. That's cool we, tried this dog. Bone, yard. Of beer but it had some visual, issues. And. We. Decide to scratch that idea. Also. We, developed two hours emoji, so, and. I will pass so there's a way of communicating. Everybody says emoji, to each other at their own unique way and so there's very specific, cultural. Emoji including, their mascot, Chico. This. Is the airport. Team store so the team is so popular, they've taken over entire Airport.

Team Store and it's, just it's, an incredible experience. And. We take that same you know process of storytelling, you bring it to other cities so. Enrichment. They're. Known as the flying squirrels. Lehigh. Valley. Created. Boast, and steal at built America, and so, pig iron is the raw material to create steel and, we flipped it they became the Iron Pigs. Jumbo. Shrimp. In. Jacksonville. Akron. Is known as, the. Rubber capital of the world so this is the act of rubber ducks, and. Bigham. Since the carousel capital of the world so we're, trying to figure out like I think, carousel. Kind of cool and modern and edgy and we had this idea this sort. Of. Crazy. Horse. Coming off breaking, stuff off the carousel. And. Then. In New Orleans there's a tradition during Mardi Gras a cake. And. Inside. The cake there's a little baby it's hidden, inside the cake and then whoever gets the slice that has the cake in it that, person hasn't throw a party next year so, in New Orleans they're called the New Orleans baby cakes. And. Right. Now we're, actually naming. A team or. Helping the name team in Amarillo, Texas and, these. Are, the, options the, boot scooters the, Frog Buster's, the turkey, of long haulers, and the sock pools, which. Is a type, of a preparing, dog so. You. Guys can participate too if you want jump in you go to Amarillo pro-baseball calm, and cast, your vote. So. Making teams face. So. We have a few ways that we found that, worked really well to, to, get bring a lot of national, and international attention to to, our clubs so, one ways to innovate so, we love doing firsts. So. This is the best picture you can ever find of, the. Owl the rally tuna, in out in Altoona, Pennsylvania so. He comes out of his little hidey-hole there. When. They have a player on third base epic and when. The Altoona Curve is, the name of the club and. So. He's. Like this mythical you know sasquatch. Chess creature, and. So. We came up with this idea. So. The Altoona this is their normal home, hat for. The Altoona Curve, but. You know just like when you're a little league we. Have, it so where you could turn it inside out and become outlet una so this is the first official rally. Cap official. On-field rally cap, and, of, course yet the. Bringing. Out tune out, making. A splash. So. This is a project that we did for the LA Clippers. They. Test this with creating a new mascot, for them and so we came up with Chuck, the Condor the California. Condor and he's you, know we want to tie it again with our research we want to tie it to the locations that ease us he's a stunt stunt. Man like every clinica a. Hollywood. Stunt man come to be the mascot for the LA Clippers and. You. Know we, found it really difficult to introduce. Professional. Or up sorry, big league mascots. Especially, there's just a lot of animosity, at, the big league level for, some reason - for mascots so we were like okay well let's instantly. Ingratiate, Chuck, with with, with the fans so, we made a deal with, converse. There and then every. Everyone. That, was that that night's game got, got. Chucks, shoes and. Chuck has been one of the yeah has. Been a big hit. And. We do everything you know we create. A whole backstory for them to help them introduce it everything. Just sort of get. Get get, the city except Chuck again. These little california references yeah, we do things like you know tell his story of his, origin, and comic. Books all, that and. Then. To celebrate hometown, culture. So. We, have, become. Pretty. Well known for these food identities, now so this is this is an Lehigh Pennsylvania. Just, right outside of Philly it's also the Philadelphia, Phillies affiliate, so you can get there they were the stakes for one night and of course you can get it with wit onions or, without a hand. And. This. Is the cannolis, and Staten, Island, tune, the Babe Ruth point for the fences pose. This. Is a the Rochester. Garbage. Plates. So. There's, this dish in Rochester, called garbage plates and it. Is macaroni.

Salad, Hashbrowns. Hamburgers. Chili. Onions. Buster you. Know you only need it to a young, affectionately. Called, you know garbage, anyways. So, the. Garbage place this one was just a mail this is the Wisconsin brats. Problem. Sorry and. And. Then. This one was just a mail yesterday. Monday. So. This is the e stand on the pizza rad7 if you guys saw that piece of rat being that's pretty excited but, yeah, and you get the box to litter the Hat delivered it out. Okay, so another one is is, making sure that you're authentic. This. Is one. Of our favorite stories there's, a Spokane Indians, and, they're. Up in Spokane Washington they're, named after the Spokane tribe of Indians, well before you know any sports team affiliation. And up. To that point there was sort of a couple of ways to treat the whole Native. American issue one, is like, you, know don't change the name so, okay were the Redskins if we don't care people think and we don't. Care the people think or the other option was to, change. To something benign like over the Red Hawks now or we're, gonna you, know completely change the name to you. Know the, black bears whatever and so, we, were there, working. The smoke cancer Indians, with baseball club and they, said hey. Whatever. You do and can't touch the Native American missions okay that's great and, we said like cool like. Tell us the backstory this, our named after the tribe of Indians or like, do. You have a relationship with them like all yeah they're great friends of ours and so. We're like well could like we collaborate. With the actual, tribe on creating a brand, centered around you know the their. Heritage and so we went up there the reservation. We met with the tribal elders and. They. They, stopped and they it's a collaboration with them us and they, gifted us, the. Eagle, feather to be able to use, as part of their brand and. They. Also. Created. This. Lettering, and, Salus which is the tribal language, that, says spoken, Indians baseball club and. What's. Incredible is there's only about five individuals. In the world that speaks Salish and the. Amount the percentage, of actual, tribal. Members. In Spokane, is really. Really, tiny audience, by, less than five percent but. They, completely embraced. It the ballpark experience so like here in San Diego we have restrooms, in English and Spanish in Spokane. At the ballpark they have English. And Salish, for all the restrooms, and all, the you know the signage, and you think about the acts like five people can speak that but, it's a great night reach program, that's a great. A. Great. Way third option if you will the. Whole. Concept. And so this. Is all, the jerseys are written in Salish it's the only you. Know non, English. Or Spanish name, on a baseball jersey in America, then. Great, you know celebration. Nights they celebrate the whole culture and it's just it's, been a great a. Great. Experience, and the Jersey isn't the Baseball Hall of Fame as a result and. Yeah. So what's up with the Cuban. Airport. Yes. It's. The, same that's. This book it's a Spokane. Yeah. So. When. You get asked a question can you can. You repeat. It. Yeah, the question was what was how what was the word across the Jersey and it's the word Spokane, in, the Salish, language. Great. So. While we're in San. Francisco any questions from the river San Francisco. Yeah. Having dealt with having, been on the customer side of going. Through some redesigns, in the past, I, know how difficult, and, painful that process, can be and how many times it. Takes to, get it right how. Do you guys succeed. You. Guys obviously. Have a great body of work but how do you guys manage those tricky, you. Know those tricky engagements, where people. Are like yeah that's not quite it yeah that's not quite it yeah that's not quite it those, types of scenarios. It's. It's a good question so um. Again. We've been out of for 18 years and we're really proud of the fact you've never issued, a change order. We. Try, to price we're, a little more expensive than all of our clients so we try to price our our. Services, at a level in which the client. Can basically. Put. Us through the wringer and, it's okay, that's. Really the short answer and, we. Sort, of look at it as like a you. Know it all averages out so. Sometimes. Projects. Jail. Really quickly and come together really fast and then, some dragged on for years but, you think it all kind of averages out so I.

Would. Also think I would also say that. One. Sort. Of trick. That we use is just to trust our process our process is really strong we're. Really proud of our process and. It. Being, proven. You. Know over the years has. Been beneficial, to helping to guide the project to projects, to closure oh. Yeah. Thanks I. Really enjoyed the walkthrough. Of the El Paso chihuahuas, and I definitely understand, why those. Things. Didn't make good idea. So. I'm sure you guys have done a lot of other stuff that was, really clever I just, didn't see the light of day what were some of your favorite things that just never saw the light of day so we. Thought one else's question. We. Can't prepare ideas, and. So. This is the blind. Cave, shrimp. Which. Is so. They give you an idea in Bowling Green Kentucky there's, the largest, underground cave, system in North America, and there's, one spot. Where you feel like a whole NFL stadium, and wouldn't touch the walls it's ginormous. So, they have this fitness blind. Translucent. Shrimp. That lives in the caves and. 100. Feet in the night the team contest, one of the contenders was you, know the blind, cave shrimp ultimately. Leading the fans, voted for the hot rods which is the team name that they became, put. In the back head race of mine I was like man literally with a cave through, the caves roof and so. Together. With a team we invented the first one code of the night which, is a game in which you play in. Like, the runner-up identity, of an antique contest, so. This was the blanking shrimp and. It. Became so popular they, stock it on shelves, still, to this day and they sell a ton of. These. Things before they are released, many times and. What, you're. Shooting TV anything. You can share about that. Yeah. So. Now. You wanna ask us about our process first. Yeah. So we, were approached by a, company that produces to show the voice to. Do a pilot, for the TV show and. Yes. So they made this what, did they call our pilot presentation or something like that. So they made this cool pilot presentation this. Is one of our favorite. Parts of the process which is we've, spent two, full days, with the club researching. And so you know becoming honorary, citizens, as we say and then we get to sit in the stands during a game and drink.

A Few beers and. Brainstorm. Team name ideas so this is a shot from one of those loans. So. Yeah that was that was last year right and then this year. East, sixty is doing a piece on us and it. Is unclear, when that will come out but soon they. Have been very up. In, our business, for. About a year now so we're, pretty excited to see it they spent a lot of time. Yeah. It's, such a well pretty show I don't you've seen that show but it's phenomenal. Yeah. Thank. You. Probably. Good to see a lot of interesting. Places senior travels a lot of cool small town a lot of interesting ball parts what's. One of those were a pleasant, surprise to you you. Know one that's a must-see, modern theme park. Very. Fast enough, slice, so. Yeah so there's, a couple we thought constricted, line what what is El Paso, it's a brand-new to modern Park. It's. An hour flight from here in San Diego, it's. An incredible, it's over top. They spent a ton of time energy, money love, care in that, Park and they. Just live, eat breathe. Chihuahuas. Baseball there and then, the other one is as, we mentioned is ready, reading, is your. Kind of thin away irregularly, it's a classic, magnetic Park it's. Over. 50 years old, and. So, it's focusing, it just feels like you're at like a, local. Fair or, just. You, know everything, is done with so much heart there too it's just it's, those, are the two experience, that I think oh. Yeah. So get ready reading, has become our favorite place to visit, you, know it says nobody but. But. But you know they have like. Oh did, you just say all their signs are hand-painted, there's, like portraits, of everyone it's there it's very, it. Feels, like a time machine and, it's. Still small they don't a new ballpark they just kept adding on to it one of my favorite things about it is under, like the bleachers, you know this aluminum, bleachers no, easy creaky, aluminum, high school style bleachers that they still have that, run on the first base line they. Added, all these little, like. Carnival. You. Know activities putt-putt. Golf kind of things so they just cram. Packed it, and they've built it out of stuff from, Home Depot nothing, is nothing. Is done. With any sort, of you know, yeah. It's just amazing, and it it, sort of becomes, this cacophony, of nostalgia. And it's. Pretty pretty fantastic I can't say enough about reading. So. You, guys I know for reading of I've been friends. Since kindergarten, is that correct any, way to explain, school all together I think that was actually one of your first design as. Houses readers conductors, accepted. David get the. Logo for helix high school so. Have. You been married for a long time myself I know, there's no there's you get a little bit of space being. Lifelong friends how is it that you guys keep it like when you're in business together I. Think. A lot of its from the fun business it really is like you come to work every day and, it is fun. Early. On we. Were kind of doing the exact same things, you, know we would do like you, know all sketching you sketch it at some, point you, know I remember Casey said like oh and. I don't wanna make any sales calls and I was like all these sketches been too much it's like I'll trade and so, I think, you know part of its like knowing your strengths knowing what you're good at and, you.

Know I stink try as much out of the sketching process and, like Casey let his imagination run. Wild and. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think, a couple things one. Is that, media. We found our own niches, and the business I would, say we convene we both have a hand, the direction of the company but, you, know we don't leave to meet about that once a month or something like that we're both really share the same vision I think whoever. Had another. One is I think we, just, we. Do spend a lot of time together we sit now means we both reach your hands out and get to touch each other's hands so, you know we you, know we value our own lives I think is a big part of it just to be honest, but I would say the biggest thing is that I just still and entertained, by. My relationship with Jace I think we, still have farming, whenever, I get a chance to brainstorm with someone I just enjoy, it and. Yeah. You. Know yeah there is a lot of measurement, we probably have more bank accounts, between. The two of us then we have with our significant, others so. Yeah, you do have to like have. Some boundaries I think but ultimately it's like as long as you're enjoying each other in the work it works I have. A few more questions only takes to take a break to see if there's one from the room. But. A two-part, question out of San Francisco. First. Part would be of, scrimmage, in New Orleans always have been would love to hear the, story, behind. Reading, the BT case and then, the second, part would be are, there any discounts, on gear that you can. Set. Second, second question first no. Well. The first one in New Orleans is a fascinating, project, mostly. Because New Orleans is, a fascinating, place I think it's the most interesting city, in America, you. Know just, just I mean, what other city in America can. Boast that it speaks, as you know second language other, than Spanish, great but. But. Yeah it's just very unusual, architecture, is unusual, that makeups unusual, so we wanted something that was.

Really Unusual it's, also a, major league town so, the pelicans, and the Saints, you know beacon support probably, a major league club but they you know they they have minor league club and so, you, have to get their attention and think, in a big market like that like San Diego or LA or whatever you have to make a lot of noise and so, we. Wanted something that couldn't be ignored this, was a stark, contrast to. The. Saints, and the pelicans. These, more sort of down, the middle names. Just. This is really behind it behind the curtain stuff so. So. We wanted, a different name we. Thought babycakes is one of the names we came up with but we thought that is, terrifying. We can't all of that but. You know we pitched him a bunch of names and ultimately, the GM, the. Guy that runs the club there was. Just sort of got up on his soapbox and had one of those like Robin Williams jumping. On the desk top moments, where he was like sick. Of being ignored, you know manly boy yo cookie cookie is amazing he's now that neurons I'm sick of Gordon. We won't take it anymore. All. The way. You. Know it's sort of taken aback and that's. So. It's pretty pretty, awesome we're grateful that we, have a lot of really brave clients, because also we do get we actually measure the, success of a project like a baby cakes or Chaves but how hey you know we good if, we get another hate me like wow. That's. Really good but. Um yeah. But they have, to. Always. Ask. Us like isn't the worst thing people hate what you guys do we, say no the worst thing is they're apathetic about it you, know these, teams like keeps you alluded to it they don't have millions of dollars in ad revenue so. We have to find ways to, make the headlines without. A lot of you know ad spend, and. We. Always want to make sure that's authentic you know is it authentic like. Can it be tied back can, you, know does the you, know the. The. King cake that the baby's coming out of is it authentic in, all, its glory, is. The lettering, authentic. To New Orleans so we're always always, thinking about that. What. Were some of the other views that you were you were going miss me. There was the red eyes the. Tailgaters. Yeah. Red eyes runs, was the you. Know sort of late nights in New Orleans combined. With. Right crawfish, and, we have cool ideas we thought like what if the uniforms, were made of. Like. Newspaper, like, print, some, of the crawfish are out the newspaper it would be cool at belleau. Crawfish. Boil. We. Have the the tailgaters, alligator, tailgating, we had the night owls was another favorite. The. Po boys poli sandwich, was another name that, was in that contest, and the. Baby gave us. Thanks. Guys. Do, you guys are you testing about once you've got like the, brand name or logo kind, of concept Dean you guys go outside of you guys to, and, individual. Management. To. See what consumers. Reacted, so the question was after, you come up with a concept how, do you vet it with the. Customer or the team. So. We, we, are really, against, Oh, focus. Groups yeah. It's, not just it's not just our decision like we have you know I think we have this reputation of, being these crazy as the name these teams, crazy names and we are that and we do that but but, we don't saddle, anybody with a name that. That. They don't want like it's not our decision it's their decision I mean you, know we have like a bunch of projects going this year and again at least you, know 25%. Of them are going with American straight down the middle or, big league guest names no we're totally funded that's the style product, they want out there we get it but then you know we're naming teams, for most, operators. Guys that run the clubs that are giving away free vasectomies. And doing on the field colonoscopies. Or colon. Cancer night, and like it's pretty crazy business, it's a circus business so, the. Name should reflect that right you shouldn't be the, lamp. Brown bears if you're you, know doing craziness, like that. Speaking. Of craziness you guys have come up with some pretty incredible concepts. Has. There ever been one that's been brought to you a suggested. Project, that you just said we. Can't do that. Not. Not. That we couldn't do that I mean we I'm, regularly, scared, of.

A Prophet regularly, in fact ice there's, a right amount of scared. Even. Questioning, there if, there's like even, an any amount of scary very project you know like, we. Just we don't know where the ceiling is for craziness, to be honest and the, the lead in the league and all the operators seem to be really willing to go with us and, so. We yeah we're. Excited and really scared about how, not so you can get this, here is there's some really crazy ones that we're excited about but, as far as like we've, never turned down a project, because of like political reasons, or didn't like that we've learned again it's the fun business everyone, is out to have, fun there's. A price but we don't want like the other two the only thing I would say about that is we may be bid it way too high so, that if we do get it. So. Eluded, to your process a few times it I have a filter maybe, a slide. So. If, you if you don't mind like how, do you talk, a little bit about becoming, citizens. For, a couple days really understanding, the local history, I've. Seen some of the sketch is on your behind the scenes process, your. Website but yeah one, of you can take us through. Yes. This project, was Justin failed on Monday. And, it. Is for the step-out pizza' rats which. Is so. There was a name a team contest, a couple. Years ago for the team in Staten Island and. They. Had fans vote and. They. Remained this Yankees. The, Major League namesake, past, year but they thought you know what, Pete, surrounds come for those two votes, at. Least for five games this year let's take the field and we'll, go as the pizza rest so, these are you. Know once we do we do our visit and come back and we, hit the drawing board so Casey, gets sort, of in it and and. Just sketches, it just comes up with you, know different ways that we could represent. You. Know, Pizza and rats and New York City and there's. Some subway token stuff and there's some. Early ideas that, combined. The Yankees, and Y with a piece, of slice. And. At, this point. It's. Really important, for us I think so, I asked like how we get client, buy it is. We. Just all agree on, the criteria, the line set we don't have an agenda bout how we get there we just say like I can't Bernard we need to be authentic, we need to tell story and, let's. Figure out how, we're gonna go about doing that and as long as everybody at, the top level is bought into the process, we, don't even know where it's gonna go we're just like let's throw the ideas the wall and just, sort. Of Shepherd this thing along and see where it ends. So. After we do sketches and we have direction and we get into digital. Sometimes. There's some happy accidents, like the club said you know that slice looks actually like the shape, of the Staten, Island ISM and so, lassika, ideas so we sort of massage. That into, the. Pieces of slice into the shape of step which is an easter egg that nobody's, picked up on yet this week so.

Just. Just. Talking about outfit authenticity again, so again like that shape of Staten Island for, the Staten Island mark you know this is a reference to an old New, York City subway token. The. NYC with, a little, wine there and then of course you know like any respect, to only over you fold your slice to. Eat it so our. Chef. There is. After. Digital we go into swatches. So we, put together the spec sheets from New Era there's the official cap, of my league major league baseball, and. You. Know there's certain limitations to the, colors, you have what, you can do it with an embroidery one. Thing that we really pioneered, was treating, a perimeter like sculpture, so. Except. They're super literally something won't, break out it's a great example you can see we'll break out the, sections of how we want to lay down a, single color so this is sort of gray color here you know we'll say oh we're going to Center this here what this laid down this way and when, you have 3d, logos. We're the foam, underneath. And, they can raise up logos like you've seen it. Is interesting, is you have different levels of foam, two different levels of, how. How high it is and then how, you lay down the thread the type of thread that you lay down the colors so, we. Treated like sculpture, and then, once. We approve the swatches. We. Get into uniforms, and uniforms. Has its own you. Know particularity, is about it and we try to push. The envelope a little bit there but yeah. Pretty. Cool I you, know looking at some of your sketches, kc2, it seems like a lot of what you do is sort. Of like almost, all the world a letterpress day sort of stuff how. Do you guys how, does technology factor, into what you do and has, it changed your creating. Or. Promoting it. Yeah. So technology. Isn't really big we're. Quick to adopt new technologies, we're still a really small firm so, we try to use all the project management stuff that we can, we. Have, a group of people that work for us but they're all over the world because. Of well because of our what we do is so specific it's, hard to find people that even. Talented graphic designers, can't emulate our exact sort of thing that we're going for but. Yeah. So I mean social media we, this is we're kind of new to this I would say Jason doubled down on social media maybe a year ago something. Like that but he's, he's having fun with it and and it's, been really cool to be, able to control a bit of our message about us so, it's been really fun. And. Then we. Have a we actually have a technology company so, a few years ago some. Codes got together and, asked, us if they would build an app for, minor, league baseball as you know our business and so we formed this company called grandiose ops and we. Built an app for minor league baseball we have that contract with BAM so, we were baseball, advanced media is the technology. Arm, of Major League Baseball they're there they're really great to work with, but. Yeah. So we built an app for them three years ago now, we're building some new software actually. Really really excited, about and. I. Can't get into what it's gonna do but it's gonna help the close run on, their show basically and, we have this thing called the idea bar which is like a place for people to come and share ideas. About the industry, that's. Really cool and then, so. This is this is actually funny so we tried, to take that same philosophy of, naming something crazy to. Technology, and so this is a new product called the fairies fan father and basically it's a, delivery. App for tiller and candy and beer to the ballpark but we were like you know we shouldn't name it like delivery. Boy or something kind of comic, you can think out of the gate let's, name it something crazy like we do for our baseball teams and so you, know we have this idea of like a sparrow fan father big grants your wishes right it's he runs, around the ballpark you know making all your cotton. Candy and beer beer dreams come true raining beer and, the onions so yeah, so that, we was. Having took a tutu. To the market so it's you know it's just an out but it's, some yeah.

We're, Seeing how that that naming process of creative process works in technology, we'll, keep you posted. It's. Actually I've had a recently Canadian. Beer is a great, flavor, combination. One, more question. The. Question is is there a story behind any of radiators so. We, first started off our guards dorm rooms we. Had this idea that if people came to us to work you, know with us that. They, didn't like what they were doing and then they wanted sort of a second, option so we started off as Plan B branding. A. Lot, of other Plan B's can be what, you call somebody said hey it's Jason for Plan B. So. At. Some point we decided Amos time to switch it up when you fall we sort, of outgrew, assignee. Of being sort of a, second. Option creative Reuben and we just we, wanted something that represented. Us. Being, larger than life you, know it's. Whimsy, it's a magic to it, and. Going back to sort of you. Know our roots of storytelling. And, being. Kind, of like you. Know over-the-top, so. We. May have to work. Okay. I think we're right at time I'd, like to thank everybody here everybody who, dialed, in from various, cities around the country thanks, very much then for your questions as well I would encourage everybody to follow brand, news on. Twitter they, do so much the only did as well and just to check out their work so. Thanks, again I really, appreciate you Casey and Jason stopping, by today and I hope, you were doing the talk. You.

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