Japanese Street Food Top 10 at Kagurazaka Tokyo | Secret Kaisendon Sashimi Rice Bowl

Japanese Street Food Top 10 at Kagurazaka Tokyo | Secret Kaisendon Sashimi Rice Bowl

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In this, video I'm gonna show you guys my, top 10 Street food at Kagurazaka. Alright. Guys the typhoon, has cleared, and it's a sweltering hot again here, in Tokyo, and today, I wanted, to show you my, top 10 Street food I could go to Sokka, so this place is known to be like a little Kyoto, if you walk around you'll see like a mix of the old and new and some crazy like little back streets which I'm actually in right now this place that I'm standing here right now it's called a hide-n-seek, alley, the reason it's called hide and seek is they used to have a lot of bars and restaurants, here where, all of the geishas, would go and men that we're cheating on their wives would, come here and hide with, the geishas, away from their family or I could have just made up that shady Park but it's still an interesting story, for calling it hide-and-seek alley well anyway so let me just take you guys on to some of the food spots man I'm sweating. Alright. Let's go on the futon in this super, hot Tokyo, weather man, I really, feel like I'm in Kyoto, right now with all of these like little tiny, streets, and guess who's here to help me out today. Michael. And. If. You guys like my samurai shirt, check it out in the link below. Some. People say it's very similar to Paris because you can find incredible. French and Italian restaurant, but I liken it more to Kyoto a simple. Walk to the main street from Kagurazaka, station, to eat a bossy Jason is pretty, incredible, but don't forget to check out the hidden back streets to feel like you've transported. Back in the time maybe, this is why they say I didn't see. Wow, look, how small this entrance, is. All. Right let's, get our food on. Number. Ten chiffon. Cake from chick Alicia's, New York Amory's chica, licious is a dessert, bar in New York owned by a Japanese, participate. She cut Illman they offer several, japan-only, sweets that you can get at the original New York shop. Check. Out this nama, cream chiffon, cake it looks like it's really, heavy but it's actually, not that heavy, but it's so big it's like as big as my head then it smells, so good I, like the top itself it's just like super. Fluffy, and you have like a powder to sugar on top look, at that, cream. That, is heaven, that's actually, one of the lightest, creams.

I've Ever had it's like the Michael Jordan of chiffon cakes so much air it is a really, milky. I feel like I'm actually drinking, milk, it's so creamy and the, cake is delicious it's, super, soft and it's not too sweet like I feel like I can eat maybe, five of these and still be okay it's, so light oh my love seafoam, cake mr. bum cake first, got, popular, in, Japan was like when I was in elementary school, my mom made for me now so I got bullied, a bit. Ha oh. Well they still did cream, is good but those Polish part is really good too it's like we just mounds know, what I don't get it that. You. Just forget about talking. Number. 9 I you know to put a Monica from by cutting. Look. At behind me absolutely. Making it right in front of us by, kata is a local, Lagasse shop established. In 1935. They're beautiful, wagashi is made by hand one, by one, next, to those full-on, traditional, or gushy they have cute in playful, Monica like cat and rabbit Monica's, blanketing. The shelves, and I threw, down on their all-time bestseller. I you know tempura, Monica, the outer shell is crispy, fried with rice oil and rapeseed, oil and stuffed, with handmade, red bean paste all, right, my about Gashi fans and check it out it's, in the shape of an eye you fish so they call this IU tempura. But it's actually Monica, which has I can uncle inside, all right smells so fresh let me just like break it in front of you guys. Look, at that oh so. This is like a really, silky type, of uncle so I generally like something that has like a little more consistency, and has more texture where this one is like silky smooth but, let's see how it tastes, oh. Damn. That's like really, sweet, I didn't actually expect it to be that sweet but bread itself, it's almost like a waffle cone but. It's a lot lighter, you guys love well gosh if you love unko then definitely worth a try in fact the store has like all sorts of different products and it's pretty cool just to like walk in and see them making all that stuff a sweet, little treat for today. He, is. Gonna take a lot of uh Monica, is really crispy but this is like a soft, and fluffy type so, Monica is made we're what you call me which is sticky. Rice so, that's, maybe right second what you would see if x4b. It's. From kyoto. This. Is frag and rice I, got, this pram your really thick like, good boy like my little sachet bees stop. Number. Eight me, come on from go jubilant, I love, they're insanely massive, nikuman of course, it's, not just enormous, it's also stuff, with their succulent and mouth-watering, ingredients. Aren't so hot it's like hot potato but, hot and you come on but you got a hot piping. Steaming. Gomoku nee come on it's like it's heavy, look how big this is maybe two or three of my fist that's how big it is look at that so, Momoko, means like it actually has a five different kinds, and then it just means like assorted, so let, me just open this up right in front of the camera look, at, that look at all the steam coming from there know. How it smells so, good, can you guys see the egg it's right there and it even has a pink, some chicken. That's. All good there's just so much flavor packed, into here like taste, the, shrimp you can taste some mushrooms, and it's nice because you get like a crunchy, texture with the bamboo shoots the bond itself it's actually quite, thick but I think they make it so thick so that they can hold all the contents, I prefer, like not so much bread but this like will definitely, fill you up if you like have this alone look at that fresh pieces of seafood, in there unless, they even have Joshu pork in here it's almost like Halloween, bag filled with candy from all the nights trick-or-treating.

It. Says many it's definitely. Smaller than Paolo's, but this is actually like a regular space you like with the ones you get in the company. But, is it worth money. The. Bread soaks up the meat juice it's, so good it's not that sweet a lot of NIC one's really sweet but this is more like really, savory. We. Just went in this like back alley and check out right there there's, a modern jazz bar and just over there there's a wine bar is, a yakitori, place, it's. Just small little alley and Kagurazaka, it's, so hidden. Number. Seven senbei. Ice cream from Cole gets it go get to is one of the best Japanese ice cream sandwiches, I've ever had and I want to show you guys and they also have something Tommy seats inside, so you don't have to eat on the street Koga. 2 is a Kyoto born oh gosh I shop there well Gashi is more similar to Western sweets as they calmly use butter in their products, one, of their top sellers is, send you senbei and what better way to enjoy it then by using it to send with some delicious, ice cream. Check, it out I got a cookie send, that ice cream and it was so nice if you actually eat inside of the shop they'll give you some, free tea and, she. Gave you another cookie. Just. Like I won already. It. Smells so good it. Is a cookie ice cream Japanese. Style it almost looks like a Lay's potato chip. That's. Really, soft I love it the shell itself it's it's almost like a mix between a bread and a cookie and it's just all so good after, that the cookie there's like a layer in between that's, like a hard, layer it gives it a little crunch so you can see is actually there's like the ice cream Center here and then it also has like kind of like a whipped cream just like all these different textures in one, delicious, Japanese. Ice cream sandwich I. Think. I'm eating your piece pretty girl, number. Six car. Again, from voyage ino karaage, so. This is my fried chicken spot, in Kagurazaka, it's, actually a bento, shop but, if you ask you can actually get the fried chicken to go they'll put it on a stick, so you can walk with it pretty, awesome, I just. Got some fried chicken. It's. Not. As hard as this rickety fried, chicken, so there's so many different versions of fried chicken at the shop they had like Tula fried chicken, they had chicken breast they had five I can't guess what my favorite by, me because, who, doesn't love dark meat. Oh. It's. So good it doesn't need any sauce at all the meat itself is still tender, you can tell this is marinated, it's quite salty and savory already, I just really love the way they've seasoned it the juices are just exploding. In my mouth right now. Number. Five arancini. From, Dolce Vita what. I really love about this place is they have an awesome selection of wine but they also have, all these cheese's that you can try yourself. Have all these samples, everywhere so if you don't know what cheese you like you, can actually go, inside and try some cheese but they also have, a fried, cheese, surprise, that I'm gonna show you too let's go inside and check out this store. Our. Soda stop, look. At all this cheese. So. If you could you to do a wine tasting here, before you buy look at all the different wine, bottles, that they have don't, Suzumiya I'm just a terrible luck buddy, sitting. On. The sofa. Check. Out this hot auntie knee it's. A rice croquette, filled with gorgonzola and. Look. At, that, lovely. Goodness, can see inside of the crispy, brown, layer, there's some rice, it's like a rice pilaf almost and then it has a gargons Ola cheese looking back no, how it's so strong, oh. Jeez, Laver, is so, strong. It's like pink, and moldy. And so, good. The gorgonzola, is so strong it's like TRT, gargons Ola the rice itself, is quite sticky, does taste like a rice pilaf or like a risotto and I just love, that krispity. Krunch at each lecture it's not that like think of a shell actually pretty light, shelling, but it's still pretty crunchy the, texture, it's so gooey. In here like a cheesy rice, ecoo that's, yellow. Hmm. Oh. Guys, it, just started, to. Rain and so now it's. Gonna be a little bit more challenging, to film the rest of this video because they're trying to do a street food video but, anyways let's.

Keep Going because you, guys need the top ten. Number. Four Unni. Pudding from chicha kite wool might've they have an awesome beer selection you, can use some wine and they have some great seafood, including, one. Of my favorites, and Unni pudding let's go inside and check it out. Just. Until, the rain passes, it's like one of those rains and I think is only gonna last for maybe an hour and then, it's gonna get really sunny again so I, have a big beer my glass of wine and we have some oysters oh. That's. A lot. Silky. Smooth, right, down the throat that's so, good, unlevel it rains so what I really, love about a voice like this it just like you look at the atmosphere all, around it's just like a Japanese, like beach house like the way that they decided it just feel like you're exact in the day this, is one of those places you go to like a drink but they have like really interesting snacks for like drinking but look at this beautiful. Sea. Urchin, pudding. It's. So good like, the lighter yellowish. Orange color, is come I got cha hwa with sheep so it's like a Duchy, Tom, was she kind of egg and then there is a pudding, on top and all it goes in and mixes it's so well together the egg and the dashi is like really savory, and it just combines it. Can make this masterful. Piece. Number. Three. Shaved, ice from curry :. So Kagura czaka has a lot, of shaved, ice places, but this shaved ice place is, one of my favorites, because it's so flavorful the. Funny thing is it's actually a hockey shop but my favorite, thing from the shop is the khaki Cody let, me show you how, good it is. Oh. Look. At the strawberries right, there. It's. So tart, and refreshing, and I heart they're like this it's just what, the doctor ordered, and it comes to mochi ice cream stuff you've never had much ice cream and this is the place to go it's like an outer layer of mochi that has ice cream inside and love this place. Even. Has like a strawberry kind of jelly jam on the, outer coating, which, is like add to the full flavor of this dessert. Number. Two sake. Testing, at sake, bar oh do not eat so, just right behind me in and away in the business, Lord is this sake bar they have all sorts of Japanese, sake they, have food and it's just a really awesome cool, experience, so a lot of people don't know about this spot so I wanted to take you downstairs and, show you what's, up let's go inside.

Ha. Ha. Ha ha. Yeah. It's it is stronger, it is quite strong so. This, one is just like a lot smoother, a lot easier to drink whereas, the father was a bit like spicier. And, then the child. Is. Actually, a little bit smoother but. I would have to say that it's actually closer to the father than the mother, like he said so, the thing is I'm actually not a sucky drinker so I don't really know like a different various, like different flavors and tastes but, I just like the fact that I could come here in this try all, the different sake, and it's like not that bad of a price and. What's cool about this place is that they don't actually have an English menu per se but they do have a list, of like what your favorite flavors are and then you can just point to which flavor you want are they can point you to the one that's like most suited for your taste and it's all like six to eight hundred yen so it's like. Has. A magnetic, bitch. Wow. That's. Good. It almost tastes like a white wine. It's, really good because I like being another strong sake drinker you then you might want to try the, shell lovers it was really easy to drink and it's super. Silky, smooth and number. One caisson. Donphan suji Han hidden, in the side of the building suji, on is one of those restaurants that serve only one menu, caisson, done which is a mixed seafood rice, bowl you can choose from three variations which, makes it super easy the restaurant, only has counter seats which has that luxurious sushi. Restaurant atmosphere right, after you're seated they'll give you three pieces of sea bream sashimi and Kimmy, Joey which is egg yolk soy sauce to use for your caisson tone so I got the most basic, caisson done ooh man it has tuna, na karoti tuna, squid, herring, roe shrimp, salmon roe and two kinds of shellfish the restaurant, recommends, to mix wasabi with a key me Joey and pour it over the mountain, of seafood, when in Tokyo, right. Check. Out this bullet so. It. Is bursting, with flavor of tuna, is a so, fresh, it's, like had a hints of niggy Toto like the mashed up to now do you have like really big bits of tuna then you have the Nikki total which is really, nice and, then you have like the cucumber bits, right there it's really, good -.

Simply. Amazing. Here. This. Has all this different - all mixed, up together and it produces. The most amazing. Flavors. And. Then. Here's, the best part which you don't get at most places after, you finish with a caisson don't if you ask they will pour dashi over the rice so after you pour the dashi soup you add the sashimi on top looks damn good right. Oil it tastes even better. It's. Like an all-new. Meal, because it's a Thai dashi the sauce that the fish came into is kind of like a sesame, kind of sauce like a like a peanut sauce, the the dashi looks really creepy but in fact it's quite light, and really nice but, the umami, flavor, is just kickin like Bruce, Lee this, alone is worth the. Thous in the end it's that good so. If you liked this video help me out and hit that like button also let me know which area you guys want me to do next and if, you guys want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo or Japan, hit, that subscribe button and hit that Bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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Nice T-shirt!

Mhmmm! Kakigori

Hi Paolo! I have fallen in love with this series of videos you're doing. They are beautifully filmed, clean and full of your excitement. My friends and I will be visiting Japan next year and we'll be sure to go on a food trip based on one of your videos. I think this video is the winner hehe. Thank you so much and wish you all the very best. If I may ask a question one of my friends is a vegetarian, does the no.1 restaurant have vegetarian options?

Could you make a video of where you could eat A4/A5 Yakiniku cheap in Tokyo?

Can you do Yokohama? I will visit my friend there

Renee Moreno Maiko says “Itadakimasu!!!” which means “Let’s Eat!!!!”


thefly21 wow how do you know all this .awesome thank you so much for the replie

Renee Moreno Maiko drops the “u” at the end and says it as “Itadakimas!!” Similar to when Japanese people commonly shorten “Arigato gozaimasu!” to “Arigato gozaimas!” when saying Thank You. They drop the “u” at the end.

thefly21 Thank you!

Do you guys travel and do vlogs in other parts of Japan outside Tokyo? I appreciate your vlogs btw. Looking forward to my trip in Fall of 2019. Definitely visiting the spots you recommend. Salamat!

Yup. Tons. Check out my other videos on my channel.

Why noodles

why dont you do students verson

You make some great videos man - it makes me want to visit Japan! Keep it up.

Please make video for where to eat when winter in japan....

7$ for to oysters

Please,stop break food at the begin,It hurts too much my eyes and heart

Hope you add how to go to the places you feature via tokyo metro and jr lines.

Are there any vegetarian options available?

So far, too many sweets!

Hi Modojocor Lee, Just uploaded my review on the New Tsukiji and Toyosu fish market. Let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/cl05DnHnxIw

When you walk and eat the kara'age on a stick, do people stare at you? Or is it more relaxed over there now?

Paulo, can u help my itenary on japan?

i'm writing these down as i watch xD i didn't know about this awesome area

Gonna gain 20lbs on my next trip because basically I want to eat 99% of everything in your videos. You're definitely my favorite Japan food type YouTuber. Keep making awesome vids!

*Among these people, wait not people* lmao Actually caught that while I was afk. Rewound and lol'd at your caption

Is it just me or does he drag out his words a lot. But gooood food, should try out some new foods though. I feel like it’s all the same in every video

How much weight did you gain on this adventure?! LOL

Japan is my dream trip although I'll probably never get to visit. These videos are great and give a nice look at what it's like to be there

Tsujihan was absolutely my favorite meal I had in Tokyo, it was my first time trying kaisendon (and only my 2nd time having raw fish after getting sushi at Tsukiji) and man, it was so so delicious my goodness.

bankara-wa in shibuya has, in my opinion my favorite ramen i ate in japan! :)

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