January 23, 2019 - Business Research for Mock Interviews Part 1

January 23, 2019 - Business Research for Mock Interviews Part 1

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Per. Day good. I sent. You some emails take, me out of spam and respect on the jump solder and read, them I have any genome to resume and rested a cast of characters to help as we head up to 97. So if you've got your resume with, you and hard copy today cleaned out on your desk we've got some guests here today we've got the favorite Keith for others because management, logistics and, supply chain but. Mandy Connors, here and. You've been so upgraded. With, Amy Berger from the library, we, have unique. A libretto and Trish ranking, as well so we've got some folks that can help you with the braised bag several. Of you didn't, post your draft, resume. And I sent you a separate email be, sure you upload it into the Dropbox folder of, georgiaview, then. By one. 28:19. And cleave, the Bakke update. Your Linkedin, create, your LinkedIn account if you haven't already done that and load, up your we're. Going to come up with air quotes okay load, up your final, resume, and cover letter you. Have not been assigned a mock interview person. Yet so, low. Get up will know the names wrong will recover whether they're not behaving strong, right but, once you know that bring. These students in those out to you at, the end of February, you, will do your mock interviews, in March, and April that's what you'll have to just go back in and make that quick change to the resume cover letter you, remember, when you do that mock interview, you're, going to copy this Randy as well when, you send it out to the person you're interviewing with, you've got a lot of folks how many so far today this is the email like this we're going on yeah. We've already had. To. Send, you out maybe they'll offer you a job on your merit right Thank You fortune will away I volunteer. Choice at the Boys and Girls Club exception, just a little file we get not four of us so we can just file the upload, your. Content and, they've asked you to specify, if, you want to work with boys and girls club it would try you some, of them will require a. Background, check some, do not but, they pay, for a background check for you, so make sure if you do want to work, we boys and girls love your specifies, for that you follow through say we'll pay to, do with that french chat don't you before you working kids. We. Had a couple of people that I didn't, get. Watching. From the bar. Very. Good all, right. All. Right corners. Back with a couple of announcements just. A quick one um I don't know what started but there's been like a stream of internships. And jobs still coming in and I, know that. Now when you see my name it goes in the spam folder to, now or you, have a special box that it goes to but just, today I'm, a marketing, internship, with. Chattanooga. Regional, Manufacturers. Association. There. Was also I think it was today or yesterday I put out an email, that had, mas. Scholarships. Possibilities. EPB, earlier, this month up in Chattanooga. They, also are looking for, assumed, to be recent, accountant, accounting, graduate. We. Had logistics, supply chain a former. Graduate. That. Was sent out mid January. We. Also had let's, say I. Sent. Out one that was for, accounting. Or HR, so. These are the some of the options, that you have sitting, out there we also have another. Business. Supply chain management, steam, logistics. Was another one you should have gotten, so. Just, keep your eye out if you're looking for something you. Know I try. To reach you as best I can and you, know if you end up getting a position especially, if it's an internship, and, you want to use it for credit or something definitely. Get in touch with me about the internships. But, also if you just get the internship. But you don't want to use it for credit or you get the job just, shoot me an email so that I know that we're you, know fulfilling. What the employers, are looking for the. Other thing it was, a my bad type thing the sheet, I had you fill out if you wanted to volunteer provider. Which is our tax free, you, know our free tax preparation, service. I lost. The sheet somewhere between here, and my car so. If. There's anybody who wanted to sign, up for that I know I had a few people, if. You want to like. Raise your hand and I'll kind of get to you to sign up and that's, really all I had unless, anyone has an internship type, questions. It. Doesn't have to be an accounting, major to, do. Are. You in one for credit right now. And. She is it too late now promise, she's going to talk with you yeah just come in talk to me we don't mind or email, me the explanation, and I'll get back to you. Most. All the jobs and internships, we received, come from very satisfied.

Alums, Who, realize that we do a really good job it wants to dull the state road rivers to come in work with them so I hope you all graduate, you'll reach back out to us we need to help these with your puppy as well but you move up the corporate, ladder and he will let. Us fill in the entry-level jobs, with my business majors, Oh another, thing sometimes when, professor Kohner class that these internships, you guys will send your resume to her it's, not us you're applying with this, the company and usually we've blasted out all we know so just be sure you roll them and rape the yeah and, and, sometimes even Clare will say will you collect the resumes, for me and then just send them all in one attachment. So sometimes, that happens and I'll do that but. Other than that I'm not you, know I'm. Not like, saying going through and deciding, anything for them yes. Yeah. You can say if the new name is a new parenthesis, former lead blog and. Then on the references, - if your reference. Is your manager, at mohawk, but, now she's working in engineered, floors, give, her engineered, cool contact, information, but in parentheses, my former, boss at, mohawk. Former company name effect I'll. Be happy to look at some of those profession. Carothers and. All these were groping around the room but, you have got such a treat today you've got Amy tubercle very reference libraries, and Rovers, library, near Dalton State and she is going to help you get the job because the last things I'm going to ask in, the mock interview, and then the real interview, for the big money is, what, questions, do you have, now what are some inappropriate, questions. To ask. Salary. Vacation. Vacation, days well I did I want, to go on a cruise with my best friend and a VL for four weeks when, will I get my next phrase we'll get an office through the window, all those are really bad questions, but, guess what some really good questions are things. About the company its strategy, the competitors. The industry, and on, that section of your resume where, you've got activities. You've put all the computer programs you, you know today. You're going to get to put down internet, research, and list these programs, on the book room because after today you're, going to be a pro at though so without further ado, smartness, up professor Bartlett right great thank you so much. That. I talked to you our. Lower. Level students, and a, lot of times research. For. Basic. Purposes. Isn't as interesting, as research. Or more specific, subject purpose, so. What you guys are going to be looking at is like dr., Holmes said basically. You need to find out information about, the company and you're also going to want to find out information about, the industry that the company is part of and. That would even of course their competitors. So, before. You start talking, about the library resources, which actually, mentioned are written on this whiteboard here I'm.

Just Going to write right. Because, these guys have questions or, run into any. Situations. That you need help with while you're researching. You. Might want to reach out to me and I will help you so. So, I'm gonna show you walks it means we're gonna stop today but that's probably the most important. Thing to take away is, to reach out for help if you need it, so. Roberts. Library, I'm sure you have used our facility. And possibly, our website, in the past. We. Are linked. From the main Dalton. State page basically. And there's. A few things that I would like you to know about the. First thing is, Robert's. Library does have a business, research, guide so. If you scroll down to, library. Research, guides. It's, gonna take you to a list of all of our guides so. You can go right here to business, research now, we do have guides, on different topics within the. Field of business. And business research so, this is more general you may have seen there's like a business communication. Guide there's, guys for different classes within the field but, this is kind of our main landing, page so. A lot of the steps that I talked about is going to be also accessible, on here, so, if you have questions, or need to, kind, of get a refresher, on any of this information, this. Is a good place to go for that you'll. Notice that on the right hand side of the screen my. Roth actually. Well she is the business. Guru about business research through she, is currently out so. I'm filling in so I am kind, of a. Aspiring. Guru, but I'm, definitely well. Versed in research. So. Just know that that guy does exist and it is there for you. But. The resources, that are wrote down on the whiteboard over here are primarily, business, databases. So. Each of these databases have, different, features and so, what I'm going to do is basically go, into Galileo, and kind of walk you through the highlights of the different databases. I'm. Just linking to it from the Galileo link on the library's, home page. You. May, have used Galileo, before, for research a lot of people like to use this large. Search box up here at the top and. Like I was saying that works really well for your lower level classes for complement, n English. 1101, 11 to do something, like that but, unfortunately that, multi search does not have all the features our individual, databases, have, so. We do have databases, in different subject areas you. Can look at the subject listing, or you can use the alphabetical, database, listed, to. Navigate, to an individual, database so, what, I'm going to do is basically just click on this and I, will go into each outcome doubting, individually. So, we're going to just go alphabetically. And I'm going to start with abi/inform. I'm. Just clicking on the letter A and then I'm going to select maybe a handful. So. Just FYI if, you are off campus and, you trying to use our databases, it will prompt you to login with your mynova say credentials, okay so that's everything before, the absolute email password. If. You try to go to Galileo, through, Google, or something like that you may be prompted for the Galileo password so. That does change each semester right, now it's tunnel, I will write that out over here for you as well, so. If you need it that's what that is if you forget. Or lose it you can always contact me and. We do get a new one every semester, so, if you go to research next. Semester and you're not sure what the password is just let us know it'll by brain will tell you. But. Yeah so what you're going to get to your, database maybe on your work what, I was hearing and I was like let's check out mobile right so, at, first typed in Mohawk which, is, fine. But, I noticed, that it actually was giving me information there's, life on other. Things that use the term Mohawk, and then like I think there's a challenge, called mobile so. I went to Mohawk, Industries website. And I don't know that they call themselves that their formal name is no hawk industries, so, I just want to try that type in Mohawk Industries and, I, put that in quotes to. Keep those words together. And. Then. What we're going to do now is you. Can see we have twelve thousand, six hundred and eighty two results. So. This is news, which.

Is Fine and it can be a really good place to go to find out about like current developments, on that in industry, is, you. Know it's going on industry unfortunately like, this is you know 11 years old right 2008, so that may not be as, we relevant to your needs you. Have a date range filter up here on the lab, and. The way this database works you kind of have to do it by. Decade. And then you can narrow it to a particular, date range so. For me I usually start, with like the past five years. So. This is just. Search. Of the company. Name okay. But. Something that I was looking for was, earlier. I was like well let's see if I can kind of SWOT analysis, so you guys are familiar with the SWOT analysis, right okay. So, that can be a really good place to go to just get an idea of what's going on in the company that you're. Going to be interviewing out. So. They're actually where, you're gone so SWOT analyses, available, on my. Search results page, but. I just want to point out on the, date, is here next. To it it's in these parentheses so, you do want to look for the most current wanna know so for. Mohawk Industries I actually found, that the most current lapse from 2017. Available. In this database so. What. You can do is go down here to the full-text PDF I'm looking at result. Number four, and. Then. This will pull up that SWOT analysis, for you then you can scroll through and you can read it you, can print it out and take it with you and sit on the couch to breathe in at night you. Can save a copy of it to your flash drive. Another. Option, that you have is, you can email yourself a, link back to this yeah. The, SWOT analysis, but I don't have time to read it. Don't wear my flashlight I don't want to spend. My free money you, can um. Putting. Your email address, and name and. Message. If you want and go ahead and set yourself a link back to it that way you don't have to redo the whole search so. Just know about that. All. Right. So. Abi/inform, is. Also a great place to go for, scholarly. Articles about different topics but since you guys are looking specifically. Specifically. For, information. About companies, are. Not going to delve into that at, this point so I. Know. That we're a we. Only have we only have a limited, amount of time so I'm, going to go quickly to the next. Few. Databases that, I want to cover as. Much information as I can to, help you guys so. Our next one is called business source complete. You'll, notice that there's, actually two results, for that database base, alphabetical. Listing in Galileo we're getting together, the. Business searching interface is, my preferred interface. The. Standard. Interface doesn't have some of the those additional, features so, that's, why I wrote business, searching interface so. Just know, select, balance. So. You have the option to search of course like.

You're Doing and. Then the additional, tools that I was referring to are, going to be over here on the right-hand side under this browse. Column. Okay. So if you're looking for information about, a specific company an. Industry. Market, research any. Type. Of information. That's in a particular, format, you. Would want to use these. Links here over here to the right okay, so just depending on what you're looking for, and. We can actually click, on any, of these if you want me to show, you a search like another so, we can try them on having this written again. Okay. And. You can see it fully right up and. Here. We have a whole bunch of information about it we've. Got you know search. Tools finding, related. Companies we have information. About the, company. And self-interest. Rings let. Me open this initial. One. Thing to note that may come in handy as you are doing business, research, is, if. You can find the next code that, is a federal, code on the classified, industries. Based on what their primary business is, and. That can be really handy to have because if you find a search tool that lets you search by names codes you. Can just put that search. Number. In okay so it looks like these variants are classified. Two different ways. If. You're looking at the flooring you would want to use this first things probably, okay. So. That's something to be aware of and, again like just has this basic information about the company. You. Know some. Of that has more detailed information that some of it does not it's. Really dependent, on what company and how much information has been there I also. Looked at Verizon. And. That's. A more unique name there's not really any accounts called horizon yeah, but. Because. If you go and write these websites Verizon, Wireless, but that's owned by Verizon, Communications. So. Just. Be aware that you may need to try to search. Search. Terms so. But got the same thing it, gives you like the revenue it links you to their website and honestly, I didn't, list it on my list of things on the whiteboard but. A company website can be a really good place to go to the information about a company so, company, websites, are going to have you know basic. Information, about the company, you. Want to go to their corporate website, and. What, you want to do a lot, of times, if. You find a section called Investor Relations. Quarterly. Reports things like that those, can give you some good insight into what's going on in that company okay. All. Right. But. Yeah so. Just. Going back. Yep. For the main page pub industry, profiles you may want to get some information about the industry itself so. I'm. Going to scroll down here. It. Looks like I can browse by industry I, can. Do a search the morning to do telecommunications. If. We did like Wireless so, you may need to try. Some different options, so. I'm definitely not seeing that. Let's. Try pouring that. All. Right. So. I'm not really sure. How. Things are listed in this database but, you. Know it's definitely worth, perusing. Okay. So. Yeah so Austin's. There on right and again you can do the search. The basic search at the top. All. Right so. Let's go into this, world. And. I'm sorry I'm going quickly I just want to make sure I cover all this stuff. All. Right. I've. Missed world is one of the databases, we paid for we, actually through the right school of business you're going to be using in a strategy, as your research a company but, it is so powerful, that that's why Alice's on companies, or industries you. Will look so smart if you don't know it any other I would. Promise in them that I this world okay great yeah I think I was world your number one destination is, ground without a month it's.

Not Cheap but it's good its economists, and experts to, write, these reports, yeah it's good stuff. Right. Here what I was saying earlier you, can browse reports by the name so okay and, I did. Mohawk. I'm sorry but you. Know we can see there some recently updated ones. Different. Options in terms of what you want to browse or or course you can always search by companies, what we wanted to do Verizon. So. Wireless Telecommunications was, apparently, searching, for but. It gives the information about. The. Industry here, okay. I scroll. Through about, some similar industry. Has. A section, that tells the industry jargon to be mounted just be, brush, up on that. You. Don't want to you do want to go into your, interview. Prepared. Right to the best eggs we're going. On in that company, is you, know the types of topics that are concerns, to them so. I did search by. Keyword. Let's. See I think this is what a full site search and. There's different features, on here as well but. I just world is a great place to go to. Find, that information. So. Let's move on to, funk, it okay. And. Plug. It I'm, going over the P. All. Right I want to make sure you guys have the full, names of these. Basis, upstate, when, you get to the, man teenager didn't mean that you have two options that, you. Can click on we, have research and. And then we have researcher, company, so. If you wanted to look up that company you can, do it these. Are the search box you can do it using the dates but here as well. So. If you wanted to see all the companies that are classified, in the same industry you. Have that option you also can. Do. A search. Sorry. I said no just do not forget to make sure all right all. Right your items being issued the car brands here we go. And. What you can see here is, thank revive you a list of the industry, ranks by total, revenue, over. Here on the right and you can sort it based. On you know different. Filters. That you put, on there okay you. Have your name so that's it again you have information about, the company. Leadership. If, you have a narrative, description, of the company itself you can scroll down you can see they, have several years of financial information will sit here for you as well, you. Can compare it in this react averages. You can come you, know build a table or compare companies so you have the ability to manipulate this, information, if, you need it to be in a particular, yes. We, have a login for that IV is. Did. You go from Galileo you're not.

Are. You if you'd if you just go into if, you try to google it it's good it's not going to know your adult diapers yeah. There, we go it's. In let you it okay. I, think. Our bike I think people, who use Wi-Fi are off-campus so. You may have to put in the Galileo password, to. Ensure that it knows and that would be tunnel just. To ensure that it knows you're a dog person, and. Then. Once you've got me into that you can go into any of these individual, databases, but. Yeah so lots of information available. Here. And. Again like I said you can also say. That landing page research. And Industry so, we can use a keyword search and look at you guys telecommunications. All. Right. But. It tells you all the different categories. Of wire. Okay. Talk about these fans. I. Want to make sure to, also. Show. You a few additional, websites, I did. Mention using, the company website you'll find information and, that can be a really good tool, for you, another. Thing and I'm just opening a new tab here, in my browser so the website, see wouldn't need necessarily to, go through that layout for these, but. Reuters. I'm. Just. What. You've been doing, here is, search. For. A company. Use. Their company's tap here, and. It's. Going to give you a bunch of different. Pieces. Of information from the landing page and then you'll also note, that it has these tabs across the top so those are definitely, worth exploring. News. That. Could be a good place to go really. I mean if you show that you are informed, about the. Company in the industry that. Really makes you a better interviewee. Because, you want to show that you're prepared, and you care about the company and you're invested. In what's go, right not just in the company but in the industry as well so, so. These can be a good place to get that up-to-date, information. Key. Developments. That, might be worth reviewing for sure. Okay. So. Much of different things available on, here, and. Then the other website, that I wanted to pull up in MSM. You. Know let me whatever - you guys like I said this is a, little. New to me so I'm trying to make sure I give you the information that you need. You. May want to search the company's, website but, remember, most of the websites are, customer-facing. They're. Assuming, your customer, to buy something, so you have to go in at the very bottom - Investor Relations and.

Sometimes You can find some of this on the company website but, remember they position, the company in the best light possible so. You want to be aware. Of that right they've done one spin on the. Wall, street journal, database, is another one -, you can subscribe, to The Wall Street Journal, you get to online edition, sometimes. I use that if I need something quick about a company if I think what's going on what I'm going to use. So. This is the website for the strategic management class for, one Inlet for mr. Berger you're showing me one of the things they do is, they look up the same financial day their own company. Here. We go. Yeah. We could all bless an email out to that with more specifics, of that bigger. Probably, though for questions, about the company more interested, in what they're going to find on that SWOT. Analysis. From Ibis, world, or. Just some current industry informations. Unless. There's a major trend the nature up we treated the down the tree you might want to ask them about all. Trade. Publications. Are probably going to be, order up and then another thing that I personally, do this is a little. Bit something that be. Valuable is to go to like new Google, News and then, just type in you know that, company. And. What you can do is help see any. Current. Headlines, news stories, you, can also save. The search you can follow. The company by signing in to your Google account and then that will give you updates so the new story, comes. Up on. That topic and then it shows you everything targets, so, that can be a really good option. As well. Do. You have anything tinnitus, or any areas, you like me to address. Where. Students. Can ask questions as well. What. Questions, yes sir. Must. Ring need to be lost a few Boston. That's. A great question, and I. Sermon I can find out, I'm, guessing, they don't publish that voluntarily. Do. That I have, a passcode, where, I can, access. To research. From, the University, of the world so. Why would you search.

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