James Charles Surprise Room Makeover! | OMG We’re Coming Over!

James Charles Surprise Room Makeover! | OMG We’re Coming Over!

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Today's. Episode is made in partnership with Samsung. Oh. My gosh, all the stuff. Can't. Wait, to decorate. There's. So much we can make how. Will it turn out. OMG. We're coming, over. Open. Up we're here okay you're yelling, like so loud. Guys. We are at James Charles house hi, sisters, my name is James Charles and I am a 19 year old a beauty guru and internet superstar. I. Am. Literally, so beyond extent it's been an episode of oMG were coming over like this is my biggest dream in my entire life I have a little been looking forward to this for long I, love so. Much I'm just so, enamored by him I think he's so amazing and we've been wanting to work together for two years and yeah, we're doing an epic collab with him because today we have an empty, room his entry. Room the first room you walk into and see we're going to be doing, that completely, cuz it's completely empty but, then over on his channel we are doing the rest of his house because his, house is like kinda. There like his furniture, but none, of the rooms are fully pulled together so, we're, gonna be here all week guys. If you are coming, from James's, channel welcome sisters. And. We, are accepting. New creative, weirdos so, hit that subscribe button and join the fam yes we, are community, of creative weirdos was just all about celebrating. Your uniqueness, and being unapologetic. About, the creative weirdo that you are and just living the because why not lifestyle, this is gonna be an amazing episode I'm so excited. Maybe. My sister if you're also my wife how does that work oh I hope not let's. Not go there. Let's. Go. We. Just want to take a quick break to tell you how we're super excited to be partnering with Samsung, to show you their, Galaxy, Note 9 this, is one beautiful piece of technology, it has a six point four inch infinity, display, a really. Cool s-pen, to doodle and also to remotely control your camera and also, the camera itself is incredible, for photos, and shooting video. Let's. See. All. Three. Of those sneezes, on camera. The. Most important, thing about a good piece of technology, is how it enables us in our creative, process our days are jam-packed, capturing. Video and photos, to share with you guys so, this camera is really great because it has flaw detection which can detect if you are blinking or, the image is blurry and it makes sure you get the perfect shot. The. Galaxy note 9 has promotes, you can really dial in your settings if you want things, like shooting in RAW adjusting.

The Is Oh white, balance, all those things that US professionals. Really, like to do oh I always will love that it comes with the s-pen which allows you to be even more creative, than you can with your fingers because, on every project we do I always have to sketch ideas, to convey them to Joey or our crew and make sure that everyone understands, what I'm envisioning and, so, the combo of the amazing, screen and s-pen, really, makes my job so much easier thank, you smart, smart as it. Really is a cool phone so if you're looking for a powerful all-in-one, solution make, sure and check out the galaxy note 9 and to see more videos made, with the galaxy note 9 check out the link below thanks, again samsung for partnering with us on this video and now let's get back to the decorating I. Love. That you're already getting started, but let's talk about it, let's. Talk about the direction of this room. So. Kay and Joe you're actually doing my up front for, a living. Room, it's. A room in the front of the house that literally serves zero purpose right now there's a fireplace in there but other than that that is literally, at and we figured it'd be a really good and fun and fresh room to decorate because, it's like the first thing you see when you come into the house act like it needs to be good and, right now it's not so, like that'll. Be good, all. Right so all of this stuff is for, other rooms because we have all the stuff for this room on the truck yeah, yeah we have to move all the but you're not allowed to see any stuff come off the truck so. We. Have a sister, secret, so you guys probably know James loves to sing he has a beautiful voice and Morphy. The makeup company that he did his James Charles, eyeshadow. Palette, clapping. Reached out to us and was like we'd love to give James a piano we know he wants one we. Know you guys are working on decorating, this place can, we do this and we're like oh my gosh so we've been arranging, with morphe behind the scenes to get a beautiful brand-new, glassy. Baby, grand piano, delivered here it's gonna be so cool and he's gonna be sistership, so we're not painting in here no you, like wait Wow I love white walls I would say my aesthetic, is very like modern contemporary farmhouse. Boy, he loves like black and white grey, maybe. A little bit of like natural wood tone. Maybe. A little bit of off weight and that's. It all, right so since we're not painting our, first creative project, could be clearing, the room out. You're. Helping me, fine. I was really ready to do a lot of crafting, and products this I was not ready to do manual labor Joey, watch. Yourself, oh this. Is too bad. You got it, wait. On it are you still holding it. Okay. Oh. Absolutely. Not, use your but. That's. The hubby one. No. I. Was. Ready for the crater process, okay. James did not know, when he was signing up for he's, not down to become. A mover today it's okay James and rescuing you let's go I do some creative projects, and Joey can beat. Joey to boxes, today, or. Joey, 25, boxes I, think. It's time for us to go to our DIY project, I wouldn't, worry. Joey. Okay so I know. You. Know what this room is so James and I are in his a PD room this is where he shoots all of his videos obviously. He spends a lot of time in this room we're gonna be pulling it together a little bit more on his channel but, I wanted to go through his Beauty closet, and just see if we could get some inspiration for, some abstract, art that I want to create with him. But. Pretty. Organized, I'm actually so, impressed, by how, clean. You kept like you get rid of a lot of stuff I do which. Is I donate, a lot of stuff we get PR packages and boxes literally, every hour so, I would so much rather donate, it to people who really need it and have it have a desire right. Okay so this, is. Rather, dark. Oh. Any. Sisters who just want to unsubscribe, yeah. I mean. Really you guys don't, unsubscribe how do you think we're already at 13 million sisters. So. Let's pull out some shapes that are like, everyday. Identifiable. For, you but like we, can then work with an app start so I mean okay. What about like a beauty blind are. The. Most iconic shape. We. Have like the teardrop and then we have like the morphe one that I use a lot that's what angle. Love. That I, feel like the beauty mother is looking like the perfect solution. A house like a fun little oblong, shape which, can definitely do a lot of inspiration inspired. Moment Beauty, wonder. Let's. Go DIY okay, that's, all we need it we just needed a spark of inspiration. Okay. So we, have our wonderful. Inspiration. On hand I'm, so excited about what we're doing okay so we have a big blank canvas, in front of us I know James, is not overwhelmed, by this by, any means he, does. Beautiful makeup on bare faces all the time so let's just call this a bare face canvas, and we have on hand four different colors of paint but of course all very.

Minimal, This is kind of like our secret, spark. Of in SPO but like no, one else otherwise we'll. Know. So. The majority will be the. Kind of off-white cool. Right, that's, kind of our bigger area, and then we'll, do our Beauty. Blender, peek cool, peeking. In well, within almost which I love the, idea. Of doing the. Shadow, in white, so, it's not kind of invert, rule okay, all right so we're just mapping out this shape James is drawing a nice little. Beautyblender, curve, with a slight, angle so, now that we have our pencil, map down on the canvas we are going in with some acrylic paint just, layering those different shades of off wait we want to make sure we have that texture. Paint because there's just something so texturally. Beautiful. About seeing like, dollops. Of paint amongst, the, flatter paint especially when you're only working with a couple colors. Have. You talked. About what your childhood. Room was. Know. Was. Dark green so. Gross, and. I. Hate the green as I leave her at color tale, literally. Yeah. So, I hated, my childhood room and all the furniture was like this like dark, oak wood, hideous. Like not, even like a cute Oakland gross. Of warm tone brownie across. The Dustbuster dough like Oh like 90s, yo, and. My, dad would not let me paint and he wouldn't let you feed the furniture or the really thing, oh they. Decorate, it so this wasn't like your, I had no sense no no nothing, a little bit of say and finally, when I think I was like 12. Or 13 I convinced. Him I feel like the sisters know literally every single thing about me ever but Kate, got me I have, never addressed my childhood bedroom, probably. For a good reason it was hideous, my style, when I was in high school was straight-up drag. I. Painted. Living bookshelves, lacquer red. I, know. You would have died, disgusting, yeah I thought you would have been major ooh my mom said it looked borderline. Bordello. Thank. You I love that I'm painting with a beauty guru who actually knows, how to wield a, brush and I grew, up drawing, all the time but paint it was lame that I wasn't really that good at so, I always had to work a lot harder at, it when I was like when I was at art class and stuff so, I enjoyed, the challenge okay, so this. Is our white that's our white that's our black I think. We do the. White last okay, so we want to do a white highlight in between the black and the off-white, but, it's really important, to make sure that we let the black and the off-white dry, fully, so. That the, white won't blend with those two colors and we can get a nice crisp, line all right I love it and I know Joey has a project, to do with you. All. Right this painting is looking absolutely incredible. I'm obsessed, with how it's turning out I think it's going to look so good in the final room whatever, it ends up looking like but. I am being summoned by it father Joey now to go do more manual, labor, cannot. Wait. I'm.

Ready For this, all right so James has been working with Kate on their DIY and, now it's gonna come out to me and we are going to finish, it off with some cool, framing, you're handy right so. I haven't told you this yet but my dad's I'm seeing a contactor, I think you've, probably seen that we've done frames, before it's like our easy way of just, making things look nicer but we want to take it up a notch for you all right so the effect that we're trying to achieve is the frame, having a floating, border, around it what we're gonna do is we're gonna back the entire thing with a quarter, inch plywood, so, I just got a four by four piece at the hardware, store we, need to cut it down from that because our frame is 40 inches so you'll have like an inch and a half of space around the frame fun, and then this can either all be like a really chic like black, or, we could do like a poly coat on this and really like sort of bring out the wood tone I feel like either would look good I think you should decide, that the room looks like I don't know why he's asking me did she just like that is not my department. I don't make choices I just. Do stuff I'm letting you know that either one is gonna look great okay. I feel like because the fact that we have a big like black splotch, in the corner the, wood might look really really nice to offset, the darkness and they like a more light vibe to the room if it doesn't look good it's your fault it's hunter. Was that your ball yeah safety first make, it less table. People. Always wonder how cake gets like DIY stuff done with her like crazy long towel and nails but we have that times two today because James is rocking the towels as well. All. Right so we got our backing, so, now we're gonna do the actual frame part all right so we've got our one by two pieces, of wood that we are just going to make. The size of this plywood. That we just cut so forty four and a half inches long we're, gonna miter all of those edges so that it all fits together into nice 90-degree angles. We're. So talented yeah, thank. God all right we're gonna do the surround. First, so, why don't you go ahead and just clean up those edges so. You grew up like working. On work sites with your dad not, works he so sense he was a self-employed contractor hated, most of us up at home and like we did a lot of DIY projects, I'm always very crafty, and I always liked building things when, I first sort of doing hair we might have actually built a salon in, my basement together, and.

Then It turned into the beauty salon once I started doing makeup of years later so that was I feel like my favorite remember is like with my dad everything from cutting what painting, a building things all around the house you name it I did it with my dad and we got everything done together, so, we're. Just gonna throw a little wood glue in that joint, I love parting one glue in that time so to make, the joint we're just gonna put a little bit of wood glue in there and we're gonna use a nail gun to just keep it strong while the glue dries and, we are almost done. Beautiful. I think you're very talented I personally. Think I'd be a great mr.. Caid I already have a pink wig I can put out some very cute jewelry and maybe. Just. Walk, around a little bit shorter hello, how's it going out here, pretty. Good it looks really good and he told you that it's gonna be like a floating frame we got lime soaps that I think it's gonna look so sad so she please, now's the time where we would kick people out normally, be like go, on go run some errands when you come back your room will be done and we could totally finish, this room in a, day except. That we have. Seven. Other rooms to do in this house so we're basically gonna be here for the next 40 and we're not getting the piano delivered until, because James is gonna be out at meetings, all day so it's perfect, we'll be a little like wheeled a piano in and keep. Up our tarps, and make sure he doesn't see it until the, big reveal, why. Don't you just go ahead and drive just like two. Or three on each side just make sure you're on the edge because we don't want it to split, inside you know yeah all. Right so the plan is is we're kicking you out, all. Right of this room, oh yeah we've walked in all the rooms to do yeah but you can't look in this room, sister scouts look you get a sister secret sister, secret I want to be sister surprise for once in my life so I'm very very said I will not walk I promise okay so well, I'll, see you around just not in the room. Take. This back. So. Already it Joey and Kay are kicking me out kind, of rude but jokes a man because we still have to do literally the entire rest of my house so I'm, gonna be hiding out I am NOT gonna peek because I want this to be a sister surprise and we're to go decorate, even. More oh my.

Gosh, Sorry. We are interrupting your regularly scheduled. Programming to bring you some super, super, exciting, news you guys are here obviously for the James Charles episode but before, we get into that we just have to tell you you, guys have been asking in the comments. Like, hello you guys have commented, so, much you guys need to show your show on HGTV and they, listen they listen and they gave us a special but, here's the catch guys it's a special, so, we filmed it we read it an entire, house which is obviously different from what we do on YouTube don't worry we're gonna continue to do things on YouTube we're not stopping YouTube we are youtubers, this is our home this is just opportunity for us to do other, big, projects. So that you guys can get the. Whole shebang, just. More stuff and so we, need you created weirdos to band together and tune in February. 9th it is a Saturday. Set your DVRs set your alarms, talk, to whoever robot, you have working for you the show title, is, help. We, get so many emails from you guys with the subject line help, my house so. That's. What it's called help my house we're doing entire homes, yeah so, guys. And. We'll keep doing our room transformations, here on YouTube so don't worry but if you guys can go and support us on February 9th to tune into this special we hope that the creative weirdo community, can, make this into, a series and hopefully we can do more of these guys, 2 p.m. Pacific, Standard Time 2 p.m. Central Time, 2 p.m. Eastern, Standard Time. Hit the pause button go. Over to TV if you have one and. Your. DVR set, you're recording, so your alarms, whatever yeah 2 p.m., and thank you so so much it's because of you guys that we even have this opportunity over an HDTV so thank, you we, love you but, in the meantime see. You James travels house let's. Go well you, painted my hammer wait. Ok, so this. Is the first thing going in this room ok now let's go and look over like right here yeah so it is a baby. Grand. Yeah, which. Is not. A baby, okay, so I have a funny story for you we. Have been planning this makeover, now since, before, the new year so we. Came we measured, cetera, we also started, talking behind the scenes with morphe we planned the whole piano thing and, then James, text me around Christmas and he's like oh my god Grayson. Got. Me a piano. For. Christmas, and. I was like. That's. Really nice but. What what. And. I was like some of you picture what kind of you know that, any, sent, me picture and, it, is a white, upright. Piano, beautiful. It's custom, Grayson, the Dolan twins oh my gosh you guys are so sweet that, was such a sweet as we give was like you know what that would be perfect, for your master bedroom, because. James. Is extra. And he, lives in a mansion and he needs a piano. For upstairs and downstairs great. Definitely. With. Here James. I. Love drew okay, drew, I have known about him for a, long time he's actually a long time creative weirdo probs drew love you thank you and I. Got to meet drew through James because, he's his BFF. And so, we've been hanging, out a bunch, since we weren't working together and yeah. Drew, Drew's, over here too I guess. Just, keep James of prisoner in his master bedroom until we get this room tart keep him. Until. We have it tart out okay okay. This. Rug is beautiful. It's bringing in a pattern but it's a nice low pile so it will work really well with the piano, resting.

Partially, On it and I love that we're bringing in a little bit of a pattern but it's still monochromatic, with, tones of grey pregnant, rug kodos yeah. So. Yes this is like the first official. Rug. Cuddle some are like a rug Waddell oh. Oh. Can. You get me out of bed like that in the morning I'm so, excited, about this okay so we. Can't paint in here right but we are going, to give him something, on the walls uh-huh, so this room actually has really beautiful architecture. In it which is great really, helps us with the minimalist, design since, we're not painting we're going to be doing these awesome, decals, so these were actual images. I took of some green. Palm fronds we actually sell them as prints on our website but for this we made them black and white and printed, them as decals. To, fit into these squares they want one coming down from the ceiling and the other one, coming up from the bottom so decals are really easy to put on you just kind of peel off the sticky back as you go making, sure that your squeegeeing, out or pressing out any air bubbles then once you got the whole sticky back down you remove, the sort of like protective, overlay and I love that these are actual photographs. Because they have like a subtlety, in light, you can see a little bit of highlight, going on. Okay. So now we need to bring in deshays, the, Satine. So this Shea's lounge half. Couch kind of daybed is so beautiful, because this, is kind of a passed through room I didn't want to have a full back to the couch that would cut off the eyeline into, the dining room so, this is like a really cool modern way to just separate, the spaces. It. Is it's it's, long but. It's our only piece, of like sitting furniture, other than the piano okay well you're not gonna bring that in I usually, would carry the heavy stuff with Joey but. Joey. Doesn't want me lifting heavy things so, thankfully. We have Nick to sound like Nick, oh sorry, no, you're good, sure. Sound. They make to the resolute. Thanks. Nick. Oh. Gotta. Get this home bag on. Thank. You Nick, you're hired back, to work. Keep. Making it sound good thank Nick thank, you for, helping. Alright. So I'm gonna just hang these tarps up that's gonna be it for today we got the piano coming tomorrow we'll, get these lights installed tomorrow finishing. Touches and, then. Morning. Guys. We. Are doing a whole bunch of installing. Today in other rooms of his house we have some really, awesome. Deliveries. Coming we have some custom, signs that, we've made for some other rooms and we also have up, here yeah, alright, guys day two we're. At James's, house he is not here today he's at meetings all day long he gave us the keys very. Dangerous, decision. Here, we go we got a lot to accomplish alright, so over his mantel he has these sconces. We are gonna replace with something just a little bit more modern. A little bit more hip just. A little like more simple, like these other ones have this sort of more. Like Gothic, look. And. They're also it's they're too big for, for, how big the spread, is yeah alright, so the frame that we did turned out really cool I'm just gonna finish it up by putting on a coat of polyurethane it's, just gonna sort of bring out the tone, of the wood we're just gonna Center, the, giant. Canvas that him and Kate made that, by, the way also looks incredible. This. Is the. Sign. Look. How, good this looks these. Custom signs are amazing oh my gosh check, out his, channel to. See how those look when they're up Joey. Look at this what. Is it piano, bench. Piano. Fear. Alright. Guys so the big product today is the top secret epic grand piano oh. My. Gosh so, shiny. Okay. So we are pulling the room finally together there isn't a ton that we're putting into this room obviously we talked about it's a petite, space, this.

DIY Art project, and the floating frame turned, out so. Beautifully, probably, one of my favorite DIYs we've ever done. On, the chaise lounge room just placing this fluffy, white, pillow, because, I just wanted a little bit of coziness a little bit of texture it just makes it that much more appetizing, to, sit down, I'm. So, obsessed with how these details turned out and this, swingarm, sconce is so, cool, so this I put on the inspiration, board when I sent it because I was like this is so his aesthetic and will nicely. Offset. The, asymmetry. Of the piano, and give it a little bit of height going on we can't fit a big coffee table what we need some sort of surface for. James's, audience to set their drinks, down on you know as they're watching, his concerts. I found this petrified piece of wood that's on like a metal stand it has the same color palette exactly. That we have going on in the, art above. I knew. That I needed a safety pin because James where's the safety pin earring all the, time like it's so cool to kind of become like his signature thing. It really stands out he wears it in one year he's been wearing it the past few, days I've been around him so, I know he, likes that shape I also know that he gifted Ethan, Dolan a little safety pin necklace, one. Time I saw in one of his videos because real Dan here stand right, here James, Charleston ok, the sconces had to go so bye, old, sconces, hello, new, sleek. Vertical. Sconces, these are so amazing I mean hello these. Bulbs and the sconces are like. Torpedo. Bowl. Oh. My. Gosh this, is very exciting, right and look at this it's now, becoming, one room formal. Living room smashed piano meet, the dining, room though there's a dining room too much because that's gonna be on James's video yeah. All right should we get him yeah all right well yeah we have to get him cuz now it's open okay I. Literally. Am, so excited to see this room oh my. God you guys I have been crammed up in my room all week long so. Rude. Alright. Guys so we are bringing James down it's, time for the reveal he, can't see where, he's going on the stairs so, I'm giving him a lift sorry, Kate but I think I'm gonna need to be carried like this everywhere from now on. This. Is the room you have no idea what to do it. Okay. Okay. Ready. Oh. My. Holy. Crap. Oh. My. God, there's a literal grand piano in my living room. We. Had, to do this with the help of someone else. I. Cannot. Believe that Linda from morphe is that here in my house right now Kate really hit her good, I could literally start crying right now because she just has a very very special place in my heart Linda is the founder of morphe and I've been working with them for a very very long time there's, literally the pressroom, ever in the entire world look at how chic our painting oh. My. God. Oh. My god you guys as me, and Kate were shopping for relics at the rest of the house we literally scroll past this one and I was it this one's really good and fresh we should probably get that one in Kate's like no. I don't think we should. This. Giant safety pin has got to you about my favorite accessories, literally, of all time if you guys know I always wear one diamond stud and one little funky earring I just took out my safety pins literally 20 minutes before we started filming today at but I'm usually walking a little dangly, safety pin that I always get so many questions about and it, is so, adorable that Kate notice night and wanted to get decor piece just hi it all together it means so much and also is very very chic. I. Wanted, it open, so you could have like this, literally. So. And. So your.

Guests Can watch you play oh yeah. Fresh. We have a seat watch I wasn't running. This. Was epic cuz it was like what do we do with this room. Like we want to somehow be, involved and gift them something so, I mean that's like probably the biggest gift you could get that's, so beautiful. So. Should I put that here for your pink drinks so that you don't have them on the piano are you thinking you know I mean there's coasters, but you know pink drinks off the piano I, feel. Like the layout and design the Kate and joy you pick for this room is literally. Perfect, it's, the first thing that you see as soon as you come into the house and I feel like the grand piano is so welcoming, and since, it's an open floor pant having the shorter chaise lounge, allows you to look right into the dining room right next door and obviously there's a big hallway everything. Just flows together so, nicely and I think it is now the perfect. And sure way to the sister sanctuary yeah he's really cool the removal decals that Kate took pictures of palms and we like die-cut them to like the exact edges, it. Looks so cool I. Love this, light. Cannot. Read I just play by ear, it's so beautiful, we obviously replaced, those sort of weird gothic. Looking Scots oh they were the uglier yeah these are more elegant I love mine, oh my, god you guys I feel like you did it literally, like the best. Is. A small space yeah, yeah that's, where the piano to like it I mean there's a big, room. So it was basically just trying to make everything else work around it I'd like this is the perfect I'm tree Wyatt to bring you into the sister sanctuary absolutely. We got what is so beautiful, you guys covert he loves it he loves everything he totally, saw the safety, pin, her. Work is done here slash. Not because we still to finish the other rooms were here. Till midnight again. I. Did. Not know that I was getting a grand piano and, I can only really play music by ear in the four minutes that you've given me since the surprise I prepared you a wonderful song Kay and Joey and I hope you like it I hope, I can play.

There's. So much we can make. Our. Own theme, song I was amazing what an iconic, what, an. Episode what an experience, I can't believe it's over I'm so sad we've literally been here, I feel like why. Don't we have a bedroom we need a room here, yeah. We're gonna move in we, love, James truly, truly so much thank you so much for letting us in, Filtrete. In your house and, thank, you to the sisterhood, out there for watching this video if, you feel like subscribing, we would love to have you as part of our creative weirdo family. Creative. Wheels and sisters unite, because, why not, yep this is just, the tip of the iceberg of our awesome, old you were coming over series we have makeovers. Like these with all of your favorite youtubers yeah oh happy. Bin to have you Benji can you do a thumbs. Up for this beautiful one. Yeah. They created stay weird see you because why not. Alright. Guys so help my house is the name of the show February. 9. Yes which, is a Saturday, we, need you, in. 2. P.m. see you there no matter. What time zone you're in 2, p.m. on February 9th on HGTV. On HGTV, so go set those DVRs, set those reminders and. See. You there.

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I love the way Joey look at MrKate when she’s speaking

I wish they could do my room but I’m English


Come bros we must stand together to help pewdiepie fight t series so he can get the victory royal

Did James just say he was 19 like wow that talented at so young and he is already moving out I also love mr kate so so so so much I can’t even explain and I love how organised James makeup is❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

you're glowing!!! and loving joeys new hair color!

But doesn’t James already have a piano he did a video with the Dolan twins which are his best friends and they bought him a piano

Oh no!!! I watched on the 10th! Totally looking into how to watch your show! Congrats!!

Now he has two pianos

James is such a cutie. popping out of the box like the best Christmas present ever

Mr. Kate will you please decorate my quince

*pops out of the box* HEY SISTERSSSSS



Please come to my house my room is like a 3 year olds room but I’m 10

Shawn Johnson (Olympic gymnastics) and her husband Andrew have a YouTube channel and are talking about redoing their house. You should do a collaboration with them!!!

What happened to the silver springy thing they got I’m James’s video?

I lost my brain help my lung are dry I need makeup

Wow joeys giving me brad pitt vibes !

Ummmm, how do I get Kate to come over? XD

You should surprise the ace family they live near there

Just came from sistet james video.

they should just partner with apple

It says the show is on February 9th but I’m watching this on the 10th so to late


Horizontal stripes? Really?

I have the galaxy note9 too its so amazing

i missed your show will they replay it?

James screaming at joey at 34:23 is hilarious

Too bad i just saw this today i would of watched your show on HGTV!!!! Hope to see more videos of yall in 2019.

honestly why do they not have more subscribers

I’m doing my room and what do you think of the colors bumble bee yellow and gray????

They deserve way more subs than they have.

I watched you show it was great I hope that there are more

I have a samsung tap A ipad

I had a long torturous bowel movement after watching this

Oml I love how they say throughout the whole video that this is a small place but yet it’s 10x bigger than my bedroom

im linda morphe during a squad hang out

omg i missed the showww

Hi sisters I am so sister shook!!

29:43 Sister shook

“Love ya Joey” “okay”


I love when blow up dolls come to life!

but in all seriousness, this is the creepiest shit i have ever seen. horror film tier.

it subscribes to the channel or it gets the hose again


All the dislikes are brothers

james already have a piano labeled sister from gray from christmas

I literally love you guys wtf. Came from James channel and its currently 3:22 AM and I can't stop watching ur videos like who needs school when you have creative weirdos

I know you’re about to have a baby. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for you guys. Are you guys ever planning on going to other states?

gayest thing i ever watched

Ok so jealous

Omg I love your make overs and my room is so badly done

Whatever the style - loving these over the top videos, very un-Scandinavian but refreshing - full of super ideas :-)

Didn’t the Dolan twins get him a piano

I've been sexually raped by Angels and had my energy stolen from me Dont call out to angles they will ruin your life, they have never experienced a human life and they fail to know what is right and wrong, fuck all angles they are dumb energy vampires who need to experience themselves, they just want sexual energy and anxiety so they can get a buzz off of us. They are drug addicts and they don't know when to stop. (They have raped me against my free will) they are a doomed race which refuses to communicate shit to each other and god will remove them if they continue to do this to me! I am your Downfall Angels. You think God isn't Watching?

I love how you guys and James have like almost the brand “concept” like “inner artist“ and “creative weirdos” I love it

I would love to have my bedroom designed by you guys

okay but who else would love to see a mr kate and brad mondo collab? like maybe brad does their hair n mr kate does his salon or something!

So mad i missed the show!!! I hope I can watch it on demand or something

I love this so much because it’s like a knock off a fixer-upper but better

O M G you guys must come over to my house and make over me and maybe my brothers room! U would have soo much fun love ya’ll (I’m Australian and my dreams won’t come true for u guys to come over!)


James: Bye love you, daddy! Joey: ok... lol

Kate looks so freaking cute with her baby bump, my heart is melting

please change your intro its awful. very cringe.

Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrn it with fire burn it all


okay james standing in a box is a mood

*ignores grand piano and talks about the safety pin.* LOL

When are you doing another nersery design

you guys should help Shane Dawson decorate his new house?!!?!?!

This is the best To you tubers combined into one vid

God I hate the word "sconce"

Hey girl, how far along are you?

I feel like Joey is actually a good singer.

James-" I love you Joey!" Joey-"ok." lmao

This looks so good and I LITERALLY screamed out loud...CONGRATULATIONS on your HGTV Special, well deserved

Make your baby’s room please


I'm so happy for you guys and your show

I missed the Saturday show on HGTV! :( is there anyway I can watch it?

Okay but is no one gonna talk about the way Joey looked at Kate during the intro??!?!1?!!1 I’m living for this it was adorable

Are you pregnant

The ending

What did he do to his hair NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I love how protective of Kate Joey is, its adorable!!

The part where he got carried made me think of ariana ‘i MUST be carried’

"probably one of my favorite DIY's we've ever done" - Kate in every video

So adorable sis I love ittt

fucking gay... abomination

Joey's hair looks crap.

james: “love you daddy” joey: “okay”

I love you James

We love a surprised sisterrrrr

Anyone here now because you have made the connection that Joey was in The Click Five, I didn't subscribe before but now I'm 100% a Mr Kate fan. The Click Five were my child.hood. xxxxxx

How do you block youtube videos?

Not into bunch of drag queens !

Is it only on February 9


Mkultra. Brainwashing our youth

I just thought of this they probably made the baby during a rug cuddle. Deadass

I’m a creative weirdo and a sister ! I’m a CREATIVE SISTER

Who else didn’t know Kate was pregnant

Piper is this favourite makeup artist

My friend Natalie said she say James at Disneyland this Sunday or Saturday but she was to shy to say hi. (shes a big fan)

You forgot the galaxy skin

I love how Joey is so protective of Kate while shes pregnant. Seriouly it so sweet. Like she could pick up a few books and he'll go: Let me get that for ya

"five nights at James' " when you get jump scared: "*HeY sIsTeRs!*"

When I finally buy my dream house I’m calling you guys to help me decorate it because I know what I want I am just not good and getting the vision out into existence.

Don’t press read more I told you not to press read more but since you her welcome sistas

Yes I am a sister

And your gorgeous and Amazing. Awesome.

Where can I watch the HGTV episode?

Kate your tummy is getting so big because the baby it's so cute

Finally HGTV!!! Yay! Congratulations!

James is like the first child in their family

Creative weirdo sisters where u at??

Luv ya

HELP MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That boi has the soul of a girl lol.

Can you please decorate kyler and mad baby room please


8:26 does he realise that an oblong is a rectangle?!

1:13 Hmm so you love him I get it OK OK I don't know if they're married or not or just vjeefrjhwfejhwdredhrgdriwuefu Ya

Finally people who support samsung

this is really cool, never seen ur stuff before but james getting a brand new grand piano at 19? wtf i'm 19 and i can barely afford my rent hahahha

I would use the samsong glaxy 9 thing for designing for other wise I still like apple better though that is why I would use the samsong galaxy thing

So pure! What a beautiful space! Sigh, Help MY House! I despair of my space, it needs SO much help! I'm a disabled vet, and was bedridden for a few YEARS, and stuff got out of control. My husband also has just had back surgery, and works really hard, but isn't handy. I do the repairs, but we could use help. The house has gorgeous bones and is in a great neighborhood, and we are sooo grateful to be here. It was built in 1974, and only the bathrooms have been redecorated a little, but the master was done so badly that it now has a little mold problem. The kitchen and carpets are original avocado green. I have literally about 5 feet of counter space, half of it taken up by microwave and dish rack and toaster oven (because the wall ovens are dead). I will apply for Help my house, even though I would never be chosen...

Can you die your hair brown please

The sound guy is me lol

Omg she has a BABY!

ok I really want that safety pin but the one linked is not the same. if anyone finds it pls share the link

Holy shit we really need to get Ben Shapiro voted into the presidential office.



You could see James is hair before he popped up

Kate, where did you get those black boots you’re wearing at the reveal?! So cute!

Wait I just found out that Joey was in the click five.... WHATTTT


Hello mr. Kate huge fan here i love your interior designs... your so creative... wish you all success in your work and happiness in your family... huge fan from philippines.. muah.. hope you'll decorate daniella monet's house... :) :) :)

"love you joey" "okay"

i loved it when James sang the cover of their song .


WOW 19?

Congratulations for your new show!!! By the way, is it any way we can watch the show from other countries?

LOVE your house sister James!!


I can’t wait to see you folks holding your rad little boy...

I didn't even see James at the beginning when clearly you can see his hair coming out from the box

Hi omg he’s the best and he did my makeup before

Omg I like how Joey just carries James

“Oh my gosh I think I just went into labour” Oh Kate


Do a whole video about ur pregnancy

Omg sister scandal

*James - "Love you, Joey!" Joey - "ok."*

Omggg a show!!


they have the same hair

I was too late for live chat lol

Joey I liked brown hair better on u.

I’m living for this @14:51 sister sass

Idk why but Kate kinda looks like Meghan Trainor to me

Hi mr kate

Love u daddy

+themrkate *I recognize the piano: A YAMAHA® G2,* much like the one at Shinoda Hall, OMS Japanese Christian Church (Walnut Creek, CA, USA). For this space, I'd have recommended the same firm's C2X, which packs boxwood treble bridges, revised hammers, and Yamaha's best escapement tuning to date.

15:36 is the highlight of this video

#Creative Weirdos for life

Pls design Safiya Nygaard’s home.

I was wondering when you guys were going to have a baby!

please put those decals on the website !!!!

I love your videos .I wish you could decorate me and my sisters room we share a room.I live in Port Lavaca TX

Take a drink every time James says “literally”.

Updated pregnant title screen please!!

Aaaagghhhhh!!!!!!! I can’t believe I missed Help My House!!!!!☹️☹️☹️ I hope they Air it again!!!!!

OMG!!!!! Congrats!!!! I’m so mad bc this is like the first time I watched an episode late and I missed the show on Feb 9!!!!!!

When james popped out of that box

Do me a favor. Block the fuck outta m or whatever it takes to get this God damn gay shit out of my feed. I don't want it and I don't care you attention mongers exist. And I don't want to see males wearing makeup please take this shit somewhere else. Fucking weirdos.

Wow... James Charles a guy who has enough money to make over his own place got a free make over. I'm so happy y'all are giving free makeovers to people who are really in need of help.

so it's basically just a upgraded note 4??

Awh I don't think I can watch help my house in Ireland

14:34 we all know sister James loves playing with some hard wood

I'm 19 in 9 days and I can't even get a part time job


not gonna lie i’m slightly upset about the whole membership thing it seems like they’re just trying to make more money (and i get that) but they could just start a vlog channel that would probably get the same amount of followers and same amount of money. just my opinion

mr kates shoes are so cute where are they from ?????

I wish I could have Kate and Joey do my room! They are so talented and I think it would come out AMAZING unfortantly I don’t live in California :( so it’s never going to happen


You guys made it!!! A TV show on HGTV and a contest with Ashley Home store. So proud of you.

James: oh Joey, it's too big. Me: huehuehue

ok if james wasnt gay, i would so date him haha

...should be legal to hunt those nasty disgusting pervert motherfuckers for fun and sport...

Abcdefjhijklmnopqrstuvwxyz *get it?*

joey go back to brown!!!

Why is this shit constantly on my recommended? Go away

Joey: I don't make choices, I just do stuff

Homosexuality is a mental disease

So proud

Amazing as alwayssssss!!!!

James emerging from a cardboard box saying "hey sisters" is the 2019 mood

I feel like a few things you did to his house kind of ruined the theme/design.

James was annoyed the whole video i pretty sure everyone could tell :/

Love what you guys do.. New subbie!

James charles did porn

Anybody else see the spit shoot out of Joey when he sneezed at the beginning

Why does he sound like Brendon urie singing . its so beautiful

I’ll take red or green over white any day!

i have litterally never seen james sad

"I'm a professional" He says while holding an electric saw next to his face. but honestly that's me too so no hate.

You should do Matpat and Steph’s GTLive room.

Ughh, I want to watch the baby moon but I don’t want to pay 4.99 a month

Ur belly doesn’t look so big but either way baby creative weirdo will be adorable

omg you guys and james are my favorite youtubers! im actually going to be an interior designer and im probably going to minor in art (to unleash my inner artist sister)

James song start about 34:00

HGTV needs you guys. So happy for you for so many reasons.

That safety in his ear DRIVES ME NUTS!!!! Also the bar stud.

Please can you come to my house

'its a small space' fits a mini grands piano in half of the space

my cousin got the palet and i got so jealous

iT’s a SmAlL pLaCe

JOEY... you look like Joey gracefafa

Please do Jenna marbles and julien solomitas house!!

hi SISTERS!!!!!

HES 19!!!

Oh my God and every video James does where he talks about his house as a child it’s exactly what my house is I think I live in his old house

Joey- "Nick" Nick- "oh sorry" Joey- "can u help me" Nick- " sure" Lmao Nick thought he was in trouble

James -"Love you Joey" Joey- "Ok"

“Joey can be Joey 2 boxes or maybe joey 25 boxes”

James honey, you cannot sing x

OMG!!! Yassssssss!!!!

James only problem about being me.kate is that he’s not pregnant

You guys fixed James Charles house on my birthday!

Why is this faggxt shxt on my feed press G to Gas the gay away

now u just need to do emmas


I’m supposed to be doing a research project rn

Hi, Mr Kate, i have been watching your episodes and i saw that you use in your house for countertops porcelain, and i want to know where to buy them. I liked them and i until now i just found like tiles not big pieces for countertops, can you help me??? Also congrats for your channel, you 2 are great

3:30 you can hear their bodies go oof

Didn't Grayson get James a piano already?

Mr Kate please help the Dobre brothers

My room is light blue with white furniture it has a lot of natural light in it to. It’s also pretty small but I love it

My brothers room is dark green with oak furniture lol

My friend has that phone

seeing james with power tools was kinda sister scary

7:01 James - love you daddy Joey -...

I wish you would have made a specific video letting us know about the special. I stopped watching this video literally 2 minutes before you announced. Came back 2 weeks later and kept watching. Missed the special

Comment how many times James has said COOL on 9:22

Do Emma chamberlain next please!!!!!

Omg I want that big piano

I love the blonde on him.

Joey seems SO tired!

Joey: *throws hand in disgust* yeah were moving in.

I am so going to do what they say about there tv show I am going to set my alarm and everything love you guys so much

Any one notice how much Joey hates James? Iḿ dying lol. James: Love you Joey. Joey: Okay


0:15 that unconscious act of protection moms do ❤

Too much talk before you get into it... over 8 min in and still.... nothing

I just wish he wouldn’t speak. I hate his voice so much I just wanna see the end hahahah

Is Mr Kate a boy or a girl ?

I'm so glad you got a TV show

Oh my James is 19??!??!??

Don’t you hate it when you are enjoying scrolling the comments and an ad comes on and bumps you way back up to the top again

OMG my both fav YouTube stars PAIRING this is just A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

I literally get tired when he talks, he talks way too fast.

7:02 love u daddy

and I watched your vid on the phone...its SO amazing


He already got a piano from Grayson

I love guys sow much watching you videos help me due my beauty room yess

2:39 spray that stuff with lysol

I was literally waiting for this comment like i had to look at the date and he already has the perfect piano

My dad has that phone

From 14:31 until 14:34 I didn’t understand a thing.

I literally just died at 13:48

Well this is where entitlement, poor parenting and low grade schooling and social media puts us....... In the 1960's youngsters wanted to be astronauts, now they want to be queer brainless YT stars....... Sad :(

I felt so awkward for Linda

Your my fav Kate

Hey sisters hahahaha!!!!!!!!!

My mom has the same phone she has the purple one

Dang my rooms dark green and I love it. OMFG I love my dark oak I’m cryinggg awww

Before this vid I was already a creative weirdo and a sister I was prepared.

joey *can you be my sister if your my wife* kate *i sure hope not* HAHAHHAHA

Sister surprise

I’ve been summoned by father joey so more manuel labor. I’m dead

my ears are bleeding now

You guys are amazing!

Frack I missed the showw

Your baby is going to be so cute

Are you actually pregnant

I came from James’s channel

That is the exact rug I have in my house

That song was so sister sweet

Your son is gonna have the cutest nose ever

Can we just mention real quick how gorgeous Linda’s shoes are

I was a creative weirdo before i was a sister

Hi. Mr Kate.. congratulations


poor joey

I made my own roll up pencil bag out of long old socks and it turned out great I used my 2 socks and I made vases and other things it turned out amazing you guys really inspired me love you guys! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

i finally broke down and watched this even tho i dont like hearing the giraffes voice and persona. i do love watching her transform rooms.

and i fucking died at 34:13

OML kate has a bump!!!

Wolvezz playyymann a girl

Omg joey almost made me pee myself

I liked this just because I loved the fact he came out of a box at the start of the video

oh my goSh i think i juSt went into laBouR

I wonder if someone has ever said that they didn’t like the way that they designed their room

Mr.kate is pregunt........:....:

Omg you guys are awesome press read more Read more

hi im a new subber i love you!!

You guys should do a classroom since kids would feel more relaxed in a cozy environment rather then a boring school room


29:44 haha hahahah

I don't think Joey likes James



7:02 love you daddy!


Im a Mr.sister

Because I love both Mr kate and sister james charles

I'm starting to love dis channal

Kate explaining* James: cool. Cool. Cool.... cool... cool. Cool! Cool

“Love you Joey” “okay” mood

Congrats Kate and Joey!

I wish that I was famous, lived in America and could get my room done. I live in Sydeny Australia, I am not a YouTuber and I love Mr.Kate. Ever since I have gotten my own room and have been binge watching Mr.Kate to get some cool decor ideas. My room is small and plain and it would literally be my ultimate dream for Mr.Kate to fly done to Australia and fix up my room. I love your channel so much and cried when I was writing this comment. You guys are my idol and I desperately want to be like you so I can be creative and cool and live in America and be famous. I love you guys so much and it would also mean the world to me if Mr.Kate could read this comment and reply or like it and I would die. My name is Malia Beaumont a 11 year old Creative Weirdo that if you need to makeover a tweens room she is up for it. If you ever do a tour or come to Australia I NEED to see you! I am a subscriber like your videos and have the bell turned on.

lol 13:05

21:22 and i am like yea totally that master bedroom is a total prison...yea it has wifi a bed a PIANO

I have litterally been waiting for this since james bought his new hous

You should do a thing on his channel where he does ur makeup in return!

I didn’t know

Omg your pregnant

Unique Narwhal Life ikr I bet that’s gonna be a meme or something crazy

Clare Luskin They addressed this in the video.

5:58/ that's what she said

she looks so beautiful

I still prefer Apple.

What's that at 30:04

Why does that guy have makeup on?

Uf I hate when I watch the videos too late and miss the show

Omg sister slay girl

I ship

Even though its too late, i just had a canvas idea: You couldve used james' eyeshadow palette colours and "threw" them around on a canvas which would've been really cool and add a bit more colour to the black and white.

Wait she ONLY has 3.3million subs

My dad has a Galaxy note 9

You are so creative

*watching youtube on my iphone* “today’s episode is made in partnership with samsung”

Omg I watched this video on the 23 but I can’t wait to see your show

Is James Charles gay?

We moved while I was 5 months pregnant and my husband was exactly like Joey is with you, telling you off for carrying anything even if it's really light! My husband told me off for moving a canvas painting, it wasn't exactly heavy haha!

joey: she is pregnet so you will help james: ugh fine

James was *sister shook*

*James: I love throwing wood glue in that joint* Me:


" OMG I think I went it labour!" Got me laughing so hard

*person puts ugly shades together* Gets killed by sister squad

I watch all of you sister so I think this colabe is good and fresh love you honey

I love their intro so so much

Kate: I’m sister screaming. Me: Kate please don’t do that ever again. Sis. Stop.

I wish they could help me put my new room together, because I kind of have idea but I am a terrible drawer compared to Kate.

13:52 dang those fine eyelashes tho

Dont press read more Told you so


Omg! I never knew James was 19!

Man if I had your looks I'd be running a different business.

It’s funny how youtubers always promote Samsung yet still always use iPhones

I’ve been watching u since u did the Dolan twins and now ur doin James Charles omgggg

Omg my mom has the same phone as Kate!! ❤️

Who likes his blonde hair? I'm not too keen

James:I love you daddy! Me:

I sudcried and i LOVE you two

7:02 love you daddy

“A sister spark”

7:00 he said I donate it to people who really need it

james: love u daddy

James saying "love u daddy"

I need my house to be fixed

who else got a ad for remodiling

I used a paper clip all throughout grade school so I did it first

Can you watch help my house if you don't have a TV?

omg i love james


Why I'm smiling

What lf they do Emma chamberlain next

Omg I have the same door as James Charles

why is no one talking about how his "painting pants" are ADIDAS!!!! goals!.

My mother is asking if u can do my room

The lights above the fire place remind me of light sabers

Wow I really haven’t been keeping up with vids, congrats on the baby!

Just me or does the sound guy Nick look like Jonah Hill?

James :hi sister Joey : umm

Do you more baby videos I want to see updates

Joey:so you'll have an inch and a half from the back James:FUN!!!!

james: *laughs* “love you joey.” joey: “.... okay ....”

You know you’re rich when you have a huge ass room you don’t know what to do with

Hi Mr.Kate! I was wondering if you could come to my house in the future. I have to wait around two years until I can get my room dry walled. I know you probably can’t but I would like a response

you should do Emma Chamberlins home !

“ I just play by ear “ no big deal @jamescharles , no big deal

Review Style me too

Idk I just love watching James thirsting over Joey

Joey looks like he could be James older brother

omg is katie pregnet or is it just me?

Sister weirdo fam


I got I love u Joey and Kate u guys are so awesome I love how your YouTube channel name includes both of u because mr is for Joey and Kate is for Kate u guys are so awesome I love u

Is James boy or girl

0:15 savage James


You guys should do this with the ace family

Never thought I would ever see sister James using power tools.

James Charles new house Yost to be were joey graceffa

i love james charles

how did james know grayson is getting him a piano? does it mean the surprise is staged?


Love your make up

James #sisters

Congrats guys....

Kate your glowing! And your killin it grl! Your sister sweet!

Okay, but why was Nick the sound guy so adorable????

I was inspired by yr work but today figured out I belong to this creative weirdo family. You know why because I have been constantly thinking abt to switch to s9 note and ........

I love how in the intro he is so creepy he is just like HAY SASTERS

U guys are awesome

aside from your decorating skills I LOVE the glitter on your cheeks!

i HATE his voice!!!

It sounds like she is saying dicals no hate


22:04 - 22:10 That was adorable

Hi sisters!

You Are Probably Wondering Who Is The Best Person In The World It’s the first 2 words

James is so pretty OMG

Name the baby Philip

15:50 Uh no you would be Sister Kate!

The Dolan twins already bought him a piano...


how are you going to work when the baby comes

I'm a creative weirdo and a sister so does that make me a creative sister like if u agree

mr kate is having a babby

1:09-1:40 I think joey just loves looking at his wife

The music sounds like something from sesame Street!

Joeyyyy loookkkssssss amazzziiiinnnngggg with blondeee hairrrrrrrrr

James' blinking stresses me tf out! hahahah

How come we didn’t see a final house tour at the end of the other video?

i love james❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I need a Jenna marbles and Shane Dawson ep plz!

When Joey started playing the piano, I was like... SSSHHHHHHHHHH


Are u pregnant it just looks like u have a perfect baby belly just aksing

Mr.kate looks pregnant

james: OMG LINDA linda: HIII james: *SCREAMS* linda: *looks at piano* linda: *SCREAMS*

Joey: safety first James: my makeup will get ruined

Would like to know what is the name of the company who made the custom acrylic sisters studio sign shown at 25:30 ?

How the hell does Kate still look so freaking stylish and amazing pregnant

I cried when he sang the theme song ♥

Can you please come over to my house I mean I might not be a celebrity but my mom would really appreciate it I llove you

ive been waiting fo this collab like forever

0:14 oh hey sisters Thats me every time I get the chance to scare my friends/siblings

Anyone else’s OCD kicking in when you look at the arch on James’s eyebrows??


Why on Earth does James Charles have two pianos when he can barely play? Even concert pianists aren't indulged like that.

This video has more views than subs

James Charles AKA the biggest liar on the internet. Not including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Coming from James’ channel. Just had to check y’all out! I’m totally subscribed and even rang that bell now. Love y’all!

17:09 James " Love you Joey " Joey "....ok"


Do Emma chamberlain next


Did u guys here James at 7:02 love u daddy

The jacket really highlights Kate's eyes!

James Charles...omg....I’m dead....

"i don't make choices, I just do stuff." RT, Joey, RT.

Hey⁵...i løv3 ū⁹

Shoutout to Jake the sound guy Tanks jake, your really appreciated.

My besties and me call each other sister

Did anyone catch when James said 'Love you Daddy' to Joey at 7:02. I'm dead

+wonka ! I have nothing against him. Just that I think it's a little daft to buy a grand piano that you're never going to use properly.

@Origami and pubg Kk woah man, what do you have against james charles?

+wonka ! Yeah and he covers up his unmusical and bad piano playing by buying his way through things. Sad thing is, I'm doing AMAS level(second highest level) AMEB piano (I'm classically trained, Australian musical examination board) and i still have a small kawai upright piano. I've been desperately looking for a second hand grand, because I really need one, unlike James Charles. Of course, he can do whatever he wants with his money, but to be buying a piano which he's never going to seriously use or can't possibly appreciate because he doesn't have the pianistic prowess seems really stupid and a waste of money.

@Origami and pubg Kk because he’s rich.

I wish I could find the link to ask for help... I'm just an idiot... I'll find it. Especially since I wanna tell them my story... And ask for help....

He is a freaking meme

Tar Madden ?

Your name is Taryn Stuart?

Taryn Stuart you are the first person that have had my name too omg

He studied in berklee, and he was one of the member of the click five before lol

He’s so annoying

Hey sisters

I came to late to record it but I will go watch on demand! Happy for you guys :D

Did anyone else here James say when they left for the diy he said love you daddy


+battery.acid.queen I have nothing against him. Just that I think it's a little daft to buy a grand piano that you're never going to use properly.

+battery.acid.queen Yeah and he covers up his unmusical and bad piano playing by buying his way through things. Sad thing is, I'm doing AMAS level(second highest level) AMEB piano (I'm classically trained, Australian musical examination board) and i still have a small kawai upright piano. I've been desperately looking for a second hand grand, because I really need one, unlike James Charles. Of course, he can do whatever he wants with his money, but to be buying a piano which he's never going to seriously use or can't possibly appreciate because he doesn't have the pianistic prowess seems really stupid and a waste of money.

jOeY lOoKs LiKe a ChAd

omg they have a HGTV show i am freaking out sister

“But I am being summoned by Father Joey so..” - Sister James 2019


You guys look so cute together! I hope one day you will decorate my room.

Can u do Shane or the labrant family next cause cole and sav are moving

So glad I found you through James Charles channel. Definitely subscribed!

*James Charles Jumps Out Of The Box* “Hey Sisters!” That should become a meme or a gif

When he came out and said “hi sister” (before the intro I died

Sister shake

I just wanna know where the boots come from I need a pair

15 million sisters

I counted how much times they said sister, they said it a total of 39 times in the whole video! OMG SISTER SHOOOOOOOOK

White walls.. sister simple¿

Audrey Brown love the positivity thank u xx

I can’t find ur show

was that the only episode PLEASE MAKE MORE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Literally more people watched this then u have subs... they love him! (For some reason)


Joey- Naturally carries the famous James Charles down the stairs on his back Me- Drops him down the stairs , turns myself in the the police, never washes shirt

Ya go jame's


Do Shane Dawson!

I thought Grayson Dolan got James Charles a piano for Christmas

Actually I watch you both before I even saw this vid and when I saw this I am so happy because TWO of my favorite youtubers collab.

Love you guys.

The fact that Kate and joey are transforming other people's homes to this ability whilst (Kate) being pregnant is so so humbling and inspiring. You guys will be so strong as a family. Love you, stay creative!

do emma chamberlain next she just moved into a new apartment!

Sister James doesn’t only know how to use beauty tools

All I’m hearing is shade being thrown around lol

Hey sister’s

Am I the only person who was smiling the whole video?

I can’t believe he’s 19

James all ready got a piano from a Squad videos

I love you

I’m pretty sure y’all heard him said “Love you daddy” at 7:03 like THATS NOT OKAY the man has a Wife and a baby on the way


My favorite YouTuber's put together

james after getting to stop doing "manual labour" to Joey: "love you daddy!"

*HEY SISTERS* that’s my boy!

You need to do Shane Dawson and his new home

When MrKate becomes Sister Kate.

Blink if you need help James: 12:25

My sister unsubscribed to James and now she has no eyeballs.

Help my room

“OMG, I think I just went into labor” lol

James and Kate are my favorite you tubers so this is the perfect video for me


Do you know if you are having a boy or girl. Which gender do you want

#Creativeweirdos #Sisters #MrKate

+marshine I have nothing against him. Just that I think it's a little daft to buy a grand piano that you're never going to use properly.

+marshine Yeah and he covers up his unmusical and bad piano playing by buying his way through things. Sad thing is, I'm doing AMAS level(second highest level) AMEB piano (I'm classically trained, Australian musical examination board) and i still have a small kawai upright piano. I've been desperately looking for a second hand grand, because I really need one, unlike James Charles. Of course, he can do whatever he wants with his money, but to be buying a piano which he's never going to seriously use or can't possibly appreciate because he doesn't have the pianistic prowess seems really stupid and a waste of money.

Can You Guess Who The Most Beautiful Person In The World Is Read the second word

26:08 that high pitched voice tho XDDD

that’s some alabama ish

James: “Love you Joey!” Joey: “Ok...”

I just met this channel and I love it

Go to lura diy

I just remember Joey graceffa everytime someone says Joey in this video

Hi I am from Qatar I want you to come over but I think you cannot come because I’m so far and our house is so bad looking so I wish you could come by I love you so much

Omg I think me and James had the same child hood room❤️

Why is it that 3.7M people have viewed this video but only 3.4M are subscribed??? Come on sisters Jane wants u to sister subscribe❤️❤️❤️

18:07 ''This is our home" no technically its James Charles' house!

Was anyone else cracking up this entire video then lost it when Joey carried James down stairs

This is paining me to watch


17:09. (。>﹏


ive been waiting too long for this day to come and im late to the party mann

17:10 James : love you Joey Joey: ok.

We need a sister James Charles OMG we’re coming over remix

that diy frame is so yuc. wtf

Was it your decision to decorate James’s whole house or was it his idea? Btw love you and James

You should do the ace family's new house

11:20 “that’s disgusting”

You guy should help poor ppl like myself for makeover than those who already can afford designers.

James:love you Joey Joey:ok Lamooo


james is always GLAM

Jams is gay I know it he his

If we missed the Help My House special, how can we watch it?

In every vid I can't help but think that when she gives birth, when her kid is like 4 or 5 maybe the kid will help

Am I the only one who still doesn't know the gender of James Charles

Y’all did the sister squad break up???

Watched this at 1:42 in the morning

7:03 watch out sis WATCH OUT

Is she pregnant?! I didn’t know lol

James's hands are goals!


did sister names just said “love you daddy”

I wonder if Sister James likes Hamilton "I'm only 19 but my mind is older" also "I want to be in the room where it happens"

Fabulous you two (baby makes 3). Love what you did with that blank room.

I don't have cable so can't watch

Rumors have it that James is still in the box...

Sam sung for us and droid ate an apple 1 like if u under stand what I'm sayin

James: Hey Sisters! Kate: I think I just went in labor Me: WAIT......KATE IS PREGNANT!

Omg love you James Charles and Mr Kate I have a Samsung phone it's pink and beautiful I'm a creative weirdo to hold desk full of my artwork


I'm sister shook

How do we ask them yo come do our room

Ask James Charles how many siblings he has, He'll say "3.4 million sisters and one brother.". Lol.

14:17 “Im a professional” *holds it up like a “professional”* lol

what kind of lipstick is she wearingg...? the shade is so cute

I LOVED james' reaction when Linda came in! it was so sweet

32:30 I’m literally drinking a pink drink right now


#S10+ #samsung ❤️❤️❤️❤️ imagine the note 10

James: hi sisters Kate: oh my gosh I think I just went into labor

6:26 when your struggling so much to open a gatorade but then the person next to you opens it in a millisecond

// Angelina_The_Potato \\ As soon as I saw that I thought that this was nightmare material

My brothers looking for a phone

Is that the drummer of click five ?

I fell like James likes joey

LOL i just noticed at 4:41 james was standing in a cardboard box

James: “thank you I’m so talented” Me: “can’t relate”


REspect gays

Awww I loved it when Joey said for Kate to sit out and when she came up to help be said Kate sit down! He's a real gentlemen.

Is Kate pregnant 18:07

You guys are the best

I love them and I’ve been watching them since before they were CRAZY FAMOUS even tho they should’ve been famous the WHOLE time

Nick the sound guy is my spirit animal

Video starts at 3:59

hi sister

7:02 "love you daddy"

At 7:00 minutes did you here James say “LOVE YOU DADDY!”

Omg Mr. Kate and Jeffree Star!!!!!!!!!!

I'm literally so SHOOK that James Charles is 19 he is like almost my age like OMFG

Yes Mr.kate I love you so much you are amazing and talented

okay, but the way joey looks at kate


Now you can do Emma Chamberlain and so it is the whole sister squad ~we all know she needs the most help~

I am so sad :( ;( when I went to the homepage i got this message on a big signe and a white site: This site is not available in your country. So so sad :( :(

I love your shoes kate

5:37 I just realized James is standing in a box

Oh my gosh I thinking just went into labour Oh kate

hEy SIsTeRs

“Could you be my sister if your also my wife”-Joey Me:Alabama

My dog gets so exited when I watch your videos!

Hi sister's

Love the side braid! Looks so good on you!

I love how Joey just pushes her up off the floor and makes it looks so easy and Kate’s just shook

This was published on my birthday can you please help me redecorate my room

February 9th is my birthday and I can't wait to show my friends how special u guys are to me

Did anyone else hear James say "I love you daddy" when he and kate left joey to move the boxes

Watching this on my Galaxy Note 9

Hi sister james!

Beautiful turnout

So pretty


Im sister shook



Can you do my sister and I bedroom

I remember back at 900k subs

*create of werdo

I would love to be your next create a weirdo

I love you guys


James is so gay I hate u

If you guys are ever in my area, I'd love for you to makeover a room............ Ok, maybe a few rooms........ or maybe the whole house

Love James Charles and you Mr. Kate

James: Love you Joey❤️ Joey: okay

someone needs to join me in the no talent zone like common am I the only person that has no talent

Kate is pregnant or its her tummy?

My rooms pink but i want it blue and i am girl but my parents thouthe the since i am a girl i would love a pink room

James was so excited at 32:43 I didn’t understand a word

This is one YouTube channel without drama. I love you guys alot and I love how determined and inspiring y'all are. I love your hard work. Keep it up guys

I wish you can do my room

Wait I’m new do you guys Kate and your man I think have a baby in that tummy tum tum?? Reply if you know!


“I don’t make decisions. I just do stuff” Joey 2019

OMG i am so happy this is out!! you guys are my two fav youtubers (by you two i mean mr.kate and james- and ofc joey)

Did anybody else notice James earrings. Did he just find a safety pins and put them in his ears

Do you have a baby

+XxwatergachaxX 2008 I can't say

HeyIm Roby how old are you?

I really want a phone I done everything you told me

How can I request for u to do my bedroom

omg the t v show is on my birthday im so exided

February 9th was my birthday

My room color is yellow i am like James

I feel like the panting is such a simple thing but the room looks empty without it

" Love you Daddy ! " James said to Joey. Joey face

Did y'all hear *James say love you daddy* to Joey and then he just said *ok* Lol I can't believe he actually said that

Sister shook

Co do huja ? Czemu to ma 3 miliony wyświetleń.

Congratulations on ur baby

Mr Kate is pregnant


Joey is such a gentleman!

"Hey Sisters!" "Oh my God! I think I just went into labour!"

I would love her if she didn’t constantly make her voice as high pitched as a baby

Hey sistersssss

You are looking good and flawless kate

I love u mr Kate...........I wish to be a designer just like u when I’m older

you need to help piper rockell

How full of your self do you have to be to say your an internet superstar ...........

Sister here

Watching this again

Who's here after watching Tati's video


Ok James I think it's called a front room lol

I love James big fan

Hope this was sarcasm lmao

Jose omar still after all his sister scandal

Tell James bye sister for me

Sis is canceled

Mr. Kate should do Tati now :)


Preee how at 4:40 he’s still standing in the box

he is literal trash. I hope Jeffree realizes gabriel and james and all of them are trash and fake fake fake.

Disgusting James Charles

James: **puts glasses on** Me: “ooooOOOUUUUUUUU YASSSSSS SISTER SNATCHED!” Joey: **puts glasses on** Me: “UUUuuummmmm okAy.”

i loveeeee watching you guys i can wait to move so my daughter can have her own room and i can decorate using some of your ideas

this aged weirdly

he is so funny


Did anyone notice Jame was still in the box for half of the beginning

I love you both but please be careful and choose your friends wisely. With all the recent revelations on JC I don’t support or condone someone who thinks it’s ok to sexually harasses people based off of his “fame”. He is NOT the the first, last nor only gay man to wear makeup. He just got lucky. Sorry

Wait how do you ask them if they can do a makeover for your own room?

I can't believe Kate and joey are friends with this toxic trash

Can you come to my house because I just moved in my house is super plane just letting you know I live in Canada

omg you should do the LaBrant or the ACE family

Omg he's truly sexual predator. Thirst for straight men



Who is here after the tati and james charles situation


114Avion *delete*

Shane dawson needs help

Kate: I'm so glad we are calabing with him . Me:it's a her!!!!!!!!!!!☹️

Well this is going is to be the last time james Charles gets a make over...*bye sister*

here after the drama lmaoo

Next do my house. Lol

sabiha hussain it's a collaboration. It's business.

+Macspleen she already has before this

Omg i love how when joey said james couldnt see the living room furniture james instantly said 'ugh,rude'XD

Who's here after he just hit 12 million ?

Who eles is watching after all the drama with James and tati


Anyone watching this while drama is going on with Tati and James?

i wonder how she feels about him now

Who else is watching this after the sister scandal

7:02 "love you Daddy"

It’s a shame he has 13 million subs now I was subscribed when he had 16mill

all that makeup and his foundation still dont match his neck

I am watching this on my samsung note9. I am happy.

AMelia Venegas meeee

Lenora Sequeira yup and now he’s cancelled

+Artsymirul ik right

yeah you're definitely at 13 alright

Joey is the perfect husband.Great guy all round. Very good looking too.

Major oofs watching this after the j and t drama


Omg he’s cancelled


AMelia Venegas me

"everytime a sister unsubs i poke one into her head" *tati pulls a sister scandal out of her pocket and james loses 3 million sisters*

anyone here after the james x tati scandal?

Is James Charles gay .......?

Who came to see is charles is flirting with Joey?

Who’s here after James Charles scandal

meeeeeee lmao


7:57 ironic

0:55 sister superstar no more


Hope u could cime in the philippines..

Fr though James needs to get off his high horse bc he thinks he’s famous so he can do anything he wants and rules don’t apply to him (not based on this video just in general)

James Charles did a foreshadowing on what's gonna happen, he hid inside a box, now sister is inside a box

I wonder if he was sliding into Joeys DM’s

anyone else here from 2019 after all the tEa?

How sad that James totally ignored Linda from morphe who was the one who actually got him the piano!

7:02 “love you daddy”

HAHA who watching this after the whole Tati drama

He’s way too conceited. Be humble, James.

7:57 funny you would say that....

So funny!

7:02 to a married straight man?

Angelica Elizabeth Forreal, So fucking annoying and gross.

Did anyone else did not find this under the series omgwaco?

me hahaha

Notice how this episode is not under the episode list?

I was wondering if anybody was going to say anything about that!


Youtube is sister shady for recommending me first the Tati & Mr. Kate episode and now this

OMG Joey! What did you do to your hair?

Bye sister

James is yelling the foyer he said 13 mil!!!

Okay so this vid was posted on my bday...

I love your room makeovers I wish my room could be that cute

They probably wouldn’t do a makeover if he asked now

so cool

Me I’m just here to dislike all his videos lol

AMelia Venegas me

Thanos snapped his fingers and poof went 3 mil subs lol

Hey guys, just a reminder that Mr. Kate’s channel is all about positivity, so keep the comments that way too! Hope y’all have an amazing day

kate looks pregnant her baby bump is so cute

"how do you think we're already at 13 million sisters?" well now you're back to 13 million, james :)


Who’s watching this after the whole James things

James is so cuteeee no wonder his a guru

U should’ve not came there because he might have liked ur man

tbh i know james did something rlly over board, but im not on tati's side because i dont need to watch her. James, i am stilll part of #sistersquad .>

Wonder abt their thoughts on James after tati’s video.

13:10 James mind :what it he talking about James :fun

well i mean hes back at thirteen million

this has to be my favourite video HI SISTERSKSKSKSKSKSKKSKSKSKSKSKSK

Who is here after James and tati 's tea ??

James is telling the future he said 13 mil!!!

AMelia Venegas me it’s still going on and I don’t like him very much anymore but I’m still subscribed

Me and it’s creeping me out like he thinks he’s prestige omg


Lenora Sequeira yass right


Go James

7:47 big telepathy vibes

James Charles is everything of what is wrong with some, kids of today's society.

7:10 James-“love you Joey” Joey-“okay” I died omg

7:58 “how do you think we are already at 13m sisters!?” More like “how do you think we’re all the way BACK to 13M sisters?!”

who is here after the Tati and James situation

Who is here after the drama with James? And is freaked out he keeps calling Joey daddy and saying he loves him??

I live with my mum, 10 y/o brother and 11 weeks old sister. Our house originally was a 2 room house but the front bedroom was split into two for me and my brother. There now won’t be any rooms for my sister. And our rooms are pretty much the same size as a good sized bathroom. Lol help my house

8:01 This was definitely NOT recent (after him and Tati)

James:losing Tati:winning French:baguette Hotel:trivago

2.10 - 2.14 …SwEeT hOmE aLaBaMa…

your still on 13 million james

Omg lol sister secret

Me .


Like an actual question

How do i get them to come to my room dang

Wow what he's came to 2019

I like the show. I hate her voice.

omg i wish they could come over and do my room because i hate my room i keep asking my dad if we can change my room


Looks like a lot of sisters are having needles and pins in their head for unsubscribing


Lynnea Noriega me


I’m not here after that you are

James” love you Joey” Joey” ya”

7:02 Did James just say- “Love you Tati”

Kylie Taylor yessss and he Deserves it to

Dawid Erasmus Smit he probably jacked off when Joey was there


Do you even have a Samsung

Elite_ Heat07 Unsub to James #TeamTati

“He has a lovely voice”

Side note: Gothic sconces aren’t ugly.

He’s so fake. It’s always bothered me, but I had stayed for his skill. I won’t deny he’s very talented. Although, it’s hard to follow someone who has behaved as he has.

Lynnea Noriega omg i am!!!!

Awwwe I wish you guys could do my bedroom, but we’re probably to far and my mom wouldn’t have enough money :(

7:56 - 8:01 Oh my god that did not age well

I wish you could decorate my room it needs lights a mirror a dresser and we can’t afford it right now

0:19 what do you mean when you said you just went to labour



*Goes into room* *grand piano in the middle of the room* OMG A SAFETY PIN!

26:33 I have a similar pillow

Who else is watching this after the scandal And questioning if Joey was a victim of Jameses act of trying to turn straight men gay... “bye daddy” and “love you daddy” James to Joey

13 million subs and counting (down)


Every time James calls Joey "daddy", Joey looks very uncomfortable...

james does love riding straight guys doesnt he

Who has less that 5days of school

10:18 - 10:25 OMG James I’m disappointed green is my FAVORITE color!

OMG I wanna come over!

I am ligit watching u in my phone which is the galaxy note9

We love a true sister Stan

*Joey looks kinda annoyed by James throughout the whole video..*

No lol ! What's up with your mind and it's stupid assumptions.

Belinda Fernandez mee

Omg i Just found you.and i realy Love You are so sweet With each other.you are Kind and Loving and sweet and funny. You Sending so much good wivbes aß a couple and as persons to everyone. You are great. Kisses and hugs fromm oversee

Lynnea Noriega me lol

I love Joeys attitude where hes like " *She's pregnant she can chill.YOURE HELPING ME* "

She should be resting:/

James’ attitude is so pungent

Please come to Scotland and do my home

I see this after the drama and then i see Tati's makeover video right next to it i'm like OoOoOo even videos are having internet drama

James: i love you joen.. Me: *JAMES!!!*

Who is watching this wall James and Tati is going on


He said "Love you daddy" so much, much worse

Anyone else catch what he said 7:02? Totally James and Tati drama right there.

james feb 2019 : im a professional james may 2019 : im a celebrity


It would be cool if they were on Netflix

Yaaaaass! James,.you are rocking those glasses!!! :-)

Is it just me or were James and Joey being so sassy to each other!?!

1:15 OmG I ThInK I JuSt WeNt IntO LaboR

who else is here after all the james and tati tea?

Is he a man or a woman........ I hate this guy

I’m sorry sister who?

I would love that in my house

I am going to BRB to put a safety pin in my ear!

Love the room omg

hey let be honest. if u are a sister, then u know. like me. on his channel, u will see what i mean... and he was on the news for it! but... i still think he is an amzing person. (me and my friend are like " i like tati better then james!" "-_-")

Back here again to see James before the controversy.

I would love if they decorated my room cuz I'm redoing it

And now he has two pianos. Watch he’s gonna ignore Gray’s piano

Anyone here from AFTER the scandal

7:03 James: love you daddy

James: I love you Joey! Joey: oKaY

My sister met James brother and James

7:02 he said love you daddy to joey

Joey: safety first James: my makeup is gonna get messed up

0:15 keep replaying this ⤴️

James is 19!!!!!!!??????????

7:54 um... U lost like 3 million subscribers I think ur gonna have to get alot more heads


I love Mr Kate but james is the most annoying person on earth

“Hey sisters” ugh I love when he says that :)) lol Small youtuber btw

Who else just noticed how much James Blinks?

Hahahaha James is so James! love him!

I have a galaxy Note 9

This is the percentage of how pretty and nice Mr. Kate is .

Visit www.gsmzambia.com now

James: I love you guys Joey: ... ok No hate I love you guys❤❤❤

Anyone else waiting for them to do Emma Chamberlain?

Please reply I have a question it’s how can I get in contact with you guys so you can do my room...!!!!????

No one: Literally no one: James: I aM a PRoFeSsIoNAl

You should do a room based on Jameses Starbucks order/the pink drink because who doesn’t love a good pink drink room

U should make a Beauty blender chair/couch/seat

We are at 13 mil subs Me yeh you are so happy enjoing AGAIN the 13 milion sisters

Lili Farley wrong time

Can someone please do a “love you daddy” count

Who else is here after the Tati James situation

I swear James likes joey

Why the fuck is James ignoring Linda? I didn't hate him even after the tea with Tati, but him ignoring Linda makes me really hate him at this moment.

I also using note 9

Who else is skipping the intro of them singing out?

Pip when he left to got to go to his makeup closet he said love u daddy

james: "oh joey this is too big" joey: "you got it" am i the only one who heard this?

Look at James being all artsy!!!!!!!!!

For some reason I find James really obnoxious

“Omg I think I just went into labor”

Kharen M. No one

Decorate Ace families house.

next do lurenzside??

8:04 “don’t unsubscribe were already at 13 mil” uh ya sure lol I think that’s tati

Ew James

James*love you Joey* Joey*mk* Me*


7:02 ???

Okay i love love love james charles but holy crap he talks fast.

*"hE hAs aN aMaZiNg vOiCe"*

james ; love u joey joey ; ok

7:03 James: “Love you Daddy”

i think james might be gay guys. i’m sorry for assuming i don’t usually do this but i’m 99% sure that james MIGHT be gay

James Charles hugged you Like to undo

is james charles a boy or a girl if u think its boy like if u think its girl still like everyone like

5:41 damn tyl,er really has kates back

Can't believe i have to tolerate james's fake face for Mr. Kate,,, was only here for Mr. Kate.

I'm surprised at Kate's sister slang.

James is a Self-proclaimed superstar.... LOL

I hate James....

The person will be full of pins as 2 million unsubscribed!

Omg i have the same childhood room as james charles!!!! It is pretty ugly

Doesnt he have a piano already

Lol she calls him a “he” and “him” like twice at 1:09 lmao

Who’s part of the

Hello James!

suck on that android haters!

Love the beggining

Kate do you have a baby in your tummy

Wren B hi it’s hi

"love you Joey" -James "ok" -Joey

To Gabbie Hannah’s new house

do james gonna pay for the work they did????


Omg when James said daddy to Joey

James looks so good wit those glasses

Plz do Shane Dawson

15:51 INSTEAD OF MR.KATE....DO MR.SISTER! maybe you should have that show with your brother

26:32 wtf did she say?????

Bye sisters

James: love ya daddy Joey: ok.... 17:10 had me deadddd

at 5:50 james is just causally standing in a box

I love your videos you need to come to my house.

It was so cute how Joey immediately grabbed Kate when James scared them

"sisters dont unsubscribe" *i-*

Can you please have a Netflix show

You should have a show on Netflix

who else noticed that james was literally standing in that box the whole time

Calls Joey daddy, Voodoo dolls his unsubscribers Gets career ended by Tati Gains back all subscribers lost - Yet is still the most relatable person on the face of the earth.

More like internet cancelled

Who is here after they went to the James Charles Meet & Greet?

James is so darn rude, i love kate and joey tho, joey literally tried to keep his cool you can see it in his face.

Anyone hear that "Love you daddy" from James.

When he lifted the nail gun up, finger touching the trigger, I got anxiety

I always cry with the after result.

The rug cuddles. Please keep that authentic and as beautiful as now. I love this so much!

Here from James Charles.

Who else heard James say,” bye daddy “.

James: love you Joey Joey: ok


You should totally do sssniperwolfs new house it is gorgeous

7:03 love you daddy lmao!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I think I just went into labor

Hi we love u keep doing what u r doing

Sister James’s markup is on point!

Could you be my sister and my wife? Clidus get the kids.

Love you mr Kate man if I could only tell you how great you are

This Baby is bringing so much happiness for you. God Bless you

I wonder how many pins were on there after the fight


I watched it it was so good like omg I saw this then I turned on the TV and it just came on

james: * comes out of box * HAI SHISTERS!

Nobody: Absolutely no one at all: James: love you daddy ;)

Sister Sweating!!!!!!!!!LOLL

pls do safia nygaard next she just got her room reorganized but it needs helpp

Did anyone hear james say "ily daddy" or was it just me?!

you need to but this on netflix cause some people dont have cable like me and i love your chanleeeeeee

Joey:I dont make choices. I just do stuff

That intro song is really dumb lol


I’m finally a creative weirdo

Have you ever seen a person looking sooo good in safety glasses!?

22:00 haha your welcome

Congratulations....I dont have cable or regular tv. ..but cant wait till your on YouTube with your new show.

I love that you have celebrities, but I think the new furniture and great stuff would be better giving to more needy people. Just saying not hating. Absolutely loved when you help the brother and sister that had been displaced and finally in a new home and the family in the garage.

Concha Cavasos Emm they do it for their house not just for memes dumb ass

Which pretty much means u love mr Kate and James Charles

GRATE more manual labor with Joey *flutters eyelashes*

Oh no

james is so pretty

The phone I'm using right now is a Samsung Galaxy

He’s so rude

"i don't make choices. i jus do stuff" a haha what a mood

Is that a dude?

Everytime you do a cool transition i get an ad lol

Did anyone else hear James say love you daddy

I am a new creative weirdo hello

Am i the only one who thinks that james asked them to facetune their thumbnail?

1:11 Joey: •.• wut

I don’t understand all the comments saying James was ignoring the grand piano? Like are we all watching the same video?! People will legit make up things to hate ❤️❤️

For some reason To me Joey looks like Joey Graceffeca

My friends cuz goes to his school

7:02 James:Love you daddy


Okay but where can I buy the same highlight you have on day two Mr.Kate?! So in love.

OMG jame's Charles

Can You Tell Me Who Is The Ugliest Person In The World Read the 4th word

17:09 James-love ya Joey Joey- ok

Uh! Thank god this was made Before he got cancelled

I’m so excited they got a show on hgtv I’m so proud of them and they totally deserve it . It’s such a pity I can’t watch it because I live in Ireland and it’s not on in Ireland

After James and Tati anyone Make it blue if it is

looks sooooooo nice

Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Literally and most definitely nobody: 1000000% nobody seriously go home: James Charles: *pops out of a box* hEy SiStErS!!

Omg i think i just went into labor ~Mr. Kate

Y’all HAVE to do The Gabbie Show’s house


I was looking for a safety pin and found in James ear

Joey: "kate sit down!" Kate: "what im carrying throw pillows." James: *struggling to carry a box * Love yall

awwww poor joey!


I liked my own comment

Give me a shout out pls mr kate

7:03 did he just say “love you daddy” ?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??? I’m sister shook

I would love u too do my room



That’s the day before my birthday

how do you sign up to get your room done by mr kate??

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