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IVCC Webinar   Small Business Marketing Secret Advantages

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so welcome welcome to this i i am quite excited about this this is the first uh webinar that i'm on with uh tracy from illustrator designs and i believe you are a second generation owner yeah of this business and uh have been thoroughly impressed with learning to know you over the last couple months and and uh i have high expectations for this this seminar i'm excited about it and i always say i feel like i feel like marketing is a little bit like black magic it's outside of my realm of my wheelhouse so anytime i can learn uh little tricks and trades and and get a little bit deeper into it i'm i'm willing to willing to do that so good to see everyone today and tracy i'll turn it over to you because people are here to hear you not me so all right well i am going to share my screen real quick and uh get going so we do have a lot to cover um thank you uh you've given me a lot to live up to right there steve but welcome to the webinar on marketing secrets the small business advantage and uh i'm so excited today to share three of the huge advantages that i feel that small business owners have even though they have small marketing budgets compared to the large budgets that the market the larger brands have so my goal for you today is to walk away with some information uh to help motivate you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts all without spending a lot of money does it sound good today i know your time is valuable so i not only do i want to get as much useful information out in this webinar i also want to say thank you to anyone who's able to stay to the end i will have a special offer and a gift for you that i promise will save money save time and save a lot of frustration when it comes to marketing your business so i'd like to get to know you guys a little bit better i know there aren't a lot who were able to join us live um but i do have a poll that i would like to have you guys uh answer how much do you know about marketing are you a newbie do you know a little but you're frustrated you know a little and you're pretty confident or you feel like you're an expert okay so i know a little and in between frustrated and confident is what i'm seeing okay great so there we go the poll thing's new to me so stop sharing there we go and get rid of that now okay um so i've shared this information in a webinar before and i love hosting live webinars because i find them a little bit more beneficial than posting an on-demand recording because if you have questions you can ask them right right away today so i will be leaving time at the end but feel free to enter any questions that you have into the chat and i'll do my best to answer as many as i can just so you know i am recording this and i will be emailing you a link so that you can re-watch it you don't have to go crazy taking notes now i do think that it's important that you know a little bit about me so that you know that what i'm sharing with you works so first my name is tracy pachaki and i am the marketing strategist and owner of illustrated designs i've been involved in marketing for over 25 years about 30 years ago i earned my business degrees from kutztown university in both marketing and management but i love learning new things and sharpening that that the mind so i'm always continuing my education so just in the last couple of years i completed a course with cornell and a program with the disney institute and in 2019 i was awarded a scholarship to attend google talk the google talk digital excellence program in atlanta at google's offices now i've actually gained my experience by helping countless companies of all sizes with both their marketing and events and i've also been an employee at small companies as well as some well-known brands and before i became the owner of illustrated designs i was an employee at the company for years so i not only know what you should be doing when it comes to your marketing i actually understand first hand just how challenging it can be to market yourself but as steve mentioned i am honored to be the second generation owner of illustrated designs my dad actually started the company back in 1968 and i am so lucky to be supported by an incredibly talented and creative team that includes graphic designers website developers content writers and display fabricators now in my career i've done a lot of things right i've helped a lot of business owners develop and stay focused on their company goals and create their businesses through their marketing but i also did a lot of things wrong especially when i took over my business i really struggled switching the hat from an employee to a business owner specifically when it came to marketing my business even though i knew what to do i fell into the same traps that i see a lot of small business owners doing but by making the mistakes i was able to learn from them and uncover some secret advantages that small businesses have over the big brands now i learned the hard way so you get to cheat a little and take the easy way by learning from my mistakes so my first mistake was what's known as the imposter syndrome it's where those self-doubts that lack of confidence and also sometimes i got stuck in the lows you know we have that roller coaster of emotions as humans and especially as business owners but once i recognized what was happening i started to speak to other business owners and so many confided that they also play those mind games so can anyone else here relate to that i see some hands waving and heads nodding okay so research shows that there are two types of people those that overestimate their abilities and those that underestimate their abilities so if you suffer from imposter syndrome know that number one you're not alone and number two you are underestimating your abilities now my second mistake was that even though i knew better i didn't do any research i thought that my sparkling personality and my team's talents would speak for themselves so i didn't spend time getting to know my ideal target audiences and i didn't point my message to anyone specific many times i talked way too much about what we did by regurgitating all of our capabilities everywhere to everyone not to mention i spent way too much time just mindlessly scrolling and posting on social media and then going to events and networking without a plan and my third mistake was something that i used to think was a good attribute i was so task driven that i didn't see the purpose in the idle chit chat before and after meetings again i thought that the quality of our work would be enough to get a call the next time that a client needed a design project completed now by first recognizing some of my mistakes and looking back at my career at some events that had occurred was able to uncover these three giant secret advantages that small businesses have over the larger companies the first is mindset and culture the second is focused messaging and the third is building and maintaining relationships so let's take a look at each one a little bit closer now when it comes to mindset and culture i i was thinking about this and i remember after graduating from college how excited i was to start working at a management training position for a really large retail company and after reaching that management position my job requirements included recruiting and training new employees into the program and i loved everything about the job interacting with customers managing and training my staff i even enjoyed inventory if you name it i loved it and while i loved it i excelled at it then something slowly started to shift and if you've never worked in retail there's something called a key holder it's someone that's been through enough training and is trusted to have keys to the store well the company i worked for required the key holder to a key holder to be in the store every moment that the store was open and what started to shift was that as a region not enough people were being recruited and successfully finishing the training program so as soon as soon as someone did complete my training they were promoted and taken out of my store now at first i was honored that my training was so successful but what started to happen was that i was frequently the only key holder in that store so i was responsible for being there seven days a week 12 hours a day now i quickly went from feeling special in the company to just a number as i had to repeatedly start to decline invitations to spend time with friends and family and then sheer exhaustion started to set in the passion that i once had from my career slowly turned to justine and i quickly realized that i no longer felt good about recruiting and training new people in the company because i wasn't even sure that i wanted to be there so i stopped doing it all together now my mindset had changed and i was no longer effective at doing my job so could you imagine effectively promoting yourself or your business when you're not feeling your best of course not now how about when an employee isn't feeling their best how do you think they're doing when it comes to representing your brand now as a giant retailer the company i worked for didn't recognize that my mindset had changed i lost a really good employee because of it but what if i had stayed and continued to have that negative energy with my staff and my customers i could have damaged their reputation at least just a little but as small businesses you not only have control over your own mindset but with fewer employees you can not only share your excitement and passion for what you do you can see very quickly when the mindset of your staff has changed and make quick adjustments now in brene brown's book daring greatly she says when we're disengaged we don't show up we don't contribute and we stop caring and as a small business owner that's something you really want to avoid in yourself and your team because marketing isn't just about your facebook posts about your direct mail pieces uh by definition marketing includes all of the activities that a company uses to promote itself and sell its products or services to its consumers now i actually take that a step further and say that every person in your business is technically part of your marketing team from the people who answer the phones to the warehouse staff putting orders together even your janitors because every aspect of your business that's a touch point for your customers and potential customers is marketing your brand now that's super important so i'm going to say it again every aspect of your business that's a touch point for your customers and potential customers is marketing your brand so as a business owner i work daily on my mindset including daily affirmations and and all kinds of exercises that i use and tools that i found to be effective i also check in with my team frequently and even though we all work remotely i keep check on everyone's mindset and have created a culture where we're comfortable with each other to speak up when we're getting overwhelmed or not feeling in the right mindset now i do know some great managers at large companies that practice having great mindset and business cultures but the larger the company gets the smaller each employee feels and therefore it's more challenging to keep everyone's mindset at a high vibration level and if everyone at your company is part of your marketing team you're going to want to ensure that a good mindset is in place before you or they interact with customers and before they create a blog post or attend a networking event now my second secret is all about focus messaging now a few years ago i was honored to be certified as a woman-owned business and i was so excited to attend my first event through the organization that certified me called we back now we back has a conference where they do something that's like a reverse trade show and the concept is that we get to pitch as small businesses to major corporations what we do and i went in that first year with what i thought was a plan but all it really was was a list of the companies that i wanted to pitch to so really i went in without a plan so without knowing anything about my audience or their needs i spewed out every one of our capabilities in a 60-second all right maybe it was more like a five-minute commercial and i could see their eyes just glazing over now i walked away that day completely exhausted and without a single good lead but the next year i was better prepared i researched each company looked into projects they'd worked on in the past that would be a good fit for our team and then i went in with an edited down commercial and a targeted powerpoint presentation on my ipad and that year i had a real plan that year i walked away with over 10 very good contacts had a a few follow-up calls and within a couple of weeks we had a new client that over the next six months brought us over 30 000 new business now yeah our work spoke for itself but because my message and presentation targeted their needs they heard it this time so as a small business you can easily research your industry your competition and your target markets because you're closer to them you actually get to interact directly with them and ask them questions quickly see how they respond to new products and services and offers and adjust your messaging to appeal directly to them you can also make changes a lot quicker than the giant companies can so as small businesses you get to be very specific when developing your customer personas and again you can ask them how they like to gather information shop and how they like to communicate now large companies look at just the data and typically the only interaction that their owners or marketing team ever has with customers is if they host a focus group so for small businesses market research can be a lot less formal allowing you to do your own swot analysis develop your own unique selling proposition and set smarter goals and develop accurate customer personas allowing you to really speak to your customers with that focused messaging that grabs their attention that they can relate to so i know we're going through a lot if you have any questions just please put them into the the chat um and i do have one more secret that i want to go over but i have another poll for you before we go there so what types of marketing have you tried in the past or currently doing and then the second part is what types of marketing do you want to start using or using more effectively and give you a couple seconds all right direct mail tom you'll like that social media networking groups i hope everyone said networking groups because if you're part of the chamber you've done uh you've done a networking group so so the third secret is from a very young age i remember watching my dad work he frequently brought me along to check out a job at a printer or watch him set up at an event and later when i became an employee i joined him at business meetings and i started note to notice that he consistently did three things number one he treated everyone with respect from the receptionist to the owner of the company and everyone in between it didn't matter they were all greeted with a big smile eye contact and a hello the second thing he always did is ask them questions about their personal lives their spouses their kids their hobbies the third thing is he talked about other projects that he was working on for other clients with such enthusiasm i have to tell you this drove me nuts because i was so task driven i always just wanted to get in and out of each meeting and get straight to business and spend more time working on the clients projects after all i thought they were just paying us to create results for them not getting to know the details about their new puppy or grandchild i didn't realize until years later that he was building relationships and very strong relationships with everyone along the way what that did was actually brought us more projects and referrals because his excitement about the other projects he was working on showed everyone that not only did he love what he did but he also told people about the additional capabilities that his company had to offer so as a small business you can really get to know your customers know about their likes and dislikes their families their pets their strengths their weaknesses and goals i actually know some of my clients prefer a text message over an email i some i think i know some of them better than they know themselves and i know them on such a deep level that if a giant brand ever knew them this well it would be kind of creepy so think about it don't you love it if you go to your favorite restaurant and they can recommend a new wine to you because they already know what styles you like or if a supplier calls you because they have a new capability that they think will save you time or appeal to your customers it's great right today customers want you to know about them and their needs so now with all the ways that we have to communicate at our disposal it can seem overwhelming but by knowing our customers and knowing how they like to receive information as small businesses we can create marketing mixes that continue to improve upon our customers journey by developing content that's consistent helpful and appealing to them and to our future customers ultimately nurturing and deepening those relationships now once i started finding the success with these secrets and sharing them with our customers i i wanted to share them with as many people as i can so i've come up with these three oh sorry i missed a a slide there or went the wrong way there we go okay so the first secret that i was able to unveil is mindset and culture and then focused messaging and building and maintaining relationships so uh do we have any questions on that oh make good point about relationships yes it's all about building the know like and trust factor absolutely steve okay so uh working on the mindset for your your and culture for yourself and your employees and your business is obviously important as much as we'd like to uh be all things to all people focus messaging is really going to be where you get to your target audience and then of course building and maintaining relationships is where you get to really get to know your customers on a deeper level so much more than the big brands all right so i do have one last question for you oh i see we have a question is there a way to do that other than one-on-one yeah how do you connect with multiple targets in one shot so uh reaching out to multiple target audiences in one shot can be difficult i think that you really want to kind of focus your efforts on individual target audiences through your messaging but you can have multiple audiences and just put out different messaging to them um just to give you an example for us we do a lot in the event world and those are typically larger audi uh companies like avon um they're not going to be as receptive to the same email or social media campaign that we put out when it comes to a direct mail piece for a small business so we target our messaging for both of those um our postcards look different our emails look different our social media posts look different because we're taking into consideration each one of the target audiences okay so my last poll is do you have a marketing plan and where do you feel in that range okay so we have yes i love it and nope i'm just winging it awesome i love it um so you're not alone if you're just winging it i'll tell you that right now okay so uh any other questions before i go into uh what i what i promised you at the beginning a little offer here okay so a lot of people might be asking what's next right and as much as uh you might be saying yeah that all sounds great but tracy i need help with finding what makes me unique and tools to help identify and learn about my ideal target audiences and choosing how where i'm going to market my business then you're going to be thrilled because i've created a program where i walk you through developing your own marketing plan and in the program we go much deeper than a webinar ever could it includes exercises on mindset and setting smart goals identifying your ideal target audiences reviewing your marketing channels and developing compelling content and much more now i chose this image because i love cookies but not cookie cutter solutions and that's why this program allows you to create your very own marketing plan based on your products and services your audiences and your goals and instead of cookie cutter solutions i share with you a step-by-step road map because i believe if you understand who you are as a brand and really know who your ideal customers are you'll not only understand how to effectively reach them but obviously also be able to quickly pivot should something change now i recognize that sometimes as small business owners we feel alone and we don't feel like we have a safe place to ask questions and brainstorm our ideas out of the fear of judgment so the truth is that no one is successful alone so during this 30-day intensive marketing challenge you'll only not you'll not only take your understanding of marketing from beginner to intermediate but you'll also have a safe community to help and support you take your the first steps ultimately creating momentum and bringing focus to your marketing efforts so we will be going through quite a bit is including the swot analysis and finding your unique selling proposition setting your smart goals and having workshops to brainstorm and work through all of those exercises together but we're going to meet eight times twice a week for four weeks as a group and each sessions interactive so you can ask questions and get feedback there will be assignments which will help you to develop your own marketing plan at the end of the 30 days and i will be recording all of those so that you can re-watch them um and i will also be sharing a list of free and low-cost marketing resources and of course share best practices for marketing design copywriting and more now the value of the program is around a thousand dollars but what i've done is lowered it right now i know a lot of small businesses are suffering so it's an investment of 397 dollars and as a bonus at the end of the program i'm offering a one-on-one 60-minute call with me to review your completed marketing plan give you any feedback and give you any suggestions that are necessary again that's valued at 300 bringing your total value of right around 1300 but again 397 no hassle 100 money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied and you might be wondering who's it for and it's definitely for a solopreneur it's for someone who's growing or starting a small business without a marketing team and it's also for the person that's been put into a marketing role that hasn't had any marketing background or training now i've given this program before and i've had quite a few uh great uh people give me some amazing feedback um now i wanted to let you know that this actually starts next week on tuesday but registration closes on monday at noon again i wanted to remind you that we have that no hassle money back guarantee um and i will like i said i will be emailing you the recording of this 30-day marketing this webinar and i'll include a link for the marketing challenge if you're interested in joining and learning more about that um so other than that i wanted to let you know that i am going to be sending you as well a free gift i'm in the process of recording a a marketing mindset on demand program that i'm going to share the link with you that you'll have access to for a full 30 days and that should be available in the next week or so so keep your eye out on your email for for that free gift i think that a small business owner keeping a check of our mindset on a regular basis is really important so um like i said keep your eye open for that and if we're not already let's connect on linkedin facebook or instagram there's the name of my company as well as my email address and my my contact information if anyone has any questions after this so before we go do we have any other questions not for me yeah i don't have any i think that was good thank you oh thank you i appreciate it this is great tracy thanks very much you're very welcome i hope that this recording uh reaches a lot of people that weren't able to join us uh live but they their loss right all right everyone have a great day and stay warm

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