Is this THE END for Bitcoin!?

Is this THE END for Bitcoin!?

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Thank. You Nani. Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day, this is the boasts. A Bitcoin, decreased oaf creeped though is your boy BK. And. Elmo. And if, you don't like us you. Must not like money thank. You for joining me everybody. Is a, beautiful, day in, neighborhood. Especially. If. You, ain't betting it all on Bitcoin, to the dollar if you're not trying to accumulate more dollars. Then. You should be pretty happy if you if you like dollars, then I guarantee, you you kind of stressed out right now that's. Why we crossed that blockchain bridge in the first place to escape from. That USD. You know why cuz USD, ain't done nothing for me there's, your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my, name is BK you know me as the crypto traitor and I am the boasts. Of these, charts, as you will soon find out every. Day I graced this microphone, with my voices another day you get the profit as a result, and today. Is no, exception, so. With that being said we're jumping into our Facebook. Group right, now I see we got about three pho hundred people, rocking. Out with me on YouTube, we got about you, know 30, or so on Facebook live, you. Know I'm saying we are syndicated, one of the world's first live stream crypto. Syndications. Holla at your boy. Let's. Get somebody paid it is. January. 22nd. One two two that's, five let's go five from, the middle let's go up from right yeah, from. Marcelo one. Two. Three. Four. Kevin. Beach debut Katie Kang what up Reba. BAM. You. Are our. Free aetherium winner today. Shoot, me your aetherium. Wallet, and I will send you a couple bucks as a token of my appreciation thank you for joining us, and. Thank, you my man Kevin king you know I'm saying I'm sure I'm, gonna send you a couple too cuz you know I'm saying I'm seeing you a couple of thousand, nf2 cuz you know I'm saying I appreciate that thumbnail you just looked like you know I'm sayin you holdin it down you, know I'm saying in Palo Alto, somewhere. You, know nice on a. Little. Uh crypto. Bitcoin bunny ranch somewhere, I can't be mad at you I can't be mad at you so. There you go we, got two winners today you know I'm saying that when when, the charts is read I just try to do a little dude, my do, my due diligence and, spread a little green you know I'm saying so so yes bitcoin, is, hitting. A major, major, major, spike. You guys and buy spike I mean spike. Down this, is this is more or less a vortex, that's pulling this thing as low as it can go so it can come out a bit reborn, into a new cycle, taking us to all-time highs so, this is a temporary.

Pullback. There's. Multiple, reasons for, that everyone's, always asking BK. Why, did this happen BK, why, is Bitcoin down, 38%. BK. Why. Why why why I will, tell you I'll. Tell you why. And. The. Answer to that is there. Is always. An event. That happens, to, justify. To give. Correlation. To. A market, movement. But. The truth that it matter is this, energy is already done the charts are already set, the. Energy, inside Bitcoin, seven. Years ago is the same as energy, inside it today so not one single event can, infer, or change, that. Causation. Of, alignment. It's really just cycles, you guys it's it's like lunar, cycles it's like why, is there a crescent, moon today, but three weeks later it's gonna be a new moon, cuz. It's a cycle, that's, why what. Goes up must come down if it wants to keep going up, that's. The reality of it how, far, will it go down is a, complete, the different. Questions so instead of asking why you, should ask where, so, that you can prepare, because. All you can do it at y is sit back as cried yeah I'm saying but if you ask weird and at least you got a chance to prepare BAM, hit. Him over the head with it drop, in knowledge, on a Monday. Monday. Early. In the week. Here. We go. Xlm. Guys we just did this chart right before we got on the air if, you're new to the channel what. I try to do is give people the chance we got we got about twenty, thirty thousand, subscribers, from all over the world so I you know give give twenty thirty minutes ahead of time just to get a people a chance to show, up and. Earlier, today we did a stellar lumens, it's, definitely a solid chart if you want that analysis, I just scroll back a little bit in the video and you'll, be able to see you, know how we went through this chart and broke it down right, in addition, to that just, to review, some of the resources, we have this, is trading view dot-com, Big West just dropped in the link. For. A Facebook group I'm. Big. Dan toe as what's going on clothes, may I see you I. Y'all. Ain't no you know I'm saying I'm the boss nowadays, so you, know, allow. Me to reintroduce myself. Here. We go bitcoin. Is a. Struggling. Right now to, say. The least right. What. I'm gonna do with this is I'm gonna stay on a 1-hour we know that on a four-hour range, we've basically broken. Support. Right, that support, was right around twelve, thousand. I think yeah, between twelve and thirteen, that, was basically support, we broke that and so, now we're. Kind of on this micro. Downtrend. And I'm, gonna show you guys how to break it out break it down you, know and bring, it back you, feel. Like that's in a strip club song somewhere. Here. We go. We, go turn our seven back along for this one. And, what I'm looking at now is I, need two, intersections. That will tell me as much information. As possible about, the, time that. We're in right now right, so, right now we. Are over. Here, we're trying to figure out what. The eff is going on what. Is Bitcoin gonna, do who. Knows. Well. Actually you can kind. Of you, know derive, it but, here, we go let me show you how that works, so, what I'm gonna do here is I, am going to look at this last macro. Cycle, micro. Cycle of this 77, which, is basically, the. High. To. The low right, there right. And. So let me bring this circle back. Copy. Paste it throw it down. Right. There. See. That. This. Section right here. I'm, gonna use this section. To. Forecast, this energy. To. Give me this energy, and then. It's gonna give me something else right, and let's. See. How. Close we hit, it and when, we can you, know start to close down on this thing, so. I'm gonna do a Fibonacci and just, use those two points as, my. Intersection. From. That little bitty microcycle, right. There, look, at that BAM. You, know I'm saying I make it look easy I know I know a lot of y'all was thinking nob BK can't do that he came freestyle, like that BAM, one, time you know I'm saying drop. It down to, the one six, yeah, I'm saying BAM, you. Can't make that up you, can't make that up. That. Is called harmonic, resonance. Right. What. Is it gonna do it's gonna come right back down to that level, right. And. More. Than likely. The. Next time it comes down to it it's, gonna crash through, it, right. So. It tapped, it. Bounced. Up came. Right, back down and. We're. Gonna continue to go down through it why is that gonna happen that's gonna happen because that 231. Is negative, this.

77. Is gonna, be negative and the. Seven is negative, that's, a triple negative you don't you don't you don't get ever get a positive situation, out of a triple negative right, that's just bad on bad on bad, you. Know I'm saying. And. So. Now, we. Look for our niche next, catch basin, where. Is that gonna be T oh my, goodness, oh my. Gonna, be K are you saying that Bitcoin is going, down to. 5,500. I'm not. Saying it but. The charts say, it is possible. Personally. I don't think we're, gonna go that, low. And. Let. Me show you why. This. Is our macro, guys this is our macro this is like this, is like. Very. Strong, energy. Right there right that's very strong energy but. We. Do have this. Little. Energy. Cycle. That. Could save us. That. Little band right there is basically, gonna still play, into. This slingshot, that's, gonna happen right now right. And. Let me show you how that's gonna happen. And, you know what I'm instead, of that band. I'm. Gonna use that, band, exact. Same concept basically, where it where we're counter balancing our positive, with. A negative and we're kind of balancing our negative would have positive right. I've never done this on the air with you guys but this is kind of how you can see that. Everything. Is interrelated to, everything, around it right, so, now all I'm gonna do is copy. This circle, bring. It up here and. I'm. Gonna use I. Almost. Want, to use that intersection, right there. Yeah. Let's try that and. I'm gonna do a Fibonacci right. There. And. Break down. Break. Out right. But. Now I'm gonna throw that one down. And. It's gonna go catch, Bitcoin. At the bottom. Right. And, so this is what we have now. And. With. This. Wow. What. It looks for is these green zones right here so you see we're bouncing in that green zone that's why we bounce because we had those two. Forces. Up there basically. Created, that micro. Green zone right there, but. What I think is gonna happen now. So. We're, past that when that's what that means we're past that one. So. I need to move this down. So. I'm gonna move it to those other two. Cuz. We're breaking through that one we're past that one so now we're on to this one. And. That's it. One, six from there. That's, the bottom. We, went from this next pivot point I don't. Expect any of you guys to know how to do this I'm still fine-tuning and, learning it myself but, basically we went from this. Flex point right there that that transition. Pivot, breakdown point to. The bottom of the, seven, and that's. Gonna give us the, bottom, of this, continuation. Pattern. Right. There Bam Bam. Which. Means, we. Will catch pretty, close to. 7500. And. We. Can go as, low, as. Fifty, five hundred. And. That's built into the charts. So, that's gonna be our money zone that's gonna be our new money zone right there but, you see what we have down here we basically have like this double negative Foreman down here with, the yellow boxes. To, where the double green is positive, you kind of get like a bounce area the double negative is the same way that's like two negatives, which means you really can't break through it especially a 2 4 and a 2 4 on two different frequencies it's. Very unlikely, that we break through that so that's almost like a positive. Floor if that makes sense. So. Yeah I mean you know long story short this is gonna be a good buying opportunity, for. Bitcoin, I think anything, under. 8,000. Is a pretty good long-term pick up if you can buy it under 75, then that's basically free money because. It's not designed to stay there stay, down there that long right. Another. Thing we, could do, is. If. We just took. Just. Looking at the timing on this thing. I said. It drew that on the 77, - I don't know why I was on a sixty but oh well. But. If we take this. Intersection. Blew over, to, 77. And a 231 right there, we. Scale, it out to, get the cycle. Time the distance, between. That run, and. That. Fall right, there see, that. Now. We. Should be able to pinpoint, pretty. Accurately. The. Amount of time we need to. Recover. And. That's gonna start our recovery. Whereas. Basically. That's, a positive. Even. If we move it. Yeah. So, what this is saying is this is basically. Positive. Cycle, break, out. Break. Down. Flat. Line and. Will, be breaking out again right.

Around. Again. In a March middle of March, low. Point in early. February. But. But, by you. Know 30. Days later, will. Be recovered. You know north of. 13,000. Heading. Back up to 20,000. Once we break 20,000. We're heading up to 32. Right. But. That's what we got to look forward to it's. Gonna be a bumpy ride but like, I say a scare money don't make none you better learn how to put down 2 and pick up 6 like, a boss. There. You go guys that's how you get paid that's. BTC, on, a 60. You, know, using. A boss method it's pretty cool it's coming together I would, say anything, under, again. Anything, under. 7,500. Is free, money right. If. You got if you got somebody that's on the sidelines, that didn't, buy it or maybe, they put in just a hundred dollars up here at 15,000. And they think bitcoin is one of the biggest ripoffs ever you, better tell them to, dump. Some more in down there you. Know and that's. What we got to look forward to I. Don't. Recommend. Selling. Bitcoin for, dollars because again we don't value dollars, I recommend. Trading. The altcoins. To accumulate. More Bitcoin, but, if you, are bringing in dollars, from your bank account just like I did today I went to Wells Fargo they, say at BK you got some racks in here I said I said yeah I know give, them to me cuz, I don't trust y'all. They. Said they said stock, market at all-time highs and the bank's got this bail in they said y'all could take my money any day you won't you know Wells Fargo got a $300, a day limit you. Go to Wells Fargo right, now go to any ATM, in the country, they say the most you can get out is 300, why is that, why. Is that, I. Say. $300, don't go very far in my world I need, all of my money every. Monday I go to Wells Fargo and wipe that account out. So. If you like me and you bring, in money in from the sidelines, you. Probably want to buy it under. 75, cuz, that's where it's going. As. Free money down there will probably bounce off that one six spend some time you, know between one and seven eighty six and as soon as we cross twelve five we're, going up to fifteen, seventeen, as soon as we cross 18 we're going to 22 as soon as we cross 22, we're going to 32 it's. A beautiful, time to be alive if you appreciate, this content you guys like subscribe and share if you are in the chat right now, you. Know I appreciate your support thank you for rocking out with me I got a jump on another call here we'll do our global check-in on the next call you, know I'm saying but but Bitcoin is a great coin, Tron. Is a decent, coin it just need a little bit more data but it'll probably break out again in the spring Chinese. New Year. February. 16, circled, a calendar, and buy, your ticket to the moon cuz that's where we are going as, a beautiful time to be alive thank you for joining me thank you for. Your patronage, again. We have the number one resource. For. Crypto starters and crypto traders all over the world this is boss of Bitcoin. Lien comm. Crypt. A police report $35, one of the best charts, you can one, of the best lists you can buy to. Be profitable and prominent, in the marketplace we have the dream team coming up behind that you know you can get every, list every, coin on this list right now for a $20. Bill, it. Don't take a lot of commas. And decimals, to get a lot of percent because I promise, you as long as you keep those percents, rolling the commas will follow right. And. Again you guys a lot of the things I say are educational. In nature and, design I am an educator, I am a group facilitator. You. Know certified, and recognized by multiple. Accreditation. So if you find any, offense to my content, I do sincerely. Apologize, but note that I will, never discredit. My own voice by saying I am NOT a financial expert simply, because I'm not a financial fraud artists if you want a financial expert and you think what you can find one on Wall Street well go sit down and you know pay for his next new suit his next sports car and his next, date out you, know with some lady of the evening and, then come back and rock with you boy BK and I'll teach you how to get paid for free but until, you, know we, get the day that.

Society. Has equal. Equity, in any. Type. Of economy I. Will. Continue to come on this voice and it, voice my opinion, you, know exercise. My First, Amendment. Right freedom of speech freedom of expression, if you choose, to, interpret, that information as. Your own financial, advice then you are using freedom of expression, god Bless America I. Think. Too many people out there are scared, of. Even. Attempting, to. Help somebody and by. Being scared nobody gets helped they say oh I'm not an expert I I'm I'm, I'm, an idiot, you, should go trust those guys on Wall Street they're experts yeah they're experts at ripping you off. And. I know cuz I used to work with them. I am. A voice of the people for the people by the people and. That's. Why this method pays, the people. That's. Why we got to look forward to in 2018, is much more I'm just getting started, we are already, a global community 200. Countries hear. My voice every, day, right. 200. Countries have already come together to make him make money in the markets together we're changing, the world every, day we wake up and use, this method, in the, markets. So. Just understand, that as long as we increase. Our. Financial. Capability. That. Does not decrease, our, inner. Commitment, to empowering each other and pulling each other, literally. Out of the gutter, because. That's where they left us right. There and the gutter. About. That time of the day signing out pista bose boy, BK no matter where we stay from. Brazil to the bay California, all. The way back out to. Jerk. Money. Shout. Out to mr. 305 Juan Carlos I see you out there man shout out, bitcoin, guys get it while it's cheap till. We meet again stay cryptic y'all please. What. Up cookie.

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