Is this Business Master Class for me? - Special Q&A with Darren Hardy

Is this Business Master Class for me? - Special Q&A with Darren Hardy

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Be the exception. OK, so I want to cut to the chase here all right. I know that the question many of you have is is can you do the business master class and hero's journey or any other training program or any other coaching program or any other mentorship program that you're going through simultaneously? Is it too much? The quick answer is well, can you? It's up to you.

I mean in high school or college you could take calculus and AP English literature. You didn't have to do one or the other. You could take both courses at the same time. It was just a matter of prioritizing your time. When one had a big test coming up, or when the other had a big project that was, do you just prioritize one over the other temporarily? But you could take both classes simultaneously, so it depends on your personal priorities and your commitment and your desire to seize the incredible opportunity that we find ourselves in economically, technologically and historically in this moment of business history. Only you know your commitment, desire and personal priorities, but those are the decision filters that you need to use for yourself.

There are three great differences between the heroes Journey and most any other training program you're going to. You're going to see out there, and the business master class, and I think that this can help you understand the distinction. OK, number one is, the experience is radically different. #2 is who it is, 4 is different, and #3 is what it is about, and the outcomes that you will receive are very different. So let me explain those three distinctions. I think this will help you make sense of this.

Number one is the experience as you know the Heroes Journey is a year long leadership development journey. About a 90 minute commitment. Each week, over 42 weeks with lifetime access to the curriculum and recordings, this business master class. It's a live event.

It's a one time live and fully interactive workshop event. It is not me here at my desk I will be flying clear across the country to Charlotte, NC to a specifically equipped professional studio. Specifically set up to facilitate an immersive virtual experience. Together, the business master class.

Is a fast paced laser focused and intensive three days together for if you opt for the bonus day on recruiting and building your 18, which I know you're going to want and then it's over. OK there are no recordings because it is for privacy and confidentiality except for the 72 hour time shift that we offer international business leaders so that they can catch up on their own time Clock and this business master class might not ever happen again. I am doing this now because. Of the critical time business leaders are facing in this new post Corona economy and specifically doing it right before we head into the summer months to help you hijack your leadership teams focus during that important growth period.

That's why we put it right there in May before we move into summer. This is strategically designed and planned for you. You'd only be carving out those three or four days to go all in and deep with me and the other global business builders who will also be in attendance. Virtually afterwards, when it's over, we will just go about our Heroes Journey, learning adventure together. Hey look, I'm having to deliver both for you. So certainly if you want to, you could participate in both, but the choice is yours.

Understand this is a unique and special pilot program. These business master classes are $15,000. I'm talking over 2000 CEO's and business leaders paid that amount to get less. Then what this business master class will be in May? I'm doing this one for only 5995 as a pilot. This is a $9000 scholarship. This is my stimulus plan.

Contribution to the small business community. This is likely the only and last time it will be offered at that entry point. When you are done with it, I promise you you will say I would have paid 10 times that amount for what I just got handed.

I cannot express it any clearer, clearer to you than that. Number 2 is who this is for. This master class is designed for unusually driven business builders. Those with an audacious ambition to pursue massive growth over the 12 months coming out of the May time frame of this this master class.

And so I'm looking for those who have big ambitions and big goals to do something special, something significant and something meaningful in their industry and in their community. That's what this pilot program is all about. Pulling those global leaders together for that kind of 2021 so. Ask yourself if you are any of these. This is for those of you who either own a business or those of you who want to start a business and you want to do it right the first time, or for those who are a leader within a business and you are responsible for, and you have authority to drive revenue growth and or build a growth culture internally. Do any of those describe you? You own one you want to start one.

You are one inside one. If those describe you. Doesn't matter what revenue stage your business is currently, it only matters the ambition level of where you want to drive it to now. Third, the curriculum focus.

Is very different than the heroes journey. The business Master class is about business enterprise building. This is not a personal growth or personal development program. It is focused on breakthrough sales and marketing strategies. Specifically, what has proven to work now in this post Covid economy.

Exactly what is needed to build a hyper growth enterprise today these four days are densely an intensely packed with more than 500 hardcore profit producing strategies that you can apply. Immediately and start measuring immediate real bottom line revenue impact. Essentially what you're getting is 25 plus years of my direct sales, marketing, recruiting and team building experience. Condensed into four days. If you've ever wanted to know exactly how I do it, how I have built our brand, my team, how we produce extremely unusual results, this is the only place that maybe the only time I'm going to hand out all my blueprints and then walk you through them just to highlight a few of the details, OK? Before I do, let me say this. The biggest human weakness that you face is overwhelmed.

You're probably thinking, but I'm already not keeping up with or applying all that I'm learning in the heroes journey. I can't possibly add more my right. Here's the deal. Just collect it.

Yes, you will get more than you need, but you will get exactly what you need now, right when you need it. Having collected it, then you can go back to the library of ideas and strategies that you've collected and apply the rest later. But you have to collect it. While it is being offered to you, this is. All you're looking for, you're just looking for one big idea.

Just one adjustment, just one strategy. One sales tactic, only one can reap hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue growth and income increase. My skyrocketing ascent has been a process of collecting lots of ideas and strategies, but applying only one at a time. And many of those one idea implementations resulted in millions of dollars in increased results, so don't feel. That you have to swallow and digest it all. Just put yourself in environments where you can bathe in a sea of big ideas.

Then pick one, two or three that matter the most to you now and apply them and then watch your results multiply. But to miss out on the chance that is what would be the shame. So here are a few details.

First off. Are the positioning strategies that catapult you to the top of your industry exactly how to position your brand, your business and your products or services as the market leader and make you the defaqto go to sought out expert market authority. The details of implementing and executing all these White Knights strategies that I have been talking to you about. There is a very specific formula to follow if you screw it up, it doesn't work.

You can go from obscurity to the one that everybody wants on their podcasts and panel discussions an. Event stages think about book deals and lots of guest appearances. If you want to accept them in the sales and marketing category, I give you step by step formulas, the kind of stuff I only wish somebody had spelled out for me long ago on how to find new leads. The right leads the ones with money and the hunger to buy, right? Where and when they're ready to buy. Put it this way if you own a restaurant, which would you rather have a a great location? Be beautiful, design, see a great staff D The best food or EA starving crowd. You see your key to lead generation is knowing how to find the starving crowd.

I can show you how exactly where they are and how to find them and then how to craft your message to the current mindset of the new. Consumer mind today, the marketing messages that are working today in this post Corona era are very different than what was working before. And if you haven't adjusted, there's no wonder why you will struggle. Also how to build a compelling offer. Here's a big tip for you.

Most don't understand this. They think you build a product or offer a service and then sell it, but it is about building a compelling, irresistible, unbeatable. Gotta have it offer stack. Here's one for your notes.

A compelling offer is 10 times more powerful than a convincing argument. Sometimes when a product isn't selling, the problem isn't the product, but with the offer and the way that it is presented. When you hit on the right compelling offer, the difference in sales is night and day. You can see as much as a 10 times increase in sales on the same product when you know how to stack your offering correctly.

I walk you through the step by step process. This works whether you sell products B to C. Or B to B.

Or you sell a service of any kind. You'll learn all the components on how to convert more of your leads into customers or clients and then how to turn those customers or clients into rabid fans. Loyal, enthusiastic and referring advocates who consistently sing your praises both on and off line.

There is a methodology to all of this. It is pulled right from the playbook of the biggest and best brands in the world but made simple and practical to businesses like. Yours and mine.

This is the first time I'm really going to detail the strategies that I've proven to work in my own business. I walk you through my own promotional shock and awe campaign strategy. Step by step. The planning, the preparing an, the execution process, exactly what happens in the tease phase. The several pre-release faces.

The launch phase. The Post launch phase phase two and phase three all the way through the relaunch phase. This is what has been. My magic sauce. The difference between what others in my same industry do. Maybe a couple few $100,000 in sales with if they're lucky I do.

10s of millions of dollars with it is all in the planning and execution strategy. I'm going to hand you that strategy map during this master class. Maybe the only time ever. That is why I'm calling it a pilot reserving me the right to completely retract all that I reveal in this class in any potential future classes.

This is also why there is not future access to recordings. This is a one time live immersive event. You are either there or you miss it.

It's like a concert being played live. You're either there or it leaves town that is barely the tip of the iceberg on the breakthrough sales and marketing side. The bonus day, the 4th Day is the day many of the business leaders that I've been advising over the past year need now more than ever winning the war for talent. How to find, seduce, recruit, vet and qualify on board and drive. And a team of top talented team members. This is something that I have worked on, refined, developed, iterated and improved on over my entire business building.

Karere, you've met my amazing 18. That doesn't just happen. I walk you through the recruiting, the leadership and the engagement strategies that is allowed are small but mighty team to produce 20 times more revenue per headcount than even the most productive high margin. An Uber profitable technology companies in Silicon Valley.

20 times I take you step by step through that entire process where to recruit, how to attract a mass of highly talented applicants, how to set up the vetting and filtering process as an automated system so you only ever end up talking to an interviewing the cream of the crop. I hand you the exact process from preparation to marketing and advertising to filtering and screening and interviewing how to do the reference checks and all the final interviews. Then the specific onboarding process to get your new talented person launched, right? You'll get every script.

Every interview question, every proven process checklist, every evaluation, and diagnostic you learn the complete system for recruiting anyone that you want, and then how to lead and drive and motivate them to do what it is that you want done to achieve your mission. Now, how valuable would that be for you to get anybody that you want? Of any level of talent and they know how to lead that level of talent so that they will do all that you want. Just calculate the value of that.

I only wish somebody taught me all this sooner. It would have saved me millions. It would have earned me many millions more. And even if you don't have a team right now, you most certainly will need one as you grow towards your bigger goals and aspiration. So if you plan to do anything significant in your life, you are going to need in a team to support you in pulling it off.

And the bigger your dream, the better the team that you will need after all this. You don't even have to take my word for it, but hopefully by now most certainly you know that you can. I hope I have earned that by now.

Just look at how much I have already over delivered for you on your Heroes journey. And heck, we're still on Module 6 of 21. Can you imagine? Yet? Even still, I personally guarantee a 300% return on your enrollment fee. 300, you're going to three times your money. Give me a dollar, I'll give you 3 back.

This is only after the first day of the three to four live event experience. Together you can read the details of the guarantee and so forth. Sickly.

The guarantee is there just so I don't have to explain it all to just make this a quick decision for you. A no brainer decision and hopefully again I hope I've earned your trust on top of all that by now. To be blunt and to just bottom line this for you. If you are responsible for building a business of any kind, it would be irresponsible for you to have this dropped at your feet and not do everything you can to arrange your schedule. Or are you busy? Then rearrange your schedule. To figure out your finances, you don't have to figure out the finances and reorder your priorities to take advantage of this.

But as always, the choice is yours, right? I'm putting this master class on for you. I don't need it. I already know all this stuff. This is for you so I can help you.

But as I said earlier, I cannot help those who don't want to be helped. So if you want to help, if you want me to help you radically accelerate your business building success, then I am here. This is where to go to gain my assistance. If you don't, no worries, we'll continue our learning adventure in the Heroes Journey. All the same, so I hope that that helped you.

I hope that it gave you more details about why this is critical, why it's being planned, why it's being planned when it's planned, and I hope you yeah you. Yeah, the one yeah you, I hope you. Will be joining us at the business Master class? OK, Kylie back to you. Alright thank you Darren for that overview. The chats been going here so I've been trying to collect some good questions so we can just ask a few just to clarify a couple of things. So Greg Neethling and several other people are asking how is this different from high performance forum? If you want to address that there.

Yeah, so it is the high performance forum, done virtually and radically expanded an revamped but it is business building, business, enterprise building. How to build a high performing. High Impact Company an enterprise. But it needed a radical overhaul based on now being in a post Corona economy. Many of the things that were best practices of a yesteryear don't necessarily apply, and there are many new cutting edge strategies that are working unbelievably in this new market era. So some of the core fundamentals, some of the the principles will be similar.

The entire curriculum that has had a 1% overhaul like even the. The slide deck that I use has been re originated starting fresh and you'll notice that the high performance for most 2 1/2 days. This is four days because there are so many urgent things that I need to get to business leaders. Given the circumstances that we're in now today in 2021 that we were faced with in 2019.

OK, we all know 2020 was like, you know it was a non starter but the way the world works in 2019 it works very different. In 2021 there are some things that need to be reset. There are some new strategies that need to be. Applied on top of it.

So I'm really going deep in the sales and marketing. I'm really opening the kimono so to speak to just walk you through how it is that we actually do what we do here because during 2020 the last quarter, which is usually the worst quarter for a business like ours, we did more in one quarter than we did the entire previous year, which was a record breaking year and our entire way that we strategically did. That is exactly what most businesses need to know. And understand, so I'm just going to use our business as the training mechanism so that you can see exactly what we do and how we do it. You might have seen or witnessed what it is. Are the outcomes of that, but you don't understand what's happening underneath the surface.

What are all the psychological tenants and what is this step by step process in which to execute those and why and to whom and and how it alters based on different audiences and their familiarity. Awareness with you and how long they've been part of your tribe. And you know there's myriad of things that need to be considered. And it sounds very complicated, but when you could kind of like the first time they tried to fly the, you know the the was that that Boeing was like a uh.

Boeing Aircraft carrier in World War Two. They pilots kept crashing and crashing it 'cause they couldn't figure out it's so complicated to fly. But then somebody invented the preflight checklist, and so when you just went down the checklist, then flying the plane and different checklist at different stages, you know pre takeoff and stabilization and then landing different checklist, they just follow the checklist, then actually flying.

It was relatively easy, but it had to be organized into a formula, and that's essentially what I do is to give you what our formula is. And so that's why the small and my team can produce such gargantuan results. Because we we've got the formulas. But how to do this? So I'm going to literally give you the blueprints. Here's our here's our checklist, and this is exactly what happens at every single stage.

I haven't done that at previous. HP apps I've used other companies and other references and so forth, and I will use many of the other companies. An references of recent. So the companies that I've been advising in this new economy and the results they're producing now, I will give you a lot of their discoveries and a lot of what we've done to to accelerate those businesses.

But I will also use our own business as a reference point. I think that will be unbelievably illuminating to so many. This is what everybody's always wanted me to do. They would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it. And I just never.

Had the impetus to do it, and I just think that we're at a critical time in our business environment and just I've been working with so many different business leaders and so I've become inspired to share it more broadly in a private environment. You know, maybe one time only. But I definitely feel like it's an urgent need that many people need now, unlike any other time in recent history. And and as we go through this turning point, this will be more valuable now that it might be even a year.

Two years from now. Because of this transition moment that we're in. So it is the same principles and fundamentals, but supercharged in an incredible way. So if you, if you went to high performance form, you definitely want to be part of this. Yeah, you're going to see some shadows of what are those fundamentals and what are those principles, but you're going to see a whole lot more that you need now. That maybe didn't even apply in 2019 and before, so I hope that gives you a little bit of.

A little bit of reference point there. Perfect so Darren, let's do just a couple kind of rapid fire questions 'cause we're getting some good ones. Alot of questions about international folks making sure that this applies to them. And I know for we've had lots of international people join us in the past. So you want to? Touch on that real quick.

Yeah, First off humans are humans. We know that about the heroes journey, right? Psychology of every human is the same. I don't care what country you live in, what language you speak.

Same thing with business. Business is business all over the world. Sure there are different local. You know customs are there different government regulations and so forth, but that that aside, the psychology of driving consumer behavior, an meeting the consumer mindset is the same. So it's universal because humans are the same. So is is driving business with humans the same in any environment now? Because it is a live event.

If the time we're doing it live is of crazy time for you, wherever it is that you are going to be. Residing in then, that is why we're doing it 72 hours for those people who are international, they can catch up on that day within a 72 hour window. Essentially, we want you to catch up on it during your morning.

If we're doing day one during our morning and your morning is later or even the next day. We want you to go through the chat session during your normal daylight waking hours immediately following. So we're just timeshifting for those people that might be logging in international. This is an unbelievable opportunity for those international.

Before you had to fly into San Diego. And we had people fly in from Dubai and from Singapore and from all over the world. I mean, we've had dozens if not over 100 countries. Fly into San Diego in order to be part of our business Master class before. But now literally, from the comfort of your own geography.

You can get this critical information that I think would make a substantial difference to your business and your financial future for sure. Perfect, alright, so there are some people asking will there be a nice notebook or a Handbook like Hero's Journey and so I don't know. Do we want to ruin? The surprise is it a surprise? Well, I mean.

We we say it so if you have it, you want to show it. I have a. I have a mock.

So you're getting the real sneak peek here, everybody does. Nobody else has seen this, not not even my team have seen it. So this is a mock. This.

Is this a beautiful Italian leather that's used on all the Prada and Ferragamo and High End Louboutin. You know an inside because this is a as a mock you won't be able to see it because it's blank but so this will be an open notepad. Your Handbook for the Business Master class and it's beautiful edging and anyway so yes there will be.

There was something special that will be sent to everybody that is an attendee of the master class. It's awesome, we spared no expense. I mean, I just love to do things that I love, so I did it so that it was a standard of something that I loved and was proud of and that our team could be proud of and so forth.

And yes, delighted to give everybody who attends one of these. Perfect, so let's just do one more that keeps popping up. Here is the whole Bolt situation, so again, this is a live event that we're doing three or four days. So do you want to describe the vault? Yeah, so it's a live event and these are business leaders that are discussing their challenges, their problems, their opportunities, their ideas and strategies, and so they.

We promised confidentiality that if you're not part, excuse me of this business master class then they don't. We don't want this recorded. We don't want it circulating because this is going to be that some of their strategic advantages we want to create a safe, confidential environment where they could speak openly without worrying that these will get passed along to their competitors, or even to their employees back at the office or what have you so that we can have an open, confidential, interactive dialogue. So for that reason, yeah, it's not recorded and you can't access it forever and all the rest. I understand that that's what we do with other programs. That's a benefit to you as a gift of giving you the.

The recording this is alive confidential workshop with business leaders. This is different, so I get that you're going to be watching it from your computer, so it looks like it's the same, but it is very different. So no, there are no recordings. It is not something that is going to be in perpetuity in your training vault. Just like if you flew in to San Diego and you attended the event and person, it is not recorded and you cannot review it.

Otherwise, you better just you better turbocharge your pen. You better pay close attention and you better meet as many amazing people as you can while you were there. 'cause when it's over, it's over baby and that's why many of them have come back over and over again because the actual live experience connecting with and having your mind be ignited as you're going through it is what's so critical.

So yeah, yeah the handicap crutch of recorded versions is not not how this is being played. Perfect and we are going all out on the virtual experience. I know Darren mentioned that partially but again. It's like nothing we've done before as far as also interacting with other other guests and things like that, so it's going to be really great. We're really excited about it and I'm going to be the emcee for the event.

So I'm I'm really excited and especially seeing some of you heroes jumping in already. So Darren, I think we can wrap it up here, so I'll just do a couple last notes for everybody so thank you again, Darren, for sharing that overview for business Master class and thank you everybody for jumping in and sticking on with us and hearing more about it. So I will be sending my usual follow up recap email for Heroes Journey, but I will also send a second email with a link on where you can enroll in our pilot business master class event. If you would like to.

We've also been dropping that in the chat of course as well. So if you want to have their right way before waiting for my email, we highly encourage that of course, so you can just go to So we set that up just for you as part of Heroes Journey and you can get what you need. I know many were asking about installment options. We do have that. So that's right.

On that page there. So you can register right away and I will also keep looking for questions that pop through in our chat and in my email. I'll answer a couple more in there as well, so that's it for now. Everyone have a heroic we can will see you soon.

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