Is the Face Shop running out of ideas lol?? Face Shop ✕ Coca Cola Collection

Is the Face Shop running out of ideas lol?? Face Shop ✕ Coca Cola Collection

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Ah. It's. Like 12:30 in the morning right now just, came back from celebrating, I'm, spending the day with our DA and my friends and and Jamie because it's her birthday today we go to the new Shake Shack that opened in coastal terminal but I've logged everything so you'll see that later but. When I was going back home I passed by the face shop it looks like they came out with a, coca-cola. Collection. And. I'm just gonna be upfront with you right now I'm not really that into the, face shop these days they have some products that I kind of like but, overall, they, just don't really excite me it's just they they're really good, at, making. Limited-edition. Collections, that have cute packaging, so, I'm really this this. Isn't gonna be like a foreign review I'm just gonna be playing around the stuff on camera so I'm telling you now I'm not talking like suggesting. You buy these things it's just I wanted to show you guys the cute, that I picked up and also I only really, just usually, I tend, to get everything in collection but this one I got, one of each thing because I wasn't really into the colors to be honest but. I did get swatches, but I'll get into that later let's start with a cushion because I need some, base makeup on over no, this, is the oil control water cushion now that the face shop they never really come out with new cushions, I feel like they just repackage. In each, new collection, the Horace CC cream I think it's club I was so into it back when I was using I don't really use it these days but. It. Was hail whore the, triumph, hug we saw huh, the, plunger PNG took, on the child Hubble which is right kick yeah. The or CC I was super, into really glowy finish the cover is really good but I feel like it was never really lasted, these cushions I feel like never last you more than like a week that swear to God and I don't feel like I was eating that much this must be the oldest control one so like some pores, but the oil obviously I got a I have to say though this whole collection the packaging. Is really, nice like it doesn't really feel super cheap either there's, the inside the, baby I mean it's just there cushion with, like a different, kind of puff that's. Difficult, the strap, is just different. And, it's still the same old. Type. Of cushions they always had my, skin has been a mess these, past few days it's the weather change, plus let me say emoji to find us is ruining, my skin like it's the, fine dust sits, on your skin and the top you carry it can't even see it and even when you cleanse it it. Doesn't come off so then my makeup starts to look terrible throughout the day no matter how much prepping I do and while skincare. It's not whether my skin is dry or not it's just that there's gonna be someone just sitting on my skin so I don't, have to deal with that, when. In New York tomorrow so. Hopefully. Um, I. Don't. Have to deal with that for like a weekend. I did, buy a cleanser, that's. Apparently supposed to help. I'm. Supposed to help that this, is in the shade V 203. Whole. Comfortable water cushion, reduces. Appearances, of wrinkles brighten skin tone filters and screens harmful, UV UV. Okay. Smells, kind of citrusy, which. Is nice it's really fresh oh is, it going ah I'm. Using like the seventh skin method oil, like. Really, good subbu, feeling moisture cream and my skin is still dry, is this what I feel like to have dry skin you probably can't see it from here. But. It's like the, micro, peeling, I can't I can't stand it just room the way it feels on my skin. It. Feels like it's kind of floating, on top and it's like it's not going to last, very long and it feels, it's. Thin but it's kind of slippery things slippery, thin so, I can really I can already feel like it's gonna crease. Really quickly but I have to say the coverage is. Decent. Kind. Of swiping for us to fill in my fine, lines. Pores. Then. I'm gonna a. Light. Second layer she doesn't like patting it I'm gonna see it with making marks you. Can see all my eyelids like creasing. Like immediately, I mean it's an eyelid and it's got a crease no matter what but I can kind of get like I can kind of gauge, Foundation.

Or Cushion, kind of how, it feels on my lids, well, it's, alright umm. Really, it feels really thin, but. I-i've, tried so many cushions before and it feels, like it's gonna lift. Off my skin on me really quick the cushion is 20,000, won ah really. Can give better cushions for around their price but. It's not too, bad. I'm, not gonna completely throw it out the window this could be a really good basic, cushion I don't, think you'll like especially if you're dry I mean just from the name oil-control I'm, pretty sure mostly, oily skin it's. Boiling skins will like this alright, anyway moving on packaging, it's cute and it's just an alright cushion, smooths. Everything out, decent. Coverage next, up is the oil clear blotting, pact oil. Blotting powder absorbs, excess, oil prevents makeup darkening to create a clear complexion as in makeup right oxidation, I guess, really. Love this packaging, to a little. So. Cute. But. It's really soft it feels like a marshmallow oh. Sorry. I moved in like it's really crazy out here I mean there's not that many people but at night for, some, reason there's all these cars which is a transparent powder. Calm. Down I know if this is gonna close flashback. Did. You see when I'm putting it in it's, almost like it's fall, out. It's. Already settled, into my fine lines. Just. Like little crumbles, in here I don't. Know it's a good or bad thing. There. Are so many of these kinds of blotting uh packs. From. Different k-beauty brands, so I'm not I, mean. There are two beyond it's all kind of all. Do. You see that. It's. Creased but that's my big forehead line a lot of foundations crease there okay, I'm gonna powder everything except my for my chin, cuz. That's just gonna look really bad but I mean it's, not bad it's. Dissented, mattified. My skin which is good this, was ten. Thousand won so inexpensive. I guess of its fun, nine. Dollars eight in $8.30. Package, is really cute so I guess if you have oily skin this I would be too against, this. One because all the other ones that are like I have like a really I mean paddy, what's most important is the product itself but if you're a packaging, kind of person a lot of the other ones are very cheap, looking plastic this, one looks. Pretty legit, I mean it's adorable, now for the what do they call their, resistance he's, there with the songs probably, the, I'm most excited for is the mono pop eyes uh coke. Red I don't know I think there was supposed to be another one it's gonna come out create, endless eye lips with this eyeshadow palette featuring, nine shades is eye shadow health features from subtle. High shades to vivid I shade to create a variety of looks everyday that's, good I think. For a lot of pounds is good if there's a variety of both, shades. For, everyday use but also your pops of color that my, personal preference when it comes to palettes, cuz i'm so into pals lately and I don't really reach for single eyeshadows anymore, that. That. Is nice. It. Feels really, sturdy, maybe you feels like something I probably get in Sephora to be honest. That. Is so cute you, deserve a little, bottle. Caps that's. Adorable, now the, Ryan, collection, if you had the eyeshadows on that were actually pretty decent surprisingly. So, I'm I'm, assuming these are probably the same formula. A really decently sized mirror, yeah. I can see my whole face in that yep. You. Got it see like the. Fingerprints. You've. Got kind. Of daily, shades here actually. Kind of like across here and then you've got your two kind of the, pops of color I guess, the. Red obviously. The. Honest with you lots. Of pout I've read like this now like, it's not like the actually. It's. Gonna say this, nature public one has read in it but they're not the same, now. That I looked in side by side this is like a really bright or red it was like an orange undertone wash, this one right here it. Seems a little bit powdery, but. If, it split it out I find this way all I'm starting a separate, clip of swatches well. There's, a lot of kickback. Nope. That. Makes my, lids look. Crepey I. Still. Want to remind you though that this is completely, first impressions, I might, end up really liking this later who knows I mean it's just like camel. Shade in the corner as a base. Well. That's pretty decent. Well. That's actually not bad at all it. Was decent, I'm actually not using a primer, so. I, mean I normally would a normal basis, so that lasts all day I remember one of the points of eye primer was that it's supposed to help accentuate, eyeshadows.

And Make them pop but I never know. For me primers are mostly just for longevity. At this. Point in the game I honestly, expect. The. Colors to be pigmented enough for me to cuz I don't know I mean I don't really try to make it colors look super. Saturated on my eyes because. You know I am wore Vincent like a daily, makeup sort of person I am. More of a daily makeup sort of person so, pigmentation, as long as it's at least decent and I can work with it then that's fine but, if you're the type of person that needs primer. To make sure the colors like really pop and everything. That's. Something. You need to consider I'm, really, liking this shade right here in the, corner. Oh that's. Really pretty, deadness enter oh oh. My. God, Oh. Buddy. Kinda. Makes. My, looks look really. Creepy. If. You're not creepy looks like me then I don't think you'd have an issue but. Is. That really that big of a deal I mean. I'm using a shimmer I can't will feel like what can I expect that's. Probably just gonna happen no matter what, actually. Doesn't look. Very, nice. Looks, like if I talk make my lips taught ya that China said but then I like, relax it, all, could have bunches up and like the skin bunches up looks weird alright let's add to mention I'm gonna use this color here it's, kind of like a Lavi, reddish. Brown. I mean, I don't know I don't know what else I want to do should. I use this one let me try using it on the outer corner as like. My pop of color, that. That. Feels kind of dry but I think I feel like a lot of colors like that like really neon ii colors I like that ah that that literally, that's very coca-cola I mean it doesn't match the. Packaging, but that, kind of red wine see a lot of coca-cola I thought was all matte but then looks like there's like as, if my finger very, very, very very fine like gold, shimmer but I feel like it honestly, probably looks it looks looks matte red but. There, is a tiny little bit of gold. Reflux, in there. It's. Just okay I don't. Know a little bit more excited this palette alright so I put on some eyeliner and I, use, a liquid liner in that I use this, deep red like, a burgundy. That has like a sheen to it I'm gonna use that to kind.

Of Blend. Out my eyeliner and I actually like this is a pretty good, color it kind of reminds me of red. Bean latte for my teeth um that's really popping a pony has and a lot of girls agree about that color but, a really. Good color to blend up eyeliner because it has a bit of red on cheap hmm, with, everything a lot of kind of time feeling, it I'm feeling it a little bit more actually. Hmm. The. Quality, of the shadow is just okay but I feel like what the colors all together I'm not I'm, actually kind of liking, it I don't. Know what I was expecting I feel, like this is really good for daily makeup for. The. K-beauty style of eye shadow um if. You're into super like high-impact thing in Miss, Vienna and this is 20 2001, I did. Get a discount because my noona, had a membership. And she had point so she used it but I'm, giving you all the full prices. So about 1920 H dollars for something like this not. Too. Bad, but, if you're an American you have like a drugstore, you've, got like wet. And wild alright now time for the lip products there are three for some reason I don't know why, start, with the easiest one to remove this is the lipstick. Just lipstick, the, faceshop coca-cola lipstick. I will. Include swatches, of everything because I honestly all, I was not, because even my new no we were like what, the there I don't know the face shop. There. Under LG and I, kind of joked with my friends over in TK beauty and like I'm the face shop and LG, we just think life is not very good at like making, they might make a product baby but the colorings, it seemed very like like, there's no makeup, artist that works to them that knows, like the trendy colors J it seems like very like let's just make a pink one and a red one tuna you, know orange one but, there's, not they're not Airy fashion-forward I feel like they're not very in, keeping with trends, and I have, to say with this collection it just seems like they came out with cute, packaging, and they just picked like, random, colors that they think people might like cuz they're on it I really almost I don't want to pick a special because the colors just did not speak to me this, look the packaging is cute but it feels so cheap.

Like It, this feels like it feels in your bag it will immediately come, out here. It is. Adorable. Adorable, packaging, this one is in ice, orange I say that yeah, ice orange. It. Is a kind. Of, corally. Orange lipstick. We're. Really matte I'm really mad but. Actually feels kind of comfortable on. My hand while, I'm zoomed in and focusing everything let's do. The other two this, one I had to have it's so cute this, is the is, just the coke bear lip tint this is little the Coca Cola bear at the top. You. Can kind of. Shake. It and. Then just like a basic ass like applicator, this. Is in the color fizzy, Brown. Is. That like a brown yeah, it's kind of like a red but like a brown undertone, to it. And. Then here we've got the lip, to, lip tint the face shop coca-cola lip tint they're all just called lip tint but this is a different packaging, this. Was an enjoy sunshine packing of this also kind of killed natives so cute God this oh that's. What it is with the face up its packaging, Jesus, Christ really, high-quality sexy. Lip do. Not eat I mean. This. Is what this, is what made me want to buy it to be honest. Oh. Are, you, kidding me right now is, this literally, the. Orange, that I got from, that hoodie Ryan collection, oh my. God this literally looks like the same orange, go, what are y'all doing. Holy. Oh my god well, it's. Definitely pigmented, but she catches on to like literally, every single, dead. Skin, I don't like, that oh, my. God, the. Foundation, is looking dry on my chin i if. Your lips are not dry I think you'll like this it's super pigmented and creamy glides, on for the most part but. If you have any sort of dead skin on your lips bitch you are gonna move all, right now let's try this, looked at the one with the bear on it. Okay. This, is. A lot better I like this color well, that's pretty, kind. Of a rose on. My lips at least a rose it maybe, you might have mixed with the foundation I had my lips in the center it's just like my natural lip color but. That's the oh that's, pretty I like that, it's. Good, my. Name's hung me dry, rose shade it has it a little bit oh okay. I like I like this one I like this one it has that kind of brown on her tones roots it looks more like a tan MLB, B color and didn't, catch any dry, patches, it. Feels pretty moisturizing. But thin can't, imagine it lasting very long. But. That's. This. Is my I like, this one I like this one I, look like it's stained my lips thanks. Okay around, my god please. Ignore. That last but not least the, orange. Lip tint which, I literally, have in the right one. I. Feel. Like this is if, it. Was this lipstick, but like in a tint warm it feels like those moosie like, petit, petit Airy, velvet, tints but she catches on to the out-of-focus, old time I'm sorry she catches on to the. Dry. Patch not too bad but, it may be kind, of smooth makes your lips look a little bit smoother. But. I. I've. Tried better you might as well just go with a petit Padawans colors. Pretty though I, will. Say alright, so I wiped it off the back of my hand and you can see the tint I'm wearing now this one lasted, the longest. Time. I had for a while but the other one so wiped away easily, um this collection I don't know how I feel about I packaging. Is where it's at it's like probably some of my favorite packaging, ever, because. Not only is it cute but it feels really, high-quality, -. This. One it looks, nice and we find, it's just that it there's. Literally it, doesn't feel like it's gonna hold at all the rest of the package ito this, is adorable this, I love the gold accent, on the side this. What feels really, high calling this feels like high-end makeup to me this for a product being someone that's, not too expensive this. Uh I, mean it looks really it looks really cute if you have to say that the tints, this. One enjoys sunshine was 10,000, won while. The lipstick, and the other tend to work 12,000, won so not terribly expensive, it's in that like drugstore, you know wrote I need a Rocha brand if you are a fan of a. Shop cushions, um. I guess. And you happen, to need to refile I guess.

I Would recommend this one, because I mean, if you'd like to pack a this is all personal preference I shot a pilot um, I, can honestly live without it because I have colors like this in all, the things but with. My lenses, with. Eyeliner the mascara I'm, actually. Kind. Of liking it I kind. Of like it, it's. Not the most pigmented, eyeshadows. Ever if. You're more into like American. Eyeshadows, I'm, even a lot of other Korean eyeshadows or better than this then. You will not like this but if you like this color kind, of color scheme you don't worry you're more like the k-beauty kind of eyeshadow then, you might like this oil, blotting its oil, they took a oil, blotting pact um I mean anyone can use this like especially the oily skin dry skin I would avoid but, I did use a little bit it set my makeup but it didn't give me too much I don't think in davie flashback, or anything and surprisingly, even up until now the. Cushion. After, have you said it did. Increase or anything because there are some that even if I said it he will crease but, this one has, it done that lip products honestly this, is my favorite it's the one I'm wearing now I love the color it's. Very MLB, B and. It kind of makes my lips look bigger which. I like might have to do me white because I was wiping my mouth so much this one if you have. Honestly. Any of these will work fine for you if you have nice plump, juicy lips, but, if your lips are like mine they're dry and kind of wrinkly, they're. Getting better but, even with these this. Caught, off to all the dead skin and, super, pigmented but it just it's like a thin. Mat that, will make. Dead, skin obvious on your lips and this one is kind of like that except. It's like in a tint form and it's more mu C and everything but it still. Did it make my lips look very pretty so, hopefully all that being said whether, you want to pick up this stuff or not you, can you have an idea, again. Not a review. Because I only just tested it today but those, are kind of my thoughts, on it. Because, I did like this tint I. Liked. It I really like that I mean I don't think I'm gonna throw this stuff away medially, yeah I think spraying out with me today guys I, hope you have a good one and I'll see you in the next video bye bye.

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Can someone tell me what contact lenses he uses?

hiii Edward please collab with QYoung 큐영 hes so funny and i think you guys would be the perfect combo

i dont know why, but as a korean, eddie speaking in korean sounds so weird to me - like his accent and pronunciation (i say this but i can barely speak a word - i can only really understand)


looks like the makeup stray kids would use

I love your hair!! It looks great!!!


WHY DOES THE LIP TINTS LOOK LIKE PERIOD BLOOD I'm wheezing. sorry if I ruined it for u but sister......mmmmmmmmmmm

camera don't focus on the fakes

Your eyelashes are pretty

You need to exfoliate your lips to use matte lipsticks.

You can't tell lipstick or eyeshadow colors on your hand or arm! They are useless that way. They need to be put on the lips and on the eyes to see what the colors are going to be like.

That palette is on Trend those are the colors in every big famous palette right now!

Doesn't work well for you because you have acne and acne scarring! I have Flawless skin so I won't use so much because I have nothing really to cover I just want an even skin tone and you need a full cover Foundation. Cushion foundations are not made to be full coverage!

i feel you makeup and my skin do NOT agree i have really dry skin so literally everything drys me out like i look like a raisin every time i do my makeup the way you described your skin is me and it has nothing to do with anything where i live is very dry anyways so that doesn’t help so i’m dying i need hydration

People who have pores don't obviously have oil. I plan to purchase this entire collection and never to open it. If I have to tell you why you don't get it!

I think that the Coca-Cola collection is brilliant! I don't need a child bitching about it! Coca-Cola has been a huge part of my life since they came and small green bottles in the machine where you had to unlock the door with a coin. Coca-Cola was part of my 85 year old father's life from the time he was in the war. So your little stupid self can quit complaining because nobody cares who's over 35 years old what you have to say.

Your eye look is really nice. :)

My problem area for dry flaky skin is my chin around my mouth and it's been a bitch lately too. A.d I haven't been able to fix it DX

If people put makeup in their bag they should buy a smaller makeup bag and store their makeup in there. My pleather bucket bag has an attached small envelope case I store my ID passport and compact mirror and my spf chapstick in so I never lose them digging in the bucket bag. But I find myself using hand lotion more often because my cuticles are soo dry and the more I cut the area around my cuticles the dryer they become..

I work at the face shop and honestly all my makeup is pretty shitty All of our eye shadows are crap yikes

When is it time to throw away a cushion foundation? Like I’m seeing myself literally bending my brush in 90 degree angle to draw out the foundation because I accidentally dropped the cushion on the floor. So I use a foundation brush. There’s not much liquid left but still enough if I press really really hard. Im saying some intense elbow grease. But isn’t it a waste to throw the product out? But at the same time like I’m not trying to throw punches in my cushion for every dab I need. When’s a good time to open a new cushion foundation? It’s not like liquid foundations where if there’s no product left you can just toss it out

Wow you amazing

Is there a physical Apieu store / shop in South Korea? Because I bought a bunch of various face masks from Apieu in grapefruit to peach to banana to Etude house face masks in that camila (sp) flower ceramide (sp) and rose since my mom came to visit and chucked out all my face masks I had stored in my fridge without asking... And I didn’t have great results with the grapefruit one BUT I JUST TRIED APIEU BANANA FACE MASK SANS MILK ONE AND IT WAS AAAAMAAAZINNNG. Like SO Moisturizing and UNLIKE the OTHER ceramid and camila flower masks it actually didn’t leave left over residue on my face! But they’re ALL SOLD OUT

Stylists of Straykids use this.



Where’s that adorable af phone case from???

Someone else must've been reminded of stray kids..

eDDY your hair looks Amazing

ok but those colors on your eyes are sO good

4:18 I-I- *picks nose* I've triED-

Eddies video: "Birds chirp in intro" My Cat: ^rushes to laptop^ "WHERE'S THE BIRDIES?!!!"

Lmao I love how ure comparing it to drug store make up I’m here comparing it to Sephora and ulta

I wish the korean beauty shops in la would sell more cushions I guess bc it’s not really that popular here then most stores don’t really focus on it

Edward are u going to try the new Monsta X lenses from Lens Town? That 'street gray' color is waiting for u to try it~

I've never clicked on a link so fast just to buy a lip tint just for the packaging

"I don´t even know what I was expecting" me everytime I get disappointed with life

I can't wait for faceshop with got7 as ambassador son..yeah....

Ayyye come thruuu with the Korean

I'm basic af so I kinda love cocacola aesthetic (or any pop in general, Pepsi? Sold. Dr. pepper? Hell yeah)

800k subscribers yayyy

Oh my gosh Eddy I literally tweeted yesterday about this ♥️

the eyemakeup makes you look geisha-ish WERKKK

The cushion is soooo patchy

I have really dry skin and I tried everything for it but I found eczema cream as well as using salicylic acid wipes helps a lot AND BTW please don’t try makeup with salicylicacidvin it lot cause it will peel your shit while your still wearing it (honestly I don’t know why I tried it in the first place) I DIGRESS but anyways it helps


I think the eye look was super cute on you. if I had more access to k-beauty I would totally invest in things like this.

more like Face Shop x Coca Cola x Stray Kids but you didnt hear that from me


The outro calmed my existence

Stray Kids is shaking

Boy okay I didn't even know you moved lol where the apt tour? JK hope you're doing well

i like ur crepe-y lids haha

Give eddy 1 million subscribers already

It's your fucked up Hormones that is messing you up, don't blame the weather. When you are being judgemental for new launched cosmetic, think about how they are making you live with your vlogger life to continue on. If none of the brands are releasing anything out, your youtube page would have closed down already. So be Thankful!

Sweetheart, take care of your skin!!!

Hello sir, hwot brush you be using with the camel shade?


The palette shades looks exactly like the faceshop x marvel iron man palette

what's your favourite cushion/ what would you recommend as a must have cushion?

Eddy × Packaging is my favorite kdrama couple

Eddy's going to lose his shit over the noise in the back

Thanks beautiful Eddie! I was wondering about that product.

Stay kids are shaking

5:22 LMAO

So this is what the makeup artists of stray kids are using

I needed to watch this video after crying due to the great seducer...

your skin edward am sad but i still love you no matter what daah !

Omggg I've been waiting for you to do a review about it and I'm so glad you finally did

Oh could you ever do a vid about the differences of 'american' and 'korean' make up or beauty? you keep on mentioning how certain eyeshadows are 'korean' and I'd love to know what you mean :D

How many times u going to say decent just tell me if it's good or not

is this the makeup stray kids' stylists use

I’m at 3:35 and I can not get over ur beautiful eyes and lashes

Congrats to 800k

You are one gorgeous human being! I scrub my lips a few times a week and i use lipbalm several times a day, my lips are never dry or patchy because of it i think! Currently stuck inside with sun allergy on my arms so thanks for the video and giving me something fun to watch ☺

Big Fan of yours!!



I love u ❤❤

Dry skin sucks

Meh like it seems oke but the packaging is so cute omg

i love you Eddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

You finally got it xD I remember when I told you about it in your live

Someone tell me why he looks so good with and *without* makeup

Do u regret the surgery seems like ur skin is redder and dark circles more

Everytime I watch one of edward's videos I start fighting against the urge to spend money on makeup

Wow I like the products but not the packaging lol.. The face shop has cuter collections

Really appreciate this review, cause my friend saw these come out, and asked if I wanted anything. XD Love that lip tint so much!

David I love your videos. It's clnk here. we're an influencer marketing platform. I hope you find great campaigns with us! Thank you!

ok this might be a bit of a stretch but i bought the oil control cushion refill by mistake and i have extremely dry skin so now i'm fucked if anyone has the cc ultra moist refill in shade v203 and lives in sydney please dm me xD

Are most of Edwards fans girls?

Damn your titles are getting so mean

Can you taste the feeling tho?

Edward: "This is not a review." Also Edward: Gives a review Okayyy, initial impressions, but still lol

Are the scars on your face from spots? Lysm

Sang woo

I think the lipstick he said that feels “cheap” and would not stay closed is similar to Bite Beauty’s multisticks. It’s a magnetic enclosure so you don’t have to twist or pull it out. Makes it easier for those who are on “the-go” and in a rush.

11:36 Omg your nose scrunch >_

You is too damn cute and skincare savvy for that dust, uhuhh you better tell dust to back up

The struggle of dry skin. I know it too well

ccoco and you are gggoooaalllss!!!

Hi Eddie!!! Have you tried acid peels for your skin? I started using “The Ordinary” glycol and lactic acids and I swear to holy mother effin gaysus, my skin is already improving!!! Maybe you try those for improving your skin. And always put on sunscreen!!!!!!!!! ;)

So he does know Korean!?!? Shocker!!!

They are all talking shit about him in the PULL forum, saying he is not truly fluent in Korean ... smash them jealous haters Eddy!

Thank you for the review! Btw i used to hve oily/combination bt now its more on the dry side too

You know bts ?

*likes before watching*

"It feels really comfortable........ on my hand~" hahahahaha that part cracked me up

Awww, that lip tint with a bear is so cute!

Ah Eddy you're here with a new outro ! it's beautiful I love it!

I love Aoora and Eddy's friendship so much

I'm liking that eyeshadow palette actually

does it at least smell like coke?

When I saw the box of the palette i was literally like wtf how can it fit 9 shades and then I saw the palette and I'm more shook because damn it got more space than I thought it would

Basically proving that you shouldnt judged just based on the outer appearance

this eyeshadow palette almost looks exactly like their marvel collection

i thought they'd add actual coke into it

İ miss eddy's lol and ıf i change to buy of course i buy

Tienes hecho mierda el rostro, que se maquille un hombre no es nada masculino :v

Honey, do this old fashioned remedy. Pro-Activ 3 piece skin regimen. I swear I had your skin issues. In no time you will see a difference. Thanks for the review. Realist one on coca cola products!!

Do you know that 22 CHOSUNGAH brand super duper big cushion

sheeyttt i love yr personality

Face Shop needs someone like you to guide them also, I want those makeup to smell like cola!!!

Omg lol

i'm waiting for face shop x globglogabgalab


the eyeshadow palette are actually perfect for makeup beginners !

5:20 was so funny AHAHAHAH

I never ever bought any beauty product I've seen from YouTube but you made me visit Face Shop and buy that cute tint with bear. Haha I like that colour tho.

this eyeshadow is a look wow and that snow globe lip tint is amazing on you

I literally never buy makeup from them, I only buy skincare products

U should use a lip scrub to remove the dead skin from your lips and so they won't be chapped anymore



Honestly when you did your eyes with the palette it looks like your normal makeup. So you could get that look easily.

Okay but I love the cola aesthetic

Have you tried the Missha Near Skin Dustless collection? It's PERFECT to avoid fine dust clinging onto your skin. A way cheaper option is the Urban Skin collection by Nivea.


The way you scrunch your face is awesome

I need indonesian subtitle

I really love the eye shadow palette

i feel like the legit good cushion varian from faceshop is cc longlasting cushion only..i try all varian btw

Coca cola in Brazil No spak Inglês

Stray kids is shaking

5:43 it's coke

What happened to his skin? It seems like it got worse? Or is it just me

Sangwoo??? Jk ♡♡ love youuu

17:19 ya’ll thought he’s gonna fix his lip tint

Could you do a review on Laneige lip balm thank you edition pretty pleasee

omg its stray kids' make up utensils

Don't take this weird. I would pay to talk to you for a day on anything. You just seem like an interesting person. I know I would definitely have fun!

Fizz Brown is sold out

What is the fine dust? Pollution or pollen?

Although I love Coca Cola this packaging is just trashy imo xD

Wow nice make up

I love your eyes shadows it looks good on you really and you looks handsome

The adorable bear snow globes topped ones are lip stains. I love those. Just found your vids I like them thank you.

1:30 omg eddie. You look kinda cute + silly. When he talking in korean i see he kinda say it cutely

What pretty eyelashes ;0

1:33 I laughed when Edward laughed even though I didn’t understand a word he said

난 그냥 잠 당신을 사랑 ❤️

i feel like Jeffree Star's gonna hate the liptints, just because i know that he's more into full colorful lips. i'm very excited for what he's gotta say. hahaha

That calm down tho.... Plus you said craepy and not creepy at one point lol.

I have the lip tints and they are so comfortable

My eyelids are so heavily folded i can't wear any eyeshadow look without looking like a retard

10:26 desintegrates

Idk what it was but you seemed really....grumpy

this might sound weird but your bare face is really cute!

I love your nose is shiny sounds weird but I like shiny like glowy noses.....????????yeah

I like your

Ed: I just wanted to show you the cute shit I got me: Wait I didn't go to his place.

Miseamensi shibalrom.......

I love how he goes right into korean

Hi Edward, we’re did you buy your adorable sock pocket.?

im cringing so hard and regretting the fact someone else has the same name as mine. #Fuckmylife


How is South

well UPDATE GIRL BTS is sponsored by Coca Cola so GIRL you got heaven on your face

Do you smoke? You have a BUNCH if holes in your skin. And your voice is a little scratchy deep. Please stop smoking, it ain't pretty.

Can’t try that lipstick because my lips are dryer than my dms

6:46 OK Eddy speaking French is one of the best things I've heard in my life

I'm dying at 5:11

Ur hair is so beautiful

This stuff better smell/taste like cola. Like a lipsmacker.

i'm mad at how attractive you are lmao

it's my first time watching any of your videos and I already feel like I'm just watching a friend. you seem like a very sweet person. subscribed

Im drinking Coca Cola while watching this

Sangwoo hair :D

I love that you go from korean to english so fluently, that is what my koreaboo ass wishes i could do

Is this what Stray Kids makeup artists use

A good moisturizer is CeraVe if you have dry skin. Also I love your vids

When your phone rang thing I understand was hello because I say it alot..........

i ended up getting the palette it’s so pretty

You know what if they’re running out of ideas...THEY SHOULD MAKE DARKER SHADES OF CUSHION FOUNDATIONS!

He’s so done with everything

It's not Edward Avila's video without LOL

This is the first time I've ever watched his videos. He's so cute and angry, lol. Like he's mad that the packaging is as cute as it is, lololololol

Wow I’ve never seen a more negative review of such adorable products

It's nice watching someone do the simple make up looks sometimes. Personally I do everyday simple looks and I love it. Mostly the eye shadow looks.

He’s gorgeous


What B.B./cc/ Cushion foundation would you recommend for dry sensitive acne prone skin? Please let me know x

Does anyone know if they're cruelty free???

I feel u, ever since it got colder over here in Australia my face for the first time ever has become so freakin dry and flaky, especially around the eyes and mouth, I’ve tried so many different natural oils and normal natural cream moisturisers, castor oil worked for a day or two but now nothing’s working anymore

Wait the eyeshadow pallet is cute

Bridger Bauman because the packaging is adorable, not the actual product

Alanna the cat that sounds so kboo

Shiryouki Konowara love the honestly Lol own it booo

지모치 hun that's what smoking looks like, you get holes in your skin, sorry bitch instead of calling me a dumbass just inform me. cause i didn't know.... bitch.. -_-

지모치 he had acne scars?? SORRY! I didn't know I wish someone would've told me ;^;

Namjoon's Chin what the hell

EDWARD CHOE I feel bad he has to share the same name as you... yikes

Kaycee Bondoc he said he never received his order rip, I really wanted to hear what Jeffree said

when u put on the lip tint it looks like ur saying oppa

stray kids would be proud

악 기여어

i like the colors of the eyeshadow

Omg your laugh was so cute after the phone call

Lol so surprised Tati reviewed this, seems like it came out of nowhere. Someone should show her the ropes of kbeauty

Liked for the title. You really have an axe to grind with The Face Shop and I love it lol

OMG i love the palate

did anyone else visualize changkyuns " i hate misemeonji" when ed said misemeonji at 2:13

That lip shade does look really good on you wow!

U looks beautiful no matter what .... Love u and your vids :P

Ha. I go to sephora. I don't go to no gas stations. That's weird.

Oooh what brushes do you use

Your phone started buzzing and it scared the shit out of me

who else thought he looks like ten from nct with that hair?

Take a shot every time he raises his eyebrows. You’ll need to call an Uber.

You shouldn’t put lip tints on your lips cuz your lips are fine without it.

If you love the packaging just get ride of the old make up in there and and and a new makeup in there that you like

He reminds me a lot of Magnus Bane from Shadow hunters Even his personality

I'm pretty sure Edward winked whilst he said 'last very long' *wink wonk*

Was that Aoora that called you?

I love how honest your reviews are! Can't wait for your next video! Hugs!

*BTS' stage makeup after promoting coca cola*

Got a coke ad on this video

what shade of lip tint did he use?

This is something Miranda Sings would love using

Is aoora and Edward together?

@ stray kids

Don't worry I not having ago even I have fucking bad makeup days annoys me sm

Your skin looks a lot smoother on your thumbnail

Oml turn in English subtitles when he answers the phone

If you know how to speak korean do you how to speak Tagalog

Casually speaks Korean as I attempt to figure out what the living frick he’s saying

You hair here looks like the hair V had in the no more dream era AAAAHHH HE WAS SO SMOL


Check the description.

Not hating but why do you say LOL

The have a face shop in Edmonton Alberta Canada where I live, and they recently came out with a newer version of their face cushion vdl? Vsl? Not sure but I’ve had the same problem with it running out quick but this new one comes with a refill and two cushions u should do a review lol I bought it already but it’s one of those push down ones so yeah it’s more elegant than anything and I have the WHITEST SHADE I kid u not she called me Snow White in the store...

Jean Kirschtein ?

Where can i find coca cola product in atlanta since coca cola is literally from Atlanta

him speaking korean is my kink

You so hot omg

Predebut stray kids probobaly wore this makeup lol

The thumbnail is breathtaking.

Lmao the english captions when he spoke korean

Tati and Edward made me lowkey want to buy it

The lip tints look so pretty!

Kill it before it lays Eggs!!!

2:55 Does anyone else notice the cute thing his cheeks/mouth does when he speaks sometimes e.g. when he says "water" Please tell me I'm not insane and other people see it

Look at eddy and aoora being cute

When somebody was calling I started to freak out bc I was using headphones God...

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