Is The F-35 Worth $115 Million?

Is The F-35 Worth $115 Million?

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This, episode, of real engineering, is brought to you by curiosity stream, watch thousands, of documentaries, for free for 31 days a curiosity stream, calm, Ford / real engineering, this. Year at the f-35. Is finally. Set to close its 27. Year development, phase and move, towards high-volume. Manufacturing the. Culmination, of 27. Years of design and development. From, its manufacturer, Lockheed, Martin, 27. Years of development, crossing, the finish line in the midst of a political power struggle, in America, this is after, all the most expensive weapon, system in the history, of humankind, costs. Have inflated, as a result, of the American, military-industrial, complex where. The intertwining of politics, economy, and the military industry encourages. Companies like, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing to, not vertically. Integrate, their companies as a means of spreading jobs, across America and, thereby, increased, political support, for, these programs and the, politicians, that approved them in Congress, to, win contracts, we, could deep dive into these muddied waters of politics but, this channel is about engineering. And the development costs of the f-35 would, be astronomical even. Without these issues, so, let's, explore the design of this plane and see whether its price tag is really, worth it from. The start the f-35, sought to be the jack-of-all-trades an. Air, superiority machine. To replace the air force's f-16s. And a TENS a stealth, fighter taking, the lessons learned from the b-2 program and improving, upon Lockheed's previous ventures into stealth technology with, the f-22, Raptor and the, f-117, Nighthawk. A carrier, capable fighter to replace the f-18. Hornets, of the Navy and perhaps, most, audacious of all it would take on the challenge of vertical, landings taking over from the British av-8b, Harrier, taking. On all these advanced, technologies and combining, them into one plane, was, never going, to be an easy or cheap task. And the, program was made even more expensive by what was initially intended, to be a cost-saving. Measure this. Plane would be developed, as a joint venture between three, US military, brand the Air Force Navy, and Marines, a single. Plane for each branch of the military the, program was named the Joint Strike Fighter and, its goal was to produce a next-generation, plane, that could replace fighter, strike, and ground, attack aircraft of, not just the United States but all of, its allies, unlike. The f-22, Raptor which is a US Air Force exclusive. Plane, the f-35 would, be commercially, available the. Joint Strike Fighter program began. Life as a competition between, McDonnell. Douglas Northrop Gruman, Lockheed, Martin and Boeing with.

Lockheed And Boeing going, on to develop prototype. Aircraft as finalists, in the competition, both, eager to win what was sure to be one of the most lucrative contracts. They would ever sign, Boeing's. Aircraft, the x32. Was, an odd-looking aircraft. Featuring. A massive single, air intake, that made it less VTOL, and more veal all its, looks alone may have stopped it from winning this valuable contract, but what really held it back was Boeing's, decision to, create two, prototype, planes one. Capable of supersonic, flight and one capable of vertical takeoff, using. The same vector thrust as the Harrier which, it was supposed to be replacing the, engine used in the Harrier is similar, to a traditional jet, engine, in that a consists of a low pressure compressor fan a high-pressure. Compressor a combustion, chamber a high-pressure turbine and a low pressure turbine, but, it's out less nozzle placement, is anything, but traditional two. Outlets are placed immediately after. The low-pressure compressor with, another two ducting, air from the higher pressure turbines, in, vertical, thrust mode the, nozzles point downwards, and allow the plane to balance precariously, on these four columns of air the, Harrier was not, an easy plane to control in this flight mode and on more than one occasion turbulence. From its own downwash, caused, the plane to flip over onto the cockpit during, landings, killing, the pilot a large. Part of these control issues, can be attributed to the proximity of the, control nozzles, to the center of gravity of the plane giving, them less mechanical advantage. To, manipulate the plane's attitude. The, Harrier did have small roll control nozzles, on the tip of each wing but, the control for these were entirely, manual, placing. The incredibly. Unstable control, mechanism, into the hands of a human that, needed to focus on various, other factors, when, landing the, x32, used, many of the same techniques to achieve vertical, thrust but, improved, on many of the Harriers shortcomings. Instead. Of using the same nozzles, for cruise and direct, lift the x32, would, close valves for each when needed in normal. Flight the cruise nozzles, would open allowing, the thrust of the jet engine to be directed, efficiently. Through, the rear of the aircraft then, during, transition, this nozzle would close and force air through the direct lift nozzles, they. Placed a larger roll control nozzles, further, from the planes center of mass and also, employed a cold air screen placed, just, forward, of the lift, nozzles, this, was intended to stop hot turbulent, air from the direct lift nozzles, from entering the front intake, which, was a massive, issue for, the harrier as it, landed, jet, engines need cold and smooth air to operate at maximum thrust which was difficult to get when landing and directing, the entirety. Of your thrust, directly, at the ground despite. These improvements lockheed, ultimately, won, the contract impressing. The Joint Strike Fighter program with, their left fan system the, engine thrust here once again exits. A single, exhaust nozzle, during. Normal flight but, when the show begins, the, ex35, was capable of some incredible, transformer, like changes, hatch. Is opened on the top and bottom, of the aircraft revealing. To contra-rotating, fans. Another. Two little doors opened, beneath the wings exposing. Two additional, exhaust ports that controlled the plane's role finally. As the plane begins to slow down the crews nozzle would begin to pivot downwards, transitioning. The remaining, thrust of the jet engine from horizontal to, vertical the. Left fan solved many of the same issues that plagued, the harrier the, lift fan produced, the majority of the vertical thrust and it did not heat up the air significantly. In the, process, the, roll control had significantly. More mechanical. Advantage, and did, the majority, of the control over to a computer, perhaps. Most influential in, their success to winning the contract this prototype was capable of both vertical, landings and supersonic. Flight this, was the kind of innovation, the Joint Strike Fighter program was, looking for the, lift fan is essentially, a turboprop, engine, like something you would find on an osprey, the, propellers, are driven by a drive shaft connected, to the jet engine turbines, which, can be disengaged during.

Normal Flies this, means the lift fan is dead waste during cruise but, what it adds and weighs it more than makes up for it in lift combined. These propulsion, methods can produce. 185. Kilonewtons. Of lift the, Harrier could only manage, 106. This, increase, in direct lift capabilities. Was, vital, to making the f-35, a worthy, successor to, the Harrier as one, of the Harriers greatest, weaknesses, was its limitations, in maximum, takeoff and landing weight the. Harrier like the f-35b. Mostly. Operated, in short takeoff and vertical landing, mode the, Harrier would point all four, of its nozzles at about a 45, degree angle, allowing. It to produce both horizontal, and vertical thrust. To take off from shorter, runways, this, allowed it to take off with considerably, more waste than it could land with in a vertical landing the, empty weight of the f-35b. May be thirteen thousand one hundred and fifty four kilograms, compared, to the six thousand three hundred and forty kilograms, of the Harrier but, it more than makes up for that with a maximum, takeoff weight of thirty one thousand eight hundred kilograms, compared. To the Harriers fourteen thousand one hundred kilograms, that's, an extra, 11, tons of waste available. To the f-35, for fuel and a munitions, something. The Harrier had little space for so, the, f-35, is more than a worthy, successor to, the Harrier a plane, which fetched about 24, million dollars, per unit in 1996. Or about. 39 million adjusted. For inflation so. Incorporating, VTOL, to the f-35b, was. Just one of many design, challenges, that pushed the price of the program off ironically. Despite, Boeing's, joule prototype, entry being a sticky, point four the jsf program. The f-35 now, comes in three variants, each, tailored, for different branches in the US military. The f-35 a is customized. For the US Air Force and as such has, been designed, to take off from conventional, runways, allowing. It to scrap much of the heavy equipment needed. For the f-35 be, the, Marines variant, the, Marines do not operate out of large aircraft, carriers, like the Navy and as such their, ships like the wasp-class amphibious assault. Ship have often been referred to as helicopter. Carriers, as no, plane, other than the Harrier or Osprey, have been able to use them this. Is not the case for the Navy who have large aircraft, carriers, at their disposal the. Final variant is the f-35. C which has been designed to satisfy the Navy's, requirements, having, wings that are about 40% larger, than either of its sister variants, and its landing gear is much heavier and stronger, both. Of these features were included to allow it to land and take off from, aircraft carriers without, the need for the vertical propulsion, like the f-35 be the, larger wings not only allow the f-35c.

To, Have the largest fuel capacity of, the three but, also give it much better lift at slower speeds making. Landings, and takeoffs much. Easier on the deck of an aircraft carrier while. The heavier landing, gear allows the plane to survive the rough landings associated. With the arresting, wire landings, on aircraft carriers the, f-35. See also, incorporates, folding, wingtips to allow for neat storage inside the ship this. Expansion into three variants has been a huge source of increased, costs, and the program likely could have dramatically, reduced on spending, had, it just designed three, different planes for, three different branches, trying. To squeeze the needs of these three military, branches, into a single, airframe, was never going to be an easy task for the R&D division of Lockheed Martin and forced, them to make some concessions in design, that have limited them in other areas, the, brunt of criticism directed. At the f-35. Is its, shortcomings in dog fighting capabilities. Headlines. Of the f-35, losing. Simulated, dogfights, to cold war-era. F-15s. Dean's grabbed, many people's attention, and were, used to detract from the f-35s. Advancements. We, only knew about these issues as a result of a report that leaked to the press let's. Take a look at that report to, see what this test pilot thought about the f-35 a he flew the, primary, flaw of this pilot highlighted, was the f-35, A's poor, energy maneuverability. Meaning. The f-35, a struggled. To maneuver without expending, a significant. Amount of its kinetic energy, which, is a problem, I discussed, in more detail in my fighter jet instability. Video the primary, design aspect, the pilot pins this on is the smaller wing area and the weaker afterburner, thrust of the f-35, in comparison. To the f-15e. He was accustomed to essentially. Their issue with the f-35, was, that it depleted, its kinetic energy stored quicker than its competition we, have no reason to believe this pilot was wrong in his findings so what does this mean for the f-35, it.

Is Important to note that this was not a fully functional, version missing, software enabling, the plane to detect its foes before they can detect it and was missing radar absorbing, paint on, top of this the f-35, is not short of trained military aviators. Who praised the f-35. Like, US Marine corpse major Dan flatly who helped design the combat training program for f-35. Pilots, and he, has chalked up these issues to old habits of pilots who have spent significant. Portions, of their lives dedicated, to older generation, planes which, were designed with a different, philosophy in, mind since, then the f-35, has performed, phenomenally, in simulations, with the reports up to 22, 1 K TRS other, pilots, who have had more time to become accustomed, to the f-35, had more positive things to say like, John Beasley the chief test pilot of the f-35, with, 22, years of experience as. A test pilot at Lockheed Martin and was, involved in the development of the f-117, Nighthawk, and the f-22 Raptor, he, claims the f-35, can outmaneuver any, US, fighter except, for the f-22, which, was designed specifically. As an, air superiority machine. And. Is not, available for purchase outside of America, and actually, has a higher unit, cost than, the f-35, at about a hundred and fifty million dollars it's. Hard for me to make a judgment, call on this because I have as little information as any other civilian, but honestly outside, of this one report, most pilots who have flown with the f-35, sing, its praises John. Beasley also, makes an important, note air, combat has always relied, on stealth, whether, it was World War one pilots, diving, from the Sun at their backs or modern. Fighters using advanced, radar, masks in design because. In the grand scheme of things in a dogfight the real star that matters is who sees and shoots first and the biggest factor that contributes, to that are the onboard, sensors, and stealth the, thing that really sets the f-35, apart, is its suite of sensors, and computer, guidance systems, which, have been integrated, with the user interface, of the, aircraft unlike, any other plane in the history of mankind while. Sharing that information with, the entire, force this, is what truly makes this plane something to be feared and it all starts with this a little, transparent, faceted, sensor suite containing. The infrared, imaging, and tracking, equipment of the, aircraft but those are not your typical windows, those, are made of sapphire and notoriously. Expensive gemstone, one, of the few materials that is both hard and durable but also transparent, to a broad range of wavelets, the, imaging, data from these sensors can even be fed into the pilots helmet visor which, has been enhanced with augmented reality technology, this. Helmet alone costs. $400,000. And enables, the pilot to look straight through the aircraft and see at night without having to wear clumsy, night-vision goggles. The, helmet also feeds in data from the multitude of other sensors, like the advanced, high-frequency, radar, in the nose of the plane along. With data received, from sensors, from other aircraft, and ground-based units, the, data does not feed into the pilots AR helmet unfiltered, though it passes through the on-board computer which. Performs, all the necessary filtering. And data analysis, and only, presents the pilot with the information, he really, needs this technology. Is so powerful, that even an unarmed, f-35, would greatly, boost the combat effectiveness, of its, allies but. Detection, is just one step of that goal of shooting first not, being detected is just, as important. Incorporating. Stealth was just another design, challenge, and is likely the source of much of the unexpected, cost let's, first clear something up despite, what you may have otherwise, heard stealth, does not render a plane undetectable. Short, of not physically, existing, everything. Is detectable, if we can find and analyze planets. Billions, of light-years away we can detect a plane flying directly, overhead, stealth. Purpose is not to make the plane invisible, it serves, to complicate, and delay, the enemy's detection, of an aircraft stealth. Has proven itself invaluable, over the past two decades prior. To the f-35s, inception, the, f-117. Nighthawk flew over. 1,300. Missions over Iraq during. The Gulf War scouring. Direct hits on over, 1600. High-value. Targets, without losing a single aircraft. But, it was far from perfect Lockheed knew this all too well as the manufacturer, of the f-117, in, 1999.

A Nighthawk, was infamously, spotted, by a radar and subsequently, shot down over Serbia the, pilot survived but the plane crashed and remained mostly, intact handing, over a valuable, technology to, the Russians to reverse-engineer. Celt, serves a single purpose to, avoid detection and the f-117, failed, here but, it was developed, using 1970s. Era computing, technology, it's panels were flat and faceted, simply, because we did not have the computers capable, of analyzing more, complicated, shapes to optimize stealth early. Attempts at stealth worked under a fairly, simple theory radar, works by sending out pulses of electromagnetic. Waves and waits, and listens for reflections. The, idea behind stealth, technology is to not reflect, those waves back at the emitter and thus, avoiding, detection this. Is why the f-117. Is shaped like this each, panel has been angled and placed in a way to minimize, how much of this energy it will reflect back to the sender, it was also coated in a paint that would help absorb, some of that electromagnetic. Radiation, a, opponents of stealth technology despite, its proven track record are quick to point out that long wavelength, radar is capable, of detecting stealth, aircraft the, same kind of radar that detected, the f-117, over, Serbia and the same kind of radar used in the Battle of Britain while, this is true, these, stealth aircraft are optimized, to avoid detection of, higher frequency. Radar, those opponents rarely, mentioned that low frequency, long wavelength, radar do not provide high fidelity measurements. And struggle, to pinpoint their location of, the, aircraft this, makes them effective early warning systems but entirely useless, for directing, missiles while, this is certainly not useless it's, not particularly useful in, air-to-air combat had. The f-117. Nighthawk on that night been escorted, by its usual squadron, of electronic, jamming Prowler aircraft, the, missiles may well have never got a lock this, was made worse by the fact the aircraft, was flying a regular, flight path and so, the Serbians knew where to look topping, this off the f-117, was designed in an era before, sophisticated. Computational. Analysis, was available and so, it took this relatively, simplistic flat, faceted, form the b2 and f-22, however, greatly, improved, on the technology, utilizing. Complex curved shapes which no human could hope to calculate, the radar signature, of and they, have never been shut down the, curves diffused those radio waves in many directions rather. Than reflecting, it all in one direction which makes it easier to detect by receivers, listening, in locations, separate, to the emitter a fairly standard practice, today the, f-35 uses. The same complex, curves to avoid detection by, these, high-frequency, radars. And this, is likely one of the things driving its development, costs up the most stealth. Technology requires. Precision, beyond. Any other type, of manufacturing, this, is manageable, at small-scale, production like, that of the b2 and f-22, which, had very small production. Runs the, f-35, however is expected to be a mass manufactured. Aircraft, that foreign allies with shallower pockets, than the US military, will be willing, to pay for creating. A manufacturing, line that requires this level of precision was, never going to be, panels cannot have gaps between them that cannot be malformed, a single, scratch on the radar-absorbing, coating will require an entire repaint, of the parrot small. Manufacturing, defects have caused recalls, on multiple, occasions Lockheed. Is only now starting to, comfortably, roll the plane off the assembly, lines and that, is reflected in the lowering price of the aircraft, the latest, batch of orders have reduced and cost by 5.4 percent for, the f-35 a 5.7, for the B variant, an 11.1%. For, the f-35 see, leaving, us with a unit, cost of 89 point two million for an f-35, a a hundred, and fifteen point five million for an f-35, B and one hundred and seven, point seven million for an f-35, see, with, the f-35, a expected. To drop by a further four, point seven percent to 85, million by, the end of 2019, this. Sounds like a shitload, of money to the average, person, like me but, we get a clearer, picture of these costs, when comparing, to other fifth-generation. Fighters. Like, the f-22 Raptor, which cost a hundred and fifty, million dollars per unit or even. Looking at the other aircraft, it's going to be replacing I think, it's fair to say that we've established that, the f-35, is a worthy, successor to all of these planes which. Individually, come with their own hefty. Price tags but. The f-35, manages, to combine the capabilities, of all these aircraft, into, a single, plane yes, the development, cost of this plane have been astronomical.

That, Cannot be denied but, much of that money has gone directly back, into the American, economy then. When you consider that the plane is expected, to sell up to 4600, units. By the end of its lifetime nearly. Identical to, the total f-16, sales figures this, will inject more money into the American, economy considering. A large sum of these orders will be from international. Exports. So, is the f-35, worth it's 115. Point five million price tag as an, Irish, citizen that's, not for me to decide but, I can't say one thing this, is a fascinating, plane, with astounding, capabilities. This, may have been a heavy, price to pay but what isn't is a subscription. To curiosity, stream at a price of just, $2.99. A month with. That price you will get access to thousands, of documentaries, and nonfiction. Titles like, this fantastic, history of weapons series not, only that you will also get free access to nebula, the streaming video platform, built by and for. Independent. Creators like tear Zoo Lindsay, Alice minutephysics, Wendover. Productions and my new channel real, science, which just launched last week where, curiosity stream, is all about big-budget, non-fiction. Videos we're, building nebula because we want a place for educational. Creators, to try out new content ideas, that, might not work on YouTube I'm currently working on a logistics. Of d-day series and the next episode of real science is already available, on there but, won't be on YouTube for another month, curiosity. Stream loves independent, creators and wants, to help us grow our platform, so they're offering real engineering, viewers, free, access to nebula, when you sign up to curiosity, stream comm, Ford slash real, engineering, by, signing up to curiosity stream, you will be helping not just me but, the entire, educational. Community, as we, work together to build a place where we can create content like, my logistics, of d-day series that, would just be too risky, to rely on YouTube, as, always thanks, for watching and, thank you to all my patreon, supporters if you'd like to see more from me the, links to my Instagram Twitter. Subreddit. And discord server are below. You.

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A disaster program. Monocultures are a disaster. The F35 is a disaster.

I wonder if they created those huge sapphire windows by sintering

Give me a break! It’s not worth a dime. It is basically unable to dogfight. Can’t fly in rain Is not stealth Has a huge turn around time between missions. This piece of garbage is the Swiss Army knife of planes. It can do a little of everything but sucks at everything. A Russian fighter would shred this toy and the Russian ground to air Missile defences would knock it out of the air with ease. Now try and tell me what it actually can do.

3:05 Dad Joke Brigade, papers please.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. They said very similar things about the F-4 Phantom. We don't need a gun! Gun dogfights are old school and you're thinking backwards! The pilots learned the hard way they still needed a close in weapon system backup when confronting the much more maneuverable Mig 17s, 19s and 21s. The other thing that has always bothered me about the Join Strike Fighter is the jack of all trades mission. Again this is something the USAF and the Navy should remember from their own histories of mediocre performance machines attempting to "do everything" and being good at nothing. The idea of sharing 60% of the parts with other branches to save cost over the lifespan of the plane is a nice idea but in the end I fear that this will just turn out to be another extremely expensive modern day Edsel.

I want the one that comes with a V8 and 6-speed.

As a job creation project that sucks in lots of US tax payers money, it's a resound success, as a combat capable aircraft able to go up against a nation that can seriously shoot back it's a .

- Holy crap, somebody who actually properly mentioned the MIC. Good job on that. - "Combining multiple roles" Isn't what the F-35 does. The F-16 and F-18 (C and E variants) are already "multirole" and perform the same role the F-35 will. The F-35 is simply continuing what those aircraft already do (and then extending that capability to the poor Marines). - I'd also add, that the cost of developing three separate airframes is far more than a single airframe with three variants. Code, sensors, stealth and cousin parts significantly reduce costs compared to wholly designing a new aircraft. You were able to compare the protractors and detractors on the maneuverability side but sadly didn't do so here. If you need any amount of proof that having several different aircraft is more expensive, look at standalone developments like the Rafale or Eurofighter. Despite them lacking the advanced sensors or technology in the F-35, they cost way more both in PAUC and APUC measurements. - I like how you pointed out the protractors and detractors of maneuverability. Basically, there are two types of turn fighters. One turn fighters, and two turn fighters. One turn fighters are built to immediately point their nose/weapons at an opponent and achieve the first shot (F/A-18, F-35). They're characterized by very high AoA capability. Two turn fighters are built to sustain their turn rate, and use E-M theory to overcome their opponents (F-16, F-15). This was the "fighter mafia" ideology. However, significant studies by the USAF in the 1990s showed that the most significant factor in winning a dogfight is firing first (which two turn fighters are bad at doing). Not only did USAF studies point to this, but later experimentation with German Migs proved just how far behind in the WVR game US E-M theory was. HOBS missiles proved to be by far and away the most dominant WVR technique. Thus, we come to the F-35. It combines the lessons learned by the USAF (E-M theory is outdated), becoming a one turn fighter (like what the USN has been using) and incorporating HOBS missiles along with DAS (360 degree targeting) to create by far one of the most advanced WVR fighters to date. - On the F-117 shootdown, the radar was not modified to use low wavelengths. It was a normal X-band targeting radar. The battery commander has since walked back on his claim that he modified the FCR (which doesn't really make sense in the first place). The far more logical explanation is a very smart placement and operation of a radar battery, combined with knowledge of exactly where the aircraft would fly. Even then, the radar didn't pick up the F-117 until its bay doors were opened and basically on top of the FCR. In other words, the FCR was looking inside the aircraft rather than on the stealth optimized outside. - Your F-22 costs are a bit off. The overall APUC (per the F-22's last SAR) is $160 million. The last lot of aircraft reached an APUC of ~$120 million though. You could also include more modern 4th generation aircraft into your comparison. Depending exactly on the block or model, F-16 bl60+/F-18E costs are around $70-$80 million, while the Rafale costs ~$110 million and the Typhoon costs a bit more than that. And these are all fourth generation aircraft with far fewer sensors, less powerful sensors, and little (or no) sensor fusion.

How big do you think the instruction manual is?

With regards to the radar used in the Battle of Britain. As it was so new, and primitive. In what ways did it benefit the allied pilots? Since the pilots did not have a direct feed to the radar data? I imagine it like having broadband before computers..

What a waste of money. All that spent on stealth knowing in was ineffective. A lie to the U.S. citizen and tax payer. It obviously to anyone paying attention that each service would have been better served by a dedicated aircraft. And now stealth is worthless.

Many people misunderstand stealth and what the F35 was designed for. The F35 will come into its own when the right situation arises much like the B2 did for a decade or so before being used in the Bosnian war to great effect. The A10 and the Apache were all panned for years until the right conflict proved their worth.

Patriotic propaganda ads are the best ads

Isn't that price normal for fighters? Also, this is a value judgement, engineering can't answer that

Can a gyroscope be used to balance an aircraft without the use of wings and flaps

humankind sounds so stupid, it is OK to say mankind.

With the rise of drones this plane probably won’t be as important you’d think.

*BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT* I'm gonna miss that damn sob

13:30 Annoying background music. Did not finish.

The F-35 is useless with out the combat weapons system, Just like Donald Trump, Everything with a little bit of British in side it, is always Great ;-)

I'm surprised how cheap this really is. A small paved road project is more expensive here in seattle. What do people want a dollar store jet?

It doesn’t even have airbags.

1st ) The F-35 is a ( UK - US ) designed and built Jet NOT just US. 2nd ) The F-35B is not worthy of the Harrier the Harrier is a 70 - 80's jet the F-35B is a 90 - 19's jet so 20 years between them if the Harrier was built today it would be a lot better then the F-35B. 3rd ) The US needed the UK to help with all 3 types A / B / C of the F-35 like BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce. 4th ) The F-22 is not the best jet in the Sky's that title goes to the Eurofighter. 5th ) The F-35 like the F-22 is not the best the ( UK - US / F-22 ) Its fast and good turn rate but not the best ( UK - US / F-35 A B C ) yes can do a lot of stuff but not great at one ( UK - Germany / Eurofighter ) Its faster then both better turn rate then both flys higher then both better dive/cilmb rate then both and can do all what the F-35 and F-22 can do plus more the only thing the Eurofighter cant do is take off vertical.

Most american planes are incredebly ineffective, and now they make this useless gloryfied toy costing 115 mil. When you can get a slightly worse performing aircraft for 4-5 million

"nothing is undetectable" why cant we find MH370?

The F-35 is useless, old radars can detect all "stealth" planes, no matter if it's escorted

but can a fighter wing detect, pinpoint, and engage before it's already destroyed them?

It is worth 115 million or more only for the IMBECILES who are gallable enough to believe this crap is the only one state of the art tech worwide.... For the most intelligent govts and gov's advisors, the better option would be the SU-57..... only the eeuu's cock suckers would by this piece of shit

F 35 junk is the expertise to crash in ocean

Yes it is.

Your segues to Curiousity Stream are always as smooth as an F-35's contours.

just make another plane around a gun and have the same brrt, then name it A-10 2

jack of all trades master of none.

The answer is no. The stealth has already been rendered useless. And without stealth, it is just a "meh" plane.

Would like to see a comparison of other modern fighters of this era to see if the value makes sense. (Typhoon, etc)

I feel like this plane is a true life representation of the stuff that went on in The Pentagon Wars movie... "We want a troop carrier... with a turret, and port holes, and speed, and a heavy machine gun, and armor, and ammo carrying capabilities, and a few missiles" "That sounds like a tank..."

A large portion of the cost is campaign contributions. Bribery is so common with congress that nothing gets done without it. Want to fight climate change? How much cash you got? Ditto with infrastructure. Why do you think the USA leads the world in mass shootings and school massacres? Campaign cash. Dead school kids don't give bribes, gun companies do.

It’s not the most expensive weapon at all. The B-2 costs 2.1 billion each.

jaqs smith okay but that’s the project cost not the unit cost.

the f35 is projected to cost 1.5 trillion over it's service life.

The biggest aviation disaster F-35

F -35 Enter the Market !!! China :- Dayyum ,let me reverse Engg it.

Two things worry me about over reliance on stealth. Firstly, in the arms race between sensors and aircraft, aircraft have a far longer expected time of service, and far longer development cycle. Secondly, a significant portion of the stealth capability goes out the window once you start strapping fuel tanks and munitions to it, meaning for proper stealth it's limited to internal storage. And of course, for the munitions, that means opening hatches and a significant risk of revealing itself whenever opening fire. Good, perhaps even great, odds of getting the first strike, but I'm hesitant if it can handle being outnumbered, which through a combination of hefty price tag, high maintenance costs (and skill requirements), and rumored maintenance man-hours/flight hour seems uncomfortably probable. (Keep in mind with the price tag, in practice it's not so much about cost-per-plane, so much so as cost-per-operational-availability, at which point the f35 looks even worse.) And of course, for offensive missions, getting in undetected and getting out are two entirely different things.

Nah, China made something that is roughly the same outline, that is instantly going to be far better, just ask the Internet.

Stealth = Highly compromised vehicle. Giving up aerodynamics. Maneuverability, payload and range. Is also not actually stealth capable due to it only being invisible at certain carrier wave's a fucking disaster.

Did the project really inject money into the economy, or did the government borrow that money?

I would of just went with the gripin e

I thought the F-22 development was more expensive.

A10,s are staying till 30,s This shit is old shit typical limey.

Whenever I hear "cost saving measure" I know it's gonna be trash

First off, the F-35 was NEVER intended or designed as an "Air Superiority" aircraft (do some research, don't rely on false/BS reporting). It's a "Ground Attack" aircraft, thus a replacement for the A-10, Harrier, and F-16 in it's ground attack mode/variants.This is why the US Air Force has, and maintains the F-22, and the US Navy the F/A-18. The F-35 replaces neither of these aircraft.

Find people who aren't biased. Who gives a fuck what someone who works on it is gonna say. They aren't allowed to say it's shit. The one person who isn't in the program said it was shit.

Wonder how long before china can make the fake cheaper one.

You did not talk much about what maybe is most important in a modern fighter aircraft: Electronic Warfare. I'm sure the F-35 has lot's of it built in, most of it classified and not common knowledge. Also, EW systems needs constant upgrades. With old EW tech (5-10 years) you will not stand a chance, no matter how good your fighter aircraft is. Listen to SAAB.

Just another example of how the Government robs the taxpayers while they let the poor sleep in the streets .

Well done

This one is just full of garbage that could have come straight from Lockheed Martin PR. Tells about advantages without informing that those "advantages" still don't work. Example: the "great sensors that would make even an unarmed F-35 an asset" are actually blocked from being able to send information to US networks because as one person responsible for these network put it, "F-35 acts like a virus infected machine on the network, filling it with false information such as non-existent targets". His other claims are equally odd. He for example states the long debunked claim by stealth proponents that Serbia used "long wavelength radar" to detect and shoot down F-117. Except that it didn't. We know this because the commander of the unit responsible for this event, as well as one F-16 shot down among other things has written and been interviewed about this event. They didn't actually use any non-standard radar. They simply survived long enough to learn appropriate tactics, first on how to survive US anti-AA tactics, and then how to successfully engage, be a real threat and finally shoot down US aircraft bombing Serbian targets in their area of responsibility. And that shoot down event was all tactics. This is one of those cases where this is just a garbage story full of a mix of Lockheed Martin PR efforts and just plain "I have no idea, so I'll just let the first google link to tell me how it is". Which is why you won't find a single link that wasn't a part of the billion-grade Lockheed Martin PR campaign they announced to their shareholders when first massive negative news about supposedly "almost ready" F-35 hit the press back in early 2010s. If you really want to know how badly F-35 is performing, about the only reliable source that isn't under strict PR lockdown by Lockheed Martin's massive PR efforts since then is Government Accountability Office annual reports on the program (and a handful of leaks that pierced the PR campaign). And they have been scathing. Lockheed Martin's solution to most of the problems being found in testing have been to literally cross it over and state "this isn't that important of a problem". Because they simply have so many problems with the aircraft, they don't have time or manpower to solve most of them. Which is how we got various variants of F-35 declared "combat ready" years ago. Remember those events? The A variant that couldn't fire its gun because its stealthy gunport had to open and would increase drag so much on the side that aircraft would be immediately pulled off target before the gun could be fired? All variants that literally were blocked from sending any data to network while "combat ready" because from network's perspective they were a virus that destroyed integrity of the network with massive amount of false targets they would feed into it should they be allowed to? The supposed air superiority aircraft that could not sustain it's maximum speed for interception of the target beyond about 10 minutes, because its internal weapon's bays got hot enough to cook off its own missiles? Just to name a few out of literally hundreds flaws mentioned in GAO reports over the years AFTER these aircraft were declared "combat ready" under massive pressure from Lockheed Martin so they could increase production volume, and hence, profits. And those earliest "combat ready" versions that are so massively flawed that they will likely never seen any actual combat beyond the "protect the king at all costs so we can pretend it had a combat sortie"? That Lockheed Martin promised when they were declared as such that they will be "updated to latest standard when it is done"? They'll never be updated to purportedly coming "really guys, this one will be combat ready, we promise" version that is still in the development according to the latest information. Just another one of those promises Lockheed Martin PR campaign made to get money that will never be kept. This one deserves to be on the wall of shame for Wendover. Write about things you know, not about things you have barely any cursory knowledge about, that are just massively saturated by a billion-grade now almost a decade-old PR campaign. Because you'll need to put months of work in if you actually want to figure out what's actually going on with program, rather than just cite all of the PR, because that is what's going to be search engine optimized.

If I had $85 million I could retire my whole family and invest a huge chunk of it for the long term.

Knowing that even poland is buying some, they managed to get allies with shallow pockets to buy them.

Designing this to bomb 3rd world countries... What a waste of money.

This needed to be done for NATO. China and Russia have been making huge astronomical gains by weponizing their military defense mechanisms and 5th generation air superiority fighters. Let's just hope that nobody opens their mouth and divulge classified information...

The better question to ask is, how soon it's gonna be obsolete?

Dodge that quantum radar MACH 5 missile F35!

Simple answer is no Its over budget Wriddled with flaws And Germany have tracked it on their new radars from 100 miles out.... and that was the f35as version So it's a stealth fighter that is no longer stealth And before all the armchair pilots pipe up . Germany's newest radar tracks electromagnetic emissions in the atmosphere. Meaning that no matter what happens to this plane it will never be stealth. Nor will anything else above germany . Simply stating germany here as they were the first to use this type of radar, I'm sure other countries will follow suit So all in all it's a stealth fighter that has lost the element of stealth .

The $115 million figure does not include the engine cost. The engine for the B is over $30 million.

​@James Monahan sorry but the only thing I can find is "For the eleventh consecutive year, the cost of an F-35A was lowered. The F-35A unit price including aircraft, engine and fee, is $89.2 million." As for Pentagon, or countries like Poland buying engines separately, you do need some in storage. The fact that it can doesn't mean it has to. How do you think plane communicated with the ground in test flights?

@Admiral Firespammer The F-35 also uses an uplink to a satellite to communicate with anything (including link 16). so i'll add "satellite not included".

@Admiral Firespammer AW&ST Magazine


I hope not...1 jet could have helped 115 families for life. (unless they are bad at managing money) Making about 20k or less per year...I wonder wtf people with 500k+ do with that money? I just read books and play cheap games off steam for entertainment. I don't go out much. I live in an apartment with roaches, rats, mold and bedbugs...I don't have a family and starve from time to time...I have insurance...but...I am about to let it go.. the deductible is too high and I get better deals when I say I don't have insurance.

The A-10 Wart Hog is my favorite plane ever. Can get part of its wing blown off and is still able to fly. It will be sad to see it go.

Nice plug at the end

12:35 Well of course he has good things to say. He is being PAID by his employer!!!


"Short of physically not existing, everything is detectable'. Lmao

this STILL cant beat a taliban with ak47.

mmm war and killing,no matter what we humans achieve,we simply cant leave the need for killing!

But does it go BRRRRRRT? Didn't think so

at least those jet were make in the USA

Quantum Radar - the next generation radar system which can detect and scan in so much details passively without been detected, and shoot SAM at F-35. So much money been spend, at the end there is no added advantage.

One plane won’t replace all of them. U can’t replace the f22 air combat with the f35. Ever.

My goodness that was a long-winded lecture. I realise that you get payed by the minute watched, but it's coming to a point where I'm not going to watch the whole video anymore, and there is a significant inhibition on my side to even start watching.

lol fuck no

Why is this channel Telling the SECRET to the World?!!!! WTF!!! China will Copy this Shit!!!!

115 million US$, used to bomb old Toyota trucks

15:35 he or she?

Not necessarily hating on the video except for one thing, you did claim that the version of f-35 that lost simulation against other aircraft, but any pilot would agree, the f-35 is an engineering marvel when it comes to electronic warfare. not only with the aircrafts numerous external peripherals bit also like you said, the airframe helps in this area a lot, obviously banking at an angle that's directly perpendicular to a radar will always give away its location, non the less its almost perfect and supersedes any other aircraft in terms of low observability. I am not at liberty to give to much information about the recent joint military exercise "Operation Talisman Sabre" because no information about simulated dogfights during this operation has been disclosed, however i can tell you that there were numerous aircraft across the board, including other 5th generation aircraft and 4th generation as well, and simply to put it, blew them out of the water.

21:57 Source: The entire Irish Air Corps . I'm dying

I have a lego plane that does that and it only cost 80bucks

Please ditch the music.

Those prices makes me understand the sucess of sails the Embraer A 29 is reaching. *A 29 is a light attack/patrol aircraft, is not a fighter or a bomber.

A 29 is for counter insurgency (COIN)

Nah the USAF is keepin the Warthog

F35+F22 = SU57

it is generally a better idea to give away budget on spreading out jobs not save on one fighter but have to give away initial claims. use your brain, it is a good thing - dont forget to use it

Wow it's a jack of all trades... master of? Well one plane fits all .. should reduce the development costs and gain economies of scale in production.. right? crickets

Wrong numbers. For the max take of weight the B has only 27.216 kg, not 31,800 kg. Thats for the other two variants and even that is 49 kg to much. And most of the weapons can't placed internal so byebye stealth. Also just the A has a Gun. Same mistake mad by the F4 Phantom. So tries do do everything and can do nothing good, but with all the costs.

Isn't the Eurofighter 100+ mil as well?

15:00 those greasy thumbs on his visors make me cringe so hard

“Jack of all trades, master of... all of them” Riiight

NO Master of NON

Comic Book Guy Except cost

The t-35 may use its complex curves to avoid detection. I however use my complex curves to be detected

Heard that the F-35 can be "easily" spotted with passive radar.

Not if you turn off your transponder

Is it worth it? If it does what it is supposed to and keeps comming back the entire war it is fighting, than yes. If it doesn´t come back, the pile of burned metal it leaves on the ground definitely isn´t. Most of the missions the strike fighter will do, is ground attack on protected targets. Stelth is indispensable as any shell or rocked for a 1000 $ will bring the F- 35 down. Unfortunately a new kind of passive radar was able to track an F- 35 all the way to and from Berlin Air show by just plotting the electromagnetic sources all around the place. They describe the tracking of the F- 35 as looking for a black cat in a dark garden. You just have to look for the darkest spot moving, for a black hole within the relative darkness. The same problem was met by IX-529 Sea Shaddow back in the 1990´ ies. It could be seen on any conventional radar system as a black hole in the water because at it´s place there were no wave echos. So any hostile nation that get´s hands on clever computing technology will be able to achieve what Serbia did back in 1999 when they shot down an F- 117A. In the next war the F- 35 will not meet fighters designed in the 1970´ies but those designed in the 2000nds, like the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Dassault Rafale, and the Saab 39 Gripen which have already proven to shoot down F- 35s (with ground and airborne radar support) at a 1:2 ratio. In WWII Germany never was short of competetive aircraft, but short of fuel to operate them and, during the last year, even short of capable pilots to operate them successfully. The F- 35 will find its limits, too. (money, pilots, aircraft, spare parts, ... )

What a incredibly stupid title,, The very simple answer is of course not, II can buy a ton of lemons for about $2000,00 a deal at twice the price

A-10.... Air Superiority... comon man...

As per usual, you're saying a lot of stuff that is right. Unlike normal you're also saying a lot of stuff that is, as far as I know isn't right or isn't completely right. I thought I could look past it earlier in the video, but it keeps pulling me out of the experience. I only made it about half way through before I had to stop. There is so much information out there that has been interpreted and reinterpreted over and over again, resulting in reports about the plane and what it could do being often inaccurate. I've seen it happen with myself, I've seen it happen with some of my best airplane geek friends. This plane is still a mess though, make no mistake.

There are a multitude of other issues with the F-35 that are not known to the general public that limit its effectiveness as replacements for the multiple airframes listed throughout the video. The biggest of which that is public is the installation of the gun.

Boeing x 32 looks like a water Toad. The enemy will die of laughter than from scare!

there's a $100mil surcharge to EU member states for imperial to metric conversion.

This video sounds like a commercial. Even their own project info showed a clusterfuck of problems.

How come they lost from f16's ?? Lol

At least this wonder can take off and land

A quite interesting movie was actually made named something like ''Pentagon Wars '' or ''Bradley '' ! And Lockheed Martin could setup a manufacturing/outsourced unit in Cambodia or Ghana ,......the aircraft will barely going to cost around 5 million per unit ! Costly but much cheaper than the one made in USA !

@dosmastrify...If one isn't familiar with the abundant information sources on the F35, then yes, it would be good. That said, all information presented here is simply plagiarized, word for word, including all video, from others work. Unique is not the word I'd choose

Thom van Dijk pure roundness actually scatters radar waves favorably. The f35 combines planes to deflect waves away from the radar, with some unevenness to scatter/weaken the waves. This is why stealth fights have these crimped sides on them, along with favoring using chines.

$115 Million jet to be destroyed by s-300 under $1 million per missile?!

You lost me with politics goodbye

Hopefully, we use this as an example of "What not to do when building a new fighter jet".

The only thing that shouldn't be done is treating it like a jobs program. Everything else was correct.

history of "humankind" ?! Are you a from Canada? :D

A drone is waaaaaay cheaper. And will shoot all those things down.

What a mess. As a professional engineer, I can imagine that the level of job satisfaction must be dismal. At least it provides lots of jobs for the yankee doodle dandies

I often see the F35 as a tie fighter. flashy but worthless in real combat. if you make a jack of all trades with modern military equipment you are making a shit at everything machine.

Failed...get over it retarde

It's pronounced Marine "Core"

I hesitate to watch your vids because of your titles. I hate titles that pose a question and don't even attempt to answer the question. Also when you compaired the thrust of the f35 v harrier, the masses of the planes would have been great to see there in stead of only appearing a minute later


27years to produce unusable piece of shit....interesting .

It looks fat


No it's not worth it. Beautiful electronics wrapped around a mediocre aircraft.

_cough_ I doubt the F-35 is ever going to replace the full capabilities of the A-10.

Did he just say the ah10 was an air superiority fighter?

One bit of clarification or, rather, context for the layperson: Radar does exactly this, sending out signals and listening for a response. However, this is not like Sonar or listening for an echo in a canyon. Radio waves are a form of light and travel, unsurprisingly, at the _speed of light_ . Radar pulses and listens extremely fast. The image of the slowly-rotating radar dish is really a thing of the past when it comes to military radars. Radar is much more like shining a laser at something.

I´ve read that the F-35 has already been detected by some german, indirect radar system. I am not an engineer at all tbh, so correct me if you know it better than me

Many issues with facts in here. Latest cost of an F-35a is $90 million and dropping as is the cost of the B and C models. The JSF program might be 27 years old but the F-35 is not and is significantly redesigned from the X-35. What was said in the report about the F-35 and the F16 5 or so years ago was not that it lost a dogfight with an F-16 but that in the prototype state it was in that it could not match the F-16 in certain envelopes of flight at that time. If you look at some of the manouvres being done by the F-35 demo team you would know this argument is no longer the case. The F-35 is not meant to be a replacement for the F-15. The F-15's replacement was supposed to be the F-22.

At an altitude F35 can develop attitude

let's hope that the coating is not the same as the f-22, the plain is high quality but already detectable slow etc, so to expensive. A 50 million 5th generation or 4++ plane does the same or even better.

In one book a I read (it was sci -fi) that USA start selling masivly military grade guns/planes etc. And at time of war when one nation tried to invade USA they dissable all thei weapons and shut down all planes etc. Cuz they secretly put "extra" stuff in it just in case something like that. I dont wanna go full conspiracy theory on this, but its kinda common sance... when you sell your best toys to allie in this time, how you can be so sure about it in 5-10 years. You would probably put some back doors in it.

WTF is that gal doing with these cables at 2:03?

Of course NOT . Military expenditure is simply a way to Steal a Countries Wealth from the People

Euro Fighter Typhoon >F35 but the F22 is the GOAT

I would be asking for a 3D nozzle if I was buying them. It makes the Russian a/c very manurable. Pratt and Whitney has them developed in the 1980's for the F-16 and F-15 but wasn't actioned.

Wow if there're F22s still in production and commission, how much will that worth??!!

This "furtive" technology has never really been tested against real player. I would like to see one of those planes go trough an air space defended by French, German or British systems. Of course it can pass the Russian systems, how many companies of high tech has Russia or Serbia?.

Answer = no this disaster ain't worth shit


F-35A is less then $90 million

F35 stand no chance against the MiG or the Sukhoi especially in a dog fight.

All it takes is one S-400 AAA Missile to bring it down.

not realy because stelth dosent mean invisible like in harry poter books or movies

The helmet is so heavy it can break your neck If the plane sits on the tarmac for more than 10 mins it overheats The pilots to sing its praises are on Lockheed payroll and NOT independent military pilots On the inside, the F35 is better know as 'the little turd'

us gave its stealth...know tht it spent billion of dollars behind research of stealth..i wud give them anything fr "stealth".

should have just made f22 lite, use the existing airframe, improve the equipment and software

a hundred million dollars against multiple shudnt evn been talked here

drone craft instead or?

27 years. That's as long as I have been alive!

Truely first class... The editing the background music... Just perfect

Seamless bridge to curiousity stream :D

And thus the serbians wrote the song "Nismo znali da je nevidljivi F117 a - We did not know stealth F117A is Invisible"

Lockheed Martin and the USA owes Australia for this massive rip-off that is the F35. There is no doubt in any sensible mind that American politicians and corporate scum have wasted and embezzled billions of hard-earned Australian dollars to eventually complete this farce of a plane. Fuck you America, we follow you into Vietnam and Iraq and this is how you repay us. We deserve half-price and priority delivery of your overpriced piece-of-shit plane. BTW: Russia were willing to sell us the export version of the SU-35, we should have taken that offer. Better plane than anything USA ever made. Ever.

Let’s build a common plane that has no common parts. We will save money, they said. Lmao

As its striking your mud hut village just look in the sky and think what a excessive cost and force that's if you survive the initial strike.

Awesome video, but.... most expensive weapon's system? You might want to look into submarines... $100 million? Try $100 billion...

17:45 Get out of here STALKER

Is the loitering time still an issue? I read that the F35's loiter capability was only two hours compared to the Warthog's five, making it greatly inferior for close air support of troops on the ground.

Had Congress decided to get an additional 70 F22’s Lockheed had sold them for 72.000.000 USD a piece... so NO the F35 is not worth 85 millions per plane, it should be around 65 millions. But that would require that every nation bought twice as many. So we are stuck with the elevated price tag.

To receive a proper return on investment you need to kill 5,000 to 10,000 enemies

What engerneering ? This whole video is opinion. I can't watch AmDocs.

No aux input or wi fi, crap

Someone get the narrator his Lucky Charms...

The A-10 Warthog will always be my favourite.

Trump will have it down to 2.5 million in three tweets....

the program probably costs equalling a small country's total gdp..the kind of country US would use this technology against

Russia and China have left the chat. Just kidding comrades, calm down. Cheers!

Now the russia and china can copy it. Thank you, pal XD


27 years innovation. Sell one of these to allies of china and within a year china releases a copy of F-35 and sells them for 1/4th of the cost that the USA is selling

dude.., why is center of pressure is not always a convenient concept in aerodynamic ??

Boeing X-32 looked like a water Toad being horny.

15:50 — those two twilight shots are aviation porn to me

The F-117 in Serbia was shot down by anti-aircraft guns not by missiles. A lot of guns being used to saturate an area.

Thanks for the video, I'll take six!

OK, how much did LockMart pay you to make this video. The F-35 can NEVER replace the A-10, it is absurd. There are other errors, but after a howler like that, is there any point in listing them?

This is great and entertaining 101 video but it has some flaws that may be overstating the capabilities of the F-35. I'll summarize them: 1) The plane is extremely digital and computational. 10 years ago, you couldn't even see any pictures of inside the cockpit but I heard that it was all flatscreen/touchscreen maybe. From the shots you showed, this is the case. This means though, that when/if the electronic systems are down due to hits. How does the pilot operate the plane? Can they land safely? You can smack talk pilots being stuck in "old mode" about acquiring targets, and how air to air combat is conducted, but in an actual war, you will take hits. You don't want to be flying in a glass bird that can't land because it took a few stray rounds. 3rd-5th generation aircraft are capable of landing after taking hits, this one probably can't. 2) You talk a lot about the advancements of technology in developing the stealth surfaces and coating for the plane, but have you considered what the same computational advances mean for detecting stealth aircraft as well? I'd say it's much easier to detect a large bird flying somewhere in the ballpark of 200-900mph than it is to hide it. Nothing else in a war atmosphere will be that size (radar cross section) and moving that fast in the sky. I'm sure when dealing with enemies that haven't made radar advancements since 4th gen, perhaps you could be near undetectable BVR but I doubt even a 5th generation plane would be totally caught off guard if given modern radar modules and equipment. 3) Honestly, this plane simply does not replace all missions of all other aircraft. F-15E is still one of the most capable planes that can strike ground targets while still capable of defending itself. A-10C is still the best close air support (CAS) plane for ground fighters against heavily armored ground targets. On the latter, while the F-35 may be able to enter a space undetected and deliver payload to a specific target, if supporting ground forces in an active battle, once that first flyover, it's detected and basic IR guided missiles from the ground can pick it out of the sky just like any other aircraft. In the absence of anti-air, can it carry as much payload? Delivery it as quickly with repeated passes(loiter)? 4) Consider the politics of the JSF. It feeds into the military industrial complex of the U.S. You mention how much of a boon this will be for the economy - this is a lie. The cost and development of this jet (billions) could easily pay for so much more to boost the economy of more than just working families of the major defense contractors and subcontractors on this project. But the executives at those contractors want those dollars so they will sell this plane to the US govt and justify it's existence at any cost, while being paid for with US taxpayer dollars, and the profits of sales to other countries will go to only the executives of said companies rather than their workers. I should note for other viewers: CuriosityStream seems to be a conservative source of information. Based in some in some science, reporting, and fact, it pushes a conservative agenda overall. I like military planes because I've always thought they were cool and I've spent a lot of my life studying them, flight simming them, etc well before I had progressive views on war and industry. I can still appreciate a war machine, but since 4th gen, the U.S. hasn't really made an airplane platform with a mission focus and simplicity and effectiveness in mind -- and to be honest, maybe it doesn't need to.

I think it would be wiser to create many cheap, niche platforms than one expensive, multipurpose one. I would rather have a fork and a spoon rather than a spork. Do one thing well, not 2 things badly.

I especially dislike the idea of replacing the A10 with this. I want something specialized for ground attack. Replace the a10 with something cheap, but like an a10. Something with high capacity for weapons and can fly low beneath the hills and slow.

So when can we expect to have flying aircraft carriers for drones like those in Ace Combat games?

f35 never replaces the a10

Is crAk worth $50 a point

Waste of time (24 minutes to be exact)

without forgetting that one F-35 was humiliated by Syrian air defense officers who fired an S-200 missile on it over Lebanon on October 16, 2018, so her future ended before it began.

I had my doubts,...but you sold me

A F-35 stealth fighter crashed in the Pacific Ocean during a training mission on Tuesday, Japan's Defense Ministry said amid fears that the accident was caused by technical defects.


Imagine spending $115 million on a plane the Bruce Willis can take out single-handedly on a bridge...

you can never take away my a-10

Does most the world actually care about america

Are most of americas military service personnel just dumb as fuck, homeless or clueless

Why haven't you done it yet lol

How hard is to kill a stupid a american president

Are there hookers in sandy hook

Are american kids worth jack shit

Is radioactive material easily to put into american water reticulation systems

Is ebola easy to spread in american cities

Lift fan is a Russian design ✅

0:37 “history of humankind”. Lol. Okay Trudeau

No way cheaper.

Also, I feel like there was no way to "not cover the politics" in this, because the argument that all the money going back into the american economy is just inherently an argument for the overblown american military industrial complex. The biggest question is - do we NEED something like the F35? did we NEED the 117? We spend more than the next ten nations combined, all to be ready to fight an imaginary war that hasn't happened in getting closer and closer to a century. All the while, we're neglecting our infrastructure, educational system, healthcare and wages. Essentially arguing that the F35's "being better than it could have been" is like saying "well, I bought meth instead of groceries, but at least I didn't just burn the money!" So no, the F35 wasn't worth it. injecting those billions and billions of dollars into american infrastructure and healthcare would have been a far better use.


The F-35 cannot replace the A-10 for its close air support role, its super expensive, doesn't carry the same cannon, and doesn't have the same survivability as a A-10 with its mechanical redundancy and the titanium tub. For other roles, possibly a perfect plane, but its foolish to throw such a expensive plane into a role that would most likely see its damage and failure.

Is The F-35 Worth $115 Million? No. In absolutely now way is it worth $115 million.

Union and lucrative contracts drive up the costs for the taxpayer.

A lot will still change

I disagree completely with your argument that the F35 is a "worthy" successor to the A-10. Close air support is not something the F35 is going to be able to provide in the same sort of way that the A-10 has. Every time they try to "retire" the A-10, the massive outcry to keep it flying brings it right back, because it's brutally tough, relatively inexpensive, extremely maneuverable at low speeds with extended loiter times, able to lay absolute waste to the landscape with combined arms fire (the GAU-8 can suppress in a way that nothing else short of a spooky can) and since it flies so low and heavy, works as a ground level morale booster for friendly troops and demoralizer for enemies, all on its own, by its mere presence on a battlefield The F35 can definitely support it, but I highly doubt it will supplant the most nightmarish close air support aircraft ever invented. It's just like the idea that kept coming up in the 60's that fighters just didn't need cannons anymore, that dogfighting was dead, and aerial combat would happen at tremendous standoff ranges. It just didn't happen. Fighters are still going to get in close when the need arises, and the A-10 serves a very niche, specific role that nothing else has come close to yet. The most likely plane to replace the A-10 will probably be a turboprop powered, cheaper, lighter weight close air strike fighter. What we need is something even cheaper, lighter, and better able to deal with asymmetrical combat scenarios in a way that laser guided weaponry just can't.

gotta say though, the VTOL layout looks kinda like yak 38 and yak 141

CANADA cancelled their order.

Of course the hired"in house"chief pilote,will give a positive report on this plane,we all know that the F35 is a difficult plane to trust,many flaws,just like the F22(that cannot be fixed)(Major O2 problems,with the"raptor"above a certain altitude,no "fight"without a tanker close by/What fight...???)...).....Long life to the A10/F15/F16/F18.....!!!!....

ACT governing resumption of work Supreme Court of the USSR

@Arthur Inglis RAM is never blanket countered. Its just 'reduced'. At current, fhe F-35 and F-22 can fly up to 20 miles to a S300 site and not be picked up. In 10 years inhancements to conputer aided resolution of the return signals may boost that radious to 40 miles. In either case, the stealth is never negated, just reduced in effectiveness. But note how its still effective regardless. At cruising altitudes of 35 thousand feet, one can hit targets with free fall bombs using guidance packages from 70 miles out, so even if detection ranges literally double their effectiveness, the Stealth of the F35 still wins out when used effectively.

Something to note is that Boeings entry in the JSF program focused zo heavily on cost reduction that they failes to address performance and kinematics effectively. The VTOL capable demo for example coult not perform a vertical take off during its demo showing without the aircraft literally having pieces removed before flight to lower its weight, including the entire Intale Cowling lip. The 'Guppy' was visually even to onlookers, overwieght. The Lockheed entry flew its vertical take off demo without any such modifications. Boeings choice to focus heavily on cost of production put the performance of the aircrafr second and the DoD pickes the F35 for its performance. On top of this, Boeings attempt at attacking frabrication costs probably would have failed anyway. The entire wing section of the X-32 was a single piece composite structure. It was the largest of its type and very ambitious. However, the issues of ever getting such a large complex mono-piece to exit and the autoclave without any major defects was neight impossible and in the end, the failed. However those lessons learned did contribute to the 787 dreamliner, which uses the largest autoclaves in the world at Charelston SC. The F35 of courses uses composites as well and while it never uses such large mono-pieces that the X32 did, the autoclaces for the F35 are the 2nd largest, being only 2 inches or so less than Boeings SC plants. Both planes really pushed carbon fiber and composite airframes into the modern life, thats for sure.

The MacDonald's of "fighter" planes. You are clueless. The internal fan design is updated Yak-36/37 concept. "Stealth" was invented in the USSR too. This fancy pile of junk is worth no more than 500k in materials and assembly. It is also single engine, so this tells you right off the bat what it's intended purpose is - to stay as far from the action as possible, namely - docked. It does not replace the F-16, A-10 nor the Harrier in any sensible way.

One word not worth it. It was late into production by at least 10 years.

12:08 - "Missing software..." Irrelevant point. Dogfights happen, and will happen even in stealth/low observable aircraft. Your software and sensors and radar and IRST can't see through a mountain or ravine or a valley of earth. Pilots routinely fly in these to avoid detection. 12:13 - "Missing radar absorbing paint..." That's... not a positive. Paint on aircraft, especially RAM coatings, put on hundreds of extra pounds of weight on the aircraft and affect performance negatively (albeit slightly). Also, IR seekers don't care if you're invisible to radar, your hind end is emitting thermal radiation like its going out of style. 12:21 - "But these other pilots like the plane..." 1.) Not an argument. 2.) And as we see in the case of F-22 pilots that whistleblew about the oxygen generator issues ("Raptor Lung") on the aircraft, talking ill of multi-billion dollar weapon systems is a sure-fire way to prematurely end your career. And isn't it interesting when it's not someone who is connected with Lockheed, nor in a high position that starts involving politics as well in the military (like a Major overseeing integration of a mult-billion dollar weapon systems would be), and doesn't have the not-as-proverbial-as-you'd-like job on the line that they start quietly expressing concern. The fact that Lockheed is dirty as hell and has been involved in multiple bribes, corrupt business dealings and outright illegal activities (see the Lockheed F-104 deal with Germany, for a major example)... Forgive me if I don't trust a single word coming out of their mouth. Especially when we have a mountain of evidence showing the shortcomings of the airframe and the entire point of us having this program was to "save money" and we're doing anything but that.

Now start Real Politics for stuff like the politics of this jet please

Real Engineering Geico insures the military China insures large properties and building projects(Miami newyork downtowns everywhere)

BUT IT HAS NO CHANCE AGAINST THE SU-57, BREAKING: Russia’s New Stealth Drone Performs 1st Joint Flight With Su-57 Fifth-Generation Plane Sep 27, 2019

There is NO "short coming" is dog fighting skills... that is bullshit. BAD VIDEO...

This peice of Junk s now being manufactured in Israel as well, yep Israel that wonderful Nation that has already sold secret US fighter jet engine vectoring technology to both Russia and China, not to mention shit load more their supposed allies secret Tech LMFAO

Fake news out of the gate. F35 is now ramping up production and cost is around 85 million each and will go down even more. Keep in mind that the F15 cost is around 100 million each.

F-35 is shit...!!! Just say it...

So its a high tech flying brick. Sucks at dogfighting but can snipe other aircraft out of the air. I guess that makes up for the crappy dogfight capability

"but ALL of its allies" what allies. We've alienated ALL of them.

Our eyes are always looking at you America. Cheers from the Balkans :)

Isn’t this the plane from gta sanandreas?

Ofcourse the US pilots sings its praises its a 1.5trillon weapon system the pilots woulnt be pilots for long if they didnt like it. The F-35 disaster it what happens when goverment and corporation merger in a corrupt system designed to steal as much money from the US tax payers as they possible can. When a F-35 cockpit screw cost 150 times what a F-16 cockpit screw or a F-35 pilot helmet cost 400 times what a F-16 pilot helmet cost then you have to ask youself wtf. When you look globally at other next gen fighter jets you can also see the price difference. The Russian Sukhoi Su-57 program costed 20 times less and the SU-57 fighter is pretty much better in all aspect becuase there designers didnt had to put 3 planes into one. We can only hope US and EU never gets to war with Russia because our entire F-35 fleet is going to be exposed as an expensive paper tiger. The only use we can get out of the F-35 is to bomb middleeast countries with old anti air systems but we seem to be running out of those.

The real question is, is it better than 3 Sukhoi Su-57 or 6 F16s?

12:21 "Like U.S. Marine Corpse..." oof

No, no its not.... Hugely profitable by 10 times yes it cost 10 million to produce...

The amount of technology that goes into this plane is crazy while India is flying Jets from 1960 and getting owned by a country Pakistan of quarter of it size.

and Russia (and China always rely on Russia stealth technology). The US literally just sell the planes to themselves.

The monument of american corruption.

An absurd and complete waste of an airplane one want's it! It is truly amazing to see how Ignorance prevailed over Technical knowledge. This airplane is the worst airplane flying on any army today. The concept is such a stupid design idea that it must have been rejected by any decent engineer as a total idiocy. Of course money speaks louder and there it is, a monumental failure of design. Imagine someone going to Yamaha and saying : look, I want a motorbike chassis and engine that will be used in multiple Racing conditions, and the races are going to be : 1 - Offroad Cross and stunt jumps 2 - MotoGP 3- Trial Oh and also ... 4 - And everyday use on road trips. go on ..make that Single bike! I bet engineers would laugh in disbelieve ... but that was approved by USA politicians to support the MIC zionist lobby. Amazing Stupidity!

Definitely not. No one is paying that kind of money. Australia has 100 on order and has taken delivery of the first 20...four years late. The contract price was A$85m each. With the current exchange rate at US$0.67 to the A$, thats US$60m each. In the contract, for every year the deliveries are late, the price goes down by $10m. Its a bargain.

This clip tells you nothing.

How about the f22? I feel like thats a pretty good prize-value plane

I like the ways you explained things, you spent 1/3 of the video to introduce stealth technology. Very nice of you to mentioned the F-117, F-22 and B-2.

who cares. its bought with paper pieces printed by the people buying it lol

Nobody cares. Things cost whatever you pay for them.

BTW, all Marines are on NAVY ships.. The Marines dont have their own ships per se, but ships they are assigned to. MARINE = My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment...

cant match the raptor.

Whoa whoa whoa, America isn’t the only country to blame for inflating prices of military equipment to get funding

We definitely can't dedect planets billions of light years away, at that distance, even Galaxies are just a blurred blob.

A piece of junk. Try our hypersonic DF-17 and DF-41 express. Delivery to anywhere in the US in 30 minutes or less, or your money back.

F-35 is developed from soviet Yak-141. Nothing more that tuned up version of a 40 years old concept.

F-35 is the evidence of US dumb decisions. No one is going to buy a "stealth" plane on peacetime like this. Most nations buy planes just to support the ground units, not to mention that most of the cases we are fighting terrorists that have right next to none advanced-armaments. The only one who needs "stealth" planes the most are the US, China, and Russia (and China always rely on Russia stealth technology). The US literally just sell the planes to themselves.

This is why ladies and gentlemen, we always going to have war. It's an insanely good business for some.

the price of a F-35A is 89,2 millions which is 0,8 millions less than the Eurofighter Typhoon with a 90millions price tag while not being stealth, having the same thrust (60kN x2 vs 120kN x1) and a worse avionic and maneuvrability at full load because of higher drag due to wing mount compared to the internal weapon bay and even at full bomb load under wings the F-35 have a smaller RCS than an empty F-16 no other plane in the world can do what the F-35 does... in some areas it's better than F-22 aswell of course in some other areas it's worse than many other planes but the future is stealth because those who have the first look have the chance to down the enemy first... you cant be downed if you cant be detected and even when detected you need a lock on with a system accurate enough to provide guidance to a missile and low frequencies radars dont allow that.

Re the big comparison between the capabilities and difficulties operating the Harrier via the F-35 . I feel there should have been something said about ' the Harrier (though developed) was basically a 1960s aircraft' via a much more modern design (the F-35). Try comparing a 60s car (pre ABS, pre seatbelts, pre ECUs etc [yes these things did exist but where NOT in common use]), with one that is in development, if not in common use, today.

russians will develop better radars in less than 10 years, and f-35 will become the biggest disaster of the american arms industry.

no need for that, google "Vera NG", it's a czeck system for passive radar (!); it can detect both "active" (..use the radio and you're a blip on the screen) and passive signals, like flying into a certain area, the VeraNG can detect changes in the magnetic field - thus detect everything in the airspace. The system is so sensitive, it can use the GPS- and other satelite-signals as background to detect disturbances. conclusion: the "stealth-argument" is almost irrelevant. ...the F35 comes 27 years too late to be of use.

Thank you for a detailed and informative video...but please.......don't replace the A-10!

Fine, I'll take two. Can you park whem on the lawn please?

Soulds like a cool plane but im wondering why we in the Netherlands need this?

In short: NATO. While developped for US AF, USMC, USN, it was also developped for the UK. Since they reduced their orders (even canceled?) for the F35 in favor of the "to be developped" fighter by france, sweden and uk (gosh i can't wait to see a draft of that one, gonna be a hell of a plane!), it was decided to sell it to all NATO-partners (incl. PfP). ...with certain "incentives", to get some sales... So Nato-partners in europe can choose from Typhon OR F35 to not get ...certain disadvantages by the US within NATO. (many countries would do better with Gripen or Rafale than Typhon/F35, but look at the "decission-making" that happenes AFTER they selected one of these; eg. Austria: "Eurofighter-Skandal", Switzerland: "Papierliflüger-Scandal" (Paperplane-scandal, where the same "experts" and organisations advertised against Gripen as in Austria), OR turky (...want a US-plane and being a US-partner? Buy what they say to buy "or else")... Now even Germany thinks about getting the F35, --> while the Typhon they already have actually can do the same tasks (just a little better) than the F35... Conspiracy-theory? Maybe, maybe not; question is "how many singular cases following the same pattern actually confirm the existance of said pattern", right?

@Rhino saur more like the US forced us to buy them to re enforce US power over Europe while we're a small nation that doesnt need such military tech.

Unofrtunately We still need an airforce for defence. The F-16 is becoming obsolete and the F-35 is a great replacement. The biggest drawback is it's cost, which is the result of a bad development phase.

Wait a year and the price will drop to 9.99 when the next model comes out.

...and we obviously did not learn from the Space Shuttle compromises nor with SLS.

Thank you for great source of information about this plane. I appreciate that it has not been made just to gain views and likes. Great Idea with References shown in video! Thanx!

saw one of these at the AUS airshow in Melbourne this feb. what an absolute unit. I love it.

I don't think the F-35 will be able to replace the A10. Not for the purposes it was used for in Afghanistan at least. There simply isn't any better close air support platform than the A10. It carries more ordinance, can stay in the area for longer and is simply a lot tougher than the F35 could ever hope to be.


The bull shit from this channel is immense the money is not going back into American economy is going straight and directly to the rich

13:48 Rafale has joined the chat and wants to... Hold on, already knows F35s position.

More like the F-35 was meant to replace the Harrier jump jets and F-18 carrier jets. The other two you named are secondary, even though there is no true replacement for the A-10. So until there is one made, the A-10 won't be gone any time soon. And as for price, it's only worth it for the electronic innovations and stealth coatings. Otherwise it's a pork barrel project that should've been cheapen to death if not cancelled altogether. Plus the Air force cheapening out on this is idiotic, they might as well produce more F-22s instead!

One of the biggest improvements is the standardization of many shared parts between the 3 models. This alone save the lifecycle maintenance costs

The A is the refined one, the B is the cool younger one, and the C is her older sister.

how about manufacturing it in china? Would really make them cheaper.


Isnt it interesting that the development of the F16 was because the Vietnam war proved that multirole aircrafts designs did not work out ( eg the F4 phantom was a good interceptor but a lousy dogfighter). Therefore the F16 became the dogfighter, the F17 became the F18 naval aircraft) and the F15 the interceptor. It turned out those aircraft became formidable in more or less all field. Now they have designed the F4 all over again, but slower,less a dogfighter, unsuitable in close air support ( like the A10). All in all a formidable video game. I have no confidence untill proven. With the F16 we knew from day 1 it was good.

U dick ...the reason this was so expensive was only due to the simple fact....that capitalism can get to rape the shit out of the tax payer

‪All war is the genocide of the working class for the profit & pleasure of the rich ‬

Name 5 wars where it’s wrong


F35 worth 115 million, no chance at all, it's completely unable to fullfil it's role as a fighter aircraft. It is product of the military industrial complex in a criminal capitalist country, and it's sole purpose is to take taxpayers money for the US capital elite.

all i heard in this video was absolutely nonsense ill researched conjecture. SHAME on you for making videos in the way you do. MAKE BETTER VIDEOS or i will NEVER ever click on your little photo icon thing again. At this point i am not even going to watch another of your videos for at least three months. If i look at another video after then and it is just as bad then fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you i will NEVER be a customer on your videos.

And, it's pronounced core, not corpse.

For someone having multiple channels on the outerweb you don't need my help for s***.

The trick is to put the big money into a project that is ripe in terms of R&D capabilities. With room for improvements and upgrades. The F-15, 16 and 18 are good examples of this principle. All of which are still very viable platforms. The F-35 seems to be a bridge too far. Not impossible, but too much money for a capability easily matched by a slightly larger number of currently available aircraft. Better perhaps to have worked on an upgraded F-22? And wait for the tech to catch up with the ambitions of the F-35.

the US Navy originally didnt want the F35 due to having a Single Engine configuration. why do you think the Navy always used twin engine such as F14, F18, etc because the navy loves redundancy, when 1 engine goes out the other one can still get it back home. although im sure Durability and Reliability have increased significantly from past to present, its still a single engine aircraft, once that engine shuts down its a flying brick. but in the end of it the Navy didnt have much choice as Washington really pushed the F35 program

"Going back into the economy" my fucking ass.


So what was supposed to be "one aircraft for all" now has 3 versions. So what was the point. The Harrier, F 16 and A10 are all proven fighters. The F 35 never will be able to perform better than any of the afore mentioned aircraft. Short answer NO.

That depletion of kinetic energy can be seen when it is maneuvering with F-22 in air shows. It isn't nearly as maneuverable but that doesn't much matter when you spot your target and let fly 100 miles off.

EA-18G Growlers are ultra important in any scenario when analyzing stealth. EA-18G Growlers have even shot down f22's in simulation.

it is built for stealth, not a flying tank like the a10. need a dedicated plane, the f35 wont cut it as a ground attack aircraft

We CANNOT detect any planets billions of light years away!!!!!

Can't believe this Irish fuck confused SEEING with DETECTING.....

What a piece of shit this plane is. Mr Trump is talking it up! The only countries that want this disaster are the ones that America Forces to buy!! Want a master piece of engineering Buy RUSSIAN!!

Seems stupid, they say make an all-in-one plane afterwards nevermind make seperate models. Looking at the plane the engine placement did seem to make for bad performance. The air flow seems less effecient and balance. Just a improved mig probably would compete. US military lining pockets of big corporations as usual.

Issue is: stealth is its only advantage. If it's in "Beast Mode", meaning: carrying rockets and bombs under its wings, the F35 has a HIGHER radar-echo at least similar to an F15; AND it's slowing down its manvourerability even more. Combine it's not even fast or agil in the first place ("it's stealth, it doesn't have to be"), it's one sitting duck - since ALL modern radar can track the "stealth-planes" nowadays, and there will ALWAYS be an IR-signature. So stealth became a way smaller advantage than the Lockheed's marketing dept is tellling people.It has become "easy to detect"; and what can be detected, can be shot down (ask the pilot of that F117). Also, the plane itself isn't the only thing needed to be bought; the mentioned computer, connectivity and hightech-informationsystems needs a massive investment in groundsystems, so everything can work together. In total, with informations at hand that are no more suffisticated than anyone elses, I'd say the SYSTEMprice for an F-35 will be about 190 to 200mil, while the plane itself costs 115mil. So every airforce that wants to buy the F-35 essentially has to replace ALL components (from radar to everything) so the F35 can do what it was bought for; this is a massive cut in every budget. ...this answers the question "is the F35 worth $115 mil?" with a definitive "as one has to look at the whole system-price (F35 plus groundequipment plus maintenance), the answer is NO. The only advantage over other modern planes is no longer as big as it was 27 years ago; this makes the F35 into a top-modern and neat airplane, that will lose against other competitors, especially in combat/dogfight situations". (also add, that eg. EF Typhon and Dassault Rafale make use of an active stealth-method, thus having similar stealth-attributes as the F35 but WAY more advantages in both dogfight and attack, while the systemprice (including maintenance!) is lower than the one for the F35)

The engineering certainly is worth the price, but whether the plane is any good in combat or not is subject to scrutiny.

Its a lemon and you,re shilling

No. Do what Turkey did. Buy the S-400 instead.

... well, when ya consider the aircraft that have come out of the Skunk Works through the decades e' ere since it began - yeah...

Know why the Iraqi's didn't shoot down an F117? Because they were incompetent.

"The F-117 Nighthawk flew over 1,3000 missions over Iraq". Yes, because Iraq had oudated military weapons and not last generation of Anti-Air weapons at this time.

Controlled by a computer from Boeing? No thanks...

Let’s hope there’s an easily accessible manual override switch.

F-35 doesn’t cost 115 million you dumbshit...

Elon Musk can make it with 10M let alone 100M. US taxpayers are robbed as always.

At $100 million what mission would justify the risk/benefit?

to manufacture no fkn way. to develop definitely.

Definitely. Thank you President Trump!

The F-35 is worth *** a hell of a lot more than $115 million *** For instance, if you go to **the useless piece of shit known as the F-35 that's been under construction for the last 13 fucking years, but it was DONE over 8 years ago... congress keeps paying for this dumbass company known as Lockheed Martin to intentionally fuck up the design of the plane because GUESS WHAT... they were converting all of the F-22 Raptors to have the same technology as the F-35's, because the F-35 is 'a lot fucking slower than the Raptor', AND it's actually 100X more money per plane. "Where did you get those numbers?" From the Wikipedia page. It says 1.700 TRILLION in THEN YEAR 2070 DOLLARS. I DONT KNOW WHAT A GOD DAMN THEN YEAR DOLLAR IS AND TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST, SOUNDS LIKE THE FUCKIN MATH IS WAY THE FUCK OFF.... Here's why. The F-22, which was completed IN TOTAL, for < 70B. In 1998. Now, the F-35, it's fucking somehow ... 1700B. Now, I know 'you are an engineer that can do things like "better fucking mathematics than congress can"...' so it shouldn't surprise you that 1700B is a fucking HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN 70 fucking B. So **I really don't know where the fuck you're getting the $115 million number from.*** On the Wikipedia page it says "this plane was the worst idea that America ever decided to fucking commit to." Well, it doesn't say that, but IT FUCKING SURE AS SHIT SHOULD. But no, in reality, each plane is worth $4 billion dollars. I'm not even remotely fucking joking. I fucking WISH I WAS FUCKING JOKING BUT THAT"S WHAT 1700B DIVIDED BY 425 EQUALS. 4B. Now look... how does a plane go from being reportedly costing 115 million, BUT SOMEHOW THE FUCKING PROGRAM COST ABOUT 99% OF THE MONEY THAT WASN'T INCLUDED IN THE UNIT COST? Well I will tell you. The plan comes with a feature to where it will rape you in the asshole while any country flies it. It's not JUST a fuckin plane? Oh. It's a fucking part of Voltron. It fucking Hacks your grandchildren before they evne fucking exist and then it ass rapes them too with a fucking time machine called 'go fuck yourself the United States Government that can't do math real well. Stop fucking taking my god damn money you stupid pieces of shit." I wish... i really fucking WISH THAT I WAS KIDDING ABOUT ANY OF THIS... but I'm not. The hidden costs of this plane are 99X MORE THAN WHATEVER FUCKING NUMBER YOU WERE TOLD. BECAUSE LIKE I SAID. IT's like a fucking VOLTRON HACKING PLANE THAT ASS RAPES ANYONE WHO FLIES THE FUCKIN THING... AND guess what... it's STILL fucking slower than the F-22. Which was finished 22 fucking years ago. And has the same sensors and upgrades. Pretty FUCKING AWESOME ISN'T IT? ^ Revelations.

Resulting from stealth induced compromises, the plane has severe maneuverability issue ("kinetic energy") and that's a fact (isn't kinetic energy advantages was supposed to be the main concept vs Russian plane with their super maneuverability ?) Even the Chinese who are claimed to copy the f35 made a twin engine variation. it's Good maybe for anti SAM & ELNIT but considering it's current price far from achieving targets - being a multirole for replacing the f16 \ f15 seems like advanced variation of f16 \ 18 & 15 will still kick & running for a very long time from now.


15:58 “Billions of light-years away“ lol. Try again

what about the harrier jet?

well it's cheaper than the f-22, but i'd rather have 100 harriers for that price

You could only buy 2 Harriers at most for that price.

Why even quote US Marine Corps Major Dan Flatly's opinion or review of the F-35 if he helped design it's fighting training program. Isn't this the definition of bias. Wouldn't we be better off investing in hypersonic missile technology and radar systems. Is it me, or does it seem as if Russia and China are getting a lot more bang for their buck. Cost of an aircraft carrier vs hypersonic missiles?

"is it good?" "Yes, but with that pricetag it damn better be!" lets just hope it doesn't turn into a hangar queen.

Does air dogfight still a thing now? i thought they were all used as a scouting plane

Give me 15 two million dollar planes equipped with missing over that piece of shit any day! Fucking criminal theft of tax payers money!

Wow! I've heard a mixed review of this aircraft, w/ most of the beef being about it being ungodly expensive...but I never knew about massive amounts of Sapphire as "sensor

"a jack of all trades is a master of nothing.".....

10/10!! Bonus points for using lots of F117 footage & a taste of DUGA array :)

I saw one of these F-35s fly at fleet week in San Francisco yesterday! It was so fucking sick and at the end it flew alongside a WW2 escort jet and the difference in tech was amazing

8:58 there are 4 you forgot the F-35I, it’s the israeli variant designed for the IDF needs.

Nothing can replace an A-10

Who's Manny?

11:48 Guardians of the west

Who else seen the F35 performed at the San Francisco airshow?

No, it isn't worth it and the billion's of $ air craft carriers aren't worth that price either.

Those things start to depreciate the second you fly 'em off the lot.

I think that the question isn’t “was the F-35 worth it”, but “how do we make sure that nobody charges the American people this much again”

you are really clueless if you think radars stayed in the stone age, my shity country already detect stealth planes more then 180KM

Nah why would I? This channel sucks ass so why would your new one be any better?

I have to point out that 'corps' is pronounced like 'core', not like 'corpse,' lol. I think you mispronounced 'Grumman', too; should be like 'GRUH-min'.

stick with the a10. cheap and still works

F-35 is a jack of all trades but master of none.

And yet health care is too expensive

Ironic how the US government is promoting peace and democracy all over the world and build deadly weapons at the same time...

Iirc, if all currently discussed orders go through, they will be at around 80 mil per at that time, which is pretty darn cheap and middling in price next to 4+ gen planes. I know the F-35 has some amazing engineering in the F-35, but pound for pound it probably won't be as good as an A-10 at being an A-10, nor will it dog-fight better than an F-16. But it does do a great many things well enough and a lot of things older aircraft just can't.

What a piece of garbage.

A single scratch messes up the stealth coating? ffs

That was the smoothest plug of all-time.

It's not called "forward slash", it's just called "slash".

Of course the test pilot from Lockheed Martin is going to say good things about the F-35. He wants to keep his job.

short answer: No. long answer: NO, YOU IDIOT!

Can you even get a f35 for 115 million? Even the f35a costs more, even ignoring the development costs.

Feel like I've worked on a lot of software projects with comparable requirements. My first recommendation is don't do it. My second recommendation is that this will require a comparable budget. Somehow I'm the asshole when neither recommendation is followed, and it all blows up.

No its not . I'll pay only 69$ for it .

It copied the Russian design with the extra fan and how many years between the harrier and this new yet old design , to give us a so called improvement . All that was needed was a super light weight plane with Hight thrust engines ,, yes not a single one , would have made it a short runway aircraft instead of a worthless VTOL where its not needed at all .

As I understand it, there's an expectation that the plane is 'future proof". That is it'll be able to integrate and support new hardware and software as it's developed.

Downvoted for that garbage conclusion hahahaha


I am so happy that Poland got on board and ordered 32 of F-35A, thank you USA, very nice!

Since the stealth advantage of the F-117, many years of radar development has been made. Against tribal warriors of some mideastern country it may still be effective, but against a competent foe it's insignificant. The Chinese data theft in 2007 meant that Tbytes of highly secret signature data got stolen. Every modern radar will see and identify the JSF in good time. Btw. The helmet. I watched a testpilot say that he didn't use it as it was lagging (in this video, at 15:00 there was no erratic head movements as this would expose the weakness). Did he need to see below the plane he just flipped the plane upside down. Btw2. It will never be able to replace the A-10 in the close ground support role. I'm dead sure that this plane is the worst lemon we can buy, but we do at a time where we politically and militarily need it to be a deterrent.

if F35 can be stealthy then yes.... but how indians and germans claims that they have technology to detect 5th gen aircraft ... then it has no value

How u got to the conclusion that this plane is going to be good replacement? U cannot know that to pullout that conclusion. No way.

Nope!. Better off spending $15 million on a few hundred $50 thousand 6th Generation drones and partying up with $100 million worth of cocaine and hookers like the MIC executives, senators and generals do.

Well no, it's probably only 'worth' 10% of that, additional calculated price fixing, insider trading, profiteering, extortion and don't forget all of the industrial military complexes embezzlement, and a select few are cashing in on the misinformation that's presented to the people living in the united states of abominations #WWJD #usaFAGGOTS #PSYWAR #whitehouseFAGS

The "Jack of all trades" and the master of none. A single engine mechanical nightmare which does nothing really well, is ridiculously complicated, huguely overpriced, and is a maintenance nightmare. Neither fish or foul I pity the pilots who fly it, the airmen who have to service it. The taxpayers who have to pay for it, and the nations who will rely on it for defence. There are good reasons why a vtol attack plane is not used as an air superiority fighter or a strategic bomber. 3 separate aircraft that share common parts like engines, tires, ejection seats and avionics would have been far cheaper to build per unit and far more capable of successfully completing its assigned combat role. A Hundred million dollar close air support aircraft for example is a ridiculously expensive way to take out a tank or give air support to troops on the ground, where all that fancy electronic garbage is rendered useless do to the the nature of the combat, where simple lead bullets and line of sight shoulder fired rockets render those fancy microchips and programs useless. Why do you think the Air force wants to hang on to their A 10's? And ask a navy pilot how they feel to rely on just one engine? One of the biggest defence boondoggles in history.

You really put your foot in it this time!!!!! Just one, fyi, the AV-8B is American NOT British! Get your facts straight, dummy!

The pentagon is a waste all they do is inject money to private companies. They overspend

i have always had a bad feeling about his plane.

helmet tech is dope

A10, air superiority??

Srsly that ad transition. XD

I want to the concept of the F-35 to work. Unfortunately, its development process felt like a way for Lockheed to lockdown a contract aimed to steal near-limitless tax money. The concept of a plane that consolidates multiple aircraft into one with full stealth capabilities sounds wonderful. Were they trying to consolidate too many planes into one? That is certainly arguable. I wouldn't get rid of the A-10; no other plane can do what the A-10 does - the F-35 doesn't even bother trying to do what the A-10 does, so that's a voice of confidence in the A-10's capabilities to me (let's not forget that the A-10 finally got its first upgrade only a few years ago, and it was predominantly an electronics upgrade, visible only by a couple of MFDs replacing multiple analog gauges - a handy upgrade, sure, but not a large one). If any variant of the F-35 needs to work, it's the C. Navy specifications are actually a great standard to apply to the Air Force, so the Air Force's A variant is kind of pointless. Carrier and VTOL capabilities can warrant variants, but having three is unnecessary. Sure, the Air Force doesn't need reinforced landing gear or an arresting hook, but I've argued that ALL fighter planes should have full naval capabilities, and with this comes building steam/electromagnetic catapults and arresting wires at ALL air bases. Having carrier components full functional at land bases would greatly reduce the risk of grounding defense aircraft due to bombed-out runways. Plus, with the training programs condensed as well, all pilots would have the same skills and capabilities (the only lasting difference would be in tactics), and as a bonus, if one branch - or even military - needs more pilots, they can draw from the other(s). As much as I want the F-35 to work after all of its time in development hell, it feels like a waste of money that should have been avoided. Sales speculation means nothing; businesses always oversell a product - that doesn't mean that they actually do sell, let alone by how much they say they will.

They got money for wars but can't feed the poor.

If a Bugatti is worth 3 million then hell yeah!

Worth depends on the purchasing power of its buyers ,you don't want to give 20 F35 with 1 billion

Is this a word by word dictation of this Medium article? ?? The only difference i was able to find was you being Irish citizen and the article author being Indian

The most expensive weapon system in history is the CVN. Not the F-35.

Delivery to Australia was suppose to be around 2010. Now expected delivery 2300 at a cost of $600,000,000,000 . What a joke. We should of got the eurofighter or even a MIG.

I find Russian jets like SU-27, SU-35, SU-57, more interesting than American ones.

I got mine for 113

Money very well spent.

That's kinda okay.. I mean, Chiron cost 3million and can't even fly.

The F117 over Serbia was not shot down by long wave radar but by IR and TV sensors. The serbians have never had long wave radar. Too expensive.

It was until Hillary Clinton sold the plans to China

why do we still spend billions on building killing machines when we can spend it on education and health care

It’s a fucking money pit.But what about the children

It's a lemon...

God damn 115 mill? Well my 70k I paid in taxes don’t help a lot in that 115 mill can I have it back lol

Yes perfect and simply ideal that US are selling these fighters to some of the most horrific nations on the planet with insane idiology that are beheading jounalists on embassy and are the parent nation behind ISIL, aka the sunni capital Saudi Arabia. not to mention the Turkey religious dude Erdogan who just invaded the kurds. Beautiful US that your selling this figher that we also here in Denmarl have put billions into developing to some of the most problematic nations in the world. (wheres your head?) afterall these nation here 19:50 where you can sense what look to be canadian, Danish, and Norwegian flag are likely not gonna put a knife in the back of US.

No, it's not worth $115 million, but it's worth billions to Lockeed/Martin!

In few words: MAFIA infilated prices

For Israel one, yes; U.S. one, hell no!

The single obsolescent thing holding back aircraft designs is the pilot. Removing the need of a pilot / crew means that designers can expand their horizons exponentially. No one thinks a missile system needs a pilot - so why does anyone think that aircraft of the future need pilots ?

It fits with American design philosophy. Have this commission of high ranking people who all want different crap stuck to some amazing imaginary project so they throw money at a manufacturer to get it done, that manufacturer realizes after hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of hours in design work that it won't work, then scrap it and just design variants to appease each commission member, essentially eliminating the entire point of the project to begin with. Sure there will be parts compatibility, for most of it anyways, so at least there's that. This is the same government that spent a billion dollars to dress our soldiers as moldy pickles, so no real surprise there.

Interesting how they got so much info but the title price is wrong. And the price has only been going down and Lockheed has not hidden these facts

can sum up the video in .5 seconds... "nope" because it's cost a TON more than 115 million. Remember the several hundred billion it cost to develop... It might make it to 115 million after a couple of thousand are produced...

humankind... wow so pc dude..ffs

Where can I buy one?


All the "new" wonder planes never get shot down when used against third world peasants. The US hasn't fought a fair fight in over what 70 years? It would be interesting to see their survivability pitted against someone with capable technology.

As if it was suppsed to take 27 years. Total, complete, 110% incompetence. When you say it was supposed to be a jack of all trades, what you don't understand is that means "striker, " instead of 'fighter." The F-22 has near-zero in common with strikers. You really shouldn't talk about what you have NO CLUE about. This video was 99.99% wrong.

Americans : why did you shoot our F-117? Serbians : we didn't know it was a stealth fighter and it wasn't invisible. Americans crying Michael Jordan face.

No it’s not! This machine for murder is very expensive and this money could do so much good in the world.

This program was NEVER meant to be anything but a cash cow for the manufactures. Any1 with half a brain knew combining all these so called features was NEVER going to work. It was set up for lockhead Martin to win from the get go. Like what the the host said in teh beginning, Military complex.

I recommend reading the book “Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War”

F-16 + F-22 + A-10 *>* F-35

Your segues are magical.

That segways to curiosity stream blew my mind the most!!!

Nope it's not worth it It doesn't have android auto

i wonder if they could ever make a nanotube paint that changes the frequency of enemy radar waves

In other news, the amero-zionist empire will likely be history long before the in-effective F-35 reaches its expected end-of service. Seriously amerikants. You waste so much on war-machines, and not near enough on the things that matter most. It does not matter how many of these war-planes you build, or even if you somehow manage to fix the endless flaws it has now and make it into a barely acceptable fighter. Your empire will still fall, and it will because precisely because of resources sinks like the F-35.

Lockheed got people in congress.lmao ha ha ha buy they trash azz plane they know that these planes will NEVER get i a dog fight ha ha lmao ha ha ha :D

That helmet does look amazing though...

To feed the few

US, 27 years of R&D, and billions in funding China, 1 year of theft and $29 million in funding

Ok but the pilot's real problem seemed to be described as not being able to pull instant vertical maneuvers the way they are used to driving during 'dogfights' because the engines thrust wasnt powerful enough once accelerating vertically to overcome that loss of lateral forward inertia. AKA you need a gradual upwards curve. its sluggish in comparison to the f-22 when your life depends on the craft responding and doing what's needed by driving up fast. Listening to Pilots who describe the f-22 in real world maneuvering tests vs how they describe this one (what little is available) tells me the f-22 could beat it straight up in an airfight.. if that MC Major really thinks he has a better battle plan then we'll never see it in any reports, and they'll need an entirely new generation of pilots without the habits of relying on a fast change of direction. im hoping they just incorporate the lift system during rapid vertical shift as opposed to simply directing the main engine the way they are trained to do in the f-22, otherwise the test pilots description of not being able to pull up is gonna mean they'll have to do a gradual 90 degree as opposed to the f-22s instant 90. either way, as long as US is the only country with f-22 than we dont have anything to worry about, right?

Short answer, no it's a turkey. A-10 is vastly cheaper can carry more firepower and can loiter at low speeds and maintain presence in an area of operation for far longer. Also is vastly superior in survivability of both operator and craft as A-10 airframe is not reliant on fly by wire avionics to constantly correct the ailerons for stability. Update the Harrier if you NEED a VTOL which I don't understand as they field F-35's on aircraft carriers with catapults which I'd trust a thousand time before the inlet on the F-35 in transference from vertical to horizontal's like why do we still field the 70yr old B-52's because they fucking work son.

27 yrs ? ..... P-51 Mustang 1940 Designed, Built, Flown In 115 days Of course they didn't have computers in 1940

Quantity has it's own quality. The cheap mass produced poor quality Russian T-34 tank overwhelmed the expensive and much more sophisticated German Tiger tanks.

I wonder how much it costs to shoot one of these things out of the sky...

Good analysis! You didn't mention that F-117 was not equipped with radar. Once F-35 turns radar on everyone knows it is there. F-35s capabilities are still to be tested on battlefield. There are other ways to detect and pinpoint airplane position (visual, sound), and with electronics development these ways of detection will improve, as well as radar sensitivity, making stealth less valuable. F-35 is built around stealth technology, without it, as you mentioned in your video, it is loosing to cold war era fighters, so with stealth becoming less effective it will degrade. Also because of its slow maximum speed it is less capable as fighter. Once it locks on (you can't lock on without letting enemy know), faster enemy fighter can just run away. In it's turn F-35 can't run away...

I think it's interesting how often in history people keep making this assumption that gun-based dogfighting is a thing of the past, thanks to missile technology. Would have thought we learned our lesson with the F-4. There will always be a need for fighters to be maneuverable, and I believe that slacking in that area gives a huge advantage to the other guy.

F35 is a piece of trash. With Chinese parts

The absolute best part of this aircraft is its sensors. They are highly classified, but make the plane extremely, extremely hard to kill. So yeah, head to head with a F-15 using only guns... the 15 will probably win b/c it was designed for yank&bank.

A multi-tool, does multiple things but none very well, and why bother with having a pilot anyway .

The P in Marine Corps is silent.

Nothing special it’s just made of LIGO blocks put together by some 3rd grader student in Texas.

Excellent video: Here are two additional complementary arguments, one in favor and one against. The first - the "for" argument is similar to one that you used, with maybe a little addition. "For" the assessment by some that the F-35 doesn't compare favorably to F-15's and F-16's in dog fighting. I think you largely pointed out the problem, in that the F-35 wasn't designed to be a dog-fighter in the vein of an F-16 or F-15. So, while the F-35 can't match the turning abilities of the other two and it may have a less favorable power to weight ratio, the changing style of air combat really doesn't dictate the need for the F-35 to exceed the capabilities of those older aircraft in that area. In a modern encounter the F-15 and F-16, probably even the modernized versions of the two, would never make it into visual range of the F-35 because they would be destroyed well beyond. While some do make arguments suggesting that militaries are incorrectly downplaying the importance of traditional dogfighting capabilities b/c in the past there were some oversights (the original variants of the F-4 being a good example) that really bit them in the ass. But at this point technologically we really are moving beyond visual range combat. If you get into a traditional dogfight, it is because something has gone *really* wrong - and so you can't really justify the additional expenses needed to make the F-35 comparable to those other aircraft when likely the only time it would require those abilities is the hopefully rare occasion when literally everything else (from command and control, electronic warfare, and other support aircraft) has been taken out of action. In a situation like that, maintaining the fight is probably the last thing that aircraft should be doing. Therefore, even though there will always be a certain level of hesitation to rely entirely on advanced technology (stealth capabilities, advanced armaments etc), at this point in time dog fighting just can't be a design priority for an aircraft like the F-35 (possibly a little more for the F-22, but erm..) "Against" This one is going to be a lot shorter and to the point. Some of the strongest critics of the F-35 have gone after it on the grounds that it falls prey to a familiar problem in design intent in that in trying to build an aircraft that can serve multiple roles, you end up with an aircraft that can serve those roles but can't do any of them of very well. In designing a multi-role aircraft (and this has been problematic in the past as well) you have to make compromises on the aircraft's features with regard to each role when features for one role get in the way of optimum performance in one of its other designated roles. I know that's an overly complicated sentence - in essence you have to make it an average performing aircraft in each role instead of superior b/c inevitably the various roles require certain design features that limit the aircraft's maximum ability to perform another of its set roles. With this in mind, critics say that the F-35 will fall prey to comparable generation technology that is designed to fulfill a single role and is therefore optimized to be able to do so at a higher performing level than the F-35 can in any one of it's designed roles.

Is it worth $115m? Nope. Not at all. But the US military will buy whatever the politicians and generals want.

How can anyone rationalize spending money on this travesty... You are doing this in the name of "balance?" Centrism is a disease.

400 thousand dollar helmets and high tech comm systems can also be incorporated into a plane with excellent maneuverability and performance. I think I'll wait for that aircraft

2050 U.S Military: we need a vertical take off aircraft carrier that we can land jet boats on Budget: $1 billion x 10 ^ 6

" something to replace the A-10" UH EXCUSE ME SIR the only thing replacing the A-10 is a NEWER A-10 thank you very much.

I feel like there's a comment from David Glatz that's relevant here. When asked if Germany could have won the war against the Soviet Union by removing forces from Kiev and directing them towards Moscow, Glantz (paraphrasing) said that the Soviet presumably would have done the same with their forces. Technocratic approaches aren't perfect, and other airforces have the ability to develop technologies to counter new aircraft. The longevity of the airframe is probably a more important consideration.

Wait, so the US Airforce has access to VR headsets which project an active HUD _completely in sync with reality_ into the pilot's field of view? ...Never would've guessed we're that far ahead, but also... *_The Future is Here_*

2.99 a month, I can feed a kid in Africa for less than a dollar a day..

Well worth it!!!! If we didn’t spend the money, we just spend it on poor people and better roads and better schools and better healthcare. So it’s worth it....

Yay he just said the first “S**T” lol

And when everything else fails,go buy SU-35 or SU-37!!

Nice video but you failed to mention how inaccurate the F-35's long range missiles are. During testing their missiles blew on their own in the middle of the distance or completely missed the target. Numerous times. Also the electronic system isnt very reliable in f-35. they have had many problems with the electronics (due to the fact it has so many capabilities it requires many electronic systems and they fail many times). So yeah this is why they keep reworking the F-35. Even many US pilots are doubtful about the F-35 in a dog fight because if they miss the long range missile (while in stealth) on say a dassault rafale (its extremely agile, it can even dodge missiles), the rafale can easily close in spot the F-35 and take it out (F-35 is bigger easier to spot and target in a dogfight and not as agile as the rafale). Many US pilots are aware of this fact and they dont rate the f-35 so highly because of its unreliable electronic system and missile target system. 100 million down the drain I would say. i have even heard they have secretly tested these planes against top of the line Migs, sukhois and rafales and the F-35 got beat in all of the dog fights. F-22 raptor is much better. This jet appears to be great on paper but in actual implementation?? Nah not so much. Is this video a marketing campaign?

Real Engineering No!

@Arthur Inglis Next week I am doing a video specifically about how to defeat stealth, and I have one about the quantum radars up right now. Spoiler alert: bistatic radars, VHF/UHF radars, passive sensors, appropriate tactics and quantum radar if it works.

@Eat Shit Typical Yankee. You also didn't do that well against Canada. But that is all moot, cause guess who finances the military complex so you can blow the shit out of third world countries, and make the rich richer? It's you dumbass, so you better get to work so you can pay taxes to your sociopathic government so they can make more bombs to kill innocent children. Hope you're proud of your country. The last war the US fought that was justifiable was WW2. You used to be a great country that was loved and respected by the rest of the world, but now you are a punchline to a bad joke, consisting of obese, ignorant, self centred pricks such as yourself.

The next question they'll ask is the TR-3B Astra worth it?? lol

In a word, NO! The whole fricken F-35 program started BECAUSE the F-22 was far too expensive at $100 million each and the F-35 was supposed to be a cheap alternative in comparison! The whole thing is a joke. We have Ben Rich, the former head of Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works which developed both planes, the SR-71, the U2 and others stating before he died that "We now have the technology to take ET home. Anything you see on Star Trek or Star Wars, we've been there, done that, or decided it wasn't worth the effort. We have the technology, but it's all locked up in Black Projects, and it would take an act of god to ever get it released to the public." As usual the public is being taken for a ride while military contractors like Lockheed, Northrop, Boeing and others have technology centuries ahead of anything that is officially admitted.

Also wonder what if F-35 are design on F-35 B, and landing gear of F-35C Then, replace the big fan at the middle to oil tank, for F-35A and C And replace a bigger wing for F-35C Will this be cheaper ?

how much are fuel and most importably Maintenece costs? is it a high maintenence plane?

"Most expensive weapons system in US history." "$115 million" Navy: 'laughs in Air Craft Carrier'

Am I hearing General Hux?

but you can't compare the f-35 to the f-15 in terms of energy, it's a multi-role plane replacing the f-16, the f-22 is the plane that should be compared to the f-15

I hope so Australia bought a few that are yet to arrive

And it was just tracked for 300 miles by an amateur with an old passive radar.

Donate that 115million for the people that needs it.

If India wants to fulfill the target of 44 squadron fighter jets .Rafale will be a better option for India.Dussa will do something new for Indian requirments also new engine for Tejas mk2

10:55 Nice ass.

more money not in the American economy but in the pockets of the company, not regular people

Quantum Radar negates stealth. Guess this thing is a waste of money.

Overpriced & overengineered.......a signal of the coming end of a product life cycle. The aerospace industry will go down like the auto industry.

To the F-32, you're ugly. U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi!

There is a german word for this: *Eierlegende Wollmilchsau* Egg laying wool milk sow A thing that does not exist because you can't cheat physics. There is a reason why specialization is a thing throughout this universe.

Is The F-35 Worth $115 Million? His answer "As an Irish citizen thats for me to decide" Really? Thanks for wasting 22 of my minutes. What a joke of a video.

Nothing can replace the Warthog and it's GAU-8/A Avenger. That said, having specialized aircraft for specific combat roles AND having an all-in-one aircraft, I believe, is a good thing to have. If intel on a specific target is sketchy (like are there multiple vehicles are they heavily armored, do they have AA capabilities, are they moving into territory with AA capabilities, will there be hostile aircraft, etc), it might be a good idea to send something that can handle multiple situations. If you need to absolutely destroy the earth and everything that resides on it, the Warthog goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT. I suppose you could task air superiority fighters and close air support (for ground targets) aircraft to the same general target area, but I have yet to see that irl. And I feel like there might be a reason that that's not generally done, probably due to my lack of knowledge and experience on the topic.

It costs around $40.00 too much.

No, no.. I've seen from other Youtube channels that this plane is a big failure, so I sincerly doubt you when you're saying this is a success despite all it's cost, but I'm going to look at other Youtube channels too. Words like: "you should be glad if you can fly it at all" as a pilot. Hmm...

nice LM propaganda video, I truly enjoyed it.

Keeps us safe. Worth it.

I bet the US installed some shady ass backdoor into the plane software in case they wanted to hack their allies

Nothing new about f35 engine the Yak 141 had that engine vtol design from the 60s.

It's stealth is functionally worthless.

Kinda scary to think about the fact that this plane will probably be sold to Saudi Arabia.

Amazing segway to Advertisement @ 22:05 =) I'm not even being sarcastic, made me smile.

You deserve an award for this video!!

The A10 is not an air superiority fighter. It is a ground attack aircraft, or whatever you want to call it.

Hahah, the greatest political/finance corruption scheme in modern history.

The answer is no.  No mass produced single seat aircraft is.  This is 30 million dollars of aircraft and 80 million dollars of corruption, graft, mission creep and bad project management.

It’s only worth it if you need to appease the US. If your sensible/independent you (that is your country) will easily find an aircraft that performs at least as well for a fraction of the cost. Lesson: one side fits all is a recipe for disaster.

Answer your question, no. A better question is a statement, Why the flying turd is not worth the money. Make that video and I would watch it. I guess they do not teach these things in writing class.

I'd rather spend 115 million on Kamikaze drones.

"The real winner in a dogfight is who sees and shoots first". So nobody has ever knocked down a 117 Nighthawk?. On 27 March 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, a Yugoslav army unit shot down an F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft of the United States Air Force by firing a S-125 Neva/Pechora surface-to-air missile. The pilot ejected safely and was rescued by allied search and rescue forces. The F-117, which entered service with the U.S Air Force in 1983, was widely seen as one of the most advanced pieces of U.S. military equipment. At the same time, Yugoslav air defenses were considered relatively obsolete.

Jack of all trades, master of none .... is a saying for a reason

You can hide the plane. How are you gonna hide the fat pilots in the US airforce and Navy?

It's not a waste of money because it brings us closer to the destruction of humans. The faster humans die, the better. This plane is a people killing machine.

It's sad to think that humanity uses this amazing technology to fight itself.

Short answer to the video title: No

Harrier: *exists* F-35B: *_I'M ABOUT TO END THIS MANS WHOLE CAREER_*

F - NO!

*Fuel* for thought: Aussie has only recieved 2/72 jets in their deal. Lockheed Martin has promised to make all 72 F35's operational by 2023... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As much as I like the design, replacing the Warthog and Hornet will never agree with me tbh... Cheaper, abundant in spare parts, (relatively) easier to maintain, bigger payload etc.

You might once in a while drop S-bombs, but at least you never drop H-bombs, which I am thankful for.

A-10 an air superiority fighter? Ahh no. The A-10 is a low-level ground attack aircraft. This is a replacement for the F-15 and F-16 as well as the F-22.

Blah blah blah , I'm Irish, blah blah . . . So, is it worth 115 million or not?

And china want to go to war lol.

"military-industrial complex" A phrase that enables the stoppage of thought.

so how long until we get point-defense on fighters like these?

"Political Power struggle" Are you meaning between the US and Russia? Or between the two major political parties? Or...?

Also nice callout to Lindsay Ellis. Didn't know she was a fellow Engineer. ;)

You have to remember other countries sponsor people to give a fake review or swayed review of their enemies to create dissension, division amongst it's people.

And some guy on the ground with a keen eye and a heavy machine gun can still knock it down. Every time you compromise several aircraft designs into one you end up with something which does nothing well. And we all know it's basically a way for a few companies to make an insane amount of money at the expense of the citizens.

False. Unless you use HEI ammo you're not going to do much to any aircraft using just a MG. Even the F-16 could survive such an attack and it's highly unlikely that MG rounds would hit the fighter in hte first place considering even an A-10 engages from outside the range of such weapons. The F-35 is also not a compromise... it's 3 physically different variants each adapted to the requirements of a single service.

I will answer that. No. Hell no.

heck no

Too big to fail. The military complex has taken our mony. The stealth planes can be seen using an advanced thermal imaging system. Also can be detected by using all three radar bands. Unless the complex builds an airframe that can negate the thermal signature all to gether it's just another jet.

It's a bargain. Expect the cost to go down over time.

Yeah that kinda money is a shit ton of it I would think most people wouldn't think so and if they don't then I need an income like that where millions of dollars and over a hundred mill doesn't affect me that would be ridiculous

I dont care what people say, the A-10 isnt going anywhere for a long time. The current f-35 mission statement has some similarities to the A-10 but is missing the key 30mm auto cannon. Ground forces have states that that piece or armament on the plane has made it invaluable to their missions when receiving CAS.

if you dont want to kill anyone, No.

if you want to kill someone, still No.

actually its not worth that much. they just say it is to get the money and use the cash for other secret projects

Yes it is. And you want to know why? Electronics. Sensors. Things you cannot cheapen without downgrading capability. Also vague stealth and the most powerful engine on a western jet fighter.

I've seen paper planes fly further, with more stealth and in larger numbers from the top tier of a football stadium AND get a bigger cheer. Gee wonder what decade we will get the F35s we paid for? And the biggest joke is they can't fly them anywhere that has Russian SAMs as the Russians would then work out how to track them.. Gee imagine that

The F-35 is designed for information superiority, not performance superiority. It' basically a mini AWACS with missiles or some such. Or at least that's how I understand it.

I would highly disagree that the F-35 is a "worthy successor" to the A-10, and it certainly will never be able to replace it. Loiter time alone makes the A-10 unmatched in its role, to say nothing about its survivability and mission weight.

The A-10's loiter time is barely better... It's survivability only helps get the pilot home... it's payload is worse than the F-35 and F-15. A-10s are only responsible for about 20% of successful CAS missions. Also the F-35 was designed with CAS as a primary mission.

The test Pilot for the company is hardly likely to say its a load of shite likewise the armed forces evaluators We wont really know until it gets into a scrap with some top class opposition even then a nfew changes can make all the differences. F/instance early spitfires and hurricanes without constant speed automatic propellors fared badly at the beginning of the war but that soon changed

It was supposed to cost $36,000,000 ???????

We just want healthcare ;-;

Doesn’t really matter If it’s worth it or not We still pay taxes

People pay taxes, taxes are used to build machines of war, machines of war are used to wage war, people who paid the taxes either die in the war or their sons and daughters do. What kind of s**t society have we built? No other species on Earth have such capacity for self destruction. There is no money to provide a universal healthcare, yet over 600 billion are available to fund an overextended military. Revolutions are born of stuff like that... question is "how long it's going to take"?

@Alex McAuliff You stated "There is no money to provide a universal healthcare" when there is definitely enough money in the system to do so. Throwing more money at a corrupt system won't fix the problem, and if you spend money to fix the problem you will have a lot more money to spare with comparatively minor temporary losses to other budgets. Nations that have free healthcare are spending about 1/3 as much as the US per person on average, and that's partially because they don't let the medical industry determine many of the prices. Also the US military budget takes up 3.5% of GDP. It's nowhere close to being 50%.

@dumdumbinks274 I never pointed out HOW much US spends on healthcare, just that it does not spend it in a way that actually benefits the people who need it most. You can not spend more than 50% of your budget on war related activities while holding sick people hostage because they haven't got the means to pay for medical insurance.

The US spend more on healthcare per capita than any other nation, including those nations who have free healthcare. Try to be informed before pointing fingers.

What no warp drive?

NO, it is not worth it. That is equivalent to at least $2 per taxpayer per plane, just for the initial build cost. It is more likely the cost is $5 or $10 per taxpayer per plane. The U.S. Military spending is out of control, and is effectively helping bankrupt the U.S.

+BUT, Early on you told the punchline: It would have been cheaper and better to just build three different airplanes in the beginning. There is so much graft and corruption in the military /industrial complex that the actual truth will never come out. EXAMPLE: Someone wanted the F22 Raptors to be taken out of service and as soon as possible. All the tooling, jigs and fixtures were stolen and no one knows what happened. Even then company security force tasked with inventorying and keeping it all safe. For a counterpoint, the parts and spares inventory for the SR71 Blackbird was finally stricken from inventory 20 years after the aircraft stopped flying. Why were the parts, spares, jigs, fixtures and tooling for the F22 (Which is still in service) allowed to go missing? Someone wanted to sell F35's really badly. They are currently stripping aircraft to keep others flying in the F22 fleet. Investigate a little.....

Nothing was stolen. The tooling exists in storage and the F-22 is currently in the process of being upgraded so it can last until 2060, which is the same timeframe as the F-35 is expected to be operational for i.e 50 years.

The real question you should have asked is how does it perform in combat mission compared to other aircraft, its logistic costs, maintenance costs etc. If its the best stealth aircraft its cool, but if it sucks at destroying targets then its an overpriced toy.

All evidence so far points to the F-35 being an excellent combat aircraft and far better value for money than the F-22

Good point at the end. though the development price was high, the returns will mitigate that price.

with such a smooth ad transition i feel like your talent is wasted in engineering and you should be selling insurances instead!

The cost has actually considerably gone down now that it's reaching it's mass productions stage. In fact, production is now cheaper than many contemporary 4th gen aircraft like the Eurofighter.

fuhqing greasy mic

14:30 The sapphire windows isn't the 'gemstone' found and mined in the earth, but artificial sapphire, made out of aluminium/aluminum in a factory.


F-35 replacing the A-10. Yeeeah, right.

Considering the developmental hell it went through, the failures, the total cost all in for the entire program, and the politics involved against the actual performance given... no. Let history remember the F-35 as an infamous blunder and let's move on. By the time the contracts are half-way filled (which is as far as it'll get before everyone throws in the towel on this fiasco) China and Russia will have caught up with it at half the cost. For the next 5-10 years if DoD wants play money for more stupid projects, fund them by selling F-35s.

Good luck rallying support for that opinion. :) I went ahead and gave you a pity thumbs up to hopefully get the ball rolling.

Not really the case.

If it was that great a plane, we wouldn't be selling it to other countries! The F-22 isn't sold to anyone..guess why!

Because it was cancelled. It's that simple.

One of the objectives of this program was to simplify logistics by having component commonality between 3 versions of the plane...It turns out, only 1/3 commonality was achieved. 2/3rds were different because of the Navy and Marine versions requiring different materials (anti-corrosion against sea salt environment), strengthened bulkheads for carrier take-off and landing impacts, low-speed handling (carrier landing requirement) and VSTOL with the Marines.

Nope, flying garbage truck! Waste of money!

NO its a fucking joke....detected already

If China's copy is only 80:20 compared to the source USA original, their total 500 copies of (80:20) is BETTER THAN 100 of USA's PERFECT F-35's - plus no where "near" the 'stage of operation' !!! NO BRAINER!!! Go figure!

God that landing gear looks so twiggy

How much is the Chinese or Russan equivalent ; have they sorted-out the soft wear for the 737 or will it take 27 years? It took three and a half years for our so-called politicians to agree that they can't agree how to sort out Brexit, instead they are playing blind-man's bluff, and coming out any way. There is too much ego at the top and no plans .

If it's worth $115M then I am as well because I too cannot go fast, turn well, climb worth a damn, and have trouble with parts going wrong.

Except that the F-35 is fast, is the 2nd most maneuverable US fighter, and doesn't have much trouble with parts going wrong.

F-35 is a Sherman tank failure.

What nonsense are you on about?

18:50 true, at that time they had limitations in designing better stealth aircraft and so your point is that now with the advancements in technology an aircraft can be designed (how should I put this) stealthier right? more efficient but you're missing out on the fact that while technology helps us make stealthier planes it also help detecting them easier, it's not a one way effect and you actually have to see and test which side wins and thus saying that nowadays we make stealthier airplanes than the past isn't really an achievement (meaning you should already be able to make better planes) but to build something better, relative to today's radars is the true achievement pierre sprey, he tells some important stuff in one of his interviews against f-35 it's worth the time to check his side of view and the points he makes in my opinion the whole point of designing and building this aircraft is to sell it to other countries, making money and job opportunities for the US if they believed they can be too good they wouldn't just hand it over to others, like they didn't with f-22

*Glimpses at the comments* So you're not even going to answer you own question simply because you're Irish? Oh wait you're Irish.. No wonder you can't muster up an answer

Horrible accent. Irish tinker

In all seriousness, if you just made one F-35, with the A variant's landing gear, the B variant's lift system, and the C variant's wings, that probably would have been best...

Why did they go with one big door for the lift fan on the F-35B, instead of the split doors the prototype had?

Most of you complaining are either too stupid or dont want to see why this aircraft it's such a huge technological leap. Over a dozen countries conducted flight tests and choose F-35 over all competitors. They are lining up to buy it. Keep talking up your rusted 1970's russian junk or cheap imitation chinese garbage....F-35 is the new king of the sky...and will be for decades to come

F35, a flying $115million crap

Sapphire might be a bit expensive as a gemstone but it is not expensive as a synthetic material as it's one of the gemstones that we have been able to make syntetic for the longest time and is used in allot of watch glasses even for watches that is rather cheep.

"The F-35 is not a bad dogfighter because […blurp about long range detection capabillities, and this and that…]" …aha. The F-35 **is** a poor dogfighter. Thanks for making that point, even though by irony. And it is, and it doesn't make it a bad fighter plane, especially for the strike role. It just means that without support by air superiority fighters, it will get into trouble easier. No news there. Datalinks between an F-35 that passively detects enemy aircraft over hundreds of miles and fighters that can go in to knock out that enemy in any case will make it worthwhile. It would fulfill a similar part as the Tornado did, thus. "The extreme precision required in production to maintain an acurate surface drives up the cost!" -I remember you said you had a background in aerospace engineering somewhere, right? I thus imply you know what a laminar flow wing is. I also imply you know the degrees of accuracy required to ensure laminar flow. I thus drop a few names here: P 51, Mooney M 20, Piper Pa 24, LET L-13 Blanik. Planes made of metal that are available since dunnowhen which feature laminar flow wings, thus require precision in manufacture to a similar degree and have been available to johnny common plane owners decades ago. The requirements in maintaining the shape is only somewhat harder to achieve with the F-35, as the entire cell has to match. It's not required to re-invent any wheels here, though. To add an opinion: The JAS 39 comes at a fraction of the price, is similar in speed, superior as dogfighter, inferior in passive detection, probably superior in radar jamming, but all things considered the bigger bang for the buck. The E/F versions even are able to supercruise, thus *do beat* the F-35 in speed by far, but I am not sure if they are available for sale outside Sweden. The only real quality the F-35 holds over thr Gripen is stealth, which I guess is massivley overrated, as shown by the Serbian's downing an F-117 (Of which I heard very different versions from what you reported here). I guess they are better Choices than the F-35a, though. A team of F-35 in the second line of battle, providing fighters like the Gripen, Eurofighter, Rafale, F-15, F-18 or F-22 with data about enemy movements would probably be real killer teams. You don't need many F-35s for these teams, though.

*And just as everything seemed to be going so well, and profitably, for the obsolete Lockheed-Martin F-35, suddenly the Russian S-400 and Chinese PL-XX...*

Nice video, shitty segue way.

The Warthog would kick this things ass in a dog fight.

For comparison, the F-35A is much cheaper than the Eurofighter and about the same cost as the Rafale, but more advanced than both of them.

The money goes right back in the economy, lmfao stick to engineering.

Yes, it is.

if the yanks keep printing money there money becomes worthless so it’s would be worth 10 mil but the dollar is worthless so now it 115mil or 10 minutes of printing

Only $115 millions? I am ordering mine from Amazon right now!

What a bargain when you consider the F22 Raptor is a lot more expensive and the Harrier already being 39 million for pretty old tech.


6:15 the back looks like a butt pointing at the ground

Haha) F117 was successful bombing a third world country into the Stone Age, success!

no.. because most of the research you paid for isn't for that plane at all. you basically paid for the research and development of the next couple of planes, bombers, fighters and other. The plane only cost 10 to 20 million per plane to make in the factory. the rest is all research and profit. why don't they mass produce them? planes get outdated quick and always need updates.. the newer.. the more you just have to through them out like your cell phone. all electronic and not worth upgrading.. like the F-35 is not worth upgrading. its a flying computer.. its cheaper just to make a new plane every 10 years.. cheap to maintain if you make the parts in your country. expensive if you buy direct from the factory.. iran has F-4s.. they don't need a smart plane.. they need a smart missile. they can get them from Russia.. all stealth is detectable. your suppose to be at 80,000 feet. launching missiles at things at ranges banned by treaties. like mid range missiles. they cheat and go high to get the distance. no side has ever followed the treaties.. us stealth is designed for high altitude. shape angles.. Russia stealth is designed for low altitude. smooth angles. usa high and slow.. Russia low and fast. sharp angles slow you down. not designed for being at low altitudes. could a F-22 to F-35 make it to Russia.. yeah.. just has to fly high enough..

Odd to take one basic design and then to fragment it with three rather different variants... So strange that the Navy version won't have the vertical take off and landing capability, which I would think they would want most. For the price, I'd rather have three F-15s (at the historical price of $42M each) or a single F-15, an F-16 or F-18, and an A-10.... Sort of scary to try to cram too many diverse requirements into one plane, which may wind up not doing any of its different missions very well . or as well as predecessors - at all... I sure hope it works out o.k...

The Navy has no reason to use the STOVL version when they have catapults that allow short take-offs at much higher mission weights. Also for a historical price you're getting a historical jet. An F-35 would wipe the floor with 2 or 3 F-15s of that era. Modern F-15s each go for more than $100 million, whereas the Air Force version of the F-35 goes for about $85 million, soon to be around $80 million. Also the F-35 doesn't do anything the F/A-18 or F-16 don't already do, it just has greatly enhanced capabilities. The difference between each variant comes down to how each service wants to operate the platform, not what roles they will use it for.

It is the usual yankee con job .. No use , No worth , No value .. the suckers are buying junk ...

Not "real engineering" when the problem of high wing loading and poor thrust to weight ratio is waved away with quotes from Lockheed sales plots and typical Lockheed deflection that the software and paint job wasn't finished.

Except that it's wing loading is about the same as the F-16, total loading is better than the F-16, and it's T/W ratio is extremely good and once again better than the F-16.

It will also 'inject' money into the UK's economy as about 19% of the F35 (for all nations) is made in the UK by BAE and other British companies.

if only my country got rid of all corrupt officials, we should've been purchasing dozens of these already.

Nothing should replace the A10


Trump really loved the F-35 over the other fighters so that is why the F-35 is the number one weapon that America is spending money on. Also it is because of Obama that America choose the F-35 over the F-22.

There is no proof that Beyond Visual Range (BVR) air to air combat is going to be the norm. This is not the way not the way the few examples of modern air combat have occurred. The F-35 is taking a huge gamble by sacrificing maneuverability which would be necessary in close range combat.

It doesn't sacrifice maneuverability... it's the 2nd most maneuverable US fighter. Also most actual air to air engagements since the Gulf war have been BVR.

Strangely positive given the data presented.

The military industrial complex has ruined the US. They keep building all these WW2 type aircraft and aircraft carriers when if a world war were to happen who knows what would need to be created to be victorious if it's at all even possible because of nukes.

Is it possible for you to do a V-22 Osprey video?

Yeah F-117 bombing a miltiary that uses WW2 radar... Till it met decent cold war radar in Serbia.

That incident just proved that stealth works. The Serbian radar (of the same era as the F-117A) failed to lock the F-117A multiple times despite detecting it at roughly 35km, resulting in the missiles only being fired at a range of 15km. It was about as amazing as an F-15 shooting down a MiG-23.

Of course everyone involved in the F-35 development and programs would say it is better than everything but F22 in dog fight.

How many pensioners could have warm home and good food for 10 of these ?

planes cannot serve multiple purposes unless you want to modify each plane for their purpose such as being more maneuverable for air superiority, better armor and more armaments for CAS, sleeker design with more angles to be more stealthier but this would cost so much for development and also would just be completely useless because the planes the F-35 is trying to replace like the F-18 for air superiority, A-10 in close air support will out perform it in any type of scenario because how they were specifically engineered for that task.

Except the F/A-18 is outperformed by the F-35 in literally every aspect. The A-10 doesn't perform CAS as a whole any better than an F/A-18 or F-16, and in fact performs less than 20% of all successful CAS missions. Most successful CAS missions are performed by F-16s, followed by the F/A-18, and then a range of aircraft including large bombers like the B-1B.

I'm still happy with my f4 phantom

Only a 115 mill, that's cheap. The F-22 Raptor is something like 2.5 billion. B not M. 115 million is cheap compared to that.

Why does the video stop at 12:08 ?

The World War II fighter bomber Mosquito could be the air superiority fighter of this decade with sufficiently sophisticated missiles, radar, and electronics.

If we could just make miniature drones which powersource can double as fuel for a fission reaction, we'd not need these bulky manpower junkers.

Part of this is due to Lockheed's policy of over hiring on new programs especially with support staff. This helps later in the life of the program allowing them to "reduce costs" through layoffs of personnel they never needed to begin with.

It is a far worse fighter than the f-22, it cannot do ground support at all, it is not a good bomber, its stealth has already been beaten.

arguably ,the only variant which makes sense is the F35B VSTOL . this is because it allows small navies a supersonic airsuperiority STEALTH fighter/bomber which IS potentially the greatest force multiplier for non supercarrier forces.

And just think, we really, really wanted to sell this to Turkey.... Problem averted!

you just need to ask China willing to pay S$115M for it or not.

Thank you Mr. Trump!

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Anybody that ever worked at an aircraft manufacturing plant, would tell you, in a word,... NO...

Nope, not worth it. S-300, S-400, S-500 are way cheaper and will kill this expensive POS without a single doubt.

That helmet is made from carbon fiber. No wonder it's so expensive

I have $70000 , what can I get ?

When you're a gov't that prints money like confetti and creates infinite debt, any price is fine. Cheap at twice the price. Wink...wink...

Considering the U.S. Has Alien Tech and far too advanced for civilians eyes, ears among other tech with a 20 year K ock block for civs. I'd say its money better spent elsewhere.

German radar company with Passive radar "picked up" f35s leaving town. That's why they don't do a lot of shows.

Yes, they also were notified of the F-35s positions because the F-35s were broadcasting their positions to air traffic control as a safety measure. Even if they theoretically could track F-35s, they haven't managed to do so in a situation where they didn't already know the positions of the F-35s.

Except the _F-35's_ in question were flying with Luneberg lenses.

No it isnt

India should buy this

11:48 did not expect to see israeli F-15 footage here ,nice vid m8


corps is pronounced core.

Canada's been trying to figure this out for 10 years lol

Its a single engine plane that is slower, less manouverable and less well armed than much cheaper alternatives. The stealth coating wears off quickly, meaning much more costs and maintenance, and given the advances in russian radar tech and the s400 etc it will be redundant in 5 years max

Except, at combat load, it isn't slower, or less maneuverable, or less well armed than its very few cheaper alternatives. As many of its contemporaries are as or more expensive in both unit and acquisition costs.

Legit multiroll stealth plane? Totally worth it imo.

They tried to do too much with one plane man. You coulda made a replacement for the F18 and A10, and Harrier separately and made more effective, cheaper planes.

The _F/A-18_ is a mulit-role fighter... Making 3 separate programs would have collectively more expensive.

I like how people say Russian jets are superior when American jets shit on them in desert storm with no losses. Even a fucking A-10 shot down a couple.

and destroyable by a 500k missile.

A $3000 rifle and $50000 soldier can be destroyed/killed by a $1 bullet.

"humankind" man last chance. either you will stop this bollocks political newspeech, or you will loose all respect in my eyes. ah sory mixed up with "peoplekind" :P

Depends on a b or c

There are so many things wrong here... The 150 million pr F-22 price was the final BUYING price. It does not reflect its total development cost. That totals 27 billion... While we know for sure over a trillion was spent on the F-22 since the late 80s until it was finally laid dead in 2009. Then dug up and finalised later with new budgets. Same story with the F-35.

Should be how much the F-35B costs

This infomercial was brought to you by Lockheed-Martin.

NO !!!

Without a doubt, 'No'.

Christ... The F-35 excels in simulations. WELL OFCOURSE IT DOES. In simulations designed for the sole purpose of showing how great the plane is. In simulations that THEY MADE THEMSELVES !!!! If it had failed, we would never have been told about it, would we. Christ... Its like your mother telling you you are the prettiest boy in school. It doesnt mean shit when its your mother that says it, does it.


F-22 is more at around 250M a pop

Sounds like "core."

I hope its true,if not....

Murican: MUH stealth aircraft can defeat alien spaceships! it is the size of a subatomic particle on radar! Serbs: haha ok cute :)

It's way way more expensive to create stealth aircraft than it is to create radars and countermeasures to defeat them. That's why Russia and China invest heavily in air defense, anti-stealth radars, and don't put alot of money into stealth fighters like the USA does

No that's just different doctrines. The US have always invested more in air power because ever since WWII carriers and aircraft have dominated over systems designed for direct combat such as battleships or tanks. Russia has focused more on air defences since they have always had a massive army and aircraft are expensive. It's makes perfect sense for the US to invest more in stealth aircraft and for the Russians and Chinese to invest more in air defences, though all 3 nations have both advanced air defences as well as stealth fighters.

Getting black ops 2 vibes

27 years development. In Gundam they develop new suits in like 6 months :D .

What are you talking about??? These planes are worth 1 billion dollars

12:23 spelled "marine corps" pronounced "marine core"

German engineers just tracked a F35 departing from Berlin airshow, ILA 2019, for 100 miles using passive radar technology. With the advent of more stealth a/c, the detection and counter measures will become more sophisticated as well. Rather buy some more Saab, which are probably not as capable but cost only 1/5, and are cheaper to operate at 10% of the F35s hourly operatring cost.

The _F-35's_ were flying with Luneberg lenses. The _Gripen E_ in unit cost is as if not more expensive than an _F-35A._ And are more like 1/2 the flying cost. With a smaller payload and slower speeds at combat load.

To discuss a point you made, stealth has not in any way proved it's value. It has been used against countries that use outdated AAM tech that is from the 80's and the 90's at best. Were the F-35 to be used against a first world country with advanced technology like China or Russia, then the evidence suggests it would not fair well at all and would be shot out of the sky very quickly.

The F-117A was 70s tech and has been used to great effect against nations using 70s radar technology. In fact the only instance of a stealth aircraft being shot down proved that stealth works as intended since the radar failed to lock the aircraft until it was at very close range, despite initially detecting it at medium range.

Horrendously expensive, overly complicated, prone to metal fatigue, maybe good for 40 minutes combat against China or Russia, as we all blow ourselves to Kingdom come! Readers, do you PERSONALLY see us going eyeball to eyeball with Beijing or Moscow? Our actual realistic enemies are tinpot dictatorships & looney terrorists (many alas in our borders already, & many even born within our borders). Yes, the Russkies & Chinese have & have had dodgy friends & allies, but our choice of friends & allies in governments (Cold War at any cost!) hasn’t been exactly comforting. We in the West need co-operation big-time with China & Russia. One doesn’t need to be a guitar-strumming hippy to see that detente & real-politik, combined with political & economic initiatives to supplement defence spending, is a good idea! Don’t leave people in the developing world, especially Muslims, without hope or dignity, like the Germans were left without hope or dignity after World War One. We all know what that led to!


I helped build these tools of war.

1:29 WTF theres a screw coming loose there

How much was an F-117A worth in the 1990s? And it was shot down by 1960s made Russian SAM. There is your answer.

@Nathan Peterson In 1990s, it wasn't obsolete. Put into service in 1980s, I think. It was used against Iraq a bit before. Yugoslavia was under sanctions and S-125 used to shoot it down DIDN'T HAVE ANY MAJOR UPGRADES, almost 100% basic. For today standards, yes, largely obsolete, but back then, it wasn't obsolete. On the other hand, S-125 WAS obsolete (1960s technology). So, if 1960s SAM can take out pretty modern stealth at that time, what will much more modern SAMs do? Waste of hundreds of millions of dollars...

The _F-117A_ was an antiquated aircraft that saw no refit since introduction and lacked any form of countermeasures save being low observable flying on the same route as other aircraft earlier that day. The _S-125_ and its associated arrays were modernized systems from the mid to late eighties.

Only Doug DeMuro can answer this

There is no rational argument to be made that the F-35 can replace the purpose built A-10 Warthog. It cannot carry a fraction of the payload of the A-10, it cannot loiter as long, it doesn't protect the pilot in a titanium "bathtub", it cannot land with an engine or wing missing (as the A-10 has on more than one occasion), it doesn't have a 30 mm armour piercing Gatling that'll punch through a tank like it's a soda can, and it's nowhere near as maneuverable at low speeds. The A-10 was built for one specific job, and it excels at it, but the F-35 is a jack of all trades, master of none.

There definitely is considering the A-10 only does at most 20% of successful CAS missions and exists today mostly because of a false reputation for survivability. The F-35 can carry a larger payload than the A-10, has longer range, has the option of stealth for CAS in contested airspace, has a 25mm version of the A-10's gun, and is extremely maneuverable (the A-10 only has a tighter turn radius, not better maneuverability). Also, the A-10's gun is only good against light armour. It was tested thoroughly against T-62As (from 1961) using DU rounds and failed to penetrate it from all angles that would be practically achievable in a combat situation.

Dope. Give Elon Musk 1 year and the F35 would be obsolete.

I'm a US citizen and I love this plane and what it can do for us and our allies. Like Ireland.

To be fair the F-117 that was shot down over Serbia was detected when it opened its bomb bay, which kills its stealthiness.

F-15, 16 and F-18 are the last excellent fighter jets that America ever made.

Is it worth it? just depends on what you compare it to. Ca built many bridges for its poorly managed high speed rail. There might be 12 to 14 of these bridges. The bridges are currently the only output from the input which is likely around 15 billion. (for a small relevant section including the bridges. the total project is expected to exceed 70 billion) So each bridge that connect to nothing and provides nothing cost a bit over 1 billion a piece. So one bridge that can latter be turned into a Jerry Brown Town for homeless people or about 8 f-35s. Hell yeah the F-35 is worth that small cost.

"VLOL" - Real Engineering

That segue hit me like a thunder.

Program cost: 1.5 trillion USD. Total expected revenue: 500 billion USD. Hmm...

The program cost is spread over 59+ years and over 12+ countries.

Watch the movie the Pentagon wars, that covers such issues in a hilarious manner.

What is one American life worth when they did not have to be a soldier on the ground?

Human kind? You mean mankind

This is really simple: - Yes, the F-35 is definitely worth $115 million. That doesn't change the fact the JSF program as such is a failure. Just as the fact, that the JSF program is a failure, doesn't change that the F-35 is worth $115 million. Why is it? - Because it has unique capabilities and there is no even remotely comparable alternative. Could better fifth generation fighters have been developed? Yes, but that didn't happen and here we are.

Failure how?

Lots will be paying for this shit and a few will cash in.

115M. for one F-35!!! That's stupit as fuck!!! You can buy 10 JF-17 for the same Money and is design to fight the 5 Gen fighters!!! Or 8 J-10's for 110M and is much better as the Eurofighter!!!

Love the way you say "a shitload of money"

"Lucky Martin"

"Shooting first" is the literal opposite of "dogfighting" which is direct sight maneuvering and shooting, usually involving machineguns/cannons instead of missiles. Dogfights in the closest sense require maneuverability and speed advantages over your opponent to get out of their aim and into a position where you can aim at them better sensory suites already have lost much of their importance when you close in enough to make it a dogfight.

Dad, can you buy me a "5th Gen vtol-capable supersonic stealth superiority fighter aircraft with cutting-edge broadcast-encrypted sensors"?

great video

Only in Ace Combat we will know the answer

Make a video on the F1 2021 regulations when they are released.

Isn’t the lift fan developed by Rolls-Royce, not Lockheed Martin?

These planes not even worth a penny, why? As we get more technological producers put more safety measures, and if you go get into a Conflict with someone they dont want to, they will surely shut it off.

The next plane will be so expensive, the US will be able to afford only 1. The USAF will have it on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Fridays, the USN on Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays. The USMC will have it 1st Sunday of each month


"Is The F-35 Worth $115 Million"? No, because my enemies are numerous very cheap and its not cost efficent to kill them with this plane. But I guess.. that if US put a gun at my head or gave me a carrot, it would suddenly be worth it.

One button = $10k

I personally feel any falling or limitations the f 35 has is at the faulty of it's having basic 3 jets in 1, I also feel it's could have been far worse but for the requirements it will work, also I am a person who wants to design militarily aircraft for a living

I want to buy a fighter jet. is F-35 worth that price?

The answer is: Yes. This is a stupid question. Didn’t even watch the video.

My personal opinion based on everything I've been researching the past 3 years: No.

The Chinese newest Quantum Radar will detect F-35 200 miles away.It will become useless and Canada has scrapped purchasing...

Australia still waiting for the rest of our order for the F35 Lemons at this date 19/10/2019 better supplies from the UK.

Is it worth it? Of course not, unless you are one of it's profiteers.

REMINDS ME when iranians shot down the US $170 MILLION DRONE

With all this money spend like that lead me to thinking could most of Earth problem could of been solve with it? I mean 115Million, thats enough for many to start entire business and be a millionair that can help the poor.


Steam Catapult equipment under the aircraft carriers deck is huge! Watch a video on it

Failed .. There was air show in france this years and there is company who make radars. They claimed that they detect f35 for 200 km

115 million U.S. dollars for a flying turkey??? Wasn't it last year an F-35 was hit and had to stop it's miiion over Syria ... picked up by an old Russian S-200 missle system and forced it back to Israel??? lmfao.

No, that was a bird strike in 2017 before the F-35 was even operational within the IAF.

It was never the answer I was interested in but the journey. Very good video.

Not worth it... nothing used to kill our fellow man is.

Meanwhile Australia just locked into a 10 year contract spending $80million on f16 jets. How retro

Longest leadup to a spruik for a subscription channel evah!

Downvoted for not getting to the point.

That is my tax money flying.

Ah, excellent. Now instead of being 100 times more powerful, we can be 400 times more powerful than those deadly goat farmers! And all it cost us was a first world healthcare system and fixing out infastructure! What a steal.

Easy answer... no

RIP the braaaaap braaaaap A-10 you will be missed

Amazing content bro

Compare it to the new China fighter in cost and capability.

11:15 he talks about fusalage is shit you spin that with bunch of bullshit. If fusalage is shit, its shit this is not something about software or some paint lol

EVERY time a missile or bomb it drops takes out some radical Moojah, I say YES !!!

Things I learned 1) The way the F-35B does vertical take off is seriously awesome. 2) Good lord, the F-22 is one gorgeous bird.

If the government didn't steal its income by force, we'd know the true value of something like this to people living in North America.


US: We have this stealth fighter with VTOL capability and electronic superiority. Russia: Our aircraft can land on a farm field, and can be repaired with a wrench and some duct tape. Russia wins.

The biggest argument you don't address - surviveability. The reason they brought back the A-10 was because it could handle the attack role better. It won't shut down from a few bullets ripping through it. There's a phrase that describes it perfectly: a Jack of all trades, a master of none. You try to do too many jobs an d you end up doing all of them shitty. Specialization is a necessity of war. Are you now going to say we should put all troops through dive, para-, and sniper training because it will save money having all in one? You're an idiot if you think so; and the same goes for this aircraft. Oh, and if it's so great, why did the Navy decide to put more investment into the F/A-18 E/F Superhornet?

The A-10 never left... It was simply painted with a false reputation and the USAF were not allowed to replace it despite having evidence it doesn't perform that well. A-10s perform less than 20% of successful CAS missions. And besides, bullets aren't going to do much to any combat aircraft. "Jack of all trades, a master of none" is the perfect phrase to describe literally every successful modern fighter. Specialised aircraft typically don't do their role much better at all, and they take up space that could be used for a more useful aircraft. "Are you now going to say we should put all troops through dive, para-, and sniper training because it will save money having all in one?" - No, but that's only comparable to pilot training, not the actual equipment being able to perform multiple roles. For instance there are F-35 squadrons dedicated to air combat. If a primarily ground attack squadron loses an aircraft they can borrow from the air combat squadron. "Oh, and if it's so great, why did the Navy decide to put more investment into the F/A-18 E/F Superhornet?" - Because the F-35 is not intended to replace the Super Hornet. The Super Hornet wasn't even operational at the time the X-35 won the JSF competition.

F-35: "exists" Passive Radar: "I'm about to end this planes whole career!"

Meaning you can buy up to TEN fully up to date and widely superior Sukhoi Su-35 for the price.

You can buy one of those at best per F-35A, and the US are producing F-35s about 10x as fast as Russia produces Su-35Ss. The Su-35S is also quite inferior. A bit like how the F-4 has better specs than the F-16 on paper, but the F-16 vastly outperformed the F-4.

No it is not worth 115 million, 400K for that helmet, wow. Now the F22 is worth every penny. Military could have gotten something better for that price of each one F-35.

Q: Is the F-35 Worth $115 Million? 20+ minutes of video later... A: NO

Are you a virgin? Yeah 20:12

It’s a trap but most Americans shy to say yes they eat 2 trillions for technology they have it already since 40 years

can you send it (again)over Serbia so we can do our voodoo shit and take him down(again).....

11 fukken tons of weight and you still build those stupid rockets for space flight???

Hey bro. Could you think of making match up of one F35 against all German army during ww2. Or dozen?

we (you that is) have absolutely not demonstrated that the f35 is a worthy replacement. and others seem to think the same. guess why boeing just fitted the a10's with new wings that are expected to take 10K flight hours.

Because the A-10 has political supporters who never let the USAF present evidence they don't need the A-10. Fact is the A-10 is responsible for less than 20% of successful CAS missions in the last decade.

The answer is No.

*sponsored by Lockheed Martin* ;)

Oh shut the fuck up about dog fighting. So tired of that crap. No one dog fights anymore! I don't care how well your Cold War fighter can dog fight if it can be picked up by the F-35 long before it even knows the F-35 is in the area.

When referring to the pilot we should use they not he, your videos are brilliant keep up the good work.

Is it worth $135 million? Do we want to keep air superiority? YES so $135 million is worth it! Ask a pilot how they like the F-35 who has flown a F/A 18, F-16 or F-15 Strike Eagle and the answer is yes. The only alternative is a F-22 which costs significantly more.

Anybody ever wonder if some of the $$$ went to other projects?

image and explanation at 17:23 is completely wrong

World's most expensive lemon.

No, it´s not. Cant´t you just say it?

Be aware you are talking a balance sheet. Ask the question to the ones who get paid - especially at the top of that game. Nothing has a cost but someone gets paid or collects. Wars that waste and seem to win nothing are more than lucrative - being the capacity to rig an Economy to war as peace. Pharma patently trolls for monopoly over sickness and opens has no business sense of actually curing their revenue stream. What is it worth to YOU is a more definite question - because you are part of the tax base that pays as well as sharing the nature of those who are its targets - people. I'm not saying defences are necessarily wrong I am questioning the frame of 'thinking'

I believe the F- 22 and the F-35 are turds

The F-35B made the other two variants less capable and more expensive by far. Bad move, ass they should have made a STOVL should have been developed as one project and the other two as another. I think the X-32 was a more interesting project and that it could have cut the price down a lot. That says a lot coming from me as I really dislike Boing. But after all, I think all 3 of the F-35 variants will end up doing their jobs well, and that they will in many missions be the best in the world, at least when the price is taken into account.

I mean one bolt will probably cost $2... And Boeing and Lockheed Martin get political pull only because they pay off Republicans and centrist Democrats to give them more contracts

Hey bro sorry my question is not related to your video but still I want to know why there is no spherical mirror (concave and convex mirror) camera exist.

Let china buy this, so next it will be cheaper for everyone. we can kill even more people

12:05 I don't know much about military traditions, so is there a reason why that pilot has an american flag folded up on his dash board? My mind went to a very dark place when I saw that lol.

Fun fact the f35 only cost 122 million in small production runs of 10. Lockheed is going to deliver 130 this year. Also they just offerd the f35a at a cost of 80 million thats a 16% drop off in price when it hasnt even reached peak production

YES! The F-35 pilots will tell you that they are invisible to other pilots.

If youre a douche and youd rather kill than explore, or innovate theb yeah, sure....

Using people who have to shill for F35 as examples is ridiculous. Stealth is a meme (what is thermal imaging and LW radar). LW is not useless paired with ever-cheaper and higher resolution thermal tech. It was defeated by 70s sams in Serbia when they killed lots of Serbs to protect invading muslims. Thanks Bill. New attempts allegedly rely on detecting the absence of signal or a lower background due to scatter across various frequency ranges. Either way it can't do half of an A10s job, can't loiter as much, can't fight as good in the air in heavy ECM environment.. it's a donkey.

It will be a success! And the lessons learned in manufacturing will be taken to the next gen fighter planes. So the costs of that should not be attributed to this plane entirely.

One of these or Fifty Sea Harriers for $115 Million ? I know what I would have.

@bigearedmouse17 The production and acquisition cost was about ~40,000,000 USD in '1998 according to the GOA's budget report in FY98. Again, the _AV-8B_ has not been produced in over 20 years and has seen very little remanufacturing save some electronic warfare upgrades.

@Nathan Peterson According to Janes, A second hand harrier can be purchased for around $2Million. Am assuming the $40Million would theoretically be for a New model ?

The latter costs about $40,000,000 USD and hasn't been physically produced or significantly remanufactured since the nineties.

The F35 has more flaws than the X Box 360 !

try to fly with it over Serbia, I`ll bet it`ll end up like the F-117, downed by soviet technology from the 60`s

It would be sad to see this shit down by a cheap rocket

your 115mil number is way off. If you factor in the development cost which the US government did pay... plus the cost of all the added equipment needed to get full stealth capabilities... it is more like 200mil a piece. Now if they really do end up selling a lot of the planes to other countries... or course the per unit cost will come down in time but the reality is by the time the cost does start inching down in any meaningful way... it will be on to the next gen pilotless fighters. So in the real world, the F35 is a 200million dollar plane and at that cost... no way it is worth it other than to have a small number that can be used as quarterbacks with other planes doing the close in work. Honestly, the best solution in my humble opinion would be to use drones as the lion share of fighters with an F35 back calling the shots 50 to 100 miles back. I would propose a new combat group made up of 10 bomb carrying low cost drones. Then 6 advanced drones with air to air missiles. And top it off with one F35 to control the mission. The bomb mule drones would be very low cost with no stealth. They could be built for 3-5mil per unit.  The advanced drones would be around 10mil per unit and capable of firing air to air missiles with a ground based pilot controlling each advanced drone. The F35 would be shielded by the cover of the advanced drones while the bomb carrying mules do the dirty work. So 10x5mil =50mil for the bomb carrying drones. Then 6x10mil = 60mil for the advanced drones. Then 200mil x1 for the F35. The F35 pilot controls the bomb carrying drones as a group with AI controlling basic things like attack formation based on what they are going after. Each advanced drone has its own ground based pilot that is in constant contact with the F35 flight leader. The beauty of the 3 layer flight group would be the majority of losses would come from the mule drones which are cheap and easily replaced. The fighting drones are more expensive but still hella cheaper than the F35 and since piloted by ground based pilots remotely... losses there would be manageable. Keeping the F35 safe would be critical as we can not afford to lose 200mil aircraft for long without bankrupting our air force.

Hello from Serbia! Sorry, we didn't know it was invisible.

Unit Cost of the F-35A over Low-Rate Initial Production: 2007: 221M 2008: 128M 2010: 112M 2012: 107M 2014: 94.8M 2017: 94.6M Beginning of Serial Production: 2019: 85M

If this is the most expensive weapon system in the history of human kind, then it is already a failure. The Manhattan Project smashes it with the full force of a million thermonuclear bombs.

The X-35 prototype is on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum near Dulles Airport

22:02 Smoothest ad transition I've ever seen...

India got its french Rafale for whopping 14 billion Americans try to sell your f35 to india you'll make billions

American fighter planes are like European cars...overpriced.

No it isn't

Your transition from the video itself to the advertisement part was genious :D

I wonder how many $600 toilet seats and the like are included in that cost, and how much it would be without them.

How humanity could be so much better off if only we could get along. So much

@Nathan Peterson Based on both price per plane as well as hourly operational cost. I don't remember the exact numbers, I roughly remember the hourly cost of the JAS 39 was around €20-30000, Eurofighter in the €40-45000 region and F-35 over €50000 according to Der Spiegel last year. ½ is a fraction according to maths. ;o) The ratio in purchase price per plane is similar. Superiority reffered to as roll rate and load factor at the same speed. The lower wing loading comes to bear there, as well as the delta planform. The JAS 39 also shows a visibly better L/D at high lifts, thus is better at taking its speed around corners. Same goes for the Rafale, by the way. (I don't include the Eurofighter here as I can't tell how much of its tight turning at low speeds benefits from its extremely high power/weight ratio over its aerodynamical qualities.) A crucial skill in dogfights. Higher wing loading improve the skills as strike fighters though, as ground turbulence doesn't shake the plane as easily, so the accuracy in low level attck benefits.

> *_"To add an opinion: The JAS 39 comes at a fraction of the price, is similar in speed, superior as dogfighter, ..."_* It doesn't come in at "a fraction of the price." Superior based on what? > *_"which I guess is massivley overrated, as shown by the Serbian's downing an F-117 (Of which I heard very different versions from what you reported here)."_* First generation of stealth aircraft that lacked any form of countermeasures and saw no refit since introduction fairs worse off in one scenario against a well trained unit that uses the old but modernized _S-125_ system and its associated arrays.

It’s only worth it if you need it. Same as any form of insurance.

Depends on who you ask? If you ask the bosses at the manufacturers they'll say it is to them. If you ask an RAF or FAA pilot they'll say "NO, can we have the Dassault Rafale?"

20 minutes and this guy decides to sit on the fence. Then what the hell was the point of this video? Fricking clickbait.

27 years? Wow that’s really petty.... they could have done so much better in 27 years...

"...when we look at the other aircraft it's going to be replacing." -The F-117 has been out of commission for over a decade. A handful are kept in usable storage, but that is all. Also (in spite of the "F" designator), the F-117 is a bomber, not a fighter. The F-35 would *never* have been it's replacement; the new AF bomber is a closer mark to its replacement. -The F-35 *cannot* replace the A-10 no matter how hard corrupt military leaders/politicians skew the data/their intent. Nothing else does low-and-slow CAS better. -Damn near every positive capability that is now cited in defense of the F-35 could have been/could still be incorporated into other, dedicated aircraft (to include the more capable airframe of the F-22): -Electronic collection -Jamming -Advanced HUD -Citing the cost per unit now is so entirely laughable as they have been intentionally misrepresenting the "price per unit" for over a decade. The fact that it is now becoming stomachable in spite of still being an excessive expenditure for the product being received in no way lessens the comedic impact of this figure. They were trying to figuratively (and literally) sell the F-35 even when the F-22 was objectively less expensive per unit, and flawed metrics/political smear was used to cut-short the production of the other aircraft (which would have been a far more deserving candidate for an increased production run inciting a much greater reduction in cost). In the best light possible, the F-35 is an electronically advanced fighter aircraft which benefits from stealth and is comparable to legacy 4th Gen F-16s and F-18s, albeit with greatly reduced payloads, endurance, and flexibility. In an objective analytical evaluation, the F-35 incorporates a multitude of compromises attempting to replace specialized legacy aircraft with a common airframe incorporating electronic and stealth advancements, but falls dramatically short of successfully succeeding any of these airframes on their own. The Navy's call for twin-engine redundancy, the Marines' call for VTOL, and the Air Force's call for high speed (~mach 2)/high service ceiling (~60k+) were all dropped in order to force each branch into a common airframe, with the issues that resulted from such a short-sighted compromise being further marked by the fact that all variants now suffer from a significantly short range and unacceptably low payload of only four (4!) munitions, the Air Force's F-35A being the sole version to sport a 20mm machine gun, once more highlighting the fact that we have yet to learn from our mistake of technological reliance despite having faced it twice already in both Korea and Vietnam.

Just saw one for the first time recently, gawd _they'e_ *SMALL!*

No its not a stealth fighter, the S - 400 AA Russian can pick it up, probably some of the new SU's can to. Has got low volume weapon pods ( the SU's can carry almost twice as much), Loiter time is pathetic. Slow... The list goes on. The Chinese and Russians laughing all the time.

No because the costs of building things these days have become overly inflated to make the big bosses way more money.

It's done well.

Add in the cost of Soares and servicing -not worth cost !.

Sigh, it's always the hot bag of air in the back who's never even flown a kite that runs his mouth. How about this, Lucky Charms. Tell us what the fuck you where doing in 1992 that way I can interrupt you with a quick, "Hold up, nobodyfuckencares" as I giggle at your SWN'ness.

Flying junk. Worthless

Newer versions of F-16s bought by arab countries and Taiwan cost almost as much as the current price of F 35A

f--- off, sir.

So much innovation for killing each other

Poor Boeing :(

Does it comes it red colour? Planning it to gift myself for Christmas

Useless piece of junk.

If its bought by defense acquisition, the answer is always no, and you can find a civilian equivalent for 1/5th the cost, if legal.

The current cost is 95 million abd its decreasing each year.The f 18 super hornet cost 70 million to put things in perspective.

It seems to me that the F35 Is a jack of all trades , master of only stealth aircraft, mediocre in all aspects except for combat information collection and analysis as well as stealth. When reality strikes and shit hits the fan, like being forced into a dogfight or experiencing some form of engine failure (whilst possessing only one engine) , I would much rather be piloting an aircraft such as the F22 or the Euro Fighter Typhoon.

We have a grossly bloated military budget. It needs to be cut by 33% and pinned to inflation, only to be exceeded if the president declares and the congress approves a national security emergency and/or a declared war.

The f35 pointing its nozzle down looks like a nervous dog taking a dump

The worst part is this. Anyone who thinks they spent all this cash on our military for defense is a gad dam fool. We are going to War!!

No..You can now get a F-35 made in China cheap since they stole the plans.

The most expensive military plain is the B2!!!!!

Given that none of the enemies we are fighting even have an air force, I'm really don't think we need any expensive new fighter jets. Short of a war with Russia or China (which few will survive regardless) there is really no reason to build any planes that aren't exclusively ground attack craft.

... and that bag of shit is the Fail-35

The Harrier accidents were mainly during development, it was far more stable in its production form.

Seems like a bargain to me.

That sponsor transition was smooth as f*** haha

"Source: The entire irish air corps" Me: "Surely this is an exaggeration" *looks up irish air corps aircraft* Well it is an exaggeration, but this is literally 1/3 of the aircraft in irish air corps, and half of the actual CAS planes. xD

Replace an F-15? Maybe. A-10? Nope. That thing is a gun with wings.

Here is the F-35: watch and cry (If you bought it)

Why would I listen to a moron who lies about his qualifications and still talks about combat as though we're in the 1960s?

What was Iraq gonna fucking do??? Fucking hell. Fly one of your "stealth bombers" over China and let's see how undetected you remain.

The ever-rising F35 costs has become a serious problem, especially for a small country (5 mill people) like Norway. We have ordered 52 planes. This does put a lot of strain on the defence budget. Especially, the naval investments could suffer. A critical issue because of our vast and very important oceanic economic zones.

No,but if the wings were larger,and chassis lighter with that amazing engine.Would be more deadlier with its advanced weapons package.I designed a mock up prototype

It won't be a _bad_ plane. it just won't be a great one either. I have a feeling this will be a next-generation F-111: Mediocre. The thing that _will_ give it problems is the B variant. Mechanical complexity is not really something you want. Complexity involving rotating things and/or directional gearing is an absolute nightmare, as the Osprey proved time and again. Prediction: A and C will be adequate in thier roles, if unremarkable. B will be an ongoing money sink of mechanical issues in the field.

The F-111 was one of the most successful strike aircraft of it's era and performed exceptionally well even in the Gulf war. The F-35 is superior in every aspect compared to the aircraft it replaces. Osprey had problems during development, but is now one of the most useful aircraft operated by the USMC, as well as being safer than the aircraft it took over from.

For aerial superiority? Sure!

16:00 "If we can find and analyze planets _billions_ of lightyears away, we can detect a plane flying overhead." Good to know this plane won't be detectable, even overhead!

I haven't watched it but considering the Harrier would cost about $70M in today's money, I'd say, NO! A gearbox with a fan? Most ridiculous design I've ever heard of.

I think the money would be better spen on health care. So many people's lives could be saved for the price of a single F-35

I doubt the money goes to the American economy rather to the corporations. Interesting video though

I don't know what these engineers have against runways. It seems like there are more important things to focus on when developing a fighter jet.

15:55 - I get the point you were trying to make, but a quick google search suggests the furthest exoplanet that has been detected thus far is under 30,000 lightyears away.

I have grave doubts about the F-35's ability to function effectively in a close-air support role (to replace the increasingly out of date A-10 Thunderbolt II). The Air Force, Navy, and Marines might not care so much, but I wonder how badly the Army is going to miss the A-10.

Well the A-10's role has been largely taken over by the F-16 which has been performing effective CAS for over 20 years. The A-10 is also one of hte most heavily upgraded combat aircraft of the US military during the last 20 years. It's out of date because of it's overall design being for a 1960s era conflict where low and slow was the only possible way to perform effective CAS or reliably identify vehicles as hostile.

humankind awwww so cringey is this justin trudeau narrating?

New Propulsion : *VLOL*

Why didn't you include prices of similar Russian planes for comparison?


Replace the A10 i don't think so! That thing won't be able to withstand the amount of damage a warthog can take and keep on flying to finish the mission it will fail in that category.

The A-10 can't do that either. Contrary to popular belief the A-10 is incapable of continuing a mission after taking damage that would result in a lost airframe for other aircraft. It's ability to take a hit serves solely to allow the pilot to return to base, and if we're talking about survivability fast jets are far more difficult to engage and are therefore more survivable.

Lol my video messed up when the prowlers came up xD

One hundred million for one fighter aircraft. Seems we would learn from history when the Sherman tanks out maneuvered the German tiger in shear numbers. Plus cheaper to build and maintain. These complex systems just for fighting earth battles is ridiculous.

Except the _F-35A_ is not the most expensive fighter out there- in fact its cheaper than many NATO aircraft. There are currently more _F-35A's_ than there are the newer Russian multi-role fighters.

what a segue!

I thought that the F-35 was designed as a strike vehicle. Not really a dog fighter. I always assumed the F-22 would remain the best dog fighter

Same case as the F-15 and F-16. One is an air superiority fighter, the other is still a very capable fighter but is focused on multi-role capability.

not 2 minutes in and the description of the the aircraft, its roles, challenges and politics are all skewed and not really correct. They don't even seem to grasps the actual roles of the legacy aircraft the F-35 is intended to replace. Its like this episode was written by a random buzzword generator set on "Aviation" with the reality slider set to 80%.

Largely uncritical praise of the f-35. Its inability to outrun or out maneuver enemy aircraft is just glossed over. Instead, all your eggs are placed into one basket, namely stealth. Once unstealthed, the f-35 is a lame duck...

@Bhigr Bond The Su-35's maneuverability is not much better and with a combat load it isn't faster than the F-35.

@Nathan Peterson for example su 35

> *_" Its inability to outrun or out maneuver enemy aircraft"_* As compared to what? most I still think they'll only be good at bombing runs. I just hope those F22s been still getting some improvements for air to air combat

BS, there was a B2 shot down over Serbia. It was played on the news for at least 3 days before the CIA decided to cover-up that fact. YOU'RE WELCOME!

The Serbians never claimed to have shot down a _B-2._ All 21 production aircraft were accounted for until '2008 when one was lost on takeoff in Guam.

*US taxpayers exists* F35 - I'm gonna end this man's whole career

Not really. When you actually divvy up the program cost by the length of the program's service life (59 years ) and spread it over 12+ countries. It's not all that bad, it's an obscene amount of money, but nothing outrageous.

lol yeah we can't detect planets billions of light years away... more like a few hundred light years away max...

lol no it's not worth what it has ended up costing. It's supposed to be a cheap fighter bomber with average capabilities to be used after air superiority has been attained with the F-22. Except it cost almost as much as an F-22 and is a _way_ less capable aircraft. Somehow they have managed to make the second line fighter bomber program _the_ most expensive weapons program in the history of the earth. So it is nearly entirely pointless and costs far far too much. The entire program has been a complete disaster, and if I were Trump I'd be seriously looking at whether or not it's actually worth it to build the aircraft that were initially planned or do something else with the money, like buy some super hornets or more F-22 aircraft.

The F-35 is more capable than the F-22 by far in every aspect other than air to air combat, which at the very least it is only slightly worse than the F-22 in. The F-22's procurement and maintenance costs are almost double the F-35A. Also, it makes perfect sense for the plane built with much more advanced technology and in far greater numbers to have an overall program cost greater than the one that is produced in small numbers.

Not really the case. A more accurate analogy would be three different aircraft with considerable parts and equipment commonality.

The F-35 are really just drones. Any country that buys them are stupid

Helge Schaare Agree. It’s the military industrial complex that drives all this. Look at the most recent AUSA convention on You Tube this year. All those companies and developers hawking military hardware.

I don't know how useful F35 is as a weapons system, but as an engineer the technological leaps all packed into F35 is absolutely amazing! F35 is the one of the most (if not THE most) advanced machine humans have ever produced. If there is anything US is great at, its making the great weapons, technologically.

Don't forget, F35 has never flown a single mission against an opponent with any kind of semi-modern anti-air defense. It's basically used to bomb stone-age barbarians from unreachable heights. As a result, there are rumors that Russia learned to track F35s perfectly in Syria. F35 also has poor supercruise capability, it can exceed the speed of sound for short cruises but it puts heavy stress on plane's components. Unclassified manuals limit it to only 150 miles at 1.2 Machs. F22 can sustain higher supercruise speeds (1.8 Mach) and for much longer. Russian fighter aircraft can do the same. In short, F35 is a terrible plane. It has tried to do everything and as a result does nothing really well.

think they a lemon - russian mig alot better

the loif of a woife ends with a knoive

short answer NO,more%20operators%20than%20the%20U.S. 'The 13 deficiencies include: The F-35’s logistics system currently has no way for foreign F-35 operators to keep their secret data from being sent to the United States. The spare parts inventory shown by the F-35’s logistics system does not always reflect reality, causing occasional mission cancellations. Cabin pressure spikes in the cockpit of the F-35 have been known to cause barotrauma, the word given to extreme ear and sinus pain. In very cold conditions — defined as at or near minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit — the F-35 will erroneously report that one of its batteries have failed, sometimes prompting missions to be aborted. Supersonic flight in excess of Mach 1.2 can cause structural damage and blistering to the stealth coating of the F-35B and F-35C. After doing certain maneuvers, F-35B and F-35C pilots are not always able to completely control the aircraft’s pitch, roll and yaw. If the F-35A and F-35B blows a tire upon landing, the impact could also take out both hydraulic lines and pose a loss-of-aircraft risk. A “green glow” sometimes appears on the helmet-mounted display, washing out the imagery in the helmet and making it difficult to land the F-35C on an aircraft carrier. On nights with little starlight, the night vision camera sometimes displays green striations that make it difficult for all variants to see the horizon or to land on ships. The sea search mode of the F-35’s radar only illuminates a small slice of the sea’s surface. When the F-35B vertically lands on very hot days, older engines may be unable to produce the required thrust to keep the jet airborne, resulting in a hard landing.'

I don't think it was worth the R and D, I don't understand why don't they just offer the F22 to allied nations, is there actually a security risk by doing that or is it more of a "we need America to be superior" argument?

15:56 No, we cannot find and analyze planets billions of light-years away.


mig don't need to shot at you, you fall down as soon you see it

But can it penetrate S-400?

I wouldn't pay more than $108M tops.

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