Is Mo'Nique Worth the $500,000 offered by Netflix, the Boycott, Business & Marketing Lesson

Is Mo'Nique Worth the $500,000 offered by Netflix, the Boycott, Business & Marketing Lesson

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Monique. Netflix. And. Business. Let's, talk about it. A. My. Friend this is all are coming to you live from, my empire. Automobile. Here, so I have. This. Idea. That I, needed, to put, a pattern into rock options, and on, our. Videos here I wanted to talk I'm coming from the genes I wanna just talk to you from the heart and, so. I will not be, reading quote directly, from my books but essentially. The fundamentals, of everything I'm gonna be sharing with you it's, in the book so make sure you go to my. Empire Pro come as you see on the screen and download, your free copy of the book so. Today I want to talk to, you I'm picking out of current. Affairs so there's this lady called Monique she's. Probably. One of the top comedians. Of, comedian. When. It comes to. Among. The african-american. In. The world you know she's well, known for the Parkers, and TVD Parker's. Sitcom. She's. At our own talk show which, was cancelled, in fact was canceled, on. Be ET Black Entertainment Television and. In. Recent times in the past few weeks or so she pretty much put a call out. For. People to. To. Boycott Netflix. Okay. And that kind of like start up some ideas. Inside, of me and I wanted to share that with you because this has everything to do with your business and this, has everything to do with your life your relationships. And. I wanted, to bring, out the lessons, that you can learn out of this from that okay. But. Anyway to continue, what she was saying essentially, she's. Complaining. That there is, the. Sexual bias and, this racial bias on, the part, of Netflix, and she's, calling out for her fans to shut, down excuse, me. She's. Calling out for her fans to essentially, boycott. Netflix. Now. Let flicks is something I think they the, membership is like somewhere between 7, and 11 dollars per month. And and. You, know this is a beautiful model that works and, business. Model that is that works right people pay for it people watch Netflix, and people. Some, people are paying for it for month they've never really had time to watch it but it's a business model that works, fantastically. Well to. The X to the point where they are offering comedians. 20. Million dollars 22 million dollars, 18 million dollars so, high point is this okay so, she's saying Netflix, give a car and. They. Offered, her a five hundred thousand, dollars. But. In past in the past they've offered people, like Dave Chappelle. Chris. Rock they've offered those guys twenty million dollars eighteen million dollars, and she. Came up with a sexual bias thing when. It came to this another lady comedian, lady was. Offered, or who got paid eleven, million dollars okay. For. Our own stand-up. Comedian, comedy, special, right this, is all about comedy special, so. She, was offered five hundred thousand dollars and she's very, very hungry about it, so. What, does this have to do with business okay, the. Really point I wanted to bring out out of this is something you're gonna learn in my book again Empire lifestyle, secrets make sure you download your copy you need to understand everything, fundamentals.

That Are in this book if you don't understand. The, fundamentals in this book you're, gonna end up becoming, another, Monique. You're. Gonna end up becoming another. Bitter person, that's just hungry at the world okay. You. Don't end up being somebody who's hungry, at the market you're, gonna end up being, somebody's, hungry at your significant, other in your relationships. Or at. Other people in your life that you have some, kind of relations, with right, and that's, what you're gonna be you're gonna be just hungry you're gonna be frustrated. And you're, not gonna, have anybody else to blame other than just, you then, you're gonna start calling our people, you're, gonna have people to get on your side you're gonna be crying for people to get on your side to. Shut down other. And some things like that now. Is there racism in the system as we know it today of course there is there's no question about that, and it's very systemic, there's a lot of people engage, in racism. And. They. Don't know it is just systemic. It's in them it's just what the society has built us to. Be sadly. Very, very sadly can we speak about racism, when we see it yes sure feel free to speak out but, you gotta know the difference, you, are not separate, they speaking. Out, from. Being. Productive from. Facing. Reality from, acknowledging reality. As it is that. Way you can still produce okay, because at the end of the day you have just you. Have a lifetime. Here, and, your lifetime is, very short span relatively. Speaking and, you don't necessarily have time to shut. Down all kind of productivity, in the name of your fighting racism you don't have time for that, what you can do is as you continue, to produce with. The resources. That you've been exposed, to that you've been. That. You've been the. Resources, that you've been the word is that you've been blessed. With okay I wanted to use it more not. Spiritual, work but the resource you've been blessed with okay. You. Need to learn how to use that to produce yes. While you speak out about things you may see that may be wrong morally, wrong racism. Sexual, bias, what you can speak about all those things while, you are still being productive, and there's a positive example even. Coming, from a black person stamp we're doing black people, that, are producing, tons. Upon tons of people that are producing there. Are black people or that may be in a minority group. Of people that are producing and, these two are able to speak out and and, tell the truth when it comes to these things okay, and you don't have to shut down production or, shut down your whole company because, you have to think about it when you tell people to shut down a whole company, a lot, of lives are affected, by that you. Can't just say hey boycotts, just because of your own selfish, reason at the moment so. Do I think Monica's, been selfish no I think actually that's the least of our problems, okay and then the majority, of our problem, here is that. He's Tooting, our own horn. He's calling myself the most decorated communion. Black. Comedian, she's saying, that because she has an Oscars she, wanted all sounds great right, but, there's something I learned in business a long time it goes your. Past glory is exactly that past everything. You did in the past is exactly, that in the past you, know especially in this world of technology, today. That's. Not just so vicious, that, it, doesn't matter if you were hot I'm popping out one time in the game it doesn't matter you gotta keep producing if you stop, producing it's, only a matter of time before everything, else everything. You've done doing the love okay because there. Are people coming from behind you, that. Will continue, to literally. Their activities, designed to remove you and make, you completely irrelevant okay, so she went on to say hey the, Tiffany Haddish right Tiffany Haddish is a new brand. New lady. Comedian that's hot I'm popping right now she's a superstar right now and. Wesley. Something, Leslie, something, on SNL, right that all these people are gonna be offered crappy, money if, he accepts. This offer and don't do anything about it I beg, to differ okay, I beg to differ because the mock zoo Gerber's of today are making more money than the. Billionaires, of yesterday the Donald Trump's of today okay. Why, because technology, because things are evolving the basis of today are making more money then Warren Buffett and what. Above it has been at it for like 100, years right. And then Bezos is just started like literally, 2000 year 2000, like less than 20 years ago, that, does all chain call it internet started so, it doesn't work like that like because you were often less money the people come in from before.

You Be offered, less. Money no or less uh money no it's not true this. Is a case, of Monique, not, realizing, that she's not giving enough okay. So. That's the majority that's. The bigger part of her problem, she thinks, she's done so much in the past the, pockets, winning, an Oscar for the movie pressures. Right that, she thinks that she now deserves, to. Continue to eat off of that for a long time and he's, also comparing. Herself to people. That are, sitter to be hot and papi right now the, fundamental, of everything that's wrong with her and a complaint is this, okay. The, market, is always right, and if. The market can not speak out by themselves in other words you haven't given them power to speak out, all. Right I'm going to talk about giving them the power to speak out right if the, market, cannot, speak, out by themselves then the, powers that be aka. Netflix. Have, the authority, to speak on behalf of the market and what, they're saying in, essence, right now what Netflix, aka. The representative. Of the market, in today's market, as it stands, per. Monique. Parker, the activities, of Monique and what power she's given them that. Market. Is saying you're only worth. $500,000. That's, a mattify you're worth less now because you've literally gone around the media, and literally. Just paint, yourself negative. And when people see you they've, seen negativity. So, - nobody wants to deal with anything negative, right again. These things are applicable, in business in relationship. In your lifestyle, it's about, giving are you giving enough see when you give enough, into, the world, I'm not talking about your Oscars I'm not on my own one time, sitcom. The Hobby run like what's the hit sitcom of course but it's that's. Not fast ok, Will. Smith was Once Upon a Time $20,000,000. Guy but now this. Recent. Movie essentially. Is, Swabia, gonna speak, otherwise the market, is always, right and, how do you and if you feel like the market is not the one speaking that means you're not you haven't given the market the power to speak on your behalf how do you give the market the. Power to speak on your behalf is by, given the market, is. By giving to the market ok how do you give to the market in today's time and age you have to create content you. Have to create content and you have to learn how to drive traffic to that, content creating, content by itself is not good enough ok so this video right now there, are certain things skill, set I'm gonna put to work to make this video, receive. As much visibility, as it can get that means it's traffic that means people to come to watch it ok and yes this is my gender behind me yes given because I want you to learn from this concept, here it's about giving into the marketplace, the, more you give to the market the more power you give the market to be able to speak on your behalf if you're not given to the market in the form of content creation right, content, creation sometimes, like Gary Vaynerchuk will say it's not necessarily creation.

It's Just documentation. You're, just going by the day and you're speaking out right it's, about giving to the marketplace, and when you give to the marketplace you're giving content, how, you could be documenting as Garvey nurtured suggests which is blogging or you could be creating, like, I do here from time to time or, you could be answering, questions like I do from time to time you're essentially, serving the marketplace, and the marketplace, we speak on your behalf, when. It comes to determining your value how, are they gonna seek sometimes they'll buy your product sometimes, do we share your videos sometimes, they would like on your videos and those things that affect the algorithms, on the Internet, technology, that allowed more people to be exposed to you that attract more customers to you so. Back. To Monique Monique, is not giving enough presently. She's not she's given in the past but, past it doesn't count if you know anything about relationships and, business the past doesn't count you get removed, you. Become irrelevant why. Because the competition has created, everyday, competition, is getting created, every day and the, more you speak negatively. Regardless, of what your intentions, are attention, doesn't matter the, more you speak negatively. Of, anything. The. More your. Values just being is just declining, okay, it's just declining, especially. In, that zone where you're operating in she called she said she black she got blackballed by the powers, that be in Hollywood it's very possible why. Because people don't like the message there are negatives, okay people don't if. It comes off as negative, to them I'm not talking about negative, news which, is what CNN does I'm not talking about that I'm talking about in. Your entire relationship, with the people in your industry if, you are always negative. Nobody, want, to work with that nobody want to be surrounded by that people would like to feel good about themselves people. Are ultimately as, people we are very very selfish, and if something feels very negative, around us we, have what, we would do everything, to avoid pain, faster, than we will to. Try to create pleasure okay, would do a lot more 100. Times much more to. Avoid pain than. To try to attract. Pleasure okay just. Put a lot more energy in avoiding pain that's who we are as human beings and that includes. That. Includes, avoiding. Negativity. And he's, walked around now and printed a brand as negative, even, though that's, not our intention, I'm very very clear that that's not the intentions the intention is to protect. Other people I doubt it very much it's just being selfish just like everybody else I doubt. That that's the intentions oh you know now.

She's Calmed out and said wonder Sykes I think that's her name another comedian was, offered. $250,000. And she's using that to justify her point listen. That is not justify, at, a point it, simply, does not justify the point the, only point you're justifying, is that the market is always right the market gets to determine your value at the, end of the day and the more value you bring to the marketplace the, more money you get to make and sometimes, the mark the market it has a trilling trilling, aspect, to it they may not see your value up front well you should see your value and continue, to give to the market because, you get to prove to yourself first that you have got value. And you, give that value over and over onto the market gets it the market will get it if you're confident enough you gotta keep doing it and you can keep, trying, or die, trying. And that's just the way it is and sometimes. It may come off as unfair, there, are people that die before the market sees their value I mean we can start from 2pac let's go to big if we go to Michael Jackson, these people have, expressly, every, every Presley. Their value, increased, significantly. After they, died what. The market wants no not necessarily, is the, value, in the eyes of the market is a lot more after they die that's just what it is the, market, it's always. Right, so. How do you find out your value in this marketplace and no matter what you do entrepreneur. Who's selling networker, network, marketing, internet, marketing how do you find. Out what your bad news is you gotta keep giving okay once you keep giving you gotta know your value first okay if you know your value, first you, will keep giving okay. You'll, keep giving, the son just came out in my face, right. You, keep giving I'm by the part by my house I just coming from the gym just, in case you're wondering you. If you know your value you got any value first before the market loses value okay if you know your value even, if the market is saying you're not worth that much you're, not moved okay. You're not moved and you're not worried because, you're confident, because confidence, is everything when it comes to knowing your value okay, you're not moved you're not shaking sir about that I was shaking right there right, you're, not moved, you're not moved you're not shaking by the, market's opinion, about you in every any given, time it's, your job to know your value first and continue to give onto the market knows your values the, service that is that's just all the gentleman comedian his. Name is Andrew hood from, the brilliant idiot podcast. Who, essentially said he did a stand-up comedy he made it and he tried to sell it but, no one is picking it up you know and he doesn't really care for the money he's just for exposure it's actually more cuz exposures everything, if you read my book Empire. Lifestyle secrets you will see in, a big, old bold letters that exposure, is everything, sometimes it's not just about the money money is a byproduct of everything, else exposure is everything. So, if not can, you imagine how much exposure that Monique is missing, out on. By. Not working, out a deal that. They, both can agree to as opposed to running around town, running around the media to. Talk, bad about Netflix. That the market has already said we, value Netflix and know we're not letting go of method you must be out of your mind we're not letting go of Netflix. Of course I'm not letting go of Netflix, are you crazy of course not, right why, would the market say that because the market cuz Netflix has done a great job at, bringing, value to the marketplace, right. And now he's, trying to tap into that value but she's doing it all the wrong way she's trying to get people boycott why, people. Lose their jobs the company is gonna go down that's gonna affect the economy that's a major part of the economy when you call out for boycott on BS. Stuff like that your, value, in the marketplace is yours. You're. Definitely that's what you think but the market is saying that, it's not true right now the, market is saying not right now okay, the same to me your relationship you, could be in a relationship where.

You'll. You're. Not being valued by the other person well it's time to get to work you need to prove your value show your value on to the other significant. Other or whatever, you're in relationship with sees that value each day don't value right now you could, continue. To give value to them okay and part of the value you can give to that you can give them the value of missing, you one of my mentors say that you, could do that as well too okay, but when I say missing you I'm talking in terms of your personal time don't give, your personal time to people that don't value it it's, as simple as that there are other people in this world that will value what you have to offer if, you learn how to drive traffic if, you learn how to drive targeted traffic to your pieces of content that you're given out everyone, does not belong in your tribe that's a fact okay, so, if Netflix says no go, to Hulu somebody. Actually called into a radio station and say why don't you go to Hulu why, don't you go to Amazon. Right what, chances are all those people who are not willing to give that kinda budget out for a stand-up comedy why, because they're not in the market for that right now so, do, I think she's wrong I don't know I don't, know if she's wrong okay, this is not about right and wrong I'm just trying to give you some insight to how, you can operate your own business to, how you can increase, your own income increase your own revenue increase your own exposure right you, need to understand, that money you need to understand how. Money works its. Energy, okay it's a byproduct. It's neither created nor destroyed it flows, to places. Where much, value is being given that's, how it works, and if it's not flowing to you yet, it's. Very very, simple isn't evidence that you're not giving enough body yet okay, could. It be luck I don't know it could it be spiritual I don't know what I'm telling is that there's only a few things you can control here you. Can control, how. Much exposure you'd create for yourself in this internet age it's, a level playing. Ground field for everybody right now you can learn the skills of driving traffic you, can learn the skills of business. Exposures everything, and that's something ice covering details, in my boot you, can go ahead and go, into my book and. My. Book is at my. Empire pool calm you see the link on the screen go, ahead and download it if you like the lessons I've shared in this video please. Subscribe share like, this, video and I have a question for you what, do you think do.

You Think it. Was racism do you think it was sexual. Bias do, you think she hasn't do, you agree with me that she hasn't given enough value for, her to be complaining in spite, of the fact that acknowledge, she has an ass she's won Oscars, for precious right for the movie and she's. Yeah, she's the most decorated she. Calls it the most decorated black. Comedian, in the world right do. You think do. You think she deserves more, than $500,000. Or the market is absolutely right, I won't hear what you have to say about that don't, forget go download the book my Empire Perkins click like share and, subscribe and I'll see you on the next one and peace.

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100% agree. You’re one smart brother. Love to see a fellow African doing your thing. Gonna grab that ebook!

Endorsed: receive 15,000 clicks for 3$ through adding This country

Appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for pointing that out. It's called the H-Factor and it's typical with people with my accent. Welcome to the world beyond America and English. You will hear it more when you travel a little bit more *wink. Thanks for stopping by. #dindinrin

Angry, not hangry, please

She ain’t no Dave Chapell

Haha. Thanks for contributing. I though as much.

I'll boycott the Racist and Gender bias more supporter for Monique! .................Dogs will take anything and eat it, too......All we do, is clown each other as blacks, than support. It's the under line, and its for the benefit of our future.......We're not monkeys hang around on a tree for somebody to give us a banana, instead what we need to live on, than survive on bits and pieces from others.....Are you a Jungle Monkey or your a real black person with a true conscious for our kids future..............I see and hear all you, who are clowning her, while clowning your own low pay rate at work......while laughing at her................The non-blacks are laughing at us, with our division!....I'm a black man, and I endorse this message for my sister, Monique!

I appreciate your input. Thanks.

I'll boycott the Racist and Gender bias more supporter for Monique! I'm a black man, and I endorse this message for my sister, Monique!.................

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Monique gonna pick a fight with C-SPAN next

This is WB from the DMV Monique have her points he talks about being low ball But Monique is an oscar-winning actress and Netflix$500,000 to do a show But to fact check and. Story ! Did Monique what are some information about this just found out that Netflix$3000000Did Mo'Nique and her manager husband turn it down hit Netflix lower their price to $500,000 answer Monique needs a better management because her husband is sabotaging her career I can understand Monique anger towards Oprah because she Oprah interview Monique's family both Monique and Oprah both victims of sexual abuse by there family Lee Daniels have beef with her because she did not promote precious now she is blackballed but Monique attitude how to become seemingly mean spirit and no one wants to hire her at in anybody at all Hollywood is always a shady world LOL that's Monique wants to be relevant again she may have to Humble herself in order to get back to the Hollywood game ! Thank you great Video

From WB from the DMV :. Hattie McDaniel became the first black woman to win an Oscar for best supporting actress in the days of subrogation Hattie McDaniel can not get a raise She could not ask to be a lead actress because of those days black actress with only played either slaves or Maids ? Hattie McDaniel for the cause a pit she would have been automatically black ball so what Monique is trying to do it's all about Monique because Net Flix only offer her 1 comedy special , Monique hurt herself when she did not accept the offer if Monique was so relevant today where what has she done lately ? It's too bad that Monique pride is showing up it would have Professional Management AKA and better Agent she would have accepted a 3 million dollar offer but she and her husband Sydney where they wanted to cut Her OFF themselves In my Final Say : Monique check yourself before you wreck yourself ? You have already alienated everyone plus they are saying that you are impossible person Maybe you need to swallow your pride and be humble took yourself maybe one day you will be relevant until then you're choking on your own self , wake up for you in Hollywood graveyard ?

And your a brother who forgot the dream, and a Jungle Monkey!.......And a brother who, disrespect. Your lesson or your so called example, is stupid/weak.........Trump waiting for your green card, and the real sisters are laughing at you.........Do your home work, they did the same to all pass black female comedian and brothers....This dude sounds like the same people who, spoke against MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Ethel Kitts, etc... He wants, but won't allow you to want, even if you stand up for yourself...........Your type has problems with African American, any way...............

Revtruetothegame Revtruetothegame well. You're a simp. so there

Thanks brother ola, some people just don't get it because they think in terms of victimhood than using the system to be a success.. When in Rome, do as the roman's do

Basically you are saying Monique tried to make BUISNESS into an issue of race and gender rather than what it is. BUISNESS. You are correct




Monique should be happy ! Her last movie paid her 50,000 so 500,000 is like a 400% raise haha!


Her past got her a foot in the door aka a business meeting. That’s all.

Revtruetothegame Revtruetothegame are you aware that many blacks and minorities would be adversely affected??? This is stupid

Monique is a B list comedian demanding the same money as an A list comedian. It's the same thing as if Chris Tucker wanted the same money Denzel Washington gets there's no comparison.

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