Is Kyber Network Legit??

Is Kyber Network Legit??

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Check-check. What's up everybody. I'm. In the chat right now. Let. Me know if you guys can hear me okay. Hopefully. You can. There, we go, what's. Up KRT. What's, going on Danielle. Daniel. Residents. What's going on good to see you. Right. Yes, sir, afternoon. Chat you. Know. Getting. It in early. On a Friday. Yeah. Oh Mesa Co is gonna be good Oh Mesa goes wanted a better coins in the market right now so if you bought some and made some money. And. Keep making it. Go, ahead and put, this. Share. This to the Facebook, group. We. Will get our contest, going. How's, my voice is it sound okay. What's, going on be. Irving, I'll get there don't worry and, still early I, got. A warm - vocals up. Yeah, that's. Pretty funny. I, could. I. Do, this real quick. So, we'll do two, contests. Right now. Go. Ahead like the video make sure you like it if, we don't get 75, like some disco keep it moving but, we'll throw this one as one, of the contests you can share this and, I will pick, a winner from, that and then. I'll, do this one too I'll, make a new post as well. With. This video, on it. Yeah, man, bone. Is a good one a. Lot. Of these coins are gonna be making money so, just, sit back enjoy the, ride. So, that's all you got to do you've got two chances to win this is one of them live, on the air Khyber Network. And. Then, this is the other one coin Telegraph. Got, six minutes, I. Actually. Just got a new computer, I had this one from Windows but, it sucked so I took it back and I just got one off Amazon, it's like an electronic. Trone IAM something, like that. Thank. You, I do appreciate it, ninety. Crypto what's going on. Got. Three minutes guys three, minutes and somebody's, getting paid make sure you hit that thumbs up button. That. Way once. We break 75, likes how many are we out right now I can't see the screen how many likes do we have right now. All. Right make sure you hit that thumbs up button. You. Haven't done it we got sixty likes, we. Got uh. Alright. We. Should be able to get it. If you, want a chance to win all you need to do is. Mm-hmm. Not. That all, you need to do is like the video and then, go over to our Facebook, group. It's. The number one Bitcoin group in the world for everybody, in the chat I will, drop in a link for you. Right. There. Jump, over to our Facebook, group. And. Share. The two posts at the top the last two posts that just made, that's. How you got to do. All, right. So, we go with that yeah, no Twitter I forgot. Mm-hmm. I was trying to get all his other stuff done in the background. My. Bad, I'll, make sure we do Twitter next time. Real, quick, let me. Test. This out real quick. All, right and then uh what, uh thank. You thank you thank you guys what, uh chart. Do you guys want to see we'll do a chart real quick so. Jump in the chat let me know what you'd like, what. You'd like to see and, we'll do that, hey. That's me. Looks. Pretty good. Hmm. Really, want to put that put that guy over there. Like that. All right so let's go ahead. See. If we make this clean maybe. Let's. See what do we got what do we got what do we got who, do we, want. Up. Here I see salt. Nav. Let's. Go with the next one that comes in. Moaña. Sexy. Girl Mona. Getting. Ready for a night out on the town. Cool. So, what we'll do you guys is I'm gonna chop, this part out for anybody, that doesn't make the livestream you'll still be able to see, you. Know real-time. Technical, analysis. If. You'd. Like to follow me on trading. View you can do that I post all of these charts. To my page there as well it, is BB Kelly 12:03. And. You. Know I do a lot of technical analysis, I'll just jump on trading view and you. Will be able to check. These charts out at. Another time in the future. And. So, for today's chart, we will be looking at Mona, if, you remember. Once. Upon a time I made a video called, the. Secret, set of pyramids, where, basically, I went in and showed you how a sacred. Geometry in fractal, harmonics, came together, to. Make all of these charts, flow. In cycles, and you, know Mona was one of the charts to where we pinned that thing down, within.

Hours. Of breaking. Out it was really amazing a lot of people made a lot of money with that trade and so, my goal. Moving. Forward, is you, know to, try and. Get. To the best situation. To allow, people. To make a lot more money right. So. What we'll do is, what. I want to do you know what. I'm. Just gonna start a new chart all together, because. I know you, know we have a lot of new people bitcoin is about the boom out over, the next two months so, people are gonna be coming from all over the world watching these videos wondering, how do you do it how do you set it up what's the boss method, so. What I'll do in time is just. You, know every, time just walk you guys through real, quick how to set it up exactly how, I see the charts. So. If we go to Mona to, Bitcoin, right. We, always want, to look at. The. Bitcoin chart right we don't want to trade to the dollar number. One because the dollar is. Not, indicative of blockchain. Based protocols, it's merely a metric. A unit of standard, right. Our. Job is to accumulate, as much Bitcoin as fast as possible, we assume that Bitcoin. Just by being, deflationary. And value will always beat the dollar, so. Over. Time. So. That's why we accumulate, Bitcoin knowing that when, we accumulate, Bitcoin, we accumulate, dollars. As well, as a, result. Cool. So, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you guys how to set up the boss method on this chart you see right now we have one, indicator, the volume, right, if we click that you, know turns it off. We. Don't really need that I don't. Really use it. Next. We go to indicators. BK. BK's. ProTools boom-boom. Scale. Right good, good good. And for. This guy, what, we have is a system of three simple moving averages, a seven. A 21. A. 77. And a 231. I normally don't use the 21, we don't really need it that, often. And, the. 231. Is kind of like these big gray columns, in the back I just like to fade them out a little bit just so we have you, know a little bit of depth to the wave of the cycle that we're on right, and a, simple. Rule at, a boss benefit it's two rules. Rule. Number one when. The. White goes above the blue you. Know what to do put. Down your money and go get paid BAM. Right. Above blue buy. Right. And. When. The white goes below, it's. Got to go right, so. You can see. When. That white line goes below that blue more. Than likely the, energy, is dead right, there's no more buyers in the market on. The other side consequently. When. The. White goes above the blue let's, see what happened, if. You were in on this trade I was, we're. Looking at 33%. In four days like a boss, that's not too bad at all right, and so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna break this chart down, using. A little bit more information just to see what's happening, up under, the, hood I like, my X is on the left hand side I don't know about you guys but, I do I. Also. Like to turn the candles, off so let's go ahead, clear. That and then, last thing I'm gonna do is, if, you have a paid account I believe it's like nine or ten dollars a month, you can use. Custom candles. So all you do is go, down here and in minutes you want to type in three for three. That is by far the best, harmonic. Candle, to, use for the boss method base, seven system seven times seven times seven, is three, for three and this, thing work. Like magic. And, uh making. Us money right, so, what we see with Mona right away is we, basically have all these little cycles, right, remember. I tell you it's it's basically three parts, to, any cycle, and this is any cycle, forever it's not just Mona it's not just Bitcoin it's any cycle forever you have three, parts break, out break. Down flatline. Break. Out break. Down flatline. That was like a little continued, decline, for Bitcoin. So, a lot of times we have those and even, within that check this out it's like break out break down flatline. Break out break down flatline. Break. Out break down flatline, you, see that so, even in that one, cycle. There. Were. One. Two. Three. Different cycles in itself, and this. Is where a lot of Elliot. Wave theory comes in that one cycle, one wave so, to speak leads. Into the next leads into the next it's all you know different, variations. Of. The exact same understanding. That you, know nothing is. Independent. Everything. Is interconnected. And, energy, cannot be created or, destroyed it, merely transforms. From, one asset or one, form, to another. Therefore. We, infer, that to mean that the energy inside a Monas chart right, there at that moment in time is the, exact same as the energy inside a Moniz chart at that, moment in time therefore.

We, Can infer, different. Relationships. Such, as this on a Fibonacci to, where if we said this, cycle, right, here. That. We just, circled. Highlight, it in that blue box. Will. Give us, all. Of this energy. That, we're talking about. Right. Now. Right. So, what we what we did right here was I basically I did that very quick but, one of the things I did was I took a, Fibonacci from, break out to, break down right, there boom boom just, the start of that cycle, and what, that gave me almost like. Magic. Was. The exact moment in time that we were going to break down we broke down on the 2/4 we, confirmed, on the 1/6, and this is why a, a while, ago I sold Mona because I saw this happening, and that, was not a good situation that was basically that indicator. That we're doing a full, deep. Cycle, reset, to. Where basically, instead, of consolidating. Down to the 1/2 or to 1/6. You know we went all the way under. You, know and we just now caught, on the. 786. So basically, this little zone, right here let me put this in like a yellow box for you guys this, little zone right there is more. Or less the exact same, area. Of the chart that we. Are coming, back to now. Before. We can break out on our next cycle. What. Is our next cycle look like well again. It's, three parts to any given cycle. But. Doesn't like. And. That's breakout. Breakdown. Flatline. Right. So, all we did if we look at Mona's entire chart breakout, breakdown. Flatline, really. She just gave us two major, cycles. And I call these the macro, cycles, right this is basically one cycle. Even. Though it had a few other small cycles in in it you know this big cycle here. Lasted. 47. Days you, know yielding, about. 230, percent, right. The, next cycle, lasted. 90. Days almost, notice. This one is like two half life of that one you. Know this all which. Means that basically the. Area of, this, is pretty cool Mona, is amazing, chart guys the, area, of that triangle is more. Or less twice, the area of the other triangle. But. We won't get it a net that's more like vector mechanics I don't want to talk about that to confuse you guys. So. We have basically a 45, day cycle. In this, blue box right, there and we. Have a, 90, day cycle. And. That blue, box, right. There right. What's, gonna happen next well. Simple. Geometry, would tell you that. We could we should probably, expect. Something. Like. That. And. That's just going back to what happened in the, past right. Remember, one cycle, leads into the next leads into the next the only thing I did took, a triangle, from breakout break, that, break, down to. The intersection, this last major intersection, I could even extend it all the way out if I wanted to get you, know general. Just. For. To. Err on the side of caution put. That back over there, and now, you have a situation to, where Mona will break out, and essentially. Form, a. Second. High point up, there we're gonna test all-time. Highs. However. Instead. Of breaking. Down like, we did here and going all the way back down for, a full cycle reset, I think. That. It's very possible that. We do something, like this, and, come. Up on another wave of energy that. Will break us all the, way through. To. The next. Fibonacci. Right. There, right. If we look at when we expect that to happen and mainly that that. Is speculation. However, I, am speculating, given, the assumption, that I expect, cryptocurrency. To. Rise in the spring just as it did last spring and the spring before, that again, everything, happens in cycles, a lot of these charts, operate on nine or twelve month cycles, and, all I'm, saying is I don't expect Moana to be an. Exception. To that, if. I did a cycle, line from there, to there right. Again, this was our first little cycle right there right, that.

Means That this one is our, second, cycle so, this was. Generally. Break. Out break down flat line. Break. Out break, down flat. Line. Yeah. This is gonna cap out right around here. Right. Around this time so if you don't have Moana now's. Not, a bad time to look at getting it we'll have a lot of energy coming inside, this thing and, probably. Around the first. Week of March you know we should. Simona, test, all-time, highs that will be right at 12 i would say anything over 12 if you ride it all the way up you, know that's not a bad place to look for you, know, profit-seeking. Because that's basically a hundred percent more. Or less inside, of a couple. Weeks I think, Mona can, go, that high if we were gonna err on the side of caution you, would just say okay maybe she'll go down a bit and get there on the next cycle that. Will be two months so, 125. Percent, for two months almost. Pretty. Standard. Or. You may get it as quick as 15, days. That. 15 days doesn't really seem right let's do this. See. It's it's different this one is different so we understand, that right we understand, all those lines what I'll do is I'll just bring this Fibonacci, back here, so, we have that right. No. I need, to figure out the distance of, this stuff. That. One wants to go there. That. One wants to go there too. Positive. Negative. Positive. Yeah. Okay. So I hit two. Showing. That. First. Week in March, was. The earliest, you can get it and this. One basically says, that. First. Week in April is, the latest you can get it, then. Actually I would think that would probably happen a little bit quicker cuz it doesn't normally need that whole time. So. You would actually probably be looking at something like that, so. Yeah first week in March to. Third. Week in March so yeah Basin I mean mom is a good chart the, whole put. It this way most, of March Mona should be a pretty good buy and you're, looking at anywhere between. Right. There. 50. Percent and, 120. Percent right. Because if we take that and go all the way up to the next one there you go 120, percent and that's pretty good. That's. Not a bad selection, Mona this chart you know basically if we look at it what what happened was. Had. A huge cycle, cooled. Off a little bit and now it's about to go up on another, wave this. Is similar to what litecoin, did Oh me see go neo you know a lot of these coins new newer stronger, coins, have not even had one, complete cycle, to where you can say that, that 231. Formed, a bell curve a, dovetail you. Know and and leveled, off like that, most of these coins are so strong that they're literally you, know consolidate. And three-quarters at our way up finding, some stable ground and going, back to work like, that, right and that's, what I think Mona can easily, do just. On a generalization, if we did something, you, know like this. And. Said. That's all the energy in Mona then. We. Would be looking at to. Replicate, it something. Like. That. To. Where again. Early. April, is. A pretty good time you also have another quick triangle, quick quick quick breakout, triangle, right there. That's. Gonna happen, already. Start it to happen and. This is your swing. Zone. Yeah, middle of marked, Middlemarch, is probably, when this thing will consolidate so, it could easily you. Know continue. To break out through something, like that come. Down go, sideways and, then. Go back up it's. Gonna be a good coin which is exactly. What, it did over. Here. History. Often times does not repeat, itself but it sure enough does. Rhyme. Anything. North of. Double. O 12 I would be looking to short it to buy it back and ride the next wave up right. There, you go that's Moana a little, bit more of a complex, chart I showed you a few different strategies you can use the biggest one I think, is really the simplest, one and that's, when the, white goes over to blue you buy it and. That's, the situation right, now once we have that blue, come over those columns, that's probably when we'll get that second, wave I told you about that will take us to all-time highs that. Has not happened yet, so. You, know just wait on it but, it, is well, under, works in the way and it should happen, before. The middle of April, so. There you go guys that's Moana again if you're just getting set up one of the things I try to do for you guys is. Make it very easy, to make money it took me you know a decent, amount of time to figure out how to make money and I believe, that knowledge is power and, knowledge should be free.

So. One, of the things I did was I put together a little website boss of Bitcoin, comm, and, on that website you have a streamline. Path to success right crypt appleís report is a list of coins I put together that I feel are, literally. Readable, redefining. Civilization. If you haven't gotten it you probably should this will be the, best set. Of coins going into, the, spring these coins are ready to boom out and the dream team is right behind them, if you just have a few you, know a twenty dollar bill actually you can buy every, single coin, on this list these are two of my, most. Prized possessions, that's why they've been on this website so long. Because I think they are that important. For 2018, and moving forward, anybody, getting started, getting set up should definitely, have a look at one of these lists, just to understand, what market. What the market looks like and what the best coins, are. You. Know to, start a portfolio with in addition, to that I did want to let you guys know everybody, that's new you, most certainly are able. To book a one-on-one meeting with Diana my calendar is pretty full and, I know miss Rodriguez, has done a lot for our community, and so far as the charts and the videos and the Facebook group is concerned so now she is available for one-on-one, appointments. You. Know so all you got to do is jump on there you'll get a link to her calendar and you pick a time that works and. You guys can you, know look at making some money together right. I'm working, on a lot of other things so you know she's been able to. Offer. Her availability, you, know for people getting, set up right, sorry you got bossed Bitcoin calm. To. Help you out and also the number one Facebook group in the, world, now. Let's go ahead and make. This money. Again. If you haven't shared the. Two posts in here this is your last chance I'm coming back in this group in, 30 seconds right after our intro to get somebody. Paid. Like. A boss. Live, from the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts. Of Bitcoin. The crease though of creep though it's, your boy BK, and if, you don't like me you, must not like money thank you for joining me everybody, today, is February. 16th. Happy. New Year to everybody celebrating. On, the other side of the world I. Believe, we are at the fresh. Start, of a brand new cycle and it's a lot, of amazing things already coming into alignment in my life and hopefully in yours especially, if you are a you, know actively, trading, and have already embraced the. Opportunity that, the blockchain provides. If. This is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto trader and I am B both, of these charts, as you will soon find out every. Day I graced this microphone, with my voices another, day you get the profit as a result, and today, is no exception. So what we're about to do right now is jump into our community, and get somebody paid, I'm trying, to tell, you it's, about. 23,000. Of my best friends that come together from all over the world, 200. Different. Countries. To, empower, each other in the market so I encourage you join, our community, it's, completely.

Free We don't pump and dump each other and. You don't need to pay nine ninety five for a udemy course this, is free knowledge for, the, people, and every, day I'm able to come on the air is another day somebody, can make some, money so. Let's go ahead and take care of that this is our. Contest. Right here we had two of them all you got to do is jump in a Facebook group and share that post and then, there was one more where, is my little group there, it goes right there and share. That one let's. Go ahead and. Pick. A winner. That. Wasn't it. Cool. What, is the day to 16. To. 1. 3. 6 9 let's go down from the top 1. 2. 3. Or. 5. 6. 7. 8. Cory. Count once 9 BAM. My man Adam, here. We go you're. The first winner. And. Let's pick the second. Let's. Go uh see. If we go nine from the bottom on this one. Hey. I, know that. Alright. We'll go down from the top two one two, three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight I. Can't. Give it to you twice Adam. Mm-hmm. Well. We'll go through one right above you BAM, disis, here. We go. All. You guys need to do is just send me your Bitcoin, wallet you could just message to me on Facebook, I will send you a couple bucks and BTC as a token of my appreciation thank, you all you know for supporting the community and help, getting the word out you know I'm trying to get people paid, you. Know anybody sick and tired of being sick and tired this, is your, opportunity. There, are major moves. Happening. On the blockchain and. I think this, is one, of them shout. Out you, know to seek a big Chuck, Tawes. Who. Sent me a screenshot. Of an email you, know he got this morning to, where it said self key, partners. With khyber network, to provide aetherium, based tokens, exchange, within the self wallet. We, are excited to share that we're working with khyber network to integrate the khyber exchange. Platform, into, the self key wallet, this. Is a this is a pretty major. Arrangement. When. I was working, with. One. Of the largest financial, institutions. In a, country. Cybersecurity. Was, a huge. Point. Of emphasis. Risk. You. Know and concern, and investment. In our, business model in any business, model, right, security. Privacy. Risk, regulation. Governance. All of, these are. Multi-billion. Dollar. Industries. And so. When you have a, decentralized. Exchange. Such. As khyber Network pair, up with. One. Of the leading cryptocurrency. Security. Providers, such, as self key then, you. Have the opportunity. For. Some sparks to fly, and. One of the things I wanted to start, to do I realize, I haven't done it in a while and so, I do apologize, about that sometimes. You get so, caught up in making money that you forget to be a teacher. Let's, see we're gonna move this let's move this over here.

One. Of the things I wanted to do was. Really you, know begin. To educate and facilitate. The dissemination. Of information what, is the inside of a market look like what does a business, opportunity look, like what does the, industry, and itself look like how are people or companies, coming together forming partnerships, ultimately. To. Benefit. From, each other as opposed. To compete, against, each other and I think that's the biggest thing we, can all learn, from. This one little article, is that these are two different business, models if we if we just go to the website right here. Qyburn, network's website and then now I'll pull up. The. Other one we. Can just do a quick high-level walkthrough. Of what they. Do how. They do it together ultimately. What. That means for the market the crypto verse and lastly. How you can make money as a result right, so, khyber this was actually one of the coins that. You know I was. On. The fence about putting. Into the crypt a police report, it's, not in the crypt a police report but it. Was on my list of, coins. To, have on there you know and then I sent that list over to the mods and you know we talked about a few other coins and you know long story short it didn't get put on there but I don't think that is you. Know - its own fault, I think a lot of people don't even understand. The, opportunity, at khyber. Presents. And ultimately, the value that it's talking about. Providing. And and. You know that's evident being under, half. A billion dollars, you know when the, market is almost, you, know. Hundred. Times it's more. Than a hundred times so it makes up less than 1%. Of the entire crypto. Economy. Right, so what is Khyber net where Khyber network is essentially, decentralized. Exchange. For. Cryptocurrency, one of the things I think one of the biggest problems, of. Crypto. As it exists today is it's still, very centralized. We did all of this to, get away from. Centralized. Financial. Institutions. And. Yet inside. Of three or four major exchanges you. Know we got four big. Centralized. Financial. Institutions. And so, what Khyber is looking, to do is make. It so that you, don't need to go to. Coin base where they require, an email, address a utility. Statement. A social, security number you. Know and five days waiting, time to, receive, your assets, after you transfer your equity, to them this, will be autonomous, this, will be peer-to-peer and this, will be ripped apart distributed. Amongst the people, and reorient. It on the blockchain so that the people can provide value, directly to each other regardless of what coin you want you. Will be able to exchange. It through Khyber. Right. Without without, needing any of that stuff any. Of the rules that you know the bank's made us play by before. The. Blockchain, ultimately. Will provide, a methodology. To, bypass. So you know and unfortunately. This has. Been. One of the problems, with society, is financial. Institutions. Have decided, what countries, were. Able to get funding Young's. And when you go to third, world countries.

They Don't have roads not because the people haven't. Figured out how to make concrete they don't have roads because, the banks decided not, to finance. Infrastructure. In that, part of the world for whatever reason, this, is this a decision that's made this is everything, in our world is a system, of design this is what I tell you with the charts one system, leads into the next one cycle leads into the next nothing, is independent. The. Butterfly, effect, and, so. The. Black chain ultimately, I believe is providing. Value for humanity in the sense that it's bypassing. All of, the bureaucracy and infrastructure. And and the. Regulations. Put in place to, syphon. Society. And this. Is one of those opportunities, right, Qyburn network again, huge, huge huge opportunity these, guys you, know they were one of my favorite coins when after I learned about them and just, to hear, that they understand. Their opportunity, so one of the things you do in business if you don't do something will you, go hire somebody that does it for you, and instead. Of hiring somebody you partner, with them and now you have joint, equity, and a shared, vision, a shared, venture. And. And, it makes, it a lot faster so, if we want it to look. Self. Key it's, very similar to a shape, shift just as somebody mentioned, in. The, chat what. It does is. Inside. The. Platform, itself, it basically. Exchanges. I don't. Want to say swaps autonomous. Swaps but it more, or less converts. The, block, chains over inside. The. Platform the, digital interface, right so essentially, it would be the same as what self key can do is say you, were. At the. Bank right Khyber is the, bank Khyber just, replaced that with Wells Fargo so, you go into Wells Fargo, with. $200. And you tell. The banker, okay, I want. $200. In fives or I want a hundred dollars and 550 dollars in tens, you, know two 20s, and, ten. Ones right, basically, to change you out more or less that's, what self key can do inside. The digital platform. Inside. Of khyber it's. It's an autonomous. Exchange. Vehicle, to allow. The software, to line up because everything has its own blockchain, everything, has its own network everything, has its own economy its own ecosystem and it gets very complicated, when you have different. Rails. To, lay them on top of each other and they have one vehicle still be able to drive through and you, know. Communicate. With the rest of the ecosystem and, to withhold, integrity, to maintain its integrity and that's what these guys are tackling. The. Process. And it's, it's not very easy a lot of people don't even understand. How it comes together you. Know and and put. It this way Wall Street has not waken up to who these guys are or else, their price would be much much, higher. This. Is probably one of the, best, values. I've seen, especially after this deal one, of the best value plays I've seen because you essentially, have. Half. A billion dollar company half a. Know. I'm sorry yeah half a billion four hundred million coming, together with. A forty, million dollar company. That's. Just a couple hundred satoshis. 194. Satoshi's right. That's, literally paintings on the dollar given. The opportunity. That. They're creating so, what I was gonna do I'm actually, going through the process of buying, some self kii myself, because just knowing what I know about the charts I know that, you, know this stone right here 36, million is a good zone to buy in and. They've been flatlined, for a while as, high as about 400, it looks like you, know now they're down to 200, you can basically, double your money inside of six months once this thing comes back and that's, not a bad setup right, so. If, we want to look at a cover. Chart. We. Say okay BK yeah these partnerships, come together yeah that's good you know they can merge synergies. And and design, stuff together that's good that's good how can we get paid this is how you get paid right here let's jump back on the 343. Let's. Look to see what's happened in a general, trend for this whole chart, has. Been this down. Up. Down. What. Does that look like a, lot. Of traders, this, is how this is how you get technical, this is how technical, we get this, is called a cup. And. Handle. That's. Exactly what it's called it's crazy but, that's that's that's that's, the, name of it cup and handle right and even, if we did a cycle line from there to there.

This, Breakdown point, you're. Almost coming up exactly. On the moment, to. Where we, would be out of this. Second, little formation, this thing is uh coming. Up pretty tight on there so that's probably it right there boom. Boom right, and so, what do I expect I expect, some major action on this thing and I would imagine. Once. Wall Street wakes up to what just happened that this probably picks up value. We do have a little bit of turbulence that. We'll have to fight through about eight percent or so you, know to get that seven. Back. North, of that 77. You. Know but, I don't think I don't think that's a bad, thing I, think as long as this. Chart, stays, north. Of this. Zone, right, here it's. A pretty big zone that, zone right there as, long as we stay north of that we're, pretty good as long. As we stay, north of that we're, even better, right, so if I was gonna buy this thing I don't normally do, limit sales but. I would probably put a stop. Loss right. There. At 26. Right. And. I would also put, another. Limit. Sale. Right. There, we're. Gonna bang around in here this, is basically setting, up a. Breakout. Look. This is what's happening just the exact same as we saw with the other chart breakout, breakdown. We're, gonna flatline, in there before we're able to, go up again, when, we break out where, will we go we. Just put this little guy right there we, see it failed, on, the. One six and. So. We come back down, to the one breakout. Above this. Guy. Because. This was our breakdown. Point on that side. It. Will be our breakdown point over. There right. And so. I'm buying this thing, under. 30. With. The expectation. To sell it right. South of 60, that's. Not a bad coin right. That's. Not that's not a bad setup it. Will take some time right I, recognize. This, is not, statistically, this, is not a boss method by the seven, is below. The. 77. Right. But. If we go down to, a 33. Before. I get in I'm. Gonna wait for confirmation we. Do have some. Quick money coming, back into, it, so the seven is actually above down there but. I'll hold, off on this thing until. That. 77. That blue line goes, above. The. 231. So. You see where it went out right there I'm. Gonna wait for it to come back and, it, should come back down there, once. We do that then, I know two quick money is back in it and you can look for that breakout to start I think khyber is a pretty good setup to. Get get. A lot of equity you, know and up partnership, that ultimately, is has been designed to benefit. Both. Businesses. And everyone. Else as. A result. To. Underdogs. In the, crypto world that. May be able to come together and shock. The world right, so that's definitely something to, keep in mind as, you. Uh you, know move, forward in. Trading. Biggest. Thing another. Big news big news new moon new, year, new meat, right, I was, fortunate, enough to be. Invited to collaborate with coin, Telegraph, I will, be providing content. For their, YouTube. Paid. As a guest, vlogger. This. Week's, episode. Will, say was, on the power, of positivity, if you remember last week you know when the market crashed, not. Crashed but corrected, you know 80 70 percent whatever it was you know everybody was going crazy and that's what you know me and Cole, came on and try to do a video just to keep people positive, let them understand, the opportunity, at hand and you know that's just something that I realized. In this video so. What I'll do is actually, if you're in the chat I will be.

Sending You a link. To. Their page, let's. See here. Yep. In, the chat out I'll post you guys a link this is it right here that. Way you don't have to click through everything and go go look for it and yeah, make sure you you jump over there and and check, them out you know a coin, Telegraph was an amazing, resource for me you, know when I was getting set up just, to have. A, situation. Where you, know you go to one website and read. All these different stories to. Get. An idea of what's. Happening in the market I think they're like an open, source of knowledge and content, for. Onboarding you, know in the blockchain and cryptocurrency so, again, thank you to the coin Telegraph team you know I told them that I would open the floodgates you know and send the people over there to check out the video. Let me know what you guys think, you, know just drop a message down there on calling Telegraph I'll jump in and comment back you know we can we can actually show, them you, know the kind, of community, that we have here it's one of the things I really do hold hold, near and dear and I work very hard to try to preserve the integrity of it is the. Opportunity, to empower each other I think you, know if we try to do this thing by ourselves it's, next to impossible but. Right now we got 20,000. People think. About that right now. When's. The last time you had 20,000. People on your. Team. Working. With you to accomplish your goals you. Know. Freedom. Should. Be free right and. Unfortunately, we're in a situation to, where. We. Were sold in a bondage long before we arrived. That's. Just out work especially in America BAM. Birth, certificate, put a stamp on it bio. Indent, it with a fingerprint, or a footprint boom you are now property at Uncle Sam welcome to America. Right. Well. Blockchain, don't care about all that blockchain, is just about transmission, of value at the end of the day it's a glorified distribution. System that doesn't care you know all right pro-left, red blue broke, poor college-educated ignorant. It really doesn't, matter it's a protocol, that's trustless. That's seamless, you, know that. Works and that's. What I appreciate coin, Telegraph, for providing, information, you. Know to allow people to make their own informed. Decision, right, because. An informed. Person is an empowered, person. Right, and. And, as I mentioned, this blockchain, thing is self selecting, that means we are choosing, to cross, that bridge you, know and leave the USD, for, something that's yet to be right, and it's. Really really really something to look forward to so thank you again, the, coin Telegraph and thank everybody in this chat I see all the congratulations, that's pretty cool thank you thank you thank you guys if. You're in the chat right now go ahead shout your country out you, know we'll go ahead and uh you, know bring this thing on out let the people see, you, know we got the United Nations, of the. Of the blockchain a crypto, verse right here you know I'm saying that's pretty cool and, you know just just in closing out we. Do have all the resources available Bossa Bitcoin comm crypto. Police report, you know top ten lists, best. Coins and technology, that will change the world I imagine, will have a trillion dollar market, cap before, the middle of this summer probably may make June's alive will break a trillion, dollars and. These ten coins will get us there right and if you're just getting set up only got a twenty dollar bill the, dream team you, know is the place for you so when we see that right there crypto please boss a Bitcoin comm dream team next generation, of greatness it, don't take a lot of money to get a lot of profit right, and if, you got a $20, bill you can buy every coin on this list sit back you, know like Phil Jackson back, when he had Shaq, and Kobe you, know and and and find yourself in the championship, right. Last, thing one-on-one, with miss crypto, Nani Diana, Rodriguez, she's. Setting. Up time on her personal calendar to meet with people to, take some of the load off of me and, I do appreciate that so if you are just getting set up beginner. Make, sure you uh schedule. Some time with her her. Accountant there is available, now and you, can accommodate, it it will give you a link directly to her once you. Make the payment, online. And, the last thing you. Know this. Is uh going. Back to what. We spoke about earlier and, and. Really the transition, that I think humanity. Will. Endure, by. Choice or otherwise. Change. Is created, by those who imagine, whose, imaginations. Are bigger than their circumstances. Change. Is. Created, by. Those whose, imaginations. Are bigger, than, their circumstances. Long. Time ago actually. Not that long ago. 2008. You, know, 2008. 2009 a lot. Of these young kids don't know how rough up the time that was yeah, it was pretty damn rough you. Know I. Was.

Working On a Mexican restaurant for $2 an hour, Milwaukee. Wisconsin and. I. Really, didn't know what I was gonna do every day I was sending out a resume I said how about send about a hundred resumes out inside of a couple months they didn't get but, one or two interviews, and you, know didn't get a job working. For $2 an hour with a college degree fresh, out of college right, but but it was at that time that I started to change my mind I started to imagine. Something better I started to learn, about money, because I knew although I didn't, have it yet I knew it was coming and I, just knew that when, it came I needed, to be ready right. And so my imagination. Had. Preceded. My situation. But. Was not superseded. You. Know by my, imagination. All. Too often I think we get boxed in we get trapped we get caught in the moment right, of, what. We have now or what we don't when all you have to do is just imagine, a completely, different circumstance. Imagine, yourself on vacation, somewhere halfway around the world learning, a new language you, know for weeks at a time, not. Tied to a cubicle, not chained to a 401k, not locked down to a non 5 imagine, how liberating, that will be and then envision. Yourself achieving, it just. By trading. A few coins, you know once or twice a month that's what the boss method does that's what it was designed to, do and that's what it can do for you. So I hope you click, that button right there join, the community the doors are always open, you, know 20,000 of my best friends, and. Let's see who we got in to build. Look. Like we got Portland, what's going on Macedonia. San. Fran shout-out you know I put, my time in and abate appreciate. What y'all do in Silicon Valley Rio, Grande, Jacksonville. Sweden, Cali, Phoenix. Sweden. Oregon. Canada. Gold, Coast, is. That Chicago or. Is that not us Golden Triangle Gold, Coast, Oregon. Amsterdam, Allentown, England, India who saw was going on Bay Area, hit him over the head with it boss. Walking, on the west coast Australia. Sweden. Straya. Two times and. Dublin. Somebody, said this crazy, talk that's right you got to be crazy you, know why, cuz. If being sane as normal. Normal. Is broke and you, think that's cool you think that's sane, call. Me Loco, yeah I'm saying I can't, do it I can't do it if you if you if you. Normal. Enough I'll call it normal if you normal, enough to go follow every, other person. Chained, to the same dollar. Bite. Me. You. Know fighting. For this actually. No one. Hours work fighting. For $20, an hour plus. Tips plus, benefits. If. You think this is normal, $20, an hour plus benefits a, lot of. People out there would, do up a lot I remember, I remember first time I got $20, an hour I thought I made, it. I. Go, to a dentist, come. On that's a broken system that's crazy. Just, the fact that you have to trade your life 30 years, of your life, when time is priceless, you can't even buy it you got billionaires. Saying that, they wish they could buy time you can't do it but we're willing to give it away but, $20. An hour knowing. That this thing by design, goes, down, five, to ten percent a year to where 20, years from now this is exactly what it's gonna be worth. That's. Why you got so many old people working, at Target and Walmart not, because, they didn't make good decisions, in their life because the money that they made. Ain't. Worth nothing anymore that's. Crazy. Don't. Get me started again. That. Time of the day sounding. Out Vista boats, boy BK, no, matter where you stay from Brazil to the bait. California. All, the way back out through jerk money good, night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time like subscribe and share copy, and paste this send, it somebody you care about do that for me if you appreciate mine till, we meet again stay cryptic y'all eggs.

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