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- Hey everybody, it's me, Zach, this is Judy, and welcome back to our channel. (air snapping) Hey everybody, hello, hi, welcome to day four of me posting every single day, Monday through Friday this week. Some people have asked if I'll keep doing it forever, forever feels like a long time, so I just figured we could start off with just this week, and we'll see how I feel moving forward.

But I hope you've enjoyed it so far. If you have missed any videos I'll leave them linked all down below, so go check them out, it'll be in a pinned comment down there. So today though, what I wanted to talk about is Ms. Amberlynn Reid has been quite busy on just about every platform except her YouTube channel. Every platform except her YouTube channel.

But for real, on Tuesday, you know she's been doing these Tuesday Thursday livestream situation types of deals, and livestreaming on Tuesday was not on her plan of agenda, she took to her YouTube community tab, and she posted this; she said, she said, rescheduling the livestream for tomorrow, see you then. Okay everybody, so while I was editing this video I realized, hey, Amberlynn hasn't gone live yet, what's going on? And she posted this just three seconds ago. I know I said I'd go live today since I missed yesterday but I just can't tonight. I'm not going to give a reason, or hint towards a reason, or give an excuse, because those things aren't acceptable. To make it up to, I plan on going live tomorrow for four hours, which I've never done a live for that long that I remember.

The live will start at 7 PM and last until 11 PM Eastern. I completely understand if you're upset with me but I'll see you tomorrow, okay? And wow, honestly, me reading that right now is me reading it for the first time. Four hours feels like a lot. I can't imagine what that kind of content will look like, but I did just wanna give this update as I go on and talk about all kinds of other things in this video.

Let me just say, I definitely recognize and understand why people are frustrated about this. It's like, really? For real, for real? Come on now, you literally have one, one responsibility, when it comes to your job, and that's showing up on Tuesday and Thursday, why can't you do that? I think people also are frustrated because it's one of those things where most people don't have the luxury to just not show up to the one out of two days of the week that they're supposed to work, and that's what she's doing here, essentially. Even though she is rescheduling, I could understand for sure why people are like, girl, what are we doing on this here day? And I get it, it's the bare minimum, and honestly she did the bare minimum, which was, she, at this time at least, let people know, she let people know she was rescheduling. I think the last time she didn't let people know and then she, people got mad, and so she came on late at night and started getting angry at people. So, I guess I can't ask for much more.

I understand that things come up, but I do think it's just, if you only have two expectations a week to fulfill, then I would be trying my best to do that. I would be trying my best to do that. I mean, for instance, I literally stream Monday through Thursday, every single one of those days, and granted my schedule changes a little bit more, but that's because I plan. I plan ahead. So if I know I have something coming up in my personal life, then I just plan for my Twitch stream to happen at a different time.

So it's just, a lot of these things, I'm like, with some forethought, girl you could avoid the drama llama. You could avoid the drama, not have the issues, but I mean, to some extent, I think this is all a part of the, the mystique that is Amberlynn Reid. I will say that one of the things she did instead of going live was pop into her old friend, Chantal Marie, Chantal's show, Foodie Beauty, Big Beautiful Me, The Daily Chantal, The Chantal Show, the whoever whatever, she popped in to Chantal's little livestream, and she had this to say, which I did get this screenshot from Just Sayin, who is on both Twitter, and YouTube, so go check them out. They post a lot of Chantal archive livestreams, et cetera, they did get this screenshot of Amberlynn saying this, which is, high girl summer for Chantal. Which, one, is just annoying because it's like, as we already discussed you got time to be in Chantal's stream chatting away, but you don't have time to do your own livestream? But then two, two, what a wild thing to say to somebody who has been documenting on YouTube her substance use, and her addiction to Coca Cola, and things like that.

And you're out here saying, high girl summer Chantal, yes, slay; what? What? I don't know, it all feels like a choice. And I mean she could also just be talking about Chantal's use of edibles, and the weed, and things like that, and I guess, but also, I think a lot of people in the community also feel like that's even a choice. So overall, I'm just like, Amberlynn, Amberlynn, what are you doing here today? What are you doing? Now, the bulk of what I wanna talk about, though, today, is how she used her time on Instagram, which seemed to be a way that she was not livestreaming. She said, I'm not gonna livestream, but I will spend some time in the middle of the night answering questions on Instagram.

Now before I get too far into what she was talking about on Instagram, she did address this concept of somebody calling her out for, why can't you? You can't livestream for your paying members, but you can come on here to Instagram, and post all of these things? Her response to that was essentially, I'm not going live at 1 AM. I just now finally had a chance to sit down and catch a breath. Figured I'd hop on here and hopefully make up for it before tomorrow's livestream.

And I do have to say, to Amberlynn's credit, livestreaming is something that takes a whole different energy than just answering some random questions, on Instagram. It takes a lot of energy to live interact with human beings. I mean, probably not the kind of energy of, labor professions, it's probably not the same kind of energy, I'm not trying to say she's exerting physical energy or things like that, but I can speak from my own experience that being on a livestream takes a different kind of energy, it's like when you go and interact with people all day, and then you're drained, because you've just spent a lot of time interacting with other humans. That's kind of what it's like to be on a livestream. So it's, it's a different kind of energy, I'm not trying to say that Amberlynn is out here being a medical professional, a firefighter, an author, a whoever, whatever, all of those professions she always tries to compare herself to, I'm not saying she's doing those things.

I'm just giving her the credit that, going and doing a full livestream is a different type of energy than just click clacking away on your phone. But I do also wanna say, I definitely understand why people are, oh, so you can come and do this, but you can't livestream? Where are your priorities lying? 'Cause I think that's fair. It's, girl, you also have to be mindful that when you cancel, and reschedule these things, that people have expectations that something was way more important than your livestream, and it seems like that thing that was way more important was just Instagram. So anyways, the things that I find the most fascinating about Amberlynn Q and A's, and to be honest I haven't covered her Q and A's for a while, because most of the time she's purposely, well, we'll get into this, but in my opinion she's purposely highlighting all of the meanest things. 'Cause if you don't know how those things work, I don't do them a lot on my Instagram, personally, but the way that they work is that you say, here, submit your questions, and then you get to scroll through and pick whatever question.

So, seemingly, if she didn't want to respond to the hate comments, she could choose not to do that. But she's choosing to do that. I don't doubt for a minute that she gets hate comments, mean comments, whoever whatever comments, but she actively usually chooses to highlight those things. Whereas a lot of YouTubers choose not to focus on those things.

She really, just dives in, and that will often be her entire instastory, is just her responding to people who have hateful things to say. So I bring that up because, well one, I think she knows that she's bringing attention to certain types of things, and certain type of engagement with her, and two because it really says a lot then about last night when she was on Instagram, answering Q and A's, and the thing she chose to highlight. Which in particular seemed to be a lot of flirty messages that she's been getting. Which is fine, but I wanna emphasize that, I feel like these things are curated for a purpose. So just like she wants to curate this picture in the past, of only, people are only ever mean to me all the time, now she's purposely curating a narrative of, look at all these people flirting with me.

Which I don't wanna speculate too much, but I can think of several reasons why she might be doing that. I don't know, it could be because she wants to encourage people to flirt with her, because she wants to flirt, it could be that she's trying to prove something to Becky. It could just be that she's looking for a new boo, 'cause we'll get into that in a second. But there could be a lot of reasons why she's doing it, but I don't, I guess my opinion is that she is not doing this just unintentionally. I feel like there is a purpose for her highlighting so many flirty messages. So, I just wanna give you an overview of some of these messages that she's got going on here on this day.

The first one, the persons says, I see you're up kind of late, Hazel Eyes. Need some cuddles? And Amberlynn's response is, I wouldn't mind. Now what, why is just some random person have a pet name for her that's Hazel Eyes, it seems, seems a little sus to me.

Another person says, you are literally so beautiful, I wanna hold your hand. And Amberlynn is like, y'all are seriously hyping me up tonight. And then another person says, why are you answering flirty messages like that if you aren't interested in dating? Which we'll get to. And she says, I like to flirt. Which is clear, from these messages.

Another person says, I mean this in a non-creepy way, but I wanna snuggle and binge watch TV with you. And Amberlynn says, let's do it, which, I feel like if you have to say, I mean this in a non-creepy way, I mean, maybe don't say it at all. But I don't know, it doesn't seem like Amberlynn took it in a creepy way, so whatever floats your boat, truly.

Another person says, I don't care what anyone say fuck you are. You're absolutely gorgeous. And Amberlynn says, please, you're making me blush. And then this last message says, I find it super sus that you're getting so many flirty questions since Becky broke up with you, LOL. And Amberlynn chimes in, bringing up her favorite subject, Destiny, and says, this happened when Destiny broke up with me too, that's actually how I met Becky. So that's why I'm a little bit speculative about what her intentions are here.

Because she has no problem, I mean, she's always said that Becky swooped in after Destiny left, and that's how they met, but it seems like, I don't know, one might think that she's trying to put herself out there again. And I guess I only bring that up because it's interesting, because she said multiple, multiple times, in the livestreams since the breakup, that she in no way wants to jump right into a relationship. And honestly that's fine, I could see that for real for real, after you've been in a relationship for four years, it probably feels like a lot to jump right back into that, but if that's the case, then great. But also, you're out here publicly flirting with people, so you're gonna get people asking, what is the truth? Because I gotta be honest with you, I really gotta be honest with you.

(fingers tapping) Shit's not adding up for me. It really isn't. But yeah, I think as long as she continues to highlight those messages, bring attention to messages like that, she's gonna keep getting attention from people who wanna flirt with her, or wanna slide into her DMs, people are gonna keep flooding her with flirty moments, and flirty vibes. And personally, I don't know, especially considering, I mean the drama llama with James Charles, and him being in the DMs with followers and fans, I just, if I were her, I would probably personally not be looking into the DMs for random subscribers, and trying, I just feel like who knows what kind of intentions those people have, one, and two, how are you going to vet all of those people? I don't know, I mean I guess the same could be said for her if she went on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, whatever, whatever app she might use, so who knows? I just think that it's a little sus to be looking for people in the DMs.

So the other thing that she addressed in her Instagram stories, outside of all the flirty messages was her needing some money, and I do think that that's a little interesting because it was like a couple weeks ago she posted one of her only, recorded, not livestreamed videos, and it was a muckbang, and people were bringing up at the time that she said she would only start posting muckbangs if she was broke. And at the time she was like, no, what I meant was I would post muckbangs everyday if I was broke, but I'm not broke. And so it's interesting to me now that she is out here saying that essentially, well I don't know, she doesn't use the word broke, but here's what she said. A person asked, are you having money problems? What's your Venmo? And she said, I shouldn't feel ashamed, but I am. I am not as financially stable as I once was, and for that reason I'm selling things I never thought I would, but I know that I have to. Plus, I'm getting rid of clutter.

Becky and I are working together to make money and save money. We both are moving and starting new chapters in our lives, so being financially ready for that is important for both of us. My Venmo is Amberlynn-reid.

So, I just, listen, I will not shame her for having money problems, it's hard to say especially after she has been sick, and had cancer, and has been in multiple hospital visits, and things like that, I'm sure she is a little bit financially pressed, but the thing that jumps out to me the most about this whole statement is her saying that she is selling things that she never thought she would have to. Like, girl, what exactly here are you selling that you never thought you would have to? Are we talking about the Mini Brands? Are we talking about the doodle you made in seventh grade? Are we talking about all those Torrid dresses you never wore? Why are you out here acting like you're selling your engagement ring? Or some priceless family heirloom? Which maybe she did sell her engagement ring and just didn't do that publicly, 'cause that would be a shit show if she did that. And maybe in general she's talking about things that she's not shared publicly, but literally y'all, all the things that she has sold on her Instagram, none of that is super sentimental in any kind of way. And my favorite thing, also by the way, on her Instagram, well I have a few favorite things, I've been loving the bundles, they're just so wild to me, but my other favorite thing has been people price checking all of the things that she's posted.

One person I remember doing that was Young Dumb Honey Bun, she compared the little bundle that I think is still up on Amberlynn's Instagram, to just random stuff she found on Shein, and sites like that, and how you can get almost everything for way cheaper than what Amberlynn was selling it for. 'Cause I think Amberlynn was trying to sell it for something like 75, $60, something like that. And then the other one, just literally today, the day that I'm filming this, she posted more, random, I don't know if they were stickers, or the planer things, or whatever, it's hard to say, but she showed this big old tub, and she took the tripod for her camera, and she ran it through this tub of uselessness, and that just, by itself, using the tripod, iconic, but then Future Ms. Becky, one of my favorite Twitter people that I follow, she literally was, oh, by the way, you can get all of these things on Amazon, or something like that, for way cheaper than what Amberlynn is selling it for. So it's just so funny to me that Amberlynn is out here trying to sell these things for way expensive, acting like they're like priceless family heirlooms, and here we are. And I think we all know also, if you followed Amberlynn for any number of years, it's clear that she doesn't have the shopping habits of the average person.

I mean, even if you ignore all of the things that we've seen on her Instagram, if you look at all of the stuff she's shown us in videos, whether it's Torrid hauls, all of those monthly subscription boxes, she's admitted multiple times that at different points in her life she's getting daily takeout, which is expensive, and adds up, and then combine that all with all of the stuff that she has been selling in the private collections that she's got going, I mean, it's no wonder that she might be in a not great place financially, especially now that she's looking at ending a relationship with Becky, and who knows? Becky's alluded to having her own finance stuff as in a job and stuff outside of what they've talked about on YouTube, so maybe Becky was bringing something to the relationship, it's really hard to say. I do just wanna bring this conversation full circle though which is we started this video off by talking about how Amberlynn hasn't been putting a lot of attention into her YouTube channel, and for me, honestly, truly, I feel like that would be the place to start saying, okay, we're gonna make some money, and we're gonna save some money, because so many people are interested in what's happening in her life right now, with this break up, why are you not, even if it's just something stupid that's not even about your actual break up, you're not above click baiting. You really are; make a vlog about going to the grocery store, and Becky goes to a different aisle without you, and call it, Becky is Leaving Me. And click bait the shit out of it, and get that money, profit, I mean you're not above it, so I feel like, go for it, you know what I'm saying? But yeah, I don't know, let me know your thoughts down below, I am intrigued, I am looking forward to more content eventually on her actual YouTube channel outside of just these long livestreams that don't really do it for me. Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to hear them down below, but be nice, don't be a jackass, you know, you know the thing.

So, anyways, if this is your first time on one of my videos I hope you'll consider subscribing and hitting the bell button so you get notifications every single time I post a new video, please also make sure to leave me a comment down below, hit like, and click share with anybody that you think might enjoy it, follow me on all of my social media. I had so much fun with you all today I hope you did to, and I'll see you all next time; bye.

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