Investing Hustler: Pot Stock Picks, Market Crashes, and Hustling Your Way to Wealth

Investing Hustler: Pot Stock Picks, Market Crashes, and Hustling Your Way to Wealth

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Welcome. To looking, at the markets with David, Modell I've got a special guest today he. Is an up-and-coming youtuber. And man, he's made some great calls in marijuana. Stocks and other stocks as well we're. Gonna call mr. investing. Hustler, he's a mysterious, man with a cool name how you doing today sir how's. It going I'm doing well are you awesome. Can I just call you investing, hustler is that what you like to be called effort. Sure okay, cool, cool, awesome, all right so we're going to get into this because these are exciting. Times. We, are closing. In on the end of October, 17, a day. That, will go down in history as, the day that Canada, fully, legalized. Marijuana. Use. Cannabis, use for. Adult, recreational use, it's really amazing, now, that October. 17, has, come and gone what, are your expectations as. Far as marijuana, stocks, have they lost their mojo, what do you think. Well. Personally. I think that a lot of these companies have had a nice run because of legalization. So. Some, of these companies might die off because they're. Because. Because, they won't be able to produce as, much as much as their market value shows, them to produce so actually, let me let me rephrase that, because. They won't be able to produce the numbers that the market value. Because. They won't be able to produce the numbers that match the market value and, on. Top of that well. The very the, most important thing will be the first quarter after legalization. So, we're. Gonna have to see their earnings and how they do after, the first quarter after the legalization so, I think that's gonna be very important, but, then there are companies like Aurora who just got it listed into the New York Stock Exchange so. Um tomorrow. We're gonna see how it does but like I think the big companies, they're gonna do very well but. A lot of the smaller companies they might die off depending, on the numbers they release because. Their market caps are are huge right now so they might not have the numbers to back it up got. It so. It's, all about the profit the earnings the numbers you want to see those, numbers coming, in strong it's, not all about hype for, investing, hustler that's awesome, and by the way people anybody, is listening to this go, to the description below this video and subscribe. To investing, hustler, and vibe this.

Gentleman. He puts out videos pretty, much every day would that be accurate, yeah. Every other day I, try every day I, don't know how some people do it but sometimes it does get exciting exhausting, dropping all these videos every, other day. Yeah. Well I'm really impressed with your output you're killing it man your subscriber, base is growing I think it's great so, investing, hustler a lot of people look to you your growing audience looks to you for your stock picks what, is on your watchlist, right now. Well. I got a few companies on my watch list like one would be pure oh it's. A it's actually a marijuana, stock, as well I don't know if you've heard of it oh yeah. It. Pays dividends, which, it's it's, hard to find a mirror, on the stock out there that pays dividends, yeah unless unless, I'm wrong correct me if I'm wrong but from what I know it does pay dividends it is a small, percentage I think it's like point, zero point six percent or something but. Um I, do. Like this company and it is on my watch list I also have a company like Planet thirteen on my watch listen you. Heard about planet thirteen they're opening up. The. World's largest dispensary. In Las Vegas so that looks really interesting, to me so in their opening in November, so I, do, expect, that company to grow in November, but we'll see actually started, a position, in Planet thirteen but I'm kind of hoping their share prices drop, just. So I could increase, my size in my position. The, CEO area companies are on my watch list right now. Even. A company like Oxley, cannabis, group that's, another one these are all small caps, because, like all, the bigger caps they're pretty obvious like aurora canopy, after. Yeah everyone, knows about those companies it's. Like these, smaller companies not a lot of people know about them and. Like. You never know that the thing is like some of these companies might grow up so might disappear, so. I'm, just trying to I'm just trying to find a diamond in the rough so only, time will tell, absolutely. And people need to know that we, are not registered. Or licensed, investment. Advisors, so nothing in this video is investment, advice or to be interpreted, as such you have to make your own decision, if you're watching this you, have to if, you're not sure consult with a licensed registered investment advisor, but, these are our ideas and I all, those companies you mentioned sure. They're small, but. Right, now I believe that the Aurora's, and the canopies and the a Frias of the world they're. Already kind of expensive, okay, and so we're looking for those diamonds in the rough the under, the radar opportunities. That's that's, cool. What. I wanted to know is as far, as the price movements, of stocks do. You believe that in the short term stock. Price movements, are at all predictable. Or is it just random what do you think, well. Like, you can make predictions and, then sometimes, you're wrong sometimes, you're right. For. Me it's, it's been pretty simple, on the red base you, buy on the Green Day's you sell, that's. Like one pretty simple prediction, if you want to get technical and look at charts, then that's a whole different story. Maybe. One day I do plan on releasing a course on how I choose my stocks, so, so. Then that's, just the simplest way to do it it's just you if it's a red day you buy like today was a red day in, the stock market, surprisingly, October, 17th, was already yeah, and I actually did pick up some some, stocks today so, I will. See you tomorrow might be a green day tomorrow might be another red day and I'll keep. Buying if it's green I mean, if it's red and if it's green I'll look to some whatever companies. I think are overvalued so, yes. This, is the simplest way to look at it that's, a great system a friend of mine in Canada his name is rich from rich TV live he come he comes to head do you know about rich from rich TV live he's. Not he's good. I'm. A huge fan of his I I've had him on this channel a number of times and he. Says buy in the red selling. The green it has worked for him he's not about trying to predict everything. And I believe that you and I are the same way we're not all about trying to tell, people what's gonna happen tomorrow or in the next five minutes, we're, just gonna buy when some when a great company is on sale that that's that's the best it, want it worked for Warren Buffett and it works for you and it works for me um wanted, to talk about you know market crashes, you, know I I've found that market, crashes, stock. Market crash has happened about once every decade on, average it varies.

Some. People say that we're due for a, market, crash do. You believe in that what's your what's your insight into that well. They, do say that every, ten years we have a market, crash and ominous, it's almost at ten years I think it's like nine and a half years by, now so. Um, I like. Right now the economy seems, to be doing well everything, seems to be doing fine but, the thing is that interest. Rates interest. Rates are rising and, a lot of these companies especially bank, stocks are becoming overvalued. Yeah, so I do see a market crash happening, but me I don't maybe not this month maybe not next but we. Are long overdue for one so I should, we should be expecting a market crash within the next one. To two years okay. Maybe. And Mike on this boat on Mike going for another five years you never know but but. We should expect one sometime. Soon yeah. They're. Way over and, in a way we kind of did see a market crash in the Chinese economy because. All those Chinese monks did did have a major crash so that, could that could be considered a market crash like a lot of these companies went down like 50 percent 20 percent sure. Who I don't yeah. I feel, like one's long overdue, okay. Okay fair enough I believe. The same thing by the way I think, I I got kind of welcome it I think. That it. Would almost be a relief because we've, been waiting for so long and waiting and waiting when it finally does happen, be nice just to get it over with yeah that's how I kind of view it that's, why this year I do I don't really hesitate, to take profits, because yeah, in, case I always want to be holding lots of cash I don't want to be a bag holder and then all sudden the market crash hits and then and I'm, holding on to I'm holding on to losses so I don't want to do that yeah, I, believe. It was Bernard Baruch a long time ago who said you never lose money by taking profits, so. Yeah. That's, a great philosophy you. Know there's an old debate. An. Age-old, debate about. Momentum. Trading. Versus. Value. Investing. So. Let's say if you see a stock. Go, up eight days. In a row eight green, candles, on the chart would, you be more likely or less likely to, buy a stock that has gone up eight days in a row I would.

Definitely Be less likely to purchase that as, what's. Good what goes up must come down and, if, a company goes up eight days in a row it eventually it's gonna have a red day so, if, I did see a company go up eight days in a row I would probably wait for that company in the truck before I purchase, it so. Yeah. I definitely wouldn't, purchase a company. That went up. Isn't. It funny how in all other aspects, of life people, understand, the concept, of buy. Something, when it's cheap right, when they go shopping for a car or for a house or clothing they want to buy things that are 20, 30 40, 50 percent, off but, with stocks that. Concept, just doesn't seem to penetrate with people when, a stock goes up five six seven eight days in a row people want to buy it I I never understood, that. Doesn't. Make sense um I, don't. I really don't understand, why it's it's like Bitcoin that that that's been going up for like so, many years in a row and then people were still buying at 18 K and it's like it's gonna drop but I don't, understand why people bought it at such, a high price now, people are sitting, on Bitcoin with like over 50 percent losses, so, it's. The same thing what goes up must come down and if. It doesn't come down it's going to be a matter of time before it does yep and the. Bigger they are the harder they fall so, be, careful out there. Now. For. We've. Seen some stocks. Going, back to the cannabis stocks which I'm really excited about is. You. Know we've seen some real. Success, stories, like like. N B Evie and you. Know n Bev and then tilray. TL, are why, is, there next is there a way to find the next tilray, the next n Bev is it, possible, well. The truth is like when Tillery IPO, no one knew - it was gonna be what, today is now like no one utility. Sing. With New Age beverage, so, like. Some people can guess some people can speculate, and some people can get lucky but there's, no secret, formula to finding those companies a lot of it has to do with luck and like being at the right place at the right time so. Like some of these companies that I'm not, I have on my watch list life right now who knows they might go up one day but the. Truth is no one knows like did you know did you know Tillery, was gonna blow up when it IPO -, exactly.

Yeah Who could know who, could possibly know so. There's no there's no secret, formula to that some people are lucky some, people just invest, in every IPO, and they happen to it to, get a nice run out of somewhere they happen to lose a lot of money out of some like another one is Neil a lot of people expected, that one to blow. Up and then accept, you know what happened to neo it yeah but I heard it's been recovering, ever since like Tesla, invested. Into it but no, one, knows especially. With the IPO it's so unpredictable you can, you can either invest into, it and get lucky or you, can lose it's just a minutes like a 50-50 chance, that's. My opinion though what. Do you think ya, know that and, it's. So funny like, you. Hear about these success, stories you hear about the. People who invested. In a little tiny company. That. Blew up okay, that that went. To the moon and so. Other people get suckered into believing that that's normal but. It's not, yes. If you had okay. I wish, I had invested, in Amazon. You. Know five, years ago but. No, one knew five years ago that it would be the Amazon, that it is today, and so. For every Amazon, for every Apple for every Microsoft, there, are 99 other. You. Know MySpace's okay for every Facebook there are 99 MySpace's. Okay and. We all know what happened to myspace if you're old enough to even remember that one so. Yeah. So it, there. All these other that, you hear you only hear about the success stories you don't hear about the people who lost everything. Speculating. And putting all their money into one thing and so, I don't recommend that, yes. You can have a few lotto, plays a few lotto tickets. Because. You're trying to find the next Amazon, okay the next Hill rate that's cool but, I my, wheelhouse most. Of my, investments. Go into more established, companies like, the canopy's you, know the a free azure blue, chip stocks like Microsoft, and Apple and things like that it's, okay to mix it up anyway I'm going on too long with my philosophy this is about you today. That's. Fine I like curing your instincts yeah yeah what once again people need to subscribe investing. Hustler, he puts out videos pretty. Much every day I haven't seen you miss a day yet and they're. Post. Every day, practically. I try. I try yeah, you might take you might take weekends, off that's I've seen you take some weekends off a little bit that's about it he's, he's, killing it I'm telling you folks you guys subscribe, now, I want to talk about stop, losses okay, let's, say you buy something and it starts to go down maybe it goes down 10% it happens to the best of us are, you more likely to average down and buy average down that, means buy more or do. You use a hard, stop loss where if it goes down 10% just get the heck out what is your philosophy on that well. It, all depends on on what kind of trade I'm doing I'm, doing a swing trader or a day trader right now it's a very risky trade, I might, put a stop, I. Might, I might put a stop loss on that but if it's a if it's a long term investment and I believe in that company, I all, average, down but 90%, of the time I will average, down because I don't really like doing on day trading swing trading I mean, I know some people have become really successful out, of it but um, our. Investment, to accompany it and I might say but if I go out, in that company like invested, into Tilbury and I sold it like five, days later but that's because, there. Was news that came out all, these uh with. A where they might. Have to deposit this. Well. I don't know who was that okay. Let's just let's just scratch that who. Was that so, we had known I will most likely average. Them I won't do a stop loss I won't, do a stop loss I'm missing I don't believe in that company and it was just like a risky, trade is one a gambling, gambling I'll put stop-loss, that, way I'd minimize my loss but. If I'm investing into a company that I believe in I'll, keep a beating down like, with the world that run they had before they, went up all the way to fourteen I happen, to sell some shares most, of my shares but then they took, a took a big data it's. A Aurora, crash this, happen in January right you remember that and, then pretty, much when all dealing with when you hit seven I Boston Aurora and then it started, going down more six dollars bought, some more five fifteen bought some more so it's like if, I put a stop loss on Aurora imagine.

All The money I missed. Out on so sometimes. If you're believing the company is better to average down but, if yours, if you're gambling like let's say you invested, in Neil when. It IPO it and you put a stop loss then maybe that would benefit, you then but it, really depends whether you're gambling or investing, because some you can gamble in the stock market just like you can easily invest, so it, depends on your style or which, company you're you're investing in personally. I'd rather invest in gamble, but that's just me that's how I think I. Really. Gamble, long there. Was a company, that I was gonna gamble on on its igc, but. That company. It's, very risky so that that would be a company where I put a stop loss on so let's say I put I put like five thousand, two thousand dollars a night you see I would, put a 10% stop-loss, because that company has been so unpredictable and, and there's a lot of just suspicious, stuff going on with that company so that's a company I don't believe in but, it's a company that can make him a lot of money because it's known, to go up ten twenty percent in a day so and then. And then like I said Aurora would be a company that I would average down canopy, would be a company would average down. Those. Really. Established. Companies, with plenty, of capital. That, have been around I call them the oh geez the original gangstas, of, the of the marijuana space, you got your canopy right, you got your Chronos group, you got your aura a free organic gram emblem, emerald, ok the oh geez those, you might feel more comfortable averaging, down because they've, survived, a lot of downturns, and they made it through unscathed or. Relatively unscathed, but. For, something a little more speculative, something, newer. Yeah, I don't necessarily recommend averaging, down on something that's more of a lot of play I totally, feel you on that one, so. I I want, people to go to your channel. First. Of all you can click on the link in the description below this video go to investing, hustlers channel check out all of his videos plenty, of content there is there any other way people can contact you for more information about you and what you do well. I. Do have a Instagram. As well it's investing, Osler and the way you contact, me use my gmail investing. Hustler at I. Don't, have a Twitter yet I've never really been a fan of Twitter but I've, noticed that a lot of youtubers have in it and Twitter is still bait. So. Maybe I might I might create a Twitter which will most likely one day be investing, muster but yes maybe mainly. My youtube and my Instagram, and my gmail which is all investing, awesome awesome. And investing. Hustler at Go. Ahead and reach out to them if you got if you got questions if, you need more help, and. I, mean are you offering a course or how are you monetizing. Is there anything that, you're. You. Know offering, right now as far as premium services, right. Now I'm, not I'm, not offering, anything maybe. One, day I do plan on doing it I have I've. Had people ask me if I would create a course and they're like if you have one I'll sign up right away so. If it's it's kind of a thought out there the thing is like I don't only just do investing, like I do flipping, I do if, you check out my channel I'd survive a lot of people would like to know that a lot of people saw me grow my channel and my channel monetized, in like eight months so a lot of people so, I might create a course on how to grow, your YouTube fast, so, I'm not sure what route I want to take it or, someone some people have even asked me if I could mentor, them so it's. Like I have to weigh my options maybe. I could do all three and then have a package, deal for the whole thing, I don't, know for sure yet but um maybe one day right now I'm not you, YouTube's, pretty new to me I just I just got monetized, ah I'm pretty happy with that even though the pays isn't, that great but, it is like my, fifth source of income so I do plan on going, on, getting another source or maybe one. Day I will create a course but uh right. Now I'm not really in a rush to do it but we'll see we'll see the future hasn't slowed I know, it has great things in store for you mister investing, hustler thank you for coming on looking at the, markets this, is exciting, times and I want to have you back here someday, real soon thank you sir I appreciate today.

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