Introduction to Atomy Business, Hangil Park

Introduction to Atomy Business, Hangil Park

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Hello everyone. It's nice to see you. For those who came for the first time, could you please raise your hands? Wow, it seems there a number of you. Welcome. For those who came for the first time, I know some of you might have come on your own but some of you have come here because someone kept asking you to come. You came to listen as a favor with the condition that you wouldn't buy anything since it is a network marketing company.

Thus, I believe there will be some people who have come with a closed heart and with no intention of doing this business. However, you don't have to worry because we don't let just anyone do this business. Of course, in terms of conditions, we don't look at your educational background, your age, your gender, or your financial situation.  

Even though we are a company with cosmetic products, we aren't concerned about people's appearances. What a relief, right?   If it was based on looks, I think only 2 people might pass and everyone else would fail with this condition. Be rest assured that this company doesn't look at your appearance. Now you will be introduced to the products of this company and even hear some explanations about them. After hearing this and you think, If I do this business to make money by selling the products of Atomy, I would only buy them for the sake of being a contractor." However, if I didn't do this business, I don't think I would need to use these products because I know a place where I can buy similar products that are better and more affordable."

So there is no point for me to buy products that are inferior or more expensive." If this is what you think, then you shouldn't do this business. Even if you decide to do this business to make money, you won't be successful because we, as human beings, have a conscience. If you try to sell products that even you won't use, it will be hard to tell others about them.

Although many people say that doing sales is very challenging, in reality, it shouldn't be that difficult. People are only saying that doing sales is hard because they are trying to sell products that they don't use, that aren't great, or that are just too expensive. Now let's say you went to eat at a restaurant that was affordable, delicious, and clean. After going to such a restaurant, you would inform the people around you to go there.

You naturally tell others about the restaurant even though you are not getting any compensation for becoming a salesperson for the restaurant. If you saw a very interesting movie, you would tell others to go and watch the film. Although you aren't getting compensated by the movie theater, you are essentially acting like a salesperson for them. This means that if you discover something worthwhile, the act of telling others and doing the sales itself becomes something that is fun and exciting. If you believe that you would benefit just by using the products of Atomy, even if you aren't doing the business or trying to earn money from it, then you will find that telling others about it will be fun and exciting, rather than being difficult. At Atomy, if you are a registered member, you can get this toothpaste at a very low price.

Is that good or bad? These come in 200g tubes and it also contains something called 'Propolis'. Now you can think of propolis as a natural antibiotic that can make your mouth like an aseptic room. Generally speaking, you cannot put synthetic antibiotics in your mouth. As such, propolis, which turns a beehive into an aseptic room, was added to this toothpaste. If you were to go to a pharmacy to buy toothpaste with propolis, the cost will be, on average, around $10 to $20.

Furthermore, this toothpaste contains water-soluble propolis. Since propolis is stored in beeswax and it doesn't easily dissolve into water, it has little to almost no effect on our body. Thus, a water-soluble propolis was developed, patented, and that technology was used in this product. The lid is a one-touch cap type, which isn't usually found on cheap toothpaste, and it has a volume of 200g.

If this was to cost less than the pharmacy, is that expensive or affordable? It's low priced, right? You are able to make a judgment regarding price. In terms of quality, you just have to use it. You can then determine whether or not you will continue to use it. At Atomy, we don't make any cosmetic samples. You just have to test it with the original product.

Generally, you can receive free samples, right? Even though these are considered to be free samples, who has to cover the cost for making them? The cosmetic company president isn't making them with his own money. All the expenses are actually shifted to the consumers who buy the product. Thus, the price of the cosmetic products become very high. As such, Atomy does not make any samples. We haven't done in the past, we aren't going to start now, nor will we ever be doing so in the future. So don't ask for any samples.

Instead, you should see how good or bad the product is by just using our normal products. If you don't like the product after using it, then just return the used product within 3 months of purchase if possible. There are some people who take 1 year to use it and others who returned products that have expired. They argue about how I said that they could return it. Understand that this policy was not made to be abused by consumers. If you don't like the product after using it, just return it.

The night before I presented this policy, I couldn't really fall asleep at all. What would happen if the return rate was 10%? The company would have to close down because it would become bankrupt. Around 4 in the morning, I made a decision. I thought, "If a company had that kind of return rate and the consumers didn't like the product, then that company shouldn't exist." I should just go under."

Thus, I made the presentation with the resolve to fail. However, the return rate of Atomy's cosmetic products is only one-tenth of the industry average. The return rate is generally around 3 to 5%. Yet Atomy is only around 0.37%. Actually, it went down to about 0.24%. As such, Atomy's return rate isn't even one-tenth of the industry.

Even though we don't even supply free test samples to use and people are just trying our normal products directly, the return rate we have is proof that the consumers are satisfied with the quality and the price of our products. Normally, you as consumers, purchase this as a set. Each set contains 6 items and costs less than most individual products. Is that expensive or affordable? It's very low price, right?   So you are getting 6 products in this set for less than the price of one product.

This set of 6 doesn't contain small sample versions of the product. Instead, it has 6 normal-sized regular products. After seeing the milk lotion, which is our skin lotion, one person came up to me and said, Do you, as the CEO of Atomy, know anything about cosmetics?" If you make it this big, how will people use it all?" How can you get repurchases and do business like this?" I don't think you know anything about the cosmetic business." Actually, the president of a skin care association said this to me. At that time, this was only 120mL but now it has been increased to 135mL. Although people wondered if I could do business with a large 120mL product, I went on to increase the volume without raising the price.

I believe that the Atomy cosmetic products needs to become a product for the ordinary people. If you want to become the product of the masses, it has to be of the highest quality and sold at the lowest price so that it wouldn't matter if you bought a few of them and kept them at your house. There are a lot of people who think that you need to use cosmetic products in small amounts. That was the case when cosmetics were made with chemicals. However, with natural cosmetics products, it is better to use it in bigger amounts.

Cosmetic products tend to be very expensive. If you look at our eye cream, it is pretty big compared to others. Other companies sell this in small containers and tell you to put a small amount around your eyes because the skin around your eyes is different from your cheek.

That's ridiculous because skin is just skin. The skin around your eyes is the same as your cheek. That's why with our eye cream, you can get a good amount in your hands and rub it all over your face, neck, and the back of your hands because you get a lot for a low price. Cosmetic products need ingredients to help with absorption but the product also has to remain in the skin and provide your skin the protection that it needs.

As such, it is essential to apply a good amount. When you buy 2 sets, you get 4, so two are free. We look for various methods to sell these products at the lowest prices possible. If you buy 4 sets,   each set would cost about half the price of buying just one set.

This means that each item is only one-twelfth the cost. A woman told me that she couldn't use it because it was too cheap. She used products that cost $1K each. Since it was so low priced, she said she couldn't use it. This person who only used luxury brands bought our products as a favor for a friend.

She then thought, "How can I use such a cheap product on my face when I have been only using the expensive products on my face?" So she applied it to her behind and her feet. After doing this for a month, the skin on her behind and feet got better. Thus, she started applying our products to her face and then used the rest of the expensive product on her behind and feet. In terms of quality, we are confident that no other product in the world can match it.

A number of people who used the so-called luxury brands told me that they didn't realize how great our products were until they tried them. This means that the quality of cosmetic products isn't based on how famous or luxurious the brand is. Now it is true that famous cosmetic brands are of high quality. However, these products tend to have too many added costs. 30 to 40% of the price is to cover advertising costs. It also includes the shop or department store fees.

70 to 80% of the price you pay is wasted on paying these expenses rather being invested into the product. Furthermore, too much money is spent on making these containers. At Atomy, we make our containers clean and simple. We didn't spend any extra for gold plating.

Nothing extra was done to these containers. Thus, we didn't add any extra costs to the price and made the products with only what's necessary. Due to the low price of these products, there will be many people who won't buy the products because of their doubts and not on the account of it being expensive. So, just try the product first. If you aren't satisfied with it, just bring it back and the company will either exchange it for a new product or give you a cash refund. This will make it easier for you when you do the business because you can confidently tell others to try it and if they don't like it, they can return back to you.

When you really try our products, all of you are experts who can determine whether you should continue to use it and if it is a product you can tell others about. Please raise your hand if you don't think you can do this. You are all experts because you use these kinds of products every day. For those of you who are here, I know that some of you came as consumers because you like the products and wanted to learn more.

A bigger number of you came because you heard you can earn money and wanted to see if you could do this business. As such, I believe many of you are here because you don't know if you should do this business. To decide whether or not you should do this business, you need to determine if the business will work at the fundamental level. This has to be the key factor in your decision.

Instead of giving in to your emotions or your simple desire to make money, you must make a rational decision with your 'Cool Head'. You are the only person who can determine whether or not the business will work. There is a fundamental principle that makes this business work.

All the products that we carry are daily necessities that we all use every day. Even if you didn't have money, you would use these products. These products will sell even in bad economic times. You don't have to worry about them not selling due to a recession.

Now, would you not brush your teeth if you were in financial difficulties? No matter how much debt you are in, you would still brush your teeth and wash your hair. These products aren't affected by the economy and will sell. As long as these daily necessities are of the highest quality and sold at the lowest price, the business will always work.

So how do you determine the quality of the product? You can figure this out by using the product. Since all of you are expert consumers, you will be able to quickly determine if you will continue to use it or not and how it compared to what you have been using. Although you might not be expert manufacturers, you are a specialist when it comes to selecting products as a consumer.

You might not be able to analyze the production costs but you do have the ability to sense and determine whether the price is too expensive or affordable. Using the expert knowledge that you have, as professional consumers, you can determine if these products will sell or not and that conclusion you make will be the most accurate. You have to trust it.   Just try the product and see for yourself.

You will understand everything about the product once you use it. If products that everyone uses is of the highest quality and of the lowest price, will it sell? Of course it will! It would be bizarre if it didn't. Fundamentally, it's a sure thing.

We have one condition when we select products at Atomy. If someone brings us a special or unique item, we have not and will not carry it. If someone brings something special and says, It's nothing like you've ever seen before," I won't even look at it. So please don't recommend anything that is unique because I will ignore it. Then what catches my interest? Products that everyone can use. Products that seem ordinary but we all use every day.

The toothpaste and toothbrush are the most common. Cosmetics are normal as well. There aren't unique because you can find these products anywhere. If these products are great and low-priced, there is no such thing as failure because it's a sure thing.

Yet, if you try to sell something that the world hasn't seen, I don't know if it will do well or not unless I try. With so many people who do the Atomy business and put their life and livelihood on the line, I don't want to add any more risk by trying to sell products that have uncertain futures. Instead, by carrying products that everyone uses every day, where our quality of life would be lowered if we didn't use it for a day, and selling them at the lowest price with the highest quality, is the safest route to go.

That's how you can get rid of the risk. There is no danger in that but it's only possible with talent. Atomy has the ability to make our products number 1 in quality. We can become number 1 in terms of structure as well. As such, we always talk about 'Absolute Quality', which means that the quality can't get any better. You might wonder, "How Atomy can always carry 'Absolute Quality' products and stay number 1 when it's common for other companies to try and develop technologies to surpass each other."

How can you say that Atomy is number 1 and state that you only carry 'Absolute Quality' products?" Well, I state this boldly because we don't develop the technologies and we don't manufacture our products. What does that mean?   We are able to freely select other businesses that have the highest quality products and the best technology at any time. That's how we will become number 1. Although there are a lot businesses, we will only select those who have the lowest production cost and are number 1 in terms of quality. If we continue like this, we will be number 1. Of course, Atomy will one day do our own manufacturing but we are only doing this because we have a reason to do so.

Currently, we are doing some things to help the people around us, but when I see people who are disabled or handicapped forced to stay at home and given everything, I feel a little sting in my heart. I want to provide them a system where they can get out and become more active. Those are some of the concerns I have. I want to create a place for people where those who are disabled or are weaker members of society can work. I am always thinking about this. Since we usually refer to ourselves as a social enterprise, I think it is necessary to strategically start researching ways that we can give back and help society.

Instead of just giving to people in need, I believe that we need to create a system where these people can come out on their own to become self-reliant and help each other so that we can all stand together with our arms around each other's shoulder. By doing so, we will be able to feel pride in the way we live. If you really think about the phrase "Cherish the spirit," which is the first part of our motto, we need to consider the person's mentality when helping others and provide a base where we can all be companions. Rather than focusing on making profit, as long as we can maintain the business, I think it is important to invest ourselves in making this possible. Thus, once the welfare system is created, I was thinking of using some of the funds to build factories and invest it in other areas to make this happen, but I realized that this could be difficult as the goal of a factory is to make profit.

As we do not manufacture our own products, we are able to have the highest quality product, which are of 'Absolute Quality', because we are able to truly select the best and become number 1 by doing business with them. Atomy has plans to do this on a global level rather than just selecting business in the domestic market. For example, we won't just sell Korean products to the US, Canada, and Japan. We will also get Japanese products and sell them in Korea, US, and Canada. Furthermore, we will sell Japanese products in Japan as well.

Another example of what we are planning is buying products in South America and selling them globally. Each of the products we carry at Atomy, we seek to have products that are of 'Absolute Quality' that no one else will be able to reach. Now what does the word 'Absolute' mean? Well, when I was in the military, I was a field wire-man that set up telephone lines. If you want to install telephone lines, you need to climb tall telephone poles. Although it is set up on the ground sometimes, generally you have to climb up the pole with spurs and then use a belt to support your weight.

I did that in the military for about 3 years. When I was there, they used to hold divisional and corps artillery gunnery pole climbing competitions. Since I was in the artillery division, I had to participate in these events. The competition was to see who would be able to climb up the pole in the fastest time. Generally, you would have to either hang your hat or do something at the top of these telephone poles.

If you're a sergeant, you can do this in about 12 to 13 seconds. If you're a private or corporal, you should be able to do it in 18 seconds. I began to wonder how fast I could climb up and down the pole if I were to do it at the best of my abilities.

Since this was a competition, everyone in the other divisions would do their best as well, so I need to estimate what the fastest possible time was and I did this by placing the pole on the ground horizontally and then doing a shuttle run. Between doing a shuttle run with the pole on the ground and climbing up and down the same pole, which one would have the fastest time? No one on this planet would be able to climb the pole faster than a person who did a shuttle run along the length of the pole. Since there is no one who can climb it faster than a person who does the shuttle run, trying to achieve that time becomes an 'Absolute Goal'. Thus, you might be able to climb as fast as the person who did the shuttle run by doing the best you can but no one can go any faster, which makes it an 'Absolute Goal'.

After laying the pole on the ground and doing the shuttle run, I think it was 3.6 or 3.8 seconds. It's been 30 years so please bear with me. I actually climbed a tree because people asked if I could really do it.

My belly wasn't that big when I was younger. The picture makes me look heavy but I was pretty small back then. Anyway, I set that as my goal and started practicing. With hard work, I was able to match the time. Now, is there anyone in the world who could beat that 3.8 seconds?

There was no one.   Yet, I was able to achieve because I set that goal. As such, having a goal that no one in this world both fundamentally and theoretically, could humanly surpass is what we call an 'Absolute Goal'. This kind of 'Absolute Goal', where products are of 'Absolute Quality' and set at an 'Absolute Price' can only be found at Atomy. Unless the current network marketing industry is thoroughly concerned about trying to justifiably compete with the other distribution channels, this kind of business will lose its place in the future.

Consumers are not without thought. Furthermore, the government officials and bureaucrats aren't dense. It might be difficult to create just any regulations but as time goes by, they will be able to differentiate everything.

If restrictions are put into place and the consumers do not welcome this industry, the network marketing business will eventually lose ground. Most of the MLM businesses until now have always played a game for their own benefit. They claim that the products are great but most of these items are very expensive. Whether the company is from the US or Korea, they are all the same. Since the establishment of Atomy, we have never considered the other MLM companies, the door-to-door sales, and similar companies in the industry as our competitors. They have been excluded from our list of rivals.

Instead, we consider other distribution channels as our opponents. I believed that if our products weren't better and priced lower than those you can find at discount stores, TV home shopping networks, and online shopping malls, we wouldn't last. Atomy is a network marketing company.

Due to various situation incurred by other MLM companies, people have been criticizing this industry and society still has a negative stigma about network marketing. As a result, many people do not wish to do this business. I didn't want to be like those MLM companies. I had a lot of experience in the manufacturing industry.

When I was a salaried worker, my job was to create car parts with engineering plastic for about 17 years. In 1992, I learned about the MLM business in Australia and I thought it was the most beautiful kind of marketing ever. I couldn't see any problems with it because you would use great and low-priced products and then inform the people around you about it. Instead of spending money on advertising, the person who introduced the products to others via word-of-mouth marketing would be compensated. I saw no flaw in using products that were great and low-priced as well as contributing back to the consumers by compensating them.

When I returned to Korea, people were participating in various pyramid schemes at the time that caused problems for a number of people. I didn't want to be a part of such a business. When my wife told me to stop doing the MLM business, I really wanted to stop doing it then. Yet, I had this lingering attachment in the back of my head for the network marketing that I knew. In the books, the MLM business was very charming and perfect.

Yet, in the real world, it didn't follow what the books said. I started looking for a company that followed the textbooks and the theories that I saw, but I couldn't find one. In the end, I wanted to create the company myself and if it didn't work, I would forget the concept in its entirety. I really wanted to start an MLM company that followed the theories in the book. It was very insignificant in the beginning. If the company could fundamentally grow bigger by means of carrying daily necessities that were of high quality and low price, there was no way it would fail.

I started this company believing that it would grow only bigger even if it started small. Moreover, I didn't see the other MLM companies and the door-to-door sales as our competitions. Instead, if we could compete with other distribution channels like discount stores, TV home shopping, and online shopping malls by providing better quality products at lower prices, then there was a reason for us to exist in distribution. Yet, if that wasn't possible, then there would be no point. The company that I started with the desire to truly emulate the network marketing company that I read in books was Atomy. I believed it would work as long as it followed the principles.

Trees begin as tiny seeds that will continue to grow as long as it receives water, fertilizer, and sunlight. They inevitably become big by following something simple like the 'Laws of Nature'. Likewise, if a product is a daily necessity, high quality, and affordable, there is no reason for the item not to sell.

I believe that as long as people who didn't have jobs desired to do this business, it would definitely grow. If that were the case, this would undoubtedly work. So, I planted that tiny seed. I watered it, fed it, and let it bask in the sun.

I began this company with those feelings and it has truly grown at an alarming rate. Atomy has already started making a name for itself as network marketing company and I believe that our role will become that much more important. Let's become a great MLM company that goes down the right path by following our vision and principles. Atomy has already begun its journey as model company.

We have already begun changing the network marketing industry in Korea and will continue to become a leader in that regards. I hope that it will change the cultural aspects as well. Even when we enter the Japanese, American, Southeast Asian, Chinese, and European markets, I believe that we will be able to change the cultural attributes of network marketing. We must do our best to become more legitimate, more ethical, and more conscientious when doing this business so that we can become an exemplary company like the ones in the textbooks. We must follow the principles regarding the consumers' benefits. Consumers should buy the products for their benefit.

Although we are a newcomer to the network marketing industry, we need to hold on to these new cultural contents and become a conscientious company for the people. Since the history of network marketing from now on will be written by Atomy, I think it is necessary to start proposing the standards and that this will become a reality in the near future. I hope that all of you   will be able to live successful lives with Atomy. I will end on that note. Thank you.

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