Intraday Trade 12 बजे के पहले करो और पेसे बनाओ । #Learn2Trade Session 25

Intraday Trade 12 बजे के पहले करो और पेसे बनाओ । #Learn2Trade Session 25

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Welcome to the 25th session of learn to trade I am Vivek Bajaj and I am teaching trading to Annapurna Hello Annapurna! Hello Sir! How are you? I am good sir. Be good, this situation is tough now we have completed 24 sessions and in the previous session I taught you how to create a trading journal wasn't it good? Yes Sir. I have already created mine. Amazing. if you haven't watched the video yet then do watch it before watching this video trading journal is very important. It's like a diary you need to speak to like Annapurna maintains her diary, you need to maintain your trading diary and trading journal is best for it I have explained all the key technical parameters in the past 24 sessions it doesn't mean that those are the only parameters you can learn more separately I have created a base for you now it will be easy for you to understand the technical parameter as I have explained the market structure to you so I am not going to explain more technical indicators so my base is formed now I need to refine on it. the more you work with the market the better you will learn from the market I have taught you but the market hasn't, you need to learn from the market as well or else market will not like it market is the most important Guru. If you don't go to the market and look at people like me we are priests and market is God. Learn from the market and give some Gurudakshina to the market as well

how is your trading? I incurred losses in some but I got profits in some I think I got 67% profit in one stock. You must be kidding. Which 1? Tata Bhushan Steel. You took the advantage of commodity Steel. be alert as there is no guarantee in steel now. Have you booked? Yes, I booked the profit. That's good. On what basis did you book? I had put a target as per the Fibonacci extension, so I booked when it got hit I have booked 50%, another 50% is still there, if it goes up again then I book another portion very good, you are in the right path. What's the trouble? I have understood the indicators but if you can help me with everyday trades if you can give me some tips on intraday. What indicators should I look at combined?

when we started I told you that I will not teach you intraday. As I wanted you to focus on swing trading which is important for you to focus now we can get to intraday. We can discuss few topics which can help you with intraday Do you remember we discussed how to do tape reading, by checking tick-by-tick We identify the stocks which can show momentum and you ride the momentum, that is intraday trading right intraday into three periods, morning, afternoon, and evening.

if there is a Movement in the stock in the morning, it can be the impact due to some news in the morning or the day before whoever wants to buy or sell is more desperate to buy or sell in the morning, there is a war going on in the morning, and it tries to define the stock movement for the day if we know the stocks where there is going to be war in the morning, then it's a lottery for us will be participate in the war? No. An ant should not get in between two elephants fighting it should just observe from far and let them do whatever they want I will participate after they are done with the war. I am not an elephant I am an ant. opening market strategy is an intraday strategy, how can we trade after the market opens I come in the morning, trade, put my order and then get back to work this is valid for those who want to participate in the morning and then get back to work they can be a doctor, a lawyer, a student. They have other work in the day

the can't sit the entire day to trade in the market. Tell me something that I am present in the market from 9:15 to 10, earn and leave It's like an ATM machine. Whenever you trade in the market, you earn the maximum in the morning you generally lose in the afternoon session. Might as well do something while you're sitting 11 to 1:30 is the worst session, as there are less chances of making money I'm not saying that you can't make money but the chances are less You make money in the closing session from 1:30 to 3:30 as the operators who trade will either square of their trades or create new position for tomorrow in the morning the operators generally create new position or square up previous day's position As you are a student you do not want to be involved in the market full time You can't sit from 9:15 to 3:30, and I will never advice you to sit if you are not into it full time it's very testing to your mind, brain and body, so don't get involved if your not into it full time define your block, whether you are an afternoon, morning or an evening trader don't do afternoon trading as the probability of making money is least. there are higher chances in morning and evening. So let's become a morning trader

from 9:15 to 11. we will treat from 9:15 to 11:00 which stock do I trade in? There are so many shares, how do I identify in which stock there's a war EOD. For that you need to do the homework one day prior to track which stock has a probability of a war it's important to know the different EOD parameters to do the EOD analysis. That's what we have done in StockEdge we have created scans in StockEdge. These are all EOD scans

as I believe that you can act better in a stock if you know a stock's character at EOD let's check all the parameters. You must have seen this, we have already discussed it price parameters are the different parameters where it indicates the action of the price it will tell you of a stock is crossing its 52 week high, or a 5 year breakout it gives us a list of stocks that satisfies these conditions. I will request you to go through all the parameters of the scans in StockEdge. Understand it and learn it this is your friend. If to adapt to it and make friends with this, it will help you in earning more money

it happens with me, other StockEdge users, so you should also take advantage There are price scans, volume and delivery scans, which stocks had higher volume or delivery you know the difference between volume and delivery as we have discussed it in the video I am happy that you paid so much attention and that you remember everything discussed a lot of Technical is in the technical scans. We have discussed moving average, RSI, supertrend there are more that I haven't discussed. I have discussed bollinger bands you can know about any indicator through this. Click on i on any indicator, you will get that indicator's learning video with text Maybe I haven't touched that indicator in learn to trade. Watch all the videos from here What is money flow index, william %R index, if you are interested, or you can be limited with whatever I have taught you fundamental scans about the company's business. How is it performing as per profitability, turnover buddies are generally dependent on the quarterly results. The companies come out with quarterly and annual reports

the data won't change daily, only when the quarterly results are out. what important for and next days stock identification. Is it important for trading? Not so much there is relevance when the quarterly results are out, but this data is not important of the quarterly results are not near specially for the next day trading. Futures scans is very important

you remember open interest. We know the change in open interest through this we haven't discussed options yet, we will start after 2 videos we are going to record very interesting content on options, so stay tuned with this series like this video of you're enjoying it, so that we are motivated to record more this was the future scans, and this is the options scans, and last we have candlestick scans I have explained the concept of candlesticks. Click on i, and it will tell you each candlesticks' meaning I am tracking one by one. It I will take time but it will make your life easier how do I know stocks should I participate in tomorrow? either you can scan through this and identify the stocks. Let's go to volume and delivery scans high delivery quantity. Name the stocks which are giving me high delivery quantity There is high delivery in Godrej consumer products among the major stocks yesterday Also in Godrej industries, prism Johnson, Kalpataru Power I'll tell you simple strategy. Let's pick Godrej consumer. Let's look at the chart

I haven't seen it yet. Do you remember this template? I have added all the indicators that we have learnt We have RSI, RS. This is your final template now. You may reduce or add but I want you to follow this template. But this is for EOD, position based for swing trading this is not for intraday trading. What will you do with so many indicators in intraday

You just want price in Intraday are you need to visit the god in the temple you need the priests if you want to provide offerings to the God volatility. Price is God in intraday, you don't need anything else let's remove everything and just keep volume as it's important let's hide everything. Ideally you should have a separate template for intraday. Let's create one I will create a new layout. Here I will check intraday. I want you to track the 15 minute chart in intraday Let's save the template. We have volume and 15 minutes chart. I will modify it a bit

go to settings, I don't need the data for learning and don't need the extended trading hours in symbol I will save this name it as Annapurna intraday. Let's come to the Godrej consumer stock we will note down the first 15 minute candle's high and low in Godrej consumer the war is done within the first 15 minutes. Mahabharata took so much time so we can atleast give 15 minutes so we will hold the first 15 minutes. We will mark it's high and low. 9:15 candle means the first 15 minutes candle

I will mark the high and low. This is the high and this is the low. if there is delivery based participation in the stock, the operator has either entered or left there are chances that if It Breaks the high and low of the first 15 minutes candle status higher chances of going that way, i.e., the same direction. If it broke the high, then they were chances that it would go higher but if it broke the law then there were chances that it would go lower today's first 15 minute candle's high and low is important as there was high delivery yesterday If It Breaks the high then there are chances that it will go higher as there is a fight both participated in the fight, both buyers and sellers are fighting. higher and lower the symbolic data, If It Breaks the high then ride it it can break the high or the low in the next few candles. But there should be a time it can't be like it broke around 2 o'clock. The market closes at 3:30

this is intraday, you have to square off your trade by 3:30. More like 3:20 intraday trading means intraday. you cannot keep it for the next day even if you are incurring a loss you have to do it today. You should enter if your getting the entry in the first hour, or else you won't it was between the high and low in the first hour, it did not give us the movement lets track other stocks. Godrej industries. Let's highlight the first 15 minutes this is the first 15 minutes. This is high and low. It has broke it's low in this candle Broke it in the first hour. There is a small correction.

After marking the first 15 minutes high and low we will enter by tracking the five minute candle let's convert to 15 minute to 5 minutes, the line will be there. Which candle broke the high or low? this candle, so you will sell at this candle. If I'm short selling then I will sell you can buy or sell in intraday. You can sell but you need to square up before going home if you sold and not squared up, then the share will be auctioned. It's a different mechanism

you cannot carry forward short selling. You can short sell but not carry it forward we will sell at this price. We have not formed any judgement, whether it will be bullish or bearish we don't care. We don't even care what does Godrej industry do. We saw this stock where the delivery was high

should I will be some movement next day, so track it It fell and as soon as it goes beyond this point then sell it. Stop loss? what should be the stop loss? As per my capital. You can do it that way you don't need the capital percentage if you doing intraday. You can make the candle's high as a stop loss Or a previous candle's high. It depends on how much risk you want to take take profit should be typically 1.5 times and not two times. Expecting two times of stop loss in intraday is a high expectation 1.5 X is fine as more trades are generated. So even if you are getting one or 1.5 it's good

when did you sell? You sold at 539 and if we consider this candle's high as stop loss The high's stop loss is 544. So 539 - 544. Stop loss is 5, so I should get 7.5. I'm not asking for 10 539 -7.5, as we have sold. It's 531. So my take profit will be at 531, and this will be my stop loss the stoploss was not hit here and we got the take profit here. We gained 7.5 in the stock we got 7.5 on 539, so we got 1.5%. What more do you expect from intraday?

even if you reduce the transaction cost you will still get 1%, which is good for intraday if you were more aggressive, your stop plus would have been the high of one candle before That is 546. So 546 - 539 is 7. 7 plus half of 7, means 10. 539 - 10 is 529, you would get 529 here This is one stock, lets track another stock. Prism Johnson. I am checking it randomly, I have not done any homework I am checking it with you. Let's check Prism Johnson. let's see the first 15 minute chart and mark the first 15 minute high and low this gave a very good high and low. What's the candle saying? A lot of buyers were there but sellers were also there I have drawn the line, now we'll go to the 5 minute chart. The line is already drawn

this is the candle in the 5 minute chart. The first five minute is very misleading. Why? there's such a big green candle, I might think that it will go in the bullish trend there is a lot of fight in the first 15 minutes. So you cannot make a judgement in the first 15 minutes let the first 15 minute high and low be created, you participate when the high or low gets broken we have marked the first 15 minutes, the next candle has broken its low. It broke at 139 so we will sell here. The stop loss can be this or this candle's high. Assuming we will take this candle's high

this candle highest 140.65 and this is 139.75. It's a very small movement High is 140.65. So it's roughly one rupee, so I need 1.5 rupee and not 2 rupees 139.75 - 1.5 is 138.25. It came down and reversed from 138.5, and you hit your stop loss here we were almost there, but it's ok. In intraday out of 10, 5 trades will be right and 5 will be wrong But you will earn more in the correct 5 trades. 1.5 times of your stop loss and you're losing one time in your incorrect trades

in net if you are able to generate half percent returns in intraday and you are generating half percent everyday then you can generate roughly 10% every month and if you are generating 10% every month then you can generate 100% returns by the year end, so we can double the capital if we maintain this discipline this was a simple process of identifying stocks by checking delivery. But not just by tracking delivery we have provided combination scans in StockEdge, where you can add multiple combinations now you have to start working on creating those combinations. Combinations can be that you combined delivery with price action, or a technical indicator the stock that satisfies the multiple parameters have highest chances of an activity for example I have created a next day scan, where I have added RSI trending up and white marubozu if they fulfill these then give me the stocks. I get Honeywell automation you can add or deduct parameters, suppose I remove this parameter I get stocks where RSI is trending up. I add more indicators to it. suppose I say that show me stocks with high delivery. I have added another filter to the delivery so that I get less stocks I get these stocks. I can add more parameters to Filter it,

like relative strength scan, stock increasing relative strength benchmark index I get these stocks where RSI is going up, there is high delivery and the Rs, relative strength is also going up So these stocks have a bullish indication. I have one more question high delivery is ok but should I check the high volume in intraday. This is yesterday's volume you can check the volume, so let's add volume. High trade and delivery quantity

where delivery and volume both are high, we get the stocks one of the stocks can give us a big movement, let's check what's going on in AIA engineering where will the stock give movement? First 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes sets the undertone of the stock but where will it give the movement up or down? it should give upward movement. Why? because it's a bullish scan. It was bullish yesterday but maybe whoever made it bullish yesterday sell it today so it should correct the market. This is only a stock identification technique for intraday if you are doing swing then you need to keep a bullish mind set, but don't fix it for intraday let's mark the first 15 minutes. This is the first 15 minutes, I have marked the high and low

let's go to the 5 minutes chart, it broke its low at 11:45, so we will sell here the stop loss will be either this candle's high or the previous candle's high Sar I have a question, but it did not break it at 11 o'clock. You can stretch it to 11:30 or 12 it's not mandatory that it will break it by 11. My point is that it should not break it in the closing market if it broke before 2 o'clock then you have time for the stock to give an action there is no time If It Breaks after 2 o'clock. If it's breaking before one o'clock it's fine

this candle's high on the previous candle's high will be the stop loss you get the down movement instantly, it did reverse but it did not go up a lot and then it fell again it was a bullish stock at the end of the day, but the stock might change its Movement in intraday my idea of stock identification is to look for operators in the stock and it can react I will make money through someone's reaction in intraday. That's why it is important to check the delivery quantity so that we know if an operator has entered and there is gonna be a big Activity the next day delivery becomes very important. For me delivery is very important as it indicates whether a serious person is in this stock or not that how we Give reaction next day. If there is no delivery or action, the stock will be stagnant the next day typically there are less actions on non delivery stocks. A second technique is do not work end of the day

track with top buyers and the top sellers as soon as the market opens in the morning you get this data on the trading terminal or through NSE's website. Top performer and stop underperformer select an index like NSE 500 and track the top buyer. I have created a watch list of NSE 500 all NSE stocks are there with categorisations. Let the market do whatever the want in the first 15 minutes then sort it out, mark the first 15 minutes high and low of the top player. Like Apollo tyre

if it was in the top in the first 15 minutes, then I will mark the first 15 minutes high and low I have done it for 5 minutes, so this will be the 15 minute high and low, 5, 5 and 5 this high is the high of 15 minutes, and this is the low of 15 minutes. As soon as it broke this there was a fall, you can make this candles high the stop loss order the previous candles high I would suggest to put stop loss of the previous candle's high as there are less chances of it getting hit as a lot of people might have put this candle's high as the stop loss. You sold, this candles high is the stop loss you sold at 214, and the high is 216, so 2.5. When should we book the profit? 1.5 times of 2.5, i.e., 4 216 - 4 10 is 210. This candle's low is 211. It went to 210 later, but fortunately the stoploss was not hit suppose if I book the profit, but it did go down further. Let it go down. We traded in the morning and we went back to a work. All you need to do is Mark the high and low of first 15 minutes

typically whoever wants to react, reacts in the first one to two hours. There are chances of them reacting at one generally there is reaction within 11:30. This trading style is from 9:15 to around 11:30 or 12 once you have initiated the trade, forget about it after adding take profit and stop loss to the system and get back to work. You will be engaged in the market for the first 3 hours where you can generate trades this way the moment which trade is done, you can add take profit and stop loss.

there is a system in the brokers terminal where you can add both together when one order is placed the other gets squared up automatically. Any confusion? Not yet These are small Strategies for intraday but it works well. I have taught you two things Either use StockEdge at the end of the day to identify stocks, where I feel delivery is more important Or take the NSE 500 or NSE 200 list and add it in the tradingview and whichever stock has created the high low in the first 15 minutes in its sector, mark those just follow those marked stocks, you can colour code in tradingview so that you get the stocks as per the colour code this was an easy strategy for intraday trading. Involve the first two to three hours in the morning you can do intraday trading and I have taught the stock identification technique using StockEdge or you can check the stock details in the morning to identify stocks. I hope you liking this video and my work

take advantage of this practical discussions in your trading journey thank you for tuning into my video and my channel. Bye

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