Interview with Oliver Velez Part 1 (English)

Interview with Oliver Velez Part 1 (English)

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To. Me that movie, buddy I will put that paper a me part of stay standing we. Tango a tree, star on your bellies vamos. A hacer. Un as preguntas, no solamente su parte professional, como trader sino también de, su parte, personal, espero. Que esto porque machismo, para la commune es Panna cottas personas. Que quiere name pasar en este mundo el trading ellos que esta en, este mundo de training, a ck. S improve Lahey oh yes when yo para mi h o rly odd tener. A aquí, ahora está. Siendo lay esta, entrevista. Gracias. Oh dear poor permit ear mr. spicy oh poor permit EMS a distant revista loud ice moon, sueño para mi h or Elia es, una. No estar con partner contigo estos momentos y SE. Que para la comunidad is Panama septa mucho understand turista, vamos, up in there muchas cosas as they overhead yeah my lungs hakuna say the opposite that they would hear a bass. Lilliana. Thank you very much the honors actually mine to be here I'm very glad we're gonna have an opportunity to sit down and get. Some questions and, answers for. Our fellow traitors and those. Who go those individuals, who are actually thinking, about trading so. I consider it not only in the honor but an opportunity to. Serve. Some good in the trading community. So. If. It's honest be. Santos I study, spice donuts bonito deep I pray with us no. Absolutely I'm, absolutely open for any questions you, can answer it now that doesn't mean I'm. Gonna answer every, single question, but, let's let's, take them one by one. It. Was a genious. Only baby. Everyone. Seems to start with that question I. Have. Been. A professional, trader, for. The past 30 years December. 2016. Mark. My 30th, year as a professional, trader. My. Interest, in trading started, when I was about 16, years old and. The. Desire to be a successful, trader. Grew. In an, intense, way every. Single year, I, had, the good fortune of, being able. To start, my professional, trader career, relatively. Young in age I. Was, 24, years old when I started my professional career. As a trader. It. Took me about five, years, to really gain my footing, in the, trading, space. But. About. Six. Or seven years into my professional, trading career the. Opportunity. To train professional. Traders, my. Craft opened, up a brand, new world for me and. So when you ask who is Oliver, today Oliver. Velez is just, not a traitor in fact. I. Consider. The. Other components. Of Oliver Aviles even more important, than my trading career and that, is the training and mentor, aspect. Of Oliver, Velez, I. Today. And one. Of the most sought-after, mentors, and trainers of traders, in the world I am, one of the most sought-after speakers. On the topic of treating, the, markets for a living trading. The markets professionally, I, have, been a crusader, who has helped to usher in, this. New era. In the markets, this new error that is now. Being almost dominated. By the individual. And, so. Today, I'm also a dreamer. It, is my goal to really, spread, the message of trading, all over the world because. I think this is an opportunity, that. Every, single. Should at least give. A try. It, is the. Last, bastion, of total independence as far as I'm concerned and so. I'm. Just, an evangelist. In, short. I'm an evangelist, for trading. Yes. He. Kissing. Me think about at ease evaporated. Interesting. Question. Trading. Is freedom. In. A word trading, is freedom. Trading. Is an activity, an individual. Activity in pursuit, that. Is designed. To obviously. Make, an individual, money. But. More importantly, it's an activity, that demands. That the individual, be true. Trading. Is an activity that demands that the individual, be, disciplined. And do. What they say they're going to do it's. A skill, that's very unique and one of the things that I've always found very fascinating about trading is that, the same things. That, call for. Being. A, successful, trader are. The. Same qualities, and characteristics that. Are, called for being a successful. Anything, a successful, man or woman a successful, human being a successful, father a successful. Employer. Or employee or. What have you. Trading. Is. Spiritual. As. Far as I'm concerned because, before. There's any hope, of any, degree of success in, trade one. Has to master, a, certain, portion of oneself. And any activity. That. Requires. You, to look at yourself, and to, find. Your frailties. And your shortcomings, and sure. Those shortcomings.

Up Any. Activity, that, causes you inner reflection and, demands. That you be exact, and true and disciplined. In my, opinion. Is as a spiritual. Pursuit, so. For. Me trading is a lot more than what, a lot of general, people. Generally, think about it they think that it's an activity that calls for buying something for one dollar summing. It for two and profiting, but, I look way beyond that it's, spiritual, in nature. Finally. Leave, it at that you see why not only a little bit but. A mr. yes I mean okay significant, tear it apart be what. Is freedom, to me. Freedom. Is, never. Having, to say no. When. You really, want to say yes, let. Me let me I mean let me delve into that just a little bit, when. I was six years old no I think I was eight years old I had, a an assignment. By my my. Teacher, which. Was to go home over the weekend, and to, come. Back with what I believed, was the definition, of success and. I began thinking about this over the weekend I looked, at my parents, and that just. Did my parents didn't seem to fit my, eight-year-old. Definition. Of success and I start. Regarding, all of my family members and anybody I knew. And. Something. Hit me during that weekend I remember when my mother. During. One Christmas, could not actually. Get me the gift that I wanted I wanted this, special skateboard. And so, I got a skateboarder. But it wasn't the skateboard, that I wanted, in the skateboard, that I wanted was very professional, and, it, was just a little bit too expensive for my mother to have and I remember looking into her eyes on. Christmas, Day when I opened, up my present, and I, saw. The. Deep, disappointment, in. Her face when. She saw that I realized it wasn't escape, word that I wanted and so, my, mother my. Mother, I knew, that moment. Wanted. To. Say yes to, the gift that I wanted. But she couldn't and, so. During. That weekend, when I was eight years old I thought about that and I came back in, class on Monday and, I gave my definition, my definition of. Success, mrs.. Nardi yellow that was my teacher's name. Was. Never having, to say, no. When you really want to say yes my. Mother said no to the skateboard that, she really wanted to say yes to, that's. What freedom is for me it's not. Necessarily. Connected. To anything, economically. Although economics. Can help, the. Depth of freedom, but freedom is. The. Ability to do, what you want to do when, you want to do it on your own terms, as long, as, those activities. Don't. Infringe on the rights of. Others. And that's, what freedom instantly, wow. Me. If you say recorded out of them being me, mean, fancy, okay, which is verses to a is, a momentous. E-petition. Tsunamis, purpose it doesn't add a single ad again. Cohen. Guarantee, new case on yourself a grounding oh, well. When. I was a really young child I, believed I had all, of the natural. Wishes. And desires of, most kids I remember, one wanting to be a cowboy it, went. Wanting, to be a police. Officer and. A fireman. And then. I graduated, to, wanting to be a superhero. And. I went through a variety of, superheroes. I wanted to be the Silver Surfer that was one of my favorite, favorite. Marvel. Superheroes. But. When I was, about seven. Or eight years old my, desires, took. A major shift and I remember, this like it was yesterday I. Actually. Began, to have my first real grown-up, desire, would say and I wanted to be a writer and I. Began. Reading Edgar, Allen Poe which gripped, me, so. Words. Can express, I was deeply, moved by his work and. I've. Really. Read, everything. Edgar, Allen Poe and then that led to reading, to reading.

Other Things, like the, writings, of Ralph. Waldo Emerson and. The. Writings of Plato and the speeches of Socrates. And this. Reading, made, me appreciate the. The, the. Writing, aspect of, it how. Some. Of the deepest, thoughts and. Concepts. Known to man can be communicated by, the written word so, my first real adult, his desire was to be a writer and. That. Lasted, for years years. When. I was, about 14. That. Desire. Began to shift into desire, number two the, second, groan of desire which. Was to. Be a speaker, because. My. School, took, our, class, on this special, trip. And it was to see an. Individual. By the name of Zig, Ziglar, deliver. A speech, and. I will tell you who Liana that Zig Ziglar, spoke. For. About 90. Minutes and. As. A 14, year old teenager, i sat. On the edge of my seat. Captivated. This. Man, motivated. Every fiber, of my being, and it, was so impressive, and had such a deep impact on me that I said that's what I want to do I want, to motivate people, like that I want to move people like that and, so it might my, desire, of being this amazing, writer, moved. Into being. This, amazing speaker. And. That lasted, a few years. Until. I discovered. Stockmarket. Wow. When. I discovered, the stock market, it sort of put the. Desire for being a writer and the desire to be, a great speaker on hold. And. Trading. The. Idea. That, you. Could sit down and, earn. A living and, do. Something, without. Employees. Without, having. A boss without a. Major. Investment. Without, a building, without an office, without all. Of the things that normally, are required, to. Start a business this. Idea, captivated. Me in, a very deep way and it. Put my life on hold and. What's. Really fascinating about, the question who answered is that today. I. Look. Back and realize that all three, of my desires, have come. Together and, serve. What, I do today. Today. I communicate. To my traders via. The written word. Via. The five books that I've written and, that, are translated, in five different languages. The. Speaking. At events. Unto. My traders all over the world almost every, single day and. Of course the treatment for the past 30 years, so. My message is be careful what. You wish for. When, you're a child because. You might just get every, single one of them. Sacrificed. A pre-made oh yeah it is skipped over them which is beerus get can, using contact otavalo simulator it kept by Autotrader. The sigma0, date readiness, lobby we are craving a resume. Or, a speaker. That's. Right. I. Am. Ready. So. Percy. Okay look. At the proposed East End our yellow and lava. Where. They see if the locators, propuesta, de navidad wasn't it out. Yes. In a very weird, way. When. I look back over my life virtually. Every single desire, every. Single wish as a child, or, as an adolescent. Or even as a young adult, that. I I've, had, has. Actually. Come to life it has actually, come into existence. So. I'm always telling. Young. People be, careful, what, you put your thoughts into what you put your energy into and. What you wish and desire because. A lot of times you. Get exactly, that. Did. You hear me you.

Get What, you wish for. The. Vast majority of the time oh. Yeah. Earlier Casey on Tuesday separated. What. Did I want to do before being. A traitor. Well. I, wanted. To actually become, a traitor as, early. As my. 16th year, so. I didn't really have an opportunity to, want a lot before being a traitor but I will say this, my. The dream of my parents, was, for me to be a concert, pianist, I. Played. The piano from, 3 years old onward it was a major part of my life my. Parents invested, a huge amount, of time money and effort into. My. Future. Piano. Career, and. I was quite talented it and I traveled, throughout the United States playing, as a as a little child prodigy. A lot of people don't know that small. Fact about me so. There were moments, when I felt as a child that, this was my life that. It, dominated. Most of my waking hours I practiced, six to eight hours a day I went, to a spat, a special, school that, focused, on talented, musical, kids and, I, earned, money, as a child playing for, venues, the. Piano so. When. I look back on my life. My. Younger years that's. All I knew and that's all I thought about was. Basically playing piano so. That. Lasted. Until. I discovered, girls. 15. Years old or so the, pianos, sort of just went, to the wayside because practicing. Eight hours a day just didn't quite, balance, out -. Spending. Time with, my, little. Friends, and my little girlfriends, in high schools but. Much, to the chagrin of, my parents. Secondarily. I. Was. Indoctrinated, to. Believe that, you needed a College, profession. Needed, a profession. That was. Stemmed. By. Time. And study in the university. In college, so. Because. I was so fascinated. With the market in business I felt like okay I have to go to school if I have to get a. College. Degree that. I'm gonna get it in something that's associated, with, my. Love for the markets and so I decided that accounting. Was. The best, topic. To study because it was the language of business it, was the, art of picking a company, apart, and learning. About all of its parts, and how, it worked and the, money flow, of the company and how it made its, net, profitability. And so. I studied. Accounting in college and yes. There were moments when I said well maybe, I'm. Gonna be an accountant. But. Every time I had. These. Other desires, trading. Always, loomed. Larger. Than. All of those brief desires that I've had, but. Piano and accounting, are the first. Two in. Business, history as they could die media I did. I did I went to I went to college for four years. Yes. I'll look you up Raymond pack okay, oh yes - Yahoo okay, go motels and Renaud oh okay. According. To prophecy on a. Seminary. Asakusa a search or commuters are essential but, a sect rated. Yeah. Well I'd yes I did I studied, accounting for, four years, I. Actually. Did. Not finish. So. My. Parents were so upset that, I, started, my trading career. In. The last year, of my university, an opportunity. Presented. Itself and I never finished, my accounting, degree and, I was almost there. And. To. This very day my. Mother asks, so. Son. When. Are you gonna finish your accounting degree. It's. So funny but I never actually finished I got right to the finish line and. An opportunity, presents itself and I think I had like God like. Two-thirds of one final year to go and I just never I never really went back to to. Complete that maybe one day just, to please mom. See. But um did. I study anything that helped me become a trader absolutely, not I don't. Think that. You can really study to be a trader I think. It's one of those activities where you just learn on the, job you, have to just do. It no. Reading in the world no study in the world can really make you better those, things, while. Somewhat. Helpful reading. And studying can help. But. They help from. A preparatory, point. Of view. They. Never help, with, the, actual, activity. Of trail they. Help you prepare for.

The. Activity, of training which is different so, just like if you were a professional boxer, there, are certain things that help, you prepare. You know. You. Might warm up do. Some, jumping. Jacks you might skip, rope or what have you and you might practice, on the bag a little bit before the fight but, that's not fighting, that's not boxing, that's. Activities. That prepare you for the. Boxing, match, and. So. I get. This question all the time what did you read what did you study I, didn't. Study, anything, I. Read. Books about the, market, but I will. Say this nothing. I read about the market truly helped me become a tree a good trader, nothing. I study really made me it. Helped me become a good trader what. Did help was, reading. On psychology. Especially. As it relates, to the financial, markets that, had a more profound impact, on me as a traitor than anything. Learning. And reading, about the history. Of. Bubbles. In the market when boat. Markets, stopped, and then, crashes, began, reading. About those specific times, and what was the mindset of the people, during. Market, crashes, or right before market, crashes. I like. The works of Mark. Douglas, mark. Douglas, to. Me is a must read for anyone, who wants to trade. Properly. He. Deals with the psychological, aspect, of trading the, technique, is, ten. Maybe. Fifteen, percent of it. The. Rest is all psychology, so, if there is something to prepare, then, for. If. There is something to prepare, the trader to be better in my. Opinion is, all psychology. You, learn training. By. Treating, and especially. Treating. Under. The, guidance, of someone. Who has already arrived. That's, incredibly. Important, because, you. Can go out there and do all the stupid, trading you want which will have no benefit, your, trading, actions. Which. Is the stuff you're learning is made, from your. Trading actions, must. Be right actions so that requires, someone, overlooking. Your activity, and ensuring. That you, are gaining the right experience. Which. Will build the, future trader, that you want want to be. Compass. Has different agenda. So. Racy photo here he, saw, ray Mercado, Camuto a mile of who has. Even. That, he sees financier like tourism, for. Campus, asking could keep this oscillators, if you look at a multi-word, input so Elaine it's always. My. Father my, father, was. A. Taxi. Cab. Driver who owned his own taxi. Service, and. He had this special, client, that he would take to Wall Street and. Bring. Back home every single day this individual, worked, on Wall Street was, what they call a gold bug he was obsessed with the accumulation, of goal he believed that gold, was the only thing, that had real true intrinsic, value and he encouraged, my father. To. Take. $35. Out. Of his pay each week and buy one ounce of gold he said do this for. The, rest of your life and. I, guess, that took because my dad took his work seriously and, every week my dad would buy gold. One, ounce of gold and at. That time gold the price of gold was fixed at $35. An ounce well, to make a long story short. When. The. Government. Ordained fix, on the, price of gold was lifted, gold, which. Was artificially. Held back for many many years decades, in fact. Skyrocketed. And it. Topped, $800. An ounce as. You can imagine the, years and years and years and my father accumulated. Gold this. Huge. Bubble at the time and gold. Had. An, enormous. Impact on my family's, life it. Changed our. Lives forever. My. Family moved from Brooklyn to a suburb, in New Jersey my. School's, went, from being public, to private the. Things we we, went from, renting.

To Homeownership, and, I. Was. Too, young to, understand, why there, was such a dramatic change, in, the. Quality of our lives, when. I became, older. I began, to realize, that. It. Was the market like. Oh my god my, life changed, because my. Dad did something in the market and that fascinated me so, I began to look into this. That. That. It was interesting, to me that, one. Simple, act that my dad did. Could. Change the entire, family's. Life this way and. So that, drew, me to studying. About the markets. Investigating. The, market and that, investigation. About just not, this the gold market then expanded. To the overall. Market, and then I realized, there, are individuals. Who make, their living, this. Way. And. That. Realization. Is. The. Bug that bit me I realized. At that moment. That's. What I want to do I don't. Want to do it casually. Like my dad did it because I remember. My dad trying, to find the next score in the market which he could never do, so. I wanted. To make, it my profession. I wanted to always do, it I wanted to be informed, I wanted to. Be intelligent. With it I didn't want it to be lucky, like it was with my dad I wanted, it to be real and I wanted it to be every, single day that's. What. Led me to being a traitor. Okay. When he started no so yeah it's a party the, nice Tony had to me, it. Turns this poor United, to Papa. Take. Him you have yet to enough, Amelia to. The CST is, to. Your kid I look at you too papa. He. Has certain you went in with them and I lose my confidence years, where, are two nuclei said course. Where to see my studio. He. Qantas understand es cuando, éste. Cuenta que Toula - here come here for universal, carrier - Papa in Auto. Qantas. And his ten years - I. Was. When. My father began accumulating. Gold. It. Was shortly after my birth in. 1966. 1967. It. Wasn't, until the latter. 1970s. Going into, the beginning of the 1980s. That. Gold really. Exploded. To this. Impressive. Price of $800, an ounce so I. Was about 10 years old. It's. Began to dawn on me. Why. Our, lives, changed, so dramatically, when I was about 14 15, years old and.

When. I was 16 by, the time I was 16 I was, totally, immersed, in the. Desire, to. Make. The market, my a permanent. Part of my life in some way and, it. Was at 16 years old that, I truly discovered. That there was a way to do, this and that was to become a professional trader. To. A, perfection. And I learned that a professional, trader. Operates. And manipulates. The market, for. Personal. Gain and. It. Fascinated me to no end I, saw. It as an. Opportunity. To. Do. Something that the vast majority of people found very difficult and. I found the opportunity to. Get into something that had, the ability to truly, create. Wealth. And financial, freedom beyond, an individual's. Dream and. I've, never, stopped. Being passionate about that. This. Is the. Least, acquaint is ambitious test we are ending it solely. Calzacorto. Here in. Oaxaca system but they said to prepare narrow Oh tempura. Stay come on a corner. The walls ok Casey stay para numerous even three good. Question and, unfortunately. Liliana. That's another story and itself, okay. So. I'm 17, years old and I want to do nothing else but but, trade and and be, a professional trader but, I have no capital whatsoever. So. I had this idea, but. If I don't have capital I'll, have to use the capital of others and, others. For me were, my family, members so, I went, to each an individual. Family member and fortunately, I had a fairly. Large family, not my direct. Family because, I'm an only child, but, I had, a. Lot. Of aunts, and uncles, and second, cousins, and things of that nature I went, to every single family member and. With. My passion for the markets. Explained. How the family, really had to, get involved, with, the stock market and that if we did not get involved with the stock market we, will be left behind. We. Would find ourselves 10-15. Years later left, behind one of the. Great wealth opportunities. Of, a lifetime, this is what I explained to my family members so it, worked and so we, formed a family.

Investment. Club and. We. Decided, that. The. Minimum investment was something like $50, a month into, the pool and some people invested, more and my, family gave me the the ability, at 17, years old the right to. Make all the decisions for, the fund and we. Started off very small and, this. Family. Investment. Club moved from, an. Original, 14. Or 15, individual, members, to, over 800, members at the peak of the club over. A number of years because we began. Family. Members wanted, friends, and co-workers to, get involved, when, the fun started, to do really well and, so, we began to accept, individuals. Beyond. The family. Circle, and. I'm proud to say that that family investment, club is still in existence today. It's, called, WBA. Which stands for wealth, builders, of America. And that. Family. Fund has. Funded. For many of my family members home, purchases. Vacations. Around the world retirement. In, some cases the. Children, of the family members, their, universities. Were paid for from, the fund so it was a huge, it's one of the most special things I believe I did, in my entire, professional. Trading. Career and it. Was my original idea and, I started, it when I was 17 years old but. That. Opportunity gave. That, gave me the opportunity, to be a decision, maker in the markets to. Actually, look. For opportunity. To, invest in the opportunity. To make decisions as to when the opportunity, was over, and to close, the opportunity and, to. Manage. The positions. As they were open, to what have you and it was a it was a wonderful. Opportunity to, gain a. Foundation. Of knowledge about, trade. Management, and, and, things, of that nature. After. I went, into college for accounting, as I mentioned to you and. I. Did. My studies, but the vast majority my, focus, was on managing. This family. Fund this. Investment, Club and. I. Got, an opportunity, to work for, an. Individual. As an, accountant, even though I hadn't, finished school as an accountant but I was, far, enough along in my studies, where, the firm took me on as an accounting, but, my accounting. Job was. To account, for a, trader. So. The. Universe. Was starting, to bring, me. Opportunities. That was associated, with the only thing I had interest in doing training. So. I. Stopped. School to, take on an accounting, job to. Do. The record-keeping. For. This. Very, successful, trader and as, you can imagine, the. Ability to look, at every, single trade, of a successful, trader to, have, to write it down to jerk to have to journal, the trade to. Have to, document. The buy the, sell and you. Know subtract, the cost with the Commission's, and come up with the net gain or the net loss it. Gave me the opportunity to actually. Relive. Every, single individual, trade of. This successful, trader and. That. Activity. Was. Also a very. That. Job was. Also a very. Pivotal. Point. In my career because, it. Served, as an additional. Layer on. My, foundation, that. Led to me becoming a successful trader. After. Doing. The counting, for the trader for. A while, this. Trader understood. That. My. Interest, in the markets, and my family. Fund. And how it was doing, he. Gave me the opportunity to manage half. Of, the. Funds that he had under, management, and. That. Was my real, big, opportunity. In the professional, trading, world. That. I took on, approximately. 20. Million dollars. He. Had a total of about 40, million dollars, that, he was treating, with. He. Assigned 20, million dollars to me just to see how I did and. In the first year I think, I earned something like 38. Percent, in the. First year on the forty thousand that, was extraordinarily impressive.

And Into. The second year I was on a roll. And, was. On, my way to perhaps, making as much as sixty or seventy percent on. My, portion, of the capital that I was trading and. Like. Most traders my most successful traders and. I had started to get a little big and I wanted. To be paid more on. The, games that, I was making I was making. A very very small, amount of money for the games that I was producing for. This trader and when, I approached. The trader to make more, because. I was making so much money for him. When. He said no Oliver, I'm not going to give you more. That. Was the day I decided that it was time for me to start my own individual. Professional. Trading career and to, rely on no one else. Okay. SME, Surya pardon. Me daddy. It's. NTSA muy orgulloso. Pero. Hay. Muchos, de nosotros estamos en este mundo trading, tenemos escucha. Get to least a cuatro, años then. There's what I mean britannians parody as Aquarius, Aquarius, quando, fairness is quite - okay. Move into it to be a pharmacist. My. Family, was, very supportive because. My, first four years with the Family Fund was really quite horrendous, and. It, was almost as if. Every. Single action I took turned, into a loss, and. I. Believe. That had, I not had. Such. A supportive, family during, those years. Because. All I did was produce loss losses. For. The fund and for the family that. I, would. Not be the trade I would not be Who I am today and. It. Was a wonderful opportunity. For me to learn. Even. Though I was losing. And. I wasn't even losing, my capital, I was losing the capital, and money of others which made it that, much more, stressful. So. My. Four, years of, four. Four and a half years, of them go straight losing. Was. The foundation for my my. Ultimate, success actually, because I, learned. Every. Possible. Way, not. To make money, and. It, was almost as if after. Discovering. Every. Thing. That. She shouldn't do I. Was. Able, to arrive, at. The. Actions, that you should do. And, fortunately. I had, a supportive, family to, live. Through, those, dark years, it. Was. Really. Reaching. The end of that support, though because. Into. My fourth year. Quite. Honestly. Many. Members, did not want to contribute anymore and, many members were were. Really disillusioned and. Believed, that the market, wasn't something that they should be involved in and. I felt really bad about that because I knew, it was it. Was just what, I was doing wasn't. Paying off it wasn't rent but. Those years as dark and as. Troubling, as they were. Today. I would not I would not go, back in, time and, reverse, that at all, I. Believe. That a big portion of my success, was born from, those. Years and. I'm, very philosophical. About it actually because, I believe. That almost everything, that grows in, life first. Goes. Down. So. We take a seed and we put it down, being, below. Ground, level so that, it can grow up, above. Ground level if, you, take a ball and bounce. It down first it will bounce higher. Than. The distance, to the floor. In. Order to leaf you must first squat. I believe, that. The movement down, first, for traitor is. Natural, that a traitor, should, lose first that. It is the way you learned like, a child, learns, to walk by falling, and. Getting. Back, up and, falling and getting back up and doctors. Tell us that if a child is not if, a parent has not allowed a child, to fall, too often, that they wind up being clumsy. As adults and as, the children, that have felt fallen, all over the time that, become. Affiliates. With. Great agility physically. So, I'm, philosophical. About it I, get. Quite frightened, when I see, a traitor, experiencing. Success from, the beginning because I know that's not the natural order of things. The. Best, way I've always said it now repeated, again before, you. Leap, to the sky you must first, squat. And it. Is I had, a four, and a half, year. Squad. But. When the leak came it was. Absolutely. Astounding. I wouldn't. Give it up for the world. Manzi. Nastily he said those closes, Katie Katie I pray with that Yuna, is. Situated. I decided a tiempo, ok. This, is Yan come, here yes the, to Casa Casey's, you know okay he's an Eskimo more radical - pasa la votre, is quite. Way to pay or moment, an extra. Great. Questions, great questions, so if, I could go back in time what. Would I. Undo. What would I change. That's, a very difficult question for me because it. Goes against, my, philosophy that everything. That you've experienced. Was. Necessary, for your current reality. So. To be truthful I wouldn't change a thing, I am I. Wake. Up every single morning Huli gonna and I have to pinch myself, just. To make sure that, this. Reality, that I live, every, single day is real, I. Make. A point, of. Expressing. And showing, deep appreciation for. All. That I've gone through and who. And what I've become and the work that I do for. Thousands. Of traders all over the world I. Could. Not be more content, or more pleased or more happy I can't. Imagine that. There. Is a better, state, than what I experience. Now and so.

With. That contentment, when. I think. About the. Past I think about the past. Being. Deeply, rooted, in the. Cause. So. When I. Think. About the past and. Think. About the concept, of changing, anything in that past that does, not compute for me because. The. Past had. Everything, to, do with my. Current reality and I could not imagine, my. Current reality being better so. I would, I have, to say that I would change absolutely nothing. Absolutely. Nothing, there, was a second, question though, can, the second question I believe was. What. Was the worst period. Of my trading career and that, is. Very easy it was. The. September. 11th. 2001. It was the. Terrorist. Attack on the, Twin. Towers in New York City and. I. Went into that morning. That Monday, morning with a fairly, large position. I had. 30,000. Shares of. Qualcomm. Assemble. Eschewed. CE, o and if you come try. 30,000, shares and in pre-market. Trading it. Was up $1 from Friday's close so I was up, $38,000. Pre-market, and. Of. Course as we know the, twin towers were hit and. The. Market never opened, that Monday morning in. Fact the market didn't open until the following Monday, morning, and as. You as you, we know the history the, market opened. Down. In a huge way and. In. All. Of my positions, total, I was. Down, about, 1.4. Million dollars on. The following Monday morning, and. It. Was quite devastating. For me I'd. Never experienced. A loss, of that magnitude, in my entire trading career. And. I was faced with a very. Grave. Decision. And the decision was, do I just cut my losses and. Go. Somewhere and lick my wounds and come back and rebuild or. Do I dig, in and. Pull. Them try to pull myself out of the hole and, that's. What I did I decided, that I wasn't, going to, sell. In a panic and so. I let, those positions, settle. And. I. Began, when. I saw that they were starting to sin I began to go to work. I'm treating, around those decisions, and. I was treating, in a very short-term way so I, began. A process of chipping, away at, the 1.4. Million. Dollar loss. So. If, I grabbed. Ten. Thousand, dollar gain I would take it really fast a four thousand dollar gain I would take it fast here's, a six thousand dollar gain I would take it fast and so I became just taking, small, gains, two, thousand, three thousand, six thousand, eight thousand, fifteen, hundred forty. Five hundred and. This. Style, of chipping. My way back. This. Approach, grew. Into, a style, of trading. That. Became, my number one. Money-making. Approach, to the markets. From. That year onward, it, is the style and approach that I teach, traders. Today how. To earn a living in a short period of time treating. A short period of time each day off, the open, for. Small quick. But. Route but meaningful games and so. Out of this 1.4. Million dollar devastating. Loss grew, a style. That has produced tens, of millions, of dollars in fact, much. More than that when you account, for the. Fact that I've taught it to thousands, of traders and what it has meant for, them and the impact it's, had on their, trading. Lives it's amazing. So, that. That, huge, loss, was. Like turning. Lemons. Into lemonade and. That. Too I would, not take back for. A million, years a. Gecko. Which. Is a little Scottie chow mein typical, kana here so it's a case es que no Terra painters, then I need, to pass out I mean, condiments and supper with that gained, so much in the autumn is no okay, todos, nós, country will take las personas que somos how re you know. Ya cuando are listed to pay or prepare. A, historian. In to trade it I remember, study antes que nos qantara squad a co2 mejor, momento, any rate I, think. This is the time right either Simeon - Oh. What, was my best, time, as. A trainer my. Best period there. Have been several there, have been several. In. 1995. I had. One of the biggest breakthroughs in. My trading career I remember. It like it was yesterday I, went. To a. Level. Of. Profitability. And, consistency. That. I never thought was possible and, that's started in 1995. And. It. Was that. Jump. In my progress. That. Took. Me to a level that made me believe that I, had the ability and. The, right and, in, some ways the obligation. To. Share my. Gift my, talent. With others. Before. That I was a profitable, trader and I. Earned my living from the markets, but I didn't. Feel that there was a right, to share, what, I did, with, others but.

It Is in 1995. I had this major, breakthrough. And my, profitability. Jumped. From an average I, don't, know I was doing an average. $15,000. A day maybe I mean back in the, early 90s that was a lot of money and it, just must have mushroomed. From there. And. It, was a level of profitability and consistency. That I didn't think was possible but, it happened and so, that was a wonderful period, because. It. Was the period that took me into this. New world of not only trading, for great profits, and with, great consistency but. Sharing. That, gift, and training. Others to do the same and so it opened up a different chapter for me but, there have been other periods, as well. 2007. Was. Another major, breakthrough, for me, and a. New style of treating which I turned ATM, Kingdom, to existence. And, this. Short-term. Oriented, style. Of. Always. Having, orders. In the market, in always. Trading. Took. My, level. Of consistency even, at, that point to an even higher level and. That. Turned, into a style that I was also able to share, I. Recently. Experienced. Not. Necessarily. A higher. Level, of profitability, because, I consider myself somewhat. Semi-retired. Now. In my treating my average, trading, day is 18, minutes a day and years, ago I used to trade all day long, so while the, level of profitability. Was. Not necessarily, increased. It. Was a breakthrough, in, my deep, understanding, of. Markets. And the human, psyche. And how, to. Teach traders, to get around. The. Psychological. Barriers, that stand in the way of trading and so, you know throughout, my trading career I've had these periods. That have served as, major. Breaks, breakthroughs. To, higher. Levels of understanding higher. Levels, of profitability and. Higher, levels, of consistency, I will. Say this in closing I was. A trader who, not. Just won a profitability, I wanted. Consistency. Consistency. Was. Held, higher, as. As. A, more important, gift to me than profitability, because, there's a way to get profitability. Without. Consistency. I did, not want, profitability, without, consistency I, wanted. The type of gains that came from, winning, almost every. Single time and losing, only occasionally. There, is a way where you win, very, few times but you you, lose small, searching. For the big win small, R small R small R small R small loss boom. Win and the big win overcomes. All of the small losses, that's not consistency.

But. That is a valid style trader I wanted. When, when when when when when when when when when went, occasional. Loss and. So. There are two ways to be profitable. I wanted. Profitability, through. The consistency. Way and. So. There were breakthroughs. In terms of higher levels, of consistency. Breakthroughs. In terms of higher levels, of profitability and. Breakthroughs. In terms, of higher. Levels, of, understanding. And being, deeply, connected. With what. It takes to overcome, some. Of the psychological. Barriers to stand in the way of trade. Believe, this that I am. Popcorn. On a panacea for local party consciousness. Criminal. Parties and tourism to take, a pose have said dos tres cuatro partisan business, is boomin. Just personal they write story. Accomplished, and crazy. En de parte, podemos hacer como. Emma's, pregunta, the zoo this we are personnel save, a cool dekapwaa Mercedes, yet, Sarah party I go home on interest at the computer. Do stairs can I can understand your head when are you bamboo spears you came, as Provost approach. At all your face.

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