INTERVIEW: Kamila Gornia from Heart Behind Hustle TV

INTERVIEW:  Kamila Gornia from Heart Behind Hustle TV

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Well. Hi everybody I'm, super, excited to be here today with Camilla, cornea from heart, behind the hustle it's a network for entrepreneurs, I have. Her bio, here I want to be, sure I get all this goodness in there someone I refer to my notes over, here real quick. Let's. See. Camilla. Is a business coach and marketing strategist, for passion driven entrepreneurs, who, want to reach more people with their message and see, more. Ideal clients, in an aligned leveraged. And impact, driven way, she. Is the founder of heart behind hustle, and network to support entrepreneurs. On their journey and make impact, without, sacrificing, their values integrity, and personality. Camilla. Has been Camilla. Has been featured in Forbes Inc, Fox. HuffPost. And more we're, gonna talk today about her opinions, experiences, and, process. For using video in her business, and Thank You Camilla, hey. I'm, excited to be here I think you Kayla yeah no worries, so. We'll just start kind of dive in maybe tell, me from. Just. Ground 0 like how long have you doing videos for your business. Hmm. I've been doing my business my. Videos. For, my business since, I started my business, this. Is my third business actually and I actually, even, with the previous business I had I had a health blog I was doing video back then when I had my photography, thing I did the díos back then too so I feel like videos always, been a part of just. What I've been doing even all as a kid I always like want to do like little videos and. Like, we didn't really have a good camera and. Ever. But I've. Always, been really drawn to. Capturing. What's going on and making. It into this like. Sorry. About something really cool and being able to do it with within. The business and helping the business grow and share our message, I think it's I've, always found a lot of value in that so yeah. Yeah. Exactly, the. Whole storytelling, somethink you were way ahead of that curve which now everybody's talking about storytelling, and video and you've, been doing it for a while now, yeah. No. That's fabulous. And then so, it, kind of gets into you know what made you decide to start incorporating video in your business you touched on that could, you expand. On that a little bit and maybe, talk, about how, you feel about YouTube. Over. Facebook live for example I mean how do you balance the, strategy between all these different platforms IG TV is the thing. Yeah. How do you how do you work with that yeah. So, you, know there's the, biggest thing for us for any business is to really understand, how you want to use video right and there. Are obviously. There's a ton of different ways to approach video, and you. Know you could do it for educating, you could do it to show the process of, the work that you're doing you could share stories. Of clients, you could share behind the scenes I mean there's a gazillion ways that you could approach video for. Me I've, because. I've always known that video would be a part of everything I do a very visual person, it, was just like how else can I bring it in now I will say that there yeah there are a ton of different channels. That you could be using and doing. Video especially, YouTube. Driven video you, know there's, a certain amount of quality that ideally, works better on on YouTube versus like Facebook, live Facebook live is super easy they just you. Know I could literally take. My phone right now and I could go live immediately right, this moment so, when. Facebook live came actual in periscope, first came out like, the beginning of you, know like. The whole live broadcasting. Crazy. You know everybody started getting on the bandwagon and everything and it was the, first time that people could actually feel, like okay. Well we could go on video and not have it be perfect, and it doesn't have to be beautifully, edited and, a lot of these in-between. Stabs have been eliminated for, entrepreneurs, which is great because being, able to communicate in the video format creates a deeper connection much, quicker for, people so that's why a lot of us are able to get sales from video now. Facebook. Live I think every. Entrepreneur you. Know I recommend, that every entrepreneur actually, take at, least some, portion, of that and then put them into a part of their content, strategy mostly.

Because It's so you. Know it's just so genuine, people, get to really see you as this like real person. Versus, a polished, version of you that, is edited. And like pre-scripted, and, stuff like that you get to interact with people so I always. Say just start with that cuz it's just like the easiest thing and then for if you, want to do speaking or doing webinars or speaking on stage like there's no better way to do that to get that experience. And practice and then through Facebook, live I think so. That's that's the one thing I you, know I'd do it whenever I feel like it it's not really pre-planned you don't have to be perfect with it it's just like the community that you have and you do it now YouTube, I, like. A lie I love YouTube because there's this whole other host of people on there that you. Know basically it's kind of like a passive, community, building thing now, YouTube. Is, definitely. Something that we, need to spend a lot more energy and time on because there's a different quality, of content, that I'm sort perform better versus, others so, what, you share on Facebook live like is they're gonna perform the same on YouTube. Maybe. Maybe not and I, find, that a lot of times the videos have to be quite a bit edited if not, completely scrapped and then reworked, to share, in a different format right so at least that's what I've seen from my experience, and my clients experiences. So but. The good news is you, know with YouTube because, it's basically a search engine you're, able to maximize, the ability of getting people that you would have never been able to connect with otherwise to, find you subscribe. To your stuff and if you're good, on video even a little bit in terms, of like you're not being just like what's. Happening you know, value. These. We're gonna want to hear more because you're actually helping them with something that they have an issue with right so why, wouldn't I sign up and subscribe to this person's channel to learn more about like, overcoming, the problem that I have so. I really, see YouTube as a search engine you know being, able to be, found as if, I was on Hulu and it's like the same thing I you, know I have. A lot of my content on my website is, SEO driven because I want to be searchable on Google a. Lot of my content is also found on Pinterest because I want to be searchable, on Pinterest, you know so it's, just another way of connecting the people and, that's kind of the first layer that I like to look at that but, then the second layer is like if you know we can make this content really good and we can potentially like get, your stuff shared more and getting, even more engagement. And stuff like that so there's a whole strategy it goes into that that I will necessarily, get into right now cuz it's a whole the, whole thing but, yeah I I love it I think it's I think it's great and it's easy, now. IG c d IG. TV i personally, have not been using. Because. I just wanted to focus in on the things that i do want to focus in i think there's there. Comes a time where. You. Start trying to do all the things and then you're sorry you're not doing them with excellence, anymore you're just doing them because somebody's, telling you that you need to do them versus, here's, how I actually want to connect with people and, you, know I have a lot of people that do use IG TV and they're you know they're enjoying, the process, I personally. Don't even go into IG, TV so because, I don't watch, those videos I, don't feel called to make my own and I did in the beginning is it was like a smooth am oh my god I have to jump on the bandwagon I have to make you know make the most out of this opportunity. But. Then you. Know I'm like well I don't I don't. Know it's just not it, just doesn't feel aligned for me to do right now so I. Don't personally. You. Know I think the best way to approach it would be to, that. You know I always look at ways to repurpose. Some, of the stuff that you have so the best way to like, go, on live on, Facebook. Take, that video upload it to IG TV and then boom there's there's, a to things that are in one right right, this, is you know you could do that same format, in terms of dimensions.

For The video so you know you can do it that way but honestly, it's like find, your one, thing that, you're gonna focus on most of your energy and effort in and then, do that and for, somebody that doesn't have a very big audience I would. Probably start with Facebook because it's easy and then there's a lot of at least for entrepreneurs, there's. A lot of Facebook groups you can be you know you can grow your network there, and then, slowly. Moving, into YouTube as that, search engine, and just. Being aware that your, console has to be our strategic, typically. When you're creating YouTube content, you know it's not gonna be stuff that's just like here I just feel like talking about whatever. I'm, like yeah that. Is, excellent. Differentiation. And I appreciate you saying that because I'm not sure that I've covered it that clearly and so my material so it's great to hear it from you and also. Sometimes some. Of you know my audiences they're not, so much on YouTube even themselves yet, and so, they're wondering you know why would be I'd be over on YouTube so can you just say a little bit about how YouTube is a search engine and, helps, your SEO. Yeah. I mean totally so I mean if you think about YouTube. You're. Typically going in there and you're searching for something right like you're searching how do I blink, or how you know whatever or, even if you're searching for something on Google YouTube. Videos, will come, up on there too because Google is owned by you or. YouTube is owned by Google right, so it's the same thing so because. Of this it's the same thing as you would be with writing blog posts that are SEO driven, you know like so, if your ideal clients, are searching for very specific keywords, how, can you make sure that you're showing up in their search results on, YouTube. When they're searching for those particular keywords right. So you're gonna have to do some some some research on what those things are that your people are actually searching on there and not. Everybody, is on YouTube, you know it's like YouTube, is I would. Say the majority of people that are on YouTube consistently. Are kids like they're very, very young people so I. Think comparing. Yourself to. You. Know influence those are youtubers, that have millions. And millions and millions of followers is, not a good, comparison because, most. Of those people are just creating entertaining, content that those kids are really into and you know it goes viral and I'm sorry but, if you help, people with a specific problem, and you're a business, owner.

You. Know just, make sure that you're doing it with the purposes, of helping people and being searchable, by those people it's not necessary that you have to go and get a million subscribers, you. Don't need that many people to, make a difference like one. Of my clients has actually, she has a million views, on one of her videos but she you know she doesn't she's not a youtuber by, any means but it's just that video ten apparently, went viral because it was just like different ways on brain, yoga so if you, I'm sure if you YouTube brainy ago you'll see her. Video on there and it's it's quite, different because no one's really doing that but then the people that are interests that in that you know in that mindset, and the the brain health and stuff like that like they're, gonna go and seek, her out another, one of my former clients, she offers, she's, a singing coach and, she's in Florida so she. Has actual like physical, location, people like kids come to her to you know have their parents send, them to know. How to sing better and, you know be able to yeah all that stuff so, she has a couple of videos and that she has actually gotten clients, for including, for her courses, that we created. Because. People are searching like how do I sing or like what's the you know that's what people that's. How they want to learn it's gonna be really hard for them to understand. How do I sing if I'm reading, an article it's like well I don't really get it right and it doesn't, really have to mean that you um you. Know you share, content that is, super. Visual or like auditory, you can share, it in any way but as, learners, we, have different ways of learning as well and some people just like videos more, than other, other. Materials you know so I think it's just it's just great people too you know absolutely. Well and the other kind, of thing that you can do because there are different learning styles is you've got your video and most people at least have some sort of script outline especially, for YouTube as you mentioned so you've got that is like for the people that want to read it and then you've got the video the visual component, and then. The other piece that you touched on is how Google owns, YouTube and, so Google does favor. Websites. That have video on them in their search rankings and it's interesting if you search different things I've seen, some websites do really well that you wouldn't necessarily expect that once, you go there but. There's like three videos and, so they're ranking higher so not really an opportunity yeah, so yeah, very. Smart - yes. So. We. Talked a little bit about how you got started out, and like, you kind of always played with video but did you have any challenges around. Around. Really incorporating. It into your business or did it just sort of flow naturally. For you. You. Know I think the big thing is. That, a, lot of us tend to over complicate things and that's definitely what I did in the beginning as well you know I tried to make sure okay now that I'm not doing it for fun anymore. Big thing and it has to be done the, right way and, it's it's. You, know that's kind of where it loses its energy and its spark, so, I think. The best thing that we can do is like yeah we can still, keep. That strategic, mind especially if you're using YouTube obviously but, keeping. That spirit of. Videos. Should be fun you're, getting to like really, showcase your personality and, just like doing whatever you want on these big it was like yeah, I think that's so valuable and, I.

Think In the beginning I was just trying to make the these, like you know complicated things that they didn't have to be so, that. Was a challenge I, think. That's honestly because it's not my first business I think that's probably the first the, biggest thing as it really said this particular business in, the past my biggest challenge was just you know like how do I look on video, you know I'm self-conscious. Like, that, was always a you know a concern, that I had it's just like well you. Know what if I pronounced something weird because I'm I'm from Poland so like some of the words I say might be like wrong, or weird or something and, that. Was like it's self doubt that I had or like oh my god what do people think they call me that you know I'm not skinny, I'm not pretty like they're gonna say something, and like insult. Me and it's like that. Has actually never happened. And. Like, even if it does it's like well. You know that's sad for those people but it's like it has nothing to do with us it's just a projection so. You. Know that was definitely something before, I ever started doing videos with me and like sharing my expertise, it was like do, I know what I'm talking about are people gonna call me a fraud who you, know who D the hood Otis do you think she is and then like oh that, she's you know she looks a certain way or she speaks a certain way that is not right. Or whatever, but you know being able to overcome those and more you actually do it and see that the world doesn't end the, more you start to see that this is actually like this can be a fun thing and, if you do get some haters which, doesn't, happen very often. Until, you like you, know pretty much blow up you. Know that just happens with the Territorian, and like celebrate, as it happens because it's kind of like your milestone. Of like wow you've, made it and it's continued, moving on. Exactly. Thank you so much for putting it that way because that is totally how I feel like once, you get your first negative comment, it's a good sign because it means you're you know you're reaching more people and, you're also different, in yourself, and and. All those things that you mentioned that we get worried about that's what makes us different on camera and what if that's where the connection with your tribe is right, there you don't want to see the, same thing from everybody, they want to see who you are and you.

Know Connect with that really deeply I see, it as a really good filter too for finding you. Know the people that you're gonna resonate with totally. Yeah, great. That was a big thing that I you know that I didn't know in the beginning either I was like well I want to be liked by everybody I want everybody, to to. Like what I have to say but if that, doesn't work like that right and you might as well just, be yourself, when you're on video because if you're, not yourself and then these people do sign up for your email list or do buy from you and then, they get the real you they're gonna be in for a rude awakening because like, who is this person. Look. What it's completely, misaligned mismatched, and you don't want that to happen either so you might as well just like let. The freak flag fly and. Just. Be yourself and, you, know you're gonna attract the people that love that and they want to be more around that particular specific. Energy that you have, yes. Totally, I'm gonna I'm, gonna put that in a quote. Online let the freak flag fly. Yes. And it's, true and it's once you get used to it it's so freeing I don't know I could go on about that but it's just it's. Like letting something go and, then video becomes, fun so I really appreciate that because I have some clients right now in production and they're struggling a little bit because their first time that, there have been doing this and. They're. Getting kind of hung up is taking longer than you know it needs to probably, so I appreciate. That that, affirmation, that, they I mean a lot of like a lot of people have like the perfectionist, tendencies so. Like I can think of a few clients that, yeah. Be like go and do this video for. This you know sequence or whatever and it's like you, know understand Camilla it takes me a whole day to do one video Mike, why. Does it take you a whole day you're not editing this video you're not using, any fancy like I don't understand. And, the. More we can just let herself breathe, you, know it's there's, no right or wrong way to do it it's just like you just freakin do it and, the. More you do it the easier it's gonna become in like one video per day is going to turn into three, and then sit into five and if. You want bottom. But. It's just like giving yourself a break a little bit and like it. Doesn't have to be no. It's like everybody has their own standards, and we're always so tough on, ourselves and. You, know why, are we still waiting, to get the message out that can actually help people no. Absolutely. And that's a big, part of our system is working on mindset along, with the gear, and the tech and the setup that's all learn about but it's the mindset and then also you, know I personal sense of urgency like, why are we waiting is such a good question because, now is the time and, you know better probably, than I do but the you know the curves that transfer, video are good and exponential, and I am really concerned with, this explosion of you entrepreneurs and. Not enough of us are doing it and, they're gonna fall behind next year I mean it's that quick. So. The, modern way right. And. Then pretty soon it's, you've lost your chance to get ahead and differentiate based. On doing videos at a time with a lot of people are not yet so that's. I mean I think about it all the time like God if only I started, doing YouTube, it like YouTube, back. When YouTube was like just. Like getting started, in the first few years I mean holy crap I would like I mean. I would have a gazillion followers, probably, by now you know it's like. Don't. Wait yeah because if you had the longer you wait the harder it's gonna be because more and more people are popping up doing. This, absolutely. And I've had that same thought to if I started you know reaching, out and to my audience when I was thinking about it back then and hesitating. I probably like. I said you like you said have a million followers so definitely, the message there's don't wait right. Well then just, real quickly because I know we're. Running up against, our my promised time for you but, so I how, do you measure the impact of your videos, you. Know I think there's a lot of different ways to measure that I, tensed. You well, depends on which platform right, so it. Also depends on the goal and it depends on the, overall outcome, so if I am creating, videos just. With the purposes, of sharing content and showing my message, I usually, just look at how many views I get and that's the only thing I look at I'm like okay are people seeing, it great, they're, seeing it my message is spread okay good that's all I want for, others the, purpose is more about like okay I want to reach a very specific amount of people that are.

Specifically. Looking and seeing so like some of the videos might have like a hundred views or a 200, views like a long live or whatever and it's because it's a very very specific thing, that, is me a part, of a campaign so the people are seeing it a very targeted. And, they're seeing targeted, messages, that are moving them towards potentially. Buying something or assigning it for a call or whatever. Now other calls are like other, videos or you know the main purpose, and outcome of that is to get people signed up for a thing or to buy directly if for like a low ticket item or something so it really depends on. Its, per. Video basis. You know but I think it's it's important to be clear ahead, of time yeah. That's great tip so, the, impact, you know the the outcome is big based, on the goal which has to be set ahead of time and that. Gets into just having a little bit of a strategy but, you can make you feel more confident too because you know why you're on camera at that point. And. What's your current routine with video do you have one. Routine. With video um I don't think I have a routine with video right now actually, I. Tend to. Yeah. I just kind of go and do videos whenever I feel like them. Um. I will be putting it more of a routine in the fall just, because I'm in launch right now so like my YouTube videos are on hiatus for a little while, but. I still do like Facebook, lives and, I still do all those things they're so easy, but. Then once, yeah. It's just mostly, the routine has to do with YouTube because I guess on YouTube is a little bit more a little, bit more pre-planning. To make sure that people are actually seeing it because I use YouTube not. Necessarily, with the purposes, of. Nurturing. Current audiences is with the purposes, of reaching, new audiences versus. Facebook is more for nurturing Korean audiences I would. Say so, because of that there's a little bit more planning that that's involved so you know I would say. About what the keywords are that I want to target first then, you know okay what are the content, pieces that I can actually create what are they about what is that going to look like I. Don't over. Plan, it I don't overthink it too much and then, I actually like set okay what am I actually gonna shoot it when I'm gonna edit it and then you, know putting it into a calendar, too actually but that's the more for YouTube for Facebook I just kind of kind of go what live whenever I feel like it and. When, you're doing your YouTube videos you're you're doing more than one at a time when you shoot them is that right, sometimes. Sometimes no it depends yeah.

Gotcha Awesome. Okay, well then we could wrap it up if you had one piece of advice for entrepreneurs wanting. To do video for their business what would it be it. Would be to if, you aren't doing it yet is to start doing it now and don't, overthink, it and just it's gonna be great the, more you do it the better, you're gonna be at it and you. Know you can't think. Yourself, to be better you just become. Better by doing it. Right. - thank you that that, is a great place to start, I like, that you can't get, better by thinking about it, it's. Like nobody ever changed their life sitting on their couch thinking, about it. Well. Thank you so much is there anything else that you'd like to add, um. I don't think so I think that yeah, I mean I'm a big proponent of video and I'm, excited for everyone, to get into that and, you. Know see people's videos. Okay, fabulous and, so. Heart, behind the hustle com is one place they can find you right heart. Behind hustle calm, yeah okay and also. Facebook obviously, with that and then, you have a personal, website, or your. Yeah. I'm not I'm yeah, it's more so for my agency. So I'm just gonna house, well that's about a nice, to find me okay yeah and I was at your Facebook page or some fun live Facebook, live videos on there so definitely everybody, check that out okay, listen, thank you so much I really appreciate it yeah, I think it's not for having me okay.

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