International Women in Business Summit - Catherine and Raimonda

International Women in Business Summit - Catherine and Raimonda

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Good. Morning, hello, everybody, here. We are live from International. Women's Day. Women's. Summit we, are streaming from the UK, my name is Rome Wanda, and I, am one of your event, house and, we have. Hello. Hello, nice to see you all how. Are you all today yes, I think we've got people from Namibia yeah, Yorkshire, we have we have quite a few people joining, us live so welcome. Really. Excited, to kick off today and we've, been building, up to this moment to. To. Go live and here we are it's actually International. Women's Day and we're. Celebrating, it together, we. Have an amazing line-up of speakers coming. Out for the, two days that we're going to be hosting this virtual summit really. Excited to have you guys here and all, the women joining us today. So. This, is the official livestream. Where you, are right now if. You are watching it on Facebook, because, we are streaming this first session to Facebook, we. Won't be able to see your comments, so apologies, you need to be joining, the livestream through. The event, link that you may have received if you signed up. So. We will be able to take, questions and interact with you if you are joining. Our live streaming, through crowdcast. So. Ladies. Do comment, let, us know where you from where are you joining us from this. Is purely an introductory session. And to, just interact get to know each other and you know what the event is all about, so. Kate how, how, are you this morning. I'm, very well I'm so excited to be here we've got such a fantastic. Lineup. Of ladies speaking, over the next two days and, I just I can't. Sit in to listen to all of them but thank goodness it's all going to be recorded, because I'm going to be definitely sitting, down with my notebook over the, weekend, and, taking. Some. Notes on all the wisdom that they have to share so really, excited, and so honored to be co-hosts, to this event as well because and it's, it's just an so exciting, and. So exciting, that so many people can join from all over the world you know that's, the fantastic, thing about a Web Summit so brilliant. To. Be. Able to interact, with women from all over the world and some of the speakers joining, from you. Know the first lady is joining us today is from Australia I know. Yeah. We have Ghana and, Italy, and, it's. Incredible. Really so really. Exciting, stuff and I have to say at this point I'm a really big thank you to Rwanda, because she has been one women powerhouse, in getting this set up you know setting up all the technology, putting. Together a really fantastic schedule, of speakers. And. You've. Just done it amazingly, so well done because I think someone. Needs to say because you're not going to say it yourself brilliant. You wouldn't, be here without you and what a wonderful way to kick-off International, Women's Day and doing. This so it's great to be here thank you I'm really honored to have, amazing, speakers, yourself, just. Helping helping, us out to host the ladies and. Everyone. That's tuning, in from the rounder world and wherever, you are let. Us know where you're watching it from it's. Amazing, to have you join us we. Hope is going to be an amazing two days and we, have incredible, speakers, on. Subjects. Anything from women empowerment. Leadership. Your, mindset. Money. Management your. How. To grow your business how. To succeed. As entrepreneur. I. Think there's a lot of inspiration for, everyone and you. Know as they say when you. You. Learn something new and you expand. Your mind you will never go back to your original self, so I really, hope that women. Around the world watching it today will, take. Something. From, any. Of the sessions. Expand. Your mind learn. Something new and. Hopefully. Become a better person, and lead. The way forward for, other women be de inspiration. Be. De leaders, whether, it's in business with at home, in. Your community. You know we all are powerhouses, which, is don't, know our strengths, until, we have, applied, ourselves, to do. Something amazing so. It. Warms me. Just. A mouth. Amazing. Women. That out there I can do amazing things so I'm really glad that you guys here. Please. Let us know why, are you joining in from in the, chat box will be all that. Working. Let's just down the road from me hello, Hannah hi, Hannah. Hi. Rachel and, Rachel. Thank you happy International, Women's Day. You, from Yorkshire. And. Lindsay, from Namibia. Amazing. Um so. Just keep, commenting let, us know where are you watching from I. Can. See quite a few other ladies joining in live and. We also streaming, live to Facebook, unfortunately. We can't see Facebook comments, but, hope you, can join us through crack our stream so.

We Can all be in one place and. Yes. So. Okay I'm. All missing something how we not mentioned something that's very important, as part of this event oh. My. Gosh my mind blank have you. I. Think, we're forgetting to, mention to. Mention. Well. Of course all, the. Whole event is in support of the charity best beginnings, and so, all the donations you've made, to. Join, us here today or going to the fantastic. Cause best. Beginnings as a UK charity and, that works to. Make sure that every child has a good start in life and we are so proud to be supporting them today so thank, you so much for, all your donations so far and I think there, is going to be in every session there is going to be a donate, button as. Well so if you're watching, along and you're thinking oh my goodness I'm getting such incredible value and the urge takes you do feel free to press, the button and donate, some more because it's also a really good course and so. Yeah. And I think the, CEO. Or, of Alison. Is going to be talking tomorrow as well when, she so and that's something to to. Watch out for she's tomorrow at 4:30 I, think come on afternoon so, yes, thanks. So much for your donations so far and yes. Thank you so much because it's a really fantastic cause. So, we've. Raised really. Generous. Amount of money for this, beginnings charity, and we. Feel it, was really close to our hearts, and we believe it would be close to your heart to support this, charity. They. Support families, and young. Parents. Going through um, premature. Births and sort, of early, stage, of. Starting. A family and it's best beginning supports, or through. Through. Different initiatives, they're working with NHS and. Health. Organisations. In the UK. And. Also, support in in terms of mental health and. They. Have an app called baby baby. Baby. Bump I think. So. They have an amazing, app and. They. Do incredible work so, really grateful, for your donations. We're. All doing this. Because. We love what we do we love sharing the, knowledge. Inspiration. And this. Really an honor to be supporting, a great charity through, this so thank, you all oh. Yeah. Hannah's just commented, brilliant. Cause my boy was born at 26, weeks yeah see you understand, how important, charities. Like best beginnings are and supporting, people and, through, those early stages so. Thank.

You So, Raimondi. You should probably do a little introduce, introduction, about yourself shouldn't, you and so you can yes. Well. So Rwanda, and has. Obviously set this all up as. She is has been absolutely fantastic as I've said but, your background. You. Started out in business and, very, quite young actually your first business you set up how old are you twenty as twins. 1:21. I mean it's quite incredible like goodness, knows what I was doing a sexy one but it certainly wasn't setting up a business. But. And you know you know really incredible and you were just saying before we came online how. Much things have changed because when you were first starting out in business and, it, was I mean, I I mean, arguably still, is but it was very much a, man's world, and there. Were very few women particularly. In the industry, that you were in which, is technology. So. Events. Like this are just so fantastic because we want to encourage more women to do what you've done and and. I think particularly. Going into interest industries, like technology is something that a lot of women. Don't, necessarily. Have, a natural urge to do or or, even think that they would pursue and obviously. People like you were showing you. Know our daughters growing up and last that you know it is possible and we should consider it yeah so I didn't, see myself as in, any shape, or forest. As. Always, as. Entrepreneur. And someone. That was really passionate about starting. Business, running my own business and. Running. A business with a, cause, so, I, started. My first business was, 21, so probably seven eight years ago so, it's. Still in this decade, and, we're talking about you know how. Not. As many women were prominent. In business back then and as Chad that's just a, decade, ago um, so. I've started out purely because of passion for business and my. First idea was an innovative. Sustainable, solution. For drinking, water, so. It was, vending. Machines for schools. Universities. And sports. Centers so. I had this idea of reducing plastic, waste from, drinking, bottles and, that. Was my first business which I was really passionate passionate. About about, changing. Behavior. Changing. How people go about our. Daily lives in, terms of. Being. More aware and. More. Aware of how we use. Resources. Around us so that, was my big, passion, and I spent, four years building, that business and, you, know when I started out so young I had, no, idea that industries, I was going into I, no, idea how to build and scale a business so I had to really learn for, myself in. The very beginning, what. Has helped me a lot was going to. Different. Events speaking. To people, finding mentors. But. Back, then, I I, didn't, have too, many women that I could look up to and. Use. As a role model models, and use. As mentors, as well so I found myself in, a man's, world.

So. I had, to. It. Didn't, feel strange, because, it felt that's, how it is. What. I'm seeing in, the last few years that, there are much more women, interested in businesses, and you. Know whether it's. It's. A need of you know a lot of women are mothers so, they're starting out businesses, from home because this is what we can do, if. We're unable to go. To ordinary. Work so. I think there needs to be more support, and encouragement, for, fellow women that starting, up businesses. Mentorship. Apologize. For the noise. So. I think that's where my passion started from and. Last, year I hosted two physical, events in London for women and it. Was incredible, we also had some men there so it's not exclusively, for them and we're not feminists. So to speak. We're, just truly passionate about helping other women so so. We also last year two incredible, events we had international, speakers, as well. Some. Flew in from other parts of the world we had Veronica, flying from, Milan a. Few, are the ladies from different, parts of the UK and even. Ireland, so it. Was amazing and. I think that energy, has. Set. Us up to. Do something bigger and to. Be able to reach more women around the world because it's. Great to do something local, but. I think if we can expand, this knowledge, this inspiration. This energy, to women around the world we. Can make much bigger impact so. This. Is where this event came, together. And. This is the thing I absolutely love, I'm very passionate about women, in business and the. Thing I love about it and I actually someone. Said exactly the same thing in an email I got yesterday is. That, women. Together seem, to get quite a lot of bad press it's about cattiness, or bitchiness or whatever but the thing you, find everywhere. With, women in business there is so much support in collaboration. And, inspiration. And it really is such. A supportive, community to. Be in such an inspiring community, seeing and. You. Know this is why I love being involved with things like this and it's, just so motivating. And it's just fantastic and, well. When I am, a feminist, but, it doesn't you, know it, doesn't obviously mean what a lot of people think. It means, but I love, supporting women and I love helping. Lift women up and push them forward and that's something that communities. Like this there's women in business communities, are. Just so fantastic at, and it's just a really fantastic. Example. Of how, brilliant. Women are or supporting, each other and so. So I being part of this event and it being on International, Women's Day is just you, know really fantastic, though so, fantastic, a lot there I think, I think. When you empower a woman others. Mountains. Can be moved and I. Think. We come. In together and, support each other we showing that we're not those, bitchy, with him that. Unable. To get along we, are actually. Powerful. Ladies that can, empower each other can support, each other and. I. Think, something, like this is just bringing everyone together. So. Yeah I'm really excited thanks. Kate for your help leading, up there and. Obviously to. Help us host the sessions for the next two days. Thanks Leanne happy, what International, Women's Day to you you're, from London I'm. Actually in London as well so, we, have something from the UK all. The sessions and timings, will be. Scheduled. In the UK time but. If you are watching it from abroad just double. Check and the time difference, all. The sessions will be recorded, so you can watch a playback. Every. Speaker, will, have its own session, so after. We have finished the opening session we'll. Have a short, break for, a few minutes and we'll come back on with Angela.

Angela. Like I said it's tuning in from Australia and, she'll be talking about. Financial. Freedom, money. Mindset, and. She's intuitive. Life, coach and I'm really excited to kick off the, day with Angela. The. Playback will be available for seven days and, then we will be moving the, videos to, probably, YouTube, or a place, where we could have, subtitles, so we aware that. Some. People are joining here with disabilities. Who are unable to hear so we want to. Enable. This. Event for anyone that may have any disabilities, or, unable. To turn. In through this live session so, we want to, make. It as accessible as, accessible, as possible for. Anyone watching this event. Kate. I would love to have you introduction. I think ladies, have not got to know you just yet so. Well. Ahem I come from a very different background to. Rwanda, I am I'm, a writer and a journalist, and more. Recently I'm working, with people to help them write powerful, copy for their own businesses. Which I'm loving. And finding really exciting to do but, yes my background is predominately. Women's magazines, and. One. Of the things, I've been really lucky to do, miscues. Me a rising women's magazines is that day, in day out I've got to meet and interviews. And really. Incredibly, inspiring, women, and some, of them you would have heard of they're people like Jo, Malone and Bobby Brown and ruby, wax and Sharon Osbourne but, many of them you won't have heard and they will be Trailblazers. In their specific. Fields and their in their pharmaceuticals. Or technology, or law. Or, perhaps, their like. A lot of the ladies I imagine, watching. Today who've designed, and. Kind of real heart centered businesses. Around their lives and doing, really positive things that they're passionate about and. Speaking. To ladies like this day-in day-out is, very. Inspiring, and I'm not sure how they keep anybody working in magazines because when just because of people like that all day all you want to do is leave and do your own thing and and you, know emulate, what they're doing and and. Is that Vakili what I did in 2011, I went freelance and, I started writing for many, different titles and, I started. Out in Country Living magazine and, my last staff job was women on home -. Fantastic, magazines, that I'm very proud to have written, for and but, I've gone on to write for a lots of different titles and done.

Copywriting, For businesses. Large and small but, the. Thing that really stands, out for me and which I about to repeat but the thing I love doing is. Connecting. With and, speaking, to and being inspired by women who have big. Dreams and, who are taking action to, make those dreams happen and I just find that just, fires me up so much I just I just love it and I'm. Actually a shame. Shameless, and plug here but I'm gonna start a podcast in, the summer which is going to be about that so check, out my website and, -. To. Find out updates on it Kate but LaRoche comm Kate the Machine and, but. Yes so that's why I mean it's something I've, done. Throughout, my career working, with women who are doing incredible things and, really, and, it, really just makes you realize what, is possible, I mean women's. Magazines, and I, you know they. I mean, it can seem like when you say I work for women's magazines I think everyone has machines you're writing about makeup, all the time but actually you were speaking to some incredible, people and you. Know explaining, some really quite complicated subjects. That these women are doing it I think that Raimondo, you know the technology, things I wouldn't know where to start with but it's, just so inspiring. And, and that's why I'm so honored to be, co-hosting. This, today I'm. So excited about all the speakers, and. I want, to listen to every single one, and. You. Know with me starting my own business as well this year and although I've been freelance for a while I'm doing an actual proper venture for once and you. Know everything, everything that, it's, going to be talked about over the next two days it's going to be of tremendous value. And. I'm, sure it, will be to everybody listening as well I mean it's just such, a great range. Of speakers really exciting, oh you have so. Many years of experience talking. To women. You. Had yeah desire. To, God and do thing now at. This stage you're. Setting. Up your own business officially. This year. How. Are you finding the difference, between working. For, someone and actually starting, your own business it's. Um I'm, sure a lot of people can relate to it it's it's. Very exciting, to think I'm actually going to own something and I'm gonna decide what happens. You know I'm gonna find one I work with and who I'm gonna work with and how I'm going to work which, is so empowering and so exciting, and the idea that you can design your working week around having, children I've got to use small children, and, that's brilliant, and, the. Fact that you can have an online business these. Days and everything is so accessible, and you.

Know There's. Women's. Groups that you can go on which both 109. Members of them say I have no idea how to build, a list I have no idea how to. Design. A workbook, in canva and then somebody will be there to say oh this is how you do and offer up their health and expertise, with no. No, desire, for anything anything, back and it's it's. So. Much easier with all these different groups available and people collaborating. And helping each other around so, while it's, a. Bit overwhelming, because there's so much to learn when you're building your own business and, so. Many things technology-wise. Particularly. That I find. Terrifying. And very confusing, because usually I just switched off and asked my husband to sort it out for me but I can't do that in this instance so. But. You know um and I'm figuring it out with the help of lots, of other lovely ladies you've done it before me or doing it at the same time and, there's, something very. Motivating. About. Knowing that when you're sitting down at your laptop at half 10 at night and trying. To figure out how to, get. MailChimp, to work that, there's somebody else probably. Many somebody, else is doing exactly the same thing and you, know you can just jump onto the forum and say oh how. Do I do this and then somebody's there singing, into your messenger, saying oh I'll help you out let me let, me help you and it's just wonderful, it's like this. Big community, of interconnected. Laptops, all. Of us am doing the same thing and, think. It's something I couldn't have done when I first went freelance in 2011. I couldn't. Have done this because I don't. Think these, it was available the internet wasn't quite as advanced, and the women. In business groups weren't you know quite as. Established. And you know the, difference eight, years makes is incredible. So it's. Very exciting. It's amazing, so we. Have a dedicated Facebook. Group if you, are watching it live and you haven't joined our women, in business group there, is a. Link, at the bottom says women in business group so make, sure you join us there as well so all the ladies you'll. Find a speaker's there you'll find the community you find ladies, that have attended our previous, events, and also attending this event so if, you want to network if, you want to reach out for some help or support or, you just want to share your story. Please. Do so everyone, has a story to share everyone.

Has Something inspirational. Or. Something. That someone else will relate to even, if it's a problem don't be afraid to share it so our, group. Is very much supportive. Group or women. So. Just feel free to share us we, have had some new members join and we. Have had some new stories, being shared this has been really amazing and. Just. Reading all the stories from other women just warms, my heart, and. I'm so glad a lot of you I able to join us live and. I know some other ladies will be joining in at, a later sessions, because of the time difference we have some leads from the US so, because. Of the time difference, not. Everyone will be able to join live but we are streaming it live to Facebook group and our Facebook page. Just. To make sure that everyone. Knows. About this this, event so make, sure you share it with your community make. Sure you let everyone know that we are celebrating. International. Women's Day. It's, amazing, summit I am really honored to have you. Cade supporting, this and all speakers. And all the ladies joining so thank. You and welcome. Well. The. Introductory. Session. Very. Shortly, we will come back with, Angela. At 10 o'clock so. We have just four four. Minutes to go hi Angela. So. Angela your first one to go we. Will be. Switching. Over to the, next session very, shortly. You. Don't have to do anything just stay, on this, page and, will. Shortly end this broadcast and, come, back on together with Angela. Really. Excited, for the, day ahead how. Are you feeling Kate I'm. Very excited, to I can't wait to go a great lineup today and I'm, going to be doing, speak. To Tricia Brooke I'm crafting, your big talk and and Veronica Namath and personal. Style and branding which, is really exciting I can't wait, and so there's lots of great talks today and I, just saying that as a comment from Hannah Broussard saying I agree so much to, learn and having the support of other people is building a beautiful community so it's exactly what we are saying and I'm so. Nice to hear that so many other women are having that experience as well so, brilliant. So very. Exciting, nearly, there. Started. To. Three months ago. Not. Carefully we're here pick. Up believe we're here actually I didn't think of it you know it's like it's been like Christmas you feel like it's never gonna happen and, then it does. It's. Amazing, so I'm, really. Excited that we actually here now, and we, live and, hopefully. We won't have too. Many technical, glitches we'll, try and resolve it be. Brilliant, just, stay on this slide stream, this. Is the only place where we'll be streaming, all their sessions and you will be able to watch the playback. So. If you if. There is anything that goes wrong with, our cameras, or or. Audio, just let us now and stay, on yet on. This website, and, we. Will come. Back in, as. Soon as possible. Thank, You Lindsay thank. You. Okay. All right so we're gonna switch over and. Stay. Here and we'll, we'll come back in literally, a few minutes with Angela, and. Thank. You Kate for opening, session that's okay, that's okay enjoy, I hope the next session goes well I'm sure it will do I've, been watching and then. I'll be, back at one, o'clock so I'm gonna pass you over to Rwanda now in, her a very capable hand and I'll see you all again at one time, with Trisha. Yes. Take care, thank. You alright ladies back. In a few minutes grab yourself a drink and. We'll. Be back shortly. See. You soon you. Bye bye.

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