INTENSE Makeover! Weird Shaped Room Challenge!

INTENSE Makeover! Weird Shaped Room Challenge!

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And Janie's episode of what's my aesthetic we are making over the home of two creative weirdos Anna grace and Taylor, hi. I'm Taylor and I'm Anna grace and we're, married we're married these newlyweds have tried their darndest to make their converted, garage guesthouse their home will of course get to know their aesthetic they agree, we, have a couple who, have the same taste. And roll up our sleeves to make it a reality so grab a warm cup of coffee and get cozy because today's episode is sponsored by curate to introduce the new K cafe coffee house brewer and let's, get dramatic, playful. And creative. Mr.. Kate and I live my life as a creative, weirdo, many. People's weirdness is their own brand of uniqueness and, it's my passion in life to help people define our creativity so that they can express their truest selves to, the world. Maybe. 60% bohemian. 30%, minimalist, and 10% glam, but, whatever you are you're 100 percent you, so. Let's go on a journey together and ask a question, what's. My, aesthetic. Are. You in the poorhouse, technically. Nice. Goodbye, the garage to the main oh. So, nice anywhere's like a one-bedroom, is better back there me and that's the closet and left which is an odd place out the closet but it's so big that we're like cool, so each other side oh oh, but. You could be like a cool like Island situation. What. Do you do for work I'm, an actress - actress, gotcha, and your husband is a stage actor, so. Your husband's style. So. They need to come around this, - yeah yeah. But they don't really go in it very much so that's why I disorder and I are still here from when we moved in because it's sort of like yes my. Husband and I are we try to agree, on what. Our aesthetic is right, and what we decided to do was take the quiz together last night we, found a picture of your, living room on Pinterest. And we were like this, is like the perfect marriage of both of our. Section. Is, basically. Storage as when we moved in we started, unpacking boxes, they, already had this up here yeah I thought maybe about putting the desk over there or making it sort of like a desk, area no.

I Know I love that idea. Any. Final thoughts. Help. On three. Okay. So we are diagnosing. Anna, Grace and Taylor, now we. Have a unique, situation on, our hands here people because guess what they. Agree, we, have a couple, who, have the same taste. And that is, an overarching. Love, for, mid-century, modern, and they said we love your, living room our meaning, mine and Joey's living room the thing about our living room we have you know a barrel ceiling fireplace. An, arched window we have some architectural, interest going on in there that they don't have in their living. Rooms we'll get to that later in the plan but, they like a dark colored wall they like streamline furniture, so think tapered, leg a mix of tan, colors, maybe some tweed like fabric, and also some, raw wood, will ease off all of that the fact that they agree, I am diagnosing. Them as a couple as 80%, mid-century. Modern, and 20%, farmhouse. Oh. My. Gosh you. Century. Modern. Yeah. I love it how are you play let's go over the plan, so guys you know that we treat, everybody to, these, makeovers, likely, basically, bring them all this furniture they get it all for, free which is awesome. Based on the fact that they love, our living room so much I, want. To give them our couch. What. We're. Giving them our couch yeah, I guess I've been wanting. To change it out with one that's just a little bit longer can we get a new couch, yes I I already have one picked out it's a little bit longer than, the one we have now it's the same style though it, sounds crazy. Crazy. Creative weirdo um. Okay. So they love our living, room now obviously the difference between our living room and their, living room it's absolutely different architectural, style, thank you exactly so we have a barrel ceiling we have an arched window they. Look, cool like beams. Though, I mean it's a low ceiling but the beams are cool but I don't want to paint out those beams a different color because that'll just make the ceiling too low cuz it already is pretty, low, but. I do love that they like the dark color because I think doing a dark color in there is going to really help so, like a hawk side wall no. I want to go all, the way dark, around, that whole living room and then keep the kitchen light the, entire room dark yeah it's actually gonna make it more cozy, it'll make it look more designed because the thing that we have going against, us in this space is just. The layout it's a weird shaped, room there's windows, on every, single wall which. We can tell that's already been an issue for them because they have their TV, in front of one of the windows right, so I'm going to be doing something in this room that I haven't done in awhile and. That is. Putting. In. Some. Real. Plans. So. Pretty cool oh yeah you. Guys know that I usually use, just. The, square, shape of the room and I let. That dictate like, the line of the couch lines up with one of the walls we're, not going to do that in here as you can see and, these things come in we are going to place, the, rug at a, you know the sofa, out of diagonal bringing, in maybe some stools opposite, to it so it's really like a full 360. Conversation. Area now. The reason, for this is because of. Just the amount of windows in there really, trying to make sure that we don't have to put the TV in front of the window but also have it be viewable. From like their kitchen, and have the living room be like a good flow so, this diagonal. Is going to make it happen which, will be able to clear out the little storage area and make that into like a desk area there we'll.

Do A collage wall over here with some of their wedding. Photos and. Maybe some DIY artwork, and then, I think in the kitchen, an island. In there yeah it's a big kitchen so, like it's kind of empty so I think that you could build a, kitchen. Island yeah and maybe use some of these like I just laid out the supplies here so like the hairpin legs oh yeah, right so it kind of would look like a table, like, a counter. Height table, slash like extra, surface area for them while they're cooking love it I think it's gonna be really really, impactful, when you walk in the front door and, see like just a proper, living world, yeah, it's always a risk to design on the bias which. You know is just kind of defining a diagonal, in a room but, I think this is the room for it. Exciting. Okay, so I got to paint this whole room mm-hmm. We're changing out the fixtures yeah so we'll change out the fan to a light in the living room because they're AC you work really well in there they don't need the ceiling fan and we're. Gonna change out that ugly, fixture, in their kitchen and removing. The. Curtain removing the curtains because they have blinds on the windows and then that one very awkward, shaped window, that, doesn't, we, can't put blinds on because it's just the wrong link we're going to frost that, glass with this front. Window, Frost love. It great, I'm nervous. Why. Because. I'm not gonna have a couch anymore. And. Because we're gonna create their entire interior, a dark color it's. Gonna be great it's gonna look like a really, beautifully. Designed space, it's what the space me. Trust you because is actually really ugly we're trying to make it cute okay, okay so I'm gonna go get turned on that you're gonna go meet them and do stuff. Yeah. All right I have DIYs to plan and thanks. Shop great. We. Want to quickly tell you that today's sponsor Keurig, and their cake ass a single, serve coffee latte, and cappuccino maker, who you know he's talking a coffee shop a long time ago right I know you're a retired barista, but the good thing is you don't have to be a barista to enjoy your favorite coffee or creamy latte little, frothy cappuccinos, at home and you're gonna give Anna grace and Taylor their very own cake out of a coffeehouse brewer to, enjoy in their new help that's, right guys every house can be a coffee house with the K cafe coffee house brewer you can frought their choice of fresh milk including, skim soy and almond, to create a creamy latte or frothy cappuccino just. Pour your milk into the dishwasher safe, frother and select either latte or cappuccino and. Watch, your milk magically. Frog, there's even a cold setting if you're having an iced beverage the brewer works with any of your favorite can cut pods so the options are endless you just put your cake up bot in and through 6, 8 10, or 12 ounces of your favorite coffee, to your cocoa. Simply. Pour your freshly froth milk and your coffee energy. It is really good you guys go to CARICOM, to learn more and I think a migration Taylor we're gonna love this thing but, let's get back to decorating shall we let's, do it. Taylor. I, didn't, get to meet, you in person so nice to finally meet I know you usually work at Disneyland up on. The, frozen show on the frozen show you which you were busy being an evil, villain I went, and met your lovely wife here so, are you ready to hear, what you. Are based off of my yes the doctors. I, have, diagnosed, you guys as. 80%. Mid-century. Modern. Okay so, our highest-scoring, so. Far. And. Then 20%. Farmhouse. Cool, okay. A. Little unfinished wood, kind, of you, know a little bit of the white mmhmm. Right like the worn wood thing that you like so, that's. Awesome. So. Tell me what you learned about the. Wedding all wedding photos by watching our newlywed videos yes we, got married and I loved all the photos that our photographer chosen and I like framed. Them and then we watched the episode the newlyweds episode where they had something really similar and you, came in and you were like this, is great, this. Is a lot and so you took one of them and you made it like kind of the centerpiece look like some, different photos around right, some more like landscape, photos, right which, I was like I need to do and my reasoning for that is just because I think if you have too many of the. Same type, of photos, it detracts, from all, of them like yeah they're basically, having. Too many faces, coming at you out of a gallery wall and you can don't really know where to look as opposed to creating the gallery as like, a guy as a story, and, really, highlighting. Those photos so that said, thank, you for this I took inspiration from, that and I had this. This. Is just a hint at like how, much we're gonna celebrate this like this is janky, so, what. We're gonna do right now is, an, art piece together because we're gonna create a gallery wall set up but, we want to have a piece of art.

Together. So. We're gonna do abstract, art it's gonna be really easy and it's gonna be fun, and we're gonna mix in some colors that are very mid-century, and. Sort of vibrate. I. Mean. That is beautiful, look, at that. Really. It's making me hungry right now we're gonna play with some horizontal lines as, well. As some vertical lines so we're gonna use some of the darker colors here and it's all just, using these spatula to no more brushes so. It's it's a really fun kind of peaceful technique, so we'll just deposit, a little, bit of color. I. Couldn't, recreate in. A way but, it's like very peaceful, in the way that like the colors mixed in together I mean this is like mid-century, modern, to a tee alright. So we're, gonna just dry you. Guys are gonna go I'm gonna do tomorrow you're, awesome. Thank. You are tuned. Art. All. Right well let's go cuz I have another projects due elsewhere but I'll take you guys out on the way come on. Julie. Don't. We yeah. Yeah. You. Wait wall behind. And. You got the butcher block countertop. Just. To do and stuff to put in frames and then I'll bring over stop by thank. You, so. Obviously, we have that amazing artwork, that Anna grace and Taylor just painted is drawing so I was driving to prep some other stuff that's gonna be in our gallery, wall set up I only. Showed, them that one blown-up, photo of the one, of them standing, from their wedding but, I also have this one which is so. Cute. Which. Will be really cool I think also as part of the gallery setup and the reason why I think this one is okay mixed in with the other one is because it's so close up I also have. One. Of our art prints. That. You can get as well and shop with mr. cheeto calm I love, the sort of like a minimalist, look it's a very mid-century and, not it's kind of like abstract again, so, we're sort of offsetting. The wedding photos with these more abstract pieces. So, I want to also include a sketch, because, you guys know that I love to, integrate, also hand, on stuff so when you're creating a gallery while you're telling a story it is a gallery it's like you're having your own exhibit, so you can mix in photography. With. Paintings. With sketches, so I want to do something again, abstract. I want to just do like a line drawing you know one of those worry like the line never separates. Oh. Okay. I think what I just created is like one of those drama, masks. Which. They're both actors, doesn't, that kind of look like one of those like, the Shakespearean. Masks so, I'm gonna cut that out put in a frame and then. I'm, gonna go join Joey because I think he needs some help over there. Frames. This. Looks so much better, in here like it's like a turtle room. It is like completely. Opposite, of what it was before how many coats did you have to do on this Ted shut up.

Okay. Like, for my drama, look. At this though like this looks so cool now this. Is such a patchwork room. You know the fact that it's like a garage extension. It was like different. Sized windows, and, whatever how, good is this light look over here. This. Is also an amazing hack, like this was such a good idea I know I love this this is bringing in like a little bit of the farmhouse vibe and you did such a good job they'll, be able to like use, this as a cutting board extra kitchen, surface. And we, took away their miniature, dining, table over there which they didn't even use and this is so much better now we have these amazing mid-century. Stools, oh these are cool but they can sit out, here, you know and they store under here nicely as well so like move, around it easily this turned out really cool too. Wallpaper. Great, I. Mean. How did it feel that you didn't, have to mount a TV for once it. Was take down the curtain that's, how life should be no mounting TVs no hangings hurts okay look how good this looks with this mid-century. Sideboard. This is establishing. Our diagonal. Layout. Right, we're starting from the corner boom. This justifies, it that's that's establishing. It you know what's driving, at home what, look, at this giant rug I have here. Wanna. Help me roll it out set, on the diagonal. We're, designing on the bias I'm a little biased to myself oh, my. God. About. How beautiful. You are, why. Are you talking like that like, a creeper. Can. You go down there no. I like. This. And. The. Frosting, looks really good too the, frosting looks good the desk is like this is game changer, this is game changer because like this little area was so, weirdly, tucked, away behind that curtain before like making it feel like I've been trying to have their desk out here in the way like, just didn't make any sense now it feels like it's like a dedicated, spot yeah, and we're still using the vertical space for, the storage I have some storage baskets, and stuff but let's talk more rolling one two oh. That's. Such a cool little fixture, it's like I know, that's so mid-century, cute, and so much better than, the, ceiling, fan which. They don't need because they're AC works, on rola wall wait. Can you oh. Nice. Your biceps. Because. Something. But. Yes huge. Sofa. Tables is the perfect, size yes so narrow right so nice so this creates now like a hallway right because we have the front door here, they walk in this. Justifies, the back of the couch on a diagonal, you, can walk into the kitchen set their keys here there's so much great seating, now I know we. Said she likes ever friends overs is perfect yeah this is like a 360. Degree conversation, area plus, storage, in these Ottomans, okay so let's talk about the big stuff in here obviously the biggest, liberty. That we took was, doing. A diagonal floor plan and. We're just gonna work yeah I think it works too I mean obviously we're justifying that with everything with the rug side of the diagonal, with everything, set a diagonal but, creating the traditional. Conversation. Area that we love to do two chairs coffee, table, sofa, but. This is now like a full living room set up we have the tapered, legs you'll see that as a very identifying. Feature on mid-century you see legs. Legs legs legs with. Tapered, legs really smooth you'll. See that the lines of all the furnitures, really clean, and that. Is definitely very characteristic. With the mid-century because remember we're trying to do 80%. Mid-century. In here which is a lot but, then we're also mixing, wood tones which is very farmhouse, are 20% farmhouse we've got like a darker. Wood coffee table the, more medium, tone of the, wood here, we'll do some mixed, frames you, know with all the artwork set up and then I think it's so much better in here without the, curtains, because they have a very awkward setup, with the amount of windows and the fact that all the windows are different sizes they have French doors that's their entry door so, by not doing, curtains, were sort of like letting.

The Windows just be the, rectangles. In the room right and this is a great song because, like you basically were looking right into another house before, yeah, this is a. Nice just, muted light coming in right there landlords, live on the other side of that window and now it's frosted, they don't have kept the curtains drawn all the time so like we're, getting more light, in here too which is great well there you got the blinds on the windows so, all right well I'm gonna get the, artwork. And photographs. And stuff on, that wall yep. And then you'll, judge, and, then we'll be done yeah, and the artworks are so cool okay I'm gonna do style. Great, all. Right guys we have this amazing. Wall desk here like what a perfect. Look, this is for, a desk area before, it was just this cluttered, closet, concealed. By a curtain, like this is so much better and this, wall desk is amazing, because we're using the vertical space and this is very mid-century, and style obviously still keeping with the clean lines that kind of medium tone of wood this actually bamboo but you know we're taking some liberties so, some of the farmhouse elements, obviously baskets. And things with more, natural. Elements, like this rope and glass this is obviously, very much, like the farmhouse, beachy. Vibe when. You guys take our test whatever you score, the majority, on that's kind of your major aesthetic, where you should focus on your furniture pieces and then there's those other styles where you get less of a percentage, those, are the things you can focus on for accessories, so you're still bringing in that style but not in the big pieces so let's. Get this up on the shelf. Anteye. Grace for being a created weirdo and already having these, amazing faux plants. On hand, for me to style we also have the hanging plant that she already had up so yay, but let's talk about the small stuff that's going in obviously, plants, create a really, design, decorated, look you guys know I'm a broken record about bringing plants and just bringing in that natural element, softens. An odd corner, etc, so definitely gonna use these probably, over there I've also got this new, side, table, which is very, mid-century, clean, lines unembellished. Legs, except for a little peak of natural wood at the bottom I'll put that over there by that chair I have they're using side table here and I love that she just kind of DIY this is, a lazy, susan, they got for their wedding, one of their wedding gifts, and it's marble and she just put it on top of this like, inexpensive. Table and it is a cool tiered, look loving, it keeping it Yass Anna grace for the table tops you guys know I love to bring in a brass accent. Especially. In a mid-century room brass. Is a very important, color the warm colors, the warm tones of wood the, warm tan the, warm brass very, mid-century I've also got some other things they're. Geometric. Lines. You, know nothing, really small, patterns, you'll also see that here with the pillows we've got kind of a tweed, which is very mid-century, you'll also see that happening.

Here On the fabric. Of the chairs nothing, over embellished, and we. Are in mid-century. Land. Looks. Good looks good this is cute like you she had that is that you. Don't. Care. That's. All I look in the morning. I. Think it looks great it looks really, good it has such a different feeling in here now at the dark walls like I know we, took a major risk, doing that but, like it just unifies. The space so much more and it feels so, this. Is also a game changer, game, changer. Like a kitchen, island so. I. Know all. Right should we get up yeah show. Them ready. Let's, go to, the Joey. Okay. I've got my hands on your head like this. You. Think. About think about what you. Look. Really cute. Yeah. All. Right picture what your room looked like before. Okay. Look. At the frame. Your. Guys couch, is. This not like exactly, like it it's. It's. So comfy. Couch. I actually wanted, to get one that was just slightly longer for our living room. Like. And look at how nice that way. Actually. Took away, the curtains, in here yeah there's. The fact that all the windows didn't match I think this is a better way to just make it feel more mid-century. The. Way you're. So. Much oh, my gosh there's croissants up like a styling. That's. Your New York a cafe coffee house where. Every. Day oh my gosh I love this st. Joe any felt this island, many, homes or bought countertops, you can use and it's like a cutting board and everything, oh I haven't looked. And there's an area rug I'm just like I'm taking any things but I didn't notice that first oh my. Gosh nothing behind it so, this makes it so that this becomes now your hallway right we walk in the front door you, have this entryway, because. This diagonal. Floorplan. Isn't something like I normally do, as you, guys know, I. Wasn't expecting it but it. Works all your throw blankets from your wedding or in those storage Ottomans. How. There's our coffee table today. Hello. Gallery, all dreams, right there right that's a painting, I love it so much so, and it brings in the beautiful blues and, greens and then, the mid-century like mustard, which is like the same kind of telling of this and. Then that just gets thrown the draw map I did it with one line. Thank. You guys this is really beyond. Beyond, direct approach we're gonna go we had a long day we're gonna go not. Enjoy. It enjoy it. Yeah. Look. At the way I didn't see the lamp I know. Enjoy. Guys. I. Want, to send this show. They. Loved it guys, what did you think I. Think, that they loved it most importantly but of course when you're eating so let us know in the comments, I think I think they were great candidates, for an intense makeover, like that was not a light makeover, we went from white to dark it was a bold, choice, we, were bold in there but.

We Kept you know the mid-century lines are all clean and everything like that so I think we can go bold with the law I think we nailed their aesthetic, yeah guys do you know what your aesthetic is did. You know you can take our what's my aesthetic quiz and find out on mr. Cate come and, let us know in the comments you are you'll be a unique, split of a bunch of different styles maybe or maybe you'll be all one notes, if, you're not already hit that subscribe button join the creative weirdo, family, we'll, be happy to have you we need to grow our wonderful, creative weirdo fan because it's just the place to be and lastly, huge, thanks, to Keurig, for sponsoring today's video, guys check, out CARICOM. To learn more about that cake cafe coffee house. It. Powered me through the day thank you so. Guys that's it we'll see you on the next what's my aesthetic. Work, on it you'll work on it you'll. Work on it.

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i love Mr. Kate and i wish they could fix up my room but i live in Australia.....sad :(

Loved it!!!

The video didn't even start and I was excited! ❤ Y'all bring so much joy to my boring day. When I first found your channel I binged watched for 3 days. Legit had to take my phone away.

Hands down fav makeover evurrrrrrr

I’m moving soon but not in LA -.- I wish u could come over to Seattle and help me create my bedroom

Amazing!'s something different about this video I don't think I like it

I absolutely loved it Kate and Joey!! It looks like my dream home!

Kate, you're amazing, love love love what you are able to do, Chapeau to both of you guys !! xoxo

OMG MrKate is the best!!!!!!!!! ❤️ I love her so much!!!! Also how can we forget Joey?

Your skin is so GLOWING kate

Are you serious Kate?! You are AMAZING! I'M BLOWN AWAY! This is the my fav now. I love it, like literally love it!! I don't know what I'm typing.

I don't understand though, They don't live in their Main-house or they do and this is a guest house or they live in both? I don't get it please someone explain.

Wuh! I seem to quite a mix: 42% farmhouse, 18% glam then 8% of the following bohemian, traditional, minimalist, quirky and industrial.

I feel like I’d be a challenge!! I took the aesthetic quiz and I got 10% of like each one!!

This is exactly how I want my living room to look one day


She should tackle Shane Dawson's "office". It's also weird that they live in someone's pool house. I hope they knew the people beforehand and didn't find then in an ad.

Why aren't your eyebrows moving? Like they are stiff???? What's going on here Mr Kate lol

I absolutely LOVE the room!!!!

Stop using coffee pods, PLEASE! There are so many alternatives outhere. Lets start caring about the environment!

Plz do James Charles

This is better than fixer upper

Love from India Mr.Kate

My favourite so far! Finally a dark room! I loved it!!!

I got 40% glam , 20% quirky and whimsical , 10% farmhouse/ beachy, 10% traditional , 10% mid- century modern, and 10% Bohemian. Kate and Joey are literally the cutest couple

OMG, i just live for the before and after montage at the end of the video.

Kate those emerald earrings in the beginning are preeeetttyyy

Where did you get the little pen pouch from at 15:33 ?

You nailed it. As usual. Awesome.

30% vintage eclectic 20% Farmhouse /beachy 20% modern/dramatic 10% industrial 10% traditional 10% bohemian

What was their budget??

THAT'S MY AESTHETIC!!!! I'm obsessed

Love everything about this video! EVERYTHING!!!!

Yay New from Mr. Kate!!!! love it, I love the desk area, the blue wall, OMG! You guys did it again! love from Philippines!

I think I've found my style! Thank you Kate for your amazing videos! Love you

OMG!! @mrkate.... Please come and do my house!!!

Help me with my aesthetic...PLEASE!!!! I just love you guys!!❤❤

OMG.. the transformation was breathtaking

Mr kate come to India.


I love you but why are ALL your videos sponsored

Because that's how they pay to redo the room...


One of my favorite designs and it gave me a ton of ideas for my small apartment!

I NEVER thought to mix woods and THAT looked frickin GORGEOUS Kate & Joey - bloody flawless AS always

I swear there is nothing you cant do Mr.Kate. You're such a great team creating beautiful spaces.

I love this. I actually took the test and got 20%bohemian, vintage electric, glam and 10% industrial, minimalist, quirky/whimsical, and mid-century modern So basically a little bit of everything. I’m honestly really curious as to what that would look like in a house. I guess just eclectic?

Apart from being bloated with water right now, you guys did an amazing job again. The KateJoey magic is a real thing guys.

You should find someone with a majority goth asthetic & design their place

you really should be aired on tv! sooooo inspiring and cuteeeee

I did.... and I ran out

Haha took you up on that!


Mr. Kate I would love for you to do my family living room . I been watching your videos for the last 5 years . I been interested in design and remodeling but every time I try to decorate it always comes out looking bad . I really love seeing your videos and seeing how they turn out . I get inspired to do things like this for other people in the future.

Mr. Kate do Emma chamberlain apartment

Jillian Bryant there's a link in the description

Mr. Kate I almost died from drinking too much water

Mr. Kate that's enough water to last a lifetime

Everytime i see your videos i am like why isnt of my house.

How do u send a video

I ran out of water sooooo......

love every single bit!!

I love you guys can you please come do my room

Mr. Kate Mr. Kate Love, love, love! You guys are so awesome!

Mr. Kate Love, love, love! You guys are so awesome!

I love this room so freaking much

Love it

I wish you could design my bedroom

#1 Goal in life - find a dude that loves me like Joey loves Kate #2 goal - have a boho/farmhouse/glam home

This is soo beautifuul, you did an amazing job

this has to bey favourite room make over!!

I am 30% quirky/whimsical 20% minimalist 10% industrial 10% Mid Century Modern 10% Vintage Eclectic 10% Glam 10% Bohemian.

Is it just me or does Joey look like Zac Efron at the beginning of the video :) at 5:13

You guys are so creative

I love this room it’s really nice

They have the bestest teamwork

Loved this video and this space! So interesting to see a diagonal living room layout

a styling croissant

Joey just keeps getting hotter and hotter with every video.

Who else is just jealous??

Love joey's reaction to Kate wanting to give them te couch.. and then that she has already picked out a new one. it just doesnt surprise him... he is just like 'well surreeeee'

you know, I thought I recognised him from somewhere! 9:50

Can you tell me the name of the color paint please :) thank you xx

My aesthetic is glam x

why is that guy shawn mendes though

I don't understand how these two don't have at least 10M subs

disney....? w-woah

Mr. Kate thank you very much for mentioning / telling us on how one can decorare ones aesthetic room when taking your test on the biggest percentage being the bigger pieces and the smaller be the accessories. Very helpful for me because i am one to go overboard on design and style so simple is like hard to do for me so your tip really helped me keep it more direct to how i want it...THANK YOU for HELPING OUT A FELLOW CREATIVE WEIRDO!

Ugh it's so beautiful

Reaction to room was so fun and genuinely cute.

Make shorter videos

Intense makeover but turned out amazing!!

I love the wall shelves and desk. Can you provide links to buy them? guys are just awesome...i soooo loved this makeover...I want to learn more and more and more from you guys...and I hope one day I'll put this knowledge in use... (*Love from India)

I love how affectionate Joey, it’s ADORKABLE

This is AMAZING truly my fav transformation, loving the clean but stunning look, great job guys :) :)

Luv ...btw what paint color is on the wall

l luv u work . both u r rocks . i wish u design my house but its impossible.

If only I could get a living room makeover

And I wish Mr.Kate and Joey lived in Canada

I absolutely love this!! Omg! I wish this was my house

I took the quiz and got so many different styles like mid century modern classic retro and quirky

Just love the part where you decorate and give the house final touches ... I keep an eye on the things u choose to decorate with and hope to get stuff like this here .. will be moving to a new place soon this is my reference video!

they're reactions too precious i can't :'(

27% Bohemian 18% Industrial 18% Vintage 18% Mid-Century Modern 18% Vintage Eclectic 9% Farmhouse 9% Glam Jeez

We want more $300 on a budget

On ANYONE else's channel, I would have seen that diy and thought, "Hmm... lines on paper." But on THIS channel, I think O__O "I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT SHE DOES WITH THAT!"

Omg is Kate in Princess Diaries 2? It’s her or someone who looks freakishly like her at around 38 minutes in the movie. (It’s on Netflix if you want to check)

Love this design. I can't wait for more videos in this series!!!

The after shots of the living room where the walls look more teal and the chair looks more of a green shade...oh my...I prefer those tones and colours much better. But beautiful job!

Think this is one is my fav

I need a Mr&Mrs Kate in my life

1:13 wtf is that I feel so guilty lol

DAMN... damn... speechless to the max I LOVEEEEE!

I took my quiz and I was shocked! I'm 27% Industrial, 18% Mid-Century Modern, 18% Vintage Eclectic, 18% Modern, 9% Minimalist, and 9% Bohemian.... good greif I'm a mess!!! :O

you guys make my day worth it! love you


i freaking love these two

Too many ads

I did the quiz and got like 10% of everything

Honestly MrKate you and Joey OUTDID yourselves! I love it. Truly LOVE you guys. This is my favorite ever

I thought everything was very mix match and weird but it kinda worked together

Gorgeous Kate!!!

fajsfd i love the frozen show at dca

ITS SO GORGEOUS!!!! I’m obsessed!!!! I wish I lived in LA!!! I need mr. Kate to come to TEXAS And redo my room I WOULD DIE ❤️❤️❤️


This transformation looks amazing!!! Love it

Best. Transformation. Yet! I love this one Mr. Kate! You guys did such a great job!

That laurex flashback

You guys should do a room makeover for bunk beds

So good! Love the room!!

You used my contraption table! Love it!

Side comment: Kate, your brows looks extra amazing in this!

I love your videos! I’ve always loved interior decorating since I was little and I think it was because my dad always had HGTV on.

Woooooow! I liked the diagonal! I have a house and it does not have an entry way .You stand right in the living room...and I am feeling pretty lost on how to decorate it! Maybe the diagonal will work

beautiful and amazing... the furnishings and design are nicer than the actual space !

Okay... I love mr Kate and all.... But she called a palette knife a spatula... No. Just no.

You guys are the best I love your videos

I’m 30% quirky/whimsical, 30% Glam, 10% farmhouse/beachy, 10% minimalistic, 10% modern and 10% mid century modern

I LOVE YOU MR. KATE!! And please do Why Don't We.

I just Love that color you chose for the walls! I want that for our bedroom! What brand/ name of color did you use?!

I keep pulling 20% Bohemian, glam, quirky, and modern then 10% traditional. I guess it makes sense to give me a primarily bohemian aesthetic since I'm a big jumble of all of them!

Please do a video on all your fun beautiful hairstyles

they are Adorable

My favorite home styling of yours, EVER!! Every room!!!!

Hey, I’m 15 and have specific limitations on my room like: yellow walls with brown trim, and tan carpet floor, but I like modern rooms and feel depressed when I’m in my room. Do you have any suggestions to help me make the room look decent despite these limitations? Or maybe ways to mask them, like some type of wall cover or floor cover? Thanks!

Mr. Kate I need you. I want to be an interior designer when I’m older too but whenever I try to redo my room I get stressed out. I need your help!! My name is Lily, I am 11 and I live in Maine. I’m gonna say it again I need your help. I love your channel so much, I love DIYs and I really hope this will get your attention so that you can come and do my room!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys sooooo much. Everyone please like this comment so that mr. Kate can come and you guys can see a video of a creative weirdo just like you freaking out because I met the person I aspire to be!!!! LYSM!!!!!!!!!!❤️

Your show is so amazing how are you not on tv? But then again I'm glad you're not cause I don't pay for cable.

I love this

I did the test on your page and I'm totally surprised of the results the first time I got 30% glam and like 20% minimalist then I tried again and got 30% mid century and 20% glam. Well pretty much everything you guys do I end up loving it so maybe I have a little mix of everything.

This is my favorite episode of all time.

I took the quiz while watching this video and essentially I think I’m indecisive

Thanks for doing CC!

i love ur taste and style!!!

This makeover is definitely one of your best ones yet! I would love to know where the brass tray is from!

Love u..not trying to be mean but ur so short

Hey Mr Kate! I just wanted to ask if you know about using cornstarch and fabric to cover windows? I've done this at my own home and my friend's home, you can use any fabric you like and it doesn't discolour (it works in bathrooms to a point as well) I LOVE using a stitched looking fabric so it looks rustic but modern..Its a great and easily removable DIY :)

I am 30% farmhouse 30% bohemian 10% industrial 10% mid century modern 10 % traditional 10% glam

Mr Kate is the reason why I LOVE Interior Design


"Because it's actually really ugly but we're trying to make it cute" Harshhhhhhhh

25:34 HYAHH

I need Mr. Kate to design my room

Mr. Kate hmmm...I am so hydrated

Mr.kate Can you tell me where did you got those beautiful mugs please


You guys are so inspiring. I love you you do much! Especially since I'm dealing with a really tough kitchen right now.

Mr. Kate i did this, my headache is gone, my skin is clear and I feel like a new person

Mr. Kate I’ve been trying to send you an email for the past hour but social anxiety sucks.__________.

Mr. Kate halppppp! How do you decorate an apartment entryway?!?! I live in an apartment and can’t seem to find the best way to decorate this small space

Darn I’m never firts

Awestruck AGAIN❤️❤️

Omg it’s like every other time you guys make a new vid yee just get better and better

This aesthetic is totally mine as well! I love everything u guys did in this episode - love love LOVE it! And both couples are so cute and wholesome it's so pleasing and joyful to watch!

I really love this one!

Where did she say you can get those prints? Can’t hear it

Yessss great job on this room!! My aesthetic is a whole mix of things but mainly 30% glam and 20% quirky/whimsical! Thanks for the tips on styling your bigger and smaller aesthetics kate!

140 dislike... what?? Who dislikes this couple?? They are the best.. very energetic.. love watching you guys

I dare you to decorate a room with recycled items (bikes, milk bottles, old light bulbs,wooden pallets, fish bowels, broken glass, furniture made out of unwanted wood or bought from a dump etc.) and only decorate with items that cost $0-150

My inspiration

Why did Anna Grace and Taylor quit vlogging? I miss them. #Taygfam

Why are you called Mr Kate if your a girl

I really like the room but I still hate leather couches....

Amazing creativity!!!

That orange sofa doesn’t fit in this room :/

Best one yet

The best bit in this video (in my opinion) is the bit where Late calls Joey

Officially my favourite makeover

One of my favorites to date!! I NEED y’all’s help in my studio apartment

I need so much help! Just my aesthetic alone is 22% quirky/whimsical and then 11% of a ton of different aesthetics. My husband hasn’t even taken the quiz yet, but I know he will be way different than me because he loves dark wood, black and red and leather, which are all things I don’t really like.

Y'all r NOT ugly when trying to be cute

I took the test and my results are 30% farmhouse 30^ glam 10 traditional 10 mid-century modern 10 modern/ dramatic 10 bohemian

I loveit!!! I need you guys to do a makeover on my room!!

Hi mr Kate do you do fans rooms because I am a giant fan that live in Canada and if you can how do we tell you

Gorgeous makeover!!

Y’all didn’t even talk about the new office space!

I love the cute little stuff they do like pillow fights and rug cuddles lmao

This just became my new favorite

Collab with James Charles please!!!!!! It will be so awesome u guys are my fav YouTubers it will be the best mash

I took the what's my aesthetic quiz. What I came away with is I need some natural tones for farmhouse/bohemian, and pastels, sparkles, satins, and furs to cover my whimsical, glam style....without overloading to appeal to my minimalist style.

wow is this like the new intro now? i'm in LOVE with it it's fabulous!!!!

I love how they lay on the carpet every time

*hi mr.Kate I’m such a fan I hope to become an interior designer when I’m older I’m a creative weirdo so that’s all I have to say have a nice day!*

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! Subscribe to Mr.Kate their amazing and deserve to get to 3 million subscribers!♡♡♡♡♡

As a southern gal I’ve got to say it y’all are great

This was sooo good!

In the intro there is laurex's office

Please come do my house I need help!

She was on The Fosters! And Bones ☺

You guys definitely deserve your own show. Especially on DIY network

It wasn't until the intro of this that I remembered LaurDIY has an office space with Alex Wassabi all decked out for them.

I have watch every single video of Mr. KATE!! She is so my Long Lost Sister!!! We are sooooo Alike!!! I LOVE YOU MR.KATE AND JOEY!!!!!

I love how animated this couple is! The space looks amazing

can you please do a collab with Dr. Mike

Mr.Kate I love you so much and it would be a dream if you could redo my room

Omg he works at Disney that’s so cool he looks exactly like Hans and their wedding pictures are gorgeous loved this video


You guys keep outdoing yourselves!!! So so nice!!! I love mid century modern. Kate, that one line drawing you did is amazing!

Ok I love Anna Grace I wanna be her friend lol

what were those markers that she used for the line drawing

Do shane dawson or emma chamberlin

Y’all should make over a little house!

How do I get you to make over my room

If you took away the fan, when working in Australia you'd be in HUGE TROUBLE!

You guys actually need to do a house tour please


Kate I’ve been watching your videos for so long now and I’m only 14. I’m In the hospital right now not able to walk or do much and watching you helps me cheer up and feel and little bit better about everything . Watching this video in particular made me think and wanna say this to you. You have not only inspired me to express myself but to be such a giving and loving person. You are honestly an idol to me in so many ways. Yours and Joeys relationship is something I adore. Your talent is out of this world

Before: looks nice and decorated amazingly. After: not decorated that nicely,dishes on everything,using the items you gave them,etc. That is what I imagine

What’s the wall color it’s so pretty

awesome! as always!

an alabamian!!! roll tide!!

wow they're one good looking couple!

i loved so much .. come to my house .. love you , i`m also creative and definitely weird :)

Aww Anna grace is the cutest!

You both make a beautiful couple and I like the way you work

Kate and Joe! Please do a bedroom make over for Amber Scholl. She has a growing youtube channel and just moved to her new apartment. Her style is i guess glamorous and sparkly. Thank you so much!

Hey, they used the wallpaper Brooklyn & Bailey used in their new dorm!

What is mid century? It’s like every other word lol

I really loved this video

Mostly glam, farmhouse/beachy, and vintage....which I never was able to define it but it makes perfect sense looking at my house lol I loved that wall color!!

i was so nervous about how this was gonna turn out but daaamn im speechless about how everything worked out

this looks so good wow im shook

By the way I wanted to ask if in 2 years you could come to my house in California for my 13th birthday and redo my very tiny room. I have ideas for a new layout and I want new, pretty much everything. Thank you! I'd appreciate it if you would answer me thank you

I'm 100% me and I'm proud. 30% farmhouse/beachy. 20% traditional. 10% industrial. 10% vintage-eclectic. 10% modern/dramatic. 10% glam. 10% bohemian. I'm everywhere. ❤️

I have a bohemian style with whimsical and mid century modern mix

This makeover is EPIC. I literally loved every single thing and I want my husband to build me a desk like that. Btw I took the quiz and I'm like 10% of each!!! Help I'm screwed lol.

Love that strong color. So cohesive. I did midtone blue/green in my "bowling alley" of a space with similar success. The only thing I don't LOVE is Keurig! Those single use plastic pods are ecological bombs of ickiness!! Y'all too healthy and lovely for them. Find another sponsor worthy of your art. Please!!!!

How do people get picked for this?

Great makeover. One of my favorites. Her side table was genius!

That was absolutely beautiful. My style esthetics fo sho

I am a fan of urs... Pls do my son's room.... I am from India....

this is the first couple who agrees on an aesthetic and honestly thats marrige goals

Hey guys!!! I just started a youtube channel. Day in the Life and entertaining vids. Come check it out after this video!!!

Omg even if this is not my style I loved it.. You guys are so talented love you and Joey you're so cute with Kate couple goals ❤️ can you please come in Italy e do my future house?


In the back of my mind, I always think of Mr. Kate's design abilities when I see anyone on Youtube try to design their homes. Get Mr. Kate! Also, I like when I learn new design terms. This makeover was inspirational.

Kate and joeyyyyy pls do a man cave it would be great ❤️

I've been trying for years to pin down my aesthetic and this room is exactly it. This looks so good!

Comments..... I am obsessed! I am a newlywed too AND we are redoing our living room AND I love mid century design AND I bought some tan leather chairs so I am SO grateful that you did this because I was getting a bit lost in the concept. Beautiful!!!

So beautiful, love it

Soooo good

How can I contact Mr.Kate to do my room

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Hope you guys can someday do a makeover in my room!!!

Suppperb love it

This looks great! And I love how loving you two are with each other :)

one of the best transformations

Please can u decorate my bedroom pretty please ♥️your channel

Been totally waiting for another episode of this series! It’s awesome! Love all of Joey’s kisses and comments. You guys are the cutest! Come makeover my new house please!! I took the quiz and got 15% everything... no clue what my aesthetic is!

Mr. Kate omg lol true love u ♡♡♡

If only you guys could come to England and do my bedroom! I have ceilings so I can't have tall things in my room, and I have a chimpley breast so my room is hard to decorate. I also have an ugly beige carpet, and all of my furniture is pushed up against the walls, and my furniture is white, brown, beige, pink, light brown. It was first done when I was six. Now I'm ten, and I don't have space to talk to friends, do homework, and binge your videos. Please help! (Don't worry, I'm half joking, I know that this is not a possibility!)

Mr. Kate your Work is so pretty it would be a dream for you to do my room

Mr. Kate Hello my names Audeliz I really want to find how to contact you guys because I want to do this for my moms birthday February 18 and I really want you guys to this something amazing to our living room

hey Kate how did u get into designing? like what collages did u go to , etc?

Where are those adorable clear mugs from ?????? I neeeeddddd !!!!!!!

Please do a home bakery room transformation

I think this is my favourite makeover from Mr Kate that I've seen thus far. I really love this style; really gave me inspiration for my living area that I've been trying to do for a while now. Thanks so much! What is that wall colour?

This was so stunning. Love how you're teaching us how to style different aesthetics. You guys are the best at this!

my phone frozeduring the video chat. on joey making a werid face.

I went to your web site and poked around for awhile and never found your quiz. It wasn't anywhere obvious. I know you have the direct link above, but is there any way to get to it from the navigation on you home page? Didn't seem to be under: Watch, Read, Talk, Shop or the blog.

Wow. U both always give me lots of great ideas to change my room interiors and my living room as well. I am from India and i am ur biggest fan. Muuuhaaaa love u both

It's cool to see this especially since I was born in 1955, and in my formative years, this design style was called modern. Then as I got a bit older people considered it dated and out of date and started replacing them all (what they put in in the 70s was worse?) I'm happy it came back, and also happy to see it better done.

I'd love to see an updated small bedroom makeover. My room can only fit a bed, desk, and dresser and I feel like I can't add my own style because the space is so limited. I've been wanting to redo my room for awhile but I feel like I'd be compromising either functionality or style; right now, I'm compromising style. Also, I'm not a risk taker so I haven't done any major things to my room but I'd trust Mr.Kate to do it haha. My small room is my own space but I can't seem to make it my own. It's super simple right now and the room is shaped awkwardly with windows in an awkward corner and an entire side of my room being a closet... I would LOVE some help on how to make this space the most functional while being chic.

The last time I 'redid' it (getting a bedroom set) was back in 4th grade and now I'm out of high school- time for an update that is more mature.

Did anyone else try to see if Taylor actually looks like Hans?...

Her husband tottaly does look like Prince Hans

THIS IS AMAZING!! Im obsessed

You are one of my inspirations to study interior design in college next year!

too many hot couples on my screen rn

They are so romantic... God bless them with so so so so much of love forever

Did Kate completely shave her eyebrows? Her eyebrows are a little lower than usual

I live to see these. I love this sooo much! Love you guys :^)

Great transformation of that small space...someday you can do my'm a challenge I'm 54..

omg this room is unreal!... i didn't know i had style, but now i do ;)

This room is probably my ultimate favorite that you've done this year! You guys did an awesome job pulling off those bold choices :D

My aesthetic results are: 30% Industrial, 30% Modern/dramatic, 20% Farmhouse/beachy, 10% Mid-century modern and 10% Vintage-Ecletic :)

Anna and han???? For time first time in forever i love it!

Loved it!!!

I’m probably late but ya super fantastic couple ... I been binge on all your u tube videos for days ya ultimate ROCK Wish ya the best success keep up the great work ... many blessings I have tooken many tips


You’re guys talent always blows me away! I love your videos!!

I love you but I have to say that I am disappointed in your choice to support Keurig. The amount of trash per year created by the cups is staggering. I hope that in the future you are more thoughtful with your sponsors. You are soooo talented and don't need someone like Keurig!

I've been thinking of painting my living room a dark blue.... I think this episode has made up my mind!!!

best reaction ever hahaha joey and kate should switch places in one episode:;)

That looks so good! Mr Kate, do you think because you’re an interior designer you could play the Sims 4 and try and design a house?

He looks like a perfect Prince Hans

Omg!!! I so need your expertise in my home! That room was gorgeous!!!!

What a mix! I’m 30% mid century modern, 20% farmhouse, 20% bohemian, 20% Traditional and 10% vintage eclectic. WHAT TO DO? Send help!

Joey on FaceTime literally reminded me of Joey in Friends


I’ve been obsessed with this couple since I found them on insta over a year ago. LOVE THIS EPISODE WITH THEM!!

Wow I am 30% farmhouse 20% industrial 20% minimalist 10% quirky 10% traditional 10% mid century modern

Amazing!!!! Really enjoyed this video. Well done guys

Mr. Kate, what year did you graduate from Hogwarts? Clearly you are a magician! This was such an amazing difference! That room NEEDED you guys.


This makeover was so amazing and so inspiring!! You are so great at adding little teachable moments that I feel like I can really do it myself and make it my own. Thank you!!

You both are one of the most amazing people ever !!!! So much inspiring ❤❤

Do u do these for free

Great video! I took the quiz & I'm all over the place. 30% Glam, 20% Modern/Dramatic, 10% Quirky/Whimsical, 10% Minimalist, 10% traditional, 10% mid century modern, 10 % bohemian! I think that should make me 100% Quirky!

Everything looked great except the wallpaper! The part where he put two pieces together did not line up! That would drive me nuts!

One of the best you’ve ever done!! Great work guys

How did I not see this video two days ago?

WAIT! Did she say they were in Alabama!

i love you guys sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT !!!!! You are amazing !!!

Mr.Kate I loved your outfit in this video and this makeover was amazing :)

i love how genuine and excited their reaction is awwwww makes my heart smile

Do ‘Shop with me ’ Videos

When Kate hugs that guy his wife looked annoyed

come to sydney, design my room love u mr. kate

I love this!!!! My fav is the desk area ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m 30% bohemian, 20% quirky/whimsical, 20% mondern/Dramatic, 10% farmhouse/beachy, 10% vintage – eclectic, 10% glam

How can I contact mr.kate to help my mom out secretly for her bday

I need help everyone please like this so they can see it

omg i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Their reaction though!

I seriously can't explain how much I love your channel Kate!!

18% Industrial 18% Mid-Century Modern 18% Glam 18% Bohemian 9% Farmhouse / Beachy 9% Quirky / Whimsical 9% Traditional

I just took the quiz and I'm 9% everything bahahah

My mom just died and I want my room to remember her could u ever come to my house and DIY it?

WOW! It looks so great!! I must be doing something wrong in my bedroom.. lol

Please help Garett Watts

I installed a Velcro cupholder to the leg of coffee table to keep water bottle at my reach when sitting on the couch watching LoL. Me and my 12yr old son both, drink lots of water daily. He's better at it than me. Kate and Joeyyy omg so cute inside & out! One of my fav rooms. The wall color with the tan omg & mid century w farmhouse beachy is my def one of many I would wat in a room. Also Love a Moroccan style room.ur art work has been some of the coolest ive seen. I neeed the drama mask one line sketch in my life! love ur videos and joeyyyyyy. How cute u two are. Yalls videos have motivated to get my creative weirdo juices going & flowing and redo all my rooms, 2bedrooms living room kitchen and cement basement. Found glass bowl from pottery barn sticker still on it $39. tall pedestal mercury glass bowl I paid 2$ its all about the glass mixed metals mirrors, stone wood, i have lizards a tropical living with large real plants my Chinese water dragon, Loki is very social, & he would love to come out, get up high& hide in plants to climb in & on. I'm spring cleaning in the fall cuz I'm going minimalist functional fun pattern textured pieces in the room complementing my hand-me-over microfiber lizard green couch & love seat. Lamps are next & they'll be fun. I'd love Miami in the kitchen as well as living room! Love to see more videos, I bet they a lot of work, so creative. the new intro is the best. u & Joey crack me up.

lol!! Hydration is key!!

How cute you guys are. So much fun to watch your creativity. I'm 62 yrs old, and I've always loved decorating my home. Keep pushing out these wonderful videos . Luv you guys Rhonda and my little dog Josie!

I love this makeover.

Took the test, i'm quirky/whimsical.loved the outcome of the room! X

what paint did you guys use? the colour is beautiful!

are we just going to ignore that this guy's job is acting prince Hans from Frozen?!?! That's so cool!!

It was bold n beautiful like a magazine love you guy's you have nailed it again watching this episode was thrilling

Hey Mr. Kate is there any chance you could come and redecorate my room in iraq!!!

Please help Garett Watts he really needs it.

I just took the aesthetic quiz on our site and here are my results: 30% Vintage eclectic 20% quirky/whimsical 20% modern/ dramatic 10% industrial 10% traditional 10% bohemian HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE ALL OF THAT INTO MY ROOM? I need help!

Loved it


Its beautiful


So talented! Love this room.

i love their reactions. :D

I need u guys to do my hole house how much?

You guys should do a OMG We're Coming Over at Wengie's house!!!

When I like ya know, move out because I'm not in college yet or out of high school. After maybe a year or two of college I wanna get an apartment (ask permission for paintinh obviously) and style it with muted colors like white, black, dark grey and a soft grey. Make is modern mostly and keep it in a futuristic style. I like a polished look and I woukd hope it came with dark wood floors. The only thing I'd truly had trouble with is accessories. Like I'm very excited to decorate an apartment, but I realised if me and my friend are going to live together... well she's one for pastel and a freely, breezy, colorful look. This will be hard now that I realise that.

What is that paint color? I need it in my bedroom!!


There reactions were everything!!!!!

This room come out beautiful!!

Love the dark walls!! Still very light and bright.

Love love LOVE the dark blue walls with the white ceiling and trim! Classic!

Can u do the prince family

I saw you guys used Caribou K Cups! Mid-west represent!!

This couple compliments eachother so well

Pause at 1:14 and like if you notice it


Oh I live in Alabama and yea roll tide!!


This is probably my favourite makeover youve done! Absolutely stunning living room/office/kitchen space now. You inspire me with every video you upload. Thank you Mr.Kate!

I think is definitely one of my most favorite rooms you guys did!! Love it

Omg character integrity GONE!!!

Just took the Aesthetic Quiz and this is what I got: 20% Farmhouse / Beachy 20% Quirky / Whimsical 20% Traditional 10% Industrial 10% Vintage-Eclectic 10% Glam 10% Bohemian That should be some fun decorating!

Wow! This is amazing, I looovve that wall color!

You do any and every decorating style with ease. This was a beautiful room. xoxo

I would love to see you decorate for someone who has a lot of *stuff*. Like, I have so many books and board games. What would you do for people with big collections? how to be creative

You guys Hit it out of the park on this space. I think this one was particularly difficult and you made it Shine!!

I love how Kate is always giving things from her own home/storage of items. Such a creative, kind, weirdo! :)

This is the best ever use of space. Way to go!

i love that the whole room was dark room, no curtains and also the farm house look


I love this so much

Nailed it,again.When can u guys come over?

I love the room!! But coffee pods are really bad for the environment, I know it’s a sponsored video but people need to stop using coffee pods

too much, you guys rock. I like him more, but you both are amazing... :)

Guys, you're awesome

Hi are you going to do any more giveaways

Guys I really love it, but K-Cups?! SO WASTEFUL :(

omg this room is unreal!... i didn't know what my style was... but now i do ;)

Mr. Kate do James Newhouse

I love the room it is so cute

I love all of your video

Mr. Kate you should decorate James Charles ‘s new house!!!❤️✨

You should do James Charles new house

He really needs it


You need to do James Charles house

Mr. Kate do James Charles new house


Mr. Kate can you do a living room with a fireplace. But the tv not be on top of the fireplace. I’m having such a hard time decorating m living room it’s driving me crazy. Both my bf and I are 24 and idk how to go about making it homie ☹️☹️☹️ please help

I need so much help with my room!! I have tried so hard to make it feel like me and i can never do it. It makes me so sad!!! PLEASE HELP

This is now my fav living room ever

I love this series, I LOVE ALL OF THEM legitly draws inspiration from mr kate design when i do interior backgrounds for my animation


plz do do for james charles he got a new apartment

I want Mr Kate to decorate my entire house, obsessed!

this was so freakin' cute lmao i love how comfortable kate and joey are with each other #relationshipgoals

Ok but... why wasn’t everything in the living room parallel to each other? My OCD doesn’t approve

I dare you to come to Finland and make over a soon 18 y/os room

You guys are superb !!!

There are very lucky. I hope they know that

Okay aside from LOVING the room and then as a couple...I LOVE his as Prince Hans!!! So perf

Why don't you do this to me

Omg i have the same phone case as Kate

I love your video

I love how much Joey loves Mr Kate, he’s always kissing on her

% You should decorate James Charles new house!!!!❤️


O My My!!! You guys are magicians.

I loved this but just kinda sad we didn’t get to go shopping with y’all lmao! I like your episodes where I can go with you to the stores lol


Absolutely love it!!! I’m so hopeful one day you guys would be able to break my beige! Lol side note: I never notice how thickemz @Mr.Kate is. Yes sis! Yes! Lol

This turned out so fricken good

One of my favorite rooms you've done!!!

Jame charles

James Charles

Do James Charles house next !!!

You need to to do a room in James Charles house please


Sooooo talented

I took the test I’m modern,mid century modern, bohemian, glam, beachy-farm house, traditional, and whimsical. Please help me style all of that in a cohesive way. Why couldn’t I just be two?

Hi mr. Kate I would love a room makeover

Decorate James Charles' new house next!!

Please please please do my house

Where do you help people. Like in certain parts...or a certain range....??

OMG Mr. Kate you need to help James Charles with his new house, Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help James Charles with his new house pls!!!!

You should do a house makeover to James Charles new house !!

James Charles new house please

I really like what you have done in this space. I have been very on the fence about choosing that exact blue color for a small bedroom but I think after watching this episode I’m ready to take the plunge into a darker color! Awesome job!

Mr Kate !! Please help James Charles !! He just move to a new house

You need to do James Charles house he needs it

James Charles buys a new house and you need to take care for decorate the house

you are so awesome!

Can you do James Charles new house please

Mr Kate should do James Charles's new house

Send a proposal to Netflix! Love Kate & Joey and everything they do. Such an amazing design and that was a West Elm couch! :O

Do a were coming over with sister james

PLEASE RENOVATE JAMES CHARLES’ NEW HOUSE (or just one room bcz y’know)

James Charles just got a house can you do that next?

Please do a room in James Charles new house!!!!

Please try to do a collab with James Charles he just got a new house

You need to make over a room in James Charles’ new house!!!!!!

Please collab with James Charles!!!!

Do James Charles new house

help us plz. El monte life lol

Do James Charles room xx

Ohhh no! My creative style doesn't have a name

Omg Mr.kate you sooooo need to decorate one of James Charles's rooms in his new house!!!!! Love ya xx

Vintage eclectic / industrial with a tiny bit of whimsical

What do you have to do for them to come visit and makeover your home

Can You do a House Tour no your house?????!!?!?

Please please please do James Charles’s room

That wallpaper is the same wallpaper Brooklyn & Bailey has for their dorm!

where did you get that shelf that goes right behind the big couch? i've been looking for something like that forever!

take a shot every time kate says mid century lolll

I got on your quiz 30% glam, 30% quirky/whimsical, 20% mid century modern and 10% minimalist. Now I really don't know what to do T_T

Shane!!!! Pleaseeee❤️❤️❤️

Anna Grace has such good energy

Gonna buy all these pieces

According to the what's my aesthetic? quiz I'm 30% Quirky/Whimsical, 20% industrial, 20% bohemian, 10% traditional and 10% glam XD, this means my aesthetic has 5 different styles lol. It is correct tho

Mr. Kate Now I need to pee

Mr. Kate u and Joey are magicians. I just love ur work I just wish if you could come to India and work your magic at my place as well

The test drives me crazy! I Iike EVERYTHING! Zero personality....

is it me when theyre done decorating the room looks smaller

I love mr Kate !!! Does anyone know how much it cost to be in the show or how does it work ?

Living in Arizona where it’s hot 10/12 months of the year, taking out a ceiling fan even though you have AC is scary

I saw the intro, and notice the LaurEx room.. and my eyes start to sweating. OMG HELP

you inspire me so much

You guys should collab with James Charles He just bought a house


Mr. Kate!! You should decorate Sister James’ new house!! It would look so fun and fresh!

Mr.Kate i want to be like you when i grow up

Dear Mr.Kate, We just moved to a new house and really need help.My mother just got two herniated disks and is still unpacking.I love your no judgement-any style thing and I love when you make art with special techniques you and Joey are my inspiration and you love anything from unicorns to whatever and you ADORE your fans and their uniqueness.Thank you


Please do Morgan Adams apartment!!!!

Do you come to the uk ?

Best couple in the whole entire world, how do you find someone that fits with you so well?


You guys should decorate James Charles new house!!!

Alsssoooo go to James Charles new sister sanctuary

Awh anna if your reading this your so freaking adorable

Collab with James Charles!!!

Ive started watch you guys just this summer but ive always had 1 question and if someone knows the answer pls tell me, when you decorate a living space or house is everything u buy and gibe for free or do they give or pay anything??

lmao so im watching sex and the city right now and kate was in it asking a question to the absolut hunk lmao

Hi Mr Kate!! Loooooove your videos!!! My appartment is an attic and the ceiling is lower in some places...any advice for the wall colours??

"What? were giving them our couch?" LoL I was laughing so hard! Love you guys #creativewierdo

Come to South-Africa

So perfect, taking what was an awkward space and making it amazing!

Cute couples!! Love all ur make overs! New sub here and starting to go over ur vids new to old.. Keep it up!!

BEAUTIFUL ! But coffee cups are SO BAD for our beautiful planet. Switch for a better option please.

They’re so charming! I love when the couple is likable without being over the top; it just makes the episode that much better


Mr. kate what app do you use for setting out on laptop??

yeah his last appartment was filled with IKEA I mean come on sis you're rich AF


I just took the mr.kate "whats your aesthetic?" Quiz and these were my results: 20% mid-century modern 20% vintage-Eclectic 20% modern/dramatic 20% bohemian 10% industrial 10% quirky/whimsical Decorating is going to be a little tricky

You are so talented

do james charles' house next u guyss!

she is literally pink haired version on cupquake

Funny cause u posted this on September 20 and my birthday I like September 21

you guys NEED to do James Charles

How do we write to u

40% Glam (Hollywood Regency) 20% Farmhouse/Beachy 20% Traditional 20% Modern/Dramatic I wish I had this test before I got all my furniture. Plus I’m stuck and with a weird space shape. So I’m going to keep watching to figure out something to do. Love you guys! So much inspiration! ❣️

Ah another Anna Grace!!

I hate when they ignore him douches

I want the them to do my game room but I live in New Mexico soooo that ain’t happening lol

so sweet of you guys to do this for them❤️❤️✨

was so excited to see those armchairs! does anyone have a dupe without the buttons and lower arms like the one in the video?

Please do a motor home redecorating please please

I love you soo much!!!

This is one of my favorite rooms yet between the dark walls and angled floor plan... also going to take that quiz ASAP lol



How can u get mr Kate to come over

Can you guys put an arabic translation on your videos. Because I love your videos

Mr. Kate you should do a room for James Charles because he just got an new house

loulou sparkle I agree come to England plsssss

You guys have inspired me to start my own YouTube channel subscribe to my channel and stay tuned Bc I have a special vlog coming and comment on any of my videos on what u guys like me to do and I’ll give u guys the best video and content as much as I can thanks u

Love it!! Just one little thing about the beginning when they met the people/saw their room. The music in the background was a bit loud so you couldn't really hear what they were saying. I'm guessing the mic on that camera isn't the best :) but as always, you guys ROCKED IT!

I love it and I am totes jealous

what colour is that wall??? one minute it looks blue, another minute it looks green

what app do u use to see the room and how will it look and the wall in 6:05


10% Mid-Century Modern 10% Traditional 10% Industrial 10% Farmhouse / Beachy 20% Bohemian 20% Modern / Dramatic 20% Vintage-Eclectic That’s my aesthetic

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

The faces will watch u all day...dun dun dun

this was my favorite room I think that you have done so far!!!!!

JAMES CHARLES just brought a house


hi mr kate! i’m not even sure if you will see this, but i am a teen survivor of hurricane florence. my house has many rooms destroyed, and most of our stuff has been thrown away or is in the process of being thrown away. i know this is a large request, but i was hoping if you could possibly help us decorate my new room or my family room once we repair enough. if not, i understand. there are plenty of other people who need it more than us. thank you for your time if you read this

it is just a rough time because i will have to move out for the next three months, and i’m worried about my parents as well. i’ve been scared but my parents are letting me have a new room in the house so i wanted to see if i can ask for help haha!

That is a gorgeous, perfect room. You two are a great really made this space beautiful✨

What a huge transformation this was!'s always a huge transformation when you design spaces! I'm a big fan of Mr. Kate..(.includes Joey)! You two are fun to watch cause you're a cute couple. Keep bringing us the inspiration. ; )

Hey Mr Kate I love this room so much- can you do a room for Brent Rivera please????

I love your DIY and artwork ideas!! I am loving this whole episode!

Hi Mr Kate and Joey! I think it would be really cool if you guys made a video of some dollar tree diy decor!

You guys should post way more btw love u guys so so much ❤


Any Chance you guys would like to come to Canada? I love this room!! :)

U didn’t show them the desk area in the video

Obssesed with what you did with that space. So talented



I would love for you to remodel my NYC APARTMENT ❤️

I live in the us arkansas

Come and makeover my room

So love your work


You should do we are the davises or do Kayla’s dream room from that channel

I. Love. This.

I just took the quiz and I got 30% Bohemian, 20% Vintage-Eclectic, 10% Farmhouse / Beachy, 10% Quirky / Whimsical, 10% Minimalist, 10% Traditional, 10% Glam

Mr. Kate, how do you clean the walls before painting?? Thank you.

I swear that every time Mr.Kate does this the room gets bigger, like, how does the room suddenly look 2x larger?!

She said roll tide and I was legit like, “I just came from an Auburn game”

Love this makeover!

you should do my room, making a small apartment bedroom with a brown bunk bed (which can never look aesthetic) and 2 girls in college with one constantly going back and forth and different personalities would be a huge challenge

Wait is that girl’s name ANNA GRACE. THAT IS MY NAME!!!!!!!

I am in love


I would always want that kind of room

ha! I love your skill and kate u r my teacher now seriously.Love love from Pakistan! :)

pls do my room i really need it and im 10

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Love it so much i hope i cando a Video in filipino like this ❤️❤️

Come and makeover my room please

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how dope Kate looks!

HI! I have always been the most indecisive person ever in every situation. I took your test and it explains alot. I love so many different styles and aesthetics. I am 30% Vintage Electic, 20% Bohemian, 10% Farmhouse/Beachy, 10% Quirky/Whimsical, 10% Mid-Century Modern, 10% Modern/Dramatic AND 10% Glam. I cannot believe this and the struggle is real. What am I supposed to do?

You are the reason that i want to be a interior designer as well

Amazing by far my favorite makeover. I love the desk area. The diagonal living room set up. I love the island. So much I love about this awesome small space . if they were thinking about moving Kate just added like 2-4 years of saving for a house lol .

would u guys come to canada for me please?????

You should do James Charles house

Good job

Please redo my room

O my gosh I live in Alabama

So how do you submit a video to see if Mr. Kate can decorate your room?

This was the best makeover! Loved it


You guys are so good with ur sponsors. Im like actually convinced, I even showed my mom

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