Instant Cash Solution Review - 3 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before Joining ICS

Instant Cash Solution Review - 3 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before Joining ICS

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Hey. This is Dan froakie, with another instant. Cash solution, update. And I've got a great video lined, up for you here if you are on YouTube right here in your searching for instant, cache of solutions, well your search is over because. This channel here has, it all has all the information the. Results and actually. I have a lot of training on my, channel here how to copy paste ads and make money alright. So if, if, this is your very first time on this channel welcome this, channel is all about how, to make money online how, to generate, a full-time, or part-time income, to, create financial freedom and time freedom and, that's. Really what I'm all, about and, this. Video right here I want to share with you three, things that, you need to know before, you join instant. Cash, Solutions. Up I'm gonna share with you some results. And. Again I've been in its, the cash solution since like last, October. I've helped a lot of people out helped. A lot of people make money for, the very first time online and. That what. Really gets, me excited so, what, I would like to do now I want to go in my back office and, I want to share with you some results and then, I want. To get to three, things that, you need to know before. You join instant. Cash, solution. And, if, this, is your cup of tea and you want to join me well, I want. You to watch the video till the very end cuz, I've got some things in place for you, when, you join me in instant. Cash a solution, it's going to help you out and it's gonna help you get started very. Quickly with, instant cash solution. Okay, so uh anyway. Let's go into my back office I want to share with you some results and also. Again. At, the end of the video I'm, gonna have some great. Bonuses. For. You to check out okay, so let's, go to my, back, office okay. Let's, login to my back office here, but first of course I've, got to give you a little legal. Disclaimer. Okay so these, are my results results. Are not typical I, work, very very hard for these results and in no way do, I guarantee you. Get these results if any at all all right so, first, I want to show you the date because, that's really important I started, ICS.

Back In October, of last year, so. We're, just shy, of five, months it'll, be about about three days here, and it'll be five months we are at, Monday. February, 25th. 2019. Again, we've got about. Four three days left and, you. Know I would have been in it's the cash solution, five, months right, yeah October, November December January and, then all of February, so that's five months. In ICS. And it's been it's, this this, system here has been a blessing not only to me but a lot of people who have not made, money, before, online. Ever or, have, hopped from program, to program to, program only. To find success with this, one right here because it's extremely. Newbie. Friendly now. I I don't really like that word newbie. But if, you're brand new and you have not have success, online this, system, here has all, the training, right in the back office but anyway I'm. Off the track already okay. So here we go let's login. All. Right so let, me show. You again. You know I started. This in October. So it's about. Five months, this. Month okay, this is the month of, February. So we've got three days left and I'm, already. 14600. For. The month now. That is crazy crazy, good for a little income stream that I just started October. Of last year I I have, I've, got three income streams okay this is one of three I've got a high ticket business, and a, brand, new high ticket business, just, gonna launch March. First. I don't want to say a whole lot about it but it is going to be insane, all, right. So. Anyway instant, cash solution, for the month of February. 14600. Let's, go back. This. Is January. 11,000. December. We. Had the holidays in there so we got 70 300 right. There and in. November. Was, a great, month as well over. 16,000. In instant. Cash and solution, how to copy and paste ads right. Here we have all the information all, the ads all the display ads all the craigslist, display ads actually, you guys we got we've got about 25 brand. New craigslist. Ads that, are are, just killing it right now that's. November I. Started. October over. $7,000, and I actually went on a vacation about. A week and a half okay. So let's. Just jump back here okay. We'll go back to. This. Month right here, 14600. So. I, want, to show you all, together, here let's. Do six months or so. Over. 56,000. Dollars, instant. Cash solution, in less. Than, five months. What. A great little income stream this is it, is incredibly. Easy to, copy and paste the, ads, that. Instant cash solution, supplies. We're. Going to we're copying pasting ads we're. Doing Craigslist. We're doing solo, ads we're do SMS, text marketing that. Is what we're, doing that's what I'm doing to, generate these, leads, that. Produce. These. Sales. Right. Here and and, again if you are interested I've got some fantastic things, for you all, right when you join my team at the end of this video okay, all, right so let's go back. Let's. Just put put, this the way it. Was there all, right I want to share something. With you guys right. Now really quick, and I want to share with you my facebook, profile. Because a lot of people seem to think the. Only successful. People are on Facebook you, know you've seen the ones every. Sale they get they, have to post they're. Engaging, with people you, know hey another, 250 comes rolling in while I was going for a walk hey I was at the gym and I made $500 hey, I was sleeping, and I, woke up and this is what I made, okay so I just wanna that's. Cool I'm not being a smart aleck but, I just, want to prove my point that. You. Don't have to be on Facebook to, have massive. Success in, this, industry okay. In here's. Mine, let's see winds up when's my last post December. 11th okay. So I'm not, particularly, proud of that but I am if. It kind of weird way. Anyway. This, is my facebook and. Got, a lot of great friends and they're you're on here but I want to prove a point to you guys that, you don't have to be on. Facebook. All, day engaging. There. Is other, ways, to. Have enormous. Success, online okay, let's, get back to where we're going, alright. Before I get into three, things you need to know before, joining, instant, cash solution, I want, to just review really. Quickly what. The heck instant, cash solution, is okay, so it's, the cash solution, ICS. Is a member, to member instapaper, gram with an emphasis on, free. Traffic and low cost traffic, generation, marketing. Training. Okay, if you are brand new online this, is a perfect, perfect, system, for you, alright so we.

Have Four, membership, levels the bronze, 100. The, silver 200. The gold 300, in the platinum, 500, dollars and these are instant, commissions. Sent. Directly, to you. Okay, so the higher you go up to the membership levels, you, will get additional marketing, training. And, resources. And again. Members, can, earn a hundred percent instant, commissions on whatever, level or lower, level they. Join it okay. So let's get to the heart of what, this video is all, about okay, and that's three, things you, need to know before, joining, instant. Cash solution, so. I have three things right here to be honest with you there are answers, to, questions, that I get all, the time so here's, the first one okay what, are the products what exactly, are the products that we sell so. This is not, just, a money game you know people just exchanging. Money, from, one person to another it's, not that at all and. ICS. Is not, a scam, okay so. What. The products are ICS. Is a membership, site that includes, online. Marketing. Training and marketing. Resources. 24-hour. Access to. Our training portal. Fully, automated. Marketing. System with multiple, capture, pages multiple. Landing pages we. Have a built-in. Autoresponder. With broadcasting. Capabilities and, a, 30-day follow-up. Email. Series we. Have comprehensive, training, on classified. Advertising, many. Text, and display, ads which I'm going to show you in a few minutes here and you. Can copy and paste these in Facebook, groups Craigslist. Or other, classified, ad sites text. Messaging, for SMS campaigns, email, swipes, now, I want to show you really quickly some, brand, new craigslist, display. Ads that. We have alright, so right here what you're looking at our, brand new craigslist. Ads we've got 52 altogether. But. We just had less display, ad number 19, through. 52, i'm not going to go through all of them. You. Very, easy to use just copy and paste, ads in, Craigslist, we have all the training in the back-office to do this. Incidentally. I have training on a video that's, going to be that, you can watch. Right, after, this one right here so, when, this video is done just, look over to the left and. You will see that video on exactly. How I copy. And paste ads on Craigslist. And on, Facebook, and again, it's at the very end of this video over on the left hand side and there. We go okay. Well my computer's acting up because I am recording, this here it's a little slower but anyway so you, get the idea these, are the Craigslist display. Ads I'm going to show you really quickly right now the, Facebook ads alright, and here is an example of our Facebook, group ads. You, know you're gonna copy and paste ads, in facebook. Groups we, have all the training right. Here and I'm just gonna scroll down quickly, here, just, so you know that, we have these and display ads and there's a lot of them and we're gonna be getting more of them really, soon and these, really. Work great and, again at the end of this video there's gonna be a video that I made that shows you how, exactly to. Copy and paste these ads in facebook, and on. Craigslist. Okay. Okay. Let's get back here, and. What, exactly are we sailing well, over 200,000, people every day are looking. For an opportunity to make extra. Money from home so we are selling, a turnkey, home based business, with, an educational, platform to. Master, online. Marketing, and make, extra, money at home that's, what we're selling and what's. Really good about this all right there's so much training in here you can start from the ground up if you're brand new and you can use these principles we. Teach and apply them in any. Online business, to. Have success, with now, this is number two of the, three things that you need to know before, you join instant.

Cash Solution, okay so number, two what, exactly are we doing okay, so, this is a very, simple. Sales process. You're, gonna post our, pre-written, ads every day you're, gonna post on classified. Ad sites and on social media platforms or, you. Can use my team traffic go up which I'll discuss, in a little bit you can drive top-tier, traffic, to your website. Absolutely. Hands-free, and this. Is the very best part you can invite your prospects, every week to. Our weekly, training. Session, and ICS, business, overview. Webinar, now, as far as I know there. Isn't any other opportunity out there that, has live. Weekly, webinars. That. Can help close your sales here's. What happens all right so we, want you to invite your, prospects, to our weekly webinar your prospects, will attend they'll, watch. This live business. Overview and our. Host the owner rich Meyer does, a fantastic job with it he, explains, everything. All EFA cues about, ICS. And then at the end he answers, all their questions and then at the end of that he'll, say ok now I want you to get back to. The person who invited you, to, this webinar and I cannot tell you how many sales I get every. Week just because of this ok so we help, enclose, your sales on a weekly. Basis and that's. What I love about this and this is just an, awesome feature right here and again I, don't know of any other home-based. Business, right now that. Has these weekly. Webinar. Live from. The owner himself every. Single week ok and these overview. Webinars, are powerful. So. You've made a sale now, what, do you do well when you have someone purchase an ICS. Membership, from you you are done no. Hand-holding is necessary, you, don't have to do any training you, don't have to activate, your members you, don't have, to qualify your members at all so your brand new members will be automatically. Redirected, to the ICS, members back-office where, they will have everything they need to, launch their new home, based business, so. Obviously, we, want you to be a good sponsor so, we have a welcome. Email for, you to use in the, back office. Okay and here's the third thing that you need to know before, joining. Instant, cash solution, alright number. Three I have, many bonuses, and I, get asked that a lot hey Dan, do you have bonuses, well I'm actually known. For all the value and all the bonuses that I give. Because. I truly, believe in making money at the service, of others rather, than at the expense. Of others now I know you've, had sponsors. In the past and and, I have two that. They. Talk really sweet to you and then at the end when, you join after, you join, you. Can't get all of them I've had that happen to me and I'm pretty sure that. That has. Happened to you so, I made a promise myself, when, I became very, successful I would, be the very best sponsor that, I could possibly be because, I know exactly what it's like to, be left high. And dry so. What exactly happens, when you join me right off, the bat you're, gonna receive a very extensive welcome. Email from me with my ICS, getting, started blueprint, this. Includes step-by-step instructions. On how to get started up as quickly as possible, my. Very best paid, traffic resources. And SMS, marketing resource. One-on-one. Personal coaching I don't. Believe in charging for, my coaching I'm gonna help you out one-on-one and here's what happened so after, you receive my, welcome email I'm gonna give you a call we're, gonna chat a little bit and, set up a time that's convenient, for you and me and.

Then I'm, gonna give you a call I'm gonna help you set your system up one-on-one, and then what we're gonna do we're gonna devise, a plan, of attack as far, as your marketing, goes all, right and that's. What I mean by working with you one-on-one. Because. It's really important that you line yourself with. A person, that has a proven track, record in their, own business, and I'm a top earner a top leader inside. Instant. Cash solution. And you're also going to get right here how, to create daily sales in your, ICS business, blueprint. I created. This daily sales blueprint, to teach you exactly. What's working for me and how I have been able to earn multiple six figures per, year with. These instant. Pay programs, then. You're also gonna get Dan's, mega. Swipe. File, okay so never. Again get, stuck on what to say you can grab my secret weapon when it comes to writing capture. Pages sales, pages emails. Blog, post headers, and solo, ads okay, this wipe file contains. Three, thousand, three hundred and six pieces, of copy that, you can steal to, make your own business easier and more profitable now. You can legally steal, the very words that million, dollar copywriters. Use, to, create cash on demand, and. If you plan on integrating Aweber. With ICS, because you can you, can integrate Aweber, or get response you're, gonna receive my proven with a 30 day follow-up email. Series share, code alright, so all you have to do is enter this share code in your Aweber list and, you. Will have all my, exact. Same. Emails. Alright. And here we go to the huge bonus. Right here which, is my ICS, team traffic coop so a huge, benefit, in partnering, with me is my optional, weekly, team traffic co-op no, marketing, is required. With this done for you option, so, if. You don't want to copy and paste ads or you, know you've got a full-time job or, you're a full-time student or you, just want, to do things hands-free, well, this is perfect right here my ICS, team, traffic co-op allows, you to leverage our buying power so, you can get top-tier, traffic, from, a world-class sold, web provider, at a deeply, discount. Price. So. I'm using Jaz, deep solo ads for, our team traffic co-op you know I've known jazz deep for, a while he's very honest, ethical and you have to kind of watch when. You purchase solo ads out there but, he has a proven, track record he, provides, top-tier, traffic, and he's gonna send, that traffic directly. To your ICS, capture. Page and if. You use, the, link within. Our team, traffic go up you're going to get close to 50%. Off of his traffic. Which is which is really great now here, again I've spent literally. Thousands. Of dollars on a mailing pocket. For, my team traffic co-op and it. Is awesome. Traffic, majority. Of my sales come, from jazz. Deep silhouettes. Now. Here's a very special. Bonus that, I have right here and I want you to pay close, attention to it all right so for a limited time when, you join me at the Platinum level which, is the $500, level you're gonna be added, to our existing. Team traffic co-op for, free for, four weeks. Okay, so that's four, weeks of uninterrupted. Top. Tier. One traffic from. Jazz deep solo ads okay. Again, outstanding. Traffic and it. Converts, and number. Two when, you join me at the Gold level that's, a $300 level you'll be added to my existing. Team, traffic co-op, for, free for. Two weeks again.

Uninterrupted. Traffic. Hands-free, you don't have to do anything for a period of two weeks now. After, that you, always have the option to purchase this on your, own through, our team traffic co-op, which, will, get you 50%, off, so this brings me back to, what, I said earlier okay. I believe, in, making money at the service of others rather. Than, at the expense, of others so I spent. Really. Thousands. Of dollars, out of my own pocket, all right helping, my team member get leads and sales, from. Jazz deep solo ad traffic. Right here top tier traffic, and I use this traffic every, day alright. So there you have it three things that you need to know before, joining it's, the cash solution. What, I want you to do now is click, the link below and you, can learn all about insta. Cash solution, an overview. You're. Going to see these bonuses. Firsthand. On that, page and there's actually, a little more than this this. Was kind of a brief overview had to do it really quickly so, if you have any questions my contact information. Is right below I'll be standing by to, help you in any way I can and I look forward to working with you in this, awesome business, insta. Cash solution, copy, and paste ads thanks. For watching I really appreciate, it this is dan froakie, have, a great, marketing. Day.

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Hey Patrick, when it launches I sure will. Thank you!

Great work Dan Froelke, This is indeed amazing!! Can I join from Nigeria and will it work here ?? Am interested in joining the ICS team

Caleb, yes ICS is a worldwide opportunity. Click the link in the description of the video. Thank you for your comment!

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Hi Souiri, I agree...why not?

How much I have to spend on ads to make $300-$500 per day

It depends on which type of ads...craigslist, facbook, solo ads etc. Give me a little better idea on what you're thinking and I'll be able to give you a "ball park" est. Thanks G!

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Thank you very much Mark!

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Yes, anywhere with an internet connection. Thanks for the question!

Nice Video, Please i sent you an email, kindly reply so i could join your team

Hey Ken, thanks for the email Ken. Yes, I did reply.

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Sounds exciting. How long does it take to see results? I don't know which system to try. Need cash bad.

Thank you Luke! Results? long until you see results? - That's 100% up to you. I can show you exactly what I'm doing, show you all my resources and help you set up your system but ultimately YOUR SUCCESS is up to YOU. Thanks for the question.

Dan if I join at a low level and someone comes in at a higher level do I get paid on the level I'm on or does it ALL roll up to the next member at that level?

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Hello David, please click the link in the video description and watch the company presentation. It explains everything. Thank for the question! Looking forward to working with you!

how much i have to spend on ads to make 300$ to 500$ a day on craigslist !!!?

Hello Ahmed, that's a tough question my friend. There are a lot of variables involved...which cities you post them in, which categories etc. It's all a matter of digging in and testing to see what works for you. The good news is, we have all that training in the ICS back office. Thanks for your question

Hi Dan, when you say you do one on one coaching does that mean that you're willing to work with people for a while until they see some success or is that just me that you'll help set them up and just come up with a strategy? I know I can do this but I want to make sure that your a mentor that will follow up with me because you only get one sale off me. After that I'm not making you any money.

Hey Albert, thanks for calling earlier...nice to meet you! I know we discussed this on our phone call but I will respond to this here as well. Yes, for sure I work with you one on one, help you set your system up and coach you on different traffic strategies you can implement depending upon your budget, ie. free or paid methods. You will also have ongoing access to me as well. I pride myself on being a good sponsor and sleep well at night knowing that I am adding value and truly walking the walk. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you.

Dan Froelke: I have an article in front of me that reads: "By going through the Bronze Membership, you do not have the rights to promote and sell the system. To make money, you must join ICS at the Silver Level." Is this true? So why have the Bronze Level for people to join if people can't get paid at that level?

Hello D Radar, not sure what you are reading there but NO it's ABSOLUTELY NOT the case here. Maybe you're reading a "fake" review?? If you join at the bronze level YOU CAN get paid at the bronze level. Clearly the article you are ready is totally wrong. Thanks for the question!

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Hey Roy, well 250 Cash Machine (250 Payday) was great back in the day (4 years ago) but it hasn't been updated in a long time and the sales page is very outdated etc. I encouraged the owner to revamp the system a while ago but I believe he moved out of the biz opp niche. Anyway, in my opinion ICS is the best low ticket system out doubt in my mind. Not only does it have an abundance of training, resources and tools inside, the owner conducts weekly live business overview webinars to help close your sales. And I get sales just from that every week. Thanks Roy. I appreciate it!

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