Installing Big Paver Patio (Response Video To Stanley Dirt Monkey Genadek)

Installing Big Paver Patio (Response Video To Stanley Dirt Monkey Genadek)

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Alright alright start of a new job, start. Of a new job let's do a little walkthrough, quick. Little walk through this. Gets replaced. This. Gets replaced. All. The trees, go literally. Everything. Alright. Now we in the back now. We in the back baby. Look. At this this. Tree goes. All, this goes this fence goes this, fence stays this tree goes this. Deal. Strike. Fruit. Trees they stay. Cactus. I don't. Know we'll, find out. We'll. Find out. Pretty. Basic. But. We, got to make it Graham, nice. World at the time-lapse. Demo. Complete. In. The back. Whoa. Now. Oh my god just get the dirt out most. Of the actually, all the concrete's gone. And. Of great to mayhem. Drive, away gone concrete, going all. The dirt this is. Already. Two trucks of dirt one no three trucks the dirt went out two. Trucks of concrete went out we got another two trucks left. It's. A good sign maybe. It's. A good. Blank. Canvas, you feel. Me. Blank. Canvas. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay okay oh and also. Nice. Bank yes I got cool this is ha. Ha. If, you know what that is and that posting comments what is that, what. Is that. Check. It out. Now. I don't. Condone, smoking. Marijuana, I actually think marijuana is, no good, however. It's. Pretty dope it's. Pretty and it smells good too. It. Smells real good. All. Right. Finished. Product is in. We're. Watching, the finished product in 4k baby, I believe. That the driveway, complete. When. We first got there we found a wheat plant and I'm like whoa there's. Weed in the backyard, but, this is the first time we actually ran into it on the job it was pretty interesting. Don't. Smoke weed by, the way do not smoke weed, is stupid, it'll. Get you off track, just, like you did for me when I was smoking weed three. Four times a day in the morning wake and bake all that kind of stuff it's dumb dude what a waste of time like what a waste of time I said well I wasted so much time on a weed it was so, stupid but. It's cool to come across cuz you know I do appreciate the plant and it smells good it, looks good you might think it's good. Momentarily. But, when you look back or, when. You look into the future you'll. Realize what, a big waste of time that was if, you do it on a regular basis. Unless. You're like Snoop Dogg or whoever, then, dude when. You're that level to do whatever you want you know do whatever you want but when you're starting your business when you're starting to you. Want to become successful, quit. The Weed Man put it down, go. In 10x, wake. Up at 9:00 roll. Out to the truck 9:30, 10. O'clock start, mowing more, like four yards, go lunch, buff. Want some cush this, is what I did when I was younger buff. On some Kirsch cobalt, gold more some more lawns, that are done just lag, go. Slow. Unproductive. Barely. Contributing, anything to society, and. It's. Just not a good feeling and then. When. You hit rock bottom this. Is when I hit rock bottom I. Discovered. A book called, 10x, and this, dude named. Grant Cardone which when I first, saw his videos I'm like who's this guy why is he yelling at me why is he telling me that I'm poor, and. Then, I kept, I kept watching his videos and I'm like. Well. He's. Right I am poor like wow, what I am doing is not good so I started, getting, into it I got his book I got his material, and this, is the book that actually changed my life and. Another. Fellow youtuber, of mine, Stan. Genetic I've actually spoke. With him a few times he posted a video saying grant cardone 10x, does, not work after. Watching his video I uh. I got. Some things to say baby I got some things to say right. Off the bat boom. Okay. And I'm, gonna break, this down very, simple, for, everyone to understand, cuz I'm a simple, person, I'm. Not, super. Intelligent, when it comes to vocabulary and all the other stuff but, there's one thing you gotta know. When. A business, busts, out it's. Never, ever. The. Payments, it's, never ever, the. Debts the. Employees. It's, none of that, its. Sales. Its. Sales, it's money coming, in, dude. You the, first thing you need to do is just focus on growth, sales. What's, coming, in money, you need to have flows, coming, in you need to be closing jobs you need to be completing, the jobs you, need to be doing that correct, work having. The right employees, having the right equipment hiring. Semi-trucks. Hiring. Big-ass semi trucks getting, dump trucks to come in and deliver base Rock not running. Around like, an idiot with, a little dump trailer to, go pick up five yards of Base Rock pay for delivery.

That's. What 10x, is dude, stop. You. Don't have to 10x. Your actions, what. You need to do is buy. Other. People's time, and. I'll. Do the same amount of work but if I have ten employees guess what I just 10x, my, actions, that's, all it is you take your actions, and you multiply them to taint ten times let's, say let's say you want to have a successful company right and you think, that you want to go and have. Ten customers for. The entire year. Now. That's. What you think is gonna be required but what you should strive. For what you should aim for is ten, times that a hundred customers, now you'd be like well I can't even handle a hundred customers I don't have employees I don't have the yeah. That's the whole point that's. The whole point is to get, you outside of your comfortable. Thinking, you're a little comfortable whatever you do and go, outside of it and really. Blow up your mindset to be like whoa dude I don't even know how I'm gonna do that you. Know what. It I'm just gonna go for it that, what that's what the whole 10x. Is, about, going. For it stop, worrying, about your expenses, stop worrying, about employees. Stop worrying, about stupid, payments. That you paid a caterpillar, this. Is exactly, how I figure out if I need the equipment now right here I'm gonna give you the formula, it's, stupid, it's simple, is dumb, okay. Let's. Say you're bringing some money in and you, right now are in a position where you're like dude I need this work to go faster, I need to save, my employees. Backs I need to, grow, my, company, because I cannot, stay small, I cannot stay baby, I cannot. Stay little I need, to grow. So. What do you do the first thing you do you. Start looking at equipment this is what I did I'm gonna paint a picture for you dude come on a ride with me simple. I got my calculator this is exactly. How I do everything. Okay the. Caterpillar, it was 60 grand right, it's $1,000. A month thousand, bucks a month, divide. That into four there's four working weeks typically. Four working weeks, $250. Divide, that by five days divided. By five. Five. Working days, that's. 50 bucks a day you, work eight hours right, divided. By eight you're. Paying six dollars and 25 cents an hour for. A, machine, that, will lift, tons. That. Will lift. Material. From, the driveway into, a semi-truck. That'll. Lift pallets, of pavers, that will, dig trenches for, you. That, will just make, your employees life so much easier you're. Worried you you're telling me there's. Six dollars and 25 cents an hour. You. Should be careful and not grow your company. What. Do you idiot do. It. Don't. Worry about the, payments. Worry. About, the, sales. Worry. About finding good people in your company and don't, go around saying there's no good people there's no good people. Look. In the mirror must. Mean you're doing something wrong must mean you're not a good person I do videos, like this every single. Friday. In. The goat gang you already know about the guilt game dude 120. Plus members isn't there for a killing it everyone's. 10 Xing in there and everyone's. Having massive success I'm not interested in staying small look. I'ma, meet Stan I'm gonna meet Stan one day I'm gonna shake his hand get a picture no problem, but. I'm not interested in that game I don't want to stay small I want. To become, a massive company. Corporations. Don't worry about. Cutting. Their expenses, in half here's a great example and I'm gonna shut it down the videos over peace out arguments, done I'm.

Gonna Kill it right here. Apple. The. Highest valued. Company, on the, entire planet as of right now September. 15th, 2018. They. Do, not worry about. Saving. Money they don't worry about not taking on debt they're, taking on all kinds of debt, maybe. Five six miles away from here they just built the five six billion, dollar, facility looks, like a spaceship, the thing is incredible, the landscaping, landscaping, on, that was, probably a couple hundred million dollars, excavation. Over. Over, a billion dollars excavation. And landscaping, guaranteed, you should have seen how much soil they were moving it was insane. Insane. Now. They. Don't worry about saving. Money taking, on debt they, do that what. Their main. Focus is on is sales, and, you'd be like well Tigran how do you know that you don't even work at Apple do, yeah. But I'm dude I am I am, very observant, and what other, people do you, go buy a brand new iPhone iPhones, not even that good it doesn't even have all of the updates when, you get it it's got bugs and they always update, it they're like here's another update here's another update he's not my, macbook updates. Probably. Every other week with something new and it's, been out for two years. Always. Updating. Right, they. Don't worry about making it perfect making. It incredible. They, worry about sales, let's. Sell, sell, sell sell, sell, sell sell, the. Jobs sell. The deals, get. Money in and we'll, worry about the expenses, later, you. Go buy a brand new iPhone 10 it's gonna cost you thousand dollars you, would think in that box of $1000. Dawg I might. Even get a fast, charger, or pair of headphones, they. Give you some wack-ass headphones, dude. For. A fast charger you gotta go drop, another. 50, bucks, another. Cable, oh whoops. There goes another 50. Another. You. Want bluetooth, headphones. No problem, that can go spend another 180 there their focus is on sales their focus is not on perfecting. Their business, into, micromanaging. The, the. Contractors. And this and this and they're. Not worried about that dude this, that's why I'm not worried about it I know, I know money gets wasted I know time gets wasted I want to pack in as much work as possible and, make, sure that we do the most, incredible job. That we do, everyone's. Taking care of the employees are taken care of the, equipment's, taken care of I come, last dude I don't I don't worry about myself if. We do good I know I know your boys gonna get paid you. Know what I'm saying I need to take care of my, people I need. To take care of my equipment I need, to keep investing, in buying equipment and I, need to keep moving forward for everyone that thinks that 10x doesn't, work it won't work if you don't think you, can do it if you're okay would take an average action, on anything. You do and it's not gonna work of course it's not but. If you want to really, take it up take it up a notch of. Course join, the go king right, here link, below and also. Go. Really, deep into someone's. Knowledge this. Is why I have every, single one of the books and Stan, I invite you to come back dude i reck'n invite you to reread, this book and the, best thing you do do is listen. To it if anyone, doubts, that GC. Doesn't have all the answers then. He won't have all the answers he don't have all the answers but.

He. Has a lot of them and a, lot of them helped me I can't. Go to my dad and. Asked my dad how to grow company I can't go to my mom my, parents have no idea anything, about business nothing. But, I can go to, a billionaire, and say hey GC. Here's. 10 grand dude give me some knowledge hey. Here's 15, grand, give, me some knowledge yo. Here's. Some money help. Me out by, the way and this, is why I value, grants so much is, because I don't know any. Person. Out there that's a billionaire, and I have access, to them now. There. Are wealthy people I know people that have 1015 million dollars I don't want advice from them I don't, want 10 million dollars I want, to be a billionaire, you see what I'm saying this is the problem with taking advice from millionaires. Last. Weekend I was hanging out with a guy worth 10 million, he's. So scared, it, dude I don't even I don't even want to talk to him it's, like, the. Things he was saying is so dumb. Because. All I think. About is how this guy thinks, and how, I started, thinking and then, I look, at a guy he's worth 10 million and, I'm. Like dude I don't want that you know I don't want that at all and that's, how I determine, whether or not I want. To take advice from someone, Stan. It has great knowledge on construction, but, when it comes to the life I want I don't want his life I want. A jet bitch you. See what I'm saying I want a jet I want. To buy a fifty, five million dollar jet cash, so. How can you rip on someone and say it doesn't work when. The, jet that he purchased, is worth more. Then anything, you've done in your entire life you can't see. What I'm saying you, can't. Don't. Take advice from a millionaire they're, scared, they're frightened. They. Just don't know what, it takes take. Advice from a billionaire, you want. To mentor get. You on mus to be your mentor you want to mentor get. Oh boy, GC. You. Think Bill Gates thinks, like Stan or other millionaires. No. Way. You. Think Bill Gates is a poor mindset no. Dad. Dude doesn't, even know how much a bag of crackers cost this, is the thing I really want to close you out with and just gonna hit it do. Not take your advice for millionaires. Don't, take your advice from people that. Think. They're wealthy think. They're successful. Look. At it and. See. Where are they going, I'm. Not a millionaire I'm, not even close to being a millionaire but. I know in, a few years I will become a multi hectare millionaire, and I can't do that staying small I need, a multiplier. To help me and I need a good support group and, that's what the go King is all about every Friday videos. Like this you want passion this is passion this is nothing, I'm, holding, back right now because this is YouTube, and I got to keep it a little clean. But. When it's me. In my, group with. All my. Favorite people I. Rip. It hard dude I rip, it hard and, that's what the go gang is all about the greatest of all time gang. Period. Remember. Don't, take your advice from. A millionaire, they're. Scared. They. Don't know what they're doing take. Your advice from. Billionaires, because, those people, really. Know, what. It takes you, want musk that. Dude. Is a real deal look. At Apple, Google. Facebook. Massive. Corporations. Look. At them for advice get.

Inspired By them and. A 10x. Action, and. Also don't, be a little bit.

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So the question is did you scale with debt or by adding more employees. If you scale with debt then suddenly your equipment is just seen as a cost of doing business and therefore you can compete in the market on larger jobs. Those large jobs might have the same profit margin as small jobs maybe more or less. If you scale with employees you cant do jobs that involve heavy machinery but you might just be as profitable more or less as long as you add enough employees to make up for the lack of machines. Yes you can have a million dollar company with simple pick up trucks hand tools and a small team. Whats the better way? I bet stanley isnt pro debt and i can only guess that you are @tigrangertz but who you are is just a guess. Hoping to get to know you

Your parents did not help you in starting your business Tigran?

I follow both guys and take from both. I live in one of the worst economic areas in the country along with one of the cheapest living rates in the country. Saying that youre not going to get big money landscape jobs so I focus my time and energy on fence installation and there isnt many competitors here for that. Also do small excavation with a skid steer and there literally is only one excavation guy in town that is under 50, so I feel there is a future there. Anyway, keep it up Tigran, love the vids. Its an inspiration if nothing else. I really like Stan too tho, I have honestly learned alot from him.

Good message big dog! Good reminder to quit thinking small and doubting.

I also read a comment about how Tigran does a lot of Hardscapes and concrete which yield the highest profit margins and this differs his quick success from others. I agree on the point of profit margins, yes those do have a higher yield than say mulching or sod or plants. But my response to that would be, it’s all in what you want to do dawg! I first saw Tigrans videos maybe a year or two ago and thought “that’s what I want to do!” My mindset was that the more traded and services I can offer, the more money I’m going to make. I too do Hardscapes, Landscapes, and waterscapes. I do decorative landscape curbing as well. They do pay good. But I approached kinda like Tigran would I think, meaning I looked at it and seen the potential money to be made so learned how to do what I didn’t know. Now it’s about selling and closing jobs! Concrete and pavers is not for everyone, mowing grass or doing nails is not for everyone. But for me, if there’s money to be made, then it’s for me! This business is merely a vessel for me to get where I want to go. Once it reaches a certain level of success I plan on using it to find the start of 2-3 more businesses in different trades all together for the sole purpose of creating assets with passive income to push “wealth” to new heights. Knowledge is money, money is power, power is freedom!

I follow both Stan and Tigran, I love the things you both have to say and I think you both have a ton of knowledge to give in different aspects of the business. Stab has great technical and product knowledge as well as his reviews on various types of equipment and tools that I find all very helpful. Tigran in my opinion has a different mindset... to me his mindset is geared more towards the “BILLIONAIRE, I want to achieve more success than I can ever even imagine” mentality. I can relate to that a lot because I too have the mindset of wanting more and more and more.... I am never satisfied with my current situation in finance and business, I always want more. I’ve been this way since I was 14 and started working my first official taxable job. I didn’t come to the realization until a year ago that in order to reach my idea of “success” I would need my own business. You will NEVER reach that point working FOR someone, you have to be THE guy that owns the joint. I only recently found out about GC through Tigran videos and just picked up THE 10X RULE. I agree with Tigran, it’s a mindset and if you can’t wrap your head around these ideas and thought processes then you will never understand the point behind it or how it works. But I have MAD RESPECT for both Stan as Tigran and follow both on here and instagram. Tigran keep doing what you are doing man! Your success gives me the fire to keep pursuing my own financial destiny!! Thanks

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What you say is not entirely true. These big corporations were founded on paradigm shifting ideas that changed the world. Not every person can have an idea like that or execute that idea. It's just not reality. Not every person can be a billionaire, again not realistic. So taking advice from billionaires may not be practical, realistic or applicable to most ppl whereas the advice of lowly millionaires may be more attainable and practical. I hope you become a billionaire tigran I do, but honestly I'd say you much more likely to be a lowly millionaire. I'm just too rooted in reality to see it any other way.

+Albert Ledesma I was using the word lowly millionaire because tigran was disparaging the advice of millionaires and multi millionaires as not relevant . And only the advice of billionaires was worth taking. So it seemed to me that millionaires were lowly ppl in his mindset. Where I disagree completely. Cheers

Jonathan Doble “I’d say you’re more likely to become a lowly millionaire...” sounds like doubt to me.

+Albert Ledesma not a doubter but a realist. I hope he becomes a billionaire , I have no ill will towards him or anyone aspiring to be Uber rich. But sometimes ppl can get lost in that mindset . I personally know ppl that spent there entire life trying to get super rich, reading the books, going conferences etc and never did and to me wasted a large part of their life. I love tigran and have no doubt he will be very successful. And his wrist pieces are nice. I'd like to see square stones and round . Just a thought. I'll be buying them for Christmas for my family as a stuffer. Good price and nice.

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I’ve watched Stan’s videos and wasn’t impressed. I can’t really say anything about 10x but I can say that you do have a nice company. You and your workers do really nice work and don’t t cut corners. I feel your designs kill Stan’s. You have a great talent for what you do and just let the haters hate!

My dad's a millionaire. He smokes weed everyday and so do I. We're both still very productive.

Tim C I used to do drugs, I still do.

He literally implied to us not to take his own advice. Done.

You and Stan are both right. Tigran your situation is not comparable to most landscape companies. You are crushing large Hardscape/Concrete jobs that have huge profit margins and doing that kind of work involves skid steers, mini ex, dump trucks and adding that kind of machinery is worth every penny. A lot of lawn/ landscape companies are mowing lawns or doing small scape jobs and the profit margins are way smaller and you DO need to be careful blowing up your overhead.


I own a very big landscaping and maintenance company for 23 years sales are important yes but you and Stan really need to tell the truth fuck sales its bottom line profit. A million dollar bussiness means after all expenses paid has a million that's a million dollar bussiness. NOT STUPID SALES. HIRE A LANDSCAPING CONSULTANT THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT. 10X GOT WHAT THEY DID BECAUSE THEY GET PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO BUY THERE FAKE CRAP. JIM HUSTON PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE CONSULTANT CALL HIM

Teddy Norris absolutely. The issue is, they are turning over dollars, just on a larger scale. If you have a million in sales and your cost was $999,999, Where are you at?

Let's talk taxes and healthcare, Mr 10x

Tim C He does smart ass. In his videos. Educated yourself before opening your mouth and making yourself look stupid.

The only thing that 10x is when I bought bitcoin at $2000 and sold at almost $20000

You need track skid we have 3 and a ditch witch 752 for 3 guys to use My boss would shoot himself if he had all those guys

Don’t listen to the haters! Like uncle G says there just trying to make sense of why they are not doing it in their lives. Keep it up man. Hope to see you at the growth con

Chad Stall people say why do I need a f450? I say what happen if I buy a home with 14 acres?

Smoking weed isn't bad for everyone. Depending on the strain it can help with work. Im more happy and boring tasks are way more enjoyable when im high. When I'm sober it hard for me to get myself motivated to work.

+Albert Ledesma I'm 19 I smoke a bunch of weed every day first thing in the morning last thing I do at night. I conserve but I'm high 80% of the day. I have my own place, my dream car already, a great job all my bills are paid on time, and I smoke 6+ times a day.

Chandler Allen Yes, I know how it works and I’m very familiar with the strains. I have an objective opinion because like Tigran, I’ve used it too and can honestly say that I have no need for it. Matter of fact, very few people actually NEED it, but of course there are hundreds of thousands if not millions that are gonna generate some dumb “ailment” for why they NEED it. Anyways, you go on about your business and while you’re getting high, I’ll be 10Xing.

+Albert Ledesma im sorry its all personal opinion and how people handle it. Smoking cigs and drinking alcohol is worse for you i hope you understand that. There are also different types of bud that has diffrent effect. Some make you energetic or want to talk and some make you sleepy. Sativa and indica. Google it

Chandler Allen Nope....weed is bad.

Show us a copy of your WORKMANS COMP BILL. Black out your private info.

Keep doing your thing man your the only one on YouTube busting out jobs like these some guys are just mad they aren’t doing the same thing. And debt comes with a business your telling me all of the other guys trucks are paid for ? I’m sure they are not.

Very cool!

What +Keith Kalfas said is my thought exactly. But also would like to point out that as a man, you should never praise another man or anyone but god. Does GC praise anyone or anything? In 5 minutes, I could tell you what GC is after and how to do it. Why hasn't he told you?

Hell yeah T. You got balls for making this video. I wish I had knowledge like you. If I buy your videos will I be exactly like you?

Ok...good to know my man It's time for to start paying the plaza SINALOA MEXICO stile We will pay you a visit soon..

I got 7 years to retire than its back to wake n bake.

How do I get Stanley to contact me this is very important call (435) 862-7445 please help

I have the book 10X, I am still reading it and so far my way of thinking and my goals have changed. You have to 10X everything you do. Great video by the way.

Do not take your advice from millionaires. Grant Cardone net worth: $300M. Hmmm...

Having the right employees! How many of your employees can pass the E-Verify system? It's a lot easier to grow a company illegally than legally. Thanks to people like you, seven of my employees had their SSN stolen when they tried to file their taxes. Unless you can prove otherwise, I hope you are fined or arrested for hiring illegals. You are the POS example of this industry.

quote of 2018 - I want a jet bitch

Camera seems blurry



Real estate 101 never remove trees, unless of course they're dead or causing a hazard

Very beautiful

Grant Cardone's net worth is 350 million. Just sayin'.

Big dick playa

I like your old lady hats miss Daisy jk

Good Video Tigran! Ultimately we both want guys to succeed. Whether they are in the goat gang or Dirtmonkey University. So I respect that from you. But I come from a different perspective. NOT of FEAR but experience. I've watched 60 million dollar companies crumble in months-while they can't pay me the $12,000 they owe me for demoing a house. I don't want guys to go through the same things that have taken down large companies that over leverage themselves during times of rapid growth. Growing a Business is Easy. Having Monster Profits is not easy. That comes from knowing your numbers, creating your systems and then applying that to growth. Getting Jobs is easy. Being profitable is not as easy.

I will use my instant transmission to go to your channel now.

Its amazing right? Ive seen it too first hand. Partners screwing each other over while in the process the contractor takes the hit.

Amen! I too own my company and after 25+ yrs have always been very profitable. I spend a fair amount of time calculating the ROI of everything purchased. Over leveraging is very easy in my business that so many of my friends in the same business have gone under. New vs. used equipment= considering downtime for repairs vs. insta-monster depreciation. Track hoe vs. renting one if not used daily. The one thing in my business is that machines and equipment are soooo much cheaper then people. There is a lot to learn about running a business but if you take the leap and spend the time running it then you WILL be profitable. Lastly, don't spend all the profit you make. Have a rainy day fund and invest in your retirement.

Turnover is for vanity but profit is for sanity .

You rock dude. Awesome project.

Do you have a company out here in the valley? I wanna work

This just put a new spin on my business

Dennis Harvey if you were in the Goat Gang you would know all the answers to your questions. If you don’t like it cancel.

Growing Landscapes I don't need the goat gang to know those machines need to be out working every day to cover the cost of them selves into making money so let me know are those machines working every day covering the payment

shaymoose17 let’s use his own example. You think you will EVER will find Apple selling billy goat tickets to grow your business??? Ahhhh hell no. Because they don’t have time to make billysheep gangs and other programs. They are busy growing and blowing up a successful business.

They use YouTube to promote their schools. Especially Stan generic. He uses the oldest selling pitch to do so. Emotion. Some of his videos are cringe worthy of an Oscar award.

2 words...Uncle grant

shaymoose17 stfu if you don’t know what you’re talking about dickface. Some people have mental health issue and the only medicine that works is weed.

He lives in Cali dude. People throw around money like it's nothing there . It definitely achievable

Dibs on that sativa

I have a question Tigran Did you start your company getting in debt?

Cant say I agree with buying peoples time sure if your at a big level but if your small you have more time than money

And front walk messing with my OCD how it does not line up

Crazy they just spent for landscaping almost what house cost. And will never get that return glad you hot the job and looks killer but for owner of house not great investment yeah I know they lived there and want it nice but could have made it look real nice for a quarter of this job

I agree with a lot of what you are saying except for the part where you say to not worry about making you work perfect to sell sell sell and then a captions in your video is says at first I believe that is completely wrong method you should work on your craft no matter what basic construction you are in and try your best to make it perfect before your overhead and profit they can this way I'm a stay poor but at least I know I've done a great job and did not take advantage of the customer to make a profit

so if grant is taking ten grand from a hundred people or a thousand, lol no wonder hes a billionaire. hey man good luck mayb im a scared lil puss but i want to run a good healthy business.

hey "GC heres 10grand give me some knowledge"

+Dall Tex well said Sir

Im assuming that the home owner was in an HOA and someone complained about their grass?

I think Apple built their building with Cash

How much was that job?

Are there any college majors or programs for landscaping? It is worth it?

So your saying, Don’t take advise from people like you? Haha joker

Thanks bro i just picked up the weed habit three weeks ago after a year head down focused on my work and hustle. I’m slowing starting to see all my success and wealth i accumulated hit a plateau as i smoke more. Been telling myself it’s easier to just ignore a potential client call because you dont want that call to kill your high. It can fuck you up if you let it. I left it before for the same reasons. No more from now on thank you Tigran

I find you hard to belive when you say that you make a 100 000 dollars on a job, when the house on the property is worth maybe 200k. And also why do you sit in you bedroom? Do you even have an office? PS. Stop pretend like you are Grant Cardone and say "Bidness" just because he said it once. It is called "Business"

Jealous ?

Apple has so much cash they don't know what to do with it, so that's not correct about their debt. I agree with dirt

I've started out similar to how you have & I think Big just like you do, I would like to start a Franchise & I need to work with People like Yourself, I would like You to consider being Partners. You said you wanna grow your Company to be really Big & so do I! I have a really good idea on how to grow a Brand, Please contact me so we could talk further in detail. You could search Google or Facebook for NO LIMIT SERVICES & you could See my Concept.

Both r right...

Right on. I've taken something from each one of you guy's videos.

Hey Tigran, love your videos and I was thinking about starting my own landscaping business or something to do with building or designing houses and your videos give me inspiration and are just good to watch. keep it up

one of ur workers will go back and steal that plant, mark my words

Not, hating here: your hardscapes are pretty good. BUT - 10X your plantings and landscape bed designs - the plants looks like sad little soldiers in a field of bark or rock. Sell them on metal edging, a variety of textures, and colors. 50% profit margins on materials and labor.

It's all gravy until a financial downturn comes and you have monster monthly payments and not so monster sales. Tigran, I hope I am not right, but you are headed for catastrophe. You are too young to have seen and understood the various economic cycles. In 2008 many people that thought like you went down. Stanley will weather the next financial storm a lot better with his outright owned second hand equipment and low debt. Grant Cardone is the archetypal conman. I admire many things about American's, but man, lots of you are suckers for conmen; perhaps it's your optimistic nature?

great suff man

Do you send all excess materials to the dump? Pavers/Sod/aggregate

Are you gat no disrespect your just very feminine (no difference if you are or aren’t I still watch )

You better be paying those Workers Good !!!

Music was much better at 1.5x speed haha thank you for the great advice and retrospect brother.

You guys need to do a collaboration video

Great video

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