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Instagram. Is the fastest. Growing social, media, platform, on the planet, today and there are millions, of people taking, advantage of that fact by building. Multi-million. Dollar businesses, just, from posting, pictures on Instagram. So how are all these people getting all of these followers, on Instagram how are they building, their brand building. Their businesses, and becoming, social. Media influencers, on the platform, well it's, actually really, simple once you know how hi guys i'm simon jordan, co-founder, life ceos and in, today's video i'm gonna show you how to grow hundreds. Of real organic. Followers, on instagram every, single, day. So. The method, I use, to, generate hundreds, and thousands of followers every, single day on the Instagram accounts is called the viral, niche method, okay and there's only four things you really need to be doing daily, on your, Instagram accounts in order to generate that, amount of followers and in, turn, monetize. Your account you know whether you're in affiliate marketing you've got your own business, you're selling stuff on Shopify, whatever, it is you're doing you. Can generate tons and tons and tons of traffic with, this method through Instagram, and then monetize, it later on so in, order to show you all this properly. And thoroughly, I'm gonna have to jump on my phone and go through it step by step with you as I said it's only four steps so take these four steps implement, them and see, the results of yourself. Alright. Guys so here, we are inside, one. Of my. Travel accounts which is a like, I said it is a viral niche account and in. This case this niche is travel, okay. So like I said before there are four steps. That you, need to do and, take consistently. Every day and, your Instagram, account in, order, to grow by, hundreds, of followers every, single day okay, so, the first step, well I'll just name the four of them so the four steps are to. Set. Up your account correctly. Okay so you can see here our. Our. Bio is set. Up in the right way we have a nice logo. Everything. Is set up and I'll walk you through this and, I'll. Walk you through this in, a few seconds now the second, step that you have to do, consistently. Is post viral content, okay, and you don't have to host, this yourself your reposting. Already. Viral content okay so you are going through whatever. Niche it is you're in and. Your. Reposting, the most viral content, relevant. To that niche right in this case it's travel and but. You could just as easily if we go on to. One. Of our other accounts, here live CEOs this, would be more of a, luxury. Sort. Of page looks, Riccar page and. And. You can see we are just selecting, the most viral content and posting it consistently, okay I'll walk you through that in a bit more detail as well, the, next the third, thing. That you have to do consistently is post hashtags, okay so if we go onto under the posts here I'll go into the comments and you can see the hashtags here and so. You need to first. Research, these hashtags, make sure that you you're, using good, hashtags, relevant, hashtags that, you can rank for these hashtags and I'll walk you through that also, in. A bit more detail later and. The fourth thing, that you need to do in order to gain hundreds, and hundreds of followers on Instagram every single day is join. Engagement. Groups write DM, engagement. Groups on Instagram, so, if we go back in here, click. On this little home home, icon slide. To the right and you're, gonna see all the, DM. Engagement, groups in here and DM, and engagement. Groups are basically, small groups within, Instagram that, consist of up to 15, members and all, of these members here are for, example in the travel niche and all. These members when they post they, will send that post to the group and that, means that you just simply like, it like. This and you click on it and then you go to the post and you. Make a comment and down, below saying well a cool. Pool. Right. And. That's, basically how you engage inside. A DM group and you would do the same thing when, whenever you post you, would simply take. Your you, can see let me see if I've got one here you. Can see you can see here this, is one of mine right, here it, says new post and it, looks Voyageur live CEOs and that just tells people within the group that I posted and then they will then go in and engage with, my post because on Instagram, the key to growing on Instagram is obviously having these four elements that I've said. That I've explained, to you right so you're how you, need to have your. Your, bio set up correctly a nice logo you, need to have viral. Content, and you, need to have. Your. Hashtags, and you, need to have your DM engagement, groups all right if you have all those things combined, then, you can go viral and you can grow by hundreds of followers every, single day but if you miss out any of those four things then, it's not gonna work, right I'm possibly, all.

Of These things are important, there's no one thing that is more important than the other okay they're they're all super, important, and they only work if combined, together and, and. The DM groups are vital. To to all of this because. Instagram. In. Order, for your your, your, content, to rank for the hashtags, you're using instead. You need to get as much engagement, in the first hour right the first 60 minutes after posting, as you possibly, can, so it's, really important, that as soon as you post you, send it to all your DM engagement, groups and they start engaging liking, and commenting okay because Instagram, will. In with it inside, those first, 60 minutes Instagram. That's when it counts, that's when Instagram, sees the engagement, recognises, your post as good or important, and pushes. It up in. The. The. Algorithm. So that hits the explore page for. Whatever hashtags, you're reusing right so let's get, stuck into it a little bit here and see. And that's, sort of reverse engineer, this, account, of mine here so a looks, Voyager, so. You can see we've got a nice logo here and on. The, right-hand side on the left-hand side it looks Voyager, and it's. Just got to be clean simple. Nice. Logo you know you don't want anything too long or too you, know you don't want looks underscore. Voyage, or underscore. World. Traveler, whatever you want something nice and simple that people can remember and that. Looks good in a kind of logo form like that okay and. Then underneath the logo you can see that, we have the name here now let me just tap in the right and the top right hand corner so we can go into the Edit section. Of this account so if you want to add a profile, you can see how all this looks alright and and. There's the the, logo there and that, now we, actually do have an e-book I'll leave it in the description below and that, walks you through all, of this, step by step by step by step okay in great great detail, and obviously I can't go like I cover absolutely everything, in this video now but. In the e-book like I said if you want to get that and there's, a link below and you can go through this and very very fine detail, so. The. Logo, is here then you've got the name Travel freedom lifestyle, not a lot and not a lot of people know this but your name on Instagram, is it. Basically, acts like, SEO. On Instagram. Okay so it's how it's, how Instagram, categorizes. Your account right in this case we, want to use big keywords, relevant, to, our niche right so travel, is the biggest one freedom. Would be another one and a lifestyle, is another one and this tells Instagram, what our account is about and shows, it to people, that are interested in those things so, when you see name you.

Don't Want to put in you. Know just a random, name or the, name of your account you want to put in your keywords here right so this is this is your SEO three keywords and also emojis, because emojis. Function, as SEO on, Instagram. As well, so make sure that you're using your emojis there too the. Username obviously, is whatever your brand is looks, Voyager in this case the website okay this is where you want to be sending. Your traffic okay, so where are you sending it what is it that you're trying to get. Eyeballs on, so is it your drop shipping store, is it your Amazon product, is it, your affiliate marketing and, business. And whatever, it is you were gonna put your website in here and make, sure it's not a bitly website, or something crappy like that because, Instagram. Will recognize, something like that as spam so make sure you have your own domain and, that you're sending traffic, whatever, wherever you're sending it it's your own domain and then you have the bio under here this is where you're gonna put your your bio and your bio needs to tell people exactly what you're about in a very short space of. Next okay so. You can see here we. Have a globe and then we have world traveler an online, entrepreneur right, this tells people what we're about and then, we what, we have we've used the rest of it in our case we're affiliate marketers, we're driving, traffic to our business, so we want to tell people who. We are and what we're about so, here we have 5k. Per week affiliate, marketing biz, okay, then, we have a contact, email you want to leave that there and just, so people have another way to get in contact with you and, then we have a call to action learn and copy our business, below alright and that's gonna then point to our website so if I click on the little blue, and arrow. Here, it's. Gonna take us back into our account and then you can see how that how. That all looks on. Our bio okay it looks it looks nice it's, it's optimized, okay to to, to, attract people, and to convert people to click on the link alright if we click on our the other thing great, thing about Instagram.

Is You can view your statistics, up here alright, if you if you have a business account I would recommend, always. Creating. A business account and when. You get started and you can see the amount of impressions. That we're getting on this account it's over 1 million impressions this. Week and. Nearly. Half a million reach. Over. 7,000, profile views ok, 63, website, clicks and 5, call clicks ok that's good and. It could be better when we one were when we were when we've gone more viral, that those those figures will go up if we look at this account here in life CEOs which, is a different nation tirely, which. Is more luxury, and cars and things like that that is far like that's a newer. Account ok this is a countess only about 3 weeks old we've, already got it up to nearly four thousand followers but. It's not really so much the followers that are important, although they are but, if you look at the statistics, on this page they're. Actually better than, the account that has 73,000. And followers. Okay so we've got 1.5. Million impressions, 1.1. Million reach over. 8,000, profile views and over, 125. Website, clicks ok so these all these website, clicks are people, in it during the last 7 days that, are that are clicking, on our link and going. To look at what we're offering or what we have ok what we're selling. Or, what we're trying to help them with so, you. Can see and, all this is simply, from re posting pictures. Other. People's, pictures, okay so that's a bit that's a that's basically. The first part you want to get that you want to get your your, bio set up the right way looking, sharp looking attractive okay the next step as we've already discussed, multiple, times is posting. Viral. Content, okay, so where do you find this viral content well let's say in the case of a travel account right, we're gonna click, on the search icon here, and we're gonna just type in our main keyword, which is travel. And. Then once we have that keyword typed in we're. Gonna search for, some, of the the. Accounts, that come up here right and these are kinds we want to find like big accounts like this one travel ballers, and this, account has one hundred and thirty six thousand, followers and this. Account is posting, you, know decent viral. Content and what we want to do is take, the best content, that this account has and that then. Is viral. Content and quickly, how do we determine which, account is actually which content. Is actually viral, we. Simply click on the pictures and look at the likes okay, so two thousand, likes. One. Thousand likes. One. Thousand likes again all, right and what we want to do is find the. Content. That has above average amount. Of likes and the, above average, amount of likes is the. Content, that is deemed to be more viral, okay so. Let's keep having to look through it mm. Mm. - so the average amount the likes here aren't very much they're two and half thousand, there whatever. That is but that is essentially, how, you would determine where, what content is viral and as you kind of work, with your account a bit more you'll get an eye for this you'll, start to recognize what's viral content because you'll see it everywhere you'll see it on your, explore page of.

Instagram. Okay so, what. You want to do it. I'll show you now some of the accounts what, I do is. I. Simply. Follow. And, if, we go back under me I can't click on the see my following it says 22 following, okay, the counts that I'm following are, some of the accounts that I've identified as, posting. Really, viral content right really good content right these are people these are influencers, look 2.8 million and this guy for example posts. Content. Super, super good content, original, content, and then all we have to do is take, the picture so we click on the picture and. What. We're gonna do is take a screenshot of it so I'm on Android and. On. Android all you do is hold the volume key down and press the power button at the same time that's. Gonna take a screenshot then we press on the edit icon here, all we're gonna do is get the white, bits out of there like so and. We, then have a picture, that, we're, going to repost, okay, a viral, picture we know this picture is good we know people like it so we know that when we follow all the other steps that I thought I'm gonna outline that this this photograph, has a good chance of going viral and getting us a ton of followers to our own account all right so, then all we have to do is. Once we've selected this photograph. We click on the plus sign here to add it to our account we click on next, okay. We don't want to put any filters, on this whatsoever and, then. We're just gonna add in a caption and it's a you. Know we're gonna add in something like. Well. We're gonna we're gonna put in something like whoa. This. Is. This. Is crazy, and. Then. We're gonna ask a question and we're, just to increase engagement to, try and get people to comment and. We're gonna say, do. You think do, you think. This. Is real, right. And. Then. We're gonna put the this emoji, here and then. After, that what we're gonna do is put a call to action okay, and like, I said again we do have an e-book available I'm not gonna go into every, single little. My new piece of detail here but if you do want the e-book cuts down in the description, below you, can download it from there and that goes into more detail on all this but what we're gonna do is go into our notes okay you're always gonna have a lot of notes and in here we would have like, and you. Know call. C TAS or calls-to-action, save so underneath every post I put in the CTA, and I, just copy and paste it and I. Bring it in here and I'm gonna paste that underneath my caption, all right so it's ready it's done I don't have to write it every single time I just copy and paste it and then what we're gonna do is share it to our account right. Cool. So. Once. That's done then, we're going to put our hashtags in write our hashtags, we don't want to put them in to. The. Actual we, don't want to put them in here to the actual, caption. Right because it's gonna look ugly it's gonna look horrible whatever so we want to put them in the comments so the first comment we're, gonna start putting in our hashtags. Now how do we know what hashtags. We. Want to use. Well that's where the, next part, of what you need is and that is hashtags so let's have a look at hashtags, and how. You would go about finding them so we're travel account okay, so you're gonna click on the search icon here, and. Then. What we want to do is, let's. Go back to. Home. Search. Right. And then, we want to search under tags all right you can see it says top it says people and tags so, we want to search under hashtags, and this is a great little tool. That a Instagram. Gives you where, you can easily search so we're gonna take our main keyword. Travel alright, and when. We take our main hashtag, travel, Instagram. Is going to show you how many posts, how many people are posting on that hashtag and, every.

Day And you can see here it's daily. 250. Million posts, right so, the chances, of us actually ranking, here, on this, explore page for, this hashtag are very, very slim right, there very very slim so. What, we want to do is, we. Want to find hashtags, below. That and you can see Instagram is already suggesting, other. Hashtags, so what we want are kind. Of sub, hashtags, of travel so you can see here it's giving us so it's like travel is too big right it's saying the 250. Million so we want hashtags, that are smaller than that okay we want like travel, bug or travelers. Or travel, pic or travel, bag travel, now. Long traveled Asia right so, we, want to be taking those hashtags, we. Want to be building up some. Hashtag, sets all, right so you can use up to 30 hashtags on, Instagram on, your comments, when you actually post but. You don't want to use exactly, 30 because it looks a bit spammy you can use it like 25, or whatever all, right and then what we want to be doing is taking those hashtags that we've identified and. Just. Placing them in here now we're just going to do this quickly I. Already, have them kind of in my keyboard. If, you want I'll. Leave a. Link, or, I'll. Leave details on the keyboard I'm using it's called Swift key and, you can down that download, that from, anywhere so you're just gonna put. Those hashtags in your comments and click OK and this means that when you're when. You're when, your. Post. Starts, to starts. To get comments, and likes it's, gonna start ranking for these hashtags that you've placed in the comments, okay and that's where your followers, are gonna come from their followers that are going to be searching those those, hashtags and seeing your content on the explore page now. Once all that's done we, also want to give this is the important, step about, re posting other people's content is you want to give credit to the original poster so we took this post. From. The account do you travel okay, so we're just gonna go to the three, little dots appear. Above the photograph we're, gonna go into edit and. In, this edit here we're gonna add the credit for the photographer, so we're gonna click the little camera, emoji, here we're. Gonna click the @ symbol here and we're gonna put in his account. Name do you and it should pop populate. And it does Jack Morris do you travel and it clicked there and then, we're just gonna do a little flame emoji, here and. Yeah. And that's it we're done we've got that we've given the credit to the original poster, we've, got our caption, we've, got our hashtags, and then, the final, step the, fourth step of making this formula, work and getting all those followers, to your account is then. Sending. This, picture, to, your, engagement groups, okay now we're gonna go back back into my and, my. Post-it, notes okay I don't know if you if if, you're on iOS.

Android But this is just a notes application okay, and in the notes application I have saved here, the, text, that I will send to my engagement groups, okay, it's just new posts and my, account now I have two accounts in here but in your case you leave one basically, so whatever your account is you'll say new post your, account and then returning all likes, and comments immediately, alright so just going to take that and we, are gonna copy it and then we're. Gonna jump back out and we're gonna go swipe. Right, and that'll. Take us into our DM groups, okay our direct messenger groups just gonna click there, you're, gonna paste this, in and send. Alright. Now. This is you can send this provided, you've been engaging on other people's posts okay because if you don't engage on other people's posts then, they're gonna get pissed, off and they're not kind of when I returned the favor okay, so make sure you've engaged and already. And. In. These engagement, groups now you. Might be wondering how do I get into these engagement, groups well yes, that can be difficult and there, it does take some time because when you start out and you've got zero followers, not, a lot of people are gonna want you in their engagement groups because. The. More followers that you have on your account the more valuable your like or your, comment, is. On, their account okay, so. When you start off you're, gonna have to do one, of two things you're gonna have to keep. Messaging. People with. You know small amount followers so we're going to type in, travel. Right. To bring up some accounts in here and, what you're gonna do is. You're gonna find some accounts that are maybe you know under, 10k so, let's say under 10k accounts, and when. You find those accounts, then. You are going to let's see if we can find one here we probably can. Not. Really quickly let's. Have a look. Well. For argument's sake let's say we find one that's under 10k you're, just gonna go. Click, up here in the three dots, and you're gonna send them a message and you're, just gonna say. Hey. Man. I've. Just. Started. A. New. Account. Was. Wondering. If. You. Could. Add. Me. To any, of. Your. DM. Groups. Okay. Now. Nine times out of 10 or either not gonna answer you or they're gonna say no right, so if you want to increase your chances of getting, into somebody, else's a DM, group and not doing any work a cool, trick that I use is to offer to pay them okay, so if you offer to pay them to get into the DM groups chances, are they're. Gonna let you and I don't mean pay them a load of money I mean pay them like $2. Or $3, and they'll. Add you into some DM groups then and you'll start to grow, fast okay so like I said if you want more scripts, and more, details, on how to get into these DM groups and how to use them more effectively you. Can download our, ebook 10,000, followers in five, weeks from the description, below and if. You have any more questions, on anything that I've gone over with. You in this in. This tutorial leave them in the comments below I'm. Happy, to get back to you as always and answer all your questions there, will be more videos coming up very, very soon on all, of this so, as stay, tuned for that guys alright, guys so that's how you grow by hundreds, and hundreds of followers every single day on Instagram using. The viral, niche method, if you guys have any questions whatsoever on, any of, what we've covered drop, them in the comments below or you, can download our, ebook, 10,000. Followers in five weeks from the description, below and if you're new to the channel don't forget to hit the like button, smash the subscribe. Button and click, the bell icon just. So you don't miss any more videos from us in the future I'm Simon Jordan co-founder live cos I'll see you guys in the next one.

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