Insane Forex Scalping Strategy (EASY and PROFITABLE) | For small forex accounts

Insane Forex Scalping Strategy  (EASY and PROFITABLE) | For small forex accounts

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sup youtube family sup phoenix gang it's your boy  king abe welcome back to my channel and in today's   video i'm gonna be showing you guys an insane  simple and profitable scalping strategy that's   what i'm going to be showing you guys in today's  video so if this is your first time on my channel   and if you find value in this video give this  video a thumbs up smash that subscribe button   and turn on the bell notification so you guys  don't miss any of my future videos so now without   further ado let's jump on the charts and let's get  this video started and i will see you guys inside we're going to be looking at this  strategy on the 15 minute time frame   and before i actually get into this video if  you guys want access to my signals on this card   the link is going to be down below in  the description all you have to do just   click the link down below and you guys will  definitely get access to my signals on discord   so now when we want to use this scoping strategy i  recommend using this strategy on the 15 15-minute   time frame and make sure you only focus on trading  on the new york session and the london session or   just you know new york session or the london  session now we're not going to be trading the   asian session at all so for this strategy right  here on my chart i have this indicator it's called   trading session so once you add it onto  your chart you go here to settings and   for the style you only check the london session  and the new york session and you know you can   also change the colors if you want to and  here for the input you uncheck agent session   and you check london session and the new york  session now when it comes to your time zone is   definitely going to be different from mine because  my time zone is central yours might be pacific   or eastern so make sure you change those to you  know your time zone so that everything can you   know match correctly and the default settings for  the time zone here is is 10 standard time so est   so if you if your time zone is eastern then you  don't need to you know touch none of this at all   you just need to uncheck agent session but if your  time zone is specific standard time or whatever   time zone then you need to make sure you you know  change the time zone to you know uh corresponds   with your time zone so once you're done then  you click on okay now right here i have this   white background here this is my asian session  and this is my london i have my london session   new york session and this is also new york session  as well this gray background this is new this is   new york uh session going into the new york stock  exchange session so this is still new york session   as well we have london then new york session so  now what we need to focus on before we get in the   trade is if you are if you're watching this and  you know how to identify your highs and your lows   man congratulations because this strategy is  absolutely gonna work for you man this strategy   is just simply insane and it's just just amazing  as long as you focus on trading either the london   session or the new york session then this strategy  is absolutely going to work for you and it works   with on all pairs all pairs crypto indices it  works on everything just use it on the 15 minute   time frame so now looking at this looking at  the asian session we need to figure out our   highs and the lows of the asian session and here  we have a low here we have the low in the uh asian   session here so this is our low for asian session  and we have a high for asian session right here so we have a high for asian session right  there and we have a high here for asian session   as well so as you can see here now we have  those those zone now we have we've identified   our highs on our lows for asian session now  coming into london session this is the time for   us to you know sit down and wait for our entry  to take whatever position be it a buy position   or a sell position but during this london session  we can see here that price broke the high the low   of the asian session now once we see that  price broke the low of our asian session   now it's time for us to get in your sale position  now when it comes to get getting into your trade   getting into your trade getting into a trade is  going to depend on you you can use the break and   retest strategy or you can use the break above  resistance or break above support meaning break   above your heart or break above your low and you  just get in your position so your entry is going   to depend on you for me i'm just going to get in  right here once we have the break below support   right there and i'll have my stop-loss right  above and i'll give it more room so i'll give   it more room so we're looking up at about excuse  me guys we're looking at about 23 pips now when it   comes to my take profit before we figure out what  our take profit is let's put this in replay mode   actually no we're not going to put it in  replay mode because i want you guys to see   because i'm going to show you guys you know  uh different examples here to let you guys   know that this strategy definitely could work for  you so now we are we have our entry now to figure   out where our take profit is gonna be now for  me i just gotta look to the left hand side to   figure out where my entry is going to be and all  i have to do is to look for the law here on the   asian session and we have a low here i can target  the low of the asian session and if i want to have   multiple take profits i can target the previous  high as well so we can see this high was actually   first high was during the new york session and we  had another high here during the asian session the   price eventually broke it when new york session  opens and then you know you guys can see we had   a bullish momentum so now we have this take profit  here and you know if you want more take profit you   just gotta look to the left hand side here and  you can see we have another law here during the   new york session and you know we can target that  as well so if you have more than one take profit   i always recommend that you make sure you move  your stop loss to entry price whenever your take   profit gets smashed and if we look at this here  we can see that our first take profit is just   going to be four let's see here let's move this  a little bit so our first take profit is gonna be   for 15 pips once that gets matched you just move  your stop loss to your entry price and right here   we have another take profit here 26 pips right  there and down here we have another take profit   here for 44 pips and your stop loss is just  24 pips so all together your risk reward ratio   is actually one two eight and if you don't want  to use multiple take profit you can just use   you can just use one take profit and just  anticipate that price is eventually going to get   to this previous low here we had a low here during  we had a low here during the uh london session   another low here going to new york session  and translated another loop during the new   york session as well so you can just anticipate  that price is going to get to this zone because   at the end of the day price eventually has to  fill up all this right here twice as to fill up   all these candles surprise eventually has  to fill up all these candles right here   to the left hand side so it has to fill up  all these candles here to the left hand side   it has to do the same thing here on the right  hand side eventually so you can just target   that zone all the way down here and just  adjust through your stop-loss you know   that strategy is just going to be is just going to  depend on you so this is how you use this strategy   for a cell position now if we keep looking  here so let's delete all this let's keep   looking now now this is and this is another day  now we're on we on to the next day now we have   during new york session we have a high here now  each setup is definitely going to be different   they're not all going to be the same  as long as you identify your highs   and your lows then you'll be good to go so we  have a high w new york session and we have a low   going asian session so now we've identified our  highs and our lows now since we've identified   our highs on our lows we have a high here going  new york session and coming into asian session   we can see that price created another high  here during the asian session so now come   london session for this you can see the setup is  different from the first one so for this now i can   see that now this right here became a demand zone  right here this became a demand zone and i have we   have a supply zone here at the top now once i see  this rejection once you see these rejections here   and what the price do during new york session  so what i'll do for me i'll wait for price   to break this high here i wait for price to  break this previous high that was also created   during asian session right there and i'll have my  entry right here at this bullish engulfing candle   this is where my entry is going to be and for  my take profit now i have all my zones already   my first take of it is absolutely going to  be this zone here because as you can see   you know we have a high here price created a high  doing age during asian session so this is our high   right here so i'm going to have my take profit  right here and as you can see price obviously   go to my take profit zone for let me make sure  i get this correctly for 31 pips and i'll just   have my stop loss right below my zone i'll give it  a little bit of room uh we're looking at 17 pips   and we have that right there now i have my first  take profit once that gets smashed i can then move   my stop loss to entry price if i have multiple  take profit or i can just have one take profit now   if i have multiple take profit obviously i have  my 31 pips right there now this is another zone   right here we have another high here during new  york session we're looking at 43 pips right there   but you know if you have moved your stop-loss  to entry price you know you would have been   stopped out of this trade which is good now you  made some money during london session now on to   new york session now onto new york session so  obviously now during london session we just   moved this right here we can say now during london  session price created this is our high right here   uh we have so this is our high right here  during london session now then we have our low   we have our law right here now going london  session domination session and then don't renew   your accession what the price do price came back  and we tested that same zone let me make sure let   me do this correctly so price came back and we  tested that zen that same zone again now we can   have our entry here don't we new york session  because we still have this previous high here   now we can see because it's also a low right here  during london session because we have a rejection   now right over here i'll have my entry  you can have your entry right here   now this is you you you trading in between supply  and your demand zone that's why i said its setup   is definitely going to be different if  you don't want to do it this way you can   just use the breakout strategy so we're  in new york session so i'll just get in   excuse me guys so you have your entry right here  because this is this is definitely a rejection   price refused to break this zone here and now  if we look at it look to the left-hand side i   know that eventually price has to fill up these  candles here on the on the right hand side here   and that's exactly what price did so during new  york session you can have your entry i mean you'll   take profit right over here you're looking at  37 pips and for your stop-loss you just target   it below this zone here give it you know just  give it a little bit you know of breeding room   we're looking at 22 pips your risk reward ratio  is one two six now you just made money during the   london session and you made money during the new  york session and if you only trade in one session   either london or new york session then obviously  you can see you absolutely made you some money as   well and at the same time you don't have to have  your take profit all the way to the previous high   you can just you know target maybe 10 pips 15 pips  20 pips you know whatever whatever you want to do   that depends on you i'm just showing you showing  you guys you know your uh your uh take where your   take profit can actually be because your highs  and your lows those can also be your take profit   zone so that's what i'm showing you guys here as  well so now this is for the new york session now   we don't need we don't need all this we don't need  asian session at all now come here this is going   to be the last last example that i'm going to be  showing you guys now if we look at this now we   we're in asian session we see that over here price  created a high we had a high here this was a high   windy asian session we have behind here during  the asian session then you know we have one here   and we also have a low this was  asian session low right here so we have asian session low right there and  now come london session now for me during this   london session i'm not getting in any trade at all  why because i would have been expecting price to   reject this zone this previous asian session  low i would have been waiting for price to   reject this zone but in this case we didn't  have no rejection price didn't even get to   the previous asian session low so for me i'm  not i'm not going to trade london session   i'm just going to be waiting for a new york  session and over here if we look we have the   previous asian session right over here we had the  previous asian station right here and we have the   previous high of asian session as well so we have  these highs right over here so this high here   i would have been expecting price to break the  previous high and then hopefully continue going   bullish but in this case price didn't do  that at all because price decided to reverse   if i decided to reverse during new york stock  exchange open which is 9 a.m my time if you guys   look down here you can see that this was let's see  what time this was twice reversed exactly at 9am   actually let's see it reversed at 8  a.m my time new york session opens at 7   so it reversed at 8 am my time so for me with  my strategy that's why no no strategy works 100   of the time for me i would have actually lost  this trade because since we have this break right   over here i would have been waiting once we have  the break i would have got in this by position   and this would have been a loss but even though  i lost this trade this new york open trade   now because i'm looking at the charts and i can  see that now my bias was actually wrong then i had   another opportunity to get into this cell position  because i have all my conditions met my first bias   was wrong because at the end of the day the market  is always going to do what he wants to do so now   i'll have my entry since that was wrong my first  bias was wrong now once i see this because i   have price broke the previous high of the asian  session then i'll have my entry right below this   zone right here check yourself position right  there and i'll have my stop loss right above my   previous high i'll just give it more room so we're  looking at 15 pips in this case and i'll just have   my take profit target i'll target the previous low  of the new york session and the agent session i'll   just target that zone right there we're looking  at 40 pips and if i'm looking to take you know   my take profit all i got to do is just look to  the left hand side and i can target this low   and i'll aim to target this low this  low here during the london session   with the london session that would  be another take profit target for me   and if we draw drag this all the  way down here we're looking at   excuse me guys we're looking at 75  pips all together and you know once you   have your first take profit smash just move  your stop loss to entry price and then you can   fill your stop loss from there and even though  we have our zone for our first state profit so   we're looking at 40 about 40 pips now you can  always target just target 20 pips as your first   take profit you know in between these zones here  you have that for 20 pages because at the end of   the day when it comes to scalping we're just  trying to get in and we're trying to get out   between that's all we're trying to do and you  have 20 22 pips right there and you know then   you had another take off here for 40 pips and then  we had another zone all the way down here for 75   pips right there so guys this is exactly excuse me  guys this is exactly how you use this strategy for   scalping so if you guys find value in this video  all i ask is that you give this video a thumbs up   smash that subscribe button and turn on the  bell notification so you guys don't miss   any of my future videos and also guys remember  make sure you try this strategy on the demo   account and i promise you guys when you do try  it on the demo account you see that if you use   it exactly like this as long as you know how to  identify your highs and your lows this strategy   is definitely going to work for you if you don't  know how to identify your highs on your law   meaning your support and resistance all supply and  demand then you have to make sure there are a lot   of a lot of videos on youtube that you can watch  and then once you able to identify your highs   and your lows then you can come back and watch  this video and you you will not be disappointed   so guys that's it for me thank you guys for  watching and i'll see you guys in my next video

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