Indikator Terbaik, Valid dan Sederhana || The Best, Valid and Simple Indicator

Indikator Terbaik, Valid dan Sederhana || The Best, Valid and Simple Indicator

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We get loss around 400 Pips "400 Pips" 400 Pips, isn't it? That's the worst condition if it reverse and we let it. We've done the simulation. At first, we've seen it *Opening Music* We see it, where is it from? For example, it still move up. That's no problem. the fluctuation isn't safe yet "It means, when we order buy 1.0 Lot and Sell 0.5 Lot are still running," "When the candle changes, usually, they will opposite. It will rise first.." "Even though we know that usually, it tends to *unclear voice*" "Because its tail is long.. It's Shooting Star"

"But sometimes, when I see it, it's a lil bit opposite first" "But we don't know. Sometimes it's long, sometimes, it's short" We see it while we run it. We also collect new data If it rises again, at least, the plus is up to here The plus is 105 Pips, for the loss... "It's not 105 Pips. We buy it at this point" "If it rises up to there, it means that it's *Unclear voice*" No.. Let's say... Where did we order?

"Where is the Buy order?" Maybe it's around this. I made it here "Yes" For example, we order Buy here.. For the next, it still rise Let's say that there is... We get 62 Pips. It's not yet

62 Pips. For the bottom, we get loss around 200 Pips "Because it happened, then we can know it" "But, if we're in running condition, for example; the market rises, we're plus in this Buy order" "But sometimes, we're greedy. We hope that it rises higher" "Turns out, it goes down" It must be practiced. We must be discipline Discipline doesn't mean, if we get 100 profit, we get 100 profit continuously. No. Discipline means we always see the market condition If it's hard to rise, we save it We close it earlier We see it from the pressure, result, rejection Although it hasn't finished yet, but at least, we can see it from the beats if it wants to rise strong Then, pay attention to the time too If the candle changes and it feels hard, we save it directly There are many simulations. We can close the bottom first or we let the top transaction. That's no problem The point is there are many alternatives that we can do For example, in 1 day, I try to let it move maximally or I let these 2 orders move. How far it goes

It moves up and down, after the candle finished, we do evaluation directly. We read the last candle Always do it! we see how's the last candle formed If the durability is still safe, you may follow it If the durability is unsafe, we must move quick. Like what I do If the durability is safe, we just relax It won't run out. The most important thing is don't let it more than thousands Pips Don't let the floating moves thousands Pips It's not recommended If you see the minus, you can divide it We divide the minus floating with the Lot For example, for the top.. Maybe it moves 140 Pips 140 is the up floating. 140 : 1 = 140 Pips. It means that there is 140 Pips movement Then, for the bottom, the minus. We measure it from our order point to this top

315 315 x 0.5 = 157.5 Pips It's still far It means that it still moves around 150 Pips. It hasn't reached the dangerous point We must really calculate it Except if it's above 500 Pips, there is clue from the candle "150 Pips floating.. do you mean that it's still safe?" It's still safe. 500 Pips is also safe.

It means that in those numbers, it's still safe but, it's not high risk. The durability is above 20.000 Pips If we use high risk, we must move fast and measurable. If not, our budget will run out

If this move 500 Pips, that's no problem 500 Pips is around this If it's 500 Pips, the structure can be seen From these candle structures, it can be seen It can be seen from 1 of these 2 candles. First, the bottom rejection is very strong Then, it rises again and unable. It's rejected again. Actually, it's very wide So, if we enter it, we also can wait. When it's on top and formed.

Or it's here It starts to rise then it starts to be formed, we can take the position there Turns out, it's still small. It hasn't been strong yet If it's here, there is thick candle Doesn't mean that we take the Sell position because it rises first. No. The history gives us information From here, we can observe it. We can read the previous characters We just pay attention to the movement, see the character, see the psychology level at the left side, we set the distance between the order point and running candle, Actually, if we tried it many times, we'll feel calm although the candle is up and down If it moves above 500 Pips, usually the structure starts to show up If the structure formed, we follow it. It means that there is trend Including for others. It's same. For example.

If it's 500 Pips, it can be seen "You look like doing it easily. I still feel confused" Because you don't get used to it I prove it, it's not always read the past Almost every morning, in the last few days, we get the profit if we follow it We read it from the character, candle, psychology level, I never used another technique If we trust the candle, it becomes the most accurate indicator than the available indicators So, this candlestick is a part of the indicator The most valid indicator is the Price Action When there is rejection, we pay attention to it. We pay attention to the volume power. When there is psychology level at the left side, we pay attention to it. If we do many indicators, we'll feel confused if we don't understand it well "Do wrong pull" Actually, the easiest is we understand the character Candle character is a lil bit hard "The tail is more than the previous" "It's only the side of it, right?" "But, it means.. I try to read the market" "It's more rejected from Seller" "It means that the Sell opportunity is bigger" "We compare the running candle and the previous candle, isn't it?" "Yes" "Because it can't pass it yet, except it can be in line with the red candle" Yes, that's correct "The volume is eaten" It has impact "It means that we must be careful. the market can reverse" But, if it's getting higher, pay attention to Buyer too Although it's tail, but compared to the previous, it's getting higher Please be careful! It can be clue that Buyer has stronger pressure "It's stronger than the previous candle" To prove it, we wait for another clue For now, Buyer has strong pressure The pressure is getting stronger If green candle formed, we must beware. Maybe there will be reversal here

Meanwhile there are many psychology levels at the bottom left side We don't only focus on running candle and axis, but also we see the left side We also see, is there any market which failed at that area? We prove it later There is Buyer start to show up Then, it's unable to be breakout the psychology level At least, the buyer opposition starts to show up there Then, Seller tries it hard. Then it goes back While we run it, we also prove it. Now, the pressure starts to rise If it rise, we test it in the Retracement area here.

If it's not strong, it's always here. Then it's rejected. It can go back again "It will try to pass the defense" If it's strong, it can continue again "If the condition is like this, we want to enter or how..?" This position is not safe It's not safe when we order it from any directions If we take the running condition, the movement is weak The regular position doesn't qualified the rules If we want to order Buy, it's not strong yet. If we want to order Sell, there is strong buyer pressure or Buyer starts to press Seller then, it's in the psychology level area Yes, at the top, at least Buyer reached here then, it reached higher It means that the power is getting stronger For this one, for me, it almost rise But I don't know how far it rise. The point is it almost rise "Why it could be like that?" Yes, because the pressure is very strong It means that from here, it reaches there and it rises again then, it's hard to go down at the bottom "the down movement is small, isn't it?" yes. I mean, it feels hard to go down

Not the small volume It's hard to pass the opening price. Moreover, to pass the most bottom. When it wants to go down, the up pressure is strong Not the bottom. But the top. the top pressure If in the bottom, we see the movement volume. It feels hard to go down then, the opening point is hard If it goes down, it must be tested under this. Is it strong there? "It went down, right?" Yes, it went down up to here It's rejected to up when it's at the top, it's rejected again So, it's still really strong. Selelr is still available and Buyer also press it strong there

If it rise, maybe it's correction or sideways in the Retracement area then, it goes down stronger Because tonight, there will be high impact News. It can drag the market to down so far If it goes down, maybe it will be around this Hmm.. No. It can be more than it If it's on Friday or there is high-impact News,, the movement can be longer It's 2.500 Pips

The last reached 5.000 Pips Now, if it's 2.500 Pips, how far it is? Maybe it's around this It can be much longer Around this, this is 2.500 Pips, then, if it's breakout again, it can be up here Is it possible? It's possible if it's on Friday Be careful on Thursday and Friday! If it reaches the range, don't against it If there is no up clue, don't against it! Because it can be much longer again later Well, we try to prepare this, will it go down strongly or no? But, if we see it from the first analysis, the News said that the impact of dollar is getting stronger There will be much go down movement If it rise, doesn't mean it can't. It can, but it could be correction. Then, it goes back to go down stronger Later you can prove it. You can join the class tonight We'll be ready at 19.15 to guide the News at 19.30

Well, I think it's enough for now. Maybe you can join the night class when there is News At least, it can increase our knowledge related to News There is no News at afternoon It's seldom. Most of the News is at night That's why I can't guide the News in the afternoon The News is at night, at 19.30, 20.30, 21.30, 22.00, 01.00, and 02.00 (In Indonesia) "If there is News, we wait for it or we can do order directly?" Just join the class. Maybe you haven't seen it If there is News, I always guide the members. 15 minutes before the News, I guide them

5 minutes before News, I give them the clue - "About the point of taking order?" - Yes "What time is it? At 19.15, right?" Yes, it will be started at 19.15. Because the News is at 19.30 "The zoom will be started at 19.15, right?" Yes, at that time, it starts to be active, we prepare it. How to read News and how to put the OP. "May I use Real account?" Because you don't have experience, don't use the Real account first. Just see it. If you're sure with the result after 3x or more times trial, you may use Real account "So, I still use the Demo account, right?" Yes. Just use Demo account while you see, practice, and know the potential

"Yes, sir" Well, that's all for this class. We can do discussion in another chance Don't forget to do more practice and try it in the Demo account first "Yes" Try risk management and recovery repeatedly. Don't only think and hope that we always do valid analysis Whatever we analyze, prepare the risk "How to recover the loss" Yes, that's correct. We try it a lot. the more we practice Recovery and can survive well, at least, we understood it. If we order Buy, the market rises and we order Sell, the market goes down, that's not impressed. Because, if we do wrong order, we can't solve it.

If our analysis is correct, assume it as bonus It's not our result. But it's bonus. It can be because of lucky factor "Yes, that's correct" Thank you. Good afternoon! See you on the next class "Good afternoon! I hope you're always healthy" Ok.. "Thank you"

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