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Well, greetings to all, welcome once again to another session of Botgratis12, this time I am going to present an indicator, a free indicator, called an exclusive Order Block for mt 5 and it will be much easier for you to apply Smart Money and Wyckoff and we are going to give two strategies with this indicator. Most of these indicators are paid, they are indicators that because they are so scarce in the market since most tend to charge this type of indicators, and you will get it totally free in Botgratis12, later I will say how you will be able to get this indicator, so be aware of the video so that you know and do not go and ask me in the Telegram group how it will be to obtain the indicator, so be aware, we are also going to give two strategies, which and one u Otherwise, you are going to identify with it to be able to scalp or even to be able to make entries like I do, which are much longer entries and this indicator is used for all temporalities and we are going to give it its configuration and we are going to learn to identify the faces, the most precise entries and the entries such as which you will be able to obtain greater profitability in addition to saying that you subscribe to the Telegram channel Botgratis12 and that you can also subscribe to the YouTube channel ube Botgratis12 so that you can obtain this type of tools that we are going to be giving, also our friend Wilson, is there and added something to this indicator that I am working on it, it will be a second version much later and well this indicator has already been used in the WhatsApp group the people who are, are using this indicator and well they are people who in this case obtain indicators or tools in advance, it is important to say that those people who want to belong to the WhatsApp group are going to have to do analysis in a held in the group of Telegram Wall Street and Logan, it is called the Telegram group, go and do your analysis and later I will incorporate it into the WhatsApp group everything is completely free, having said that we are going to start with the tool and we are going to give the strategies the two strategies that you will be able to use in this free indicator here we are already with the indicator the first thing I have to say is that this The indicator is internally composed of two market indicators, which are in the mt5 market and then internally you can configure those two indicators and we are going to see how I worked those indicators to create this indicator for free and how they commonly sell it then this at what Better it is going to bother some groups that use this type of indicators for sale, you are going to obtain it for free and you are going to learn how to use it today, well here is the market of the volatility index 75, it is in a market of m1, internally the indicator is going to have to. you already know how to load indicators. So I'm not going to go into detail about that but hey here we have that the indicator is called Order Block Botgratis12 V1, which is the first version, the second version will be later, I do not know how many weeks we can take with it and they will Indicators in this case the Telegram channel Botgratis12BinariasYforex, internally it is much more complex and the indicator is a little more heavy, so if you do not have a very powerful machine you will have delays, however it will give It will work but that it is configured, you knew it has also worked with this value, it also comes by default, it comes false which is the history in this case of the old block orders you can go right now I will leave it in three to show how you can see the order the block in the past to show the weak areas this is actually because it does not need to be activated but I had it reactivated so that you know that it will show the imbal ances in this case is not the balance as such, it will rather be called an area of ​​interest which is the one that interests us since when there are areas of interest where there is a balance and which are the extreme areas, then that is where we have to mark With these inputs and finally they will show us that these hordes drilled commonly occur minor temporalities although for the synthetic innocents it also runs for temporality of meters and here are the fractalities for me it has worked with fractalities of six the fast ones and the slow one of 12 you can modify These fractalities get a better configuration that cannot those results you can upload them in the Telegram chat Botgratis12binariasyforex and there we can analyze which fractality works better in my case I left it and by default it comes up so we are going to accept it and that's it. that we have the configuration we have I am going to go to another temporality because they are not showing me these areas are of interest was mitigated and Every time he tells me, because the area is getting a little thicker and here it mitigated mitigated and mitigated here mitigated these mitigation concepts we see it in him in the videos of Smart Money and Wyckoff that are on the YouTube channel so that they can learn about That but in theory when the market marks us at this highest point remember that it works with fractality and one of the strategy that we are going to give later is on the fractalities to escape so this is white and now I am going to show how There are areas of interest like this one that are here in white colors that are our areas of interest here did not show strength to mitigate therefore it was not marked in red if the market had reached a mitigation point that would have changed from white to rice here we have our area of ​​interest the area of interest in which you are going to make entries to the white areas and now in the strategies you will be able to understand why they are the white area and they are not the Weak areas, which are the gray areas, that we will understand shortly for now, let's get to know the indicator of the areas for which we are going to make entries are these extreme areas that are the white areas and they change colors as they are mitigated as the market reaches the point again it mitigates that it is returned it changes color it will change in this case the color above will be placed in red when mythical and below will be placed in green and as we have in M1 where the mitigation occurred here and he came here to this market where he assuaged here here here and here and mitigated therefore more likely that the market will also continue to rise that we will analyze view that the market will continue to rise and do not live for example not It will be later this you can see people with greater probabilities such as M15 for example where M15 is already mythical here it is all the times that it is in m 1 that is already mythical and there is interest below where the market can go mitigating And note that these areas in M15 are English areas, they are not areas to take into account, it does not mean that they are not added to take into account in the strategies, we will see because they are very easy to drill this area for something they are weak areas in the fractality and usually we are interested in is this that is here this is in color purple therefore it is considered that since the market was drilled because season behind the market was in the notice point to fall to the area of interest and was drilled here was an area of interest puppets and positions and it was drilled in where the market is at this moment if you were 2 and you have between the indicator already here it is true with double click when clicking on the past market, notice how the zone of past interests is placed where there was an area of ​​interest where there was an area that was mitigated a single definitive one area of ​​interest and so on if you double-click it, it shows us in the past as long as the history is activated here is in tru e and it is going to show us the past that then let's go to where the market is at this moment and that part of the story once said this we are going to show us where it is and that what is going to act at this moment we already know that the dwellings are perforated zones in this case she he considers it a low zone because it has already been drilled upwards and when it is drilled contrary to downwards it will be considered drilled high zones then these zones that are mitigated have been a strong zone where the market has arrived only once and here we have an entry in one for example because because we have an area of ​​interest where the market has not arrived and it is possible that it will mitigate this point here and these areas of interest are the ones that actually We are interested in we are going to give the first strategy so that you can see we started with the first strategy and for the first strategy I will not help with a template that I will be uploading to the Botgratis12Bin channel ariasyForex this template, which is called Ecstasy and what about that template, that time template is deep in the Super Rich Strategy and we have already given it the deep zig zag and also has the Alligator that we have also given to the Wall Street Strategy and the EMA of the Wall Street Strategy that marks here the sixth deep we will not help when it is deep to make our entries our entries will be marked by when the deep zig-zag that already occurred here occurs and in turn coincides with a zone of interest which coincides with a baby zone which coincides with a zone of interest, for example, almost marks issa deep and in turn we have an area of ​​interest that most likely we will wait for this setback that is here when the Yes, it is deep and in turn, when this decline occurs, our entry would be marked near the area or in the area, the ideal is in the area since the market should mitigate this area, be mitigate and rise. r not in vain the balance occurred in this that is here notice that the balance

was because we saw it and one was marked is one of the weak areas as mind listen to me well as mind are perforated and are erased from it and the indicator is already They erase they are not marked as the perforated ones are the zones that are marked as it is a perforated one that turns purple a soybean in interest in the white areas will change this white area either green if it is mitigated a purple color if it is perforated and So if this goes down and pierces this white area it will change to purple if on the contrary it mitigates and rises then it is considered a mitigated area and not a perforated area the same happens to the contrary happens if the trend were different and the Canary Islands that is One of the users of free channel 12 and who has stated that she can not identify the market structures in channel d in the whatsapp group is Juan Calderón, who has been the ones who have made the greatest contribution to the group of walt street and then where they are being analyzed and as it is identifies market structures by the deep ix both the deep sex and the blog order indicator work with fractalities and what are the fractalities because these are these rises these decreases this rise is low this is a fractality although it is true the market has been doing this this easily identifies the fractals who signs the ones that if we are going to identify by actuality is we have a high here we have a practically the same high we have a low practically the same as this is it becomes hollow and we will not analyze later we have a higher low we have a higher high but here we have practically equal highs, sorry equal lows and we have a lower low we have a lower high than the previous one that is the fractality then like us we learn to identify fractalities with the deep zig zag either downward walt if we have a deep zig zag that is telling us that we have high but where we have the deep red zig zag increasingly higher means that the uptrend if on the contrary we have it we have it lower means that the downtrend that we see here we see low in this case every time lower with the six already deep, therefore here we already have several minutes in a downtrend that should soon mark a next zigzag that is the next sixth with a sixth down that can be marked already at this point or on the contrary the market it triggered and then but we would then have a setback and it would mark and then we would have one higher than the previous one, look where the last one was, so it is easy to identify fractalities with this type of tools, however it does not mean that this is the exact one because the fractalities although some are true sometimes we take in this that is not here sometimes takes a few setbacks and a small fractality and small setback for example here there is approximately I do not know this that is here and a setback once it exceeds this highlights this vein this may be two or three times but once here there is 1 2 3 4 5 6 already once it exceeds already He places the fractal here and it tells me there is already a bullish movement, there is going to be a greater fractal and therefore once you overcome it, it automatically places me in a zig zag movement, it is here, you know, it takes sometimes it does not take long. It will both depend on the strength of the market and the fractality, as I am saying, so in this way we can identify fractality and that will serve for all temporalities. I recommend that while you go scarpín you have some analyze m 5 and m 15 and in my In this case, I analyze 1h 4 and h1 which are where the market is going and where it comes from, for example what is it that in the case of 75 that its trend movements are strong we see that the fractality shows us 1 and we go to the deep sex we see How do I do it here? Your 12 already when it shows me this while it has to be upward since while it has it is marked by this fractal that is here if that retreat and surely it will give me this and I would have to wait for the retreat to enter the lance when my exit because it thinks that here we have a fractal that is much higher than the previous one, lower in turn, the height is higher when the fractality is already broken, it breaks right here we would have to see how there are some areas of interest when they are the gifts of interest because The market is going to get there, here we have a much lower low but the market most likely arrives here in one since it is bullish, then it is already bullish because we are interested in this area but it does not mean that in time it is greater, it is due to a setback as long as this is not going to be entries to the downside then we have m15 that track that I am looking for you we see that it is perforated you have when an area was perforated the market what is telling us is what and it will continue, its trend will continue until it continues to the next area of ​​interest. Well, I know that here it was drilled, you cannot make entries down because it has already drilled, yes, then we have to look for a setback, here we have a clear example in m15 from an entry remember that this is the first strategy, in this case following with sixth deep and with the blog order indicator, what happens that here we placed an area of ​​interest when the market places us an area of ​​interest the first area of ​​interest we have to make the entry just a goal in the mitigation of that area or it always occurs it does not always mitigate that happens in any forex market in whatever it is it will always happen that that is not always mitigated when it is mitigated for it when it reaches 50% of the zone that is, your entrance will be marked at 50% if you decide to enter for example in this zone of m15 and I will mark it because it is a good example when this is placed in white because it is a zone of int erés the market has no strength an area of ​​interest is placed you would mark your entry automatically when the zone is placed at 50% and your store would not be marked it is below 8 here until the risk benefits is very high, let me explain the risk is low and profit is high what happens you reactivate the operation but risk little even if you go to the next area of ​​interest which is the next area of ​​interest is a nice indicator if you make an entry the next are of interest and ready what It happens that here the area of ​​interest was pierced but its heels have been marked here so once it is pierced with this vein you already know that the market will continue to rise so you had to let it enter you can enter the retracement this is the retracement We see it here, this is just the retracement candle, you would have made a re-entry at this point and as far as it goes until the next area of ​​interest, I remind you this is set to purple because it was pierced but it was white because it was our area of ​​interest, so it reaches this point, which tells us in 15 minutes that the market has been good because it tells us because the area of interest has already been drilled in 15 minutes, so we would have to see what is in m- 30 for example to see what is higher to see if the market this coincides precisely with the rebound of the 21 and most likely with a rebound in alligator so that a good entry is marked until it continues to the next level the next level can be marked by m -30 or you can mark it in a greater temporality so it will be a greater temporality in triplicate it will continue to rise then there is no if you want to do in an area of ​​interest and a temporary seller the market is totally bullish, look at this, this is our area of ​​interest Not only the interest is up here so you are going to mark an entry to launch to this point that our area of ​​interest while feeling area of ​​interest in 64 imagine the market will have Why do a retracement at some point because it is extremely separate, that retracement is going to have to be marking in h1 or in m 30 even in m15 it may be marking that entry in the market retracement since this area has been pierced the market is already bullish it is very easy to know where the market is going with this well what I want to tell you is to try as much as possible to make entries for the first strategy of using wall street and using deep sex and using the blog indicator how it would be if it matches listen to me well if it coincides that the deep sex is going to coincide with an area of interest then at the entrance to the retreat you I do not recommend it if up here there is a civil area of ​​interest here there is an area of ​​interest it was white because it was perforated and It changed color but if there is a gray area up here, no one tries to enter down with that weak area of ​​interest, you will always try to make entries in the area of ​​interest that are b Lancas not in the gray areas that are the weak areas so we see that here try to enter all this that is in green they were white area here there are gray areas that are weaker think the market did not reach the weak area the market always in this case In 1,075 I always get to the white zones because I jump here because I have a previous mitigation but note that here there is a weak zone the market has not been here and not on the market to carry out a white zone and the market arrived here and he supported us with an inevitable deep sex he goes up to another white zone and the mythical market our entrance would be marked box would be marked here what happens that our entrance was marked in this zone did not occur notice it did not reach the market that may happen that the market mitigating and does not reach it go rather to the on balance it is possible but think that here we have two entries in mitigating forgiveness three entries in mitigation will tell this because this is mitigated to Previously and very few entries in it in the balance here, what came in the pre-market to the imbalance, however, the stable in the balance sheets is much greater than this in the area of ​​interest, which are the extreme zones where we will mark entry, especially if There is a deep zig zag like this one that is here I am going to erase this and I am going to start again these are deep appointment with an area of ​​interest these is a deep with an area of ​​interest when these age the market to follow is not going to stop the market no It has stopped rising when these two conditions occur, otherwise what happened to end the zigzag and there was a zone d is a clear white the force was bullish so you will be entry when the force is bullish you will be pure entrances to the upside where it will mark an entry here because the bullish force will not mark an entrance here because the bullish forces except the structure breaks when the structure breaks when the fractality 12 breaks that already comes to make me a higher low then you in the retracement that will coincide with an area of ​​interest and with a deep zig zag here if it is going to be a downward entry but in the meantime do not do it is advice but studying all with the second strategy, it is the first strategy, hopefully they can take the book because they are going to get a lot out of it, let's go for the second strategy, well, we continue the recent strategy that we are going to take into account is a strategy and that is made by Juan Calderón, which is a strategy of Scalping that the deep zig zag is used on WhatsApp that we have in the Botgratis12BinariasyForex channel for free but when I rather wanted to do a little management of what more or less I do, however, the analysis in different temporality is like a I like to analyze those then that what I do I what I do is have in this case temporality is day h 4 h 1 m 15 m 5 and then once we have that we can doing the analysis so that we can understand what the market is going to be and from which market has left us two weak areas of the market showed us that mythical twice daily here until the mitigation zone was mitigated twice and that is fine made from one side to the other side of an area of ​​interest where the market at some point where it could not mitigate and the fractality did not mark the area of ​​interest in turn shows us area of interest above and in turn shows another internal area above where It is a deep sex that we would have done by marking deep electrician we would have made a spear entry in the backward movement with walt street here I am not going to explain that because it already explains it many times an entry in wall street an entry of wall street an entry In wall street here there is a break once sex marks us, we cannot enter until the conditions are met, two marks a new deep system once it marks us what it is and what What are we going to make tickets to spear when it marks us and we wait for the setback to this point and voila it would not have moved and I have won a lot that the market tells us that it is going to the area of ​​interest is above the interest so you would have to mark an entry here The downside covers a downward entry will coincide with the historical ones of this type of market and here it did not mark bots so we know that the market ballads in one that we are going to make entry into us those in temporality is lower is what we are looking for let's go because it tells us h4 sorry, here we have h4 that tells us this 4 that the area of ​​interest is marked up there there are 2 in 10 and 4 in seconds we mark our area of interest above this I am going to erase an area is in one It is right here in h4 we see where that area is it coincides with our area of ​​interest and it also coincides with the area of ​​interest that is much higher up. I am going to mark it again so that we understand where the market is going than our area of Brand interest now we are going to h1 because everything for milk and for h1n1 is going to give us a lot of information h1 marked us here one entry two brands another entry and huck did not mark this entry all marked more entry the setbacks are very difficult right now in 75 To be able to enter the cns in fact I made an entry right in this and that entry then that entry well you can imagine how many generated but this entry is marked right here in when I marked this area of ​​interest I went to interior probabilities that It tells me m-30 here is our area of ​​interest that was mitigated and this was my entry into mitigation and in turn it was drilling and while it is drilling upwards this will continue to rise drilled it will rise drilled it will rise drilled this will go up drilled this is going to go up drills states and do not worry that the market will continue to rise and this is a good entry zone with wall street in the retracement this zone that tells us that most likely years of input when taking out at this point we had to see what it says to seconds if it is very far or more likely at this point why because it is very far we could even mark these areas to see if these areas coincide with h 4 and 1 retracement and could get the c4 therefore the best entry zone in the retracement is this and this would be the best entry the safest in the second could you enter I have a point higher but it is not as safe as for example this point which is here on wall street I am using wall street for this analysis of entries in reverse on 95 we will see that it marks us m 5 if there is an acute zone that matches two, it knows interest in month 5 since all the leaves are weak then there are no zones in m 5 that coincide with what that we mark in m15 has to move helped that it coincides there is no area that coincides with m 15 for this reason there is the perforated area that does coincide and that tells us I am sinking to see what it tells us I am sinking and it shows us that it was already mitigated above us shows this zone, it is obligatory to drill the market to come to a setback and note that who is now the ones of interest and the market could reach the closest to our zone that it could be that our safe zone could be this or this is a way of analyzing of entries says that when you see that I marked a deep six in an area of ​​interest to the downside and see that there is already a break in the structure because you pierced the market to go down then if you make a scart with this type of analysis You already know that the profit suite, if it is going to be a job, is going to be west, which is weak, which is in h1 with wall street, or is it a bit stronger, it is safer in h4, which would be a setback from h4. the market and as I know that although it is bullish, the ideal is to go up here on h4 in this area of ​​interest, we would have to see which is the area of ​​interest who best matches me and see if I am going to enter this area of ​​interest or in this area of ​​interest it is likely Let me go with this area of ​​interest because h4 can be a glimpse and a rejection in the habit of 21 therefore it would go up here this is the safest thing that has a little capital has to do that has to go up at this point at this point not down at this point because since the force is bullish, although I know that you are going to go down, because in this case you are less likely to go well if it goes against the trend , therefore go that it has little capital against this quartermaster and not against trend that we are going to mark an entry in the retracement it is very likely that the entry in the retracement to the downside is marked at this point where the perforated zone is, therefore you could do an entry at this point to the drop if the market here is going to coincide with the 21 and the al and aitor and it will mark while it works until this point to which they have the capital, note that taking into account the zigzag but with all the temporalities all absolutely All this is the second strategy is a war is that I follow myself and he is very similar to that of Juan Calderón Calderón he will explain later how that well-known entry is going to be in my case it has worked for me as I am only explaining saying this I'm going to see the video up to here and I would also like to tell you that you are delivering this indicator for about 15 days or a month personally to the mail, therefore you have to write, listen to me well, do not write to me in the group, write the private one, send me your email and I will send this by mail to everyone who can send it later, I will upload it to the Botgratis12BinariasyForex channel so that they can have this indicator and can test and do this type of strategy, said this, I say goodbye to you, we will see you in another occasion and we will continue to deliver for free much more in indicators much more strategy and much more

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