Incredible KX500 Build You Have To See!

Incredible KX500 Build You Have To See!

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All. Right what's up guys so behind me here is a 2003. KX 500, absolute. Beast of a bike so, this is actually my buddy Josh's, bike and we're gonna be going through and tricking this thing out should, be a fun little project and I'm looking forward to taking you guys along, for the ride. This. Bikes actually in really good shape already so we're not going to be doing a whole lot of clean-up on it looks. Like it's all stock with the exception, of the pipe and silencer. So, basically, what we're doing here is a Honda. Front end swap so different Forks wheel and brakes, also. Going to be swapping out the tank for something different new wheels and tires some, powder coat seracote, work new graphics, and seat cover kind of changing, up the color scheme and then, maybe a few other odds and ends as well like. Radiator hoses little billet aluminum, pieces and whatnot so, I should turn out pretty sweet for, the front end swap we'll be using a set of Olins kit forks for a Honda so of course we'll need to use a Honda, front wheel and hone the front brakes as well alright first thing we're going to be doing here is ripping. This thing down. So. At this point we've got the bike broken down pretty good lots, of stuff ready to go for powder coating and seracote will be doing the. Triple, clamps, shock. Body some. Of the power valve covers water pump cover and we're actually going to try Sarah, coating some plastic, stuff too so we're gonna go with a burnt, bronze for the head water, pump cover and the. Power. Valve cover as well all right so for the wheels we're going to go with, black rims and. A powder coat the, hubs and anodized. Blue similar. To, what. I did with the cr250 wheels over here. Crust. We've. Got the wheels completely, apart just. Gotta yank the bearings out of the hubs and they'll, be ready for powder coat. And. That. Next step will be removing the, lower, steering, stem bearing get. That triple clamp ready for seracote and then. Pulling, apart the shock to, rebuild it and seracote, that as well. You. Know about that. Damn. So. That's it for day one got the bike torn down to where we need it just gotta order up some parts and some seracote, in powder coat materials then, it's on to doing some coatings and then the assembly process starts. From there so this is everything that's going to be powder coated and setter coated the first step is to clean it in parts washer here this, is the heated parts washer that I built a while back so, this is before all the cleaning has been done and this. Is after. So. All the parts are sandblasted, and ready to go for powder, coat and seracote and for, the shock spring I believe that was powder coated so we're actually removing, the, paint, with, the Scots wet wheel over on the buffer. How'd. This get here what's. Up Mary, curb the out of your wheel oh. I do, that freaks me every time the hint I seize it was. Just like bear. You. Alright. Guys that is gonna wrap the kx5 hundred bills we had a ton of fun with this project and, I hope you guys enjoyed, it as well if, we get this video to. 10,000. Likes we're, gonna shoot an epic writing video with this beast right here so, right now I want you to go down below smash. That like button let's, go make it happen and I'll see you guys in that writing video thanks, for watching. As. Many of you guys know right, now I'm going through cancer treatment, about three weeks ago I was diagnosed, with leukemia so. Spent, a couple weeks in the hospital now I'm back home for two weeks before I head back in for more treatment so, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone that's showing support lately, sending me messages letters. In the mail donating. On the website it is all appreciated. So much so. To help out with all the medical bills I'm facing I've, set up a donation page, over, on my website primum.

XCOM So. As little, as you want to donate or to send your thoughts and prayers this way it is all appreciated. So so much so, I'll have the link to that donation page down, below, in the description box so that is gonna be it for this video hope you guys enjoyed this one I had a ton of fun making it this whole video was shot and the two or three weeks leading up until I was diagnosed with cancer and actually like two days before I went in we, just, finished up this build so knocked it out just in time kind. Of crazy deal but a project. Turned out really good thanks, a bunch for following, along with this project and I appreciate your patience it took forever to get this video out alright guys I'll see you in a future project, keep it Prime. You.

2018-08-20 23:41

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When you don't know whether to watch the girl or the bike ..

poably the best looking 500 until you find cr 500 and make it perfect to then therer are equal

Cool build! Really curious about the tank. I'm building one myself and I've been looking for one

Great work from a big follower here in Australia. I'm a bit like you-I love bikes and working on them but I suffer from a long-term health issue that restricts me from enjoying to my full potential. You give me inspiration and reassurance to get stuck into that next project bike (got a few in the garage at the moment). Hope all goes great for you and that you continue extracting all you can from every day.

_100k_ Congratulations Cameron.

Better than brand new and nothing to say more :D But i have a question, did you use some primer before final painting or just cleaned all dirt and painted directly? 17:44 how did you anodize that you leave a clean edge for sprocket? keep fighting!

Wow Cameron that’s awesome

Glad youre feeling better. Good job brother ❤

How much were the öhlins front shocks

Good job !

That beast is beautiful! Nice work again!

Awesome build

Im inlove to dirtbike after watching your videos man, i have underbone bike for now and i hope soon i will have a dirt bike that looks cool. From Philippines

Good work now show me someone that can ride that beast!! Love me some green bikes!

Hands down most enjoyable build on YouTube imho.

Who hired the hooker lol

Awesome work man

The girl makes the bike two times bether

Cool ass bike

please do more disassembling video

Prime video!! Stay strong!

Clean af!!!!! Good luck with the treatment!!!! Keep it pryme!!!

Sick video

Holy COW, i love the KX5 !

damn you need to do supermoto build

I feel like I could strip and rebuild anything after watching your videos

Hola from Barcelona! I like very much your chanel and the way you make your videos. That bike is excellent! The graphic on the tank is not perforated? Please be strong in this tough race and God bless you.

Great vid, but I was hoping to see more of the washing and details just like the good old times.

Those wheels are gorgeous, it sounds like the thing doesn't want to idle

Gorgeous "thing" ;-) Thx for a great video. And please beat the beast. We need your videos :)

Wow such a transformation it looks brand new great job as always Cameron and friend

how much hp does one of those have?

soooo sick

Your gonna get through this shit I know you can and the bike looks clean as hell always dreamed of having a big bore bike rippin in philly

boi you bought that parts washer tub at harbor freight

This vid got me hype to get my kx125 done

Good job

Now thats a clean kx500, also get well soon :)

Fantastic job on that bike! The color choices were spot on!

Big horn agreed! Looks mint

Such a clean Kx

What made you go to get a diagnosis? Nice build btw

Enjoyed it a lot. Get well soon mate!

When are u gonna put out a video with more progress of the cr250?

Just did a very similar build to my 1984 cr500. Doing the last couple touch ups on it and I'm about a week out from it being finished. If anyone would like to see a video of a full walk through please let me know! As for you Cameron this build was sweet, I hope you are feeling better and will be able to get out and back riding soon. Stay strong man!

Very nice, looking to buy a old ktm 300 at the moment

Lmao i liked how he had more attention for the bike than the girl #Yougotniemela#Getwellsoon

omfg those hubs tho...

Looks good

Finally you did a build on the KX 85 don't know if you remember me but I DM'ed you on Instagram when you posted a teaser pic of the 500

I think you and ur mate make a good partners, u shld build custom bike from ground up and sell it later or do shows with it.

Nice ass front shocks 2000$

Wow, awesome. You do nice work!

Amazing work!

This vid perfectly explains that Cameron shouldn't have had Bobbi in this video. You don't need a pretty girl to show off an amazing dirtbike. Don't get me wrong Bobbi Wallace is beautiful but honestly would've liked this video soooo much more than I already do if she wasn't standing there next to the bike in short shorts. (this is my opinion(some people may love seeing Bobbi in this but I just don't think it's necessary but keep up the vids cam!))

Awesome vid Cam!

Thanks man!!

Your gonna be ok man!!

Where do I order the complete female kit to go on my bike?

The bike is clean and awesome i dont want to sound bad but why did you paint the silencer black just wondering?

I don’t think she kicked this beast over in those shoes Good luck with the treatments

iiCapt iiCapt all technique

Hey dude, I know your going through a lot but I would love to see a KX 250 build sometime in the future

Looks PRYME!!

God bless you on your road to recovery!

Awesome video man love the shock spring and hub video looks awesome


Wow best kx I've seen.sooo clean

I wanna see the cr250 build not the kx or 125

I'm happy just watching you clean parts

Dude this one was so dope these are my favorite kind of videos and u nailed it! That bike came out looking so good

Jeez crazy to see the whole thing done in one video! Great job guys that thing is dopeeeeeeee

Looks amazing! Bike too!

Literally watched the whole video untill you put that chicks instagram on screen. She is a absolute unit

Nicely touched up. That 03 looks like it's been garaged since 03.

awesome as always cameron, fuerza y animo! greetings from Chile!

The bike and girl are beautiful

Just needs Jeff Ward on it now:)

Damn she’s hot. Guess the girl is cute too. But i wish i could put pics in comments. I have a 1988 CR500 that was my dads. I got it in pieces and got the frame powder coated and put it back together. Everything is OEM other than exhaust, which was left with the bike. It’s a beauty.

Very good job on that build! Makes me tempted to take my cr500 apart to try this cerakote thing out

Whos the tard tht disliked

Now there's 2 tards.

i just want to see the honda build complete and running. not sure why that got skipped over :/


The 500 rear fenders?!?! Is there a way to run a 125/250 style on the back?

don't really know what is hotter the girl or the bike oh yeah the bike

Great to see you doing well Cam, best of luck for next phase. Bike is totally sick, so congrats on an awesome rebuild, looks amazing.

Sickest build ever recorded

get josh on that thing for a video. i know he's a loretta champ. guy can still rip

The cleanest kawi in the world. The Honda front end was a great choice

Sweet build

Honda front end just doesn’t suit it

Sick bike and gorgeous girl. Sorry bout the diagnoses man Thoughts and prayers go out to you man

Have you ever tried any of the illusion candy colors from prismatic? I used their purple and it turned out nice! Just spray it on and bake it. It Turns from whatever is blue purple orange extra to a chrome after baking, you just bake it until it wets then take it out and let it cool. Then you apply a clear over it and bake it till its cured. Watching it through the oven window you can see as soon as the clear wets it turns back into the color it is supposed to be and has an amazing candy finish and is a lot easier to apply than traditional candy coats where if you get the candy too thick in one area it gets darker.

Fresh build!

Best video yet

That trick with the grips and air compressor is genius


Beautiful build! What year is it?

Cameron Moore Thanks! It’s a 2003

Can you powdercoat spoked wheels without tearing them down completely? I'd love to do mine but I do not want the hell of Re lacing them

No...Complete tear down is the only way.

Sweet! I’m glad your finally doing a 500 build!

Is it just me or is the audio ahead of the video towards the end? Great video though

That girl at the end

Grate video keep up the great work

sorry yo hear that man i hope you get better

Nice work That’s about as good as it gets

The wheels turned out great.

Yeasssss bro I said to do a Kx 500 build

What is the name of those paints and where I can get it?

Awesome videos dude, earned my subscription. It's inspirational to see you still putting out such amazing quality content all while taking your battles head on. I legitimately enjoyed watching this. This was like one of those oddly satisfying videos because it was actually complete, taken apart and back together all in one nice montage, something refreshing coming from all these build videos from youtubers where most dont even finish the one item the whole video was about. Just wanted to spread some love man even if it's just a like, comment, and subscription. Get well soon brotha! P.s. Best of luck with your upcoming treatments!

Where are you located man?

+Cameron Niemela I meant more like Ceracoating and powder coating. It's all good either way

I don't do any service work, sorry

+Cameron Niemela I love the work you do man. You take orders?

Phillip Elam WA state

Cameron I read ur message at the beginning of the film that u have so sorry to hear this.ive been watching ur films n they are super entertaining n informative n they got me through a really rough time in my u I'm a moto junkie n eat sleep n live for moto n working on bikes so ur videos are like the exact thing I would do if I made videos but u speak so well n much better then I do n ever could.but in 2015 I had a siezure n was diagnosed wit a brain tumor n it was stage 3 cancer n I did chemotherapy for a year n 32 rounds of radiation on my head n during this time I wanted nothing more then to work on bikes n ride but I was so sick I couldn't even play wit my niece.needless to say I stayed confident n had awesome family n friends around me n I beat it n about 1 year ago I got a bike again n started riding again n it's been so good for my recovery.i live in WA n go to horn rapids a lot n was hoping I'd get to run into u there cuz from watching ur videos I could tell we would get along great seeing how we love the same thing n have so much passion for working on bikes.please stay strong n I promise u will make it through this.ill pray for u n everytime I go ride I'll be sure to put in an extra moto for u. #NEVERSURRENDER #fxckcancer #motolife

Compression Release Head and straight rear fender next time, then AF!

Very nice

I wish dirtbike exhausts didn’t cost so much

Dude, watch "Run from the Cure" ...forget what you hear about cannabis..go str8 to the man who has CURED 100's of Cancer patients, including terminally ill with months left, now living well, cancer free. The medical industry is a scam.

Rear tire is bridgestone? What model?

That Bronze color is Tits !

My favorite part was watching the wheels come together. fresh wheels , new rubber. I could smell it through the screen.

Keep those elbows up buddy, you're going to whoop that cancer's ass

Excelente video Cameron!! Q te recuperes amigo.. :)

Another fantastic entertaining vid Cameron. Keep kicking cancers ass bro get better soon

Your awsome I love you been here since 10k

id tap that

Awesome build dude! Wishing you well.

Love the vid great music too keep up the hard work and God bless

Bro run a chisel or an Angled punch in on the steering stem bearing, then you can get to it with a regular punch. That way you dont have to destroy the bearing.

Thank you sm for featuring my track, means a lot

I love your videos Cameron congrats on 100k by the way. Get better soon good luck man sorry to hear about the health problems

Get well soon.... nice bike far as the girl goes .... I would not throw her out for eating chips in my bed would be ok if that's what she wants to do

these stickers match perfectly, good taste

Bad build man! From one Cameron to another!

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Stay strong. Where are u btw? Looks like Inland NW where I’m at - E. WA or N. Idaho?

Cameron Niemela - me too. South Hill. Looked like our neck of woods. This smoke sucks - dying to ride my bike. 2018 KTM Six Days 300 XCW - poor neglected thing :/

CanadianMike Thanks Mike! I’m from Spokane

Phat Booty i think is my favorite part.

Nice Build! The bike build is fantastic too! Get well, we miss ya.

LA sleeve makes a 550 sleeve for kX 500 I like mine

wishing you nothing but the best.. keep up the great work for our enjoyment...

???? what do you mean?

Awesome video. Stay strong man!

Hope you get better !! show us more of that chick

Great video but when are you finishing the cr 250 build?

God bless stay strong

Awesome build. Keep fighting dude. Love your vids.

Any one knows where i can get some graphics for my 03 Rm100 ?

Well done! Awesome build! I wish you well with your cancer fight!

Glad to see you home ...for now Thanks for another great video Cam...

If I send you my YZ85 shock would you paint it the same color as the 500

As a kx500 owner, great job and best wishes man!!!!

Broooooo!!!! Can I like send you my ktm in a box for you to do??

Hey Cameron do you have any tips/advice on finding cheap deals on bikes

My brother in law sold his 04 KX 500 for $800 ! It only needed a top end and a clutch lever ! I didn't even know he was selling it ! He sold it to a 15 year old kid ! Nice video Cameron !

Sexy! The bike ain’t to bad either

Get well soon buddy... Let Jesus takes the wheel... Greetings from Suriname.

Really cool to see an old bike like this all redone. We all know youll be back and better than ever after tour recovery. Also like this style of video where a lot of work is done instead of one piece at a time, still love the other vids though! Stay strong brother

Fuck the bike, just get better!


Awesome build as Always! Top notch work. Stay strong and keep fighting man you got way too much living to do.

Smashed that like button! Hope you get better bro!

that chick is finer than a frogs hair I'd like to be that seat cover lol get well soon man

I love your videos Cameron, your content is so good!! I wish you all the best on your recovery, from a kx250 rider in the UK

All the best with treatment Man. Praying for you!

God bless, stay on thr positive side amd hang in there

Awesome video.. One day im going to take apart my bike and rebuild it thanks to your videos. I'll make sure to record it and upload for you to see.. Thanks for the great content

So sorry to hear about your health, Cameron. Wishing you and your family the best.

Freakin Trick! The most beautiful 500 I've ever seen.

This is

Bad ass men! Thanks

Get well soon Cameron.

Get stong men. Big hug for you from Portugal.

Awesome Awesome Awesome Vid Cameron , just right amount footage on each item taking apart , cleaning , coating , and replacing .Music was great so was the different footage angles. You should have turned her loose to make a couple of laps. LOL Shock we purchased for my son Treys RM250 is working great looked brand new. I requested prayer for you at CHURCH and I'm still praying for you also. Keep the faith GOD CAN PERFORM MIRACAELS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man you guys know how to build them! All the best for you and your family!

Those forks are the best

More people need to like wtf

Cameron niemela great content as always. glad to see you on road to recovery all the best bud.

She is hot but I came here for the bike!! Bike looks good

Very good job with the thumbnail

all the best cameron. get well soon

I wish you the best with getting better stay strong and keep you’re head up you got this Can’t wait to hear you are all better

Is so good!!! I love this machine

Bro your vids are dope

what camera do you use

Jay Feuerherm Canon 80D

great build man! stay strong and im watching all the way from Mexico keep up the good work

I'm so sorry to hear that you have leukemia. I dont know if you have ALL or AML. I just wanted to say my brother who was diagnosed at 18 months with Leukemia and against all odds beat the shit out of it an is healthy at age 34 today. With all the help you've been to guys like me an others it's time for us to give back. My prays an donation on the way an hope many more will also.. Keep fighting an fuck cancer bro!

The frame and swingarm need to be black

I want to see her kickin of Dat 500

I bet he already made the riding video cause he knows he gonna get that 10k likes

All the best hope you get well soon love the bike it's well nice great content

Mad editing

More vids like this please they are so entertaining

That’s one thing on my bucket list is to ride a 5 Hundo!

Nice build! I assume that you have something to do with finland(bc your last name) so use that sisu to beat the cancer.

Plz answear, When is the next video about the Honda? Love your videos

Great old school graphics! Hang in there buddy

Sick bike bro!

No other Words, you are an artist! Love you man, stay strong

I thought u we’re tearing down to sell at first I was thing oh my god

Beautiful colour scheme! That just looks fantastic. Hope your health is improving bud.

All my best wishes from Barcelona to you. Stay strong and have a good recovery. owe us a KX5 video. Go REAL slow, that'll keep em guessing.

Congrats on 100K, Cameron! Nicely done!

I gotta quit watchin these vids man college just started and now i wanna buy a bike

This bike is sooo pryme!

That kx500 is mint man, also keep fighting that cancer bro

Glad you are fleeing better

Bike turned out great!, my girl friend was diagnosed in April with Leukemia AML, prayers going out to you. Stay strong

Hang in there bro you’ll make it though

Great Project.

Leon soild me that I reckon into the train withl u need me make more bikes ?

U are my hello mom

Rio community new Mexico City LoL of just me and myself n I about it for now u seen it's been hard

Already almost done with 4 more lot of work on in on it heho hah oh sii n sorry for the reckon bore

Two** no

I'm Michael Vick I frakved lol

Now I'm air lift heha of the train lol

My prayers for you bud. Hopefully we can see you braaaaaap some more. Stay strong bud

Best of luck bud really wish ya best!

Fuck cancer were here for you cam!

He obviously makes enough money. Why the need for a cancer fund? Or is he living off of mommy and daddy's money on these videos

respekitmor As stated in this video this is not my bike and I didn’t pay for any of the parts. I simply filmed the project. I have a cancer fund so that way I don’t lose everything I’ve worked for in my life and I can continue producing videos for you all in the future. Medical bills can easily be 500k+

Man that 500 is brutal

Hang in there bud , awesome build you bring the best mx bike restoration's to life

Leukemia? Damn dude that hit me by surprise holy cow. Keep doing the great work though!

I'm in federal way whenever you want to go riding.

Hello Cameron, I'm from Brazil and I'm in love with motocross. I am very sad about what is happening to you, I know that this disease is not easy, but you will get out of it and be good to accelerate on the tracks again, and continue with this content on youtube, I am in the crowd for you, a strong hug. Junior Troiano.

Hope all is well! Looking forward to your next video.

Hey cameron huge fan been subscribed since before you even came out with revive Moto and love your vids and I just recently started my channel and I’m giving away a rmz 250 for free to a subscriber I was wondering if you could shout that out on your channel or something I would really appreciate it

Get better buddy.

That’s just amazing... she’s beautiful!! ( the bike not the girl ;)

That ass though

I think it is burning oil ;-)

She's beautiful!!! The bike doesn't look to bad either sounds a little rich good luck with your treatment thanks for the video

Did it just came from manufacture ?

Thanks for the awesome video. Can you post where you bought cerakote colours?


Hope the best for you. need your videos❤

Is you brother girlfriend


Someone wasnt payn much attention to the bike when they should have been.

Awesome video Cameron!!

i would love to ride her !

I can't like this video enough. You guys did such a great job. You will always be a gigantic inspiration Cameron!

Hope you feel better!

Bobbi has a phat ass

Nobody needs a 500cc

That's awesome man

Hey man do you mind watching my videos please and give Them a comment and like please?? I watch all your videos :-) your awesome.. from here in the UK :-)

Beauty bike ♥️. Hope your road to recovery is short and sweeet!! God bless you !!

What would you recommend for a good beginner dirt bike for a teen?

What did you build? It looks like you just took it apart and painted it.

Get well Cam! keep up the positivity!

i make a kdx250 1993 last week ,i hope you get well soon ,

Wow! Super Awesome Video! Gives me inspiration to do mine. I hope the best for you, Get Well! Love your vids!

Can kx 500 destroyd new 450?mx bikes

what are the ods that she started it herself?! would have been hot.

bike looks great but why powder coat the silencer? FMF stuff looks sick already why change that?

I would ride that !!!.................and her

500cc 2stroke are Legend

No matter what year the KX500 has always been my dream bike!

You know she loved the vibration from that good ole 500 at the end

Great build. My prayers are with you, wishing you the very best outcome. Get well soon.

Damn that paint job on the hub and spring....nice af

OMG the bike terned out SO GOOD

Why all the blue on a Kawasaki ? Should have used green Chrome on all the blue parts an Green radiator hoses Kawasaki for life

kurt gullicksen wow good on ya bro very moving

20:35 lady you've got stunning .... HAIR but can you get out of the way im trying to see the damn motocycle.... sex later.

Hope yuo get better look this just in case. How to Heal From Leukemia

Gutted to hear about your health, mate. Best of luck from Australia!!!

Praying for you to have a speedy recovery! Love the videos!

Beautiful bike! Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, and wish you the best of luck!

Both in the end look really nice

Nice video bike looks sick hope you get better Cameron get well ps.girls pretty hot to

Prayers up for you my dude. Hang in there

sorry to hear about the cancer

so the bike is sick as fuck , i really like kawai i have a ktm roller with a kx 500 motor it also has been big bored so its a 94mm piston but why in gods name blue colors why not green

Get better soon Cameron . Love the vids

i give you all my force from France to fight that shit !! you gonna be strong mate !!!

Can’t wait for the Cr250!

Hope you get better bro!

Congratulations on the 100K, you need to get on the kxriders forum and order a compression release valve from Larry Weichman, lots of KX500 info on there like shimming the frames etc!,6445.0.html

Good but and good bike

Make a video with Kawasaki kmx please

shouldve done an AF swap

god bless, good luck!!! stay strong

honda cr 250 ?????

Great Bike man! Stay strong and Ride Save;)

That is one fucking dope bike.

Nice bike, great work, trick parts. Good luck buddy hope you're well and God bless

Ohhhhh if I only had a powder coater the possibly are endless and also if money grew on trees the things I could do with that would be endless I would be build my cr 85 from top from bottom but that's for a day in the future lol when ever that will happens

Love 500 2 bangers but God I hate that old school shape, especially that pipe and muffler they just screaming IM OLD.. but still a great bike even though it's ugly

It's so beautiful, beautiful work

Hope you get well soon buddy

that girls look beautiful

4,9/5 cause the girl is obsructing the view :)

is your last name finnish?

ooh nice i am from finland and your videos are awesome! keep it up bro

Yes it is

You make this look professional and enjoyable. It would be nice to get a ride to actually pick up a cr125r or kx125 to rebuild, man your work sure comes of really nice!!!

best youtube video

I love it , good job man ❤️❤️❤️

Best of luck with your health man

Biggies daughter

Sorry man. I didn't mean to come across as a dick. I hope the best for you. Stay strong and you'll get through

What color blue did you use for the shock spring over the chrome?????

Sounds amazing

I really wanna like her legs... and dat ass... and that fuckin smexy bike. Yeah ima asshole. :D

nys mayd mi wewe hard

Really good job on this build, it looks marvelous. Hope all is well.

Yuo have inspired me to rebuild my 1993 kdx 200 thank you for your contribution to the bike community

Amazing! The attention to detail is great.

You know its bad when a bike looks so good you want the girl to get out of the shot because she's blocking the view of the bike.

We know you gonna beat that cancer

Cannabis oils

I like everything thing about this video, especially Bobbi and the 500, minus the leukemia. Stay strong bro

You know she like that two stroke on her pussy she was rippin it

Are you part finnish? That surname is 100% finnish

Cameron Niemela cool im finnish too. Im quessing its spelled Niemelä but you just put it with "a"? And do you know much about finland/finnish culture or do you speak any finnish?

Yes, grandparents are from Finland!

Good luck with your shit, Cam. G'Day from Melbourne Australia (Donated)

ratbag is that you?

Hope you get well soon, greetings from the netherlands

At first, i was like "blue hubs?' Then i saw the classic scheme. Good stuff. Then i saw a silver shock spring go into the oven, and thought "shoulda been blued too!" Alas, we just had to "wait for it!" Pure moto milk shake, with a ripe little cherry on top (the girl)! I must say, your videography / editing skills are at least as good as your bike shop skills. Excellent work. Cancer doesn't stand a chance! Ps: I'm interested in the 'legs' you guys removed from the 500, if they're around.

Kawasaki is my favorite brand. Brand loyalty and always has the hottest female models.

We used anodized blue

godbless buddy say wee prayer for ya keep strong

Love your channel mate and all the best with the treatment.

Who said four strokes get more?God bless you mate,hope your health is improving.

Mate that kx500 came up super mint, love the burnt bronze and the fork swap gives it some real deal works vibes.

Sorry to hear bro start organic juiceing No sugar no meat and God bless you bro love your videos

get well soon

Bel video complimenti !

megan rain

Great Build! Stay Positive and Stay Strong! Keep us posted as you kick cancers ass!

hello there , i started to see your videos like one week ago, i Wishing you and your family the best, i would to know if a can get a new set of plastic wear for my honda xr 200 82 , or someone know i glad to hear your comments, thanks and and go big

That is probably the nicest build I have seen you do yet! I have a kx500. Wish mine looked that nice! Hope you beat the cancer quick!

Would ride both those toys

Get that ugly thing of the Kx slice of heaven

great job! You can heal yourself and save the hospital bills too! Exit that hospital asap. Dr. Morse and Dr. Sebi


Chin up C....all the best

You’re a boss dude, sick video! I smashed the f**k outta that like button.

Holy Shit!! Awesome vid.. This style of video editing has me captivated... Great job, brother... Hope you're feeling MUCH BETTER soon...

Woah...I've finally found a good video to be commented on youtube, I'd give like 100 likes if I could

Wow that thing was soooo clean to begin with!

Why are u cross branding

Looks SICK!

Cameron, I hope you get better, the big C is really tough. Your video brought back memories. I rode a KX500 all through the 90's. It ruled the Desert & just about everything else. Hole shots at Mammoth Mountain were a thing of beauty. I raced it many times in the Baja 1000 & Baja 500. Years of racing & I never changed the piston. One year after going through tech inspection for the Baja 500, I stupidly tried to start it with tennis shoes on. With a couple of hundred people watching, it kicked back so hard, it ripped my tennis shoe off and launched it 30 feet in the air. My foot was the ugliest shade of purple you can imagine. I tried to act like it didn't hurt, & decided to push it back to our hotel limping with only one shoe on. Later that night at the riders meeting, & I just happened to be standing beside Danny Hamel. If you don't know the name, he was the absolute fastest man alive racing a factory KX500. As we waited for the meeting to start, I told him about my tennis shoe. He had a good laugh. Because he had won the previous Baja 500, the next morning, he was the first rider out. Within 5 minutes he was dead. A stupid off duty cop, pulled in front of him as he was pinned at 130 mph heading south on Hwy 1. He never had a chance to back off the throttle.

That thing is sick! Prayers for you Cameron!

In 2003 why was Kawasaki so far behind the curve in plastics? It looks like it's from the late 80's.

The bike is cool but the girl is off the chain hot

I had a 1992 kx500 when i was a boy, never had anything like it since, simply awsome.

Cameron I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope you make a great recovery! I have to add that amygdalin is a very nutritious molecule that has proven to release cyanide when a cancer cell comes in contact with amygdalin, cyanide is a very strong molecule that could fight cancer. Beta glucosidase is found in the cancer cell, beta glucosidase releases the cyanide molecule from the amygdalin compound therefore causing the cyanide to become poisonous to the cancer cell, ultimately destroying the cancer cells in its path. Amygdalin is found in lots of natural plants that are bitter to the taste, like grass and grass soup. It tastes horrible and super bitter but is very nutritious and loaded with amygdalin. I really hope this helps!

So so sorry to hear about your health brother. Hope you're getting better now. My prayers are there for you. Be strong. Get well soon.

if i could donate i would i have no money but i swear the first i get is going to you pall ive always wanted a dirtbike and i hope this gives me a chance to get a really good offer on 1 hope u get well man i love u and all ur vids i hope u get through it

Very, very nice ... and the bike too! Get well!

Good luck with your leukemia man

Tune it. Get those mythical big bore kits and add fuel injection.

Bet she’s wet

Woooow that is a Sick bike

god bless u.

beautiful. the girl i mean.

Nice. Wonder if you can get a better looking rear fender for it something a bit flatter and tighter looking. That looks 80's! as.

Good luck and god bless

Bad Ass!! Great Vid.

It would look perfect with blue levers

I've been following Devin's channel for a while now, Came across your channel a few days ago. Idk how I didn't realize you guys were brothers lol

Haha that's awesome!

Imagine if she accidentally knocked it into gear and set off whiskey style ! Jokes aside hope you beat the C word dude. All the best.

I just obtained a 2000 Kx 500 I'm excited to trick it out ,,it bangs over first kick. Hope u beat that illness brother

It turned out so nice!!! Great job!!

i came here for the hottie at the start

DCA its cheap it works look it up!

You really nailed it with this one Cam, nice job!

Cute dumper on that one.

I have learned to repair my bike thanks to your videos, I hope you get better soon, greetings for you and your family.

Lovely work, boys. Also hope you end up ok, mate!

Fucking awesome build guys! You made it look so easy. Smokers not strokers!

I am praying for you!!

I like your girlfriend. They dont build em' like that in socal. fuckin bike is dope

your gonna regret not using grip glue.... sweet build, make it look to easy tho . must have been a real bitch getting BEARINGs and all that shit for that bike

broo keep on fighting your cancer i need to see you up on the horse again

Yeah I mean it's cool and everything.. but can it beat an '84 pw50 with serious carb problems?

Well done

Beautiful bike. Nice work. The broad had nice ass legs too. Jeezus.

real awsome looking monster ! with great parts, great fork !!! BUT- you guys just don't get it,do you ???? YOU GOT AIR IN YOUR SHOCK !!! there's always air in the compression mechanism when you close a shock that way, and ytou maybe don't feel it because you pressurise it with more than 140psi , but it's there, waiting for the rebound stroke .... and, how long do you think the MOTOREX 5W is going to live in a REAR SHOCK ??? it has shitty VI ! (also doesn't have the right viscosity for a rear shock,to begin with)

Where did you get these graphics? I have a 1993 kx 125 and i like these graphics

The bike is hotter than the girl

Keep ur motocross, i get the girl. Hehe, btw awesome job

Beautiful build and a very well done video sir,the kx500 is a beast!

Sik Vid. Hope you get well soon buddy.

Great quality camera

Aaaaah is your sister single? She looks great without the bike...Lol

Thoughts and prayers for you! Beautiful bike and beautiful lady! Well done!!

Did anyone else think it was click bait

very sorry about the news I hope you make a full recovery and it goes away that is a very sick looking KX cant wait to see it in action

I'm praying for you and your family's health, safety and success.  Your going to beat it. I also own a KX500 great bikes.

You guys are amazing.

Video would've been better without her on it tbh

just a word of advice, when you have the hubs apart, before you powder coat, drill and tap a grease zirk in the center, take out the plastic seals on the inside of the wheel brgs, before assy. Youll never have to worry about bearing problems ever again. GOD BLESS

Great job no doubt Whish you all the best

How you feeling now cam?

I bet when you get on her she'll scream

I would have done hubs Pepto Bismol pink

shes looks so fit.....the bike i mean lol

Be strong bro on fighting on cancer like my father both of have the same type of cancer that's way I know how difficult u will be facing on medication just always believing on God he always have good plans for all us I will always pray for you get well soon bro

Very nice build. Thanks for taking the time to post it. I know how much guff you can get from the public. Just a thought, you might want to pull the head off and flip the gasket over, or better yet replace it with a Cometic. Remember, the small holes in the head gasket go to the right side or the water pump side. Failure to do so will lead to the left side of the cylinder getting hot.. Thanks again for posting and I hope you kick the Cancer.

Nice work my'll beat your condition

Riding that would be pretty pleasurable.....the bike I mean :-D

Nice bike, but fuck that bike, I would give a leg to bury my face in that fat ass..... God daaaamnnnn!!.!

I come from a cancer stricken family.. Just like the KX 5 BUD.. NEVER SAY DIE... HOLD ON LOOSE, AND LOVE IT.. BIG PROPS.. BIG LOVE.. PEACE

I only came for the grill

Girls looks really hot riding bikes, even doing it as passengers.

Great build and detail. You should be on t v building. Good luck with your health.

If she didn't like 2 strokes before, she does now!!

Beautiful moto but especially beautiful model

we are not gonna do much to this bike *5mins later* rebuild almost entire bike

nice job with all your builds way to break it down also so ppl can turned out great! keep up the good work! keep your head up good luck with everything

WOW nice jobs

Hope ur doing good man, Just beat the cancers ass, Lets get it man

Damn it Cameron! I just started watching your videos a few days ago, I don’t race MX but I race circle track cars and hope to implement some of your style in my future build. I’m sorry about your diagnosis, just keep doing what your doing no matter how bad the treatments make you feel. Gotta muscle through it and you’ll be okay!

Smoke alot i mean ALOT of weed and youll be hood. Lol my dads buddy had leukemia and he made it out. Your hopes are my prayers.

Ugly bike

Your gonna kill cancer man keep fighting!!

2003 kx 500 mx bike

America, the land of the free and people who have to pay themselves sick to get themselves healthy

Stay up brother #fuckcancer

Are those new forks or were they powder coated gold?

Can you or have you done a YZ490 build?

You look alot like Richie Cunningham. Try alkaline diet. Look up the baking soda cure.

All new bolts nuts & hardware or just cleaned?

Are those new Rims? I didnt see them get powder coated

I'm wondering if you live near a cell phone tower or if the powder coating compounds you're breathing daily may have caused your leukemia

You look perfectly healthy how the hell did you have leukemia?

Nice Mechanics work. smooth with no doubt or hesitation. obviously not the first time youve done it.

Hate it about the Leukemia, try to keep your head up, you still have more living to do. Great job on the bike by the way.


Bless your soul brother. I pray that your treatment works and goes over really smooth.

Let's see her start it it the real question

Girl... Aahh. Like

Just BEAUTIFUL! And yeah, I DO mean the bike!

I'm not one to complain but for last 5 mins of the vid there was no bike . Kidding. Really mean lookin bike bud great job.

Do my bike next

I love dirt bike builds and re builds as much as anyone else. But who else only clicked the video for the hot girl?

sorry to hear about cancer hope you have a speedy recovery very nice job on the kx hang in there you look like a go-getter fight to ride God bless

Dude I just realized who you were. Been watching your videos for a while now on builds. Small world

Mec je trouve ton boulot sur cette bécane absolument fabuleux ,et je souhaite de tout cœur que tu ailles bien mieux.

Crazy. Reminds me of that one dude rebuilding his cr or cf 250. Same garage and mediablaster and buffer. You lie about cancer you die quicker. Oh truck!!!! I am a fool. Did some research. Same guy, same shop. Boy do I feel like a tool. Bro I apologize. Damn I feel like an ass. Sorry man. You got this.

man I would put to good use the old parts

Good luck with your treatment Cam, I will be thinking of you.

The girl looks ugly ass fuck next to that kx 500 lmao

Nice girl.. her body like our brazilians

Damn she looks good..

Havnt seen this vid yet so I’m watching it now found out you got diagnosed wit leukaemia I hope you recover your a strong and amazing person loved the vids since about a year ago

Sorry to hear about your health man. What can I say ? I'm a 250 hour plus vet on the KX500's in the south island of New Zealand. Always short shift them and try and keep the wheel on the ground :-) Nice work my friend.

She might look good sitting on it, but can she start it?

You look rich enough buddy, best of luck.

Very very nice!)

stunning projeckt.i am a cancer surviver too.take care.

Man I love your videos how you know how to do everything you are my idol I love your vids.

i just seen dr. Joel Wallach's videos on lukemia. Arsenic seems to be the mineral you need plus the 90 vitamin and minerals for a healthy immune system. his vitamins are the best, i just started a starter pak from youngevity. i hope this info helps you, get well soon.

Cameron, look up youngevity vitamin products. dr. Joel Wallach can help you get back to good health thru his vitamins and mineral supplements. google his and dr. Peter Gliddens videos, very informative videos. Speed shift back to health!

very hot

What kind of douche bag would dislike this video. Awesome kx, great job.

Spero tu possa stare meglio e goderti tanti bei giri nel bosco con la brunetta. In bocca al lupo uomo.

God bless you I hope you get well fast you, stay positive even when meds get hard on you you will win this fight. Never give up.

Lovely build .

My wife has beat cancer three times now dude. Scary stuff, but she never complains, never lets it get her down. Hope you too can find a rock hard place inside to fight from. From a yz250 rider

You're not a mechanic, you are a craftsman of mechanics, heal soon, and think about what strong emotion, it could have made you sick, Think about it, There may be the answer, we hope your next videos with security......a big hug bro

Like her thick thighs

does all of that effort make the bike faster? nope! it's the rider. I never wash my bikes. Keep it real.

What forks are they like the exact ones and which front brakes did he get from Honda and wheel I want to do the same on my kx500

Sorry to hear about your illness(feel better), very cool bike rebuild though, awesome.

i hope u  a good recovery be strong man xDDDD

hope u are well buddy


I hope you get well soon.

Hmmm, which should I ride first.

Steve Melsom your bikes must die pretty quickly when you never wash them

Buda Bunda it could be genetics, its not always your suroundings

I had a near mint 2000 kx500 and never shoulda sold it ,,,,

It says 666 comments so I'm making it 667 just to be safe

Two birds with one stone.bro when baking paint in the oven ask your lady friend to get some cakes on the go for the lads to! :))) caio!

Keep your chin up and enjoy life bro. Beast wishes thank for the posting, interesting and detailed

Fuck the girl,i wanna ride that kawi

Nice build. Best wishes to combat the cancer!

How long do you dry the paint in the oven?

I'd be screwed if I took my bike apart 1/16th as much as that....

Woww you are really good at working on bikes brother. GREAT JOB!! That bike is crazy dope!

That bike looks sick

Your a legend bro


I'm filipino.. I oove your videos and dirtbike.. I want to see you in personal sir.. Do you have a facebook account.? Can you send me a message..

I wish u all the best man

Awesome build man!! I'm a cancer survivor and just kick ass and take names bro!!


Nice film Cameron, from New Zealand and I have a couple of hundred hours on the KX500's, still running an E-16 '04 I've had from new. Pretty much standard apart from the Pro-Circuit plumbing, new bars, Reed valve set up and another layer in the seat to make it better suit my height. Ok, I'm 56 now but that doesn't stop me. Sorry to hear you're unwell my friend, not sure what to say ...

We had the best memories we had. In 1993 the KX 250 was very strong in terms of engine. Now I have a RMZ 450 in 2006 but unfortunately the engine is overpriced and spare parts are not available in our country. Because I live in Algeria. Can you help me and  My email address is

Sending prayers Bubba!

Bro can you answer a question for me please...I’m thinking of getting a rmz 250 2014 ive just got crf450r I like the bike but I’m struggling to Chuck it around so I want a practice on rmz 250 do you think it will carry my weight I’m 214 pounds I’m not the smallest of guys lol.... get well soon I’m praying

Damn...prayers for best youtuber ever

Hope you get well man!

is that girl one of your friends or did you really hire an attractive looking girl in order to get more views on your channel??

hey brother, sorry about the c-word bothering you. Know you're in my prayers and fight it, and stay strong not just mentally but physically. Keep a pump goin' whenever you get the chance to hit the weights or ride eat clean. A strong body and being young like you are will help. Thanks for the video and for sharing that beautiful girl in the vid!

The rear shock is art.

screw the "Vibro-massage" who's the babe??

WOW! She's pretty! Not the gurl, the bike. Her looks will change over time, but a KX500 has timeless beauty. LOL!

tak ako to si zo mňa robíš piču....toto je akože generálka motorky??? šak to by som ju lepšie porobil v provizórnej garáži, nie že s hentakým vybavením jak tam máte a podkíňate sa tam jeden o druhého jak prijebaní, to za prvé, druhé, dopredu najebeš nové Ohlinsi a vzadu necháš chabú starú Kayabu, čo má 20 kliknutí hore a 18 dole?...hlavne že 500 000 záberov ako nalisovávate ložišká, ale kyvnej a prepákovania ste sa ani nedotkli, to isté sa týka pretesnenia motora a výmeny gufier na ňom....ASPOŇ GUFIER, keď už nič iné....a tá kurwa na konci?? to malo byť akože čo? nejaký kasový trhák ste z toho chceli mať vďaka nej, keď už ste GO odflákli jak poslední učni?? Sorry chlapci, ale toto sa vám teda nepodarilo a ak už niečo jebnete na net a chcete za to 10k likeov, tak nech to má aspoň úroveň priemerného servisu....dovi, dopo

A million questions I'd love to ask but if I send you some pictures of two different motors can you tell me the best way to go about cleaning them? One is a 2014 and it's already getting "stained" more or less. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated....

keep it up dont let cancer take over#rideforlife

LOL! I thought the bike was already rebuilt

Leukemia, holly shit man. Hang tough and all that.....

Dang, who dat?

Cameron where did you get the fuel tank?

Ambience is a great track. #SCREWCANCER

Fuck that bitch at the end stop putting them on a paddle stool. She looks like a crack head.

Wtf!! Wheel hubs turned out amazing!

Nice ass

stay strong brother

I almost had to punch the clown after watching this one... total bike porn!

belle boite a caks a fin dany

I dont know what's up with guys trying to showoff their things with a girl on top of anything

Ive never commented on a video before but felt it necessary to tell you to stay strong buddy. You can and will overcome this obstacle. Just gotta believe.

She’s been on her knees

I assume the 250 tank is personal preference.

what gas tank graphics kit is that? its awesome!

Fellas the bike or the girl ;)

That was the best bike build I ever watched. So much detail in how you put it together. Thanks for the post. The video kicked ass

I just seen a phat azz, What bike?

Took it to the max with those spoky's ! nice, "Go all the way" build. From top to bottom ! Nice bike ! Thanks !

Excellent job sorry about your leukemia !

how much would. a garage charge to do all that work?

Your in my prayers and thoughts man

Lucky seat.

Get well soon cho

Cancer hope u get better

Amigo muestra mas a la chica que a la moto

I've been looking for one of these for 10 god damm years!!!

Wishing you the very best!

Make sure it’s Leukemia...doctors diagnosed me with that when I was 3 years-old (30 years ago) it turned out to be thalassemia which looks nearly identical under a microscope... my dad called his mother and told her I was diagnosed with Leukemia & his mother said “Oooh no he doesn’t, that’s bullshit!! Call that doctor right now and ask him if it’s have it, I just never told you...” so my dad called the doctor and said “I’m now informed that I have thalassemia beta...” and the doctor said “hmm, that’s the one other thing it could be...that being said, your son has it much worse than you do, he had thalassemia major...I’ve never heard of it being a degenerative blood disorder, but truth be told it’s not something I know a lot about” (the year was 1988, so this was long before the days of Google or WebMD...

Hi Cameron I was wondering if you have any 4 strokes if so could you do a vid on it thanks a lot

INDONESIA waiting For you

I'm Fans From Indonesia Country

You are the best Brother

You always make it look so easy

Dang man keep fighting. Cancer is terrible. It sucks. I wish you nothing but luck in the upcoming months.

Great job and best of luck with treatment

I peeped that Illuminati bulshit he was trying to pull on the low

hope you're ok I won a bunch 89. 92on Kx stable I'll get your likes let me show you how to ride it

what's with the throw back graphics? I would have kept the green base and blacked and greened out everything else.

Cleaning and painting company. No restoration of details. Outside is beautiful, inside is the same as it was!!!

SICK BIKE !!!! Godspeed to u and ur fam in your battle with lukemia

You should do another 500 build but put the engine in a newer kx450

How much would a bike like that cost? Over 10k I'm guessing. It's soooo sweet

Hey Cameron.............if this ain't beautiful, nothing is !.................. awesome build Sir

Hope you're doing better! Truly an inspiration in many ways!

the video begin at 21:15

AMAZING my friend

Nice work!!

Someone please tell me were I can find these graphics!!!!

6:54 = full chindoe. hate to break it, but this guy aint as smart as he projects himself to be

Beautiful Hello

bikes and bitches awensome cameron!

She should be wearing a helmet..

from the uk get well soon i love your vids god bless you and your family x

DUDE SHE GAVE ME A STIFFY!! now if i can just talk her into sitting on my face everything will be ok !! yea yea i know im a nasty little boy now arent i.

Incredible ass ! ^^


Lei è meglio della moto.


DUDE SHE GAVE ME A STIFFY!! now if i can just talk her into sitting on my face !! yea yea i know im a nasty little boy now arent i.

is it buckled mate

It be sexier if she could start it without breaking her shin

Subtitles in Spanish are appreciated.

Girl at the end was weak. Seen alot better than that. She's sloppy.

Hi nice bike how much is the hole build


you deserve way more subs then 160 thousand

Could have hired a better looking girl. Jesus.

Alll the best Cameron wishes you a quick recovery Robert in Australia

Linda 2t

Who taught you guys how to do that???

Sexy lady i like it

Crazy nice build! Hope you are well NOW.

That girl at the end

Thoughts and prayers for you brother you're an awesome technician.

If Young Ron Howard's girlfriend lost 25 lb she'd be hot !

Am saddened by your health as you are so young. The restoration on the 500 is superb and shows your determination to get it right. Best of luck my boy.

That is the best KX i have ever seen in my life! . You legends. Supreme work :D

Wasnt crazy about the blue hubs....until i saw them on the bike and once i stand amazed! You truly are an artist.

Another incredible build!! It all looks fantastic. Those forks have me drooling!!

Prayers to u my friend ❤️

I will buy the bike if she comes with.

hope everything is ok with you Cameron!!! Be Healthy and Be Happy!!! Best wishes and good vibes!!!!

Hot babe with a hot dirt bike. Can't decide which one I like better. Dirt bike doesn't talk back but it doesn't have awesome T & A. It a toss up

Geez...wish my face was that bike seat...just sayin lol nice build and best of luck to ya!


I think the girl is better

what if the engine is just rebuild

Ew girl


Sweet vid all round. What tank did you guys use?

Thanks! I believe it was an older KX250 tank

I rode and raced my 1991 KX500 for 2 years in the New Mexico Desert Racing series to two 2 Open Expert Championships (1992 & 1993). And raced "The Green Beast" in the Sonoyta to Rocky Point Race in 1991 to a 3rd Place Open Expert result. After 1993, I bought a KX250 for something different. My experience can be summed as, "On the 250, I was usually trying to find a way to go faster while on the 500, I was usually trying to find a way to slow down."

Its a fuckin sham that the seat got soaked through so quickly

Dont ever forget that Good is always good and I will pray for you to healing and going strong through this if you believe is always Good healing lifes just believe and everything is posible

Bro i really really hope ur doing good up to date with ur leukemia had me seriously worried and i dont even know u but ive lost too many people to cancer!

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