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And point the person in the direction that they need to go about that particular product. If you're watching this like, OK, that sounds all good, but how exactly do I do this? Because I'm not a coder. So the tool that I use is actually called a firework. Right. And y'all. Hey, Hustle Babes I'm Shanelle, The Brand Hustler, and this is a channel for all my hustle babes who are interested in any insight on the entrepreneurial journey while learning essential marketing and business tips for their brand.

If that sounds like you, go ahead and subscribe and join the Hustle Babe community. Today's video is going to be so good because I am sharing with you a tool that you can use to increase your website engagement and its conversions. And if you don't know what a conversion is, a conversion is when your audience doesn't action that you want them to do right. Either they become a lead.

Whether that's joining your email list via your subscription on your website or whether that's them becoming a customer by actually adding to cart and then following through with the purchase. Those things are all examples of conversions. And I'm also going to show you how you can utilize this one tool. It's more like a tool combined with a strategy, to be completely honest, because a lot of people don't think about doing this.

And I don't know why, because it's like so legit. So if you are excited to learn what this tool slash strategy, let's just say this strategic tool, right. If you're excited to learn what the strategic tool is, then make sure you grab your notebook, sit back, relax and be ready to take some notes.

All right. Let's go ahead and get into this video. First things first. Let's talk about the strategy behind the tool.

OK, so drum roll, please, because I'm about to drop a gem. The way that you can increase engagement in conversions on your website is simply by adding something that's already working elsewhere on your site and to be more specific, taking videos and plugging them into your site. Right. And hear me out. So short storytelling videos like the ones you see on take top or the ones you see on IJI Real or even the ones you see on IG story. Right. They do wonders for businesses, right?

They drive engagement rates, they drive conversion rates and they really help your audience get to know your brand and get to love your brand. Right. Because you have to think about your customers journey as like a dating process. You don't just walk up to somebody that you just met for the first time and say, hey, let's get married, let's have kids. Right. You go through a journey, right?

You go through a dating phase of learning who they are, more about what they like to do. And then you either start to like them or you don't. And then you may start to love them. Right. It is kind of the same thing with a customer's journey. You have to go through kind of like a dating stage, right? So you don't want to just jump down somebody's throat and tell them to buy from you and your customer is not just going to see you and then immediately buy from you. You have to create that emotional connection and you do that through storytelling.

And now you can bring that same concept to your website. So when somebody goes to your website and they're stuck trying to figure out, OK, well, why, you know, why should I buy this product or how does this brand resonate with me and my lifestyle? You literally can have a playlist of videos answering those exact questions. Right. And to give you an example. So let's say you are a fashion brand, right? You're a clothing boutique, a shoe boutique or whatever, but you emphasize the high quality ness of your shoe and the fact that you can wear this shoe with multiple styles.

Maybe you want to create a short video rocking that same pair of shoes with three different outfits. Boom. Now, when somebody comes to your website and they see that, they're like, oh, my goodness, I never realized how versatile this was. And I am OK with investing X amount of money in it because I know it's high quality and it will last long and is versatile. So having a little short storytelling videos like this can impact your website so much.

And just overall for your brand, honestly, it can impact your brand so much. And they're already working on these places. They're already working on IJI story. I do Real's and take talk.

So why not just take the same idea and plug it into your website? You don't even need to reinvent the wheel. If you are already born with the tick tock content. Save those quick little 30, second, 40, 50 second videos and plug it into your website and point the person in the direction that they need to go about that particular product.

If you're watching this like, OK, that sounds all good, but how exactly do I do this? Because I'm not a coder. You definitely want to listen up because now I'm about to tell you. So let me tell you about the tool that you combine with the strategy to make it the strategic tool that I'm talking about. Right. So the tool that I use is actually called a firework. Right. And your firework is one of a kind.

When I learned about thumb, I literally was like, this is golden. It is such a great idea. I don't understand why people are doing this yet, but like I said, you're going to have that unique edge in your industry if you actually take my advice and use this tool.

Firework is a Web story platform that powers businesses of any size to tell big stories through immersive, short, video focused experiences. You already spend tons of time on Instagram and take stock scrolling and so does your audience. So why not bring an experience that they already love to your website? So if you're a real OG Hussle, babe, you know that I am currently in the rebuilding and rebranding process of both of my businesses and thankfully the agency is nearing the finish line of that process. And so we are at the point where we were looking at our website to see what improvements we can make to increase our engagement and our conversions.

And the one tool that we had to make sure we implemented was fireworks. So we are utilizing Firework to showcase the before and after of our website revamp, as well as the process that we go through to design our logos and icons and things like that, because we actually sketch from start to finish. And that is important for some people to know because, one, it established a value for them, but also it helps to build trust and it shows you that the proof is in the pudding. You get to see the types and quality of designs that we have to offer, which is why I partnered with them and got my own code for y'all to use its. In the description box, I'm also going to put it in the comments section so that you don't miss it, but it's free to create an account.

And you guys, you don't want to sleep on this. This is a next level move, OK? You definitely want to separate yourself from other people within your industry. And I'm telling you, I've upgraded my site by doing this. And you can upgrade your site, too, by just embedding a powerful firework video feed into your website, by just adding a few lines of code. It is so simple and it's so quick.

And to prove it to you, I'm going to go behind the screen and do a mini tutorial, how you can upload your video and plug it into your website. Let's go. First thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to head to fireworks TV and get started to create an account. Now, of course, I already have an account created, so I'm just going to go ahead and log in. Once you log in, it's going to bring you to a dashboard like this where you can add content.

And this is probably one of my most favorite things about Firework, is that they give you all of these options to upload content. You can either upload a video that's already done and ready to go, or you can use fireworks studio for video that's not so ready. Right. And basically, you can upload that video and then you can finish applying those edits in their actual studio. You can add text, you can format that text and you can even add music. Another way that you can upload your content to Firework is by importing it from either Instagram or YouTube.

And the process is super simple. All you have to do is type in your Instagram link, check this box to agree to the terms and hit next and it will automatically start populating your Instagram stories for you. The last way that you can add content is through fireworks library. So let's say you don't have the time or the budget to create a bomb video. Firework already has some bomb videos for you that you can just plug and play into your website from their library for today's video. I'm just going to use the old fashioned way and upload already completed video because my fiancee does a great job of creating his real.

So I'm just going to go ahead and say that the video is already done. So select the video. It's going to begin to upload and literally it's there in a matter of seconds. And then I am going to type my caption, which I'm going to type in spring look you need, and then I'm going to give it some hashtags.

So Firework actually allows you to add up to ten different hashtags to your video. So I'm going to add spring lookbook, spring looks. I'm going to add it may be men's fashion, casual style, I feel like, or casual outfit.

And I'm going to leave it at that. I'm going to make sure that is set to public and then get this one. Of my top favorite things, right, I think this even tops the amount of ways that you can upload content. One of my favorite things is that you can add a call to action by clicking video overlays, clicking the call to action button. So let's say I wanted to highlight the pocket square.

Right. I can literally go directly to the products page, copy this link, go back to firework paste the link. And then I wanted to say shop now, not see more. So I'm going to change the button to say shop now and I'm going to click add. And now you'll see that it says that that link is actually there and I'm going to go ahead and create and it's going to start to process my video, which takes a matter of seconds.

Right. And so once it's there, you see that it's here. It's a spring. Look, you need the video is ready to go so I can go ahead and say, OK, I want to add this particular video to my website.

All I have to do is click embed to Web. And I just copy this code and plug it into my website. Right. Which is so cool.

Now, personally, I like to add multiple videos to my Web site. I don't want to just add just one. So I'm actually going to add this to a playlist I've already created and then I'm going to go over here. Let make sure this is added to my playlist to add all of these things to my playlist. And then I'm going to go to my home page playlists where I have all three of these videos added, and then I'm going to click embed. Once I click embed, I get to pick what platform I want to embed it on.

Now, if you've been following me for a while, you already know Shopify is the place where I live at. So I'm going to go ahead and click Shopify. Then I get to pick which layout of for my videos that I want.

Right, so I can choose the floating video or story block or Grid or Paracel. Personally, I love the Carasso look, so that's the one I am going to pick. It's my favorite because it really allows the person to kind of scroll through with as that user friendliness that every website needs. But then to me it gives the illusion that I'm on Instagram because, you know, when you're on a carousel picture, you can just slide to the left like it gives me that illusion. So I'm going to go ahead and make sure that carousel is clicked. You can then say where you want the video location to be, whether you want it to be top right, top left, bottom right, wherever.

Right now with Carousel, it doesn't really matter when it comes to Shopify. And I'll show you why. So I'm just going to leave it as the default option and then I'm going to click copy code.

My code is copy. I'm going to go on the back end of my fiancee's website and because I want it to be on the home page down here at the bottom right. I'm going to go ahead and add a section and the section is going to be custom content. And this is going to look different depending on what theme you have on Shopify and also depending on if you have a custom theme or not. Right. So I'm just going to go ahead and remove these placeholders Shopify has already given me.

I'm going to switch my heading to say, view our pieces. Live and in action, and then Arminda is click add content, the content I want to click is custom HTML because that is the code that you're adding. I'm going to make sure that my container with is to 100 percent because I want it to be full. Right. So if I paste this code into here

and switch this to 100 percent now what I do is click save and then you'll see that after it saves, you're going to see the playlist populate. Isn't that cool? And it would automatically play in order unless the person decides that they want to hover over a video, if they hover over a video or play the video that they're hovered over and pause everything else. You also have the option to open it bigger, right? And then the person can literally go through each and every video. And they can unmuted, if they wanted to, so that you can hear the music, I'm not going to muted because I'm talking, but it's super cool. And then here you go. Now, remember how we added that call to action to this particular video, right? You see the shop now, but all I have to do is click it and then guess what? It's going to take me directly to the pocket square.

It is so cool and so easy. That is all you have to do to embed storytelling videos into your website. FireWire it makes it so simple and so easy. There is no excuse not to use this tool. So now let me get back to the main video. Look at how quick that was your it literally took a matter of minutes, and that's because I had to slow it down so that I could tell you guys what I was doing.

It is so intuitive. It is literally so powerful that it can give you that experience and not slow down your store tremendously like other apps do. I just want to tell you some of the proven stats when it comes to improving your website. Right. Because at the beginning of the video, I told you that it can increase your engagement, it can increase conversions. But I want to give you actual numbers.

OK, so Firework did the research and they provided to me so that I could provide it to you all because you know that I don't play that this is clean cut to the point it needs to work. If I'm telling y'all, you know, I care about your business succeeding, so I'll pull it up. I'm a little iPad mini so I can make sure I tell you the stats straight from the research. OK, so like I said earlier, your video content can increase your website engagement. And according to the research, is a proven that adding Web stories to your website can quadruple your user engagement. That is four times as much.

It can provide four times as much user engagement. Not only that, but it increases the buying content as well. So by plugging in Web stories, the buying content increased by one point eight times. Yeah, that's almost double the intention of purchasing.

And then third, it increases the time spent on your site. It almost triples it all, to be exact. It's two point eight times more that people are spending on your site. And why does that matter? That matters because in today's day and age, we literally have the attention span of a goldfish. Don't believe me. Go ahead and look it up. It's proven we have the attention span of a goldfish.

And what happens is if something doesn't grab somebody's attention when they go to your website, they immediately log off and they don't come back sometimes. And so by increasing the time they spend on your site, it shows that they're interested in your brand, interested in your products. And that means that they're developing that connection with your brand to then hopefully go ahead and purchase or join your email or whatever that goal conversion is for you in your business. Firework covers everything you need, but they also have a Web story player, a deep learning module, and they have a global hosting infrastructure.

Right. This is all stuff that you're probably like. I don't know what that means. But yeah, it means that this is a powerful yet easy tool to utilize.

OK, and I just want to give you, like, a quick little tip, because I know that some people are going to come in and say, OK, well, you know, you told me the type of videos that work best, but you didn't tell me, like, the length of the videos. Should I be telling people five minutes stories, ten minute stories? The answer is no. Right. Remember, we're mimicking the story format that you would put on Instagram. We're mimicking the reels that you put on Instagram.

We're making the ticktock content that you would create for Tick-Tock. Right. Those are all short videos. OK, so you want to keep your video between twenty five and forty five seconds.

That is where it is proven to perform the best. But you have a maximum of sixty seconds for your video, so it's really up to you. What amount of time.

But just know that I recommended twenty five to forty five. OK, based on the research let's talk about affordable because there's a free plan, but even the pro plan is super affordable and the propane unlocks so many more features. You also definitely go ahead and check the plan out. You could just click the link on my description box and you can sign up for your free account and then check out the pro player, but.

It is so easy, it is so simple, and it can create such a massive impact for your business. Don't sleep on it. Please don't sleep on it. Test it out. Go ahead and create your account and then leave a comment down below, letting me know when you've signed up for your firework account or letting me know what videos you intend on telling on your actual website. Because I want to know and I want to be able to give you some feedback to let you know if I feel like it's a good idea or whether I feel like you should tweak it a little bit.

You get to get some free advice from me, so make sure you drop it down below. So you're going to comment when you actually signed up for your account and you're also going to comment the types of videos that you're going to use firework for when it comes to plugging and playing into your website. This was a good video, y'all. Like I, I'm so excited that I was out of breath.

I need some water. I just had to get this information out to you guys. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you did give it a thumbs up and share it with somebody that you know, this can help. Let's share the wealth. Y'all not be stingy.

Hit the subscribe button. If you're not already subscribe to this channel. Because if not, what are you doing? Follow me on Instagram at the Brand Hustler. You can also follow our agencies page at the Hustle Babe Agency. Make sure you check both those out and hit the notification so that you can know when I upload next who? This was good, yeah, this was good.

I got to go record from some videos because. I just need to I put this into my personal side because it was just so good, but thank you so much, the firework, for sponsoring this video and I would talk to you later. Hussle Beeb's by.

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