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Imagine. How, a woman, feels. Imagine. How soft, and warm our skin feels imagine. The sweet smell, of her perfume. Imagine. Her tenderly. Pressing, as soft, lips, against, yours imagine. Her letting you get on top of him and insert, you inside. Her softly. Moaning as it slides in imagine. The walls of her tight. Soft. Warm. Wrapped. Around, every. Inch of you. Imagine. Her breathing, getting heavier with, every thrust, imagine. Her wrapping, her arms and legs around you holding. You as close as she possibly can, and begging. You to inside. Her as you release. Every. Ounce of, yours, into. Her and imagine, the feeling, of pure, satisfaction, and. Peace, that. Comes afterwards, and looking. Beside you to see a, person. That. Cares, about you and has, accepted, you, in the. Most. Intimate. Way possible. You. Will. Never. Get. To experience this, because. Your skeleton. Is too, small or, the bones in, your face and not the proper shape have. A nice day. Hello. Boys let's. Talk about bone structure. There's, something basically Soviet, about the way the internet names things Stalin, had portmanteaus like agitprop Politburo. And compromise, and we have webinar. Podcast. And insel, short, for involuntary celibate. The word insult, was invented in the late 90s, by a lonely bisexual. Called Ilana who, created a website called Alana's, and voluntary celibacy, project it was essentially, a safe space for people who just couldn't. Get it in but in our own miserable moment, of internet history the, word in cell refers to a more specific community, of mostly heterosexual men. Centered, around forums, like in assault me and our slash brain cells, this group has recently gotten, a lot of bad press because, for the last few years they've been churning out mass murderers, faster, than Marvel can make Avengers, movies but most in cells aren't violent killers they're, just men, who formed, an identity around not getting laid in this video I don't want to mock in cells or lecture them or even sympathize, with them I just, want to understand, who they are and why, they're like this to, start with sometimes, the best way to understand, a person's world is to learn their language and the language of the in cells, about.

You'll. See first. Base in, sillies, does. It ever bother you that the word women makes adult females, sound just a little bit too human, well in cells have a solution to that we've taken to calling women. The. Choice of vocabulary tells, us how insults, think of women not as sisters, or mothers and certainly not as autonomous people but as a kind of foreign inscrutable. Object, comparable. To a natural resource unobtainium. To, which n cells believe all men are entitled into, which they feel they have been unjustly denied, there's, a long tradition of nerdy men talking about women in nerdily, misogynistic, ways a reminded. Of famed rocket, scientist, fair enough on brown's remark, about female astronauts, we, are reserving. Than ten pounds, of payload for. Recreational. Equipment which, is not to say that alpha males are less misogynistic, than nerds but, simply that nerds have a nerdy, style, of misogyny, now fee mode is about as neutral a term as in cells half for women and it's only downhill from there there's the usual standbys. Bitches. Whores, while, conveying a searing, resentment, of female sexuality the. Pinnacle of which is represented. By the bespoke insel, coinage, roasty. Which i'm sorry to inform you refers to the insult believe that the human vulva, become mutilated, through repeated penetration. By different men though, not through repeated penetration, by the same man interestingly and, thereby come to resemble roast beef now, by definition in cells haven't actually observed, any vaginas, but to n cells Anatomy, is more a matter of metaphysical, speculation, than crude science, though if you ask me the right metaphor for a veteran vag is not roast beef but sour, greens. Of. Course not all fee modes, are, created, equal, there are various, subspecies, the, Becca hue or nor, me free mode is, to be contrasted with the Stacey or sexually. Desirable female, whose, distinguishing. Features, include, makeup, on point, never. Works a day in her life naturally. Curvy, body gives, men instant. Erections, big, tits and ass show, fertility. Leave my buns alone you savages, the Stasi naturally. Has a male counterpart, whom in cells called the Chad a Chad, is a hunky, alpha, whose, hands. Are always prepared, to grab nearby, fertile. He, has never heard a song in his entire life he has a sloped, forehead, with, a strong, brow, rambhau.

Chin, Strong. Jawline, flat. Occipital, plate, it, must needs be remarked, but the skull of the Chad, exhibited. The brow Ridge most, pronounced. Whereas, the, skull of the Virgin, is most, inadequate, in this regard. Predisposing. Such specimens, to an abject existence. Of lamentation. And cuckold. Rare it's time to talk about bone structure, according, to a classic, in Soul mean the difference, between Chad. And, long, Chad is literally. A few, millimeters. Of bone I would, like to propose a sociological. Theory. Popping. Tain's law once. Bigotry, or self-loathing permeate, a given community it, is only a matter of time before deep metaphysical significance. Is assigned to the shape of human skulls. Why skulls, you ask well. The best explanation, I can come up with is that a skull is inanimate, and, unchangeable. It's therefore the perfect symbol of the intrinsic and permanent, characteristics. That, bigots, like to assign to certain groups of people if, you believe for example that a certain race or gender is intellectually, inferior you. Can justify your belief by pointing, to the shape of the skull and, saying well, that's. The reason why it's, just nature, there's, nothing that can be done about it and that is exactly, the way in cells think about love and celibacy, mankind. Is divided, into two groups of people the Chad's with the, skulls and the in cells whose bones come up a few millimeters, short. Corn. Dog anyone. I'm, really hungry of. Course there's not just the skulls the insoles blame for their sexlessness, they, have a whole dictionary of, jharkhand, explaining the causes of involuntary, celibacy, height cells are insulted, their inferior, stature. Whereas, mental cells can attract women because of mental illness or autism or they're addicts and then called drug cells risk. Cells, on the other hand are, doomed by their overly, delicate, wrists no, obsessing, about your wrist size does. Seem a little weird oh yeah is it a little weird that the average dildo. Has more girth than my wrist is it weird at all but some men have thicker dicks than my wrists but yeah obviously, obsessing. About my tiny wrists that are smaller, than even many women's is completely. A rational, body dysmorphia. And the reason why no one wants to be with me or even talked to me is my shitty personality, even though literal, 80 IQ, men who have nothing to talk about except who won the last night are still able to attract, a loving partner. Interesting. A significant. Number of in cells are not white in which case their unfuck ability is attributed, to race and, they are accordingly termed apologies. In advance black, cells. Race. Cells kuri cells and so on which, is not to say that all non-white, men are celibate there are of course the occasional chad's of color with their superior skulls, and towering stature whom, the N cells have christened Tyrone's, Chang's. And Chad, priests, I'm. So sorry so. You can be in it cell because of your looks your height your mind or your race but, we unites them all as the conviction, that love and sex are forever out of reach, unless of course you delusional, II imagine that you can ascend that, is escape, your n cell donor if you falsely, and pathetically, believe that there is any possibility, of improvement well that, makes you the lowest of the low a sad, and sorry hopes cell. Second. Base the. Red pill so. We have the building blocks of the in cell world view the stacy is the Chad's the in cells and the normies from, these elements in cells I've constructed a, theory, of human nature and sexuality.

Which They call the, red pill in cells share the red pill worldview, with the rest of the manosphere that, is pickup, artists, men's rights activists, and the voluntary, celibate, community you known as men going their own way of revealed, in make toe according. To red pill theory women, are by nature high, pergamus hypergamy. New greek for marrying above refers. To the practice of seeking relationships, with men above one's social status, and also, an in sell you such above, one's attractiveness. According, to n sells physical. Attractiveness is, naturally, distributed, equally between the sexes so, if, you were to assign numerical ratings. To attractiveness, as in cells like to do there, would be about as many say eight out of ten women has a den of ten men in cells believe that an adjust world a five out of ten man would naturally, wind up in a relationship, with his looks match that, is, five out of ten woman equivalently, attractive, to himself but. Sadly this just system, has been ruined by hate their goodness women who regardless. Of their own attractiveness were, only interested in dating Chad in South sometimes, call this the 80/20, rule the idea that only the top 20% of men will ever be desired by women now since most heterosexual men, do end up in relationships with women you, might be raising your eyebrow at that idea but in a cells have an explanation according. To the Red Bull theory, women often pursue, a mating, strategy, called alpha, fox beta box this means that her in her 20s, a woman, will as insel say ride, the carousel, sleeping, with as many Chad's as possible, but as she ages into her thirties she will settle down with a baton or me whom she's not really attracted, to but whom she will use for financial, support all, the while continuously. Cuckolding, him on the alpha, carousel, before inevitably, abandoning, him taking, him for everything he's worth on a divorce settlement and running off to the Mediterranean, with all the children and a new Chad boyfriend. Well the beta has left behind to fester, in alimony payments solitude. And poverty, so the upshot of the red pill theory is that for men there are three possible, outcomes either. You're an ensel doomed to a lifetime of excruciating loneliness. And resentment, or urine, or me dustin to wind up in a sexless marriage with, an unfaithful wife who will divorce you when custody of the children and run off with all your money or you. Could be an alpha, an independent. Promiscuous. Man who sleeps with lots of women and forms attachments, to none of them in the red pill philosophy, there are two ways to become alpha, the, first is simply to be a Chad by nature the, second is to become a pickup artist red, Pelt pickup artists, believe basically, the same things about women that Anna sells believe that, they are high Pergamus duplicitous, and. But. Not lovable, the difference is that pickup artists, are not celibate, in fact they try to have sex with as many women as possible by following a series of strategies and scripts, known as game as described, for the book of that title as well as by the red pill pickup artists Roosh V author. Of a book called bang. A new mascara from benefit, so, the tube is a bomb I am living, to, see what the wand looks like oh. It's. So big whatever it Roush is up to lately I baked my own bread yes, I am outing myself as a baker as someone who likes to cook I'm not a woman, I am, ultra, masculine. As you can see but baking, and cooking in general is a scientific. Thing and men. Like scientific, things I used to be a a scientist. Well ruch you know what if it means you leave women alone I hope. You enjoy your new life as an ultra masculine, Baker sorry. I mean bread, scientists. So. Remember the red pill is the realization, that women are hyper chemists by nature 20%, or less of men are really attractive, to women dating as a sexual, marketplace, and feminism, is a pretext, for enabling, women to behave however they want while consigning men to emasculation, and impotence, the black pill is the additional, realization, that one's place in the sexual marketplace, is genetically determined, that one is a permanent version that sex and relationships, are forever out of reach and hence that happiness is impossible, there's nothing one can do except, lie down and rocked the black pill is essentially, dogmatic.

Hopelessness, About dating, and about life in general it's the pinnacle of what psychotherapists. Is called, catastrophizing. A cognitive, distortion, where anxiety, or depression leads, you to infer apocalyptic. Conclusions, from mundane setbacks, and anxieties, for instance a catastrophizing. Person might begin with the thought oh no I'm gonna be late for work, and from there and fer my boss is gonna be angry I'm gonna lose my job I'm not gonna be able to get another job I'm gonna be unemployed forever, my family will starve Oh God we're all gonna die each step in the sequences, is, sort of plausible, but the leap from step one to step seven is completely, absurd this is exactly how the block pill works, you start with experiences, of rejection and isolation, from, there you infer that you are unattractive to women that you will never be attractive to any woman that you will be forever alone that you'll always be unhappy that women did this to you that feminism, empowered, women to do this to you that the social trends that made this possible are only getting worse the humanity, itself is doomed and you're all the option is to lie down and rot of course not all insults, take things quite so far but a lot of them do on insel forums suicidal. Is very common, and posts are often tagged to sue a fuel or rope fuel meaning that they make you want to kill yourself usually. Because the reminders, if how hopeless, the Insull situation, is or how devastating. It is the in cells are missing out on the incredible, bliss of sex and romance now if you suggests, to in cells that posting sua fuel on forums already populated, by lonely and depressed people is maybe. Not the most responsible idea they, respond that oh it's just dark humor it's just a cope throws a bone here but a lot of the suicidal, stuff shows no signs of humor and it's common to see people express, pretty extreme, states of depression which is not surprising since. Hopelessness, is the logical conclusion of the pluck in the world view once, possibility, for happiness is determined by the genetics, of height frame, and facial bone structure and if you don't have these gifts there's no, relief but to cope a rope now it's pretty tempting to just mom the, out of these kids you want to grab them by their blackops t-shirts, shake, them a bit and tell them there are millions of men with small wrists and weak chins getting laid every day that their own worst enemy is but they need to get off the computer go outside make some friends stop hating women get some hobbies and who knows maybe they'll develop a disposition, that women find a little more approachable essentially. You want to tell them clean, your room bucco and fart for the young men in this demographic, who receptive, to that kind of advice Jordan. Peterson is probably, helpful because he's telling them a lot of what they need to hear and he's kind, of a sexist old man so they might actually listen, but most in cells don't want to hear this kind of advice in fact they view it as essentially, a microaggression, you, are in effect, Chad splaining.

Their Oppression to them when you give basic advice like take a shower be a more confident, to people who've already experienced. A lifetime of rejection in isolation, and who believe they've already tried everything, so they despise, this kind of advice and devote endless posts, to bitterly mocking the futility and insensitivity. Of it just go out to parties, bruh instead, of hating on women all day why don't you losers just try being confident, like this ever the good guy confidence. Is key you in cells need some hobbies, try, reading some books. Women love intelligence. It works for me bro oh you, just need to get out, no one knows, what it's like to. Be hated. To, in sells their world view seems ironclad, it has built-in defenses, against anyone who would try to change their minds so if you want to understand, in cells and in particular, if you want to understand, why their community, produces, so many mass murderers, you, have to understand, that the black pill is more than the dogma that you can't get laid it's also the dogma that because you can't get laid you can never be happy so we have in our hands here is more than a bunch of angry internet misogynists. It's, at worst a kind, of death cult complete, with an eternal hell than an omnipotent enemy, it is not surprising that, that state of mind leads, a few of them to conclude that, sense triumph is impossible. Why. Not try revenge. Third. Base tinder. Is garbage, I know, I said I wasn't going to sympathize with in cells and I know they don't want my sympathy, anyway and I know it's bad practices, to sympathize, with the devil but, on some level I can't help it the internet is for introverts, so I'm sure a lot of people watching this feel the same way and, it's some of you have been this guy I have been this guy so. Look I'm gonna tell you something I've never really come out about on this channel so this is like a really vulnerable moment. For me but I used. To live as a man and, I'm, not proud of that but I'm, ready to move on if you're ready to forgive I'm in the unusual situation, of being a woman who date's men who. Used to be a man who date's women, what kind of, up is that is that even allowed alright, cop down lesbian stands I'm still attracted, to women and those who lieth betwixt cats, the, inherent, eroticism, of the sea. Yeah. Don't. You just want to get, in there. Take, me money but I have it on a heterosexual kick. Lately I got to get my edirol on what I'm getting at is I've used tinder both's is a man seeking women and as, a woman seeking men and, I think that gives me some relevant, experiences. When you're a man, the strategy, is you've got to send a lot of messages because, we even get a lot of messages and. Then you just got to try to be less of an ogre than the other fuckboys whereas, if, you're a woman you, get to lie recumbent. On your shades long and receive. The, inquiries. Let's. See our Dhoni. How many men have linked me on tinder paying, $30, for this information, so this better be good I have. 2,500, likes that's, a lot of Baltimorean, man, who swiped right on a Tran what, a do fine City oh. That's. So nice of them to be interested, in me let's see what kind of message is I got dick or no deck pre-op. Or post-op did. You cut your dick off oh my god I'm. Gonna cut, it off okay, Jesus, I will let you smash my pussy's so so. Hard if, you just be patient it's. It's a whole process. That's. Not a that's, a hole you'll never know what it's like to squeeze life out of your sacred passage well. That's, true I am. NOT gonna be squeezing any life out unless something goes a very seriously. Wrong and I assure you that none of the passages, I have down there have ever been or ever will be sacred happy y'all leave, my, whole out of this. When. I first started using this app I was messaging with a guy who seemed super chill he's, gonna take me to a concert I was like seems a lot for a birthday but we'll, try it 15. Minutes after we agreed to that he. Sends me a message what. Color panties, are you wearing I would. Love to smell, them. Can. We get coffee first the hell of it is I probably. Want to let him smell my panties but, this is the thing you bring up on the third you don't open with panty, sniffing, like the only point of in-app messaging, is for me to figure out if you're gonna murder me and you're already, it up so those are the experience, of living on ten we're drowning a dick and most of it is terrible, not all I do have some very sweet messages, and I haven't been using the app in a couple months so if I didn't respond to you if we didn't match it's not because I rejected you it's, because.

I Don't. Like the app people, screenshot, my profile, and they post it online and, they call me contra points and I like are. Just too famous for this my, life is hard so girls we. Do a lot of complaining about the firing squad of bad dicks that's constantly, pointed at us in dating apps but how would you feel it instead of it, we were just getting radio, silence, like the N cells get I can't speak for other women but personally, I, prefer. The firing squad of dicks you. Know at least these pricks care enough about my to, be an asshole about my deck I feel sorry for men on dating apps I really do you, have to deal with a lot of rejection and there must be difficult these apps are especially, brutal to people who aren't photogenic, if you're meeting people at a bar or a party you might strike, up a conversation with, someone who you're not initially, physically, attracted, to but, then maybe, they're super funny or charming or. Maybe they're attracted, to me and that's an attractive quality in another person, that, they appreciate. How beautiful I am but, on tinder you're just browsing a catalogue of faces, and gatekeeping. Who even gets to talk to you in the first place red, pillars have a really gross way of talking, about dating in terms of sexual market, value but like dating. Kind of is a marketplace or at least you can analyze it like one and her culture is so visual, these apps are so picture, centered that bone, structure, like it's not the only thing that matters but, it matters a great deal and this is where I do have sympathy, for the in cells because, as a trans woman I know what it's like to obsess over millimeters. Of bone I actually, have to interrupt work on this video to go to a consultation for facial feminization surgery, so. I can pay luxury car amounts of money to shave off a few millimeters, of bone hair there because, it. Must needs be remarked, that the skull of the female exhibit, a thumb drive that's pronounced. I mean I'm just as obsessed with bone structure, as the goddamn mint cells because, I think certain parts in my face make me look like a man, and I worry about it every day we're, all obsessed, with the bones honey we all bones inside us we all love touching bones don't, want to take a measurement from, the supra, barbell, range to, the lambdoid, suture, and. Multiply. That figure by, pi to, calculate, or we go. The, Chad, circumference. Why. Is no one talking about the Chad circumference, fourth, base just. The tip is, another way I think my experience as a trans, woman is relevant, to the in cell discussion, and that's that I recognize, delusional, self-loathing when I see it I'm far from the first to point out that the supreme, gentleman, in cell mass murderer elliot rodger was a, partner ms narcissistic, psychopath personality.

An Eminently. Bangable, twink and I'm not going to show you pictures of in cells but on their forums they do sometimes, post selfie, threads and you can't say this on SL forums without enraging, them but in confidence. From, one pretend, clinician, to another let. Me tell you that the truth about themselves is. That almost all of them are completely. Normal looking guys but of course that's not the feedback they get it from other in cells the feedback they get is that their chins are weak their hair is thin their skin is garbage and there's no hope whatsoever no. Woman will ever love them and they're our true selves with no option but to lie down and raw and the interesting thing is those, guys post, selfies to those threads knowing. That's, the kind of feedback they're gonna get so, why why. Do they do it well I'll, tell you a little story there. Is a website on the internet called 4chan, org, that, has a board called, LGBT. A few years ago this was used mainly by the 25, gay men who actually like my log innopolis but, recently, it's, used mostly by, men. Who. Are entertaining. The notion, becoming women and by early transition, trans women so the board is jokingly called. Tttt. Now I've recently moved beyond that first stage of my transition, but, the memory is still fresh and. Let me tell you it is a painful, awkward. Humiliating. Stage of life so the transfer of tttt. Are tragic. They're basically still in man mode which is why they're using for sham and I bring them up because they. Remind me a lot of in cells for, in cells the core frustration, is that they can't get laid for, tttt. If nothing. Can't pass as female, both groups post selfies knowing, they're gonna get brutal, unconstructive. Feedback and both groups have a weird vocabulary, with which to express their anxieties, for instance on tttt. A major, piece of jargon is hun a, slur, used by trans women for, other trans women which basically means that you look like a man in a dress which, is what every trans woman is afraid of and there's another commonality, within cells too with, all bigots and self Luthor's which, if you've been paying attention you've.

Already Guessed, you. Will never be seen as a woman because of your head size have, all the surgeries, in the world a massive. Man Nagin will stay the same, well, this freak thinks he has very soft facial, features, his head is. Huge, and. The huns on reddit are hug boxing him and telling him that there are women with big heads. You. Transition, with the man's head you will be clock you will be looked at as a freak you will never be seen as a legit. This. Is why I'm not transitioning. Thank. You skull. People for, showing, me the way and that. No matter what I do I will, always be. Manly. Man Scholl, why'd you, save me the embarrassment. Being a little big-headed, manager. Tears evidence, the cranial, vault of. The auto guider, file, be, much more voluminous into. The facial, plain wider, it, always comes, back to the skulls every. Time the other interesting, thing about tttt. His eyes to get posted they're a lot for, a while I had some stands on the ward who basically viewed, me as inspiration. Yikes, because, of course that kind of post is frowned upon if I'm not looked at as a big skull man the Freak if my transition, is going well. That. Means that some. Of their transitions. Like to, and, that is an unacceptable conclusion, for, a community, founded, on some fluid hopelessness so, it was necessary for the rest of the board to explain what I didn't pass why I would never pass why, anyone who looked less good than me shouldn't even, think about it we shouldn't transition, at all they should just repress they, should lie down and Ron and I used to read this stuff all the time like I was specifically, seek, on threads about me which, might, seem strange, considering. I had, hundreds, of fans telling you is a gorgeous, goddess every day so why did I turn away from that to, intentionally. Seek out this dismal, den of Huns talking, about how my giant Han skull is clock of 1,000 pieces and, my voice sounds, like a ridiculous, Muppet, falsetto, hybrid, of Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh well, basically there, was a part of my brain that just simply, refused, to believe it when people told me I was gorgeous, and first. Semi plausible, reasons a lot of trans people in the internet tell other trans people they look gorgeous no matter what they look like, that's where the word Han comes, from you let gray hun. So. A tttt, is saying about reddit hug boxing, is true, to some extent there, is a kind of a priori. And dogmatic, flattery, that prevails in some trans spaces, so, I came to regard all compliments. As everyone, is beautiful politically. Correct cuckoldry, and there would be this thrill, of, going to tttt, and reading other people saying when my deepest, anxieties told, me was really true, and that was always painful.

But There was a kind of pleasure - there, was a rush it's, exciting, to burst out of the politically correct bubble, and say what you're really thinking that, personality, doesn't matter because big scold chad's get all the girls the Contra points is a big skull hunt with a voice like nails on a chalkboard and, at first I justified, the habit by telling myself I was just doing research I have, to keep tabs and what the bigots are saying it's simply. My job but, soon I realized it wasn't just research and it was infecting, me away from the computer this ridiculous. Vocabulary, puns, a GP. Was, popping up in my head unexpected. Times it, was starting to color how I thought about myself and worse it was starting to infect how I thought about other trans, women and that's the moment I realized I need to stop looking at this stuff right now or I'm gonna become a monster, and, once that happens it's gonna be very difficult to fix this is exactly how the in sell black pill works there's something infectious, about these vocabularies. Like on days I've been working on this video I'll, go out at night and these, words just didn't volunteer ilish, o up and my thoughts that bartender, is such a Chad he's, totally height walking that tiny, and the tragic thing is some, in sales don't realize what this is doing to their minds until it's too late let's. Face it black pills, Oh silly. Fuel, a lot. Of us can't handle, them I gleefully. Indulged, in this sub right at the moment I discovered it since I loved uncovering, secrets that, society, had been hiding from me but, it has. Affected. My, mental. Health in, a bad way I made, my first call to the suicide hotline a few weeks ago and I've never, needed, to do that before I could, always talk myself out of it through logic, but my. Mind, is, ruined. Now this. Is a form of what psychologists, are calling digital, self-harm. Prototypically. Teens who leave themselves abusive. Comments from sockpuppet accounts, but the more sophisticated adult.

Version Of this involves intentionally. Seeking out abusive, and disparaging, comments about yourself, made by other people I have a long history of doing this intentionally. Looking for abusive comments especially, ones that cut to the core of my deepest insecurities, and fears why. I. Oh why. Do people cut themselves part. Of it it's what we could call masochistic. Epistemology. Whatever. Hurts is true I've, recently gotten much better about this I haven't been to any of the worst places in a couple months and. My. Mental health is much improved so, in cells I'm not gonna respond, to your worldview like it's an intellectual position worthy, of rational debate because these ideas and arguments you're not using them the way rational, people use arguments. You're using them as razor blades to abuse yourselves, and I know because, I've done the exact same thing the insult worldview is catastrophizing. It's an anxious death spiral, and the solution, to that has to be therapeutic not, logical, a lot, of you are lonely you've, been bullied and neglected, you feel left behind by society, but what you're doing when you're reading in cell forums is you're slowly internalizing. A cruel and distorted, way of looking at yourselves and to other people in your situation and, at women and you're forming mental habits, that are going to make it very difficult for you to live a happy life so, what you have to do is get off those forums as fast as possible, I'm, going to post a link in the description of this video to instructions. On how to block certain websites from your computer because, for me that's. What it took. Fifth. Base. Anal. So, the NSL reddit transgender, 4chan analogy, has a limit, and that limit is, that, for a significant, subset, of the insel community, their, primary, hatred, is not directed. At themselves, but, at women and they really. Hate. Like, I'm basically a professional, Internet bigotry, scholar at this point I look at this kind of stuff all the time but, researching this video I was honestly, kind of shocked at the intensity, of misogyny, on himself forums, I won't show the worst of it but we're talking blaming. Women for rape saying, they deserve to be raped calls, for state-mandated girlfriends. And sex slaves but most, of all just kind, of generalized. Misinformed. Rage I hate, women, I, really. Do, every. Time I look. At my. Blood pressure shoots, through the roof and they're gabbing, on the cell phone about Paris. Hilton when, they're adjusting, their lipstick, and taking up my time rifling. Through their stupid, purse when, they whined to me about their period. When they believe, they're on and on about some artists, film director musician, nobody, gives a flippin. About when they cry and expect your personal, sympathy, but most of all I hate them because their smug, hyperactive. Little bitches, made, that, way by, our shithole, society. Look, what, uncontrolled. Feminism, and the media has died Stacy its, Tracy what, was it the mall the other day with Amber Heather Jenna and Trish and we, were talking about Paris, Hilton a, very. Relevant. Cultural, figure in 2018, they live in this cartoon caricature, world where it's easy to avoid thinking of women is fully human and that's where my sympathy runs dry because this kind of hatred just, needs a spark to turn to violence so in souls I know, you're not gonna listen to anything I say and you're just gonna say that I'm a tranny and a and a degenerate, and, to that I say how. Dare, you say things that are entirely true but also of, also if you would have bitches and I know you don't listen to suggestions about how you probably, actually could have healthy relationships so, no, one can really reach you until you get out of those forums, and allow yourselves to be reached but by way of a closing remark I guess I simply invite you to consider that you don't even need a warm body or a sex robot to satisfy, the erotic, longing, you know when I was your age in 1975. Every, teenage boy had a Stratocaster. In his bedroom. That, was the outlet for his sexual frustration. What I'm suggesting is, the manosphere exists, because rock-and-roll, is dead but there's, other options, think, about the eroticism, of a rain storm. The. Clap of thunder.

The. Rustle of the leaves. The. Steam, rising. Off the warm pavement. And. Whether you're a Chad a Stacie and in cell or a hun we, could always return, to the caress of our dark, mother the, see whose. Salty, embrace, envelops. Every. Contour. Of your naked, body. Whoa, is it hot in here or is it just me.

2018-08-19 11:10

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Too Many Cooks true but who here can actually cook? directed at all of u girls Bob Ross Painting what we get with u girls( and steves u let control u) in the kitchen. just burn the whole house down why dont ya Zoltan Meeting ^^ dont know why get mad at me for calling it gay and stupid. Rly expect me to play along with this? just go back to high school... HIDERI IS BEST BOI U know what u did


here to shik your batteship sweetie^^ I got all time in the world umm what? pretty sure wyminns and their steves think of themselves as bees or borg. I think they they prefer being called avians. ( or anons) girls b playin too much final fantasy. Would explain the clothing choices and hair in recent years lol. However they got this retard idea that being a "flock" (god help me) makes them a single organism. For some reason That '70s Show - Funniest Scenes - 4x09 1/2 pretty sad too seeing as u girls r losing to your ma. cant erase these comment im so sry. not rly sharpest jello kitchen knife in the world

umm what? pretty sure wyminns and their steves think of themselves as bees or borg. I think they they prefer being called avians. ( or anons) girls b playin too much final fantasy. Would explain the clothing choices and hair in recent years lol. However they got this retard idea that being a "flock" (god help me) makes them a single organism. For some reason That '70s Show - Funniest Scenes - 4x09 1/2 pretty sad too seeing as u girls r losing to your ma. cant erase these comments im so sry. not rly sharpest jello kitchen knife in the world


umm what? pretty sure wyminns and their steves think of themselves as bees or borg. I think they they prefer being called avians. ( or anons) girls b playin too much final fantasy. Would explain the clothing choices and hair in recent years lol. However they got this retard idea that being a "flock" (god help me) makes them a single organism. For some reason That '70s Show - Funniest Scenes - 4x09 1/2 pretty sad too seeing as u girls r losing to your ma.

What's a woman?

Fuck me mummy.

Imagine how a pig feels when killed in a gas chamber. Stop the corn dog shit. Corn dogs are neither food nor toys. They are the remains of tortured pigs. I don't know. Have a look at Land of Hope and Glory on Earthling Ed's chanel. Or just think about how ugly specissism is. But do something about it. Stop to normalise the consumption of cruel food. I mean you cannot sympathise with incels because of their misogyny. You speciesism is hard to wach. You symbolically use remains of tortured pigs for entertainment. You’re no better than exploited and brutalised animals. And your speciesism might be worse than incels misogyny. And actually if you just don’t care about pigs, stop this corndogs joke for the sake of you vegan fans.

You might never read this but I felt I had to write. I don't think I would date a trans person and this is not meant as an insult, note that I said doubt because unlike Incels, I always like to keep my optioned open. That said, you should know you're very attractive. I think you remind me of a few of the women in my life that got away but beyond that, you have lovely eyes, nose, mouth, face shape and the cutest way about you. Even your voice is really quite lovely and relaxing. I say this cause you should know how lovely you already are and while I believe you should do whatever you need to be fully you, just know you're already very lovely. if I ever decided to date a trans person, you'd be top on my list...

Every time I watch an episode I feel emotions. Eeeoughhh

Imagine all the pussy sharing the sex, you may say I'm an incel but I'm not the only one

women feel like primate

Why is no one talking about the womanfeel?

I always think I'm well-informed on a subject, then you do one of your super deep dives and I realize I know nothing. I thought I was a little too into your channel, then I looked at comments and realized most of your fans are pretty rabid, so it's all good.

When they manage to imagine how I feel.

Probably a sign I've been in academia for too long but I totally lost my shit over bread scientist

Thank you for the video. Sometimes I worry l might be a gay incel because of my orientation and my inability to date attractive men. But this video shed some light on my flawed views on dating and relationships. Thank you for making me more self aware.

Nauseous like at least 62% of the time.

Ok, this is epic

I have to commend Natalie on her spy work when making this video. Vulpes Inculta would be proud.

Coming out swing with that cringe.

Contra has to imagine how a woman feels every day.

Like no shower will ever remove the sickening sliming feeling she got after going to that Reddit page?

Aren't you an incel, Contrapoints?

I'd date you in a yoctosecond. Brains and beauty? Yes, please!

I know I wouldn't make a good incel, because my first thought was, How _does_ a woman feel? Is she feeling crappy today? Is she worrying about her paycheck? Does she walk around with a feeling of being _this_ far away from yelling at the next guy who cat-calls her? Does she worry about her BF being unable to open up emotionally? How does she _feel?_ What came after the question kinda surprised me, I'll admit.

Is that Vadi Vidya from the Dark Souls youtube channel?

This was one of your best videos yet Contra!

more than half the girls at my high school would be jealous of your looks

Please never start a video like that again

You probably saved lives with this video tbh.


That was so very difficult to sit through.

Women have feelings?! ;)

Fantastic video as always you gorgeous goddess.

oh god nooooo


Oh god my bones! My bones are too small! And my face is the wrong shape! Am I an.... Incel?

LOL. Incel seems scarily similar to feminism. Just replace celibacy with oppression and women with patriarchy.

lol nig

Your transition is coming along beautifully :) You should do a video on ethical veganism!!!

Fucking delete this right now.

Amazingly insightful video, handled with humor, empathy, and style. Never stop uploading. Now if we could only get /r/braincels to watch it...

Hey Contra Points! So I thought you might want to know that quote was kind of weird. So it was said by Wernher Von Braun, but he was quoting a Robert Gilruth. So I guess they both get points for being awful human beings? "Wernher von Braun, a former Nazi and a NASA rocket engineer, said that male astronauts “are all for” allowing women to participate. He cited a quip from Robert Gilruth, the director of NASA’s aptly named Manned Spaceflight Center at the time. “As my friend Bob Gilruth says, we’re reserving 110 pounds of payload for recreational equipment.”"

ContraPoints Straight up, listening to Olly read erotica MUST become a thing.. like now, and forever!


Can you please do a video on some serious right wing individuals like the Unabomber? I'd love to hear your take on the industrial society and its future!


That's gonna be an monster yikes from me

I imagine how a woman feels all the time. That soft, hairless skin, big curvy hips, those voluptuous breasts hanging off of my chest, the way they feel when a man takes them into his mouth, the moisture growing between my legs... oh wait, you mean something else.

Yeah imagine if the person who wrote that travesty of a take ever imagined how a woman actually felt.

ContraPoints. You’re the best thing on YouTube. Start a podcast so I can get more of your perspectives. I love you like a cousin.



Please make a video of just you touching a skull and whispering

Another great vid, Natalie. And FWIW, this very, very cishet guy thinks your appearance is very womanly, even after seeing all of your ContraPoints content and seeing how you used to appear and identify as a man. Hell I'd be lying if I said you didn't often make me feel some warm-and-tinglies, even just in images from the neck up.


ContraPoints great episode!

in which ContraPoints accidentally becomes the Incel messiah

ContraPoints please never stop making videos

Damn it I am frequent on the incels sub, you’re actually correct.

This was a very very beautiful work of art.

ContraPoints I really don’t want to it’s grabage being male and also being human humans sucks I hope when we find aliens they are better than humans please lets hope that’s the cause

You don't need to have sex to be sensual. Like feeling to wind moving though your body.


How did you convince Ollie to read this?!

ContraPoints when it started I thought it was going to be about feelings of women, but then female skin softness was described and I lost hope.

Behold, my stand?

Contrapoints Thanks for another great video!

The Stand who's power sends fear down all people's spines.

love your videos, fucking great content. funny, smart, just great.

Seems like a sadistic case of reals vs feels

Shane Healy you forgot to mention the bad dragon dildos Dark humour just isn't what it used to be

A lot of mouthfeel, the silky mouth feel!

(Transcended Black-Pill.)

Just an fyi before I discovered you older videos I would have never ever guessed that you were transgender. I literally had no idea

you may say I'm a dreamer,

ContraPoints you are gorgeous natalie.

Excellent video as always Natalie!

ContraPoints imagine the mouthfeel


This video was amazing, great job!

what do you think, are we doomed as a species?

Isn't that also the opening line with several erotic hypnotists? Lol. That might explain the incels as well.

The reading at the begining with the censoring just makes it more funnier to me, dunno maybe I just find the swear censor noise funny but either way I can't stop laughing

Probably comfortable. Having people who care about you is practically guaranteed for young American women who aren't hideous. Men who merely aren't desirable are trash even their own mothers find disgusting. Even worse is they aren't taught how to be desirable whereas girls are given products at a young age to enhance facial appearance and subconsciously trained by their fathers to manipulate men. Considering the part about the very best looking men having sex with all the good looking women is literally true thanks to online hook-up services, I'd say they're also pretty satisfied with that fat Chad dick filling them up whenever he can find the time between the other 15 girls in his Tinder harem.

Like a little big headed man in a dress

ContraPoints imagine how Adorno feels about jazz

Natalie, I think you're awesome and I would totally date you. Love, a person who gets called a Nazi on the internet almost every day (me). Grok?

Wie ein Brotwissenschaftler!

Like a Bread Scientist!

ContraPoints marry me contra you're amazing

Maybe we're all masochists, but Incels get stuck there....

ContraPoints you are my fave fag after yms (Btw obviously not serious I believe)

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Made mah day, Contra! Thank you.

ContraPoints wtf was that lol

I want to see a footage of Ollie recording this.

I was a pen pal with someone who frequents r/Braincels. He is not an incel or anything but he "feels" that way. He gets dates and all that, has a job as a store manager, lives alone, is confident despite being obese, but because I don't think he knows how to form human connection so he often complains about not having someone.

fantastic video

Love your videos contra I'm glad you have tackled the incels I'm not gonna lie their is small percentage of them I feel sorry however they should because proven wrong

Great Video Contra. Hopefully it changes some minds :)

Incels are the male version of ugly bitter radical feminists who hate men.

One of your best yet, you managed to get at the humanity behind the label without ever downplaying the vile things they believe. Bloody fantastic work as usual.

Phenomenal. Sidenote: is "Excels" is a thing yet? Cos I'd happily read a Reddit feed of nerdy, skinny and/or short/small-headed guys sharing their stories of 40yr long happy marriages. Til then I'll just chat with my dad.

Damn this was good.

They way these guys think of women is disgusting, however I relate way to much

Condemned to an existence of lamentation and cuckoldry! Amazing!

I'm really glad I became an adult before social media really was a thing. When I was a depressed teenager I had some of the same thoughts, but luckily I couldn't become a member of an online society of similarily depressed and sexually frustrated teens who would validate my depressive delusions. Building an identity on the idea that you're doomed to never find love is not only dangerous but possibly self fulfilling. Thinking that way makes you really unapproachable and unappealing. What "cured" me in the end was partly growing up, and partly conciously deciding that I don't have to desperately seek relationships. I can satisfy myself sexually perfectly well on my own when I need to, and I should just try to have fun and make friends the rest of the time and be myself. When I finally met someone, I was not in anyway trying to behave attractively, I was just sat and sang metal lyrics (that I barely knew) to myself if I felt like it, wearing whatever I felt was comfortable, not caring whatever anyone thought. A woman (who is now my wife) found me interresting and took me on a date (well, she more or less just grabbed me and said let's go somewhere else) and we've been together ever since. I now see how my needy, desperate and horny behavior as a teen must have been really repulsive; while my carefree and more playful attitude later must have seemed confident. I mean; I think I wore cargo shorts, a wrinkled shirt and a woolen sweater, wool socks and sandals at the time I met her. And I wasn't really dressing as a slob either, though it might sound like that. I wore colorful patterned shirts etc., I just ignored any rules of fashion in general. Doing your own thing (even if it's weird and if you don't seem embarrased about it), looks like confidence. I probably weren't as confident as I looked back then; it was probably more that I've given up trying and just decided nothing really matters that much than genuine confidence; but it doesn't matter. At least I didn't look uncomfortable and desperate. It's really a cliche, but it's true: it's better not trying to hard, just relax and wait and enjoy yourself in the mean time. If you try to just enjoy life, the worst that could happen is that you stay single but still have a joyful life anyway; and qute likely you won't stay single for ever anyway if you just are yourself, have fun and meet people. If you cultivate your depressive desperation like the "incels" do, the best that could happen is that you stay desperate, depressed and alone (unless somehow grow out of it and stop thinking that way); and the worst that could happen is you become suicidal.

They really want to believe that not getting romantic attention is a form of oppression or exploitation, which it is not no matter how bad it feels. Self-improvement really is the only solution. If they really cared about solving this issue they would be coming together as a community to help each other develop social skills, give positive feedback to others on how to improve appearance, or sharing resources on finding treatment for their mental issues. I really think there should be public programs to help people like this (the things I mentioned, not state-issued girlfriends) because these toxic communities are only making the problem worse.

Contra looking like a snac

I think it's important that a trans person is delivering this science, particularly because it's easy for you to speak on the subject obliquely because you're not caught up in these incel arcs and dynamics. Thanks for this.

the endless takeaway here is that young cis men either need to grow the fuck up and stop being dysfunctional , obsessive , violently antisocial freakshows coddling themselves with the internet , or castrate themselves and move to the fucking cold void of interplanetary space ironically , the accusation of clinging to internet 'safe spaces' is being lobbed at lgbtq leftists , but look where we're at now given we're an actually marginalized community on this hell planet : we used the net to build mostly healthy communities out of necessity and have already activated vastly positive social seachanges , weve actually proved MORE valid as functional , productive human beings under technocapitalism going forward than the right wing flip side of socially crippled participants in popular internet discourse , which , u rite , is why they idolize pseudo intellectual misogynists nontheless , im amused ( see : deeply infuriated ) we have to ( and will continue to have to , for the next decade ) spend time unnknotting their psychosexual tangles for them en masse and via proxy when everyone else whos excluded ( or in their case , FEEEEELS excluded ) from society for pretty much every other reason just gets , idk , literally fucking killed off and swept under the rug

So incels are galtonists?

There's something wrong with me. I looked up the feedback from incel groups on this video. A lot of bro stuff; "there were no logical arguments, my high IQ is destroying this ******".

Is ocean fetish vore adjacent

Well, you look great hon xD

thios is my second video of you and i love your channel the first was the west

Can I smell your panties? Too soon?

I like your videos so much that I watch it in normal speed!

I respect your right to choose how you present, but I wanted you to know, that to me your face and it's striking features have become a beacon of light and hope beaming the truth of philosophy and logic into the dark corners of my mind and restoring strength to places left weak from the riggers of the day, the year, the life. Many other thoughts on this video but that one I felt was most important. -with love, some Queer psychology student.

Absolutely brilliant video! I'm asexual so kinda the opposite of incel, so I feel protected from the blackpill

I’m a woman but I’ve looked at r/braincels or whatever in the past just to see what kind of harmful stuff this “community” was perpetrating. One of the things that struck me most was not the crazy misogyny (expected that) but the just straight up laughably inaccurate way they guess women behave and think. They never consider that women might also feel insecure and inadequate sometimes, that women are capable of being driven by selflessness or wanting to help others, or that women can be hardworking determined people who want to better themselves and not just their appearance. The point is, yeah one of their MOs is to treat women like objects and hate them, but many of them literally can’t even comprehend that women have real thoughts, feelings, or goals at all. That blows my mind!

Hahahaha, "bread scientist". Gosh, this content is just what I needed, thanks for making this!

My... my skeleton is too... small? The fauk? In what way? Too small... I'm fuckin' 6'2" how is my skeleton too small?

*replays **7:57** forever*

I appreciate your love for the sea and storms. I for one, am gay for the moon.

I just watched this on like 2 days without sleep and that was intense, I think I need to sleep now

you're gorgeous and i love your videos so much

I used to sink into 4chan and Reddit and just essentially become the life. Everything was just revolving around whatever depraved self-destructive idea I could think up. You could literally feel the stress and the flood of testosterone destroying your ability to be self-critical or empathetic, because essentially all you wanted was that rush of hatred and satisfaction of either hurting someone else's position through egoism or indulge in whatever emotion you felt you needed at that time... usually negative. It becomes addictive because it's completely internalised and you can sever your link to the outside world doing it. Of course anything negative thrown your way only fuelled it more, and so you'd end up in 50 threads of arguing over absolutely nothing and ultimately trying to invoke the most hateful insults toward the person to make them feel as shitty as possible. There was no peer like jibes meant to merely bounce off as playful banter. This was a knife fight in the back alley of the internet. Really it did nothing to help me. It just distorted reality for me. And really it's only because i'm self-reflective enough to realise what it was doing, and lucky enough that I didn't stay in that circumstance for long enough that I managed to get out of it. But a significant part of my late 20s was spent that way. Simply unplugged from grown up life.

you’re so right about the sea and rainstorms

Theres only one solution to all of this. E N F O R C E D M O N O G A M Y

I kinda like Becky's nerdy bun.

Ywn cuddle up against a soft big tiddy furry waifu that awoos Why even.

This did make me think a little bit. Generally I tend to feel pretty contemptuous of incels (mainly due to the ugly discourse), but this did make me feel sorry for them.

Incels are part of a larger movement to oppose society in general. Perhaps the original publicly known version of this was Diogenes of Sinope, who considered society hopelessly corrupt and in need of tearing down (and remaking). All of this culture can be boiled down to Cynicism, whose purpose is to destroy society and remake it. Although incels are part of the political right, Diogenes himself was profoundly Leftist, and Anarchist in the modern sense. It's a ridiculous mistake to consider the left and the right on a line, as if either are closer to the center than they are to each other. Diogenes and Incels are quite close, despite their differing political goals. Diogenes and the modern Anarchists and Incels agree that society should be destroyed. Where they differ is on the nature of the reconstruction. Incels would create a horrific patriarchal world, with strict controls placed on women due to how "terrible they were before the revolution". Political moderates find themselves attacked by both the left and the right because they absolutely do not want society to be destroyed. To them, the tragedy would be the destruction itself.

No wine drinking from the skull, disapointed!

What the fuck this was so great I'm about to binge this channel.

virgin for ever??? prostitutes??? hello?

Just a quick correction: understanding who they are and why they think a certsin way is what sympathy is. The word you were probably looking for in your contention is empathy which is how one connects emotionally/the feels. (Just a thing most people get wrong that irks me, have a nice day).

Nope.. wrong again. PS, I didn't even bother watching the video. I just know you're wrong.

pretty sure incel's problems were all solved with THE OLDEST PROFESSION ON EARTH

Talking about self harm, I sometimes wonder how many people who do it are actually subs/masochists but have no context to understand their feelings? I used to physically self harm as a teenager and as I got older realised that I'm a masochistic, which I'm sure comes from being wired differently somehow

You're wearing a tentacle ring that I bought in bulk and have been distributing amongst my queer circles lately. I think I'm trying to start a cult but tbh the nebulous aesthetic works. 10/10

Glorious lol

But... I like my small wrists ;-; On a serious note, it seems that incels are even more critical about appearance than other people. I have terrible self-esteem problems, but I never came to the point when I would hate my thin wrists. Also, the word femoid is just disgusting.

Can a fuckhole also called a birthole as well? Love you keep up the great videos

*hugs* you inspire me to be amazing.

Is it a he?

So I decided to visit 4chan's LGBT board after watching this video (first time back on 4chan in probably close to 10 years), and there was this post: Obviously, a lot of the comments are horrible because 4chan is a cesspool, but a pretty large percent of people in that thread were saying things like, "she's definitely right. This place is toxic af." And a few said the video inspired them to leave. Good job, Natalie! It's having a positive impact! ^^

You gotta young Winona Ryder vibe going on

I wanted singing and piano! Dance for me weirdly shaped woman! DANCE! I mean SING!

I'm sad that no one seems to be mentioning the most basic fact: that one can live happily without sex and that our hypersexualized society has not been the norm through history. In fact, in most historic societeis, fucking was the exception and celibacy was pretty common. Also, sex as a form of validation from others is seriously fucked up; I think what these incels really want is not just to ejaculate on a woman, but mostly to feel superior and validated. Also, someone should at least mention asexual and aromantic people who don't even want 'normal' relationships to begin with. tl:dr; not having sex is not a problem unless you make it one

Sublime video.

Oh, good lord! "At least these pricks care enough about my pussy to be assholes about my dick!" Best. Line. Ever!

Stop trying to make me want to fuck water, Contra, you're going to give me a fetish.


This is by far my favorite of your episodes so far. I can tell that this one was personal for you. Thanks Contra

I'm an Incel and I happen to think this was a very good video. Probably one of the best I've seen on the subject. you got a few things wrong but aside from that, great stuff. I do approve of this video. I really enjoyed your humor as well.

What is is with you people and skulls?

I had a gender dysphoria. And I did not dare to transition because I would never look like a real man. I'm small (1.56 m) and busty, I have a high voice and a big ass. I accepted myself, of course, but sometimes I think about my life in the subjunctive mood.

im sorry about my google translate :D

"I can pay luxury car ammounts of money for cosmetic surgery, so I do really understand how the disenfranchised feel."

Ive definitely been at a stage 5 on the catastrophe scale (at 14:02) before. I tend to turn those feelings into self loathing rather than misogyny though. No need to join some cringy forum to hear about how shit I am, my brain does that all by itself. I don't really have any advice for what to do when those feelings come other than just ride them out and wait until you feel better.

you're an angel

Too good

I won't accept ocean apologism

Wait you didn’t get thomas middleditch did you?

inaccurate. also drugcels? haven't come across them once. also anyone with a brain can tell when they are serious or not.. bone structure does dictate how you look.

also: this is art

Tag yourself i'm a lesbian stan

My heart breaks a little every time I hear about these forums. Thank you, Contra, for being such a wise and tender fairy godmother

Great video once again!

Ok so a few things not mentioned that I think are very relevant: You made the connection between incels and tttt, but also pro-anas and meanspo. Also while you said how getting a hobby and stuff can help, one thing that seriously needs to be mentioned is how having irl friends that you love and who you know love you won't solve feelings of sexual inadequacy and sexual isolation, it does heavily reduce feelings of needing romance and feeling like needing a romantic partner is peak necessary.

Ahh, sweet Contrapoints, returned to the ocean... A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea. Accepting of all that there is and can be

Thanks gor the Schopenhauerian ending ❤

Your hair is so beautiful in this video!

Natalie focus too much on looks and men vs females bullshit. Shitposting. The true incel experience is about the crushing alienation from not being able to relate to the experiences of your peers, parents, grandparents, siblings etc, because you've been a shutin for most of your life. The feeling of inferiority when you hear about all the cool shit others have done that you haven't and how you try to come up with something interesting from your life to tell but simply can't. How awkward it is being questioned about your life and that 4-year hole in your resume when you were too fucking mentally ill and exhausted to do anything. How pathetic it is that the only time you went out for a drink was with your own mother at the age of 24. How you've been robbed of your teenage years, literally wasting them in front of a computer screen to avoid social interaction. How you've never been invited to party as an adult and how your last rl friendship ended more than a decade ago. How you lie awake at night and indulge in fantasies about what having friends would be like and all the fun things you would do if you had any. How your crushing depression leaves you dependent on your parents good will and how you've given up all hope for a partner, friends, and happiness ever. How the prospect of suicide slowly turns into a comfort into the only realistic endpoint. How culture is saturated with romance, relationships, friendship and all these wonderful things you know deep in your soul you will never get to experience. All you can do is watching others flaunting theirs. But reading some of these comments I realize I'm simply a gross entitled misogynistic pig who deserves all suffering in the world for simply being a male virgin. Pop culture has taught me I'm laughing stock and dirt to people. And what do you know, it seems to be true.

r/braincels is not happy with you :o

I don't know how to start this off but here goes nothing. I'd also like to add a bit to your experience of /lgbt/, albeit from a different perspective. I'm a 16 year old transgirl exclusively attracted to men, something people would refer to as an "HSTS". As I started using the board when I was 14 or 15 I had a ton of anxiety suddenly thinking I was AGP and only meta-attracted to men and all of the dissections of pictures and honposting (Which was still allowed on the board back then, nowadays you can only post selfies to be rated on /soc/, so no more "Could I Pass?" or "Do I Pass?" Threads), that however changed. I visit the board a lot, daily. It's become a habit of mine to check the board at least once a day, usually a lot more than that; ontop of which I am also *very* active on Discord servers that spawned from /tttt/. It is the definition of a mixed bag to me. Knowing that I am HSTS has often times given me a feeling of superiority, that I'm better than others. I am transitioning earlier, I will pass better, I am more legitimate. This feeling is sometimes amplified when I occasionally talk to other early transitioners. However the negative aspects have also scared me greatly. I am unwilling to talk to anyone that transitioned past the age of 30 and you better look good if you transitioned past 25 or even 20. I immediately dismiss older or bad looking transwomen as AGP and think of them in horrible ways. All because they don't look good. My boyfriend has asked me to stop looking at the board and I know that it makes me think in bad ways, but both the negative posts that fuel dysphoria and seeing other people worse off than me so I can feel better about myself have really turned it into a vicious cycle.

This is absolutely your best video so far. Informative, frank, funny. I love how sincere these videos always are.

also, an incel shot up my brothers school in Oregon, killed his professor, and his homeboy

You like to understand people a lot

The 'chad' looks like it was drawn by the same person who drew the art in old Jimquisition episodes

Are you a weak guy or a girl with an unfortunate voice? I can never tell. I saw only the last part but yeah I agree with what you have to say, even though I don't know what you're talking about and I probably won't watch the whole thing because I get bored easily.

I used to be the friend equivalent of an incel. Back before I was diagnosed autistic, I was really bitter and angry at the world because I was unable to make friends or maintain emotional connections. I still have trouble with those things, but learning to like myself and focus on other things as well helped me cope, as well as become more genuinely interesting enough to appeal to people on that level.

This is a takedown of epic proportions. Amazing.

You're acting like bone structure is not an important thing for literally everything.

The wristcelism and handcelism spiel needs to stop. Face and body shape are all that matters.

I love you.

That's it!! I'm subscribing, you are brilliant!

"At least these pricks care enough about my pussy to be an asshole about my dick." me: HUHHHHHNNNNNGGGGGGGG

I’ve noticed that a lot of these Incel guys are cute. There are gay bath houses where these guys would get all the attention. They probably don’t want to think about cock but if they went there for an afternoon they would have some answered in about five minutes. Change your perspective and look into your local gay sex club. Most major cities have at least one. You’re welcome


Wow, thank you for sharing this. This clearly got quite personal and I thank you for making this video as you back up your arguments and make some incredible points. Your points about tinder are feelings I've had for a while but not been able to explain. I hope you keep making these videos as they are really well made. Again, thank you.

Too many hookers on tinder now

The Mansophere

lgbt board sucks. r/lgbt sucks. where do I go?

ContraPoints may be she's born with it May be its maybelline

As a bisexual I'm half way to feeling like a woman everyday

Their skin that is. Don't worry about how they perceive things. All that matters is how THEIR skin feels to YOU.

Yeesh. I had no idea you were trans until you said it. I saw a woman who looks a LOT like the woman my nephew married four years ago, and who is the mother of his youngest daughter ... Your voice also sounds like a woman with a slightly raspy voice, as in, like many of the women who insist on doing that "vocal fry" thing for too long.

ContraPoints You're not as funny as you think you are. You're actually quite cringe.

ContraPoints Haha how's the music? Tron meets Dr Who.

Hypergamy is not a feature of the men's rights movement at large.

Your a funny and beautiful person. Thank you for this. I will check out a few more of your posts. P.S. fairly hetero male.

I found an asshole you might like to fuck *gives you the kind of proud smile you might expect to see on a cat dropping off a dead bird*

Why your boss keep sendin me here? Not talkin to u cos Im sweet on u.Its cos I know you're smart enough to know better.

“【IMAGINE HOW A WOMAN FEELS】”. Indeed! I’m afraid Incels are being quite lacking in practice in regard to one important sense of that sentence is the root of their self-enforced lack of experience in regard to another sense.

i dont think incels would exist if they imagined how a woman /feels/


*projectile vomits*

+ContraPoints ...with your mouth.

Shane Healy Can't believe I have to point this out but most of us non-Chads learn pretty early in our adolescence that we're never gonna get the most popular girls. That can hurt the first few times it smacks you in the face but you move on and you find your level. I readjusted my expectations at 14 years old and I've never looked back since. Beckys are my Stacys and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I always associated the "hons" thing with people making fun of Susan's Place-ism. Thankfully I never wandered to the chans as a place for positive queer/trans info. Reddit, on the other hand, is full of good intentions and bad info. If you want some badass info, someone recently turned me onto . Gotta say, as a biologist and clinician, I'm really impressed with the quality of the info on there. This is the antiquark to Susan's Place . All that said - really appreciate you putting skin in the game always. Self-identified "incels" aren't that different from everyone else, and you're awesome for showing how many of us who don't see ourselves that way nonetheless relate to them. I think the solution - as you often play the part of yourself - is interactions with people different from the homogeneous group they typically self-segregate into. Intergroup Contact Theory addresses this nicely, showing that simply interacting with someone from your ingroup who has interacted with someone from the outgroup can have positive effects towards decreased outward hostility. This has also been examined in the context of American politics, with white male christianness being the strongest predictive factor of someone voting republican, with economic status only recently now having no predictive value (whereas working class people traditionally had voted blue over the last 50 years). But nobody can say exactly why... *eyeroll back into my (((globalist))) chad skull*

Try asking from help to a psychologist. It will feel so good, and it’s ok to be sad and lonely, but get help. It will save your will to live, and you’ll look back at it as the best thing you ever did for yourself

Hey birb. If you feel like shit then try (if you live in a wonderful socialist utopia) going to a psychologist. You might go through a few, but when you find one that you like it’ll honestly help you so much. I would have been here if I had not been gripped by my collar and got help. There is always light ahead, it has not always been bad and world is full of people who will love to be your friend.

I'd rather just be a woman

ContraPoints Dear Natalie. Could you please make a video taking down Tommy Robinson. I know this will be like shooting fish in a barrel for you but it would be a good move as his ideas are gaining in popularity across the world. Much love X

ContraPoints I literally shuddered after reading this (I was also cold but still...).

ContraPoints Agreed

you're so fucking talented. i love all your videos.

They got sooo close to having empathy and then used the alternative meaning of 'feels'

ContraPoints translation: Never mind how a woman feels. What about me? What about my needs?

You are a Woman... a W.O.M.A.N. Doble U, Ou, em, ei, em

I legit forgot you were trans tbh. I'm not sure what parts of your skull/facial structure are supposed to be "masculine"? You look wholly feminine to me. o.O

The V-Chip was this meant for me? this is gonna be fun^^

ContraPoints How do you feel today, Mom?

Dan Schneider's "Unsupervised Pool Parties" With CHILDREN!?! this what u girls r into? K u rly got to talk shit? recommended for u^^ Dial-a-Henchman good luck with that

A Case for Reparations just me. fuck the rest of u

For Whom the Belle Trolls ^^ stop playin with those wigi broads girls wigi

they said it wasnt possible. kicked your ass

Chris Ward speaking of cucks im I looking at one?

karma The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle cough

actually, you can "pass life" through your neopussy, Sweden has transplanted a uterus into a trans woman and she has given birth. Sooo

Careers Customer Service Explain. In English At Home With Helen (1992) HD America Needs Mass Deprogramming Before Real Political Transformation Possible that what u girls are doing? Seems other way around to me. But what do I know THIS ASMR NEEDS TO STOP ( cant lie for shit why u cant chess) ALL of U (horseshoe pony girls)

Nice post

Like a bag of sand.

Hey Natalie. This is gonna come across as extremely ignorant, arrogant and a little bit "black pill-y", but that's not how I mean it. I would suggest to you not to "cut off" your dick if it's still functional. Especially if you're still sometimes attracted to women. Yes, having a fuck hole might be closer to being a "real" woman, but how much closer really? It's never gonna be the thing you're aiming for. I mean, "shooting for the stars to maybe get to the moon" is ok in many cases, but you're giving up something valuable in the process: a perfectly fine dick. I don't know much about the lgbt scene, but I can imagine there are girls and guys who like or are at least ok with dating and fucking chicks with dicks. I don't know what it's like to be transgender, but I don't think I'd pay others to reshape my body using sharp tools to appear more like what society told me a woman should be. I hope you'Re really really sure about this. But in any case I wish you all the best. Thx for this great channel.

ContraPoints you used to be a man? Huh it doesn't seem like it. Good for you that you do what made you happy. It's just a shame your from Baltimore that sucks.

Natalie...You look BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn't change a thing about your face! If you were a lesbian, I would come for you and feed you diamonds luv!=) That being said, I love love love this video. I much prefer this over your politically charged vids, this is great! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the artistic expression in all of your videos. You are super talented, absolutely gorgeous, witty, funny, intelligent and even when I disagree with you (Which is 90% of the time) I still enjoy watching you. I would never knock you or anyone for whatever body modification they decide to do. You are the one that needs to feel happy with yourself at the end of the day. It just tears me up to hear you say that you worry about your face looking like a man every single day. Your face is beautiful! I just hope that if you choose to have FFS, that you don't go too overboard because you are absolutely stunning as you are=)!

You went a step further, LOL.

I'm not gonna lie, that was super fucking sad

News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Falling Model payback for gamergate and the mouse utopia bs. No crying foul girls. brought on yourselves And save the Chad bs. Dont even want the pussy anymore. Too much of a pain in the ass. Even to rent

Justin Terhaar cold, wasn't it?


ContraPoints I AM FEMOID! I AM ROBUTT! Lol.

I love fucking skulls


dawn_of_the_dove.  Thanks for the reply(appreciated).  Any "help" for men in the sexual arena is ''man up'',  which exacerbates the issue.  ContraPoints takes issue with these men saying that she is(and always will be) a man.   Yet, blaming these men for something society is going to do to her is a mistake. Trust me, if their is a disaster, her fellow girls are going to see her as a guy.  They are going to call her a guy. And they are going to expect her to act as a guy.

kellyloganme. Thanks for replying.  Most people don't. In response - that is a terrible idea. There isn't anything waiting for these men outside the forums. That's why they are there in the first place.    Many people in this thread say "great video".   But ContraPoints merely describes the situation while heaping on the shaming tactics. This makes things worse, not better.

Trevor Cormier i think her advice is : get the help you need. This is self harm. And she s dead right. It s like those forums were anorexic people are encouraging each other s desease. They re encouraging each other s despair. They should realize they need help. Like real help from people who want them to be happy.

Trevor Cormier - the advice I saw was to remove themselves from online forums whose sole purpose is to deepen and expand their fears and self-hatred. She not only spent a long time explaining this point, she even put information on how to block such websites in the notes.

ContraPoints.  So your advice to these men(who aren't all young)  is "man up"?  They are losers if they try and they are losers if they accept their position.  No wonder men are killing themselves at a rising rate.

If they want to lose their virginity that bad, why don't they just take turns fucking each other? It ain't gay if you say no homo

Every time I watch your videos I am stunned by how feminine and beautiful you look, especially as I was watching your vids before you started transitioning. I honestly don't think you need any work done, you are killing it

Loved this. You’re so smart.

this is a weird question but what do incels think of trans people? like most guys like that hate trans women but what about trans men and enbies?

i would totally date you, Natalie, but i'm afraid that my lack of charm and mediocre looks won't compete with the 2,500+ people who want you. i think i shouldn't even bother, i'm barely above the poverty line, i don't drive, and i don't have any strong future plans. you deserve someone who has their life together, but i swear, if i wasn't such a loser, i would totally take you for coffee or something, maybe a movie.

So, do you have a penis?

A quick thank you to god that I have yet to stoop low enough to stand in front of a camera and justify my baking bread by saying "I am ultra masculine" with a straight face

It's really hard to make this stupid bullshit funny.

I am hydrosexual now.

this wasn't bad actually I'll just leave this here for your attention.

Why is 4chan a man thing? Im a teenage girl and i go there for my dose of shittalking and cringe (reddit just didnt do enough for me anymore.) I have been. Desensistized... Probably a bit too much

w-why did this get recommended to me

i watched this video for 12 minutes because u reminded me of someone and then it hit me u look like mia from californicaation. idc about incels or any of that shit, i'm gonna go now and get validated by all the girls that would love to fuck me.hoshimota is out. bye

Being red pilled is nazi code for believing in a jewish/marxist/leftist/feminist conspiracy that supposedly works against straight, white males to destroy western civilization. It's kind of the nazi version of "woke" and it's basically a gateway to fascism. I think it's important to mention how these manosphere communities are used to normalize far right rhetoric and are fertile ground for far right recruitment. That's really the point of cultivating this world view. The red pill has also infected the skeptic/atheist community, which used to be about pwning creationists and laughing at ridiculous things religious people say, and now it's about "exposing" feminists and cultural marxist conspiracies.

...Wait, that was 35 minutes? Didn't even feel like it, so engrossed it felt like 15.

Here I was hoping you were a lesbian. Gorgeous woman!


Lmao my big female head is 24 inches around I have to buy XL men's hats. Buuuuut it's probably because I'm QUEER

amazing. this is absolutely my favorite of your videos so far

wat is this

Are you a tranny?

one of your best videos, love the humour and production value as always. but mainly you're just a decent, compassionate and articulate person, keep up the good work dark mother

Hi ContraPoints, this is the first video I watched of yours and I immediately thought you were a woman. I'm researching this topic for an assignment I am thinking of writing and it was super helpful. Thank you.

I was with you until rock and roll is dead. It's not dead i say as i clutch to what rock bands we have left that aren't filled with octogenarians

One on my favorite youtubers, even though you're a commie

What I though I'd get from watching this video: Frustration about a fringe group of society who'd rather project their own self-loathing onto an entire group of people, simply because they feel entitled to sex. What I got from watching this video: horny at the sea

Eyyyy I'm also a pre-op transwoman who feels bad looking at these posts

Great, was just about to go to the pub for a roast lunch, now I'll have to eat blindfolded lest I be reminded of vulvas

I mean, a couple thoughts. 1. If women don't want to receive messages like that, then they need to not be the only kind of messages that get responses 2. Incels may be normal looking dudes, but are told they're not by other incels ... and by women. That's the whole problem. I remember when I used to actually give a shit and try I got women telling me I "looked" like a rapist, whatever that means, I was accused of beating women by a complete stranger because I "looked like the kind of guy who did", and women i was friends with would say stuff like the thought of me in a relationship was gross and they didnt want to think about that. Specifically, I was at a party one time and this chick I had never spoken to before interrupted a conversation I was having to let me know that I was creepy. That's what it's like for them. It's not like it just comes out of nowhere and they just wake up one day and say "you know What? I'm gonna be an incel from now on"

Yeah thanks for reminding me our Minnesota summer thunderstorm game is completely off point this year and totally f'ing with my ability to get some primal carnal satisfaction while I'm trying to deal with (and get better at) being bad at women and relationships in general. What I'm trying to say is a good thunderstorm might well reignite some of that CHAD in me but here it's just mostly been hot and humid and now we have an overcast of Canadian wildfires.

It's basically /tttt/ and /incel/ are self inflicted porn

/lgbt/ is a amazing blackpill it's actually easy for me to see these forums because I know it's shitposters stirring up the flames of public humiliation and dejection When you see it like that you can laugh with them because they are pretty nice posters at least. Jealousy turns into the slippery slope of Gender Dysphoria. It is not a Meme on 4chan, it's the visibility of pre Gender identity disorder that unchains the urge for transsexualism, basically auto-gynephilia is a early symptom of gender Dysphoria but it is not exclusively associated with gender Dysphoria. It is a type of fetishism and can be used as a form of sexual pleasure but does not become full Gender Dysphoria until they experience living full time as a woman

Contra Points, i'm sorry that we don't have a active physical white genocide starting with you.

XD ahh, im so glad my favorite youtuber pisses off some guy whining about white genocide on his youtube channel with the same video 48 times

Nice new Contraception vedoi

Contra Points you are an inferior white male.

The 20/80 rules is based of real data tho, it's not unknown, or something the incels made up. While I do also think personalty count for something, which the 20/80 do not account for or care about, it's also now what it's trying to explain.

What if I believe that white males have been made inferior by marxist policy?

If someone has white blood cells does that make them a Nazi?

If a male has white bones is that white male supremacy?

I find incels not just depressing, but I also get a 'there but the grace of god' vibe from them. I had a REALLY bad run when it came to dating in my 20s, to the point of ridiculousness - like, me and this girl and who I never got a chance to see because we were always busy and didn't live nearby had a chance to hook up and my FUCKING CAR BROKE DOWN, getting a rare tropical disease that gave me two years of chronic fatigue, everyone I did get on a date with was crazy or stood me up, etc. It made me feel like I was deficient in some way and I was already insecure about being a little overweight, but at that stage I knew nothing about incel culture. I DID adopt some of the ideas of PUA culture and red-pill shit off the back of GamerGate, but I've left that behind me. If I had found the incels, I worry it would have just sucked me in and taken me over. The last thing I needed was more negative reinforcement, but without realising it I was seeking it out at the time, and there was a massive reservoir of it out there waiting for me. Somehow I dodged the bullet and I'm really grateful I did. It's nice to be able to like yourself.

If you aren't having a relationship with women, why would you care?

are you okay lol

If a male has white teeth is that white male privilege?

You do know that the UFC's ultra black Chad Welterweight champion's name is Tyron? The Incels named their black Chad perfectly. Tyron is a god among men. All heil king bro!

I basically disagree with contra points on everything. But most of this was spot on.

18:47 i am un-woke. help explain please?

I guess I technically fit the definition of an incel. I’ve never had sex, never been in a relationship at all, and my fist kiss was when I was 18. I never blamed women for how miserable and alone I was, bc everyone should have the freedom to fuck who they want. And if they don’t want me, that’s just nature filtering out my bad genetics. That’s how natural selection works. I try to focus on my career and hobbies, but truthfully, I identify with the pain of the incels. The truth is, not everyone will be loved. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s probably how it always will be. It’s okay to be saddened by this, but it’s not okay to blame others for this. It’s not women’s fault for not fucking You, it’s not your fault for being ugly, it’s just bad luck.

I'm pretty sure incels were raised in a feminist environment and/or by single mothers. That said, feminism did make women shittier. Why? Because women are now a protected class, protected from criticism and consequences. You're no longer allowed to criticize any of them for any immoral, irrational, crazy, obscene, irresponsible behavior they might have. They are protected from dealing with the consequences of those as well. You might have a woman who's unhinged and incompetent in your company wreaking havok and any criticism of her behavior will be treated as misogyny and discrimination and who ever spoke up is gonna lose his job and have a discrimination lawsuit to deal with. You can have a crazy promiscuous woman who'll just sleep around and swap boyfriends every five seconds run off with their money and there's a whole system of safety nets in place for any of the kids born from that woman. The list goes on but my point is that women no longer have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. They can just go about their lives and do whatever they want, however they want and never face any of the consequences. They can be toddlers for ever and never have to clean their own mess and have an army of white knights telling them everyday on instagram how amazingly beautiful and kind they are no matter what they look like or how they treat others. There isn't any social pressure on women to do good anymore, they can be as evil as they want, they're women. Men have to work hard on their social skills, polish their personality, be physically and mentally healthy, learn a skill so they can make money, be responsible, civilized, intelligent and charming to be seen as valuable and there's a lot of non written rules they have to abide to to be approved by women and by society as whole. Women on the other hand can just be socially awkward, have no personality whatsoever, be physically and mentally unhealthy, be incompetent, in debt, be antisocial screaming banshees, dumb and repulsive and they'll still manage to land a partner and have kids. Personally I've never been to incel forums because I can come up with my own edgy shit. My hope is that these guys are just learning to stand up for themselves since they've been told never to be angry, to always be nice and to never defend themselves as I'm pretty sure it's what happened. By personal experience none of the tricks we give incels worked for me. It always happened at times where I had nothing going on in my life, I hadn't showered for a day or two and I was wearing rags with holes in it. (Crust punks have sex right?) Whenever I consciously try to approach a girl, it fails. I only got dates when one of them texted me "I WANT TO SEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU!~

Im a gay man and I know more than 25 men who like Milo Yiannopolous.. All gay men I know love him.... Except the lefties, who only love stalin and Che and other homophobes.. Cause they're DUMB

This reminds me of a WHTH post I saw last month, and the comment discussion. Yes, incels need help, and we've tried to help them, we can't because they refuse to be helped. Even the smallest, simplest act that could improve their lives even in the slightest is rejected out of hand.

No one's going to help the incel community. Your sympathy towards incels does nothing for them. They are a very small minority of young men that society as a whole has collectively decided to beat down, because they're worthless to society as a whole. Take note of this phenomenon for the next time your political salesman tries to sell you the idea of a just world.

Next time: War

Incels _need_ to be told they're undesirable physically because otherwise, they'd have to admit what huge pieces of shit they are.

is it really that hard to say more than one scripted sentence at a stretch? those cuts are really annoying imo.


Thanks! keep it up, i love your work :) feel hugged!

Roosh must be really insecure... good on him for baking, but dude if you read this... you don't need to make excuses. You're making good food and everyone needs to eat. I hope you make sandwiches for yourself too without having to justify it in some deformed way.

Thanks for outlining how fucking AMAZING INCELS ARE!

oly is boner fule

Pre-op > Post-op Also, isn't blue pill viagra? I think we've all got this goatseewards.

Who's the bloke with the sexy voice and is he looking for a hair wooly Cthulhu switch bi

I can't take your voice seriously. Thanks for not mocking them at least

Ram Bow? Jesus fuck.

I'd much rather have a Becky than a Stacy.

I knew incels were sad and lame but fuck, they're almost more sad than I could ever imagine them being.

Oddly I have feelings of suicide partly due to government and the Brexit and partly I was banned from twitter which is a major loss of social support, really I don't normally with pain and suffering on others but I do hope twitter dies in a burning pit. But also I recognise that Twitter is a patch to cover the loneliness of a society that makes people working longer hours and punishments for being single in the UK is paying just 25% less than a couple with children in local taxes the paranoia and hatred of drunkenness make people feel isolated along with neo puritanism that is making single people feel guilt for being single but not creating systems to help people meet


This video is on point on so many levels and I also love the fabulous backdrops and outfits. Glad to have stumbled across your channel ♥

I felt really weird when I put this video on in front of my boyfriend and blurted out "omg she keeps getting hotter" Then I got to the end of the video and felt like some hivemind hugbox Oh no

"Chads with fuckable skulls" .... Yes..... Yes. *seeks out Chads to skull-fuck, straight or not*

Just discovered your channel. You do an excellent job in your analyses. I love how you actually pointed out the normalcy of the incel mindset while simultaneously providing the most viable strategy to break away from it. I plan on watching your catalog over the next few weeks.

Can you Juul during these vids?

omfg this starts out hilarious and ends in a deep psychological excursion. Contra please marry me. I would say the same thing on tttt or whatever

And may I say, you have no problem with your brow ridge, and are quite beautiful..

This video is fantastically made, incredible work

You are my favorite channel on YouTube. Never go away.

Awesome video, pls keep on doing thiss

i don't want to get rid of my dick tho

Absolutely love your video!

It's as if the Incels didn't actually know any women...

i don't like you because you're clearly rich.

Sea accepts us all. Sea is our home, our love, our life. JOIN US IN THE DEPTHS.

it's terrifying to me how a person's mind can twist and internalize bad experiences like that to the point where your entire worldview could shift into one where women are evil and inhuman, and you will never find love and be satisfied with yourself.

Subbed at "bread scientist"

Can someone please TLDR this video? Don't feel like listening to that raspy HRT laden voice. You shouldn't be talking about this subject you gender bender

I'm 14min in and I gotta say this makes me feel more than a little uncomfortable. I mean for starters I don't know how you couldn't feel uncomfortable seeing such naked hatred for women (or any group of humans for that matter). Many of these things are so implausible on the face of it that they would be laughable if you didn't see a bunch of depressed and I guess probably at least somewhat angry guys all taking it very seriously. However there is another big reason I'm uncomfortable too - seeing so much of myself in what is being described. Not the hate, or the blaming of women or others in general, but the fatalism and hopelessness. at 14:02 there's a series of thoughts displayed that an incel might go through. I've been through 1-5, and then jumped to 10 (sort of). While I have to believe that I wouldn't ever fall into this blaming of women or others, seeing a path laid out like that so close to my own is somewhat scary.

This is true art. As a question, Does the negative connotation of Hon extend to Honey as well? I have a few Female trans friends and I had never realized it to be an intrinsically negative context.

This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and it is truly a work of art. Thank you.

Contra, you've got a great face. Don't go Michael Jackson on it. Don't try to follow clichés of femininity. If I were to post my picture on an trans forum, people would probably tell me that I couldn't pull it of as a woman because my skull is too big, my jaw too broad, my hands too big, my shoulders too broad tc. But I was born a woman. LOL. Women can be big boned. And I still consider myself to be beautiful. I wear my hair long or pinned up so my head won't seem so big, I like my jaw because it tells idiot asshole guys to not fuck with me, and I love my big hands and broad shoulders because unlike other women I can lift and carry really heavy things easily. I'm also rather tall. I'm still a "naturally born woman". We come in lots of variety after all. You're one of us. Compared to me you're a real looker, which is cool if that's what you want to be. If you want to be less eye-catching, then that's okay too. Some women are like me and don't like dressing up. I never wear makeup, I hate the feel on my skin. But it's totally fine if women love their makeup. Be yourself. Don't try to fit a cliché. Don't compare yourself to others. You're not others. You're you. And you seem to be a really cool clever woman. Keep being that! :)

The parts about the sea are a titanic mood.

Hmm. There is some truth in red pill theory. At least when referring to the top 10% of women. Especially in the trans community, its even more out in the open there.

I'm a lesbian so this is purely theoretical BUT: god it's impossible to see why a woman would rather fuck a guy who never heard a song in his life and apparently only thinks about pussy than a guy who spends his time fantasising about misogynistic torture on the internet and thinking going to the gym makes up for their personality that's as hollow as an empty barn

love ya bravo, another good episode

first video i've ever watched by you - instant subscriber!

What an interesting and intelligent concepts. Thanks for the big think, CP.

You _are_ a gorgeous goddess. But unfortunately I'm a "volcel", because women are more trouble than they're worth.

Honestly, what you describe sounds similar to pro-Ana sites - people making each other sicker.

b-but M E R E M I L L I M E T E R S O F B O N E edit: BREAD SCIENCE

So Awesome!!!

"VOLCEL IF YOU WOULDNT" that was so good, i audibly gasped

I love your nose, its sooo cute.

Isn't anal 3rd base? Asking for a friend...!

You are a gorgeous goddess

Yes. Empathy is the only way to evolve our communication from a limited and destructive wavelength. But it is a hard thing to have when you are scared of your own shadow. When you say "Imagine how a woman feels". I think No. Fuck that. I feel how I feel and everyone else can get fucked. Sorry has Daria taught me wrong? Is misanthropy bad?


ContraPoints no I don't wanna imagine.

I do enjoy imagining that, yes. ;)

The soft music, the calm voice, then *BLARING CENSORS*


Thank you as usual for your attention to detail and your research, openness and for sharing your knowledge.

Shane Healy how are you so blind and delusional? Women do NOT have everything handed to them on a silver platter no matter where they grow up. Trained by their fathers??! The fuck? I hope you never have a daughter bc you will never see her as human.

Hei bb won sum fucc? I gona smash ur'e pusy so hard lol

Probably like some flesh, and bones and all that gay shit

+Marcel Duchamp's Fidget Spinner I support this message: masculine presenting trans gendered lesbians LOL

These incels should consider going trans. Not because they identify as women, but so they have a female body to fondle like an autogynephile. And their lack of "Chad" features means they will pass quite well, and probably get tail from an androgynemorphophilic lesbian.

holy fuck, that first 30 seconds sounds like a badly written romance novel from Hell LOL

wahmen ((feels)) you've got to be KEEDEEN

Incels: there are thousands of us trans people out there who feel just like you. and need love too! *mass shipping intensifies*

It's ok Contra, you're totally skull mogging those other huns. Keep on being the alpha.

Thank you for the inclusion of The Who.

You're wonderful, this is excellent!

Contra, do more ASMR videos please? :)

What's funny is celibacy means not getting married. Chastity means not getting laid. It should be called Inchasts

First Chang take your Job, Then he takes yo girl..

Wait what, suicide recommendation at the end?

This is one of the most elegant explanations of incels I have seen to date.

Mmmmm can't wait to get me some of that sexy rainstorm Petrichor.

feminist culture, that's why they're like this. you're welcome

Here before 180K

Please do an asmr phrenology video Natalie!

at one point in my life i was something pretty close to an incel, the only difference being that i never blamed women or feminism for my inability to find someone, i just blamed myself and thought i was irreparably broken on some fundamental level that made me completely unlovable. so to that extent, i can absolutely sympathize with the incels, because i lived through that "catastrophizing" anxious self-hatred.

I'm an incel,I don't hate women I understand they only want men like Cristiano Ronaldo and can't help who they are attracted too.

I used to be a very active member in feminist groups, and those groups were mostly radical in their views. Though I still hold my views as somewhat feminist, I can't deny that the time I've spent there didn't went well for my mental health and views on the world. Everywhere I looked I've seen rape, opression, wage gaps and acid attacks. I barely had any male friends whom I wouldn't consider pigs or wanting to rape me, just because that's what I've been used to look for in people, society and the world at large. Once I distanced myself from those group for my own mental sake - the amount of negativity was exhausting - I felt better. I started to develop my own world views. My country is still sexist and I can still see that, but I don't see a proof of it every day. Which is a lot easier for the soul.

22:54 He has the chad-bones, tbh.

Great production value but you are WRONG!!! Allow me to pull FACTS out of my fedora... there, here is a FACT. Sure, you might not know what it is like to be a man, especially a man who is always so nice to all females but in the end, remains non-laid for all the nice shit I do! But yes! I had an x-ray done and my bones were fucking tiny... they were the size of pencils! FEMALES LIKE BONES! It's an evolutionary fact!!! THAT'S WHY IT IS CALLLLLLLLED BONERS! I swear, no matter how many replica samurai swords I buy, or how much dating practice I obtain via Japanese Dating Sims... FEMALES refused to get in my van. But I digress, m'lady. It seems you have had a poor experience with incels so please, allow me to change your opinion. I'm a nice guy, I swear. Please date me, please!! Pretty please! I've tried the nofap movement but... well, lets just say that... erm...walking around supermarkets with an erection is embarrassing. Teach me the ways of my enemy; the chads.

You won a subscriber with this video. Well played.

Is that Hbomberguy reading the Incel comments?

The true blackpill is realizing Contrapoints will never be your gf. :(

I have a hard time understadnig what you are talking about, because the music is so loud in the background.

Does anyone else think that "Monster ContraPoints", at 28:44 looks amazing?

33:49 nut

Pro tip: You don’t need FFS, FFS. Drive on and save the money, ignore your voice (it’s fine) and haters, and just get on with it. You remind me of my niece.

Oh great. Now every time it starts raining I get horny.

Fucking stunning. Loved every second. Good job.

How YouTube somehow found me to be the target of this video I will never know, but this was truly amazing.

That opening just made me extremely uncomfortable

fantastic video codifying a lot of my feelings that about incels I subbed because of this video

Weren't you the biggest incel until you gave up and changed genders?

excuse me imma just head over to the sea

If you ever feel insecure again about whether you look like a "hon", just know that I didn't know you were once a man until you mentioned that you were. Like I seriously thought you were just woman with a slightly deeper voice and only until you mentioned by trans did I even begin to notice anything about your facial structure or you being masculine lol Also this was a wonderful video, I came here thinking I'm going to get infuriated again by the incel's and their echochamber of hate but you've really covered this topic very well. Especially in regards to masochistic epistemology and the incel's refusing help and being unreachable and thus theres no real way to help them until they make themselves open to help. Make me feel slightly less mad about their attitude in general, especially with the points you gave about the dating game and explaining the mentality of it all. Thank you

or "you are a lesbian nonbinary amab and most women only want cis women" "you are 500 pounds" "you live in a racist area and are the only non white within a good deal of space" "you are HIV positive and people are afraid of you" "you are divergent with BPD" "you are slightly developmentally disabled and women infantilse you" or you can't get laid for any bigoted reason, but because you are a minority your range and angst is well justified and everone else is the bad guy woah hey. some twitter users tried saying Incel was coined by an Autistic person for herself. another said it had something to do with the non white queer community (i need to check my screen captures) sexual bigotry is a thing. it takes stregnth and a good personaity not to be a shitty person about it. or if they are going to bitch, do it with the right kind of name calling,. contrast to! rape incel alert oh dear so cranky how long will it take for people to realise even some sjw marginized minoirty groups are teetering on incel arg. i can't easily find what i need. I don't know. i thought more than incels believed in that female mating stragity. humans have a lowsy ablity of knowing which child they sired, others might be able to smell it. so a human mates with one male with good genes but lowsy fathering skills, and makes a family with the other. you make it sound like it's a myth human females have smaller brow ridges. that is why it looks like our eyes are bigger. it gives us younger features and promisuoity got humans to evolve into what we are. the incels are looking at humans in a skewed animalistic way, a reverse anthrophomorphisation

Disagree. Was part of it and got out of it. You're correct, it is a dark place. But they ARE correct about many a things.

I tried online dating once, it made me want to curl up in a shallow grave so I can only imagine how a doom and gloom Incel might cope. Eventually I met someone through a running club; that you mentioned hobbies rings SO true.

This is definitely your best video IMO. Thoughtful, funny, real. As an insecure trans man (that's a bit on the feminine side and okay with it), there was a lot I could relate to and see. The online self-harm thing, I think a lot of trans people needed to hear.

404 Chin Not Found


Well you have once been a hon but you look like a woman now. really if you did not say you were trans I would assume you were a woman.

15:42 Jesus fucking christ. if you look like that why the fuck you even wonder that you can't get laid ? Just change this hairstyle that screams virgin from mile away, shave off that moustache, don't go out with a call of duty tshirt possibly, take shower regularly despite laughing at this idea and maybe gain some weight to then work out a bit to make yourself somewhat weel built and don't make face expressions like that. It's just.. weird and creepy. Character and personality aside if you just work a bit on your look and by work I mean just don't look like you're on purpose want to appear as virgin maybe you'll find this easier duh PS. People from comments. Don't try to teach me that it's easy for me to say that if I'm not a virgin because I am in fact a 21 yo male vigin. I just don't make myself look like I don't want to ever get laid on purpose like this guy on a photo.

Wow this is a really good video. I’m a new subscriber and the last few vids were ok, but this one was really honest and elegantly stated. I hope this gets a million views. Well done! Looking forward to your future vids.

"There are skulls on them!"

The history of western philosophy is filled with masochistic epistemology, starting all the way from "better to be unhappy wise Socrates than a happy dirty pig" and stoic stuff. I think it was first Nietzsche to question the will of truth as a basis of western morality (and propose a will of power instead). For Nietzsche every epistemology is also a moral system. He argued that the will of truth has been responsible for the ascetic ideals (and transcendental metaphysics) that have long governed the morality in the west. Most interestingly he claims that this sort of morality borns everytime humans go through stress under ruhtless rulers or physiologically challenging conditions. It is a reactive plan for life to survive in circumstances hostile for life, by turning against life itself. Nietzsche made often natural analogues (like hibernation that some species do in order to survive) to understand this paradoxical behaviour of human morality. Nietzsche, throughout his life as a sick incelish man, knew what he was talking about. There are probably many others "philcels" as well.

Yet another masterpiece, bravo!

more like cringecels. they're 'celibate' because they're cringey as fuck.

i'm not sure i should say this, but the behavior of seeking out anxiety induced criticism and members of these group forming names to call each other that reflect their biggest fears is seen within dark black women. For the longest time dark skinned women have been the literal bottom of the dating pool, having to hear from family, friends and black men that if we were a little lighter, we'd be attractive. So groups formed, especially on reddit, where dark skinned women would put of pictures of themselves and black women who were just a tiny shade lighter would bash them and encourage bleaching. There were so many videos that went deep on why as a dark skinned women you could never be seen as attractive and the best thing was to put a paper bag on your face. I used to eat this shit up until i realized i was just feeding my anxiety. Now I could not give a shit who thinks i'm attractive, because the ones who do have exquisite taste.

That there are people that are just attracted to a few, very distinct shades of skin colours destroys the little rest of faith I had in humanity. This is the kind of crazy shit you can't imagine if you aren't affected by it.

lollllllll woow nicely articulated very research-based observation blue.

The whole bigotry skull theory thing is kinda ridic. You're comparing bigotry being assigned to something completely unrelated like a skull... to their postulation based on actual physical attraction to a physical characteristic (bone structure). I mean, if they were saying all people with a certain skull feature had a specific personality characteristic then you might have a point. But, that's not what's happening. They are saying that the reason some men don't get laid is literally because of the shape of their skull.

Love it! Subscribed!

Amazing vid!

Please be my big sister

fuck you roosh, you can’t have baking. Baking fucking rules and everyone deserves the joy of fresh homemade bread you piece of shit. It’s a beautiful, subtle joy of life, asshole.

i've always thought it so funny that a group of men who claim they want to get laid then BUILD AN ENTIRE IDENTITY ON NOT GETTING LAID lolll. isn't that counterproductive

First-time viewer. Subbed. You're witty and funny with a healthy amount of sass. Keep it up :D Quality content right here.

Yo, what the fucks a tinder? Some kind of lunchbox?

Basically,.... yes, kind of.

"cooking is science and men like science" yet men think they're above making their own sandwiches

Honestly jeezus ur very pretty and I'm a bi so not lying and I love you

18:45 amazing

I am become fish

you are incredibly funny and intelligent

you are so beautiful

Contra be lurking on 4chan? Cool

Saw this on reddit and initially thought it would be something super cringey and hard to get through. Well now i'm subbed.

Gigi gorgeous 4th comming out video, sorry contra, love you, but I couldn't resist

Saw this video while watching Lindsay Ellis. Your fucking amazing. New sub.

gr8 vid bb keep em comin

Outstanding content.

Yeah Stalin didn't name it the Politburo. We did.

You could cut my dick off and I still wouldn't be as depressed as these incels who think sex is so important.

yer a fucking genious

I don't understand the whole idea that life is pointless without sex. There is so much more to give life meaning. I get that the incels won't be interested in knowing that. Actually, learning about this makes me want to deal with my own self loathing, before I lose track of my optimism.

I think incels like any other long time celib want a relationship or at least human warmth, but maybe their their sexual frustration is what they want to express the most. It's not being obsessed with sexuality, i think it's depper and so much sad thant that.

so good


Love the video but the font made me binge Batman the Animated Series. Not really a complaint I guess.

Dat "Volcel if you wouldn't" though

>I-I have to leave 4chan, it's turning me into a monster! Oh, sweetie.... Nobody leaves. You're one of us forever now. Forever.

Very good video. I could not help drawing parallels between the incels and some of the more radical man hating segments of feminism. That bitterness towards the opposite sex, catastrophised into a really unhealthy view about our whole society is very similar. You know, men are pigs, all rapists in waiting, its in their nature, toxic masculinity, our society makes them this way, its all a patriarchal tyranny that needs to be destroyed etc etc is so similar to the incel catastrophisation its eerie.

I think the scariest thing about a lot of bigotry is how close I was to those initial feelings that lead people (boys, mostly) to those worrying conclusions.

I was hearing this voice over narrator and I'm thinking "damn, I know this Brit from somewhere, and I precum over his voice, it's definitely philosophytube" and I was right


First time viewer & subscribed because of this! Great work!

It's a very sad community. This rock and roll manosphere you mention at the very end existed for me in the metal music. It was a way to look and act that was very forgiving. Lots of facial features and body structures become acceptable with long hair, beards and a Slayer shirt. Maybe that was my salvation. One other thing I'll mention is the puberty angle. At 12-20 you're as horny as you will ever be and it will seem like everyone around you is having sex, but they're not. The episode of Glow when Marc Marrons daughter is revealed to be having more sex than all the other women on the show, that's more like reality. Secondly, as I grew older more body types became attractive to me. I don't think that's just me. Personality also became more important. Honestly, masturbation can be better than some sex you will have in your life. And I'm a man, that's not just a women thing. Lastly, I hope incels grow over it. Most men over 35 have problems maintaining an erection. Sex becomes far less important. Achieving something, independence, that's the true holy grail of human happiness.

wait what? women pay for dating sites? is this true? I always thought it was free for them

I think I am starting to understand where the misogyny comes from. No woman could ever love them. And if she did, there must be something seriously wrong with her. She must be incredibly stupid or a total slut. So no incel could ever respect a woman (that shows any interest in him).

I want a platonic relationship with you.

"Catastrophizing" thanks for letting me know about that term.

Wow! This was so well done. You are beamingly intelligent. Subscribing now.

I realy liked that Video. The Music was nice, you made good points and i do like your make up. Just one thing: there is nothing to forgive ;) you go girl

You remind me somewhat of Jim Sterling. Make of that what you will :P

I can't say that I wasn't an incel. trapped in a world that nobody is destined for me and that I can only lie down and rot and no such happiness is made for me for the taking and that's just it. Other than that, mass murders and in depth explanation of the rest now scares me.


contrapoints i would let you eat Jell-O out of the darkest places on my body

I'm an incel myself and I love this video!

that "masochistic epistemology" idea really hit home.

:O Adam Neely watches your videos :D

Adam Neely I've often felt that way myself, and I've never had a phrase to describe it. Now having seen the idea thrown out there, I can't help but imagine it's a super common mindset.

lol low quality tranny

Beautifully put together video once again. So impressed, and such a great topic that needed to be covered academically. Please do a video on proana communities, it's too controversial for anyone else to do it but it would be so interesting for the psychology to be analysed. Love u

I touched the incel community for a split second when I was still a virgin. I heard the term, thought it applied to me but never joined one of those boards. In hindsight, it feels like having had a needle with heroin in my arm but stopped just before I shot up. I could have been one of them. I'm married now to a wonderful wife, we have wonderful kids and I couldn't be happier. Stay of the heroin, incel and libertarianism kids, that shit will fuck up your life.

Oh shit, this was hillarious. Time to sub

This is one of my favorite youtube videos I've watched this month- very insightful, well paced and balanced all around. Nice lighting by the way

I can't tell what this... thing is. Are you a trans or an actual woman? In either case, no. Just no.

6:50 Please tell me more about those fuckable skulls

They talk a whole lot of shit but you’re still a prettier girl than I will ever be and I was born with a uterus,

There was a pragerU ad that played before this video.....

Well incels have a solution to that. They've taken to calling women (((femoids))), and the Nazi ones have taken to wrapping ((((((DOUBLE ECHOES)))))) around Jewish women's surnames. That's just how it sounds to me. Don't call me antisemitic I'm just using the plainfaced reading of the symbol that is sadly used for antisemitic purposes.

It always boogles me to no end how a human being can be so taken in by their own Mental Health disorder such as Sexual Dysphoria like yourself. If I claimed that I really was and identified as an Apache gunship and even went so far as to attached rotor blades onto my scalp and spun myself around in circles mimicking a helicopter. I would rightfully be considered mentally ill. No amount of hand ringing or partisan Left-wing legislation or gerrymandering of medical/clinical and psychological data is ever going to change objective truth. And I will rebuke it, because that is what universal truths do. America and it seems the entire world has become a gigantic open air prison that just so happens to have a Ozone layer, to which I cannot escape anymore nor anyone else for that matter. Mental illnesses and health crisis have become norm, and I do not see things getting much better.

Laugh at male alienation everybody!

im a gay guy so the opening didnt do too much for me

Whoa! Flash backs of The Game book from 2008 when I found my way into the pick up community before I fully accepted my bisexuality. The self Loathing in the community is quite blatant. The obsession with categorisation and is similar to other isms. The bone structure analogy reminded of racist literature. The idea of average frustrated chump and becoming a PUA was going fix all my problems, It never did. I was still going from one world to the other, from trans dating sites where I accept I'm attracted to trans woman to pua sites where no one talk about bisexual at it all about, "sarging" , "merging sets" and demonstrating higher value etc. It dawned on me very slowly one day that all of it wasn't given my self-esteem any benefits and really was an insult to mine myself and my sexuality. It's been over 10 years since since I stopped doing the pua crap and a few relationships later I do feel better for it. I do get a few from trans community asking to "smash my new pussy" and now I would prefer a walk in the park first or even a "how's your days doing" before I smash anything.


Can women be incels?

How would you know what a woman feels? You aren't one.

When its 30 minutes into Netflix and chill, and you're just now explaining to her what a Roastie is, and how its beta-bux, alfalfa trucks.

but incels

"The right metaphor for a veteran vag is not roast beef, but sour grapes." Subbed to oblivion.

Lol, I thought I recognised "The Becky" and "The Stacy":

wtf am i watching?

Jesus Christ this video is so depressing

I cook and bake bread because I like food and fresh bread. I didn't know I had to flex muscles or explain bread scientifically while baking bread in order to feel like a man.

This is honestly the best analysis of incels I've ever seen. Also I don't want to be *virtue singling cuck* but I have a lot of respect for telling us about your experience as trans woman.

I am very uncomfortable.

I see self pity is very popular on incel forums

Hm, I like Fingals caves.

Info was well-researched and you present it in an organized way (wine glass is a nice touch). Not many incels will be receptive but it was worth a shot.

**Applauds** *Subbed.*

Intel misogyny is just bitter men projecting their self-hatred onto the object of their deep desire.

This is the first video I've seen of yours and it's solid. Good watch and good advice. Incels are largely just terrible people, via natural clownfuckery or bent that way by the community. That alone makes most unfuckable but there are a decent percentage that clearly have a masochistic relationship with the community/belief. Many *DO* simply need to go outside, get off the forum, exercise, etc. I've always been a generic motherfucker. Look at me. Yes, it's a joke-pic I took for someone a few years ago that I'm too lazy to change but that's me. I'm no Chad (lol). I bring that up to say that dating/casual sex *IS* a marketplace and my niche has always been personality. I don't think I've ever had a woman oogle or ogle over me. In fact, I've heard from damn near all of them that it wasn't until we really spoke and got to know each other that they liked me. Humor helps and I've always been a fairly personable guy. So, I also do have a tiny smidge of understanding for what an incel feels/believes. I know I'm a 5/10 physically, a 6/10 on a good day. I'm nkt short, not tall. I'm not fat but fluctuate between skinny and "somewhat normally proportioned". I'm very average and becoming below-average with age

Thank you skull-people for showing me the way.

"...voice is... a Muppet falsetto hybrid of Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh." Yeah - kinda like a she-Fozzie.

thank you! ive just discovered that ive shared some views with black pillers and i have to stop.

ur famous enough to akinator :3

Let's review: A male who dresses and acts like a woman cuz he's distraught with the body he was born is poking fun at males distressed at the body they were born with. Super ironic!

I have done some research on incels. This video put it all into words so nicely and structured. Could not have done it better myself, 11/10 would femoid again.

You're getting a couple of things wrong. A) Two events over five years is hardly "producing mass murderers at an alarming rate". On any given day, before lunch the world view of Islam racks up a higher body count. B) There is no shared "Red Pill World View". The Red Pill is a metaphor used to say "I as an individual/We as a group realized a truth, that wider society refuses to face". That's it. The world view of the various groups that use that metaphor largely depends on the nature of that truth. Incels say: "Women are superficial and reject men based on things those men cannot change". Pick Up Artists say: "Picking up women is a skill every man can learn." Those are diametrically opposed, so how can there be a shared world view? Granted, there are some shared elements; but those concern a very basic level; the in my opinion most important being the refusal to believe women are more noble, pure and complex than men, but that's no basis to lump them together. Though some of the things incels think are way off, there is some truth to others. Studies show that women take about 10 seconds to decide whether they consider a guy fuck-worthy or not. A decision made so quickly must by definition be superficial and it cannot be based on his character, because 10 seconds are nowhere near enough time to get an insight into a person's character. A couple of years back OK Cupid published data about how its users rate the other sex. Men's ratings of women followed slightly slanted bell curve; giving about 55% of women a rating of three stars or more. Women's ratings of men were very different; giving 80% of men two stars or less. So even if they get the reasons wrong, incels get one thing right: Men on the lower end of the attractiveness scale have next to no chance of getting laid; because women have a very skewed notion as to what an "avaragely attractive man" is, shoot for men that are out of their league and refuse to "settle" for men that are similarly attractive as they are. It is those women that have the common "where have all the good men gone?"-complaint. And these women are the other side of the incel medallion. And this is very society get unfair: When a man finds himself unable to get laid, society blames him, and tells him he must have a shitty character. Which - given the knowledge that women take only ten seconds to decide - is just a mean way to add insult to injury. When women find themselves unable to get into a relationship society doesn't blame them, it tells men "man up and give those wonderful women the adoration, happyness, relationship, children they deserve". The "incel problem" could be fixed quite easily: *Stop telling men that have trouble getting laid that they're unworthy pieces of that deserve the crap they're getting from the women they try to approach.* Instead tell them that their value as human being doesn't depend on their ability to get laid; tell to have some pride and self-respect, and women that give them crap after ten seconds of interaction are unworthy of men's love, lust and attention anyway. Gender relations should become more equitable. They way things are now, men undersell themselves. Wherever relationships are depicted in the media, it's always the men that need to prove they're worthy of the things women bring into a relationship, while women are absolutely and no questions asked entitled to whatever the man brings into the relationsship. Equitable relations would require women to prove themselves worthy, just like men are expected to. A man who gave a "pump and dump" gave her an infinitely greater chance to prove herself worthy of his love than a woman that after ten seconds decided to reject a guy. I know that's not particularly flattering to women, and that saying will most likely get me called a misogynist woman-hater, but that doesn't mean it's not the truth.

I’m pretty sure I would’ve been an incel if I had been a guy

Holy shit this was sad!

Such naming pattern of shortening and combining words is also oftenly observed in people suffering from scizophrenia.

Had no idea you were trans until you started talking about guys asking about your dick on Tinder.

you came up recommended on my homepage. I am subbed for life. Great video. Thank you for a very smart breakdown of this dangerous misoginistic culture

I consider Incels to be both male and female. A lot of lonely sexless people out there of both genders.

As the saying goes, the quickest way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Roosh could have just said that to justify cooking and be done with it. The roundabout explanation is just his insecurity talking. The correct recipe is this: 8 eggs, 500g cane sugar, 500g butter, 40g vanilla sugar, 800g flour. Bake it, decorate with molten chocolate, thank me later.

hey you forgot femcels, i found it really interesting how similar incels and femcels are while being exact opposites, kinda like mirror images of each other

damn this is a good channel

this is one of the most insightful videos i've seen on the subject, i really enjoyed your take on it. also your voice is soothing.

15:20 Beautiful insight and eloquently said, after reading his book I came to exactly the same conclusion. If you need a father figure in your life to tell you how to shape up, Peterson is basically internet dad. 17:29 dw guurl i'd still tap that u full stacy

Wow so funny and true, this is the first of your videos I've seen and I love it. Keep up the good work, and I know it's work, because reading some of the crap for your research has to stress your brain (possibly reshaping your skull), it takes imagination to try and understand some of the places incels and such go. Bravo and best wishes.

Hello! Love your stuff! It's rare to find sensibly argued leftist points on the internet. And also you are super charismatic. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way i'm going to be presumptuous and ask a boon! I would love to hear your thoughts on a contemporary philosopher called Byung Chul Han. Specifically his books: Fatigue society Psycho-politics The Agony Of Eros The Swarm (these are my own translations of the titles, might be differently translated into English) These are all in essay format so its not a huge time investment, and i thought that maybe you're tired of diagnosing the malignancies of out time and might appreciate this new perspective. Thank you in advance if you decide to give these a shot, and if not thank you anyways for being fab!

You're not only beautiful but also a great mind

I find that I relate and even agree with a lot of what mgtow and incels have to say. I guess the difference with me is that I have let go of a lot of the hate and frustration of rejection. I have also decided to live differently and base my self esteem on my own individuality and self improvement. This includes not comparing myself to others ( I don't always succeed but thats the intention). I think incels have been created from situations where they either don't understand or misunderstand women and th expected dating/society norms or they refuse to conform . Personally I probably am an Incel that doesn't label himself as one, I just label myself an individual. In terms of the violence and isolation, if a society doesn't want people to be violent or isolate themselves then encourage people to stop bullying people and encourage people to be more accepting and respectful of differences. Also encourage women to date men of all types, remove the external pressures of people saying that they shouldn't date one person or another as well. There is an inequality in the dating world between men and women. There are far more male incels than female because women get chased.

Is that Markiplier?

Fantastic video Contra. I may be an EEEEVIL conservative nationalist but I find that you always produce interesting and engaging content. Top notch :)

I might not agree with everything she says but Contrapoint vids are top notch, great set, great editing and okish homour

You are beautiful, Natalie. If anybody would get me into trannies it would be you :)

that intro give me cringe poisoning....

Academy award for olly as wristcel

You should also check out the Ladder Theory if the website is still around. It's a theory of how women determine who they will sleep with. As a young incel in the time before such things existed I found it a fascinating insight. I wonder what the modern organised incel has done with it.

roosh unironically saying the words "I am ultra masculine" (while wearing that silly dick-shield on his face and feeling that he has to justify bakery, mind you) is legitimately the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. literally lol'd

My Lady, you are a kindred, of the Malkavian kind to be correct. I love it , all fabulous, and artsy, with a sweet touch of darknes and madness. I salute you.

You pass very well, gotta say

Thank you for researching this and making this video.

A few points: 1) Hypergamy is well documented and biologically accepted among many species including humans. The whole Red Pill scene has exaggerated the shit out of it, but if you filter out the hyperbole, there are valid points in there. 2) I'm not sure Catastrophizing is fitting. It's more a case of learned helplessness - a leading cause of depression. 3) Incels have a lot in common with radical feminists. The other gender wronged me ('arbitrary' rejection / slight), it wronged me often so it's systemic and I'm oppressed, it's morally OK to hate my oppressor. Scum Manifesto vs. Incel Rage - two sides of the same coin. Edit: 4) Just because someone isn't using an intellectual position properly, doesn't mean it's not worthy to engage that position.

"The incel community has built-in defenses against anyone who would try to change their minds." Ya, sounds like all of conservativism in the US. So, this is more like a 30-40% of the population issue, sadly, than a 1% or less issue....

Great point. Fuckin Ronaldo. Hate that fucking guy. His first name is actually Chad. Most people don't know that. Kidding aside, a shrink once told me he lets his wife "drift away" during sex, meaning, to image other men. It's natural and OK. You just gotta accept that humans are programmed to fuck or dream of fucking many people and it's not anything beyond that in a healthy, honest relationship.

Yes but the deformed midget girlfriends are always thinking of someone like Ronaldo. Why would someone stay with a girl knowing shes rubbing herself off to Ronaldo.

LOL...ya....even the deformed, midgets, literal sideshow freaks, etc get women, even "hot" ones, but that fuckin Ronaldo. Incels need therapy. No way around it. Anybody can find a parter in this large world somewhere, but if you're not ideal looking or just strange looking it will take more strikes to get a hit. Gene Simmons said 19/20 rejected him but it was about that 1/20. Not saying that's a role model, but it's an attitude ugly men need to have.

No one can change my mind because women only want men like Cristiano Ronaldo, why play a game I have already lost. If you don't look like him then no point dating.

Whelp end of video turned me on. T^T I'll never look at the ocean the same way again

must suck for the female 10s. you can't move up any higher lol.

Woow you are very beautiful. I don't care what gender you are, i just find you beautiful. Do not panic because i am from western europe and i have a girlfriend for +6y ;). I just needed to say this. Also thank you for this very great video. Thank you for explaing these new terms to my old 31y ass :p ;). I keep an open mind and watch all sorts of people their videos. I hate politics you see. Have a nice day :).

To incels: google "midget wife" and see how many men--including men of color--with 3 foot height, fucked up skull shape, small wrists, etc are with nice women. Of course, you guys would attribute this to luck or peg the wives as unfuckable, on second thought, just see a shrink ASAP. You have issues that can be solved by a professional.

Hey im a trump supporter and I'm called a incel and deplorable, the term has lost its shock meaning

“How do I make this about me?”

I thought I'd heard everything about incels, but this went in a number of directions I wasn't expecting. I love it. It's 3 in the morning and I have this on at low volume, and something about the lighting and the general surrealism of the video is so soothing (on that note, ASMR at 22:21.) Also, you somehow made "the eroticism of a rainstorm" sound attractive and I don't know what to do with this information. Uhhh...thanks? (Like this comment to return to the salty embrace of our dark mother, the sea.)

hahaha tyrones:'9

I'm a straight man, but for the most part sex with women is normally disappointing. Incels build it up into some fucking heaven. Sorry to break it to you, guys. It's just sex. You're pretty much better off with a world-class six pack and a good movie.

The red pill stuff is such crap. Crap dreamt up by thick entitled people who want to sound clever or thick entitled people who want to blame any vaguely convenient external factors for their perceived bad luck. Like conspiracy theorists or a sizable proportion of Trump voters. Like this current deep state bollocks. It's all the same. This tragic group is just a self loathing version - so I suppose they get some sympathy points... well from me at least.

beautiful video i have recently become obssesed with incel culture.. its an odd satisfaction to see them loath over themselves

I think you're great. I don't have anything more insightful to say, but as much as you wore your heart on your sleeve in this video you deserve to hear it from as many people as possible.

if they haven't tried fucking each other, they are not 'involuntary'

There have been 2 incel mass murderers in 10 years. How many sex-having normie terrorists, rapists, thugs, etc are there? Exactly. Incels are probably the least likely group to commit (violent) crimes when you compare them to non-incel normies. But people LOVE to shit on low-status men, aka incels. We get ALL the hate.

There would be no incels. If you guys didn’t care about sex so much.

I am real incel.

So one of the main problems in the consistency of the incel philosophy (note: consistency, not truth) is I think the part where "normies" marry cheating wives. If this happened on such a big scale surely "normies" and "Beckie's" would suspect something? And what happens to those "Tracies" and "Chads" when they're no longer at a Chad or Tracy age? In my own humble opinion I think that yes, physical attractiveness is undeniably a plus, but there is a big difference between the kind of guy women would maybe be more inclined to hook up with and the kind of guy they marry. That's not how relationships work. You don't stay with someone because of their looks. (Do they long for romance or for sex?) (Personally I tend to fall for "normies" with an above average intelligence over "Chads", but the kind of intelligence that creates new stuff and opinions, not the kind of intelligence you get from just reading a lot of wikipedia and the occasional book) (This essay, while brilliant, made me very sad)

i love you so much this is a brilliant video

The hypergamy thing... do they honestly think that average looking women end up with above average looking men? Walk around outside for a bit... the opposite tends to be true. The “hot girl, ugly guy” trope is founded to some extent in reality because women stereotypically have a more rounded idea of what makes someone attractive.

It is so depressing to know the depth to some of these people cynicism; to actually believe that the majority of the world population is so selfish and shallow in such simplistic terms... I don't know how they'd get out of bed every morning. I think I'd just end it all - or if I were an actual shallow and person that did believed this, then end it all right after going on a killing spree out of entitled bitterness. Difficult. I feel genuine sadness, sympathy and contempt for this subgroup.

What a depressing way to live. Straight to muscles and plastic surgery? Seriously being fun to talk is so important - I'm not saying looks are meaningless, but looks and nothing but looks, is. I worked on cruise ships - hard work in the day and plenty fun at night. Boys, girls booze and sex. And in all of my 6 years of 10 month contracts - the super muscly men - especially the macho types were not that successful at all. Guess what? It was the fun ones. The men I even liked hanging around. Yes there are lots of shallow women as they are men, but most people are people. And people value similar things - by the way - intelligence is sexy, I managed to get my wife's attention that way - by talking, being friendly, funny and not by just having a nice body - those people - both men and women do exist but they are in the minority and are really tedious and really boring.

Sapiosexuality, being attracted to someone's intelligence, is a confirmed myth by science and considered the LEAST important characteristic for dating succes. Even though women and men will say they value intelligence, their actualy actions always prove the opposite, study after study shows this. And yeah it isn't all set in stone ofcourse. There's getting on steroids and getting big muscles, losing weight, plastic surgery, etc.

Sure but attractiveness isn't necessarily set in stone. Another word for this is charisma. I know lots of not amazing looking guys - myself included - that do fine. It's about bringing something to the table - intelligence, humor, kindness, integrity all form 'attractiveness'. Christ women and men are not that different. It's not rocket science.

The real world is harsh. The science and studies that confirm the huge impact your attractiveness has in your life quality is all out there. But people will always deny it and reject it to preserve the bluepilled worldview that looks don't matter that much.

Well, to be honest, not politically correct nor gratuitously bashful, your voice is mildly annoying and your looks are those of an average woman. Worst case scenario is you might look slightly older than your age.

How are u r videos so good

A faggotcell is someone so addicted to porn you become a 'woman' to date men... the irony of another flaccid critique

ah, it's r/braincels now

Millennial Internet smuggery at its finest!

I'm not trans or anything like that, but I can relate with the part where you spoke about the self-destructive habits people can form online. When I was going through puberty, it was easy to isolate as I was homeschooled and didn't have many close friends I could contact. Eventually I formed somewhat of an addiction to the internet, and would seek validation from people I barely knew and were probably in the same boat or worse. I neglected my health and happiness and became so attached I just wouldn't leave my chair. My social skills were crippled and i'm still fixing that today. I would sit for hours and only get up when I had to. But I got out of it after awhile. I realized that these habits I was forming weren't healthy, and with the help of my family I was able to come out of it. Things like this can grab you and make you think you aren't good enough, or that the world has forgotten you, or that you will never succeed. People will fetishize and encourage self-destruction to already vulnerable people. You have to realize what it's doing and step back. It's hard, but there is always a way out. There is ALWAYS a reason to live. Whether you've found it yet or not. Sorry if that didn't make sense or go on a tangent, but your words spoke to me. I appreciate your video and love the aesthetic you got going on! Keep being you!

+Hula nani Its so dangerous because of peoples need for social interaction. If we detach ourselves from the world like that, it can only lead to mental anguish and an unhealthy dependancy. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story, and I hope you are doing better now and that you find happiness in the world!

Shadeyshade Furfag i greatly understand maybe too much. i was homeschooled too and i suffered greatly with it. the whole internet was my playground because that was the only one i had. the internet is addicting to ppl whom have no one else

These guys need to get outside more often, and stop living on the internet.

Please do a video on toxic masculinity. Whenever a news service posts an article about it on social media, toxic men and their fembots go full reactionary.

If we're talking looks based on the comparative pictures... I'll take the Becky over the Stacy.

I love you contrapoints. I really do, you are beautiful and elegant and fucking funny as shit. You make the world a better place and light up my life.

Natalie, you are beautiful and I hope you look in the mirror on occasion and say "God damn, girl", maybe do a little sashay and then confidently go on about your day.

*Imagine believing that having sex is the pinnacle of human existance.*

^^ Imagine being so frigid as to post the above.

Wow. That was amazing. You're amazing

I stumbled on you because of your philosophical criticisms. I don’t know if I want to go into grad school to become a philosopher or just grab a commission and finish up my military career. But honestly everything you make is spot on my good woman!

There is so much fucked up shit about Incels, and none of it has to do with the way they look.

Yo real shit I couldn't even tell u was trans wow

Okay this may be the best channel on YouTube.

The Chad comparison picture is the same guy, just post Op. I would know cuz I had that same surgery

rainstorms are sexy as fuck. 10/10 would fuck the ocean.

Can we get a Contra ASMR side channel? That skull tapping...

When I heard "Chad's fuckable skull", my thoughts went to some very weird places.

i wanna feel sad about this incels i do...but i cant, even a whore would turn them down...after taken their money of course

imagine her asking you to pay her bills. And then hitting you up for child support because she lied about being on the pill. Reality should have been mixed in with the fantasy at the beginning of the video. ;)

Lol @ incels and their plastic skulls

I'm not a teenager, actually I'm a 35 year old man. Is that why I take my sexual frustrations out on a B.C. Rich Warlock, not a Fender Stratocaster?

I made the mistake of trying to watch this when I'm the only one awake and I spent so much time trying to keep my laughter quiet.  Though there was the other end where I was genuinely horrified by some of what was shown; My God, that "I hate women" paragraph is so horrifying. You handled a serious subject in a fantastic way, balancing humour and commentary.

you're ugly and the future belongs to the right wing. get ready for helicopter rides

also, wow, if white men are a global minority, doesn't that mean we need protected status? oh wait no, you won't grant white men that because you don't believe in ethics, you just like non whites and want whites to go away. good to know where you stand, it will cause more whites to wake up and fight you when they realize your loyalties are with non whites, minority or not.

oh you mean "normal white men". yeah nothing wrong with that. at least we're not non white degenerate freaks. generation Z will be traditionalist, trump is the herald of things to come, nationalist movements across the world are gaining steam, normality and sanity will soon be back in vogue. get ready to take that helicopter ride, honey

I was thinking about creating a map of the world between cisgendered white males and everyone else. I don't know yet how much the ratio would be, but I can tell you, you are massively, and I mean massively outnumbered

First video ive seen from you and i am addicted

NAT, I wonder if you were an incel before you started pretending to be a woman

not according to her other videos on the channel

hey contra ,,, just to be clear im not sure you need femed your in pretty good shape

p.s. i enjoyed this . it was well thought out . you had some points that made me think also. thank you'

You know, I just always thoroughly enjoy your content. It really means a lot to me. Thank you for doing this.

wait, hold on, you're trans? As a trans woman myself (I don't think i pass but apparently I do?) You're goddamn GORGEOUS. I'm so jealous ;-;

Hi hopecel here; I wouldn't cut it off if I were you. Just don't mutilate your body. Even if you hate it more than anything; you might meet someone that will let you love yourself without permanent mutilation! Like, you could even give out great openings to guys like *"So you want to measure who's is bigger?"* Don't get offended by my shit humor btw. I'm not actually trying to impress you or anyone here. Just putting in some rational thought.

My first time watching your content. I was beginning to think that you were not going to express any sympathy for the Incels (new word for me) but then you did. I understand that sympathy itself can often be counter productive but that's less likely when it is sincerely felt, as yours was. I sincerely sympathise with Incels too despite having had extended periods of life that included frequent and/or varied sexual encounters. The effects of my last relationship and simultaneous interaction with some... (well, I call them, 'twisted sick, sadistic bitches' but the proper term is cluster-b personality disordered people) left me broken... unexpectedly devoid of any desire to be with anyone. Even entertaining the thought of having some future recovery made me physically ill. Now that I have watched your video I can say that it was like being spiked with both red and black pills and with that, the sudden end of 40 years of being able to find some good in it all, whatever the situation and to maintain a grounded, functional positivity... This hit me in all kinds of different ways. The symptoms were strange and unpredictable, like not being able to remember passwords that I had used every day and losing months of work as a result... eventually costing me everything. And nobody showed any sympathy whatsoever. I decided at a young age that I wasn't going to be a person who blamed others or who lost hope. I'd actually been able to keep that promise to myself and I'd never hated anyone, no matter what they'd done to me... but this time it just was not possible for me to control myself and so rather than taking out my anger on specific people (because it was just so excessive and disproportionate) I shut myself away from all but the most basic physical interactions like food shopping... I hoped it would pass with time but it hasn't. The continued existence of people is just like one big red flag to me and the fact that some are happy... well, I can't tell you how gut wrenching that thought can be... I have to tell myself that people just became so adept at denying and escaping reality and believing in their own wishful thinking (or in manifesting the abundant blessings they deserve) that they wilfully delude themselves 'happy' rather than experiencing actual happiness. My best friend took his own life a couple of weeks ago. He was no Incel. He was engaged to a beautiful and incredibly sweet natured woman but the dealings he had with various government agencies while growing his design business undermined his belief in the possibility of there being any good things existing in the future... and I can sympathise with him on that too. I can sympathise with his fiance and the awful situation that she is in... but in a non specific way, ask me to [imagine how a woman feels] and all I get is denial, stubborn, stupid, denial... I genuinely think that women have become more detached from their feelings and emotionally dis-empowered as a result... many of the examples of catastrophizing from your video are things I have witnessed or experienced first hand and sometimes I swear it is done with actual malice... I don't think I am an Incel... nor a volcel... Oh, I know... I'm a wanker. (A good one too!) Apologies for the ramble but you brought something out of me and for that I am grateful.

It's a mind control cult

Bertie Clayton Same here. Both my girlfriend and I had never watched Natalie’s channel before today. I had no idea she is transgender until she said so, and in fact thought, and still think, she is a gorgeous woman inside and out. When she disclosed her trans-ness, I admit that after the initial surprise, it occurred to me that perhaps males are less likely than women to perceive that Natalie has transitioned. But my girlfriend, who is also a striking, high maintenance woman and not bi or gay, said it never even occurred to her that Natalie might be a trans woman. Anyway, we loved this video and look forward to watching all the past episodes and hopefully many more new ones to come.

The incel uprising is coming, and you'll see.

imagine 1. form a mental image or concept of. 2. *suppose or assume* Bluepillers everywhere...

Imagine all the people...........

tfw your skin isn't actually soft :'c

"imagine" is the keyword...


Who cares

I used to be a bread scientist, but I ended up baked myself. How's that for irony

You look like Winona Ryder omg!!!

Their bones are just oof’d & there’s nothing that can be done. Oof’d from birth.

holy shit is that philosophytube

Hi. Liked your runthrough of the subjects at hand.... better than most from "your side of the fence" than ive seen. But ... why the frekk did you lump in MRAs with incels... thats rather.. well. its just not the same now is it.. Human rights are not something dellusional and extreme like incels. (kinda wanted to ask for the list of rights men have that women dont have  in the western world... but that would most likely lead to a list of precieved hardships and not actual rights... genital integrity anyone? ) Allso want to compliment you on your hair in this vid.  :) greetings from Norway. :)

Natalie ❤ That is one of the reasons why I always feel uncomfortable giving compliments to people who are especially self conscious... I am in a circle of friends who seem to lije to be very honest with compliments and that helped me a lot. I and they will tell if they find something good looking but on the other hand we won't linger on the negative. If somebody asks me how something looks and it isn't my thing I would just say it looks ok. Because we shouldn't even make a big topic about this. And I know this might come off as a priviledged world view but it has honestly helped me not focus my depression on my body. So if somebody is reading this. You look ok. Even if society says you don't. Just having you and your body is ok. And you have a right to be ok.

A long time ago I've watched some of your videos, but I haven't been watching your chanel for a long time. Youtube algorytm put your video as something that might interest me, and when I started to watching it I couldn't recognize you. You look beautiful. I thought that you were just a crossdresser, but now I see that this is serious, and by looking at you, one could not refer to you different than "she".

who are you and where have you been all my life

Is she always this good ?

Extremely well made video. Although I am not on board with a couple of points made, it is clear that you care about your content, the subject matter, the people you talk about and the art of conveying information. Top notch!

Weird. I've never heard about this group of people here in Germany. It looks like they're nonexistent. Maybe I should go out more tho :)

I’m not a incel but Tinder is trash lol

You being trans makes me uncomfortable. Am i transphobic

I think the Red Pill is less about straight-up hypergamy and more about the notion that men have their own particular problems in society which aren't really given much attention (which, well, isn't *entirely* untrue). Other than that, great video. Both funny and sort of sad, as one might expect from the subject matter. Oh, but sadly, nor sea nor thunderstorm has a dick. *sigh*

Tl;dw: Incels are like Marx, they made the right observations but draw the wrong conclusion.

I felt physically sick listening to 【IMAGINE HOW A WOMAN FEELS】

I literally hate to make public comments, but I feel compelled. Somehow this was suggested from watching an old Death Grips music video, then I got hooked. This video is definitely the best commentary I've ever seen on the phenomenon of the internet incel community(ies) and its worldview. Particularly because, as reprehensible as the ultimate conclusion of this worldview is, it is important to remember that such communities are populated by people and no one (or at least *extremely* few) come to such vile conclusions because they're inherently flawed or evil. Rather, it's a trail of breadcrumbs, where each crumb is a nugget of delicious self-loathing and/or shifting blame. This video is probably the first depiction that I've ever seen that clearly states both the problematic/repugnant nature of the community with empathy of how someone could go so far astray. One small critique: The host (I say this like its not a personally maintained channel) mentions the thrill of politically incorrect speech as a motivator for initiates of these communities, but I disagree. I think it is primarily the arrogance of confirmation bias. Particularly, that by recognizing and embracing a reality where one is (for an unwillingness to look up a better word) unfuckable, that it gives power to the perceived predicament. To pile onto the cutters' analogy, they turn their own (nurtured) celibacy into a blade to cut into their respective egos, and hold the pain as truth. Which is ultimately where the analysis goes in the video so maybe I got too tripped up on an ultimately small point. TL;DR: I literally hate to make public comments. That's the important part.

Those people need a hobby. And a dick in the ass.

this was so pleasing to listen to, finally something good in recommended

I just stumbled onto you today. Good stuff :D

i do not think you should transition.

You have such an interesting perspective on things! Definitely subbing

The utterly sad and embarrassing thing is that these incel guys pretend that they don't have female relatives. I highly doubt they treat their female relatives in this misogynistic way. I doubt they'd call their moms, grandmas, etc. femoids, sluts, and other slurs. This whole mentality has to be for attention. Any attention is better than nothing at all. They really don't understand that hanging around other incels keeps them at that mindset/level. It will be interesting to see in 30 years how many incels will still be into this.... I have a feeling some of these younger ones will grow out of it, due to watching their "normie" peers not live at home, being happy, and/or start families of their own.

how are incels real in a capitalist state? if you’re really desperate for sex, just work hard, make money, pay for sex. dumbass self-pity driven misogynists couldn’t figure out that most jobs don’t require you to be attractive and that money buys everything in this country.

Great video!

did these guys not get enough hugs in kindergarten or something ..?

Please never use that beep sound again. Ever.

Holy hell what a video. Came here from Lindsay Ellis. Fascinating. My only point is remember tp be safe in and around the ocean people. No more drownings

I cant watch this after seeing adam neely commented.

you're very smart & this video taught me a lot in a short amount of time. glad I found your channel!

Wow. I'm a young trans man and your comments about digital self-harm really hit home. I explore transphobes' blogs a lot "just to see what they're saying," "just so I can be well-informed," all of the stuff you said. But I always feel like shit afterwards, and I'm well aware of that fact, but I figure "Well, it was worth it because now I've blocked them. Sometimes I scrolled through their blogs for way, way too long before blocking them, but I blocked them." Their vocabulary totally does get in your head, too. Um, anyway, I think I'm going to stop doing that now. Thank you for pointing out in your video exactly what it was that I was doing.

Is it just me or does it feel like ContraPoints made this with the secret intention to convert us into following a unknown Great Old One in the sea? IDK could just be a active imagination.

You have forgot to add to your music list the Lute suite by Bach :(

Fantastic video.

Why do i still get on to /tttt/

Who said what about the Huns now?

I think "Volcel if you wouldn't" is probably the best preemptive comeback I've ever heard.

I don’t know if you care but this internet rando honestly thought you were a woman until you said you’re trans. Great video, you’re doing god’s work by looking at this depravity so we don’t have to (although I did dip my toe in the pool at one point until some subconscious part of me that is still human said ‘NO MORE.’)

I think I'm in love with you, thank you YouTube

"#notalldick" lmao

It's not the video I wanted to watch. But the video I needed to watch.

Please come to the Edinburgh Festival next year.

Brilliantly done, respect :)

Ma'am, you are a genius. See, it all comes down to the skull (what is inside at least)

So... tinder is not friendly for trans woman like us.

Whoa, okay so I first saw this video and I had absolutely no clue you were transsexual, and because of this video I watched all of your other videos and coming back to this one is crazy, seeing how much you changed and how much it must mean to you I just feel really proud and happy like good job for real

yeah but hypergamy doesn't care. The top 80% of women attract to the top 20% of men. The top 20% are banging all the women.

I dont think you need to change your eyebrows your face is fine. This is gonna sound rude as fuck. But i ONLY questioned if you're trans when i heard your voice. As a trans man I'm terrified of my voice being too high or something so i hope this isnt too hurtful for you ;-;

my jaw dropped for that first part lol

JESUS CHRIST this fucking video is amazing. Flawless, actually. It's incredibly rare to strike such a delicate balance of emotion and reason when dealing with bigotry. How the hell have I not heard the term masochistic epistemolegy before? Basically defines the entirety of my struggles with anxiety. I don't know what it says about me that I'm straightwhitecismale and I tend to just blame my lack of intimate relationships on the absence of meaning in existence. But I'm confident it's a decent set of steps above misogyny and self-hatred. This is a YouTube comments section holy shit. I'm like blogging in the YouTube comments section. This video has got me in a mood too good for internet standards. Fuck you I can do what I want. You didn't have to read this far. I'm fucking ecstatic. The eroticism of shoegaze and architecture has me fucking THRILLED friend.

You have very feminine features and I am a cis gender woman with a large head and I am now super worried I look like man in drag. As before I just thought I will never be a hat person.

I see a lot of logical fallacy overlap with incels and postmodernist feminists. Same terrible ideas on a slightly different axis. - All men/women are the horrible other half of humanity - Men/women are ruled by (insert invisible historical pervasive force here.) - Both are nihilists. - Power is all that matters. (But we aren't megalomaniacs... really... we aren't...) - Genetics are everything/nothing - Both aren't completely and unadulteratedly racist... (in our own rulebooks.) - As long as (women willingly choose men/trump is president) life is horrible! - Steps of the black pill / post modernist theory takes the same amount of ridiculous logical leaps. - Both are their own worst enemies. - Both need better parenting. - Believe in their teens, 20's or 30's they know all about life and how everything works. - Both rile themselves up to justify violence. - Both often believe "We need to burn it all down and start over." - As a you can never understand me... because... human empathy doesn't exist, and method acting isn't possible, and yeah... So I won't listen. - Science is king! (Except when it doesn't benefit us, then we love confirmation bias!) - Both engage with in group talking about how terrible they have it (when they really don't.) And their group justifies their screwed up representations. I hope the lesson for both groups is don't continue any of this garbage.

"I want to attempt to understand them" *proceeds to "debunk" the concept of objective attractiveness* *uses feminist lens to interpret things* *takes seriously the tongue-in-cheek nature of the language used in the community* Someone who thinks gender is on a spectrum should be the last person you should listen to about what drives people biologically. These people think that objective standards of beauty are a product of socialization. Make no mistake, the New Left may be taking a new angle but making attempts at comedy, but they're no less full of shit than the screaming flailing blue-haired.

As an heteroflexible anti-gender ultra-left communist male with tons of mental health problems and who sympathizes with components of the "manosphere" in its bringing up of male issues... I agree with pretty much 100% of this, and it gave me plenty of laughs when I really needed them (you always do). Although not an incel (I don't blame anyone but me for me not having a partner), I think there is real suffering there which is often left out in media portrayals . I expected you to give a more sympathetic look than the average ideological feminist (totally ignoring the fact that incels are largely men with mental health issues who have been hurt and are hurting themselves, and only focusing on their surface appearance), and even then was pleasantly surprised. I'm in love with your wonderfully stylized infotainment and commentary and I always find your content well constructed and thought out (even when I passionately disagree). Thanks for this installment. P.S. You look great! From the outside, it looks like your transition went wonderfully (I'm sure it was very hard on your side though)! Regarding the voice sounding muppet-like, don't worry you're in the very good company of Jordan Peterson (I'm sure you two will get along swimmingly and will find so much in common outside of just the superficial similarity of one part of your recommendations to incels).

what is the problematic thing at around 18:47?

Oh my god the manosphere exists because rock n' roll is dead! It make so much sense now.

The humor made me laugh until I got washboard abs and happy tears spilled out. Thanks for that. Your video was better than coffee. I also learned a lot about that word I didn't know from FB feeds. Still, my shoulders slump as I reckon that such categories could only arise in a world with an almost ubiquitous internet shimmering wantonly from devices in a huge number of people's pockets and bags. And geezer pines for simpler times. P.S. Did I hear the voice of philosophy tube?

This is gold

In my defense, my catastrophizing is usually accurate to what actually occurs. I've asked about 23-4 women out in my life. Every single one a rejection. My ex asked ME out, but that was never real. Can't really call an online relationship that only I actually gave a shit about real. She rebounded in a single month. I got rejected 2 more times. Fuck me for wasting my time and giving myself a panic attack over thinking I was deserving of any happiness ever though.

Sharp wit aside, your instinctive empathy toward these people is the height of feminine beauty. Thank you for making this video.

this is a fantastic video

This is the first video of yours I've seen. You're kind of like a more polished Internet Comment Etiquette. Not sure how I got here but...yea...I subbed.

I don’t hate incels. I don’t need to, because they already hate themselves. They hate themselves so much and they tried to have this support group. But it turns out a bunch of depressed people with nobody to guide them makes for a shitty support group. In actuality they recommend suicide thinking it’s the best option. Most of them are socially awkward kids who don’t know how to interact with people. As a result they come off as creepy and people bully them. They get depressed and hate themselves. They see all the popular kids and they think the one thing that would help them become popular is getting a girlfriend. And they can’t because they’re kinda creepy. And so they hate women and they hate everybody but most of all they hate themselves.

wait no fair you used cheat codes

Lady I can only get so hard stop talking about natural phenomena.

this is so good

"your skeleton is too small" a new sick burn added has been added to the collective database

That quoted post made me take a vow of celibacy. Sex is gross. Thanks for showing me how gross sex is, incels.

The fact that a film created by a pair of transwomen has become a Bible/ideology for the manosphere BS, feels like a crime and I didn't even like The Matrix.

Yo i dont watch your stuff but you were in a vid with Destiny, your voice sounds like youve put a lot of effort into it, impressive. Props


My life, my love, and my lady is the sea.

The sentence "At least these pricks care enough about my pussy to be an asshole about my dick." is required to be on a plaque somewhere. I've never laughed harder in my life.

I didn't even notice your brow ridge (maybe it's the lighting) but have you had any other facial surgery? You totally passed to me until you brought up you being trans in the video

*swipes right*

everything on that red-pill part is true,tinder and other relationship statistics prove it. Of course a woman go try to debunk it.

LOL Jordan Peterson is are like left wing Transgender Alex Jones.

I’m legit cumming

I appreciate you trying to explain this to people, but I have some issues with your explanation of "red pill theory" as most people who use the term "Red Pill" aren't using it to identify the same ideas. MGTOW who are voluntarily celibate are doing it wrong, as MGTOW should not be a permanent state. It is a temporary state where one works on oneself and ones self esteem, until they have engage in a healthy relationship where they are equal partners who have mutual respect with a partner who isn't using you.

this is the first time I seen one of your videos and It did not even cross my mind that your trans until you mentioned it.


I don't know if you're transexual or a crossdresser. For laughs or serious. I can't tell who you hate more because whenever you insult someone I think I've got it locked until you shit on everyone else. The videos look aesthetically obnoxious and frankly, stupid, which at a glance I'd have guessed you are but your points hit like something with chest hair and I'm far too fucking dumb to understand half the crap I'm hearing, which saddens me more than it should. Fuck this emotional rollercoaster of a channel I'm leaving.

For some reason I can't tell if you are a woman or a really convincing trap. Must be the voice being unconventional for a woman. Or maybe I'm tripping balls Edit: oh, right, got to the part where you said you were trans. Oops.

Not sure if the last part of this video will be taken well. It might be interpreted as literal by the *inceloids* .

While I agree with the bulk of the video, there are a few things that I either disagree with or think need to be looked at closer. The first is that it is my belief that there are two types of Incels. The "incels" and the incels™. The latter being the ones discussed in the video. The former being those that fit all of the criteria of being an incel™ but don't believe in the incel™ mindset or hatred they seem to fester in. It is my belief that those that are "incel" vastly outnumber the incel™ that is seen and displayed in this video. People that fall into this former "incel" crowd may have fears related to being falsely accused of something and don't take any risk. Some of these fears are somewhat grounded especially in the aftereffects of many false rape cases that were proven false in court where the lives of those falsely accused were absolutely destroyed despite being proven innocent. I'll close this opening paragraph with this, "why risk it?" The second is the 80/20 Rule. Now, while I think it is ridiculous that this happens on a majority scale, in your own video show that image of hypergamy you'll see a few icons of some dating sites listed up there. It actually shows that the 80/20 Rule does take effect primarily on dating sites. The thing with this is that I think it needs to be examined further, mainly as we see more relationships forming more online versus in person and starting through an app or website and is projected to increase in future years. This, of course, does throw up a few red flags for the future if this trend that is seen and observed on dating sites where men are rated more harshly than women in the looks department by the opposite sex. These results are shown in that OKCupid study they did a while back. You did point this out in the Tinder section, but I figured that this should at least be brought up for specifically other dating sites outside of Tinder. The third and final thing that I wanted to at least bring up are the disabled types. This is one that I think needs to at least be addressed. Think for one moment, and I mean one if you were perfectly normal one moment and you got in some kind of accident. It doesn't matter what kind, but it leaves you paralyzed from the neck down. Wouldn't these types of people be considered "incels" (please note the difference noted above)? Of course, that's catastrophic thinking, but it does make you think about it for a moment. This last little part does out to all the actual Incels out there, the ones that are described in this video. If you by chance see this: get help. I mean it. Go to your father or father figure (grandpa if needed). Trust me, they've more than likely been in the same situation as you before and will at least be able to get you started on the right track. For those that have access to it, go speak to a counselor or therapist. They may be able to give you some ideas or exercises to get you to meet women (or men if you're one of the unicorns of the Incel community, a woman) that have similar hobbies and interests that you do locally so you don't have to rely on trash dating apps that do screw you over. Of course, this is coming from some unknown guy with a fucking sandwich as his avatar image, but at least take the sentiment to heart at least.

I think that the black pill is "learned hopelessness" rather than catastrophization.

*was that last part just a nice way of suggesting they jump into the ocean and kill themselves?*

It was too enjoy true beauty, one that is beyond sex and woman. The joy of nature, something so majestic and motherly dark.

so how can we help these young guys? and get them out of this negative spiral?

I love how youre styling your hair recently, it looks pretty

this is the most entertaining and informative video on this subject. plus got some genuine laughs. love it, keep it up!

Thank you so much for that intro. It made my night! Your videos are so fantastically well done.

Out of curiosity how long as your longest relationship lasted and are you in one right now?

Damnit. I was just going to obsess over the size of my kneecaps

I'm not an incel but I feel bad for all of them

I think that the idea of seeking out anxiety inducing comments comes from our need to "see" our dangers/enemies/predators. When you see a hurtful comment it's like seeing the monster under your bed; you always SUSPECTED it was there, and you never felt truly safe. Then when you finally see it there's a rush of adrenaline, but also a sense of relief. You've tracked it down and you're facing it head on. It's truly thrilling, and completely addictive, because if the monster under your bed is real, then the one in your wardrobe might be... And the one in the corner, and behind the curtain, etc. Etc.

Look i know this isn't related but im halfway into the 2nd bottle of wine so yknow but this reminds me a lot of proana spaces. Just in terms of this like... idk perpetual self hatred and the different terminology and this idea that the people there are telling you what the truth really is and everyone irl is lying to you, and how everything wrong with your life can be attributed to your physical aspects. Idk i know this is a wild leap of logic lmao but ive been hanging around these places recently for thr first time in a while and this is pretty eye opening wrt how continuing that could hqve long lasting psychological effects so thanks for this video contra, even if thats definitely not the message you were going for :')

The discussion of Tinder and ".........can we get coffee first?" had me laughing pretty hard. This was a really interesting watch. I'm looking forward to watching your other videos :)

The majority of the incel community are trolling, I’m sorry that you got baited...

Poes Law!~

Make an ASMR account and double your subscribers. You won't though because you know I'm right!

you're a man right? You seem like a man in drag.

So aesthetic

I've been checking out your channel for 3 hours now and find you highly smart and entertaining, so as a neckbeard libertarian myself I'm gonna subscribe, you cynical, nihilistic postmodernist, marxist bitch.

I notice there was no foreplay in the example.

Can you be our president ?

huehue I don't have to imagine. I remember.

Amazing video. Also, I never thought I'd get a boner thinking about the sea. That's a first I guess.

"inherent eroticism of the sea" yesss, finally someone who talks about this

This was really excellent. I find this sort of thing fascinating and have always been curious as to what the incel stuff is all about. This is a fantastic video and absolutely worthy of praise.

i live for the effort and artistry you put into these educational and DEEPLY important videos. keep doin u miss thang bc no one else is!!

This was so relaxing even tho it was about *incels*

Mexican andy needs to see this

terf contrapoints looks like winona ryder...

A famous philosopher...

You know I really needed to see this xxx

I'm not even a fan or subbed but I've seen a few of your vids a while back and I must say this was rather informative, not emotionally fueled/illogical or hard to stay focused on, and what I really noticed was that you look absolutely stunning. Nice work.

Man I haven't had sex in like 9 years, but I don't blame women for it and hate them, all of my problems are caused by me but this suicidal depression really fucking sucks. and it's not because I'm ugly or anything, it's because i'm a retarded autistic weak souled subhuman. Not physical all mental characteristics. And who the fuck gives a fuck about just sex, I want love, yeah sex, but with someone that I love and that loves me, but it's fucking impossible. Also I don't want to bother anyone with my stupid bullshit. It's not about sex to me, it's this stupid fucking cold burning empty void in ym chest. I just want to get rid of this loneliness I fucking hate it. And I don't even go on 4chan or anything. for fucks sake the worst place I go to is r/2meirl4meirl, I'm a fucking reddit idiot Yeah, fuck the incel "philosophy" though anyway yeah good video, you're pretty funny, also you already look like a girl to me, don't know why you need the bone cutting thing, But then again what the fuck do I know about how women look I haven't touched a girl in like a decade lol

Of all the Incel videos I've seen, I think this is the best one. Your intellect and empathy shine through and the way you've presented this issue is nothing short of professional. Keep up the good work!



Holy shit, I got nothin. *slow clap* Keep bein awesome!

This video was made by gang weed

Capitalism is why we can't have nice things/people. :(

Wasn't it the black pill?

wow im not even a lefty and was an enjoyable watch. well done much better than your older videos

Pls do a video on Factory famring of animals and Carnism thank you

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wrist size. Someone blames their wrist size for why they can't get laid rather than...literally anything about their actual behaviors and attitudes. Wrist size. ...what?

What lighting do you use? Ugh I am just LIVING for how it changes with the topic. Love it.

_watches the ending of the video_ This better not awaken something in me.

This is the first video of yours I watched and I am thoroughly impressed. Please keep doing what you're doing. You are beautiful in more ways than one.

You are very pretty, not unlike any other woman.

Hey, mostly unrelated to the core content of the video, but thanks for the word Catastrophizing; having terminology helps me understand what goes on in my head and build internal and external structures to counteract it.

Never seen one of your videos before but DAMN the set design is gorgeous!

Thank you for being alive.

You are a gift

Thank you contrapoints for giving me a new perspective on behind blue eyes. I feel pretty tortured all the time and it's one of my favourite songs but when you put that sound clip in I flipped a switch on that song and view it a bit more tragically and it's given me a little perspective, especially on the first part. I'm a virgin and I really don't go out much or talk to people and I have really bad depression but I also have a lot of good attributes. The big thing people try to do is simplify, and that's a disingenuous thing that is usually at the heart of any incomplete ideology, but it's also the most understandable one too because you don't have the time to learn the ins and outs of everything so you better have a good cliffs notes book to bring along with you into life. Pick a few of them so you at least sound more nuanced is my motto. At the end of this disconnected rambling I'd like to add that I like your set design from the two videos I've seen.

My eyes are flickering.

Damn... another hot trans girl. nice

Is this a man in makeup?

I feel like incels would continue to be miserable and hateful, even if some "Stacy" slept with them. They'd then have to create some whole other cult around why they aren't happy in life.

Omg your voice is so relaxing

Very informative. Working over nite pays off.

what chu drinking on? Angry Orchard for me lol.

This is the first video of yours that I've seen and it was bloody fantastic

As a svelte man with quite-slim wrists I take umbrage at that unplucked pube complaining about his wrists. I'm a complete failure and I can still get tail- what is generating this weird cauldron of dudes smearing victim-mud on themselves?

I really like your video, you're charming, funny, and you have some awesome lighting. I agree with a lot of your points, and your fresh points of view are certainly worth the long ass video time. Thanks for the interesting experience.

I used to hang around on /r9k/ with all its brobots and fembots. It was a fun place to pal around and commiserate with people who suffered from depression and anxiety, but it’s also incredibly toxic. No one who values their mental health should internalize the rhetoric there. When I think about the people still struggling with this kind of self-loathing, I’m reminded of a quote from the movie Phoebe in Wonderland: “At a certain point in your life, probably when too much of it has gone by... you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are... especially for everything that made you so different from all the awful normals. And you will say to yourself... But I am this person. And in that statement, that correction, there will be a kind of love.”

You are awesome. Also, do you have Steve Valentine around just to read messed up things in a vaguely erotic way?

i'm not a woman, but somethings that some of the incel community's principles just fucking offends me

I'm a hope cell but really a theory cell lol

Hay I’m sure your not gonna see this is the sea of comments but I just want to say that you are a beautiful woman just the way you are. And this is a gay telling you this so you know it is sincere

for whatever it's worth to you, i didn't even realize you were trans until you brought it up

you’re a gorgeous goddess everyday

Dear Tish - Perhaps I spoke in haste. Upon reviewing a few of your old vieos on violence and The Alt Right, I now see you as a pioneer in a new art form. I think you should audition for RP Drag Race or S3 Dragula. It's time for some highbrow horror like Hitchcock's "Rope". Your speech needs modulation not this unbroken rapid fire of the car salesman. Study Peter Brook's Marat/Sade ( free on YT).

This is amazing and enlightening. Great research

This is the realist bitch out here, great video!

Mostly what I learned from this is that ContraPoints is sexually attracted to water.

you are fan fucking tastic. subbin it up

Thank-you for making this forbidden knowledge palatable and entertaining. Also, you are fearless and gorgeous. Keep it up!

This sounds so much like "Ladder Theory," from back in the day gone wild. I admit I sympathize as well since my life experience has shown me life isn't fair, and taken out of the ridiculous vocabulary, there's a certain amount of truth and truthiness here even though it appears to be mostly depression leading to anger which I can also sympathize with. You take the firing squad of dick because it's self-validating no matter how you look at it. Especially if you occasionally take one of the dicks, very life affirming. Years of silence or rejection is not.

ok i genuinely though you were born female, it surprised me when you said you were trans, youre so pretty!

How tf did you go through my entire thought process when I first discovered incels? Seriously, every step you showed I went through and had the same feelings. I'm subscribing to this channel TODAY! (btw I was shocked when you said you were trans. I honestly wouldn't have known.)

I'm an incel who doesn't browse braincels or similar websites or hate women. I'm 19,6'5, 200 pounds, to the outside world I look completely regular and not like the generic basement dwelling incel that's always portrayed in the media. I have social anxiety, extremely socially awkward and depressed, I don't even have regular friends male or female . I never really understood why people took advice from places like braincels, other than the Sui fuel on there there's also a bunch of wizards and soon to be wizards giving younger incels advice on how to live their lives, that's actually why I stopped going on those websites, like dude if you have all the answers why are you still here. I really wish a lot of incels would stop going there for advice. I also like how you pointed out the fact that most incels are normal looking and it's all in their head, that's something that took me a while to figure out, when I saw guys less attractive and way smaller than me having attractive girlfriends it really made me rethink the whole incel philosophy and approach to being in a relationship. Great video as always. Edit: why do I find you mildly attractive, I'm not gay or anything, it's just an observation

I don’t have anything witty to add but what I do have say may surprise you. My gender queer spawn mentioned you to me on our weekly call. I LOVE YOU WITH THE INTENSITY OF A THOUSAND SUNS. I am a cis female over achieving cripple who has a princess parking pass and is constantly accessorizing all conversations with muthafuckin cuss words and concern for everyone’s wellbeing. I am a medical unicorn who can’t travel but would like to invite you to visit me so I can give you a boob crushing hug, feed you fresh booze improved scones and talk for a ungodly amount of time. Think on it. You would make this shut in with sass very fuckin happy! If the very idea of hangin out with a total stranger, no matter how obviously fucking awesome I appear, gives you hives no problem. Acknowledging this here crazy ass comment would totally suffice. I’m off to buy some kick ass merch.

Contra, this entire video provides a wealth of evidence that YOU are an incel, and went trans + got onto YT to seek that validation you couldn't otherwise find. Change my mind.

"we're drowning in dick and most of it is terrible" *preach*

Well you might actually get a chance to bear children down the line. Recent successful uterus transplants in Sweden and now in the US have allowed healthy women born with a non functioning uterus was able to deliver healthy babies thanks in part to donated healthy uterus-es.

Contra you're somewhat right about the black pill, but the red pill absolutely has no literal meaning as you've portrayed it. It is used so broadly and by so many people, the only thing the red pill actually means is, "coming to find and/or accepting an [apparent] truth that you've previously denied to yourself." Black pill is also a bit broader, sometimes indicating your definition but also just generally meaning any message of hopelessness and nihilism. Meanwhile, the most important of all is absent from your video: The Glorious Pill!

I think incels have a point I feel sorry for them tbh

As a incel, this is well informed. Im suprised you didnt browse /r9k/. That board reeks of incels and despair.

What a fucking plot twist you look so much like a woman is that gay? Idk am I gay for thinking she was a biological woman?

We love learning about incel anthropology lmao

I am not dating cause I need to get my shit back together, after all I won't date why would I expect anyone else to. I miss sex but it's not the most important thing...maybe top 5

Communism can solve incels problem. if only they knew.

Rainstorms make me blast rope.

33:50 "It was raining outside and I JIZZED IN MY PANTS!!!!!"

You actually make a good looking girl not gonna lie

Natalie, you've become too powerful Now i have to watch myself so i don't say "feeeemoid" around my family.

Chadsplaining. ..... the internet was a mistake

Covert narcissism

I am quite happy I found your channel! I love your commentary and explanation for this group of individuals. I have watched a few videos on Incels in the past but none have actually tried to look at it from a neutral standpoint (which to some degree I get, especially when it comes to the murders and other moral wrongdoings that some of them commit). It's actually refreshing. Also, you are quite insightful and rather charming in your presentation. Definitely gonna stick around and recommend your videos to my friends!

Roosh can't even cook food for himself without having to justify it through the lens of his weird gender politics. Wow, so alpha.

It's so odd that incels regard the chad as an actual being. The chad is supposed to exhibit over the top and opposite traits of "the virgin," who has completely reasonable behaviors.

OMG I saw fifth base and I was like.... wait, what's fifth base? And when she chimed in with the answer at that exact moment I lost it.

That intro almost made me click away.

"There's something basically Soviet about the way the internet names things." "To incels anatomy is more a matter of metaphysical speculation than crude science." OMG, I've watched less than five minutes of one video on this channel and I think I'm already in love.

Why is a woman entitled to a man's friendship if she rejects him for sex or dating? If a woman is rejected by a man, and she stops being friends with him, no one will chew her out, no one will impugn her self-determination is wholly selfish and bad. But if a man does this, he's the pinnacle of misogynistic evil, evil I tell ya! A woman isn't entitled to a man's continued friendship if he decides its not worth it. Shaming men for that is like shaming women for not wanting to be friends with a man who rejects her as a romantic partner.

Why can women complain about being pumped and dumped? A man is under no obligation to stay with you after you give him sex. If anything, it reveals their choice to have sex with a more desirable male who wont stay with them over sex with less desirable male who will stay with them, but we're putting on the responsibility on men instead of women and their choices. Its HIS fault he is an 'asshole' who pumps and dumps, she isnt at fault for who she picks. Conversely, a man is at fault if he picks shitty women, and you cant even say there's shitty women out there, because saying that is 'misogyny'.

MrJohnny I think you're right, but this is contrapoints: a man who believes he is a woman and acts as such, and therefore elevates women above men to elevate himself as a 'woman' among the progressives. The sad thing is, Contra would have a great act if he embraced a more tradition drag-queen-style, something that's more tongue-in-cheek but fulfills a need for people like that, instead we get a man seriously trying to be a woman and trying to bring seriousness to some of the most meme-level things out there, and failing, and getting monetized. Youtube is nuts.

This entire vidoe is arguin against women taking responsibility for their choices.

I don't think anyone was arguing against what you've said. You're right, both men and women are accountable for their actions.

This was just a great video because it is so positive about who you are and how you can damage yourself by self-hate through the vein of understand incels. Just amazing

I, for one, happen to enjoy your smoked whiskey infused voice.

Im so glad i found you! You are like a witty, pretty(/ier) Judy Greer. Love your dark forest librarian vibe (in a good way!)

If your life is worthless, (decided by you) why not devote your life to a noble and selfless cause

+MrJohnny56789 if you decide that all life is worthless and worthy only of contempt and you're susceptible to hateful mindsets, yeah, but if your hate is exclusive only to yourself but you still have moral regard for the rest of the world, then it'll probably just be suicide

How are you not getting this? People who decide their life is worthless CHOOSE mass shooting.

+MrJohnny56789 I said noble, and chill with the insults

because thats not how nihilsm ends. It ends with mass shootings, dumbass.

Men's Rights Activists are a pretty expansive category, and generally reject the red pill 'philosophy'. IME they're mostly interested in like... emotional suppression, conscription, disproportionate poverty and homelessness, dangerous working conditions, unequal prison sentences, and unaddressed sexual violence and abuse. (Oh, and circumcision. They reaaaaaallly don't like circumcision.) They feel that the hope that feminism addressing women's concerns will necessarily solve those of men is insufficient, and some believe certain feminism-derived policies (for instance, the Duluth Model) are counterproductive... but support women's rights in general. It's an 'also', not 'instead'. The closest to the Red Pill sort of stuff I've generally seen is argument that women's troubles are given disproportionate emphasis, due to reproductive rates. There's definitely Weird Ideas out there, but... in a sense, the Red Pill is to MRAs as TERFs are to feminism.

Nice production

If women keep complaining they're lonely and cant find a guy, then they're full of crap because there's guys everywhere. But we pat them, soothe them, etc. ANd whne men complain the same way, when women are actually the CHOOSERS of sexual relationships, we go "stop being entitled". Anyone who still can't grasp this basic double standard by now really should stop talking about incels, stop mocking incels, and generally stay fucking quiet because you're simply adding fuel to the fire that will make them more violent, not less. You can only unduly shame someone so long before they snap. If you had a "loser" guy in school who was lonely and people picked on him, would you be cheering for that and piling on?

>If you are a single, 20-something college grad career woman, do not read Dateonomics. Spoiler alert: the stats are bleak. @marybeth0104 Except there's men all around them, all the time. Men who want a relationship, but have been prejudged as below worthiness of dating/marrying, because they're not 'the best'. Women have made their own grave here, and they're going to have to lie in it.

Just LOOK at the links I give. Its "brutal for women" that there aren't enough men to go around? Not only that, but "ELIGIBLE" men, as in "men good enough for me". JUST THINK. If a man were to say "these women aren't good enough for me, I want a 10/10" that's misogyny and sexism, yeah? Because he wants appearance not personality. If women say "I want him to have an equal income or better and equal education or better", that's appearances, not personality, but everyone shouts "you go girl, go for the best!".

In Manhattan, the numbers are even more dire, with 38 percent more young female college grads than male. Birger says the imbalance is also exacerbated by New York’s large population of gay males. Some 9 to 12 percent of men in Manhattan are gay, according to Gary Gates, a demographics expert at UCLA’s Williams Institute. Other cities especially brutal for single women are Houston; Providence, RI; and Raleigh, NC. Better options include Silicon Valley, San Francisco, San Diego and Columbus, Ohio. The Bay Area, for example, attracts programmers, computer scientists and engineers — fields that are disproportionately male. Excuse me, but why THE FUCK IS THIS DIRE? ARE WOMEN ENTITLED TO RELATIONSHIPS NOW? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN, THAT ITS SUCH A BURDEN FOR WOMEN TO BE SINGLE? None of those reasons have to do with SELF REFLECTION, but BLAMING MEN for not being good enough. This is evidence women are not looking for men in general, but still very specific men. Women are complaining, yes complaining, they cant find men who earn = or > (tahts' equal or greater) pay than themselves, nor = or > education. Does this sound like women who want to 'slum', or 'marry/date up'?

found your vids from the golden one i am now a huge fan i love you you libbie you ❤

I honestly can't get over how pretty your hair looks! briffaults law.


Wow u are beatuifal i must say

Why, though? Women don't give a shit how men feel, so why should men care how women feel?

Also, what that hopecel up there ^ just said. Don't cut that off. It's beautiful. At least wait till I can get to one of your meet & greets for a taste... Nah. Fuck that. That is a beautiful thing. Just leave it right where it is :33


not like you feel for sure lol

I wonder... are there prisoncels ?

Mendelssohn brought me here.

best video i've seen on this topic

this is my first ContraPoints video and holy shit this is a gateway drug

OMG this humor had me rolling. I was not expecting that - like way more frank than most other trans I have seen on Youtube. Glorious video and high production quality, keep it up!

Thank you. I needed to hear this.

Why do some idiots think the labia magically grows when having sex with men...but not with one man. It’s extremely ridiculous

Knew you were a dude. Dammit.

I don't know what I love more: the thoroughly researched topic, the one-liners, or this killer make up.

My life has been truly de-toxed by this video

Imagine how is touch a woman.

Jesus this is depressing and leaves me with something of an existential crisis of character. I mean I'm a nerdy as Hell, formally obese, former cocaine and current opiate addict, who frequently removes himself from the dating/sex scene in service of working on my passion for writing, but when I'm not working I'm a sexually nihilistic bisexual who's sexual exploits range from the hedonistic to the downright degenerate. What am I? Also thank you for introducing the term "bread scientist" into my vocabulary.

20:48 "at least these pricks care enough about my pussy to be assholes about my dick" Nailed it! Contrapoint RULES!

There’s an interesting think piece called the adorkable misogyny of the Big Bang theory that highlights this incel way of misogyny that is discussed here, however the biggest problem with the video is that the Big Bang theory does do all the stuff that other movies, tv shows, etc do except they make sure that you know that what there doing is wrong and the only way that you would know that the video is wrong about the Big Bang theory is if you’ve actually seen the show and if you’re searching for reasons why a show is bad, then you probably haven’t watched it or have but you’ve tuned yourself out so it’s easier to hate it.

The reason incels believe women are difficult in any way is to my theory because throughout history men labored to provide for thier families. Then in modern history today women have equal rights to men and they don't take responsibility and consideration possibly for a household, disregarding men as being of value unless there is attraction prehaps. An obese,entitled, unattractive hetrosexual female with no job, money and is uneducated can post that she's single and get thousands of hetrosexual males pursuing her as fast as a compliment can be sent but a poor, obese, unattractive hetrosexual male without a job, money and possibly uneducated and entitled or not posts he is single, in most cases gets 0 responses from any hetrosexual women. Where is the equality and keep in mind this is all theoretical to my knowledge but why are hetrosexual women not educated to pursue hetrosexual men fervently as hetrosexual men will any woman by nature? I believe by theory it's testosterone not being produced in heterosexual females from lack of physical exercise to ignite desperate attraction to unattractive hetrosexual male's. Now rather a person is hetrosexual or not shouldn't create a barrier for anyone being pursued if they desire to be, is my belief but it seems unbalanced until society becomes properly educated as a whole throughout humanity according to my theory.

Girl your honesty in this video is awesome! Subscribing!

I'm not entirely sure what life circumstances lead me to this video at 2 AM ish and now writing this comment at 230am ish. I will say, I don't identify as an incel, though I am sexless and a straight white male. I did find the red pill, and to be honest much of the red pill is accurate enough and the idea of hidden truths is very accurate. One of the biggest takeaways I got from the red pill is, that the two sexes are different and that women don't want nice quiet guys. A fact that can very easily be observed. In general, it got me to seriously learn about the two sexes. And for that i will forever be grateful. That said, MGTOW and the blackpill and simply using women to spin 10000 plates endlessly while decrying sluthood and feminism(though i do agree feminism today is especially toxic) as the things that are ruining the world, while yourself being a man slut is a bit of a delusional hypocritical point of view. black bill and MGTOW is accurately summarized. lay down and rot. I find these mindsets particularly toxic and the antithesis of what drew me to the red pill in the first place which was "why do I suck with women". You know pondering why was I failing? Even then I didn't go into the incel world, and what I had seen of it was purely toxic self hating insanity to such a level that I could not fathom even in my warped state of mind. I would somehow eventually discover circumcision, and become obessed with it. It was a rape and mutilation and it's discovery gave me horrible flashbacks of my own infant rape and mutilation(and no I am not interested in anyone telling me it's a good thing, you are wrong, I could prove it with ease, but I'm not getting into that fight here....just know that you are wrong utterly and totally). you see, for as long as I have known, I have always had trouble bonding with people, I could never figure it out. It was instinctive honestly. I can't stand loving feelings and emotions being given to me. It always made me freeze up and be awkward. I also always had unexplainable rage towards my parents. I finally came to peace with all of that and that is when I discovered said circumcision and became filled with rage. I became obsessed, i learned every possible conceivable fact about it. Which is why there is nothing you could say to convince me that it is a healthy and harmless act as I simply know more about it than you do. This also added to my misery and hating, because I know what I know, I know sex, simply cannot be half of what it should be since I am missing half my dick thanks to pedophiles masquerading as doctors. And so I continued to justify that I am destined to be alone or that I will work on getting a relationship later or any other number of things. That said, that produced a sick mind. The bible has a fun quote for that, and who knows if it said else where but: 18 For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. I think this is pretty accurate statement here. The red pill, black pill, and even the aforementioned circumcision gave me much truth, even if it isn't all accurate it did make me miserable. It turned me back towards and fully into a self hating bastard. But all these facts, all this knowledge on the sexes, the red pill, circumcision, black pill, MGTOW, and even racial awareness. While these facts may actually be accurate, and I could argue them quite well, your last bit of the video is what really stings and where you make your best point.: When you talk about the black pill being suicide fuel, this is exactly right. When you become obsessed with reading negative comments about yourself because they cut to the core of who you are and the comparison to cutting yourself(something I did the way distant past). This seems accurate because I think the toxic communities we are drawn to are parts of ourselves that we naturally like, so in this case, learning about the sexes to get laid, but because the internet creates echo chambers of toxic BS, what starts out as normal learning quickly spirals. Incels and MGTOW being the end result of this particular rabbit hole. you say: "Im not going to respond to your world view like its an intellectual position worthy of debate because you're not using them the way rational people use arguments. your using them as razorblades to abuse yourselves" And that is where you win and where this video really hit me. The rest after that is just gravy. So yes, while I feel confident I could win an argument in any of the above mentioned topics in my sob story, I think I would lose precisely because I am using them as a razor blade of self abuse, to keep going down that death spiral and forming mental habits that will make it impossible for me to be happy. Today my internet personality must die. I officially kill it. I recently turned 34 and kept swearing myself I will not carry bullshit with me into my 34th year....yet I couldn't keep that promise to myself but a few hours. I have to and will keep that promise. Time to get off this hellhole that is the internet.

Love your videos and your so attractive! Keep doing what your doing


Do a colab with Joe Rogans podcast

The problem is the many of these guys access gore websites and make fun of women that are unfortunately victims of tons of different tragedies. When a woman is killed, or she got Cancer or tetraplegic. They use these situations and feel happy about the tragedies.

Nice video, I think you’d make a great teacher. I learned a new made up word, “femoids”. Sounds like what a sex robot company would be called.



You're voice sounds really good, how'd you get it to that point? Like practicewise?

Gorgeous set design Natalie.

I remember when I used to actually think the way these guys do... Oh to be 13 again... I was an awful little fuck.

Contra has a Chad-Skull.

Only someone with your charisma could make this topic so entertaining and not horrible and delusional as it really is

Honestly, your setup gives me life

So, I frequent on a reddit board called R/ForeverAlone. Its kind of like Incels-lite, with all the self-loathing and general anguish that goes on there. I joined there because I had all these nasty feelings and I felt (and still feel) rejected by society. But from watching your video I see that it is a very toxic place. While not as bad as r/Braincels, it still is a form of digital self-harm. Being apart of that community has made my mental health tank and made me somehow feel even more miserable. I wont be going back there again

Incels are pathetic primarily because they make "having a relationship with a woman" the highest good, and essentially conclude that life without this is worthless. Ironically, this attitude is extremely repellent to women. The most alpha thing a man can do is become volcel: to disregard women entirely (monk style). Just below this is a man with a healthy marriage and a family. The "Chads" who bang lots of sluts (especially PUA types) are far below this, and are only just above incels. They are pathetic for precisely the same reason: they spend an inordinate amount of time on pursuing sex, which is a very small part of life, and is essentially useless outside the context of marriage and reproduction. That said, I find a lot of their content hilarious. Posts about being a "chincel" (weak chin) or "forearmcel" (small forearms), etc. Most of it is much more light-hearted than the media portrays. The r/Braincels community is particularly funny.

word. i'd like to add that digital self-harm or intentionally seeking out triggers for your insecurities can be a form of obsessive compulsion. i'm a lifelong OCD and when i was a teen girl on tumblr who liked superwholock but was kind of self-conscious about it, i used to search for "anti" blogs dedicated to making fun of these interests & deriding fans as unintelligent or even morally bankrupt. (meanwhile, i'm only ever amused when people make fun of things i'm not insecure about. like, i never seek out hate threads for people with long noses.) i was all but physically unable to stop. i still have a bit of a bad habit but medication + site blocking software takes the edge off.

no way a kid from a happy parents will become a self-identified incel


why is she so fucking hot

I truly do hate myself. I have no family,friends,kids,or wife at age 34. I am a loner and a loser,and I make myself sick,just by looking at myself in the mirror. I know I will never know the love of a woman. Although,I try my hardest to be a good person,women still reject and hate me. They ignore and avoid me like a disease. Every night before I go to bed,I hope that I don't wake up to live through another day of hell. Loneliness, rejection and being hated for no reason hurts worse than anyone could ever imagine. I have nothing...and I am nothing.

you look perfectly fine. Its all about what you think of yourself. People get rejected all the time so no need to base your worth off of that. I know it sounds cliche but you need to put yourself out there if you want anything in life. live in the now and be more positive. Good luck!

You can still buy Strats, though.

This is the first video by you I've seen and you're so funny and witty I had no choice but to subscribe

This is unacceptable! In my country, those 110 pounds are described in kilograms!

the whole incel thing is SO hypocritical

i wanna be a bread scientist

are they unaware that you can just call woman females?

What's the problematic thing?

Wow, they're really making it a big fucking deal to interact with a woman. We aren't that mystic, really not. They're going to be so disappointed for wasting so much of their time, like.. women can be great but.. srsly, go do something else if it didn't work out for you yet? I think it makes most sense.

Why not just buy a fucking jaw/chin implant then? It's like the same price as breast implants. Work hard, save up, get the surgery. Bam bada boom. You're a chad.

Can I get your number?

hold on is this Becky the same Becky as the Becky with the good hair?

Yes but I just wanna put it in.

werner was actually making a comment about the fact female astronauts were given concessions to do the same job as males. They actually underperformed as compared to men. He thought it was an absurd waste of money.

You remind me of a female Cecil Baldwin from WTNV, amazing

You don't look like a man at all. You pass so well I had no idea you were trans till you mentioned it. However, you are profoundly wrong about Jordan Peterson, and you seem much too intelligent, funny, and cool to say stupid shit like "Jordan Peterson is a sexist old man". You also know you're full of ignorant BS saying that, as indicated by the phrase " kind of", so I suggest you find time to research Jordan's work it will make you a better woman, a better trans woman. I'm one of the people who benefited from his work and I was never a man or involuntary celibate in my life. In fact, I am a bisexual woman married to a bisexual man. BTW, 56 only seems old when you're 29, but time flies and before you know it 56 will seem like middle age to you. Edit: Please don't have brutal face surgery you don't need to have a less pronounced brow ridge. I'm a ciss woman with a pretty pronounced brow ridge and I'm a 7 on my best days and after a makeover, but my husband is a pure 12...He doesn't mind my pronounced brow ridge at all...It's called marrying a man who isn't shallow.

Girl, you're beautiful and the intelligence, witty humor just radiate from you. Looking forward to much, much more content from you!

Thunderstorms may be hot but ~petrichor~ is sexy af

I have a question about hypergamy, since it sounds like bullshit. When I researched this, which was about 20 years ago, people who were within the same 1-10 appearance rating have the most physical public concept with each other when being observed by... I don't remember, social psychologists I assume... those who were a point apart had less, and those who were two apart had almost none. I want to say the book I read this in was "how to make anyone fall in love with you." I don't know if it's placing the more attractive person on a pedestal or if it's unconscious disgust at the less attractive person, but people who are equally attractive tend to have happier relationships.

Roosh looks so WORRIED about how people will perceive his hobby, wow, that made my entire day

"Men like scientific things…" He seems to think that men like science by virtue of their… uh, maleness. Yeah, sure. I think he's scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses and justifications.

So, being post hysterectomy, I guess I no longer have a vagina. I have a "fuck hole".

"Dogmatic flattery" I like that a lot. Well-worded.

You're amazing, I subbed. I was a female incel for a while when I was younger... yes, I was jaded about other women as a woman myself. You're so right, it's easy to take insults as truth when it hurts, and to feel relief since anything good feels like a lie. The concepts of "the truth hurts" and "the truth will set you free" are heavily distorted in the self-harm narrative.

Dear Contra, Would you consider making a video on the idea of addiction as a disease, and the implications that it is a choice? I have seen a lot of posts from people I called friends in highschool trying to assert that addiction is a choice. I know this might not be the loudest opinion in the right-o-sphere, but I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Jesus H Christ I never really felt like delving into this incel shit and now I don't know how to feel.

Hi contrapoints, I'm a mgtow guy, your research (as always) is very well done but you missed one thing about mgtow. Not all of us are celibate. We refer to celibate mgtow as a "mgtow monk". Some of us do date but are cautious due to the one sided marriage/divorce laws. We tend to avoid marriage in general. Though, I can see why you might not have said so given the vid is about the incels. I just wanted to clarify. Hope I'm not being a nit-picker. Btw you're gorgeous. Note: I'm not saying all women are going to divorce you in my remark about one sided laws.

Wow what a masterpiece of a video. So glad I found this channel. You're a queen.

The moment I heard what's his beard say I' not a baker, I ama ultramasculine, as you can see" I wanted to throw a big piece of cake at him. Cooking is a skill, not a gender exclusive thing you hyper-insecure man child.

As a Chad, I had no idea I was so intensely disliked by so many people simply for having a good skull shape.

A tranny thinks her opinion on mental health of other people matters Roflmao k at least they aren't taking hormones and trying to mutilate themselves I'm no Incel, this is just sad.. It's sad.

Jumping on the latest trend is the oldest and thereby least trendy trend.

Fuck yh

yesssss....return to the sea..yog sothoth....

Oh no mom did I lose my shot or did I just never had one

I’ve never seen this channel but this was very well explained! Well done!

Please do one about gender ideology, the term that religious fundamentalists use to install fear in society about a conspiracy that the "LGBT lobby and feminists" want to influence/convert kids through education. Love all your videos.

hahaha love the asmr part lol

hahahaha rock n roll lol

Uhhhh just clicked on your video and became a fan in like 5 minutes

my new favourite channel


Incels don't hate society because they are alone... They hate it because they have seen the horror, the darkness of the society, the sick and perverted minds of human beings... But they don't pray, they don't believe in God because they have seen the horror... It's terrible but it's true. Human beings are dirty, are sick. Internet is full of that depravation, that horror. And there is no place to hide...

I don't know what it is, but your voice is sooo relaxing omg

Die manner sind schmutzig, manchmal Panty sniffing, LOL

i love this video

lol incels. am sendin dem al str8 2 hel

I really love this video. I feel like I've been screaming these things to my depressed friends, my lonely male friends, but especially at myself. And it's hard to take yourself seriously and take your own advice. But hearing them from you, another human- it really helps. Thank you. I hope you read this comment. Because- I clicked on this video randomly, as it was in my sidebar. I've never heard of you or seen any of your videos before, so I had no idea you were a trans-woman. I'm not very politically correct, and this honest to god isn't an "everyone is beautiful" comment. When you said you used to live as a man, I thought maybe you meant, you were a biological female who thought she was trans-male for a time, lived as a man, then decided that she was truly a female and went back to their biological sex. A few moments later I realized you were a trans-woman. You look entirely female and honestly, I think a facial feminization surgery would be a waste of money. From the point of view of a complete stranger, I had no inclination to think you were a trans-woman. And I personally have a lot of trans friends, so it's not like the concept of someone being trans is foreign to me. My only thought of your appearance was that your make-up is on point. And my only negative thought of your appearance is that your upper lip looks a little overdrawn. Lol. Anyway, I hope you read this comment, as it is what I honestly thought. And I hope it helps combat the times you looked yourself up and read stupid hate comments from strangers (who must be lying out of envy, jesus fucking christ).

That was amazing. Easiest decision to sub ever

You...deconstruct the whole incel delusion in less than 10 minutes. Impressive.

This is the first video of yours I’ve ever seen and I legitimately thought “this girl is so hot and funny and intelligent I love her” and then 3/4 into the video I realized I’m not bisexual, I’m pansexual. Cheers.

Fucking "Incel" ideology and anything like it is a logic plague: a series of arguments with a destructive come out that will spread because people WANT to believe them. I am an Incel in the sense that I am in an involuntary celivate but the only way to stop a logic plague is to stop thinking about it. And I... Try.

I have never seen any of your videos before this one and I can confidently say, I am in love with you No but for real, I'm now a subscriber and yes you're great

Holy shit, you are doing important work.

I mean, this is all pretty accurate but you're not actually refuting any of their points. Yes it is true that many guys will never get a meaningful relationship with a woman, just like it's true that lots of trans will never pass and would be better off not transitioning. And in fact there is a lot of overlap between the two, incels who end up believing they might find love if they become the girlfriend. Because that's where the end of the video gets it completely wrong, it's not about just eroticism, every incel knows how to fap. It's about love and intimacy. It's the loneliness of having no one who will ever like you enough to want to do any of those things with you. Also don't get your dick cut off and replaced by a horrifying poorly made open wound pls, that'd be a shame and you'll probably regret it.

let's sleep together

Welp, that's it. Off to go have sex with a thunderstorm! (Though, first time watcher of this channel, and I think you did an awesome job. Very eye-opening!)

Edit 4: I'll return to my mother, The Sea.

I LOLd all the way through this! So weird there's enough deluded, dysfunctional dudes with so little life experience. Bonus pts for me: I know who your male narrator it's elsewhere on YouTube. Mwah ha!

I have been a woman seeking women in dating apps, and I got almost total radio silence. I sent out over 50 email, only got 3 responses, and only had 1 girl ever email me first.

I had no idea you were trans. Even when you said you were going to tell something, I thought it was just going to be that you were gay. You're beautiful, don't let horrible people tell you otherwise :D

just jack off

Their goal isn't to orgasm, their goal is to recognize themselves as _real_ men. Our culture's conception of manhood requires women to recognize them as worthy partners and requires the other men to recognize those women's recognition for incels to see themselves as capital M Men. Their great error is blaming women for their inability to recognize themselves. In actuality, the institution of gender is to blame.

reported for ocean porn. sorry

I love this video

ContraPoints let me rub my cock on ur tounge

OH MY GOD - YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Please don't touch your face with knives! That's just me though! Obvi I support what ever makes you happiest - I'm just - GAH - You are so perfect the way you are. Honestly, I didn't realize you were transitioning until you mentioned it! You look 100 percent woman to me. :)

do a video on Varg vikernes PLEASE

How dare you say that Rock'n'Roll is dead. I am offended.

I was going to put out a video myself based on my research and the fact that I managed to successfully infiltrate an incel discord but you did it a lot better than I could

first video i am watching of yours and I must say your intro certainly stands out

There is something really wrong with the internet. I have heard we are only really wired for communities of like 150 people. Maybe a better social media app would help you find the right 150 people. This whole mess could transform almost over night (ok, over a year) with one cute idea in how we can filter an internet of a billion voices into something our brain is designed to process.. .. but this clips shows that full freedom to choose that 150 people for yourself apparently would not be the answer. Interesting problem. I hope someone solves one day.

Hahahaha omg I just discovered your channel and I LOVE YOU QUEEN

Why are transwomen always prettier than cis women? Like, good shit your face is great. I'd kill for cheekbones like yours. Also, I've never seen one of your videos before and until you brought it up, I thought you were just another woman.

Just found your channel and I pretty much lost it at 'firing squad of dick'. I'm somewhere between one who lies betwixt/eroticism of the ocean and I am sometimes pretty glad that I'm not in the dating game by my own sexuality being 'nah'. Nonetheless have been asked about my genitals more than once.

best thing I have seen in ages! love you!


I clicked subscribe the moment you showed the video of the sea and said "mmh, yeah.. don't you just wanna get in there? Take me mommy!"

I really enjoy your videos!

there is a joke here about early 2000's music and the name Stacy being chosen as the Epitome of Sexy, but that's such a low-hanging fruit, I don't even want it.

The one thing I was not expecting from this video was to wind up sexually attracted to the sea, but here we are.

I think very lonely people may seek out self-loathing affirming criticism partly because people typically don't receive negative feedback except from people who know them very well, so it feels more like a human connection than praise does. Critical seems more honest, but it also feels more intimate. It's socially acceptable to praise people you don't know very well, and if you don't feel like you have a satisfying amount of human connection in your life, it can be seriously addictive to be provided with a community that gives you feelings of intimacy. This will increase the pressure to fit in with this community, so its members are going to be very likely to accept the ideas that seem to be a consensus without question.

Thank you :)

you always have this tone, mocking evey subject you decide to touch upon, as if youre higher than anyone else. why? just cause youre a guy with a wig?

This is the most comprehensive and compassionate video I have seen addressing the Incel community. I truly believe people will be saved from watching this.

You are amazing. This was wonderfully insightful. Thank you for making your videos.

You were too nice to them. They fetishize acid attacks on the reg. They fantasize about making women their sex slaves and a lot of them are pedophiles. Like self-hatred and body dysmorphia is common in a lot of marginalized and oppressed groups so I can see why you would naturally sympathize with that. But it’s never taken out on anyone else, women don’t blame men for their insecurity and try to slaughter them, poc don’t murder white people for Eurocentric beauty stands, trans folk don’t assault cis people for triggering gender dysphoria. Incels direct all of their hatred and insecurities onto women and blame them for everything wrong with their life, including the lack of sex they feel entitled to. In fact, they probably wouldn’t even care about being ugly if they felt like women were still going to fuck them. That’s literally the extent of their insecurity. Whether or not it results in sex. Everyone else in the world feels less human and like their insecurities make them so fundamentally unlovable that they deserve any kind of respect or right to life. Incels simply believe their insecurities would be fine if they could just fuck.

so glad i've come upon your channel!! muchluvxxxx

You are wonderful! Thank you.

I feel like the main theme here is: “Love Yourself” Please love yourself.

Yeah I probably should leave r9k

Hold up. I downloaded this video for a road trip. I pulled over in a rest stop to type this. I saw you on Lindsay's Vid, and gave your channel a gander. Didnt seem much up my alley, but i have been hearing the usuall internet hubub about these incels. Saw this vid, that it was long, and figured if you were a friend of Lindsay id give you a fair shake. And i gotta say, you are amazing. This video is thoughtful, humorous, researched, and presented in a way that encourages a mind to be open, not to close down. I wish i could make content at this level, and i wish more content creators took the time to deliver a quality and non hate filled look at something that is obscured in misinformation and heated emotion. I legitimately feel enlightened after listening to this. Subscribed.

This is the first video I’ve watched of yours and I’m super subbed, u r great

Oh my god, Adachi is an incel.

First time watching. Had no idea you were transitioning until you said it.

You can call on Tyrone

Nigga just watch some ams

I'm getting the same problem with the "incel" content, my brain just acts in their language, I need help, cause' I've been a "normie" since always, but that shit's rotting my thinking.

What the heck is this

Tanya the story of my fucking life

Incels believe in the blackpill, not the redpill

Ok but you are ACTUALLY fucking stunningly gorgeous. And your style is to die for. But more importantly, you're a compassionate, intelligent, and self-reflected woman. Also, I too am a gorgeous (cis) woman and yes, I have a big damn head. WE EXIST. It's fine!!

I've spent some time on incel forums just out of curiosity and I can confidently say that they're really depressing places. These are hurt lonely men who are convincing each other that love is impossible and that they'll never be happy. It's seriously fucked.

you are absolutely lovely!

Whatever hurts feels true. But that isn't a good reason to accept that it is. That's good. Adding it to my toolkit.

Great video. I just want to say, I admire your work, and I admire you for putting yourself out there creatively (and to a large extent, personally). The internet can be a ruthless, brutal place, and you jumped right in to the thick of it. Keep up the good work, please! :)

So is being an incel a response to a society that favors women as selectors? Most of the vocabulary and talking points of incels seem to be defensive in nature to help cope with this reality.

Terrific as usual. I know the end is semi-ironic, but I got goosebumps anyway. Sex and romance are of course important, but there’s so much other beauty in the world.

Just stumbled upon this video and DAMN this is some A+ content

Patriarchy dictates that men must pursue women, ie write the first Tinder message, because if a woman pursues a man, she's either a dominant bitch or a desperate whore. If men don't like having to make the first move, or feeling obligated to pay for dinner (because they statistically make more money than women), then they actually need to get into feminism, not all this redpill/incel crap that upholds and perpetuates patriarchal values.

Well. It seems a little superficial but, now that she recognizes herself as a trans woman i can truly appreciate her content. I mean, we all had that fase when we thought that were more than two genders, and I can really see how she i so fucking inteligent. Ps: the photography is such eyegarsm

I'm happy this video exists in a way I couldn't describe even if I was sober. Thank you for doing the work you do. It means a lot.

Fucking currcels

Did ContraPoints use to be a man ?

Not exactly; she was assigned male at birth, but has always been a woman. Riley Dennis has some good videos about it, and Natalie here has some tweets about it from a while back because it's pretty subtle, complicated stuff.

T. Thomas yes

"When they're gabbing on the cell phone about Paris Hilton." Do these chucklefucks live in a time warp? Paris Hilton hasn't been relevant in over a decade.

Lmao that first one is basically a glorious shitpost

Jesus Christ, you would be the best drinking buddy on the face of the earth -also this channel is quite literally crack.

Aww my GF is ever so worried about her brow rigid, It's not nearly as pronounced as she thinks. My wrists my are small, i´m 5´2, i´m very much neuroatypical, i am attracted to the uses of alcohol. None of these impede me on finding a gorgeous loving partner like I have found. And yes, Eliot Rodger was perfectly bangable. Very hot.

Hey, incels, most of us love sex toys, familiarise with themselves yourselves Hey again, Nat. What´s the progress with David Rubin? OMG I´m a makeup artist and a guy and, yes, to that Benefit preference.

I feel like so many of these points could be applied to any dogmatic ideology, right and left. Really great video! If only people could just humble themselves and try to place themselves in other's shoes

all capricorns

What a sensual little Philosopher you are. The more intelligent and thought provoking your discourse is, the hotter you become. Whew! Well I need a rainshower!

17:56 had me dying

Honestly I'm so goddamn happy I found your channel, you're one of the few channels on this hellish website that doesn't make me uncomfortable. Love ya!

Cause Beauty is in millimeters

Best channel ever. Subscribed!

A: you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen B: you are one of the most intelligent and well-spoken YouTubers I’ve watched Thanks for a great video

the hatereading stuff makes sense though cause it validates your fears and tells ur irrational anxiety brain that it isn't irrational.... but that doesn't mean it's right

Kill yourself commie.

Mhin'qa jeez, buddy, how does it feel to live such a sad and worthless existence? You even get triggered by a video you didn't even watch :'(

He actively defends domestic terrorists and supports the spread of faggotry. Traits of a communist piece of shit.

Mhin'qa well you're a hoot at parties, what even makes you think she's a commie

If I didn't speak english I would listen to this to relax. The soft voice and the piano music sound beautiful but the subject is so frustrating.

"hello boys. let's talk about bone structure" i'm am leebian?

I can't believe incels are really a thing. I thought it was a fake movement. Is it a NA based group? I live in Europe and have never met any guys like that.

You should do a vid where LSR guest stars.

You're bueatiful!

Incels like you and the lgbt community are the result of late stage capitalism. It was conceived when neoliberalism started. This is the only logical conclusion of pushing women's rights lgbt and capitalism

I didn't get hard to the beginning that's how i know i'm gay

Hey I study philosophy too, it sucks. I found your channel a few weeks ago and have watched every video. I like how you're using your philosophy education to grapple with real world problems and encourage people to think about them with more depth than they otherwise might have. You make me want to drop out and make video essays on YouTube. Your videos are one of my favorite things right now, thank you.

philosophy tube guy's american voice is pretty amazing

Can one chose to be involuntary in regards to something others chose do to them? There's a snag somewhere in there...

Not particularly relevant, but I watched the World of Warcraft animation about Azshara today, and I'm convinced ContraPoints is actually Queen Azshara trying to convince us to follow the old lovecraftian god N'zoth into the deep blue.

Goddess. Goddess. Goddess. Goddess. That's you.

Fuck you bitch

I totally understand what you mean by picking up the lingo of a group and then having natural thoughts that would come from that group (like what you mentioned/joked wrt briefly thinking "that Chad is totally heighblocking"). 'Cuz even when it's not fuelled by some small reality turned into a catastrophe in my mind, I've found myself reading through nasty blogs and such, to Learn About The People (similar to what you've done here), and found myself totally starting to think their core beliefs about myself, automatically. Ex; I used to read through pro-ana/pro-mia/thinspo etc., blogs so that I could help people coming to me for advice on how to accept themselves for their current weight. I thought it would help me understand their headspace, and then help me deconstruct that for them instead of just giving them the usual body positive quotes, because while those quotes are often true, they don't feel honest to many people with eating disorders. I'm thin, and I've been thin for most of my life, and my weight has never, ever concerned me, but after obsessively reading through these blogs (they became an addiction), I started to think I was objectively fat without a thigh gap, I started to think that it was good when I wasn't eating (when I'd have a cig instead), and good that my meds take away my appetite. I never got to the point where I ever thought this stuff about other people's bodies and lifestyles, but I can imagine how, if I'd stayed on those blogs, they could have permeated my consciousness enough to really fuck me right up and turn me into a monster, as you said here in the part about TTTT. These ways of thinking and these online cults seem like they'd be obviously wrong and obviously easy to not think in line with, partly because they're so absurd-sounding to an outsider or someone without those insecurities. But they are still, somehow, alluring. Regardless of personal reality. So these sorts of groups -- incels right at the top there -- can convince people that they're unlovable simply by existing and being accessible with the click of a cursor. For people who already have these insecurities, these sites/groups are an utter, life-consuming disaster. The block function is key. Thank you so much for bringing it up, and for saying it (and linking it) to the people who look up to you, like myself.


I got a dick pic from one of these guys and he said 'don't hate me' after.

So I'm new here. You are absolutely brilliant and hilarious!

Are there any girls incels?

And now, I'm weirdly turned on by the sea

That Abigail interlude is freakin’ hilarious. Natalie is so forthright about this rather soul-crushing dating stuff and bigotry, it’s great.

Your videos are good. I like them!

24:22 What the heck is a man mode?

Imagine the smell of roll on deodorant and sweat. Gentle white stains in the pits of a black t shirt. You softly whisper in her ear, "Fancy watching TNG on Netflix?" She sinks back into the cushions on your sofa. Lips part, "oh yes...YES!" You ask her if she wants to choose the episode. She chooses Darmok. Your breath catches in your throat, momentarily. At last you cry "Darmok and Jalad, at Tanagra!" Your eyes meet. She replies, "Shaka, when the walls fell."

I have watched through almost all of your videos in the last week and my brain feels like mush in the best way possible. You are articulate, intelligent, rational and respectful and have given me food for thought on more than one occasion. Although I know you likely get plenty of hate comments, I feel like when I look at the comments I see a surprising number of people saying "I don't agree with you, but I respect you." I think that is a pretty big feat in this day and age. Thanks for being so much smarter than me.

whenever I think roosh has proven himself to be the lowest and saddest human being, he finds a new sinkhole to plunge even lower

Mysllaw M. I'm VERY masculine, as you can SEE, and I'm not a baker (i.e. a woman), I'm a BREAD. SCIENTIST

you pillared the pill poppers


OMG, "Chadsplaining".

THIS CHANNEL IS GOLD!!!!! Gracias Quetzal, vengo por tu recomendación.

I swear I cringed my head off till 1:20 Also the second you started measuring that skull i had to subscribe

Wtf this is awesome. Subbed

I don't know why but the part of this which makes my skin crawl is the sea stuff!! It's just not right!!!

I just showed up to laugh at this retarded bitch.

Do you mean you showed up to get triggered by a woman smarter and better than you in every way?

Observing incels, MRAs, PUAs, red pillers, and members of the alt-right is like watching a car crash. You just can't look away.

So when is the skull tapping asmr video coming?

so cool

This is my first ContaPoints video and... down the rabbit hole

“INCELS exist because Rock & Roll is dead.” Pretty much sums up 2018. Perfect quote, thank you.

You're not a woman

This was very informative, fun and engaging. I loved it! I clicked on a link on Twitter thinking I'll just watch for a few seconds. But the humor, the cinematography, the music and of course the information made me stay through the whole thing.

this is the most detailed, artistic, in-depth examination of incel culture and mentality that i have ever seen on the internet. you managed to so fully explain so many aspects of the psychology of incels in only half an hour, i have so much respect for the hours upon hours of research you so obviously put into this video and am definitely going to check out more of your content after this. so much effort and patience to make a video as long and detailed as this is beyond incredible, thank u so much for making this video

do asmr

This is the actual dumbest shit I've ever heard in my entire life lmaaaao

I would have thought that we, as a society, would have long since given up on using phrenology to discriminate between people. Guess I'm wrong. Also, am I the only one who things "Femoid" sounds like some half assed monster from a 50s shlock flick?

Probably the best detailed and fair case I've seen given to the incel topic. I remember the first incel I came across. Thought it was a depressed anomaly.

Your voice is literally the most soothing thing I've ever heard in my life

I think 6 Women did this to you 7 Feminism empowered women to do this to you 8 The social trends that made this possible are only getting worse Is a strictly American thing. Misogyny and narcissism seem to be a trait of American men. Incels might simply be more outspoken about it, because they don't have to hide it to impress women. And in order not to sound anti-American, I also mean there are a lot more mangina's in Europe.


Now, even if I disagree with you on politics and on how - lets call it - the "dating system" works you think differentiated and are undeniably funny. I always seem to learn something valuable about the american left watching your videos. Here is my sub. (Wich feels weird because looking through the comments I never seem to find anybody who isn't either blindly agreeing with or hating on you, so I don't feel like being able to be part of your community) Anyway, keep it up!

These guys need masturbation and some deathcore music. That shit takes those bad thoughts out of my system every time.

hey im v drujnk and don'rt let my lack of sobriety discourage u but il ur videos

I’d love to see this in podcast form

I don't think their claims about physical attractiveness are unsubstantiated. A lot of these guys are average looking as you've said, but the other issue is that personality isn't and end-all be-all for women. There are a multitude of factors in play in regards to relationship dynamics, and physical attractiveness is a primary interest motive. If you ask me, personality and interests are secondary factors that maintain the relationship and contribute to compatibility. The suggestion is also that these men have to look like renaissance sculptures to be attractive. It's an absolute exaggeration of what is typically considered an attractive male. It's also an indicator that such men are reliant on the satisfaction of psychosexual factors which are typically secondary to personal achievements of success. A relationship is not a primary mode of living. It's a benefit. This strange obsession with women is also even more concerning. It suggests something like a Freudian complex or a fractured sense of self.

...And this is coming from somebody who's been offered modeling jobs and gets countless numbers of female customers hounding, stalking and asking for me at work. I get told I'm good looking all of the time and even my boss complains to me that I get absolutely no pussy despite the apparent popularity. I'm introverted, I have weird hobbies (like philosophy) and most of my incentives towards relationships aren't established upon some idiotic dependence on romantic love and loneliness. I think it's important to prioritize totality and understanding of the self. A lot of people want "other halves" because they feel incomplete, but what's really happening is that they project their anima/animus onto their desired partners and refuse to dispel the ideal in favor of reality. I also run into a lot of dumb girls who do nothing but drink and party like morons and that's a huge turnoff.

I feel like incels always try to get girls out of their league. They probably never try to hit on girls who are also 2s or 3s.

If you have an ugly face, there is no hope for you, you're not getting laid, and that's not your fault, it's nature's fault. Nature wants to keep Earth's population under control, so it had to make people with ugly or unattractive faces and/or bodies, because let's face it, if everyone was beautiful, sexy, and attractive from head to toe then everyone would be having sex and having more babies than the world could handle, and that's why fat and/or ugly people exist. It's also why drugs,alcohol, video games, and porn exist to give us fat/ugly people something to help us forget that we will never find love or sex.

"The manosphere exists cause rock and roll is dead" is the "cellar door" of the internet age

Just found your channel, you're awesome!

This is pure genius. I hope you make a go of this.

this is the first video of yours i've ever seen and i just wanna say, you've got a really cool vibe going on here. the laid back, calm way you speak and the clear amount of research you put into all this is eminently watchable.

the funny thing about that whole "hypergamy" thing is i feel like, and this is purely anecdotal of course, i see waaaay more girls "settling" in the looks department than i do guys.

Omg I didn't realize she was trans till she said was ......she looks beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jesus Christ I didnt know human beings could be so beautiful, you're like a mythical being!

i couldn't tell u were trans until you told me and usually i can kind of spot it so dw about your bone structure my lady i think you look very feminine and nice. also excellent video thank

I'm sorry for saying this but you are downright attractive. Even the theme of elegance and the style look for this video is perfect. The voice over is perfect. I normally see people explain with animation or just talking in a camera. Which is perfectly fine. But this is a change for me by how one is acting to be in a different world and observing from the outside. I look forward to more videos soon!

The radio silence thing is absolutely true, and it can feel awful sometimes. Hell, I don't drink, so I'm not even sure what kind of social situations I could get in to meet women. Obviously incels are horrible and toxic, but I feel like my experiences could have easily led me down that path. In this connected world, we're all just as, if not more, lonely.

i'm glad you mention digital self harm because i think it's something that just about everyone is at risk for and that is far too easy to seek out without anyone really warning you or affirming your negative experiences with it. there are times i decide to see what focus on the family is saying about something, or revisiting my homophobic memories, or listening to that sermon concerning the same sex marriage supreme court decision for the fiftieth time because there's something about reveling in what hurts you. it should be universally decried, even for people "we" (idk, leftists and LGBT people and feminists??) may not sympathize very much with.

I wish i found you sooner, your vids are perf and your voice is so nice and calming i luv u

Ok I self identify as an incel, I also have taken the black pill. Yes, I know the social implications of saying this and no I don't really have any hatred towards women at all, I find them more to be mysterious creatures who are so complicated and totally divorced from me that I approaching and understanding one is almost impossible. Having said that I look at the ten steps you listed for the black pill and feel eight of them except for numbers six and seven, those two go into the subject of feminism that I want to avoid like the plague.

You look very Victorian.

I've always found it ironic that they use the term red pill, taken directly from the Matrix, a film by two trans women. Like how much more could they get the message wrong?

how old are you

I knew it was a tranny before I hit play

Oh my god I think I've fallen in love with you.

Fucking librals

"...I'm still attracted to women and those that lieth betwixt. Cats. The inherent eroticism of the sea...." Aaaand subcribed

Now that I know you're bi I can tell you I think you're pretty you are without feeling like I'm fetishizing you. LOL

I love your videos so much. Keep up the good work, you're amazing. ❤️❤️

Thank you so much for this!!!!

I wish I was brave like you and escape my inceldon by becoming a tranny.

This comment section is weirder than that of a tranny porn video.... dont ask

Femoid is not at all a neutral word. It is, in it’s own nerdy way, just as aggressively misogynistic as bitch, cunt and whore. First, it’s not pronounced FEE-moid, but rather FEM-oid. (Fem like in hem). As a lady nerd I recognized the magnitude of this insult the first time I heard it. Because the “oid” part? Yeah, that’s from andrOID. As in, female android. And what do all female androids across all sci-fi have in common with one another (beside their tit size)? Why, they are all docile and servile to their male owners/masters, of course. And ALL are sexual surrogates. Femoid is every bit as derogatory as the rest of their crap. However, it’s possible only us lady-nerds can appreciate HOW derogatory it really is.

This is the first video of yours that I watched and I had no idea you were trans until you mentioned it, you're truly beautiful. I hope you don't take offense to that, I didn't mean any.

this is 100% a mans voice ROFL it's literally just a guy talking softly

LOL They even stole their names from a woman. I can't breathe.

I just found you and I love you already, let’s be friends. Subscribed!

Don't know if it will help any transwomen, but there ARE women with big heads. Take it from me the cislady who gets really mad at the lack of cute hats that fit.

I really liked this video.

can we talk about the fact that Olly speaking with an american accent at 7:25 somehow sounds exactly like The Amazing Atheist? and how terrifying that is

Masochistic epistemology - there's a C.S. Lewis quote that goes with this: "...there is fear-fulfilment as well as wish-fulfilment, and hypochondriac temperaments will always tend to think true what they most wish to be false."

"Chads with fuckable skulls" is not something I ever needed to hear

Dear ContraPoints, what are your Opinions on Veganism? You obviously are not one, but i would love to see you Analysing the Power Structures behind Slaughterhouses and the Relationship between Humans and Animals. Maybe explain what is meant by the term "Carnism". Lots of good quality content to be had there.

Instantly subscribed, love a research temptress! Good job, girl! You kept me curious or giggling at the little jokes. Btw, would love to be half as femenine as you, brutally honest, love your shirt and nails and how self assured you seem. Keep up the great work!! Xx

I'm not joking or making fun; I'm serious. If any incels are watching the video and reading this: sex is over-rated. I know that sounds glib, for various reasons, but it's true. Watch Tod Browning's Freaks; listen to The Smiths/The Smiths (first album); read The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Mishima Yukio; study Neoplatonic metaphysics. All this - the hell we're going through - is just shadows on the wall of the cave. There are other worlds.

I think i got off on the wrong exit... gonna grab some fast food then get back on the regular youtube

I have very deep sympathy for those that follow the black pill ideology, as it seems like a very easy hole to go down once you're stuck in that position of isolation. On the other hand and more significantly though, the large majority of incel ideology is grounded in simple misogyny. Incel fundamentally is very, very sad. It's men who've spent their entire life being rejected and living in isolation, but instead of using that to push themselves forward and prosper like most in the position do, they use it as an excuse to hate women and the world they were born into. This is a really good video.

you seem really neat

never seen a video of yours in my life, but seeing all the soul leave your body while trying to calmly explain these pieces of garbage is just so damn relatable. bless your soul, god knows when trying to deal with people like incels on the internet, we need all the blessings we can get.

Bloody liquid waver!!! Drink the liquid!! Gawd! Also, Gall called, and he wants his "science" back.

There nothing wrong with your face. You are beautiful.

LMAO, this shit is hilarious. Just when I thought society couldn't go any further into the gutter ... I somehow stumbled across this. Thanks to everyone who brought this little bit of cancer to our planet. Cheers!

Incels are honestly pathetic, who creates their identity around being unable to "get laid."

giada on food network has a big ol head.

I think we've accidentally turned men into women. Neuroticizing about your romantic prospects? Body-image issues that lead to self-harm? Incredible self-loathing and resentment towards society? Oh god, these poor boys. Maybe they need Maybelline.

For anyone seeking to understand people, it's important to look at the good, but also the bad. This is an excellently done video. It's like gazing into an abyss. A sea of despair. Does that sound dramatic? This whole situation is rather dramatic, so I think it fits. I knew of Incels and what their major malfunction was, and it turns out I wasn't wrong, but the extent. The extreme level. The beliefs, the way they talk, suicidal worship, I just can't believe it. There is a part of my human soul and civilized instincts that insist that a real, actual group of fellow human beings surely cannot be like this. Only straw men constructs of a position and Saturday morning cartoon villains are ever that evil. But they are. It's *that* nuts. I always saw the Chad and Virgin image and thought, if it was ever a real thing and not some mockery, it was just people saying 'we're Chads and great'. I had no clue that it was really a self-loathing hate-ideology trying to explain their own 'inferiority' and lack of success, how they feel they're doomed, despair for the future. It hurts because I see some of myself in there. The lack of hope for the future. But the way they turn that kind of dread or despair or rejection into some kind of Eternal Law instead of, you know, how things just worked out is obscene. And how they 'cope' with those feelings by hurting their fellow human beings, with hateful ideology no more legitimate or reasonable than Jew hating or garden-variety racism or sexism or any of that, is intolerable. That's where they cross from pitiful creatures to dangerous things. It's like I'm looking at the actual, real life version of the Despair ideology from Danganronpa. Except adherents to it, while self-destructive, violent, bad people, didn't feel obligated to be miserable. Hell, you get the impression they quite enjoy all the fucked up stuff, and find happiness in it. *This is madness.* Whatever perspective can be brought to this, or shades, or details, that is the truth at the core of this whole subject. The whole Incel thing is fucking insanity. It's anathema to humanity. It is also, thankfully, a very, very, very small group, compared to everyone everywhere. And with an ideology like that, hateful tactics and self-loathing, it's not likely to change anytime soon. At least there's some mercy in that. Also, by the way, you're a better person imo than your opposition, because you actually go out of your way to understand their position, give them credit where it seems due, etc. As it goes, 'when the Left wants to understand the Right, they see what the Right is saying. When the Right wants to understand the Left, they see what the Right is saying'. Also x2, about the 'infection' thing, about going into these horrible spaces and being changed by them, gazing into that abyss as it gazes into you, I know that feeling well. I am a big nerd, I go into spaces like pro wrestling fandom, anime, video games, fictional stuff, and holy fucking shit, is there a prevalent, well. There's a lot of prevalent things there. And even though I do not agree with the Right about nearly anything, just seeing so many times people disgusted by the idea of feminism, or annoyed with bringing up Oppression, started to make me resonate and have the same reactions on an emotional level. I am annoyed by fellow liberals, despite completely being in agreement with what they actually say. Or at least, that's a reaction I have occasionally. And it's fucking horrible. I want this perspective out of my brain, I want to scrub it clean of this 'feminists are taking over muh video games' shit. I guess the first step is recognizing there's a problem.

Plz do a makeup tutorial

I think they are closet gays

I only just found this channel today and this is the first video I watched, but I think I'm in love with you and your content. Also all the light/color changes made me giggle.

Wow. Your just amazing. Everything . for real. Thank you

This just keeps getting better and better

I can here expecting a video analyzing incels. What I found was a video analyzing incels and also the video is art. Subscribed.

I don't know how to classify your look in this video-- "70s psychic chic"? idk, but it is totally amazing

This is fucking art!

Can you do a stage lighting tutorial please?!

You are so flawless (not the point I know but you just are) and your video was amazing, thank you for making it.

This is brilliant.

Where have you been all my life.

This video was so well researched and put together and made vocalised so many of my thoughts on this subject. Subbed!

This is beyond trash.

care to elaborate?

Hahaha *

Oh damn the ending was so dramatatic compared to what I expected. Also I'm subscribed now. ❤️

So they see women as horrible selfish people, and yet really want one. THAT MAKES SENSE.

Considering I once cried because my hands are too small, I'm grateful I'm a trans guy and not a cis guy, because I could have ended up as an incel.

you are a gorgeous goddess tho

I don't know if I'm in love with you or if I want to be you.

When the fuck is some deep-pocket production company gonna pick you up? We need this shit at least weekly Natalie.

Let her make money through patreon and stuff. We don't need her being corporately fucked.

If they believe women are so shallow and love doesn't exist and it's all about physical appearance, why are they even mad about not being part of that? Lol. The way they view women... No wonder women don't want to be near them. They should be happy with that because again, the way they view women.

They want to be the top lobster.

Asmr moments were DEVINE

I love your style

By far the best way to speak of incels

I survived that introduction, apparently. Am I a veteran?

28:06 provided a brief moment of levity in this heavy video. I really enjoy the reaction when it comes back to the skull. Also you are a gorgeous goddess.

This was a really interesting video, very informative. I hope you feel better. I used to hurt myself by spending hours staring at skinny and very sick women. I was hurting myself, trying to make myself sicker, as sick as they were. It was awful, and I was absolutely miserable. Eventually I was hospitalised and a decade of therapy later, I'm still sad, but doing much better. I'm really grateful for this video, thank you

I am so glad that this video kept coming up in my recommendations. I have now watched about 5 hours worth of your vids (so like 5 vids lol but I'll get to more I swear) and the way in which you present ideas and points is so refreshing: your opinions are backed up well, and based on points that are built up and explained throughout. You present the subject in an incredibly thorough way, and the level of research and work put into it is clear. I think you're gonna be the first YTer I ever donate to on Patreon (I'm poor af and usually just hope that my fav yters get enough from other ppl), just because of how blown away by the levels of work put into these videos.

can't necessarily agree on the firing squad. there comes a point where you've talked to so many, you feel like a shitty person. it doesn't feel that great, and i've generally given up on online dating altogether

"volcels if you wouldn't" rofl

How many phones has been harmed in this channel at this point?

every one must become a cyborg

lol, you know you don't need to pin your own comments, right? Comments from the channel always show up at the top of the comment feed.

What's wrong with being a man ?

T. Thomas she’s not a woman like you’re not a troll.

+Hans Olo No way, mate. That's the great thing about incels, they remove themselves from the gene pool

"The inherent eroticism of the sea" noice. Also "how about a kiss boy, what's wrong with a kiss?"

honestly, this is the first vid ive seen of yours, i didnt know you were trans until you said so... i actually just thought you had a strong bone structure... like a model.. i am jelly.

FIRE CONTENT ! I need a job so I can support on patreon. Have this sub til I get my money up.

Replace incels with feminists (especially the explicitly man-hating kind) and the similarities are uncanny

Does anyone understand the joke about sour grapes?

You know I want to X out of your video, because it's boring, but your voice is so pleasant that I can't.

Its like the pro anorexia forums

I know it sounds lame, but personality counts for a lot. These incels and morose trans people on 4chan just don't get it. I've seen stories of severe burns victims going on to have families with members of the opposite sex, so how the hell would that happen, if it was all about looks?

Not getting laid has been a facet of life since the beginning of humanity...hence the oldest profession! Incels just need to splash the cash and fuck some hookers!


Incels need to shut their mouths for 35 minuets and watch this video

Wow. I was really surprised she hasn't had facial reconstruction yet. She really naturally looks feminine.

You dumb as hell and I love it

Tim Pool sent me here. You are FUCKING HILARIOUS. Great stuff. Fucking great.

This is my second ContraPoints video. The first one was the one on JBP, which as someone who likes JBP was harder to watch, but this was a good second choice because Incels really bug me and therefore I didn't start watching with my guard up. It really helps show how much thought ContraPoints puts into her work. And, it really is funny and entertaining. Bravo.

can you be my new mom omg

contra is our dark mother

PLEASE MAAM! may i have some coochie?

WOW, that was magnificent! Are youtubers allowed that smart?

Confirmed : storms are erotically charged

You are ALWAYS brilliant! This was beautifully executed and honestly, the only video I've ever seen about incels that actually delved deeper and had any true thought to such a complicated subject. Thank you too, for talking about some of your more personal things. It is probably difficult to do. I absolutely adore your channel and you are amazing.

>tfw you browse tttt...

ya gotta stop!!

"dick or no dick?" "I'm working on it guys." God relatable.

This is hilarious, thank you

i didnt even know there were names for the asian chads h u h

Incels should check their personalities because many are quite good looking so that's not why they can't get laid.

I could never have guessed you were trans. Just a near perfect woman, which few of us are, whether we were born female or not.

Who are the narrators for the incel posts? They deserve some voiceover awards, just pure gold! Thank you for a thoughtful look at this phenomenon. I cant help but feel for them - feelings of rejection and self-loathing are something we all go through, but they are stuck in a death spiral...or angry echo chamber, as the case may be. On one of the most popular incel message boards, the rules ban: worship or praise (not in the religious sense, just looking up to people), and bragging (any life successes, basically). Additionally, "bait" threads are disallowed, resulting in the fact that any debate that maybe females aren't the root of all their problems can be a bannable offense. Having a place to blow off steam with other like-minded people can be alluring, but they get stuck in a cycle of negativity where the only acceptable response is one-upmanship of violence or nihilism. They need help, and are stuck somewhere that actively discourages it.

all of them are Olly from Philosophy Tube! you can find him here on youtube

i couldn't watch the whole video. not because of contra, she's perfect. i just can't believe incels exist. they've created this culture with its own vocabulary and everything in which they literally drown themselves in a pool of self pity and hatred. bro, what are you doing?? if you're an incel and reading this: leave that shitty community. i know incels who have killed themselves because it got into their head that they were gunna die alone and a virgin because they are lesser than other men. and that's not true. there is no chad, or becky or stacy. look, meeting women is simple: first thing is first, you gotta look after yourself. if you're overweight, eat less and exercise. you don't have to go to a gym. buy a jumprope , do some cardio and stretching in your room or in the backyard. next, personal hygiene. shave, get a clean cut. take care of your skin. a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer for the face and lotion for the body. fashion for men is easy. straight jeans that hug the legs, tshirts, hoodies, shirts, boots, and a bomber jacket for the fall and peacoat for winter. easy and looks good. can't go wrong with classics. finally, go out. doesn't matter if you're alone. just go to places. the mall, events like concerts, coffee shops, etc. take in the moment. observe others. relish in the fact that you're alive and healthy. talk to people when you're ready. build some confidence while making friends. when you look and act like a normal person, that's when people will gravitate to you. that includes girls. and if things don't work out at first because there was no chemistry or whatever, it's not because there's something wrong with you - you just weren't her type. move on to the next. even attractive people get rejected. don't go at it with the mindset that the goal is to get laid. the goal is for you to grow as a person as cheesy as it sounds.

I have tiny dainty wrists. I kinda like it though.

I think you have a thing for the sea, just a haunch. Anyways I love the presentation of this video and the calm shit face of it. So jood gob.

I wish I finished college. Nothing is this video or comments makes sense to me. I had a "what the hell is going on reaction". One of the strangest videos I've ever seen.

Obsessed obsessed obsessed! Subscribed.

@19:03 If they really wanted you they'd take you either way

Holy shit. Just came across your channel. Not at all the content I thought I was going to see. Super impressed. Keep it up. I'm sure there's topics we disagree over, but the way you think and approach at least this topic is what the internet needs more of.

Despite what you started off as you are a very pretty Woman and I'd like to take you to dinner just to pick your brain

Holy shit I just discovered your channel I had NO IDEA that you were trans. 100% thought you were a woman with a deep voice. Also I love your content. The victorian woman with the calipers talking about skull size made me laugh like a stoned teenager. It's all I've ever been able to think about when people talk about thin wrists and "millimeters of bone". Your editing is amazing your scripts are beyond amazing. I'm now a fan for life.

something great you'll notice if you go back and watch old videos is that the victorian character is trans, too

You make me want to do drag again. Thanks for being so classy and beautiful.

Leave My Fuckhole Out of This: The Biography of Natalie Wynn

lol her voice

Are you a man?

trans woman

The incel community kinda sounds a little like the Pro-Ana movement (Pro-Anorexia/eating disorder encouragement forums).... both toxic! on an unrelated note, i thought ‘Hon’ was short for honey so now imma not use that anymore!!

I went into their subreddit for a three week obsessed binge (they blocked me eventually). IT'S SO INSANE!! and yeah, I imagine pro ana and pro mia sites were just like that.

Speaking honestly, this is my first video of yours I've ever seen, and I honestly had no clue you were trans until you said so

I ship Contra with THE OCEAN - Shape of Water 2: The Wetter - The Better

i have that octopus ring :3 also this is the first video i've seen of yours and as a fellow trans woman i think i can honestly say you are my new hero

This is a great video, but I really wish some things that are scientific would addressed as such, instead of just being ridden off as part of the Incel ideology. Like the fact that male and female skulls are different in numerous ways, and the more masculine a skull, the more attractive a man will be percieved in the eyes of women. Sociologists have studied and proven this for decades now, it isn't just based off of anecdotals form incels or their ideology. or ideological. The same goes for the 80/20 rule. Women really do have a higher bar for what they consider attractive, and will actively seek out much higher rated men than their male counterparts will do to them. I know that you're probably intelligent enough to know that this is the case, but crazy lefties who think everything is a social construct, do not, and so it would have been nice if you would have clarified it.

that IS probably true, but in what setting? like, if you are looking for an easy fuck, I imagine women are pretty picky, but for LTR? I don't know, I'm gay, we just fuck willy nilly. Honestly, I couldn't get behind the heterosexual lifestyle hahaha.

Not sure how I got here from Joe Rogan but I'm glad I did.

i'm glad you did too! it's a strictly monotonic increase in quality

This is cool. Production is on point. Thumbs down for the bun.

Ahahaha bread scientist. Oh Roosh.

Dude you could be a chad. Why you turned into a woman ? Your soul is still a male soul just saying. I mean you look very attractive as a woman no homo. At the beginning I thought you are a woman and was wondering why women make videos about incels. Damn you need testo my man. The gmo food is destroying us. all the soy estrogen shit. from generation after generation it effects our children. And it hit this generation very hard. So many gays out there. I mean they can be gay but this is not normal to me. I have respect you are a human, but its sad to see that. I watched your old vids, you could easily get hot chics. Have a great day and sorry if you feel attacked. This was not my purpose.

Rotciv Sorry if I say it, but this is an illness I guess my man. Every illness can be cured. I can understand that but a gay person can turn back to normal. Its a test in this life. The voice inside you may be a djin. (existing spiritual beings in an other dimension who also belong to a religion, some not, some try to harm human, some are good ones and follow god, btw a djin is not a devil.) food plays an important role. The satanic agenda behind all of this controls everything. Lets say I eat GMO food and all the estrogen boosting products, it may not effect me, but my children or the children of their children. Food can change an entire generation, these satanic devil whorshippers know that. Hope the best for you man, I mean there are so hot beautiful women out there. Check out your testosterone level maybe ? The brain can be rewired because of neuroplasticity. I dont know anything about dysphoria btw. Be strong man and try to find a cure for it. I totally understand the pain you went through, because it is an other form of depression. for every sickness there is a cure. Society or better said the media is trying to turn this into normal and normal things into unnormal. for me being gay is definitely not a natural form of a man. Day and night, plus and minus, female and male, cold and hot. nature has its opposite gender type they are attracted to even flowers. Like I said I am not against gay men, this would be racism and against all human behaviour. I just say you can heal this. U decide where you want to be. Stay strong and dont let the inner bad voice take control over you. your pain will be rewarded.

you should watch her video on gender dysphoria; i think that'll clear you up a bit.

do you understand the concept of dysphoria? for me that's the key aspect that justifies transitioning. us gays go through something similar to gender dysphoria, sexual dysphoria, if we repress our sexuality for too long. IT'S FUCKING HELL and I wish it upon no one, it's like having an internal enemy constantly lurking in your mind, waiting to pounce at your every thought. I don't completely understand trans people either, but I understand that, thus I support them fully.

this is my first video of yours i’ve seen, your editing and style is incredible. love it

aha im very new here but your videos are really neat :-)

Great video.

"The Alpha Fux Beta Bux" theory made my eyebrows climb so high that for a few moments I had full head of hair again. WOW. I kind of feel bad for people who think that way. I'd visited an incel website about 10 years ago, a message board, and I hung around there for a while. Before anyone says anything (if they do), I'd never heard of the term before. Anyway, I was a virgin in my late 20s (still am... and I mean virgin, not in my late 20s), and I was looking for people to talk to hoping to deal with the emotional side of that. What I saw was angry, sad people (which I figured), but some of them were hateful towards women, so hateful, and I couldn't understand why. I remember asking "wouldn't you want to be kind to women? To learn about them as people?" That was apparently the wrong question to ask.

oof I imagine the answers. great you managed to get yourself out of it.

I’m so happy that this video was in my recommendations


Edited my original comment to a - and posting my original commit here: "Inb4 Incels are actually just non-transitioned trans women." to retain accountability.

+arbear you two raise a good point. Thanks for calling me out.

even sarcastically i don't think it's very good

+Zorky Corky oh no I agree, my comment was meant sarcastically.

Not a good thing to perpetuate. This type of thinking is a gateway to believing trans women are predatory. These people are just shitbags though.

I use an app called Blocksite on my android phone to block those problematic websites. It makes it so you can't access various sites/apps without a password, which only my husband knows. Never underestimate how much sites like Reddit or 4chan can warp your way of thinking. I love Reddit but if I'm not careful it just sucks my life away.

20:29 this is so......... I don't have words for that expression. I just love that sassy accent.

Let's be honest: these "men" are not well psychologically or emotionally. They are mentally ill. Many have anxiety disorders and have paranoid complexes and borderline disorders. This is no more a "movement" than say Schizophrenia is "lifestyle choice." These "incels" are like the female sufferers of bulimia nervosa, who hold themselves often to an impossible "feminine" standard of beauty that most super models would fail at achieving. Likewise, these males hold themselves up against a very unrealistic false model of masculinity that the most virile man with stereotypical masculine attributes would fail at achieving. It's a sad, distorted, false view of reality. That said, the MGTOW "movement" does touch on some truths, but as a whole its members are the masculine equivalent of third-wave feminists with sexist ideologies that they then project on all women. It's stupid and ultimately self-defeating for the individual man let alone men and women of society. Most men are like most women: they want to be loved—and want to love. Like women, they want to enjoy their expression of their gender and be in genuine emotionally-invested relationships. For women to be surprised of this speaks of their naive understanding of men; and for men to deny this speak of their immature development or resentful need for this human condition. And however real and not to be ignored gender difference are at the end of the day, they are negligible and moot points in the consideration of want of love and companionship. We need to have compassion for these young men that think and feel this way and call it what it is: an illness of mind and spirit.

K G I didn't quite agree with some of your points here and there, but, all in all, you comment is pretty solid. Good job!

No, no she isn't.

Oh...yes you are

The sentence of the millennium. @20:49

Yes !! Great video & I'm really happy to hear about the concept of masochism epistemology because it makes a lot of sense. I found out about it in the first ep. of Philip K. Dick Electric Dreams ( the tv show I haven't read the novel ) and anyway, yeah, it makes a lot of sense. Sometimes truth needs to hurt because a lot of times it does, and maybe it's as irreasonable as that... Yeah I have things to think about now. But also something struck me when you talked about how you saw compliments as lies, especially about how everyone is beautiful. I'd like to say if you still feel this way...It just does become true when you start to think about what you look at differently. So yeah...It's true. It really can be but it takes some time.Yeah, I wanted to say it because I used to believe that it was ot true, because I used to think what I was thinking about people, then I realized that as long as I did not believe this to be true I didn't have to keep it so it slowly went away.

We had an incell when i was in highschool who threatened to shoot up the school because he didn't get nudes from the cheer leaders (no joke) he ended up getting a girlfriend after he went to juvy...

WTF Meadow how about you take an incel out on a date instead of suggesting they become criminals omg I can't believe I just read that lmdao

Thank you for reassuring your lesbian stans (me)

Will eating a surgically constructed pussy be as hot as eating an original one? Will have to try it.

Personally matters much more than looks. I mean 95% of ppl are physical passable, if they are interesting and NICE to be around. And 'getting laid' is more about effort and the standards you keep, then anything else. So just try not being a huge dick?

And with that, I'm subscribing

I want to eat her cock

funny how most incels think that average women can orgasm just from having a dick sticked inside them

My first video and I am HOOKED. The aesthetic, the voice, the mild temperament. All of it. Here for it. Living for it. Dying for it. Subscribed for it.


This was an insanely interesting and insightful. This content is what i come here for. Interesting stories and thoughts and opinions on subjects that need constructive attention. And ur ability to understand and explain was incredible.

Just discovered your channel... watched 10' of the video... already love you!

Beautiful as always... I cannot understand this, no one is promised, guaranteed or owed anything in life. You have to work. Plain and Simple.

this is amazing and you are beautiful, you've just gained a new subscriber :)

You gotta give credit to youtube recommendations when it's due. One of your vids just popped on on mine. I took a deep dive into your channel and about 6 videos later I have to say: amazing videos and glorious editing. Thank you for making my sunday. Subscribed!

it's so good to see that youtube is finally recommending her to people!

Huh, I didn't realize people still put stock in phrenology. I guess you could call them... ( ••) ( ••)>⌐■-■ real boneheads. (⌐■_■) YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH Great video! You have an excellent sense of humor.

State mandated gfs is just coochie communism

I wonder if anyone ever tried posting pictures of ciswomen on /lgbt/ and pretending that's a transwoman and seeing if they do the same thing

digiexpert35 I’m glad I’m not the only one with that thought

I really wish you would put timestamps in the description for when the different segments start. I'm trying to link somebody to a specific part of the video

don't forget that you can right-click the video and click "copy video url at current time"!

Wow, this is good.

I've got a friend who's fascinated by incel culture. I'm not sure why, it just infuriates me, but I think she'd get a kick outta this vid

Ex anti-sjw here,great work contra,can you make a video about the battlefield fiasco,people are flipping their shit about portrayal of female resistance fighters and claiming it’s about “historical accuracy”

Dear Natalie, I loved this video. Keep up the incredible work and thank you for exploring the difficult and frankly traumatizing word of the far right to bring us ideas on how to interact constructively. I would love to see your thoughts on the overall trends and cultural developments have led to the kind of alienation and self harm you observe in the incel forums. Do you believe that we are in a distinctly alienated time? A sort of hyper-exaggerated version of Giacometti's vision of modern humans? Or is the alienation in our society reasonably static, but our perspective of it changed? Or perhaps neither and we are simply focused on the now and ignoring the continuity with the past? Thanks again, Your fan.

Inviting incels to hate-watch this is a public service. Natalie IS a gorgeous goddess and I know the "hon" explanation is illustrative, not fishing for compliments. It doesn't need to be said that Natalie's piano-playing wrists are v elegant. Debating incel points or "solving" incel problems is condescending and counterproductive. It's not going to treat the underlying alienation that criticism of unfettered capitalism might. Jordan Peterson's "enforced monogamy" might as well be anon's "Put dog brains in a clone femoid underclass." Misogyny looks like the other side of the male gaze coin. If women expect to be looked at and we misunderstand the "performative gender" argument, that's women lying! Why should we trust them?! Engaging with and deflating this ideology is effin grant-worthy.

I love how you look at their community, most people would laugh at it and call them all sorts of things but you try and look through their eyes. Its informative and still entertaining. Plus your lighting is awesome

Human beings, we get lonely, we get bitter. It hurts to be alone and to give up hope of ever having somebody even just to talk to. Human beings, we want those bad feelings to come from somewhere, something we can understand and combat. We make our own enemies, we make people into our enemies and those people vilify us because they did nothing wrong but we hate them anyway. We're human beings, we want to listen when people say we're right and we want to run when somebody tells us we're wrong. The more bitter we become the less likeable we are, so we're more lonely and more bitter; it's a spiral that keeps going down untill it reaches all the way to where your spirit used to be and suddenly you don't even care. I think that could be the issue.

why don't you just go outside

Long post: It's not their involuntary celibacy that makes them toxic people and you can bet they would abuse any woman they got with. These men advocate for FGM and the forced sexual enslavement of women. They do not deserve to be anywhere near a woman and the fact that they go around killing people (mostly women) as some sort of revenge is basically turned into a hostage situation when someone so much as implies that them finding a partner would make them better. The fact that they talk about all the suicide stuff while complaining about women not sleeping with them is a red flag, implying the women are the reason for their suicide. Surely you can't be so lacking in foresight and common sense that you wouldn't expect emotional blackmail through suicide threats, especially come breakup time if their partner has any sense? Listen, there are so many people, many of whom are women but surely including a few men as well, who are sexually frustrated and you don't see them creating a community dedicated to dehumanizing those who won't have sex with them or mass advocating for anyone else to be mutilated or enslaved. So no, they don't deserve your pity and you're sending a bad message when you sympathize with this vile subculture of men, as opposed to people who actually seek community support for their frustration. That said, I did find your bit about digital self-harm to be interesting. Online positivity culture, such as 'hon' (so that's where that shit's from...) culture, for example, is insincere to the point of gaslighting and the trans community has way too much of that. I felt that with my high-pitched little boy voice, large breasts, and feminine eye shape, people were only referring to me as a man out of some kind of obligation or fear and not because they actually recognized me as one. Of course the truth is going to be a breath of fresh air compared to that, but finally being able to say, "Fuck it!" and refusing to conform to any form of gender was truly a weight off my shoulders. Maybe Mr. Bread Scientist wouldn't have been such an insecure, horrible, rapey piece of shit if he weren't so dedicated to masculinity. As for any analogous experience with digital self-harm, when I was more dysphoric I would often find myself looking up material that confirmed my biological inferiority as someone who is female. Never, by the way, not even when I was explicitly looking for it, did I find anything that contradicted my conviction that female bodies are biologically inferior, so this made me even more hopeless and dysphoric. Nobody could prove me wrong, either.

mostly women? 6 kills, 2 women

Okay. Never going to use hon again, holyyyyyy shit.

The manosphere exists because rock and roll is dead!!!! GENIUS!!!!

It is interesting to note that within the Greek underworld they have a special area for those who have wasted their lives on lost loves called the Mourning Fields and many an Incel in all honesty dwells in these fields

Wow thanks for venturing into the depth of the internet so that we don't have to, this vid was eye opening. ALSO girl you're gorgeous im fucking shookd, my day has been blessed

Damn, 4chan was a dark hole of shit back in the day and its even worse I guess.

as if this femoid could ever understand what it's like to never get laid

Congrats on 200k subs! It's a travesty that you're not at 1 mil while incel twats like prison paul put out the same tired low-production content and pull in reliable infowars views


i love youu omg

I am getting fucking tired of hearing incel this and incel that on youtube but probably it just an American thing as they like to come out with weird shit for the world.

They hypergamy thing makes so little sense... It's like they've never met real people and get all their information from celebrity news.

This was so, so on point. Thank you!

Lovely use of the Hebrides Overture again!

HEY... you're chill bro, don't get the surgery. your more chad then you think...

When he is giving me head, I'm not looking at his wrist. Just saying.

contrapoints, you seem to be a positive in the world,


We should be bffs

I had a trippy dream where contra was my teacher and never taught and it was super trippy and cool and I became an involuntary teacher's pet (intpet) then I failed my A levels because contra was too busy being herself rather than like, teaching me stuff. Even though thinking back, contra would be an awesome teacher. Shame she was too busy putting up purple lights everywhere in my dream.

Incels are a lot like any other sexuality in some ways. For example, for some gays being gay just means being attracted to your own gender. And that's it. But for others being gay is a lifestyle. It defines their politics, their fashion, their persona, everything. So too with Incels. For some Incels, not being able to get laid is met with a shrug and a "shit happens." For others, being Incel is a lifestyle that defines who they are.

Wow that got deep

Until you said I didn’t even know you were trans. You look just like my aunt if she knew how to put makeup on like a goddess.

I do feel sorry for the incels. When I first heard about the phenomenon it reminded me of the pro-ana boards everybody talked about some years back. Though the pro-ana girls do not direct their anger outwards in the same way that incels do, there is the same sort of cry for help through selfdestructiveness that is just heartbreaking. I feel that they all secretly and perhaps unconsciously hope that someone will tell them that they are good enough and worthy of love, and keep saying it through their protests until they believe it. If only they could see that they create their shackles themselves by letting other people set the rules, by accepting the value system of the people that bullied them throughout their lives. About bonestructure: I am a women (biologically, as in I have XX-chromosomes in my cells, I don't mean to offend anybody by making the distinction) 176 cm tall. I wear size 42 shoes, size 8 gloves and the circumference of my head is 59,5 cm. My wrists are by no means delicate. And I am considered very feminine, not only by myself. You have to take my word for it. As a teenager I was very self conscious about my big feet. This was before internet shopping, and the sort of shoes that were available in the shops in the middle of rural nowhere where I grew up did not exactly make things better. In my twenties I took up classical ballet. I had moved to the city and was lucky enough to find a facility where they had daily classes for adults with competent instructors. I was able to improve fast, and suddently I was known for my gracious hands and port de bras. It was here I learned to love my body and the human body in general. I learned to look in the mirror without shame. I learned how much of perceived femininity/masculinity lies in movement. I learned that you don't have to be skinny to be gracious. There was a girl there, quite large, chubby some would say. But when she was dancing she seemed weightless, because she had great technique and you could tell that she loved it. All this I learned from homosexual men and heterosexual women and some whose status I could not tell. I don't know if I have any point other than everybody has to work with what they got, and don't ever let anyone tell you that women can't have large skulls.

I’m just going to be a wlw over here agreeing that you are gorgeous. So glad my girlfriend introduced me to your videos. Also, I am super jealous of your makeup skills! Why can’t I do my eyes like yours?

Hi, Natalie: Have you thought about adding Spanish subs to your videos? I can see them becoming a hit among the spanish speaking community, which is huge. These topics are starting to resonate a lot in our countries, as masculinist movements advance here too, reacting to feminism.

Ever heard of *motion of the ocean?*

I love you

W..T...F! Contra! I just found out that I have watched all your videos! This is unacceptable! Clone yourself at least 3 or 4 times or I will unsub

I kinda needed this video and didn't know it? Weird feeling. I've been dealing with exactly the two sentiments described of incels and trans women, being a genderfluid amab person who's been in a series of abusive relationships with women and was recently abandoned. I wasn't capable to put it into words, but now I can do it, and I think it's a start for self healing this bullshit. Watching your videos is never easy, but it's always productive. You represent me. Thank you, as always, Contra. You are awesome. Keep teaching me some lessons. ; ) Hugs from Brasil! PS: I don't know if people already created one, but #ContrOlly

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