In Two to Three Weeks We Made $3K

In Two to Three Weeks We Made $3K

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Shelleyf. Honor Terre Haute Indiana I heard, about Joe's program, it's. Probably been six or seven years ago now and, I. Had heard of him it, may have been from the internet I have, also heard, a commercial, from him at one time talking. About. Overworked. Real estate investor, so, one of the two things that are what, brought. Me closer to finding out who Joe was he. Was in my home state being, from Indiana so that was really the the, catch, that I was really most, interested, in because I had, already looked, at other gurus, sort of speak they were out of my area and so, I was very fascinated, by the fact that he was in Indiana the same as myself the. First deal that we did was actually a. Assignment. Deal and in. When, I first, got some, of Joe's information. I think, that it was a book that he was selling for, 39.95. Or something but I had a booklet that explained, an assignment, and the, assignment was. I, would, have the ability to purchase a property for said price and I, could assign that to somebody who was actually going to go to closing and that deal, happened, it, happened. Right away literally. I got the book and probably within just a few days we. Got that deal so we had a contract, to buy a piece of property and it, was like a low price twelve, thousand dollars or something so we, marketed, the property, for fifteen and ended up making a three thousand dollar assignment. Fee right off the bat and it. Probably took us two or three weeks in order, to make that happen so in two to three weeks we made 3,000 which, is more than we've ever made in two. Or three weeks before so that was pretty exciting. We worked full-time jobs, so. We did that in about two, hours a day we. Decided to dedicate about. Ten hours a week so. We did about, two hours a day after our jobs that's what we would average sometimes. We could spend more time on the weekends, but it was about 10 to 12 hours a week that, we spent with the real estate I don't, know that there's really a best, deal I guess, for us we really just try to be problem, solvers so. Now our business is expanded, to the point where over, the, last six or seven years this is what we've done so our days are full-time, full-time, real estate investor, so this is what we do all, day every day we, still are working 40, or 50 hours a week we. Have a lot more of a flexible schedule now than what we did but, really all, of, the deals that we come to the 10th at come to the table that we are able to put together a, solution.

For The sentence the seller are really. Kind of our favorite deals so, it's hard to pick one that is maybe our favorite, now, we certainly, have clients, that we have worked with on a regular basis, that we, have been together. Maybe. They have done some owner financing. So that they have been clients of ours now for 6, 7 years, so. We obviously have a longer relationship with them at this point but I, mean. I would say that I. Love. Being able to help the people that really, don't, know of any other solution. So, that's really it's a it's a it's the warm and fuzzies if. You feel good with it and everybody, wins, you know I think that that's one of the things, that people think about in real estate is, that somebody. Has to be greedy or somebody. Has to not necessarily be. Did. Not necessarily benefit. Of the deal you know those are not the deals that we do and it, needs to be a win for the, people we're dealing with and needs, to be a win for clients. Of ours that we put in these properties and it needs to be a win for us so as long as we're doing win win win then, it's a good deal and we're happy about it, it. Varies so it's. Not going to depend a little bit on what, we do as far, as with the deal what. Is our exit strategy, what, are we going to do with the deal are we going to hole sell it are we going to keep it we're mainly, buy-and-hold so. That means as soon as we get a property in our inventory we generally, keep it so, then we have to look at what are we going to do with that property is somebody going to move in on our, path to homeownership and put. A little, bit down are they, going to mortgage, of their own exactly. What are they going to do with the property and how long are they going to be there before that event actually happens, so, what we do is we, specialize. The path to homeownership, so, people can come in and we have a variety of programs available as well as four different levels so depending, on where someone comes in at in. Our program, is going to depend a little bit on what, kind of profit we may make on our end and again, it has to feel good for them feel good for us and the numbers have to make sense so. Eventually, as your portfolio, grows and, you're able to make it work that's, when it. All comes together in the end so. As far as what, we make average, it's going to depend on what we do with the property I think, that when you're getting a property, your cash flow needs, to be somewhere, around. $300. A month or so minimum. So, that you can make sure you take care of the expenses on your end now. That hasn't always been the case sometimes, it's not quite that great sometimes. You exchange. Cash, flow with, equity, sometimes. It's not quite that wonderful, in the end but. You live and you learn and you keep going forward and I think that you have to make sure that you are always. Looking. At what your bottom dollar is and at the same time being sensitive, to the other side of the table as well we. Are closing those consistently, I think, that when you start I, mean it's it's like anything you, have to take action you have to do the marketing you always have to be marketing, if you're, not marketing the, the wheel stops so. As long as you're marketing, you're answering your telephone, you're making your phone calls and you're actually taking the action, on your business then, your phone will ring and the deals will be on a consistent level and. We have we've kind of prided ourself in that since the beginning we. Are always marketing. And if you could just make sure that that's what you're doing anyone. That I talked to in this, business that is, lacking. For deals or they're just not sure what to do or their phone's not ringing so, much we, generally can bring the problem back to marketing. And what does that look like for them where. They'd be inconsistent, at on a regular basis, so, we always do, three, to six things of marketing, every, single day so, we are being very consistent in that and a result as, a result we have deals that are coming in on a regular basis, our, goals are to, have. Freedom and. Looks totally, different for everybody you, ask everybody what their definition of freedom is and you're gonna get a vast array of answers, so. For me it is being. Able to do what. I want when, I want with, whom I want and for however long I want now of course that hasn't always happened, it, doesn't happen still today but that's what my goal is is for, me to be able to wake up each day and kind, of put together the, day that I want it to look like so. I'm still working at it it's not absolutely, perfect of course at this point like I said we're, working 40, to 50, hours a week still and your day doesn't have to look like that I mean we've got five kids I mean our days fairly, chaotic and it's probably, very common to the working family today but.

That's Where I see things going you know you got to put things into place and you have to have that vision as to where you want things to end up and, we're. Fairly grounded, in the fact that that's what our end goal is now, I can't say exactly when, we'll get there but that's what I want to see happen not. Only for us but for the people that decide to do real estate the, most amazing, thing about it is real estate doesn't have to be your end goal it, also doesn't have to be the, only thing that, you decide you want to do you, can have other interests, and other hobbies, the, best thing about real estate is, anyone. Can do it and you can pretty much do it anywhere and, no. One is going to sit here and tell you that you can't you, don't have to go through this long, education. Process, or schooling, and have, all of this insurmountable, debt in order to get started, and so, there's really no discrimination, in the real estate part so, that's fascinating. And the other thing is is you can use it as a tool or a vehicle, to get you to where you really want to go and that might be to open a restaurant or to travel the world whatever. It might be, this can be used to propel you to that so I think it's a fascinating. Idea. And game plan for whoever wants to get started the impact has been phenomenal in my opinion, like. I said with five kids working. Full-time in the beginning of course it was very crazy but, everybody, has a has, crazy days now. It is. Now. Our days look different, but, they're freely just as the same we. Still have three boys in the house the. Two girls have moved out and been, successful in the own thing that they're doing so. We are still traveling, around doing what it is that we're doing we've got boys that are in their activities, so we always have the school thing and all that now. That we have a brick-and-mortar. Office. For people to come to so. We've got that we open the doors every day for people to be able to come in so, it's been amazing in the fact that the flexibility, which is what I was looking for. Before, starting, real estate I did the typical, management. I actually, worked. In photography. And. We were inside, retail. Stores and so, we had long retail, hours you, know you had Christmas schedules, and Easter schedules, and every time somebody once pictures taken our hours would increase we. Would also have travel time if I were if I was at different Studios depending, on what I was doing so. The day has allowed. Us to be number one local, number. Two if a kid has a problem at school then we're able to be there and be hands-on, so, really that has what as opened, up for us and has. Been amazing, and then we can just continue, on with our vision, as far as what it is that we want to do for us and. I think the kids are able to see that you, know a lot of people are not able to attend certain things certain, places or or, do some of the fun things that they want to do because they're kind of bound you're handcuffed, by a Jo, B that, you know we know that that's just over broke so. You don't have as much flexibility, with that where we actually can. Pick. Up and do some of that flexibility. Have. Some fun with the kids you, know if we want to take an extra day here there were able to do that and I think that that shows them that you, know what if I if, I'm not stuck, in a Jo B and I actually do something for myself I, too can, have this kind of flexibility.

And Lifestyle, so, I think that's what it's teaching them and above, all that's that's what our goal is we, are full-time. Really. When we started, we. Have, we. Started, with actually. We started with Jo. Like. I said I think it was citrus years ago time certainly flies but. I've known him for a few years and, we. Were both working full time and. It. Took about five. Months of what. We were doing here and then, I was able to leave that job and then just do this full-time so, this, is what we do now every, single day and it's, been exciting and, it was something that we had hoped what happened but, you know until you're actually in it you, you, don't know if it's gonna happen you're just kind of hopeful that it happens and and. It did for us and it's been the same ever since and we've been able to have the freedom of being, full entreprenuers. And having an office and helping people you know that's really, in in my opinion what it's about it's what it was about in the beginning and still what it's about and that, is to empower, people to be the best for. Themselves so, whether, or not they a. Client. May just want to be able to buy a home you know it's amazing. When still, seven. Or eight. Out of ten people cannot, qualify for a mortgage today you, know that was kind of the same when we started this journey six, or seven years ago it. Was the same and a, lot of times people just don't know what to do so. They don't do it and. We believe that if, they have a game plan and they know what to do they would do it I mean, that's kind of just the, the, the, plan that we have for others when they come on board is that, most, people won't give them a chance or maybe they, have ruined. Their chances already with other people we literally, sit down with people and go over a game. Plan for them so, that they can achieve their goal their goal might be to move into a home of their own their, goal might be to get a mortgage of their own so, they can save two to five hundred dollars a month by bettering their credit if we can show them that that's, amazing, and on, the flip side of that is, you. Know divorce, rate is over sixty percent and, most, of the time it's, about money and most. Of the time they don't even know what to do to fix it you, know when clients come to us they. Generally are at the end of their rope they. Generally have been told many times no, so. When they come to us they don't even really know what to do now. And when we tell them that you know why just come on we can help you they, are so happy about that, because. We not only are giving them an opportunity but, we're kind of taking a handheld approach and showing. Them how if. They follow these steps and. If. They put this plan in place their. Life doesn't have to look the same in 12 or 24 months they're going to look better they're, gonna save money and in turn I kind of look at that as maybe. The divorce rate will go down in all reality if, we're fighting about money because we we need extra money in order to to. Live and not be so stressed and frustrated if. I can show them how to better their credit and. Maybe. Even give them some pointers I'll do, a better budget so, things can look differently for them not only today, but next week next month and they, get on that path then. Maybe, they're going to be divorced maybe they aren't going to fight about money and, that. Would mean a lot to us to be able to help them accomplish that it's, kind of the same if our if our person is a seller you, know we deal with sellers, that come in the door that need to sell a property and they need to sell it quickly and I, tell people we're not Realtors, we. Don't list property, we don't do anything in the MLS we, sit down and problem-solve, on how we can buy their property today and what, that looks like for them and provide them options. Then, they can decide what they want to do from there but at least they have options so, we really work with such a vast array of people my, whole point is leave people better off than. When you found them and if. You can do that, it feels good the, whole process the whole time you're doing it and it feels good at the end of the day and if you can keep doing that and keep moving forward then we, can all just make them a little bit brighter by doing our part, Automation. Is probably not our strong, suit at this point which I'm always talking to Joe and to. Figure out what we can do I am NOT a guru. Person, so I don't spend a lot of time online we, do our fair share of. Marketing. Of course online I mean there's there's Facebook and there's Craigslist, and there's Zillow and there's ways you can go online in order to advertise properties.

Or Your services, and we, do that on a fair regular basis actually a daily basis as far as Auto, marketing. And getting, leads coming into us we. Do not do that a hundred percent I, know that, we have and when, we do the, leads come in so, that is something in which we have now, that we have a team and we, have other people that are in our office each, person, can kind of take a piece, of the pie and be, responsible, for what it is that we're doing for marketing and to increase that we. We, are also in, in, increasing. Or expanding, or very I should say so, that is why. I'm back here today, and is. To, implement, some of the things that I've, learned before, it's. Just now time to kind of go back to the basics and implement, that again so, that we can expand outside of our area so that's one thing that we're doing right now and I'm looking forward to to be able to take that back to our team and implement, and then I'll have a better answer for you but I know that, that system works we. Did in the beginning and. That's how we were able to grow, our business to, where it is today and now. We're just going to get back into that do it again and grow it in other areas and markets so that we can help benefit people elsewhere. Not just in our local community. Everybody. That knows me knows that, that's. Exactly what we are I'm always like real. Estate entrepreneur, real. Estate investor, that's what we do and. They know that I'm fairly passionate about that because I think it's an amazing vehicle, to get and where their end goal might be I'm. Gonna, assume, that everybody, just wants, to start, and being, a real estate investor, but, you know you can start with. No. Money no credit, and that's exactly, how we started, we. That's pretty much still what it is that we do today and. So I don't want people to get hung up with life, is it perfect so I probably can't start yet or, I don't, want them to get hung up on I have, to have every, answer before. I can start today because, that also is, just not true so stop telling yourself those lies and start, taking some action, and. Really. Taking, the action, is the bottom line and we're, all different I mean I. Procrastinated. With the best of them I have, to remind myself every day this, is what it is that I need to do and taking. The action separates, those that are successful from, those that are not. Joe. Has an amazing program that, will take.

Them From, the start as to. Where they want to build their business what they want to do Auto marketing, is phenomenal. That he is able to offer not. Only that but he also shows, how to build, cash. Flow today if you, can learn how to make a little bit of money today the chances, of you growing and expanding are, just. That much higher and so. Don't, get caught up in knowing, all the answers before you start that would be advice number one don't. Assume that. You have to look perfect because. You don't and don't. Assume you have to have a big nest egg in order, to get started you, can buy property, today. With. No money or no credit so, stop telling yourself the lies but. Put yourself, in gear find. A mentor find, somebody, that's gonna take you by the hand to, help you get your first deal your, first five deals whatever it takes under your belt so you then have the confidence of believing in yourself and now, you can just go out and do it and rinse and repeat I've, probably said a lot during this interview so far but I think, that what, I wanted, to add and I know that this is a follow-up, so a lot of people that are, seeing, this might have seen the first two videos that that. We have done and. Now. We're doing this one and that is that you. Know. Make. Sure that you're setting yourself up for success so many of us let life. Happen. They, let. They. Get off track easy. They don't necessarily build, themselves up and that's one thing that you have to work on every day you know, fell. Forward, fast is really kind of a motto that you need to have for yourself there's going to be you're going to win some you're. Going to lose some that. Really is just life and life. Happens. To every single person that, is. Alive. Today it really does what. We have to remind ourself is, how, we handle, those situations. Really, is what's going to help propel, us where, it is. This. Business in my opinion is about relationships. And it's, about building those relationships. Helping. Your community and, and. Helping, people empower. Them sort of speak empower. Others, to help. Them be who, they're meant to be that's. Really what we're focusing, on I know people get started and real estate for a huge. Variety most. Of the time you hear people want to have a little, bit more financial, freedom that's, kind of what everybody comes, in with but you know it's, bigger than that it really. Doesn't. Always work out to be the. Bottom line as. Long as I make enough money I'll, be happy because how, many people, do you know or, you hear about on TV that we see but, have a tremendous, amount of money but, they're depressed, they're unhappy, you. Really have to figure out what, your what your calling is how. You want to fulfill your own dreams and then, kind of design those life. Is short, most. People, at the end of their life are certainly. Not. Regretful, on, anything, they did or any mistakes, they happen because that kind of helps shape who they are what. Ends up happening is, they're very regretful, on all, of the things they didn't do or that, they didn't start and. Probably. As we all get older we kind, of have this revelation, and I know I do so. I can assume that most people do and that's like wow time. Really goes by fast and, we. Always think, you know we'll just start tomorrow tomorrow, is all going to be a great day but, you know when, you really think about it tomorrow doesn't, come so. How. Can I start today and get. Rid of the excuses, because. We can box, ourselves in and sort. Of parallel Pro paralyze ourselves to where we don't go anywhere and guess. What happens next year we have the same story and then, the year after that and then before we know it it's five years and and we've, used all these excuses, to not start but you know what there, are no more excuses left so, today is the day that you have to start find. A mentor. And. Feed yourself positive thoughts watch. Videos, get, yourself a morning ritual. Remember, if, it were easy to change your life everybody. Would be doing it right if, it were easy to be an entrepreneur if, it were easy to. Design our, design.

Our Dreams and make it all happen everybody, would be doing it, it's not easy you're gonna have setbacks you're gonna have trials tribulations you're, gonna want to give up you probably will give up I've given up a million times but, ten, minutes later Here I am I'm back at it again and and that's what I want people to understand, is that it's, not all pie in the sky it's not all I'm going to start this and I'm never gonna make anybody angry and, you, know you are it's. Gonna it's gonna happen you're gonna have people that just don't like you because they, don't like you the color of your hair they don't like that you are successful, they. Don't like that you've been able to change other people's lives they don't like that you know that it's that way when we see public figures, when. We see people that are out there they've got it, almost seems 50/50, you've, got 50 percent who love you and you can't do wrong and then you've got 50 per so the people that don't, like anything you're doing. You. Just have to love yourself you just, have to believe in yourself there, really are no limits and I. Think. That when you can let go of the fear, and, you. Know am I gonna make a fool of myself is, this gonna work out is it not well. Who. Cares in. The, end what really matters, is are. You able to lay your head down at night and go to sleep because you treated. Everyone the best you could treat them that day you did everything that you knew you could do today and then, tomorrow's a new day and then we get a good sleep and we, get a wake-up hopefully. And we. Get to do it again and so. I just want people to realize that they. Can do. What, it is they need to do they, can't be better they can do better and they. Can start today.

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Hey Joe, Could you please email me I am a U.S Navy veteran and currently living in Belgium due to my wife being in the military. I just need to know how to start from scratch with this program. Soon as we come back home in 2020 I want to have the income to start my first real estate deal and this seems like a good way to save money and get my mind to mentally use real estate terms and skills.

We've got some good resources that can help you get started. If you go to my blog at and then look at the top menu items labeled, "Mentor Program" and "Products" - that will give you a pretty good list of what I teach. Good luck to you! - Joe

Meet The Alphonses read he books to start...You dont need MONEY!!!

Great info.

How long ago was this interview done, is the information that Joe's courses offer still relevant for the 2018 markets?

This interview was done in Feb of 2018 and yes, it's still relevant. The interesting thing is that we've been using these same techniques for 20 years - and because of the way we do them, they stay evergreen. Best wishes, Joe Crump

Thank you from your testimony. I have been looking over his videos for about a wk now. I am ready to start my husband & I have been real estate investors for 2 yrs. We never really got started. Now is the time what is the cost to start. Start with zero down and no credit with Mr Crump I can understand the program. Thanks for your testimony. I want to start today and stop using excuses. Thanks again.

You can get all the details about my 6 month mentor program at - it's not cheap - about the cost of one semester at college.

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