In-Depth Cerule Science and Business Overview

In-Depth Cerule Science and Business Overview

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Awesome, guys. Well, hopefully now  everyone can see my screen and listen.   This is exciting, this is always exciting  for us every single week, we get a chance to   really kind of kick back and talk to people  all over, not just all over North America. I   am the director of sales for North America, but I  know we do have people chiming in from around the   world. So it's always very exciting for us to have  the opportunity to talk to a worldwide audience.  

About exactly what's happening here with Cerule  and I think every week. I mean, more and more   people begin to realize that The timeliness of  this company, the timeliness of our products as   well as the timeliness of our opportunity and  I hope that if you're here for the first time.   By the time that I'm completed here tonight.  You're going to agree with that you're going   to see the value proposition and it is that we're  offering here and you're going to understand that   this at least bears Your true consideration so  my job here is simple tonight or I say tonight,   but I know for some of you, it's today, depending  where you are. My job is very simple. It's to  

answer three really critical questions for you.  Number one, who are we, you know, who is Cerule   number two is, what is it that we do. And number  three, I think is the most important question, why   should you care. I mean, it's great if we're a  great company doing something awesome. Hooray   for us right but someone called you up or  reached out to you through social media   Or some other type of device and just  insisted that you needed to be a part   of this webinar. Why is it important that you were  here. And I think that's what we're going to spend  

The majority of this webinar. And in fact, the  second entire second half is going to be spent   on answering that question number three, so grab  a pen. Grab a piece of paper. I want you to be   able to write down any questions that you have.  As we progress through this, any questions that   you have. Get them written down and at the  conclusion of the webinar, you can get back   to the person invited you on and they can get your  questions answered. Or I can get you on the phone.  

With some of our field leadership. They might  even be able to get you on the phone with me,   if needed, and get your questions answered. And  then you can least make an intelligent educated   Business decision. So let's kind of get into  this and talk about survival and so Cerule is,   a biotech company that sells proven one of  a kind, wellness products. We believe that   now is extraordinary possible but our collective  success comes when we speak the truth. Work hard  

care deeply about our customers. Now at that helm  of several to incredible, incredible Gentlemen,   gentlemen, Jonathan Lester and Andy Goodwin.  These are our two co owners. Listen combined. They   have well over 50 years of experience of building  large distribution networks throughout the world.   With some incredible products. They've been very  successful at it and that will because not only   do they have the mind for the background, the  experience that you would expect to come there.  

But they have a heart for, you know, a heart  that is really about caring about other people   and really having a true true desire. To  get the very best products into, you know,   into the hands of people around the world who are  desperately looking for those types of products   and they've done very well there. In fact, in  just just over four years. Cerule already had an   incredible track record, they were able to expand  to about 40 different countries around the world.   But that just got enhanced. We just launched a new  initiative to allow this to open up almost another  

40 countries. So right now we're being very, very  well. Represented so no matter where you are down   in the world. We are either there or we're coming  there. Right, so maybe that's why somebody got you   on The webinar tonight, but it's pretty exciting.  What we've been able to accomplish here. I'm in a   really short time. Now, will tell you a large part  of the excitement about circle large part about  

while you've been expanding so fast, is because of  the success of this one product StemEnhance ULTRA   which was our flagship product. This was the one  who started it all. They got everybody excited   and I think for most companies, if they were so  fortunate as to come out the gate. With a product   this strong literally hit a grand slam when  you're first that that most people say, That's it,   I'm done. You know, we're just going to ride the  ride the way with this one product and be done.   But the vision of the ownership here went way  beyond that, you know, once they had this one   product. And once they had established themselves  as a Really disruptive force, if you will,   in the health and wellness industry that was  really bringing a lot of attention to a new way   for people to accomplish optimal health Cerule  kept going, you know. They then went out and   launched a product called PlasmaFlo, which was for  circulation and support. Product called Cyactiv  

which is for inflammation management Cyactiv  Joint which was also for information and join and   finally They went out and lots of skincare online  because they felt that, hey, if they were going   to do all the things to aggressively address all  of your internal or concerns. And they want it to   be able to address the external concerns as  well. I'm taking care of that largest organ   that that is within human body, which is your  skin. A lot of people Realize that it requires   a lot of care and we wanted to make sure we're  giving people the opportunity to care for that.   At the highest level. Now, for the purpose of  this webinar. I want to be really respectful   of your time. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm  going to talk in detail about StemEnhance ULTRA.  

I'm going to explain to you the formulation of it.  The ingredients. The science behind it, etc. But I   want you to understand that, you know, all of our  other products are actually created and with the   same level of care. Same level ingredients, same  level of scientific studies everything. So if you   like what you see here. And you're interested in  any of these other product lines. Be sure to get  

back to the person who invited you on the webinar,  they can get you as much information as you need,   or as you want. To be able to make an educated  decision if these are the products that you're   looking at. Now, to tell you about StemEnhance  ULTRA though I have to start off by explaining   A something that has a critical role in your  body. And that is your body's own adult stem   cells and your body's adults themselves are  very unique for two primary reasons. Number one,   They're one of the only cells in your body that  has the ability to continue to replicate yourself   throughout your entire lifetime. But here's one of  the most important key characteristic about adult  

stem cells, that's really important is that they  can differentiate Into different types of cells.   So an adult stem cell your own adults themselves  can become nerve cells you know if your brain   needs additional nerve cells. They can become  cardiac cells for your heart muscle cells   for your muscles, etc, etc. They can do that  throughout the your entire lifetime. As a result,   they actually represent your body's natural repair  and renewal system. Now, the way that this works  

is actually very simple. And it's actually  pretty Biologically genius, if you will,   because it's the way that your body has  has evolved operating is pretty powerful,   you know. When your body has damaged or aging  cells. They send a signal to your bone marrow   and and the reason why your bone marrow is because  that's what your adult stem cells are actually   sequestered within your own bone marrow Once your  bone marrow receives that signal that hey, we need   some help out here and then we'll release. Those,  those adult stem cells. I like to call them the   your little micro cellular repairmen, if you  will. I just kind of pitching these little   microcellular guys with their with their  tool belts and like what needs fixing, right,   and they're released out into your bloodstream  and once they're in your bloodstream. They're   then going to migrate. To the impact of their  wherever that that signal came from. We said,  

Hey, we got some damage or aging cells are some  some broken down tissue or or whatever. They're   going to migrate to that area. And once they get  to that area. They're going to actually enter   into whatever you whatever tissue or whatever,  organ. Basically sent out that the the health   signal and they're going to start to multiply and  turn into brand new healthy versions. Of the cells   that were damaged or aging. So in effect, this  is your body's way of saying, hey, listen. Out   with the old, in with the new. They're constantly  going in and they're repairing your body. They're,  

they're replacing the cells are and they're  doing all the things that are necessary to   allow your body to now get the impact Of brand  new cells, right. So if you really think about   it. It's a really simple way of looking at this  and it's simply this, the more adult stem cells   that your body has in circulation, the more  renewal and repair that's going on. And the more   renewal and repair where your body's now basically  benefiting from optimize brand new cells.   The healthier you are so the connection  there is pretty simple, pretty straight line,   but it's also pretty exciting. Now on the other  side. The less adults themselves that your body  

has in circulation, the less renewal repair,  which means now, your body is trying to operate.   Every single day, every single night. You know,  day after day, week after week, month after month,   year after year. With cells that are Dying Dying  Dying Dying are AGING AGING AGING AGING and not   being effectively replaced. And if that happens.  Well, ultimately, it's going to manifest itself   in your body in a in a myriad of negative ways  that you don't want So, it said that, you know,   most people and most disease states scientifically  proven. They usually have less than half of the  

circulating stem cells. Have a healthy person  there's a direct connection there between the less   healthy stem cells and the way that it  manifests itself negatively in your body.   Now a lot of people actually wonder the question,  well, why does stem cell circulation go down.   And unfortunately, it just naturally happens As  we age, you know, the age of 20 it said that your   stem cell release is actually at 100% so you know  I don't the young people get everything right,   they get everything And by the age of 50 your  stem cell rate is down to about 50% so 50%   of what your body was doing at age 20 you're  now doing At the age of 50 by the age of 65   you're down to 10% efficiency so 10% of the circle  of circulation levels that you had At the age of   20 and you can probably remember that, right, if  you're if you're closer to 50 or closer to 60,   you know, you remember That when you were  20 it seemed like you could bounce back   from anything right. You could break a bone  and, you know, somehow, magically, it'd be   be healed up in no time flat. And as you get  into your 50s in your 60s you stub your toe   and you know that's a national emergency  right now that might take you three years   to recover from. And it's all because of  these adult stem cells that the lack of  

availability in your body as you get older,  they're not able to go around and do all that   repair replace as fast. So it takes a lot  longer. For your body to basically renew   itself. And that's a big deal. Now, in case you're  in your 20s right now and you're kind of high   five, and whoever invited you and say, well, I'm  good enough. I don't need this stuff because I'm   in my 20s. So I'm at that hundred percent level.  Don't think again because lifestyle can always can   also dramatically increase that decline of your  stem cell circulation. So if you're under stress.  

I don't know too many people who aren't these  days, right, if you've got poor sleep habits.   If you're have a lot of toxins in your body.  poor diet right poor exercise habits or illness,   all of these things can rapidly create a decline  of your stem cell availability in your body. So  

you can be 24 years old. But because you have  some of these other factors. You could have a   stem cell circulate circulation of a 50 year old  or a 60 year old. So it's you're not necessarily   just in the in the clear. Because of your age  group is what I'm trying to explain to you   now. We asked the critical question here, though  at Cerule. And this is really the genesis of What   actually led to the creation of this company and  the products behind it. The question we asked was,   listen, we understand what happens with stem  cell, By availability goes down. But what if  

there was a way to have it go up and I don't just  mean over a course of a long time, like a year   or a month, or a week or even a day. But what  if you could actually have people stem cell   count go up the availability and circulation.  Multiple times a day if required. What would that   mean. And I mean, think about this for a minute  stem cells literally can become anything right so   If they can become brand new heart cells. It means  they can give you better circulation that's going   to help a lot of people. Right. They can become  new kidney cells better detoxifying skin cartilage  

cells better movement and most important for a  lot of people less pain. Better lung cells right   better breathing and immunity better vision  blood sugar regulation detoxing and energy   memory concentration and book, listen. The list  is endless. In fact, a lot of times when people   actually start using our products they come  up with this wide, wide variety of personal   testimony. And you know so lot of variety that if  you don't understand why you could say, well, this   can't be real. There can't be one product that  somebody is utilizing that is causing all of these  

different areas of the body to have a positive  impact. That can't be real until you understand   That we are not actually giving you some type  of magic, right, we're not doing giving you some   magic or something is targeting We're basically  optimizing your body's own renewal and repair   system and your body is going out and optimizing  itself for route. That's what we're doing here.   So we created an incredible solution to superfoods  solution called StemEnhance ULTRA And it's a it's   a one one incredible formulation that's made up of  three aquatic superfoods Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae,   better known as AFA That encourages the release  of adult stem cells, those repair system cells   that we've been talking about to this point. But  it also encourages the release of the lymphocytes,   you know, your immune system cells, your white  blood cells that we all learned about Back in   ninth grade biology class, you know, those are the  ones that fight the invaders off. They're trying   to get into your body. Fucoidan, which increases  the baseline is themselves over time. So the more   you take our product right let's say whatever  your Whatever your baseline availability of stem   cells is let's just call that x, right, the more  you take our product. The larger that value of  

x gets over time. So now, Even after a while just  taken our product. Your body now has more of those   little microcellular repairman now at the ready  in all the different corners of your body. So   when something starts to happen. They don't have  to travel all the way from your bone marrow to  

get there. They're already out there at the ready  kind of patrolling Your neighborhoods to see, hey,   what's wrong, what's wrong. What can we help. What  can we fix. So that goes up over time. And also   has antiviral neuro neuro protective effects.  And then Mesenkine is a patented extract from  

Spirulina that supports the release in a homing  of the stem cells, remember even wants to release   them out of the bone marrow, they still have to  figure out where to go. So that homing factor.   Is critically important. And the other thing that  you notice those when people take our products   they get a lot of other Ancillary benefits as  well. And that's because AFA happens to be one of   the most nutrient dense superfoods in the entire  planet had 67 different vitamins and minerals   And nutrients as powerful and natural anti  inflammatories and also it has PEA, so that's   that the happy feeling that people get right  the mood enhancement, the clarity of the focus   People start taking our product. And he  said, you know, I've never had this level   of just the mental brain fog gone I haven't had  it for years and years and years. Is that supposed  

to happen. I'm not complaining. But I wasn't  expecting that. And that's because of the AFA   That is that is prevalent within that product. Now  I will tell you that this isn't just superfoods,   though, right. It's super science. This isn't just  us saying, Oh, these, these products. They've been   rumored to do. No, no. Guys all our products are  backed by science and clinically proven to work.   We've got 24 published research papers. And they  all give that and said that they all give the   results that you can both see and that you can  feel so just so you're clear. I don't know how  

many people are really into research reports, but  you can read them on our website. If you want to   Some people say they read them and they make  their eyes bleed, because I'm not used to reading   these deep detail research reports, but we're  talking about double blind. Placebo test right   that were done by independent independent labs  and institutions to really prove how powerful   our products are. Now, however, for me as great as  those research reports are. This was a study that   really just sealed it for me, if you will. This is  the one that just completed the circle in terms of   really just logically making sense. Doctor Gitte  Jensen, who is now the chair of Cerule science  

advisory board. She actually was able to lead a  team and they were able to prove that not only was   nutraceutical stimulated. Migration of stem cells  when I was a possible improvement. In other words,   you could actually take a capsule. And they  could increase the amount of stem cells that   would move out of your bone marrow at any given  time into your bloodstream.But they were then able  

to prove that those increase the amount of stem  cells in your bloodstream were directly related   to a higher repair higher rate of cellular repair  in your by That was it. Right, we can actually   give you something all natural made from aquatic  superfoods that you can take. will instantly   increase the amount of stem cells pouring  into your bloodstream and can prove that those   increase the amount of stem cells are actually  causing repair microcellular repair at a much   greater rate in your body. What else do you want.  I mean, that was it. That was, that was the Grand   Slam, if you will, of all the scientific research  about just how effective You know, these products   were so we have something for stem cells. And as I  told you earlier, we have a products that are just   as good for inflammation. For circulation and also  for appearance. So we've covered the entire gamut.  

With regards to our product line. And that's why  so many people are excited Around the world about   Cerule entering into the marketplaces, because  they, these are products that people truly,   truly need and desire today. Without question.  So the big question always comes up when people   take a look at our product. When I say listen.  These products are great. I definitely see where   I can use them, but if I was looking to Somehow  a partner up with you guys would you say is your   ideal customer who are you really looking for. And  I always laugh when I hear that question because   I think it's just starting to become obvious of  exactly who our products or four Guys are products   of for everyone. It doesn't matter what age group  you're in It doesn't matter what type of what type  

of shape. You're in what type of health youre  in, and I don't care if you're young and you're   involved in sports and you're looking for an extra  edge with workout or recovery. I don't care if   you're older, and you're just looking for, you  know, an extra edge with repair because you're,   you know, things aren't healing up like they used  to. Because in anywhere in between. Our products   are absolutely for everyone. And therein lies the  massive, massive, massive opportunity because the  

number one reason why most people Are not using  these products is just they hadn't heard of them.   Yet the moment people hear about these products  and they actually try them. They're like, Oh, my.   How do I get more of that. And that's exactly  the impact and the effect that you want. From any   product, which is why the company is expanding so  quickly and why so many people are excited about   helping us get the word out because the products,  quite literally, sell themselves. It's pretty  

amazing. Now if you are one of those people who  said, hey, I wouldn't mind helping you guys get   there. I mean, that's, I could use those products.  I know some other people who could as well.   Well then, kind of, let's switch hats here for a  second, we're going to switch from our science and   you know hat and we're going to talk about our  business hat. And then we're going to wrap up.   This webinar for you in short order. Now what  we're doing right now is we're operating within  

a massive, massive market where within the health  and wellness industry, it's $4.2 trillion A year   $4.2 trillion a year. That's trillion with a T.  I used to always do this training is to explain   to people. I said, then you know most people if  they could earn 100,000 hours. From, from an from   an industry, especially, you know, they'd be  excited and I say, so you want to be a massive,   massive market. And out just to give people idea  of how big a trillion dollars was that explained   to them that 100,000 dollars was actually one  100,000. Okay, so one over 100,000 that fraction  

of 1% Of a trillion dollars okay this is a  massive, massive, massive industry and within this   massive industry. We're right in the center Cerule  being right in the center of several multi billion   dollar seconds skincare anti aging supplements  superfoods got incredible we're positioning   And we've got some designs on some new market  verticals that we're going to be able to enter   into as we launch additional products and online  that absolutely makes sense. For our ravenous   customer base. So again, you're going to be set  up for now and you're also going to be set up for  

deep into the future with what we got planned.  Now, we've actually we're actually offering   the opportunity to work with us here through a  home based business opportunity. I remember before   I used to have to explain this. One of the  interesting things that happened now globally.   With COVID is that you don't have to explain home  based business anymore. You know, most people  

Are realizing that not only would they would  they enjoy the opportunity to work from home,   they would actually prefer it. And they would also  prefer having something that's in their control.   That can't be taken away from or doesn't have to  change up their entire lifestyle and if they could   figure out a way to add value to accompany and  earn You know, a part time spare time, or maybe   even significant time income from home, they'd be  all in. So the way it works with us is We start   with something called monthly commissions. Right.  And with our monthly Commission program if you're   from this industry. This is going to make perfect  sense to you. You've seen it. You've seen it   time and time again. But if you're not from this  industry, you're going to find it hard to compare  

To something I call that the or your outside  world thinking because most people have never   experienced being paid like this. So the best  way I can look at it is this. Let's say that   You you've ever gone to a movie. I know it's  weird, right, because the last few percent   I've gotten lots of movies. Just  none recently right but if you   gone to a movie. And you enjoyed it and you came  out, you gave it a thumbs up. You know, I know.  

Now, some of us are doing through Netflix right  same effect watch something on Netflix and we love   it. And we're like, Man, that was great. We're  coming up to that Siskel and Ebert thumbs up.   But what's very natural is when you see a movie  that you enjoy You actually go and tell somebody,   Hey, did you see this. It was awesome. You should  go check it out. And let's say it was your friend,   John who gave that recommendation to And john  got so excited that he actually went to check   out the movie. And it was a Universal Studios  movie as let's just say for this example. Well,   what would be really cool is when John went to see  the movie. Shortly after that, you got to check in   the mail from Universal Studios saying hey listen  We just wanted to give you a you know a referral   commission for actually sending your friend john  and one of our movies. He actually came through   and he spent money obviously spent money to get  into the movie. And we appreciate that we realized  

that if it wasn't for your recommendation. He  probably he may have never come to see the movie.   So we think it's only fair that we give you a  referral commission. You'd probably think that was   cool right a little referral commission. That's  not a bad little referral program that's cool.   I remember that. But which would really kind of  start to get your attention is if all of a sudden,  

month after month, you started getting additional  referral commissions for John's movie. Habits   right but you hadn't referred john to any more  movies and Universal Studios. They said, look,   You know john seems like our movies and he keeps  coming back over and over and over again. And we   know that even though you may not have told  him about these new movies. The reality is,   he may have never come to Us in the first  place if not for your initial referral.   So we only think it's fair that from now on,  every single time. If John comes and sees one  

of our movies and he spends money with us. We're  going to actually give you a commission forever.   That's right. For the lifetime of John coming to  see our movies as long as he's one of our one of   our loyal customers, we're going to actually give  you this referral commission That's cool. Right.   That's really, really cool. So you took a one time  action, but now you have the opportunity to be   rewarded for that one time action over and over  and over and over and over again. They probably   have your attention right there. But where they  were truly have your focus is when all of a sudden  

you started getting those referral commissions  for people That you know you didn't even know.   So there's no way you referred them because you've  never even heard of them before. And universal   studios as it is. And by the way, we forgot to  tell you we don't just have a referral program.   We have a multi tiered referral program.  So you see you told your friend John,  

and he got so excited. He started  recommending other people to our movies,   who said, I recommend other people and so on  and so on. And all those people are coming in.   They're all spending money and we're earning  revenue. And we said, Listen, we know all that  

revenue tracks back to john who tracks back to  you. So therefore, we thought it was only fair   that anytime any of those peoples came to our  movies and spent money with us and we made money,   we should give you a piece of that  for the rest of their lives as well.   If that's how Universal Studios work. Let's face  it, you go out and tell the world to start seeing   university studios, maybe you want to make sure  you had as many lines of You know commissions   coming in as possible was unfortunate a real world  universal studios doesn't work like that. But  

in the real world. That's exactly how we paid At  circle you see if you decide that you like what   you see here tonight, you'll have the opportunity  to become an independent business owner with us   an IBO For sure, independent business owner IBO  and as an IBO you can now take advantage of our   multi tiered referral program. Every single  person that you have that tries our products,   you know, some of them are going to actually  determine they want to be calm our customers   are your customers actually And some of them will  determine they want to do the same thing you're   doing. They want to be IBO is because they like  this and they know other people that will as well.   Either way, those are all personal referrals and  as they're ordering products every single month.   All of that sales line will aggregate all that  sells volume and we'll pay you 10% because those   are your level one, your personal referrals, you  get 10% Of that aggregated sales volume, month   after month after month after month, year after  year after year, potentially, decade after decade.   But the better part is that those IBOS.  Remember that multi tiered effect. Those IBOs  

that you personally refer As they go out and  start referring people as well, you'll end up   with a second level of referrals people that you  don't know may have never met before, but that's   okay because you got it started. So we're going  to give you 5% of the aggregated sales volume   of all of those people And then on that third  level it's 7%. And then the fourth level it's   5% again and so and so on all the way down.  Through seven levels. So for going out and  

exposing just a few. You could end up with seven  levels in this multi tiered referral system.   Now that might sound exciting, but you  might think to yourself, Well, yeah, but   How does that, what does that really work  out to in dollars and cents. So let me give   you a really simple example. And I'm going to  intentionally keep the number of small here.   Just to show you how this works. Let's say on your  level one, right, you went out and you referred   simply three IBOs three people who said, you know  what I see this. I'm looking for a way to make   some money from home as well. I know people who  could use these products are awesome and I want to  

become an IBO like you And let's just say for the  sake of sake, right, that each one of those IBOs   Again, keeping the number small they were each  only responsible for just 200 bucks a volume in   a month. So that could be just their personal  consumption or they could be the consumption   of you know them and somebody else in their  household or maybe it's their consumption   With a couple of customers. Doesn't matter how  they how they do it. Just $200 a month it is   actually if youre going to have a couple customers  it's kind of hard to only have $200 a month, but   that's okay $200 a month. So a total of between  the three 600 bucks of volume well at the 10%,   which is what you get at that level you're earning  $60 a month right residual 60 bucks a month after   month after month after month Now, and that's  not all the money in the world. Just relax. We're  

getting we're getting started here. So on the  second level. We're just going to show your people   how to do what you just did will show your three  how to get three. So now you got a total of nine.   Is now nine times 200 bucks 1800 dollars worth  of volume and at 5% on your second level you're   now picking up an additional 90 bucks. So now $150  total come into your household, month after month,   not all the money in the world. But I want you  to remember something we don't pay through one   or two levels we pay for seven. So as this goes  from three to nine to 27 to 81 etc. These numbers   start to stack up. So even though we're talking  about you doing very little and in simply showing  

people how to duplicate it You can see that  that can still grow to be a pretty significant   monthly number. And by the way, this is monthly  This is $24,000 per month, month after month,   year after year coming into your household. Now  for some of you that may be more money than you're   making right now. And because it's more money  you're making right now. You might say, I'm   Never going to work out perfect theoretical  example I'm not falling for that. That's more   money that I make, and I've been working at my job  for 20 years is no way I'm going to build this and   make more money and I make it my job and listen  guys, let's say, That you're right. Let's say  

that you you try to do this and you, you didn't  get it exactly right, you messed it up by 50%   And you report an additional 12 grand a  month. Would you. Would you be okay with that.   In fact, let's say that you messed up by 50%  or even 50% again. And after building this   business on a part time spare time basis you were  still able to build a $3,000 a month, which means   you got it you know you're nowhere near perfect.  Okay. But you're still pulling in an extra $3,000   a month, month after month $36,000 a year on top  of which are earning At your full time full time   job right now, would that make a difference.  I think the answer is yes. And I think if   you thought about what you would need to do at  your job right now. To get a $3,000 month raise  

you would realize, then for most people, that's  there's nothing they can do to get a $3,000 month   raise. So this is probably a good Good alternative  for you now for other people. The 24 grand a   month, you're not excited that You know, you're  like, I'm looking for be big rips I'm looking   for big change. I thought you guys going to show  me something amazing. And I want you to remember   I intentionally kept these numbers, small, one of  the things I love about the month in commissions,   they're completely uncapped. You can earn  as little or as much as you want to. It's   all going to be based off of the efforts that you  put in So we talked about. You just going out and  

finding three people. What if you want to work  a little harder. But if you want to, instead of   finding three. You want to be a superstar and you  go out and find For it's right, just one extra.   Not a lot. Just one extra just for but now that  for instead of three beginning creates for getting   for you might not think that would make a  big difference in his bottom line number,   think again. Over $150,000 just by you, adding  one extra person duplicate that activity now. No,  

I'm not promising you. Hey, so just basically sit  back to nothing and make $150,000 a month. When I   am trying to tell you is this whatever it is that  you're looking for, We can show you a game plan   how to get it done. Remember, it's an uncapped  income source. And you don't have to do a lot.   You just have to be consistent and we show  you how to duplicate it and as it duplicates   and the geometrics kick in. You can find yourself  earning potentially some substantial revenue. Now,   we also have our monthly Commission matching bonus  plan. I love this. Here's, here's what it is,   in a nutshell, we just talked about what people  can earn from their monthly commissions. Right.   But the reality is, you're going to be introducing  people to the business and they're going to also   be earning monthly Commission checks. So let's  say you introduce your friend, John And john  

goes out and he's one of those people who, who's  a superstar and he builds up that $24,000 a month,   check. Yay. John you're awesome. You know  why you're really saying yay john though.   The reason why you're saying it is because on top  of everything else you're going to get a matching   bonus offer John's production. Once you get up to  these levels. Right, then you can earn anywhere   from three to 5% so although appear you're  talking about 5% of a matching bonus from john.   so john every time we pay john $24,000 we're going  to pay you a 1200 dollar bonus above and beyond.   Everything else that we're paying the best  part is, that's not just for john it's for   every single person that you personally introduced  that's your level one, but where it gets better as   john introduces five or 10 people We are going  to pay you 4% matching off of their checks   and then 3% matching off of their people's checks.  So for just introducing A handful of people.   You can find yourself getting dozens or hundreds  or thousands of matching bonus checks over time.  

Just because you got started. We also have  rank advancement rewards, guys. Very simple.   When you can actually hit these levels of volume  in a calendar month we give you these ranks. So   you do $1,000 of volume in one in a month. You're  1k level 3000 a month you're 3k level we're pretty   simplistic here with our levels right 7,500 your  7.5k, right. But the reality is, whenever you   hit those positions. In addition, everything else  we're going to give you one time bonuses for doing   it. However, This is whenever you hit those  positions, right, if it takes you six months,  

a year or two years, five years we'll get  these bonuses. But if you want to do it fast.   We consider that to be extra value. So we give  you extra reward. If you can actually go out   and hit the 1k level in one month hundred bucks,  instead of 50 if you one month after that you can   hit the 3k level. 300 bucks right instead of  100 so we triple that bonus and these bonuses  

go up and up and they're huge right over $10,000  worth of bonuses, just for operating what we call   the fast track. We also offer a car allowance for  you, which is which is pretty great. Okay, you can   get any car that you want. But once you get to our  15K level or above. We're going to start paying   you these these these commiserate car bonuses,  all the way up from 150 bucks at the 15K level,   a month. To the 1500 dollars per month at the  chairman's club low so again 1500 dollars a month.   Pretty much just about any car that you want.  You pick it we pay for it, you get the driving   around. We think that's a pretty fair deal. And by  the way, we've got some incredible global travel  

incentives and you want to get back to the person  by john because we've got some We've relaxed these   qualifications this month to make it even easier  for you to join us in Hawaii at the end of the   year. Or for the President's trip. We're actually  going to New Zealand at the first quarter of next   year, you can join us there as well. Just for  being able to get to this level of President and   again we relaxed the qualifications, the person  who invited you. And they can let you know what   those relax qualifications are. finally We've  got the thing I love you know global bonus pools,   because I, the reason why I love this because  I think it's the ultimate leverage. I think if  

you're going to do anything like this. You should  always be looking for more and more leverage   And this is the ultimate leverage, you know, up  until now what I've talked to you about is how   you can actually be able to profit. From  your efforts and building your own team,   but once you get these top levels, starting  at the 100K level. You now are you able to   participate. You get to share in a bonus pool  that is representative of 1% of the sales of the   entire company. So now you're not just getting a  piece of everything that's happening on your team,  

you're getting a piece of everything that's  happening on everyone's team in the entire world.   You didn't that's that's like ownership. Right.  That's amazing. That's absolutely amazing. So   when you get to the 100K level, you get a share  in the 100K bonus pool. But when you get to the   President's club level you're now getting a share  in a separate bonus pool for presidents only as   well as your other share In the 100K pool. So now  you're in both pools. But as you might imagine,   there's less presidents. There are 100Ks, which  means your share of this pool is a big number.   And when you get to the chairman's club level  again a whole other pool. But this far less  

chairman than there are presidents. Then there  are 100Ks So your share of this pool is a lot   larger. But guess what, you're in all three  pools, or three Bonus pools. That's awesome,   right. That's awesome. That's incredible,  incredible leverage. So how do you get started let   me let me run through that and then we're gonna  wrap up here, simple first The person invited you   on they'll give you their membership link and  you can actually go and you can get signed up.   With the company, you'll find there's a $25 annual  membership and that's going to give me your own   personalized website. With a fully functional  e commerce shopping cart. So you don't have to   try to explain all these products are. You don't  have to know anything about websites and setting  

up and advertise. We got all that we've done on  that is simple. Right. You also get access to   discounted IBO price in the best pricing that  you can get at the end of the year. For your   taxes will actually cut you a 1099 so you don't  even have to keep track of that we're doing it   all behind the scenes with our software at that  time, you just going to pick then pick a pack.   We've actually separated into two categories, our  starter options for personal packs, if you will.   And then our actual business packs.  So if you're looking to do something.  

Just for yourself personally or maybe for your,  you know, for your own for just your household,   you can get our one bottle starter kit,  pack, you know, which is the one bottle pack.   You can get our six bottles skincare pack,  right, which is exactly what it is it's   any six bottles mix and match any way you want to  have our skincare products. Or you can actually go   all in and get our fast start pack for $299 which  is six bottles in any products that you want,   including Our nutritional is which are obviously  a little bit more expensive than our supplement   have been our, our skincare products. So again,  you can mix, mix and match any way that you   want it. Now, if you do this one though. Which  is probably enough for you and your family. We're   going to also give you free shipping and I will  give you access to a bonus product page as well.   So it's pretty cool. But we know that for some of  you, You're not looking just to get some products  

for you and your family, you're looking to build  a big business. And for that reason, we added   our three business options, starting with our Pro  pack. Which is $499 you get 11 bottles, which is   more than you would need for yourself personally.  So now gives you the opportunity to have Product  

that you can have for sampling are for retail out  there. You know, it's just a way for you to go out   and start having some inventory to basically be  able to build your business right out the gate.   For doing that we're going to waive the $25  enrollment fee and keep this in mind we're going   to grandfather you at the rank of 7.5K for 30  days. So you're going to start at a higher rank.   Right out of the gate which means you get paid  deeper in that in that bonus Commission line   that we talked about the month and commissions. So  you're scooping up more money. right from day one.   We also have our Elite pack which is 22  bottles and $999 and for that we're going   to grandfather you in at the 15K rank for 60 days  and and ultimately our all in Practitioners pack   grandfathered rank of 25K for 90 days. This  is also the very best pricing that you can   get on on products its 35 bottles. So it's the  very, very best pricing that you can ever get  

For our product. So pretty amazing  options for you depending on what   exactly it is you're looking for, but they also  open up one final way for you to be compensated.   And that's our weekly enroller bonuses. The way  that these simply work is this let's pick the Fast   Start Elite. What this means is that if you went  out and you found someone personally who said,   I want to be an IBO and I want to get the Fast  Start Elite pack. Well, they would get that pack   and within our within, within the next weekly  bonus cycle, we would pay you $325 bucks. As a  

bonus for the product value. Of that of that pack  so it's a $325 bonus that's going to be paid out   to you and during the next weekly business  cycle. That's pretty. That's pretty good.   What's even better. Those remember we like that  multi-tiered thing right so On a second level.  

It means that if somebody that you introduced  personally right, let's say your friend John again   john went out and you found somebody who wanted to  be fast start elite john would get the 325 But you   would get the $50 override second level bonus and  that goes down and down and down through a total   of six levels guys just understand how powerful  this is. Let's say that you run those we found the   people who get started these higher levels, they  tend to Build a little bit faster. A little bit   more efficient, right, because they're all they're  all built, they came in to build a big business   and that's what they're doing. So let's say that  you came in and you're building this business, and  

instead of three getting three like we talked  about for the averages. Let's just talk about a   five getting five model because you're building  With these big business packs. Well look at the   bonuses here for each for each level and look  at what that adds up to over time. And remember,  

there's no time limit here. you could take a year  to do this two years do this three years to do   this for years, whatever you want it to. But once  you have actually built out this model. You'd be   talking about over a quarter of a million dollars,  you would have earned and weekly bonuses all along   the way. Just because of this one extra bonus.  So this add a lot of value to Cerule's Pay Plan,   it gets a lot of people excited as well. So listen  we're heavily engaged on social media, Facebook.   Instagram, Twitter, we do a lot of contests. We  do a lot of a lot of connection here a lot of  

training. So you have the ability to basically  learn how to how to utilize social media just   participate in. If you're already an expert at it.  But I think the other thing is we make this really   easy for you. A lot of times I talk to people and  they say, you know, this is great, but I'm not a   salesperson. You know, I'm not a salesperson.  I'm not a nature path. I don't know a lot   about supplements and the human body and etc etc.  And the reality is, listen, we didn't build this  

for those people do those people join our company.  Of course they do. They love it. Right. They join   our company every single day. But you know the  last ones are company people who have never, ever,   ever sold anything ever, maybe even terrified of  selling. you know people who don't know Anything   about nutritional supplements right people who  have never been in this type of industry before   ever. We built it for the average person to have  The opportunity to have above average success and  

to be able to do that by not worrying about being  a product expert or a great salesperson, but just   by being good at sharing information. If you can  simply get good at getting people to take a look   at a website or maybe they prefer to read their,  their information so they can read a brochure.   Watching online video or, you know, attend a  webinar like this thing about somebody invited you   to this webinar tonight the entire time that I've  been talking how hard they had to work. Get the  

get the point. You can get people in a webinar  like this, somebody like me can do all the heavy   lifting. But you get to keep all the financial  muscle. That's a pretty good workout plan, right,   and that's what we're doing here giving people  all the tools they need. We're always creating new   And creative ones all the tools that you need to  have a real shot at being extremely successful   with our opportunity. Just by sharing information  or by sharing the price even an incredible app,   it allows you to walk around with the business in  the palm of your hand every single day. So you're  

never far away from it. You always know what's  going on. And you always have the ability to   connect with people and give them the information  that they need to make an informed business   decisions. So guys, listen, we've got these  one of a kind of wellness products. We've got   testimonials backed by science, a pay plan with  unlimited earning potential. You decide what the   ceiling is or no ceiling at all completely up to  you. The tools, the training and the mentorship  

to succeed, our training program is is pretty  incredible. So we want to make sure you have the   very best opportunity to succeed. And the ability  to capitalize on several current billion dollar   market trends as well as future billion dollar  market trends as we launch new products here   in the near future. So if, if, if this makes sense  to you again I'll finish it the way that I started   Get back to the person who invited you on. You  got to do that, get your questions answered.   And then once your questions are answered. Make  an informed business decision. I look forward  

to actually working with you. If you decide, you  want to work with us. That would be awesome. Look   forward to meeting you. Personally first maybe  initially via zoom like something like this, but   in the future when the world opens back up and You  know, we can actually be in the same place at the   same time, that would be great to meet you at one  of our future events and recognize you for your   incredible success. In front of your, your other  Cerule family members and listen. Even if this  

isn't for you. If the business opportunity just  doesn't make sense for you. Try the products I   promise you, your body will thank you Every single  day for trying our products and if you try them.   You're going to want to keep using No question  about it. You're going to thank the person   who invited you here. And even for you. I  will tell you, I appreciate your time here,   and I wish you great success. In all your future  endeavors. So for everyone here, Thank you so much  

for actually indulging me tonight. Thanks for  taking a listen to this presentation. Hopefully   you found it helpful. You got some value out of  it. And again, For those of you that do decide   to work with us. Let me be the first to say  welcome to Cerule look forward to meeting you,   look forward to helping you and look forward  to celebrating you and all your future success.  

God bless you, everyone. Have a great night  and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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