iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

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Fine you don't want a balance I don't care anymore oh my. Gosh look at this most, of this episode, is just gonna be watching, the beach ball spin. Almost. Off my chair, right. So, here's the situation I want you to see this. So. I guess I just know. Enough people where. They will just give. Me computers, I just. Met. A friend, yeah. Crazy ken has friends in a. Parking. Lot and they. Just they. Just were given away this iMac, g4. Hey, guys. That's, just great you know I'm doing pretty great today too because as you saw earlier someone. Just gave me this I'm a cheap. Super. Generous oh. Pardon. The whispers, the guards are asleep right now so I thought I would take this time to do a personal project. Yeah. I think they're down okay, we're good we're good guys okay so I have, no idea what's on this iMac g4 I never booted it up we're gonna explore it together and, there's, a bunch of software, and manuals, and, accessories, that the owner gave me with. This computer I haven't. Looked at any of it yet I wanted to save it for her well, our bonding. Time so, let's. Have a look at what we have item. Number one from the hall is obviously the iMac itself and judging, by the Garamond, typeface, this is an older, iMac, g4 probably, from 2001, we'll take a look at the specs in a bit. Peripheral. Wise we, have been blessed with a, beautiful Apple. Mouse which used to be called a. Mouse. But I can't say it because, trademark. Disputes, so that's. Lovely the world just runs on greedy money this part I was excited about. This. IMac, came with pro speakers, that was actually one of the main reasons I took this off the original, owners hands because they were giving me just, free Pro speakers, with the. IMac so that's, pretty cool I have the USB version of these that I use with my g4 cube but I have not had the actual pro speakers. Until. Today we, also have, this. Is probably the most disgusting, part. This. This. Keyboard. Look. At how yellow. It is like, what. Environment. Was this thing in spacebar. Totally. Destroyed it is yellow, and what, I think is interesting is there's, like a sticker here that says hold. The eject, key to open disk drive was that like an official sticker that came on the packaging, and they just never took it off I don't know but that is just that's as gross. Like. Look at the back is like beautiful. And white and, yeah. We're gonna probably. Not use that oh, gosh. It feels like it moving. Right along they. Also gave me this, just bag of accoutrements. So, let's. Go through it. Looks. Like we have some kind of modem. Cable, I can't say I've seen one of these with this computer before yeah, it looks like something, for the modem port, we. Have an apple, jewel. Case sort of thing the. Old chrome logo and again more Garamond, iMac, media, this, one says copyright 2002, so that might be when in this computer this, particular computer came out so, we have the Apple hardware test software. Restore disk one through, five, that's. That well, good just in case we need to nuke this hard drive. Bone. Appetit, I'm actually want. To put you right there because you look pretty yeah like you. Don't want a bit fine you don't want a balance I don't care anymore okay this is interesting an apple, dvd-r. 4.7. Gigabyte, media certified, for use with Apple dvd-r, drives this was probably back when DVDs, are probably like five dollars a piece and Apple, was pushing, the digital lifestyle, so they probably sold blank DVDs, you could use to burn with your, iLife applications I've, not seen one of these in person before that's very different. There's, nothing written on it so it's actually let's, look at the back. It. Doesn't look like there's anything burned down this blue disk so yeah, that might be a point disc I do like that design though that's. Pretty cool I've never seen that before all right well we'll, save that oh. There's. More the hall is huge, Macca was 10 install discs let's see this is version. 10.2. This is Jaguar I have, not used Jaguar, and forever, I, don't even think I have a disk of Jaguar until, well.

Now Mac os10 install disc 2 so if. We ever need to do a reinstallation. Sensation. We. Have our lovely, software. Restore discs now this is yeah, this is the Apple Care Protection Plan and this, is when you used to get tech tool deluxe. With it I don't think they do that anymore, but. I remember that back in the day. What. Else do they get they have a verbatim. CD. This was probably. Something that the owner burned data to at one time I'm, looking at the back of this disk it does not look like anything is actually burned down there, so. Good we got a free CD the whole thing is worth it, the. IMac user guide Oh. With. Cover pictures Apple always does like to go all out, oh yes the old aqua, user interface, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun exploring. That, so yeah I'm guessing Jaguar, is on here. Pretty. Sweet. You'll. Sit there. Greeting. Card, factory, for, mekin, hush that. Dog is pretty cute yeah, I don't, know, what this, is at, all. User. Guide I don't know if I don't know if this was like a piece of software Apple included, back in the day or if this was something the owner just happened, to have but okay there's more oh there's more, here's the Apple care service and supports literature, I suppose wow they kept, everything this is awesome oh there's some handwriting on the back this must maybe was serviced at one time wait what floppy, drive for, more information, on your smart disk USB floppy drive consult, the user guide on the included CD, what. That's. Not something apples sold right they didn't or maybe they did actually like sell the SanDisk ones no. Casey, needed a floppy drive yeah, Apple care all right software license, agreement for Mac os10 single-use, license, you want to read this let's, let's, have a read. This, looks like it was just printed, and. Stapled. Together, oh. This. Oh there's handwriting on here yeah. They. Must have printed out some like manuals, from online oh my. Gosh oh. Look. At this yeah, this is printed right from Apple's website you can tell how dated that is because of the Garamond serif, typeface, and the old aqua tabs on the website dot Mac doesn't even exist anymore yeah they just printed this right from the website that's cool this is like a little mm like time capsule, this. Is pretty cool okay, well I mean if the literature, and the printed stuff is this cool just wait until we boot up the computer I wonder what's on this hard disk. Clicking. Design. 3d. Crate, and print amazing, CD labels aren't adjusted okay yeah oh yeah, sure look at that iPhoto. 1.0. Frequently, asked questions, it's supposed to be like yeah this has modified August, 2002, I was thinking yeah she doesn't - I cannot. Wait to do an exploration, sensation. Of this, hard disk so now, that we got that out of the way what do you say we, connect. These Pro speakers, which Brent has showed me they sound pretty badass, but. I've never actually had them for myself let's connect those hook, up a mouse not that disgusting keyboard, and poop this sucker up let's do it so a big difference compared, to the USB, speakers, is that the pro speakers use this special, two, and a half millimeter, yes now three and a half millimeter, two and a half millimeter, jack this provides, power, and sound. And you, also don't have a giant, amplifier, dangling, on the wires with the USB speakers, you had an amplifier on there with this not, necessary. Let's. Just put those babies right there. Had. A little trouble getting it in don't, make that dirty come on this is a somewhat. Family, friendly show we have our mouse. And that about does it I don't think we'll need to hook, this thing up I don't even know if I could use it with anything now don't know if there's an airport card in here but we're gonna take a look at the specs in a bit once we boot it up we'll, take a look at the system profiler, let's go I'm super, stoked to boot up a Mac that has a startup, chime because.

Apples Killing that off let's, hear. What it sounds like through these pro speakers, power button is way over, here, three. Two. One. All. These. Almost. No off my chair wow. That was loud oh I love, it crew oh. That. Was Basie. Alright. So what the fans are running hard drives running not, too noisy relatively. Quiet. We. Are currently like, day five in the booting process this. Doesn't surprise me like every, iMac g4 I booted up with Jaguar just takes forever I remember, back when I was not in this asylum, lair there. Was this computer, lab at school that had a whole bunch of MIG fours and I think they're running Jaguar, they took they just, took forever to turn on okay. So. What, do we do while we wait for it to load, for. Real now like all jokes aside we're, like three minutes into this boot up I don't, know maybe the hard drive is just full of garbage like maybe we'll have to clean this baby up maybe. There's a lot of treasures on it like we're gonna be doing some treasure hunting some like hard drive treasure hunting or an, exploration, and sensation, as I'd like to call it I'm growing, gray hairs I have gray hairs now it's official this is this, is insane well you, know maybe, this would be a good time to read the. Single-use. License, agreement, I mean what else are we gonna do right. English. Apple, Computer, incinerated. Software. License agreement for Mac os10. Single-use. License please read the software license agreement parentheses. Quote, license. Quote parentheses, carefully, before, using the software today we'll skip some of that stuff number, one general. The software including, boot ROM code documentation, any, funds. Oh. Then. It's in different languages it's actually not that long it's a multilingual, multilingual. Document which I suppose. We could have deciphered, from the fact that it's. Multilingual, on the cover page well that was fun look. At that now it's booted oh man, all that, start up screen the pinstripes, that, takes, me back oh, these abstract, wall favors you remember those yeah perfect timing it looks like it's loading the desktop now 20. Years later. Yeah. This harddrive must just be really. Full. Or, it's. Got like a lot of cash. On it and it's all gunked, up barnacles, and crust I don't know but, that is a ridiculous, is ridiculous, like it's a long boot time we're not even at, the desktop yet we have the wallpaper or the desktop picture we, have the mouse cursor oh here, comes the dock here, comes, the dock all, dressed. In socks. Oh they have the slideshow mode on hip. Menu bar is still loading. There oh. We. Got the beach ball, we got beach ball okay, we're at the desktop we made it 10 to 8 that, is indeed. Jaguar. The old Roman, numeral 10 the Aqua buttons the pinstripes, dudes all coming, back we have the dock down here the menu bar up here let's turn up the mouse tracking, speed because it is just painfully. Low right now I like. A fast Mouse oh. That. Animation. Yeah this thing is definitely struggling, to keep up here okay well it looks like we have mac, os9 on your - really. Well, that's interesting. Oh that, beach ball of death I think we're gonna be seeing this guy a lot today. Yep. Hunker. Down boys, all. Right take, a shot every time the beach ball shows up don't actually do that you're gonna die but that would be a fun game that would, actually be a really fun game oh my. Gosh I oh I did was open the Applications. Folder. Well speaking, of applications, while that's loading down, here we have the finder looks like Acrobat something, else let's, see what's this here well. The labels in the dock aren't even loading I clean, oh okay. Well, either. I clean, really sucks or the person who owned this computer never used I clean because the computer is performing, like, I have computers from the 80s that boot up faster so let's just keep that in mind this, looks like the old iChat, we have iMovie iTunes, preview iPhoto. Something. Something, quicken. QuickTime. Stickies. Sherlock System Preferences something, from Kodak, Kodak EasyShare the. Calcula, tour Netscape, Navigator. Yep. That's gait navigator HP image zone and text edits let's see this was. Print explosion, and this was Outlook Express. Alright, Wow. This, the performance, it's it's, too, much, save. Me alright so after, like three minutes of beach balling I busted. Into the Applications, folder hooray. Yeah we have a couple, different things on here now here's what's weird there's 42 gigs free so it's not like the hard drive is really stuffed, there. Must be something else wrong with this I know there is Mac OS 9 on here there's always 10 on here I also saw a previous, systems, folder so there was at one time like, a reinstall.

Done I don't know why there was a reinstall, done but there's probably a lot of stuff we could delete off of this computer too but, anywho zl-- let's try going, through. Applications. America. Online iDVD, we talked about that earlier I may. Have to experiment with that look my scroll bar scroll. Bar is frickin beach balling the finder, are we, serious. Right now is, this what we're gonna be doing today good, heavens, I can't scroll without the computer hanging on me. Why. To. You stuff. It's standard spring, cleaning Norton system, works yes it certainly does I, Omega. Let's get navigator clicking, design 3d. As, we saw the book. 4 ok we're scrolling along hope we got iMovie, iPhoto it's, a mobile application, that's cool pixel, enhance. Very, clever, I guess. Apple. Works ooh the old productivity. Applications before I work existed, that's, fun just moving my cursor we, got a beach ball okay how many shots do we have to take now like 27, this is really, insane if, any like trouble, shooting people worked on this computer like they, must be rolling in the dough like. This would all the billable hours right here Oh your, iMac yeah the one that hangs all the time I will absolutely fix. It for you every member I get paid by the hour if that thing takes an hour to boot up boom that's an hour of pay for me nothing really interesting in my stuff we have the city of new Falls and, untitled, three what kind of document is this I'm just curious I'm gonna snoop around a little bit it is an NS are TFP, board, type. Okay, so NS, is usually a prefix, in like the developer environment. RTF. Rich text format, P board type I have no clue man, like if this system is having performance, issues right now like that doc sometimes, even lags man I don't want to boot up classic, within. OS ten it's probably just gonna bring the whole thing down now, if I can boot into OS nine separately, maybe, that lighter weight operating, system will work, better we can try that so we have 768, megabytes of RAM and 800 megahertz PowerPC, g4 processor which. That in and of itself should be fast enough to run this system I just feel like something is really blogging, this thing down maybe the finder, has the answers, nothing. In the codec pictures iPhoto, library. IDVD. Doesn't. Look like there's much in there see. Yeah let's see if these are really big or not two, point three gigs that's not too much yeah let's just open up iPhoto let's have some fun see if an application performs, well yeah. Right, oh. That actually loaded, up a way faster than I thought it would loading. Library, oh the old barber, pull animation. Oh I. Missed that okay. Of all the things I could find on this computer there is a picture of cloud gate which is a huge, freaking. Coincidence.

Because We were just looking at that on some past episodes, with, some photos that I shot this, stuff seems to be performing, decent, now the, finder was going really slow at first but stuff seems to be loading okay so I see that we have an Ethernet Gigabit, and. Not Gigabit Ethernet I'm probably, a hundred megabit Ethernet connection, that was once used on here we have a menu bar item four we also have a modem, menu, bar item which, is currently idle yeah I'm guessing there's no airport. Card in this thing, yep. Yeah. There's no airport card in here we can hook this up to, Wi-Fi. By like internet, sharing it but I don't think that's really necessary right, now what might have to also happen with this computer is we'll just have to do some reinstallation, --zz to, maybe make it work better we may just have to wipe the whole hard disk out and then reinstall, everything, with all of those CDs we have because we have a ton of CDs so that may be in a future episode but I want to be careful with how much I wipe out because there's, probably some programs on here that I don't have the CDs for plus, if I wipe it out that kind of ruins the whole time capsule, nosov, it oh let's, see if there's any music on here well. Let's see what did this owner listen to. I was gonna make a joke about like a pop star but like all, this music is probably way older. Than like any of those like modern, stars like. Careers are I mean they wouldn't work this computer probably hasn't been used since like 2009, 2008, I don't know this is it this is all the music that's in here I don't really want to play it you know copyright. Reasons but let's, just test the speakers I guess all, right it sounds like but. That's because this, has turned up way too I Wow. These speakers sound freaking good yeah, I believe that Apple made them in collaboration, with Harman Kardon holy balls they sound great these. Things, are just pumping. You got to see this, well the system seems to be performing, better now that, Mac oh yes, that is that is a screen saver I hope everybody, can have oh. Yeah. Your, life on the, Internet. All. Right, yeah. Let's just go to Apple. Background images and throw, our. Default. Jaguar, on there and, there we go aqua, blue I'm cool with that startup. Disk let's see if OS 9 is an option oh yeah. OS 9 to 2 all. Right I'm gonna set that as the default next. Time we reboot we're gonna go into OS 9 see, what's up let's, poke around in some of the software a little bit let's see what version of, the C I think they had iDVD, and I DVD 2 on here I don't, think I've ever used the, original iDVD. That goes way back I remember that was a big deal because it was like you can just burn your, own movies. Your, own home movies onto a DVD on your own computer oh I dig, this. Old design oh the nice pulsating. Aqua buttons again another, nice thing we don't get anymore sad. We're, using the fact that you know we have a gigaflop, sitting here. Maybe. Maybe, we can do something with it and so very, gently we just dim, and brighten the button to say hey this is the one that's going to get activated if you hit return my great DVD, well throw that on the desktop you know once it loads all the I disc remember that thing. MobileMe. Does, anyone remember mobile, me we. Could actually use this as a DVD player it has a DVD drive in it. Oh. My. Gosh. Okay the guards are gonna be awake now oh. That. Was really blah. That's. Kind of coincidental cuz I was just about to say we, could use this as a DVD player because, one it has a DVD drive built-in to it has a decently.

Sized, LCD, screen and three, the, speakers are really loud and that just proved my point right, oh. My. Gosh is. My heart still working it. Is okay, good, oh yes. The old animated, themes yeah. We, have a theme chooser that was global, or. This is global oh yeah, inactive windows had that transparent. Look, pretty. Cool kind of like Windows Aero but before. Windows Aero wedding, Families sky, I I remember, seeing, some of these when I started, using ie DVD let's. Make a wedding oh yeah. This. Was cool stuff man you can just do this right on your computer, I. DVD. Too nice. Actually, I think I have one of my own DVDs, nearby one, that I tested. On the Macintosh. TV with the DVD player I should, throw that into here so we can test the speaker's with, my own content, and so we can also test the DVD playback capabilities. Of the, computer, most. Of this episode, is just gonna be watching, the beach ball spin I found, my. Coincidentally. Also a verbatim disc videos, for Mac TV demo which was also a another, beautiful. Episode. So let's bust open the DVD player they. Had a nice wireframe. Animation. Begin. DVD insertion, process. I. Guess. I can't use the eject button in the software. Yeah. Without a keyboard hooked up I also really can't use the terminal to open, up, this. Disgusting, keyboard to press, the eject button. So. Gross. Located. In the back for your convenience. Alright. There's our distress and in you go. Okay. Umm. It. Sounds, like a cow with a really long move or. A. Very, sick airplane, that. Disk drive does not sound like it should I I'm, pretty sure they weren't that buzzy back then, oh yeah, that's that doesn't sound right this. DVD should work it's a single layer or DVD are, not. Permitted, okay, well I literally. Have no idea what the Frick is going on let's, quit the DVD player and. Eject. This thing alright take two on that let's, see if it even mounts, on the desktop. Wow. That does not sound normal, okay now it's making some different noises and we. Have an icon and the DVD player opened automatically that took about five minutes, hard work oh. You're. Still gonna love what we have to that sounds pretty awesome and that subject is vintage. You're. Going to see okay so just a little preface, I just put together like a compilation, of videos, on, here so if this for example is the vintage Apple vault volume one trailer, but yeah wow these speakers sound good and. All. The old popping, sound yeah. It. Clips a little bit when I go like to the second highest notch but right there it's about fine yeah wow that sounds good I deserved Apple products in an all-new light the, timeless, designs the, blunders, the successes, the, failures, you're, going to see details, you I. Love these speakers. Because. Awesome. Okay well I, guess it doesn't work as a DVD player just, takes forever to load the question is does it take forever to load because the hardware is failing or because something is really screwed up in the operating system to be honest I'm willing to bet it's the system something, is wrong with the, software and stuff just takes forever to load so. Stuff takes forever to communicate, with the hardware, opening, up the system profiler, I just wanted to check to make sure this drive was compatible with these DVDs I mean I was assuming it would be because there's I DVD, on here, yeah, right here cd-rw. Dvd-rw. The. Srikant like finder window with the applications, like that. Just hangs a lot so, I do want to boot into OS 9 I'm gonna do that still but man, this one 3d. Thing, just keeps grabbing my attention, clicking design okay we're just gonna frickin open it up I, have. No idea what it is I think I think. I had a manual, for it somewhere I think I showed it yeah. Okay it was a printed one from the interwebs now. We. Have to open this thing up that looks like a gold mine of like early, 2000s. Consumer. Door graphic, design here. We go you, guys ready for this, clicking. Design. 3d. I'm. Gonna make my next hot, album, cover with this dope. Software. Oh it's Oh, coincidentally. That's right I was making a joke about the CD thing but yeah it's actually for designing I guess. CD. Labels oh. It. Is video tape labels audio cassette labels son of a bitch I was just joking about the album art thing but I guess I, have, to go through with it now this, is for CDs I used to use a program by, B light soft I should actually check to see if they're still around but.

It Was called disc cover that was pretty cool I used that program a lot I don't really make discs, anymore but, yeah, disc cover was a pretty cool program quick start wizard Anna, Donna. Over the top name purpose, description, date information, shareware. Alright. Your, company, comm, cousin you can change the text here alright well this will be my crazy Ken mix tape so we'll call this wait. A minute. Whoa. I. Just had an epiphany I think, I think. The previous owner of this thing can see into the future they. Knew who, was gonna be owning this computer one day do you know what I'm getting that hang on a second this. Hard drive is labeled KK crazy. Ken I didn't, label it that way you, saw it it came up that way when I turned on the computer for the first time I think, someone. Is watching and it's not just the curse or the, guards or the people running the experiment, on me here in the asylum no I think someone else outside of all that is also, watching me that. Is not, a coincidence, I can't, believe in coincidences. Any more crazy ken KK, Wow okay that's one letter away from something really bad so, we'll be careful with that but yeah anyway I was gonna call this like my crazy, ken mixtape it was gonna be like KK. Mixtape, and I just had an epiphany about the. Initials that's how I got down that rabbit hole in case you're wondering contents. We. Got to make some songs on here let's see um don't, go. Baked. In my heart I. Couldn't. If I fried, yeah. That's enough of that so you can make CD labels in here do they have clipart, no, program, is complete without clipart, let's, see what the tip of the day is oh, my. Gosh that icon, that freaking icon was like the windows 95 did. You know thing did. They hijack, this from Microsoft, or is that like a general, use icon, because that looks just like Windows 95 let's click the 3d but there we go that's what I'm talking about oh yeah we can zoom in and out of this it looks like we have an extrusion on here with like a some kind of bevel oh yeah we're gonna call this crazy. Ken oh yeah. Whoo. This is nice. Geneva, no we're cooler than that Chicago though bringing, us back to the original Macintosh right, should, we rendered this in low quality or high quality I think, we should go all out effects. Oh you can argue okay materials. Texture, lights, background. Light. So we can turn off some lights oh yeah give it like a spotlight can, I like move this around Oh check. It out man working. In 3d, well give that we can transfer that there we go kind. Of like the good old days of word art and, Microsoft, Office you know the stuff that you probably used way too much of I mean I'm guilty of it too I'm totally guilty of it I did that all the time like in middle, school era go crazy Ken the crazy the cake a mixtape. Go bacon my heart's I couldn't. If I fried, well that was fan fluff antastic let's, close out of that, don't save those changes graphics. I'm curious about this so do you get like clipart, in here okay so my, conclusion, is it seems like the finder, is the thing that is running slow and slowing everything down because like when, I use other things the, software like that program we were just using seems to respond just fine it's any time I try to do something in the finder, everything. Slows down I, don't know if that's just a common issue with Jaguar, or if something is on this computer that's causing problems or what here we are we have we. Have a our oh there's, even a glyph art folder oh this is exciting I didn't. See a browser for clipart inside the program but I see all the assets, in the finder here so we're just gonna poke. Around what. The, seriously, oh-hoo-hoo. Like. Design these templates, and thought this was smart, these are kind of freaky let's just open, this up here yeah, yeah. I want that on my CD cover absolutely. I want, the Illuminati. Izd. Cover. This. Stuff has a kind, of a vaporwave, aesthetic, just it's a little more higher quality, though it's, like a slightly, higher quality, vapor wave that definitely, is not vapor wave. Getting. A little close again this this, is wacky this is really, wacky, stuff I, feel. Like I'm watching like old 90s, like computer, animation, or something which you know this stuff was probably close. To that oh. Whoa. Hey, is this appropriate I don't think we should have like dancing ladies and spherical cages, on our CD, cover I don't know why. We've. Made some discovery, progress, people I have, infiltrated the backgrounds, folder I am now in the business photos directory. Yeah. There's a lot of little like, picture, stuff. In. The. Backgrounds folder that you can just put in your, projects. Oh check this baby out huh oh yeah. That's. High resolution, that'll print very well oh I got some dogs we have dogs ladies. And gentlemen all that's a cute one. Husky. Yes I'm. Gonna put a husky on my CD there we go that's my CD dogs.

2012, Oh there's. Actually a folder called dogsledding. Alright, specifically. Oh. More. Husky sled dogs are awesome I actually photographed. Them before they are fun, we, got we got a lot of freaking. Random. Pictures open now you should probably uh close. Those bad boys, well. The close all command, I guess wasn't a thing back then what if I hold down option and press the red button there we go okay, and I broke the finder again well I think. That's enough of Jaguar let's, try, booting into OS 9 and see what we can do maybe, it'll perform better. Yeah. I love, that sound, there. We go we got be happy Mac, Mac. Was 9.2. Welcome, to Mac OS so. This, is working so far so good let's see how fast it boots hopefully faster than OS 10 Oh your. Computer did not shut down properly Oh someone, like set this to like italic, something here alright. Verifying. Crazy, can Oh. Dis. First-aid is unable to read the startup, disk. What. The. Okay something is really wrong with this hard drive either it's, like failing like there's bad sectors, on it or there's. Just something configured, very wrong on the software level the hardware, might be fine the, software is just really screwed up I have no idea it could be either I guess I mean the disc in here is probably very old but. I've had all their discs still work just fine but who knows this thing could have been dropped. Putting. In an incinerator you know thrown off a cliff a whole bunch of things could have happened to it okay, this is really freaky I'm just like randomly, scrolling, through Instagram waiting. For this thing to load and there's, another photo about cloud gate is, cloud gate just following, us everywhere, and, this is interesting is actually from an Instagram account called, real. Locations, where they go and visit locations that were used in motion pictures and they like show a picture of the scene in front of an actual photo of the environment so you can see like the before and after kind of look and yeah it's, Cloud Gate like wow they're just following us everywhere Network. Time error yes 1973. Whatever but yeah the interesting thing is this, post was about source code which is, a movie I actually really liked, I rarely, like live-action, movies but that was a live-action movie every like Taniya now, that I think about it yeah that took place in Chicago okay. So I was trying to kill some time and. I. Just, killed everything Oh Oh. What. Okay. Um. We. Just got greeted by the os-9 welcome video that. Means OS 9 was installed on this computer but was never actually used, fascinating. I've never actually used this old wizard before oh it, has sound effects did you hear that oh yeah. Nope. Nope. No. Please, no oh. Okay. Do. I really have to register. No. I. Don't wanna do that I. Wanna. Fine. Okay. Like force, quit you yes. Whoa. I win I, just did a regular quit, actually, oh do. You see what I see, iMovie. Is this, the original before. I continued, doing this stuff I need to turn the sound effects on because this is not the same without the sound effects there. We go oh. Gosh. That's, like sex, oh. I've. Never heard these on the pro speakers before either oh. I. Could. Do that all day. Everything. Is gonna have a sound effect I hope you like it because you're gonna be hearing I'm so sorry suck it up was it charcoal I don't remember what the default font for OS 9 was. Grey. Space or Space Gray you decide okay. Now let's have some fun I of course cannot go without opening. The finder Easter, Egg the about this finder, or about the finder, screen. Right here showing, the Apple Campus from the courtyard view, created. By all the folks here at Apple yeah that's just a cheap way to not have to put everyone's a name in there but that works for me there's, probably a lot of names I was actually just at one infinite loop I I'm. Having a hard time orienting, what building, that is I think it's this one not, really good at that let's. See about this computer Michael was 9.2, and then, if you hold on the option key and go to about the finder see, the finder is way more responsive, than an OS 10 so something is really up on this thing. But. I think I see something really awesome. I see, an old Mac, OS 9 version of iMovie. What. Version is this yep, this is iMovie, - okay so it's not the original like, first one but this is still pretty cool let's open her up. There. We go do. We get a little welcome video there it is. Yes. Oh my gosh this is great, crazy. Ken's. Movie. Yeah. It was a full screen app like you couldn't run it in a window back in the day but fun fact this was, the, well, not this particular version iMovie, HD was, the first software ever did digital NLE editing in.

Yeah, Wasn't this old version but it was iMovie that's where I got my start oh yeah here's our title generator, yep this, is it this is it guys, effects. We probably have some like. Some video effects there I'm sure we have some sound effects built-in. Yeah. That's the reaction to most of my episodes right there. Sounds. About right well this computer does have firewire on it so I suppose I could like actually capture video off of that into, the system, I'd have to borrow. A. DV, camera because the one I have has a bad VTR, as I demonstrated, in these other episodes. Stop. Laughing yeah. I guess it could make a movie in this once I capture stuff. Off tape I mean if I could edit video in frickin, Adobe Premiere one I'm sure I can use iMovie, to with, firewire ok so there's a built-in microphone like. Right there that little hole right there let's record our own voice hello. I am Macintosh. It sure is great to get out of that bag scrub, her back on the time look at that scrubbing look at that smooth performance there. Hello. It. Sure is great to get out of that, doesn't. Sound too bad considering, like. How old this computer is that's pretty awesome I think that deserves a round of applause. All. Over transitions, fades overlaps scaled on yeah I don't have any footage I can use with this right now but I may revisit this some other time oh yeah I accidentally uh I dragged, the app switcher into, the thing all right let's close that out, so yeah this system seems to be performing, way way. More snappy, than. Frickin like OS 10 I don't know if the software's configured wrong, with OS 10 or what but this. Thing seems to be working way better I haven't, used iDVD on OS 9 either in fact I didn't, even know that was a thing. That's cool let's open it up so I'm guessing the vert Oh. Oh. Yeah. This is the 90s, the late 90s, I love it so, I'm. Guessing the version we were using on Mac OS 10 was a carbonized, version, of this because it wasn't running in the classic environment and I'm guessing, they didn't rewrite it in Cocoa, migrate, DVD hell yeah it is let's, see what version is this this is probably the original. Yes, thank you oh no, I didn't mean to do that, oh yeah, brushed metal that was another thing that was there, a lot okay. Let's sit through it. I. Do. Version, 1.0. This is the original iDVD, I have not used this ever let's, take a look at our themes, chalkboard. Yeah. I don't. Have any assets I can actually put into this but the old iMovie an old iDVD, are really cool I may have to experiment. With those in a future episode and. If you have any suggestions, for me to try anything out on this computer do, let me know this was a lot of fun thanks, for taking along. Sounds. Like the guards want me now I'm gonna take care of those guys thanks, for taking along with me catch the crazy and pass it on.

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I have two of those 17-inch 1GHz bad boys. One of them has the Pro speakers. These machines tend to be sloths with that little amount of RAM. You can bump it up to 2GB, which I highly recommend, but you'll have to crack open the case to access the smaller stick. Your machine is ripe for a wipe. It will run up to 10.5, but if you want to use OS9, you should keep it at 10.4. Congrats on a free iMac G4. Hell, any free Mac is good.

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10.2 was my first Mac OS X. I installed it on my 8500 (with a 233 MHz accelerator card) via XPostFacto—a neat little app that allowed you to install Mac OS X on older, unsupported Macs. It was rock solid, so much so, in fact, that I used it as my main OS for almost everything. Almost, because the older version of _Logic_ and all its plug-ins (and a few other audio apps) I had didn’t play ball with 10.2. Good times.

My favourite OS X was actually Leopard. I remember using it in like 2007-08. That whole era of Apple was the best IMO. Plus I remember that was when Apple seemed the most "in". The iPhone had just come out, iPod's were still going strong. Therefore Leopard is my favourite simply for nostalgic reasons.

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i iM iMa iMac iMac G iMac G4 iMac G4 E iMac G4 Ex ~5 minutes wasted later...~ iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventure iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventure iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventur iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventu iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadvent iMac G4 Exploration Sensation - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadven ~1 millenium later...~ iMac iMa iM i


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Need to retrobrite the keyboard maybe

upgrade this imac g4 :)

This was actually my families first Apple computer, we bought it in 2002 and we've had it since. I installed Lubuntu on it for PowerPC and it's been sitting around since as a "backup" computer, even though a raspberry pi is so much faster, I keep it around because it reminds me a lot of my childhood

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B running a dual-boot of Raspbian and Lakka, and I love it!

Favorite vintage OS X version is Tiger

That was my first OS X. Nice.

Lol I thought the Netscape Navigator logo was the News app!

Tiger is my favorite

My 20" iMac G4 is not slow with bluetooth, wifi, leopard 10.5 :P the Hard drive of the iMac G4 is totally quiet from July 2002 ( 60Gb version ) 40Gb versions are very not quiet ! ^^ The slideshow on the desktop make very slow the iMac G4 for the graphic interface...

Yes i have see that...poor computer, what they have do with ? ^^ i have 6 iMac G4 all restored, clean, with box etc etc it's my Fav macintosh design, i have one with the bluetooth ( very rare only in option in 2003 on app store ) +Computer Clan

I don’t think the slideshow caused a problem. I turned it off and it made no change. (You’ll see that further in the video)

i got a pair those pro speakers and they sound pretty good

My favorite (vintage probably not) OS X is probably Lion. We had and still have an old MacBook Pro and when we first got it it had Lion on so I basically grew up using it. It's now running High Sierra and is slow as hell.

Lets see an update after a Tiger install.... should run ok then.... also you can get a universal 9.2.2 installer from macos9lives and convert that baby to os9!!!! .... it will screem !!!

OS 9 is on he computer already : p You’re right. It does scream.

Apple Computer Incinerated lmao

My favorite vintage Mac OS X version is 10.4 because it's the last one to be G* Processor compatible, and the last one with the squared dock and brushed metal style

10.5 was actually the last PowerPC-compatible Mac OS (out of box).

i think it's just the harddrive, i have a 800Mhz powerbook and 10.2 runs smooth on there. so get a SSD into it and it will run smooth as butter.

It’s so slow because of the slideshow of desktop backgrounds. I found that out with my g4

That was shown in the video too, in case you want to see it.

But I turned that off. Didn’t work.

My 20 year old iMac G3 boots faster than this G4 even though mine is a 400mhz and the G4 is a 800mhz

instal a game on the computer

23:18 Two Kens speaking simultaneously 23:59 You're going to se the details you've-- ♪ La la la ♪ 29:25 Illuminati Confirmed Also, *R A M E N*

14:56 When IE is not even mentioned by Krazy Ken

Are you autistic? No, really, are you?

I loved that design, I wish they would make a 4K version of this with modern hardware. Also, that keyboard would be perfect for retrobrighting.

All the iMac G4 keyboards from that model go that yellow with age, it’s not (necessarily) dirty, it just looks disgusting. My original keyboard also went that color as well. Just the plastic they used.

Stay tuned for volume 2...

Me too it was like a jump scare it scared the crap out of me and i fell of my chair

Me too!

Computer Clan yeah because when I googled it the cartoon Mighty Mouse came up lol

I have a Mac G4 mirrored doors 2002, however I can't get it to boot up again :(..... anyway you deserve more views!

As for "computers from the '80s that boot faster than that" - the Macintosh SE/30 loaded with System 6 boots _insanely_ fast. If you haven't turned it on in a few hours, and boot a stock System 6, it will probably be loaded to the desktop before the screen has warmed enough to show it to you. A PowerBook 100 booting System 6 from RAM Disk boots faster than any computer I've ever seen, before or since. Even a "Fast Boot" Windows 10 system pales in comparison. (And a Fast Boot Win10 system is pretty damn quick.)

12:30 - All Macs came with a fully-configured Mac OS 9 install all the way up to the last G5s. It's just that the later ones couldn't boot natively in to it, they could only run it via the "Classic" environment. The very first generation of iMac G4 (the 700 and 800 MHz 15" models, and the original 17" model,) could natively boot Mac OS 9. But the later ones (Feb 2003 and later) were Mac OS X boot-only. Although enterprising hackers have managed to modify Mac OS 9 so that it will run on those later iMacs. (And basically any 'officially unsupported" G4, although all the G5s are off limits still.)

Oh, man, those Apple branded DVD-R discs! I remember at the time I had a PC with a DVD-R drive, but I would buy the Apple DVD-R discs, because they were cheaper than any other! Five pack of Apple DVD-R were $15, in individual jewel cases, while a spindle of 20 of whatever other brand were $100 at CompUSA/Best Buy/Fry's/etc. Insane case of an Apple-branded accessory was cheaper by quite a bit than the "generic."

I remember in elementary school our computer lab had iMacs and eMacs and they got the beach ball of death a LOT. I remember we even called it "the beach ball of death" although I don't remember why we called it that. This was back in kindergarten and the first grade and I had so many good memories with these old Macs including using Microsoft Word for the first time. I actually had the original iMac that was my sister's and it ran Mac OS 9 and was way more usable. I think it might have had Mac OS X on it but I never figured out how to get to it...then I remember in second grade the computer lab got "upgraded" but they just replaced the Macs with Dells with Windows 7 and I was kinda mad at the time. Now I'm a Windows user and those Windows computers were a lot more usable sooo...

Wow, not even my old 90 mhz mac was that slow (from a Mac Os 9 perspective)

Good job for reaching 100K subscribers! Keep it up!

Thank you

i have a 700mhz base mode imacc g4 with cd drive and it faster than yours LOL!!

Windows XP

El capitan

For the vote mojave

That’s not vintage.

high sierra

Sheesh, you love the sound of your own voice, don't you...

Well, there’s no one else in the video, so someone has to talk. Take it or leave it.

Here in Sweden, the abbreviation "KK" stands for "Knullkompis" which in english is "friend with benefits" (Fuckbuddy if we're being literal) So my brain was telling me that this harddrive would be full of nudes or something.. :D

I absolutely loved my G4

Computer Clan fair point, it definitely has other issues. On top of the constant beach ball (unrelated) there were lots of lag and stutter every time the background changed. Just because you can set it to change every 5 seconds doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, especially on an 800 MHz G4 with a pretty weak GPU ;-)

That would not destroy performance. The system is built to handle that. In the video, you see me disable the slideshow. Remember what happened after? ; )

​+Computer Clan I must have missed that then


+Computer Clan 20:07 mobol meee

Meshach Lovelace no, but I wouldn’t want to. : p

TheNews1990 I’m fairly certain that’s iChat. It happens to have the AIM logo in it, but I think it’s iChat. I’ll double check.

Mmmm Mouse ... You mean Mighty Mouse, KK ...

20:09 mobol meee

I have the same classic Macintosh T-shirt from 1 Infinite Loop! Excited

15:30 - I did on-site computer repair for many years. Billed by the hour. Slow computers were wonderful. I even once had a guy pay me to back up his laptop's hard drive to CD-R. Of course, his laptop didn't have a CD-R drive, it only had USB 1.1. He wanted ~10 GB of data backed up. So I had to copy it to my USB drive (5 GB "Microdrive",) then copy it to my laptop to burn the CD-R. He wouldn't let me do more than just copy the parent folders, didn't "let me" look inside them. But as it was copying, I could see in the progress dialog the file names. Yup, porn. He only had dial-up, so that 10 GB of porn was downloaded over many hundreds of hours... He paid me a few hundred dollars to back up porn.

Livin' the dream, haha.

Imagine if this was the computer on unfriended: dark web

that keyboard may have gone that colour because it may have been in direct sunlight for a while. replace the spacebar, retrobrite the keys and it'll probably look fine-ish.

Try making a Krazy Ken bootleg dvd using this iMac.

I would have imaged the hard drive before doing the formatting process.

That's a good idea for a one-of-a-kind exclusive piece of merch. I think I'll make that an upcoming Patreon reward. We'll see…

Exactly! That would be funny if you used iDvd to create a limited physical release of one of your web-series, or movies if you have any. I know you have that one with those MST3K characters, but other than that.

OH! You mean /if/ I format it in the future? Yeah, may not be a bad idea…


Did I format anything in this episode?

Panther is my favourite OS X because of safari

+Computer Clan I am sorry for what I said, embarrassed, I was in a bad mood, it had nothing to do with you :)

Personal favorite 'vintage' OS X: Snow Leopard

Talking about iDVD being Carbon - absolutely. Nearly all of Apple's first-party apps were Carbon not Cocoa for a ridiculously long time. Guaranteed for any that had Mac OS 9 versions at some point. iTunes didn't move to Cocoa until version 10.5 in 2011!

(Other)os x tiger (intel)

my favourite vintage Mac OSX is Snow Leopard !

37:04 only true macintosh fans know that quote

i have an original pi model b. useful if i mess stuff up on my other linux computer.

/usr/bin/Be-a-good-computer ; exit; -bash: /usr/bin/Be-a-good-computer: cannot execute binary file Logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...telling the curse to mess with your classic macs... ...completed. Deleting expired sessions...6 completed [process completed]

holy crap. I remember the old popping sound, when we used to have those never iMac G4(?) (not this one.) 2-in-1s back when I was in elementary school. damn that brings back memories.

Have none of you ever seen a failing hard drive? They don't typically just die, they get slower and slower until they finally crap out and at that point you woulnd't be using it anymore. Full hard drives do run slower but not that slow. That drive is failing and it's very apparent with how slow the boot time was

You're fine ; ) But do clarify, how would a format help with bad sectors? Aren't bad sectors physical damages on the disk?+Kate Marsh

And honestly it really wasn't entirely your video that i was frustrated about, been having power outages nonstop here in California and had to wake up around 5 this morning without coffee. Just a really awful day and i took it out on you so i am sorry again. It wasn't right of me

+Computer Clan I am sorry i came across as rude, i didn't mean to. Just got frustrated so i didn't finish it and didn't see how OS 9 ran, but my guess is that the part of the disk OS 9 was on was fine, the disk may not be failing as i first suspected but may just contain a lot of dead sectors which a format should fix. I am sorry again and my intent was never to be mean or hurt your feelings. I simply got frustrated over something silly that i could have explained a lot better to you rather than jumping down your throat

Guess I can’t please everyone. Explain how Mac OS 9 ran so fast though. I’m curious. Yes, the disk may be dying, but OS 9 ran fine. Is it simply because it’s lightweight?

That's a 1500 year old keyboard

Mac os x lion and tiger

Oh i guess one more thing, just a little fun tidbit. Notice how it states there are two types of remapping, P-List and G-List. The P-List is remapping done at the factory, can you believe that our hard drives come fresh out of the factory basically partially dead? Lol You would think after 20 years of making them that wouldn't be so much of a problem What is crazy and kinda shady about it though is you may end up with a drive that was originally suppose to be a larger capacity, say they made an 8TB drive and only 6TB was usable, they'd sell it as a 4TB and cut off access to those 2TBs and keep them for redundancy. It's not surprising hard drives don't last like they used too

One more thing, you can actually see this with some drives if you check a utility like HDD Tune, its the reallocated sector count value.

Here is some more info from Wiki. The OS will try to remap the sectors itself but this isn't perfect and in my experience Windows handles this worst than macOS does. When a sector is found to be bad or unstable by the firmware of a disk controller, the disk controller remaps the logical sector to a different physical sector. Typically, automatic remapping of sectors only happens when a sector is written to. In the normal operation of a hard drive, the detection and remapping of bad sectors should take place in a manner transparent to the rest of the system and in advance before data is lost. There are two types of remapping by disk hardware: P-LIST (mapping during factory production tests) and G-LIST (mapping during consumer usage by disk microcode).[1] Utilities can read the Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART) information to tell how many sectors have been reallocated, and how many spare sectors the drive may still have.[2] Because reads and writes from G-list sectors are automatically redirected (remapped) to spare sectors, it slows down drive access even if data in drive is defragmented. Once the G-list is filled up, the storage unit must be replaced.

+Computer Clan All hard drives and SSDs include a pretty good amount of sectors that are not accessible to the user, these are set aside for error corrections and for dead sectors. When you do a format, not a quick format but a full format the drive will read and write to all available sectors, when it runs into one that it deems unreadable it will mark it as non accessible and mark one of the dormant sectors as its replacement. So a full format may make the drive usable again for a short period but it's only a matter of time before more sectors die. My thoughts are if it is indeed just dead sectors that maybe the previous owner was harsh on their computer and maybe pushed it around a bit too much, if that is the case then the drive only has dead sectors due to abuse and should in theory be alright once formatted. Though i wouldn't trust it with valuable data

Mavericks (Lol jk) and Tiger.

Maybe someday...... Disk: TRACK 0 BAD, DISK TOTALLY UNUSABLE.

Vote Other Snow Leopard


It is so f a s t

add more ram, I have 1.25gb in my G4 iMac

2:27, 20:14 XD


The first iMac G4 was released in 2002, not 2001

Yep. You're right. My bad!

Those speakers are so loud that playing earrape on them causes nuclear fusion

RIP ears of headphone users

Try some gaming stuff :) PPC have like A LOT of game on it. I remember playing 1st NeverWinter on my powerbook g4 (1Ghz with 512MB ram). This game was sooo goood

Where is the old safari and app store

Can you explain the difference between each osx

Install an SSD.

My iMac G4 doesn’t take forever to load. Before reset it did. (Mac OS X Panther)

+Meshach Lovelace. it's Mac... So no.

Shouldn't you be hosting Weekend Update on SNL Very funny, But very KNOWLEDGEABLE, Thank you, I love my MAC.

"Oh gosh, that's like sex."

That's referring to the texture/colour of the Apple logo.

I have same imac g4 you have i brought it over 2 years as used it still works great

How do I install 9.2 installed I have os 10.4 installed and os 10.5.8 on this

Really weird how the computer is in amazing condition and the keyboard looks like been in a war! I’ve got a 2003 g4 in decent condition but not that nice!

13m and i'm thinking... yea... is windows time for this mac (or linux mint :)

Oh, wow. I totally forgot about those default wallpapers...

A shot of 7up could be fine... :)

I do remember the desktop background picture! :)

I have the wrong kind of friends. I am trying to collect older apple stuff I really love all this. I almost bought an Apple DVD-R a long time ago from their site. I wish I had now as that is so cool and rare. I now must find some. Edit: Woah that DVD-R must be rare all I found were the later 2006 discs. I wish I had kept my Dot Mac address. I have a Me at least. I use Pro Speakers as my Media center speakers. I paid $150 in 2009 for them brand new in sealed box. I have since added two New in Box pairs to my collection for different rooms. I love them

I realized that I posted it from the wrong account. It was me. I thought it deleted the original.

Uh… did you post the same thing that someone else did? Your comment is identical.

PE91 is my original account that I use for computer videos. I have been too sick but have been wanted to do some cool mac videos. I didn't realize the account switched profiles. BTW sorry about that I tried to correct it fast enough but alas it didnt work. Also that is really sweet.

Thank you. And honestly, all I do is I let people know I’m into collecting computers. Even if I don’t know them very well, they’ll usually come to me because I’m on their radar. Heck, it happened again last week, haha.

Open iClean

You need to find the rare and original iSub to work with the Pro Speakers. But the iSub is only compatible up to OS X Tiger. That original iMac G4 could also boot OS 9 natively too. The later versions released in 2003 and later were OS X only, but Classic supported up through Tiger.

That was the original iMac G4 released in 2002, but the top of the line model with the DVD-R SuperDrive. So they included a blank DVD to use with iDVD. The model with the combo-drive did not include the blank DVD-R. If you want to speed up that iMac, reformat the drive and reinstall OS X to get rid of all the crap that was on the drive (Norton SystemWorks, iClean, etc. is what is killing the Finder in OS X). Wow, that one is upgraded to 768 MB of RAM! Since it is the 800MHz model, it is the top of the line original model with the SuperDrive.

OS 9 is my favorite Vintage Mac OS

The day my iMac g4 broke is the saddest day of my life. So mad I broke the damn thing!


The iMac G4 is confusing to me on so many levels.

How so?

Try this:


Downlload iLife 06?

Do u know how to get iPhoto and iMovie I have a iMac g4 running 10.4.11

I love OS 9 feel. The looks and sound themes in it is way more interesting than any of the OS X versions

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard doesn't run on PowerPC out-of-box ; )

The keyboard hasn't TURNED yellow, moron. It was produced that way.

No. It was white. The plastic oxidizes over time and turns yellow. Don’t call me a moron. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

20:14 Jeez Apple you trying to give people heart attacks?

Really needs a wipe and a reinstall. And maybe a fresh thermal paste application, pretty easy to do on these models n

Apple were as bad Adobe when it came to switching to Coccoa

Jaguar was absolutely awful. It wasn't until 10.4 that OS X became completely viable on PowerPC.

10.4 Tiger

Mac OSX 10.9

Windows and probably Linux Mint doesn't work on PowerPC processors. You need an x86 CPU.

Do not use Mac os 10.2 on an iBook! Well it didn't work for me that well (I couldn't close the laptop without it crashing, i couldn't unplug it without it crashing, i couldn't use it without the charger without it crashing and i couldn't use many wifi networks. Ok I'm done.) It took so long to boot that's why the video is 40 minutes long

My theater director at my high school is named Kyle Kelvington, and he always makes absolutely sure that playbills list him as Kyle W. Kelvington to avoid the issue you came across in this video.

Subject Is Cool !! Cursing In The Video, NOT FINE !!!!!!

There is a disclaimer in the intro. If you can't handle it, please leave.

Never got to use a Mac in that era, but I really like the OS 9 aesthetic. Great video!

My favorite OSX is a tie between Mojave and Snow Leopard

@Computer Clan 20:07 mobol meee

@Meshach Lovelace. it's Mac... So no.

@Computer Clan All hard drives and SSDs include a pretty good amount of sectors that are not accessible to the user, these are set aside for error corrections and for dead sectors. When you do a format, not a quick format but a full format the drive will read and write to all available sectors, when it runs into one that it deems unreadable it will mark it as non accessible and mark one of the dormant sectors as its replacement. So a full format may make the drive usable again for a short period but it's only a matter of time before more sectors die. My thoughts are if it is indeed just dead sectors that maybe the previous owner was harsh on their computer and maybe pushed it around a bit too much, if that is the case then the drive only has dead sectors due to abuse and should in theory be alright once formatted. Though i wouldn't trust it with valuable data

You're fine ; ) But do clarify, how would a format help with bad sectors? Aren't bad sectors physical damages on the disk?@Kate Marsh

@Computer Clan I am sorry i came across as rude, i didn't mean to. Just got frustrated so i didn't finish it and didn't see how OS 9 ran, but my guess is that the part of the disk OS 9 was on was fine, the disk may not be failing as i first suspected but may just contain a lot of dead sectors which a format should fix. I am sorry again and my intent was never to be mean or hurt your feelings. I simply got frustrated over something silly that i could have explained a lot better to you rather than jumping down your throat

@Computer Clan I am sorry for what I said, embarrassed, I was in a bad mood, it had nothing to do with you :)

High sierra

it is supposed to be yellow mate

@Computer Clan

@Computer Clan but it looks so even

No, haha. No, it’s not. Look up photos of the white Pro Keyboard.

That shit took literally s minutes to load up

Snow Leopord Because Its The Last One With A Welcome Movie

that mac are more slow than a beetle

The DVD-R came free with it when it was new. This iMac came with OS 9.2 and OS X 10.2 and iLife, with everything you needed to make your own first home DVD, including the blank disc.

iMac G4 *Beach Ball Edition*

Fave vintage OS : Snow Leopard.

I still have the iMac G4 27” and it boots up fast, and it’s a fast machine for that time. So probably the HD in your iMac G4 is really gone. Replace it with a new SSD one

@Computer Clan OK, I meant the 17" widescreen iMac G4. This one Still works great!

There’s no such thing as a 27” iMac G4 : p

This somehow runs worse than a 2014 MacBook Air on macOS High Sierra opening Final Cut.


dddoooonnngggg!!!! (imac g4 startup, is very slow)

( in the information tab I click other please comment) os x lion

I suspect the HDD has a mechanical defect or corruption. Consider installing a SSD and re-installing OSX

Fuck that keyboard is more yellowed than my old pro keyboard


Hey Ken is there any way for me to join the Computer Clan team ?



I just realised, that the font is different. I have the 17 inch 1ghz and the iMac font on the display is more clear and less arial.

Those "flicks" are called serifs ; ) The font on yours is likely from the Myriad typeface. It is a sans-serif typeface.

@Computer Clan wasn't sure of the font sppecifically, but on my model which is a 17 inch 1ghz the font is different, not sure what font it is but its lik amore cleaner style no flicks on the ends of the i etc

What do you mean by "less arial"? The font on my iMac's bezel is Garamond (or an Apple-specific variant).


9:05 Is that Mrs. Doubtfire?

kktm is really teh best thing of this channel.

When you set the background pictures to change as fast as this one was, it slowed the WHOLE computer down! I'm betting that was the problem. Plus it probably had a 5400 rpm drive?

Computer Clan I would set the background picture to a static image. You would be surprised how much processing power that takes. See if that works, otherwise it MAY be the disc dying?!

It is a 5400, but that shouldn't slow it down that much. I think the disk is dying.

osx maverick

VOTE: Windows xD

Stop upvoting your own comments. : p

KrazyKen 2019: Ah, the old aqua user interface... im sure we will have a lot of fun with that Also KrazyKen 2019: If the stuff is cool, wait until we boot up the computer! Also KrazyKen 2019: SLOWEST COMPUTER EVER

Either Jaguar really drags down the system, like A HECK OF A LOT, or the HDD is dying. But if the HDD was dying, Mac OS 9 would be very slow too. Or the Jaguar install is super damaged.

@Computer Clan Haha

I wish there was a animated version of this series But its like whats going on behind the camera. That would be AWSOME!

I think I liked OS X Snow Leopard cuz it had the purple and black galaxy background I think

I’ve thought of that, too! May have to contract an animator some day...


LEOPARD is my fav

i cant install os 9.2 on mine

I still have iMac G4 same one you have it still works great today i am playing it

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