ICT Lunch: How Can I Take My Business Into The Cloud?

ICT Lunch: How Can I Take My Business Into The Cloud?

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Wow. That's. Amazing hello. Everybody I. Yeah thank. Everybody. For joining us today I'm. Going, to prematurely. Thank our speakers unassuming, they will be both. Charming, and informative. Our. Line. Two, dads we, need to click a quick overview what. We'll do is that each of our speakers to over presentation. Really. To set the stage for the discussion I will, bet you'd like them to come up on stage and we'll have a panel discussion where. I will be inviting, your questions. So. That is, pretty, on top order for the day we, will have you finished and, after. Two o'clock meeting. Things. Along relatively. Peacefully. Look at that, pretty. Important. All. Right I'm going to start, right in damn. Didn't, ask movie finished lunch today. Sorry. Um. Let's. See we've got another speaker. Know. Before I'd like. To give you a quick understanding. One of the things that I like to do that I need to do people, is, know. Something. About them. And that the. People they work with would. Typically. Know, about them. So. That. Is to, be a nicer, way to introduce someone, then reading, his Bible, which. I will just give you a quick understanding, how, about Dave does Jane Anderson lead the team that. Helps tech industries. Stretches. Predict, and quantify. Disruptions. In the industry, so. That they can better protect their investments, in asia-pacific, the Middle Eastern Africa, all. Right that's going right now that is with Forrester. And. On. The other side, of days, world, he. Ran with the bulls in Pamplona. Earlier, this year and, about, a month ago he. Swam. With white sharks, in South Africa. So. I I did ask Dean as I wasn't in life crisis, or hearing, things to, sell a. Junkie. For adventure. And he. Explained, that this is a special, birthday year and so he was challenging. Ding. Please. Come up in their task. Thank. You very much. Everybody. Damn. I'm, so sorry you. Hold this one until they've got yours is.

This. Better there. We go. Sure. The. Only one. So. Just saying that I. Wanted. To a little bit about concerning. Okay. So. What's, the basics of course your eyes. And. I just want to go, to this to 10 for certain publicly traded company, we're very large. Advisory. Consulting. Firm for the ICT, industry and. Everything. That we do when everything we say is is. Rooted, in. Research. And some passion. Attention. Mystery as an analyst Rob. Coming. Up about 20 years or so I've, learned the importance. Of having, basis, creative, things because. Opinions, that are rooted in some sort of fact and, either everydaysource, having, little to the dominicks, so, everything we do and everything we say to do research in some way either. Deprotonated. Here that we, engage clients, 30,000. Times a year or Forrester analyst do, we. Do, 307,000. Surveys. In here and, on, the topic, of cloud computing. Courses website and we searched and, we find about 1700. And forth strip in the past, 18. Months okay. So, this is really the basis of why are we sharing with you talked a lot organization, of implements. I'll talk, a lot of vendors and. We get best practices, mistakes, or a lot of companies, business, that's, the basis of what i'll be sharing with you today I. Don't. Know we can see is but I chose this picture because I, think we'll talk about cloud computing it. Can be very enthused, over the past 34, years that's. All the item, students are really they're. Talking about now start with societal, the latest buzz words big data I think. For a lot of buyers. Market, it can be very daunting, overwhelming. And confusing so. Picture here of, clutter. Box, what. I think we all want to do today is to. Provide a little bit of organization. Structure, clarity, to that okay run, attack wall will have that much time hopefully. Some. Of the day that I provide information. At. Odd assignment. You, have a little bit more clarity. And structure, behind and. These are a few parts, of the party talking, about. Okay. Let. Me start out to share with you a picture of. Foresters. Cloud taxonomy. Buying that you, know the clutter for you I'll start with this I'll try to move into something that's a little bit simpler this. Is a view of all. Of the. Parts, of the cloud market, that, we trap okay, on the vertical, axis to, have a three predominant. Models, of talk about you have public. Cloud virtual. Private cloud and, then, private club and, there's. A model hybrid, cloud which, makes it goes together, very.

Briefly, Public. Cloud as the highest level sharing, multi-tenancy. To a lot of. Customers. Or companies using the same infrastructure or, service where's. My private cloud it's, dedicated, to an individual, company, and usually. That's on premises, today home and one that, infrastructural. That service, then. These, can be applied horizontal. Axis here across need for structure things, like server from, cute resources. Storage, so it's go forth to. Applications. Things, like customer relationship. Management, business. Intelligence. Resource. Applications. And even, over to information, processed, all of these, types of. Components. Of, IT can. Be purchased through a cloud in one of those variations I, think, today we'll talk a little bit about what bottles, make sense when i'll share with you some of our views on that as well. Ok. This is really in. A simpler, way probably, we need to know a lot of you might, think of it this way so. Very simply cloud computing, is a standardized, ID capability. Services. Software infrastructure. Deliver. The internet technology, of a produce self-service, way, so. Your company, can already mighty, can, deliver. The, services, near or. In me, a public cloud, provider, a telco. Microsoft. Google so in silver jewelry masters but that's fundamentally. Opportunist. Okay. Now let me share with you a little bit about what. Our services, say, about cloud computing adoption. Asia-pacific. This. Is a view survey. That we did in the third quarter of this year and, the, question was do you currently have all computing initiative strategy. In place within your organization, we, did this in, asia-pacific. Excluding Japan, and, see all the countries, here on the. Answer to this across. The 530, works. Consumers. For. Small medium. And large including. The government twenty-eight. Percent of, companies, as of, the three record this year told, us that they have already adopted cloud computing, and another, twenty-four, percent said. That they're planning, to adopt yes, we intercept, it, did to have already hit the tilting point the tipping point where. There's. A majority, that if either adopted, we're, going to be adoption operation, we've been tracking us last, four. Or five years is continuing, to climb and you'll notice if you can see a downer and by Singapore. With the highest adoption. In the region with, forty two percent, here. Saying the adopted club. This. Is cutting, pretty much across all seconds, of the Barbican trap small. Medium large businesses, pretty much across all industries, as, well some, of the hotter application. Categories, of that collaboration. Applications. Like WebEx, or, email. Applications. Customer. Relationship, management. Area to companies, like, salesforce.com. Or, Microsoft, as well okay. Okay. So. I want to share with you five. Key, views on a file from forces, perspective, one by one then. I'll share with you another resource, that you can, get. From us off, the web later for more information of course make discussion, be quite helpful let. Me assure you five, views on top of our perspective, first. Of all we. Really think the cloud is about flexible, business service not, technology, okay. How. Computing. The. Genesis, of it really came from the acting industry, but. If. Your focus is on technology. Alone you're missing the point it's, really about business, services less will business services at the top of your eye and. Then we talked about today, we. Will talk about technical, things but one, of the things, that we always tell our clients to folks alone is not just an implementing the power of the statement makes no sense what, is the business. Objective. Of that, that's, number one. Number. Two is, amassing, that Club does deliver, business value and. Canada. Cultivation, one. Of the hires and research we have for sure to look at how companies are going to be, this. Essentially. For, a lot about as well, and. Remaining, how, can be a great Sparkle, catalyst, for that in, fact it's, interesting that a lot of the best innovations we see from, companies over they is at the intersection point. Of. Imputing. Mobility. Analytics. And we, can pull those together the, innovations, that you can find thrilling. Information. Contained customers, directly in real time or location based.

Or. Through harnessing, all the information, that are really, on, earth great accommodations, it's just number two. Number. Three is a powerful. Extends, so, prepare for a hybrid, environment. Okay. We'll. Talk about sometimes. In, our minds, we think, either, work or a binary day. Really. Do the best implementation. Think about was how to augment. And, extend, or, have rather. Than rip and replace okay. I think. It's a mistake labas, made a lot of different areas you think about it. Tennessee. Competitive. Competing. Visions but. This really isn't, completely. Legal way from what we already have a stench another one improvement. Fourth. It requires organizational. Changes, the. Way in which, organizations. Function, with, cloud computing institution. You. Know we do an, example or two one. Is, pass. Through the way the Vikings, bought bought, by the. CIO. MIT, apartments, managed to run and, I think a lot of experiences. We would be told what you see we could use web application, use, my mobile phone interviews. That's. Not the way it works for, now you have business, leaders, buying, their application, and right or, sales, or, HR. Bringing. Their devices in the work factory with, duster is it show a. Twenty. Twenty. Percent, of information. Workers bring. Their own applications. Into, the workplace to do their job so they don't wait variety. So, what that means for IT departments, is that they really need to now. Providing. Bar rails if you will for, how businesses by NT rather than tell them what to do collaborate. Much more so they're like organization, changes that take place. As. Finally, it, is, now tractable, for most enterprises, there are a number of reasons why, this is the case first. Of all security. And privacy are, far. Better. Than they were just two or three years ago you, have big banks, governments, are buying lottery tickets to, security, and privacy are much better needs to be. Reliability. Availability I've. Also increased, a lot everytime, listen, there, is downtime. For. My, application is, a lot of press and seen, as a negative, faculty. Findings, that's positive, in the sense that cloud, provider doing much better than fluent liability. And availability. District oh, and. Third. Reason why biggest, enterprise-grade. Is, because. There's a lot more choice for the buyer on, with. Open, standards, like OpenStack, you. Don't have locked in the infrastructure in. A way they give, passwords. More open in, fact even the data and the applications, nikon, transition, between common, applications.

There's. A pattern. Called. Representational. Test. Standard. Which allows you to move between applications by blocking the, data that you have information. It's, easier transfer, ok these, are five key things that we see non-hispanic. Panel, discussion. My. Final slide here, is. This. Is a view of something for about playbooks i just. Mentioned, that we. Do we. Tap difficult. Issues like, transitioning. Or bringing your business to file rather. Than writing a lot of ways. Make research or big ideas, try, to put in a methodology, make things easier, because. These, changes, can, be complex, and, for. Each of these areas we have restructured toolkits and documents, to guide throughout. The entire process I. Might. Email address your baggage, your work that we did and talk about this process if. You're interested in I'm recording you, know me we. Have the center to see diately. Pretty, similar things I've talked about today okay. And. For me that is it thank. You very much and I believe now Simon. Where. The top. Where. You guys just fighting over who's going next. But. I. Have to just prove your oh. Okay. It. Is indeed. Hang. On i'm gonna have a magician. That's. Me doing that when times are I. Just. Need one more hand. Okay. Our, next speaker is toss, theologies. The chief marketing, and operations officer. For my necessities, of the patient cific region. In. Addition to that. Todd. Has been a football, player and coaches. Football. Here. In Singapore, American, football, I are talking about. This, is we are at Thanksgiving, time anything. I talked about that, you, might interpret as American, or European is, American, to take I think. That's a good rule there. Was one of the things that I was going to say about you hang on. You. Ask games to defeat, not, know about me when. I was, nine. Years old who has saved my house I bought an Atari 2600. And, then. Soon after that a Commodore, 64 as well actually coated. Unruly. You, see long so. I just right Todd as a smooth athletic. Nerve. Todd. Take away thank you very much thank, you for the opportunity here, it's, a great, is this okay this, now is feedback, Rebecca.

Okay. Very, good how. Many in the room are. In. The financial. Services industry anybody. In dental services issue okay. How. About, telecommunications. Of. Communication. Okay. Eagle. Anybody. In people all, right. It. Helps me get a flavor produce in the room how about sized organizations, how. Many are representing, organizations. Today and have. Over. 10,000. Employees. Okay. Over. 5,000. Employees. So. Cookbooks the. Bridgehampton. Continue. Those. Are got asthma clinks, as employees. Okay. About 500. Give. Me play today. I'm going to talk about the, cloud, or, Microsoft's, perspective, as it, relates largely. To small and medium, businesses, we. Can also discuss on. The air across space now it's been devoting my time and, swallow media businesses, in, clearly. There, are unique, opportunities. To flower christmas day, mission, several. Of us already. We're. Working in an environment we're, living in an art work piece of technology, tunities, accelerating. If. You think about the, forms of media pass, the pace, with option it took a radio, 38. Years reach 50 million users it's, a television. 13. Years to, reach 50 on users internet. 24, years. Facebook. It took. Nine, months 300. Million users so. The, way that we're, living the, way. That we're working with changing, an increasing, pace I think everybody going to agree now. We actually commissioned. A study recently. Across. Over, four thousand, small. And medium businesses globally, to. Understand, the changing. Landscape. Work. In, global some interesting, things we found so. In which they mentioned. Ninety-five. Percent of us in the room actually other device likely, to be purchased on our own and that we, use in work pretty. Common. 71. Percent, of small and mid-sized businesses, believe. That they have to have their workers work anywhere. Seems. Pretty common and then, almost, blinded. With what dates that nearly 40-percent, of small medium businesses say they will. Take, damage in the cloud the next 36. Months so. The environment, that we're working in is clearly changing, after. Now. Let me explain when. We talk to small and medium businesses, and Microsoft work with SPS, work for many many many years we. Have some civil working back on. Areas. That they need to come with and these this, will represent so, first. Of all. Working. From anywhere as. We. Just highlighted. In. That. Same site sixty. Percent of. Workers, say that, they need to be able to work from anywhere they, don't repeat it, businesses, want to support them it's critically, important, that we have access to information anywhere. Is indeed, customers. Don't. Do. Collaboration. Obviously, the way that we work today as James it's very difficult to be able to get things done in a silo by yourself, we're, hiding in, independent. On the industry to be working, I'm loving to get instant that. Typically, doesn't mean just to be honest where you were like, inconvenient. Cross-country. Mountains, could be across your. Own fire well that business partners as well so. Being able to collaborate and, work together is fundamentally. Anything stuff it. Isn't that I. See. Now over small and medium-sized, businesses, obviously. There are less resources, to get things done i T as, the state requirements. However, bit. Large. As well, managing. Security. Having, governance, in, order to have privacy. Standards, in place etc so. Pressure and ITV you provide, us in parking whether you have no idea is the smallest business, where, you have some ID as a mid-sized business. Freshman. Heinz being certainly changing 12 and then, lastly. Being. Able to be responsive to, the, costs, associated, with. Changing. Work department, clearly. We're all in the business of either. Delivering, return shareholders. Or privately. Held organization, driving. As much probability, as possible, to. Folks within the company so. This represents feedback. We receive, about the. Environment at SMB, Harbor the, change, will then go a little deeper into. Several. Areas, I think that are really really equippable, small/medium. Businesses, and before. I mean that let me introduce office. 365. We. Get Microsoft, believe the cloud is not about technology, as well it is an enabler to, help, us work and, different, or put up then we're out to our ways office.

365, Is, insurance. That's. In the neighborhood, now most, folks in the room how many of you have used office, in the past. The. Majority of us have used outlook, excel. Powerpoint, word. Be able to get is done obviously, those are software-based. Sit, on a device like the. MPC, or some other. You know office. 365. Provides. The, same type of collaboration you've. Grown to the. Custom, field office in the. Glass how. Many of you have used instant, messaging, today, or. Getting. Work done in a day biggest is, anybody using this, okay. Obviously. In. Order to collaborate, you have access to people, office, 365 is a suite of services, including. Productivity. Tools in a cloud as, well as communication, services. Available at lab as well now. Let me explain, a. Few, of my, gig movies, that this. Can provide so, office, 365, is built be advised. Great. Email. Collaboration. Tool it's, intended, for. Business, build. Secure, though. Privacy. Rules. In place as well it's, intended, to be a collaboration. Place, where people get work done, sharepoint. Is a product, that, use, very pervasive Levi are prizes to create portals to, share information and, connecting, office. 365. Has the, same a lil available. Laughs today neck. People, in, addition to that allow, them to edit, and share information, real. So. How many of us have shared. Documents. In email, probably, for years then we move in sharing, documents on, portal, and change. Things check with inch economic. You. Now I clearly have the opportunity, to edit yo climb together. Violence, at the same time and. Then lastly, connecting. Visually. Verbally. Over. Boys Wow. Over, video and, then real-time share information. So. Again lost as a service. Be, able to support a, couple, customers i want to highlight, i'm. Learning about this customer, now hook up is a, beverage manufacturer. That also, is staying for it actually, has been pretty widely, known. And consume, food brands. They. Have roughly. In this geography about, 250. Employees and. They had majority. Of their staff working in restaurants but, also distributed. Calling. On new customers, from the sales capacity, very, distributed, workforce, and, team this. Customer, need the solution in fact that, media real. Time with the right information and, have flexibility. And agility to. Share information the. Neighborhood, office 365. Recently. AFC, defense, not a value bathroom so, a good example of a small, business, now. Working, together as i mentioned obviously, recipes, is very important, and the. Beautiful thing about using. Productivity. McLeod there. Are 700. Million office. Users will, move today, the. Common, user, interface, that people have gotten used to in, all of the productivity, tools and office are available. I'm in, a cloud-based, version, this. Is an example of, Excel, and used by multiple people at the same time, in. Addition to that enable, hold effective, means with. Point, and click click, dial click. The launch of video conference, with instant. Message click. To share, any continent, on any. Type of device available. In, office 365 lat. Any, novice, we talk about what's. Very important, in our strategy, is we, recognize, that not. Everybody, is using a window face device it clearly, there's, opportunities, in an important, focus to, work cross-platform, as, well, Microsoft. Is committed, to working. With cloud, services, cross-platform, whether, it is on a Windows Phone whether. It's on an iPhone or Android, device, office. 365, works. Cross-platform. In. An open area. Next. The. Company called person pretty well-known brand, in this. Geography in the real estate industry. Person. Has the. Right around, 250. Employees and, their corporate headquarters and, thousands, of agents across of. The. Marketplace, working. With. Different. Customers, and, what they found was having, traditional. Collaboration. Software inner, corporate, headquarters, certainly. Grover activity, at headphones, but they had distributed, text, communication, with. Their sales books and when we're aging south of you, they. Looked at a variety of different cloud, services, and they opted to move office, 365, because. Of your, reasons number one it. Allow them to use, most. Of their users, were very comfortable brilliant. At least, office applications, number. To provide the IT organization an. Enterprise-grade. Capability. Advantage, for, tax and that privacy, standards, that they require as well in a brewery that allow them to reinforce, some resources, there at the apartment, to war strategic. Parts, their business typically. Today, we see that. Multiplies, organizations. Are spending, whether that big x EV MIT, a big smile lines you have the seventy, percent of the budget on, maintenance. Beating, the lights our, first. Thing was able to reapply new, coil considerable.

Amount Of the budget to innovative. Business, so, another, good, example I. Team. I'm going to move forward pretty quickly booties. Bills. But, I t, having. Easy i see, it's critically, important, in order to dry is this process, change. Those. Who you can grow you raise your hands from, financial services, industry or. From, i-10. You're. Not in the business of, providing. Acting, services, it multiplies. Organizations. Are being, scrutinized more, and more more of a business value, bringing back to business. We. Are very focused on making I see simple, and easy, providing. Services, that can help you. Find business process. To. The unless there's a good example, to create, based, organization. Of group five, employees, actually. Over, 300, employees in, the last seven years if. They had a bogus, on, providing. Information. Anywhere. At any place of teams in order to be very fast and flexible they. Also had, committed, to standards. On privacy in. On, enterprise. Great support, and survey, grew they had more and more and more requirements, to support, the. Current TV platform. That, they chose office. 365, provided. A platform. For, them we're, pricing standards, are at level as well as. Enterprise-grade. Some, work so another is it. Now. Just, to close on. Value. As. We talk about the, final represents. Not to change, business process. But. Also provides. An opportunity to, really manage. Your P&L. The. Uncertain, economy that, were working it now there's, more and more more pressure with rear continues hold on capital. Investments, obviously. A cloud allows you to have a bigger. Focus on effects Alexa, festival, focusing, commitment beyond Calix, most. Of the customers that we work with that's a big deal, the. Barrier, to entry to, new technology. Is struggling, no. Longer can make substantial, large-scale. Vestments, going to value technology, as they, mentioned, cloud platforms, it, seemed to be very embracing and. We believe your substantial, cost, savings to auction, 65, now. To close if you think about evaluating. Cloud in, your enterprise. We've. Got a few recommendations just, to keep in mind as you're. Making these decisions. So. Number one as a business, it's. Important, to think about the. Business model, of the cloud provider working, you. Need typically, our customers, tell us provider. It as folk. Reliability. That. Have service. Level agreements, that, map their business requirements, and, it also also provide. Financial. Commitments, back so. If the. Service is not available back. We met up with, financial. Hmmm, additionally. The. Cloud provider that has, been. That. Supported. Large scale businesses most. Of our customers tell, us that's important. Second. In privacy obviously. In. World War II and work for baseman Association, goals. Businesses. Tell us that. Having, your information, knowing. Where it is first of all where they're dating store and, then secondly, ensuring, that its use the program that, it's not merged together with other information.

In. Colocation. Scenario, that it is separate, it is, ideally, not mine for information that's, their name and their information most. Of our customers tell us if it's very important. Productivity. Is well able to make. You cloud not. Having to retrain, or staffing eating, them in fact the attention of the gladdest grand class ability, in, a duel me to an organization so. Most of the customers we work up Ellis dead. Moving. Things easily, and, seamlessly. With. Cloud, technology. Important. And. Then lastly as. I make some support financially, Baptist away most, of our customers tell, us office, 365. %. SLA. In place for. Business, customers and, we now have a financial. Commitment, it's. Not that we have to give you cash back is, that something we're very grateful to them so those are more recommendations that, we talk to our customers about very frequently, and usually. They're online and closest privacy, so, with that I will close, turn. The floor over and. Look for to a question. And answer session. Thanks. Very much. All. Right there. It is our. Next, presenter, is sunny college, Simon is chief marketing officer, with Google, joy. Google, recently from, where his breast how. Recently every. Year tagged. Out. Simon. Something you should know about Simon. That other people don't know. Is. That. John. He. Worked. For. Governor, Bill Clinton. During. Our, muffin, tins run for presidency. And. Job, and, I. Was able to dip in that presidency, cited, then now so, it is well work out because of. Fundraiser, one of 12 run. The, fundraising. On, a national, basis. I'm, not going to talk about your youth picture because it's, in your bio Simon. Which. Ended actually pregnant also. Started. After he left pollutants, administration, started a, charity. Organization for. Young, kids to learn how to, start. And run their own businesses, for Japanese is a fantastic, thing, also so, turned over to you thank you it's. Also a la statement. Got into the waters, of South. Alabama Mako. What, heart so, it's, pleasure meteor, thanks everyone for taking the time I you, know I would remain here for me is very similar to a pod they share, terms, of the. Transit, see in the industry, or current businesses, both a girl and the, types of solutions that all of us are probably create, coordinating, businesses. Or productive, oh. You. Know Google. I got. Home button. Closure, left which are the typical one sets consumers. Most of us in Google, its gmail, its YouTube, Android, a google, plus you're. All things that are, got Williams. Users. Around the world every. Day in love what. We're finding is, that increasingly, companies. Were looking to take three consumer. Technology, that's out there that their people are comfortable and, putting. That into enterprise. Solutions, enter, eyes great, solutions, that work, for, safety security and, tell, things, you need but, also there to it. News and Emily, I'm, more comfortable go, to the powerful, operate, in. Their bases and in. Your white penis now that doesn't hurt. Before there are some real changes to how gravity. Up, to the first one is whole, mobile. Sales on. Pc sales. First. Time ever and that's the team and, it orbited, around reading, their, certain, places where by, australian. Tablet, is exploding. And wrote about dating, for the new norm, I 14. And, then. Social I. Increasingly. You, know affect our life today how. Many, services, firms in on the street are, very, concerned. Because some in their police whining, social, as part, of the daily lives whether they're sort of screwing around earth, waiting, to assignments, are actually, doing things. Are. And the, problem is that their constraints, around using. Twitter or. Issuing. Email services but it's noon in reality, which is that one more organizations. Are actually using social. Technology. Or attitudes and consciousness, and then. Mining we, say that normal. Distances, actually, are eliminating. Their IP assets so, in 2012's. Okay, commerce and business laughter. No idea, they're, using the cloud as an echo and it's the support of all the applications and bathrooms, that, they need. Incidence. Of transformations, again, this, is stuff. I think we also have no but it really helps school think, about focusing, on the types of things that the vimana developer, customers once. Then. Local. The low and, integrated, world. And in, terms of the way businesses, work that effective, in your own business or being, amongst other businesses, as well and. That collaborative nature is, happening. 20, more self so, you need products, and services that. It. Worked all of all these various markets, in all, the time and frankly.

That, Alaska. Is its owner to support to be vision in fact sometimes it's, not good, what. You really want to be is fast and you, look at IT, monkeys, in particular and see those multiple, releases in here where, the past the hunted one, police. Over here or eight months is, sped up the process just. Really needed to get out faster, tuning software and, poppers, to help it out. The. Plastic, is that, increasingly what's. Happening is it browse. So. You're, moving to multiple, types of devices of. Using. Advice. That may be a home you care about with an android phone is, that specify, instead. Of flattering issued, by a courthouse, but. You still want to get into talented, what's happening, with you or whatever and. What. That's going to do that they're about a system, Wow. Now. In. Tommy companies, again by the great, job explaining about, the types, of things that help, you talk. To the universe, whether they're huge companies, or small, medium-sized, Empress, safety. And security number, one that's what everyone wants, happened. To their information but. They're also very important. Considerations. Like making. Sure the real productivity, in, collaboration, stays there how so, our ongoing actually, raised whichever, and, one, of the reasons we think Google. Products make less sense is, that it's, easy to adapt if you're doing and, you're off, our slide into. The work department because, of very similar experiences. You, also want to make sure that we've got you. Know proven proven. Infrastructure. And a cloud that is, going, to work not your thoughts saying, and you're, a lot of differences. That you want to look forward and make, sure that you're, getting something to have always, will be optimistic uranium, to work for you. So. For. School dinner we. Will do a look, at this is their three buckets, on the left here or devices so, we've got android phone of course and in, kronos, so, the Chromebooks, are using. The Chrome operating system and essentially. Or nets for, our denial, United, States at 250. Ops so, first, video. If you have a very effective that. Bus is very fast yogurt. Up it's on beginning. And sorrow, community. Then. The middle, Plus. After about, 50 different house that we offer, but, it ranges from things. Like, gmail. Calendar school, plus two, sites and an awesome adopts part, of it for about seven, then I'll clap positions, so we'll talk about here or things, like our. Outlet, and is allowing, very quickly develop, apps for your own process, is it a little you care about and put, that up into your do. You, never nur. Geospatial. Technology. So this is important. For companies that are definitely better student, in Salesforce, you get a lot of logistical, concerns how, many equities, a real. Time you saying where, your vision, hurts. That are. Usually. Passwords, to travel up, so. As a general, and how we think about it a little, bit more detail about something, absolutely. So. For example Gina, now, we can catch him out which are probably about as email and, that's done, start. Convoys, but. Both Adam, to it is in. Philly instant. Messaging to, click it all and then also flip video chat so, all-in-one. Platform that, you're used to it as you know you, can in all of this and it's very quickly very easily, the. Second is dots over that and little bit more news on second, 32, our calendar. Vegetable, but also in an enterprise department, it's. Optimized, order to baby be able to collaborate easily. Grading. Say comics meetings or rearranging, schedules, in.

More. Straight. Road map, syclogic. Create, essentially, websites, for. Your progress and the last, night it is google plus a lot about google+, and docs a little bit more detail. Doc's. Attention, the, way this works is you, have control of you look here on the left this is a screenshot, of, so who's holding up a doctor, and wants, to be, able to share the, risk as few as they order that pocket and, determine what, you could share give, people, they. Edited, given. On the economy those, are two things and then, when. You actually work doc. Who's, doing what and, you see yet change. Those heads there's. Also version so, if a, day, later if you want to go back to see what happened for you, go back to the earlier, versions, so. You're saying my office, under thing, about bullying, when. He's using. You up dude with sort of technology, oh. Shiza. Scandal. In. Jesus. Name to tango. She's. A man god. She's. A master. Just. Came down and, we, do involve at the office we actually report. Music good. The. Other memory are now being sisters I think something is Sony, fairly. New for most of the industry, most definitely issues that work is the, collaboration happen. With a certified, so this little lust just. Some examples of the things that you need if you have a lot of water here is what, happened, terms, again so it's essentially what. You might have out into. That lists, all employees. Where, the work what they do a very easy to populate, are very easy to do them manager. Of your place out on the. Right of one, of the features, of Google, Plus local service and, toys, or books works, is that from. A consumer, market you have different types of people different parts of life you got your friend from school we've got them you, know mr. Church, information. From school, them. You. Can think about that reversible. Way with people, at work so, this is the project accident, and this project X in Vince is moved. In as you, work on project, that you, sent note it just goes to those folks and, then that seemed to talk each other within within. The Google+. Stream in. This activity so. Instead of a sharing photos from your your child's, birthday party would, you can introduce your, presentations, and then get comments, or folks about entertaining, or. Offices. Those, positives, and, in one of the house, so, hangouts are such a game announcing from all the books and, again just a bubble this way but, it allows those together, in, motion faster, machines, well now. We also believe that if you can do this well, ill, inmates and the houses that we're all so. Ya think we're. Gots. It up. Doesn't. Follow, there's. Nothing much to follow up on Wow, room. You, just regroup this, is the regrouping. Globally. You're, painting the Alabama.

Next. Steps there. Are no next steps you just assaulted. What. Is the Europe, and I. Was, amazed at how quickly it, up with this he's. All the time the office and how effective is, it things about very, rare and common people, and again I've got people around this region how, about it now feels very, badly to be able to have a face-to-face and, endless conversations, so, it's, a bit bad about what, happened with our products, we now have been following, businesses, there on the, sign of how 5,000. Is a Pharisee, back to the, duel prize know, some very simple things that that, we were bonding, or. They're having that news represents. Something, called Center Parcs in, Europe of running. Develop, or the smaller bus but, they must would have to talk about behavior, that leads are different for activities, minus, three times custom, pool party. Whatever. You focus on two companies though that, are there, asian in one, small massage. So. Here in seeing world there's a big real estate firm, that, adopted. In Google Apps products. Because, they have distributed, out of over 2000 agents and they, were very concerned about how share Commission they, use this I school to help develop. A technology. Together. Duracoat. Grower property. Desert, and. One of the things that we ticular. From the CEO that, love is. Because. Various. Offering hormones if, Nathan, loses their phony morning, we. Can wipe out the information on that phone getting. The bump and then finally, up and running again because, all the contacts, all of the invasion sitting, in the cloud and easily. Pull that back in very, good the, other so, it's great for tickets, and. Then. On a whole other spectrum. Is the Gulf osco and, creative possible, worlds. In steel, ties and what. Hospital, is done is they purchase, of over, 20,000. See licenses, at this point and, they're using foursquare, using, and. Devices. On their own and, uses so, for example that you know really not translators, that, have, your google products in order to communicate, with, multiple. Users on, your soul if, I, would love marketing, and, then. They're all station on mapping technology, to check the distribution, of their supplies of products, so, it's, things it's not necessarily, intuitive if you think about consumer. Base perspective, for them very, rough place or also start now to buy it slow and. Just in summary video. Sense, of how all this, work. Together. In. Place. Thank. You very much. And. Decided, I'm going to invite you to have seat Dana. Job, please, come up. What. I take these two seats it's a little easier to see you from out they are your nose three. Everyone's. Flag is working. Why. Need one day between you two. Listen. A big round of applause dozen. Okay. Really for me I'm gonna, go straight, to Q&A but, i'm going to start, us off with one question, oh. And, I should probably let you know that I tend to have at least one stupid, question so, this is the first of what may be many but, why, stupid question is I'm, a small business. Owner. Yeah. The. Information. I need first, of all how do I start is my question first. Of all what. Parts, are by how do I determine what, parts of my business you've told me time that I don't think what all my, business requirements. On, a cloud, some of them will. Suffice. How. Much shoes. Where. Do I start. That's. That's prolific, question. Yes. So I think the simple, answer is. You. Try app where. You have opportunities, to save. Money increase. Revenue. Engagement. Customers in a new way and, when. Microsoft. Solutions, is easy is a try off. Of Microsoft, up for. Six. Dollars per user, per month you, can. Actually, move users, to the cloud that easily typically. What customers. Is. Majorities. Parts. Of their horizon, with the cloud in for. Private, reasons there may be some scenarios, or close, our, organization. They, may want to leave not. In time what. Does parts be tapped well where you might have sensitive. Information, where. You may have. A. Very. Distributed. Workforce, where, you don't have a, lot. Of bandwidth. We've got organization's, we work with an oil field well, Rick management, that you have the, Wi-Fi enables, a black connections, but they're intermittent, events are having on premise.

Technology. Is. Something that's important, anymore so. Being able that flexibility, to. Usually. It's. Something support, but it's is easily setting a try but you want to try out all, the species. And. I want to I want both of you to answer also but i want to check here, really quickly just so the, speakers, know where we are as an audience how, many of you I, they have your have services, in the cloud currently. Most. Of all of you how many of you do not that are looking at. Okay. So my question wasn't stupid for you guys anyway. Is. That the same question that you would have are, you look happy I'm going to come back to both of you who, else is looking at cloud services, and looking at what they, would want to, where. They were moved above all doubt it was afraid of me. Okay. Thanks Bob, all. Right let's go outside tell, me what you would say if, you were going to advise me but. I think it's important understand what we want. You. Know is it because you've got cell forsyth, that's distributed through. A raw. Vegan and. It. Was very quickly do you have real, night vision. Moment, you're using, a mobile phones, but. Out idea, for, is. It that, you need that. You got huge data sort, of hearts and need someplace to put that, another. Point, the, solution is that's back on goal but also safe secure, the. First things done now and, many. Small, businesses, again. You know we, all, feel. The. Fire work, of advising, licenses, so, that's that's, an opportunity ever, business, just to get up and get, going pi, a colada it's. Not you know they're all situations, where you're, going to want, half make, cities names and you. Know we're. Basically, that you're seeing kind, of people sending to our to, try it out the see how it goes and as. Justice. As if, you happen to find. Things online, both. Are very forgot that first bit, of Monica. So. As. Understand. It. Was. A normal. Game. For the answer, when I ask those of you with services in the cloud currently, how. Many of you are you going to ask the difference between public. Private and hybrid, is. That my, third choice okay. How many of you live public. How. Many drive it and. How. Many hybrid. Would. You pay you wouldn't know or I talk to me then as NS, anymore isn't an enterprise, about, how do I make the decision, and the distinction between of, the private ignite, its. Hybrid that really confuses, me. The. University, I was easily. We. Have something, is working as, according, your business, right you're happy with. Maybe. The glue things that I've that's. Best place to start and. That I agree, with Senator. Concepts. What. Is your challenge was a business issue I think. Those who have to anyways one is work. Benson, focus, more on the. Office right so it's, a big Monica costs, miss.

Being On skills, to 19, liked, it doesn't big problem recipes, most recipes don't have, a TV so, that. Can be Asian s looking for defense that, I you would be honest you know that's, what market, or you can share I'm, creating, more and more agile, you go, not to worry about, managing. The technology. So. It certainly the first question I say they, broke I'll fix it and then there was this issue that's. Either defense. Or offense in. Terms of a public private, or hybrid I, think. Some applications. Lend themselves more for. Something. Less. They. Have data. Were. There. Not quite as, having. A public, sighing, 44. Better areas where that, collaboration. Email. On, video promising, things of that sort, crm. Is, another long very, very successful public. Files, also. Opening, doesn't. Prove it so you, know sometimes. We talk about public, cloud and. Her question, saying was not secure and, as a discussion, like this single. Word in the, year ago and. He said well yes, crm. Estate and. They. Said someone, someone, mentioned, that, let. That elite such high security. Will. Your ass along. Does. Need more to these gates you, need. A governess, they give users here so, i think, there's. Red herrings out there as, Sam. Said that any time is new technology, drive. Here, that's, the first sickness. A big, one is coming out, the state residency, is, now taking. Place is dirty. Means the. Residency, means four. Squares the data reside, for vacations. I, think, there's some confusion. Question. Yes. It's like I'm expecting, there are some other questions, I can, keep going that, dumb. Anybody. This. Is your name and competent, thanks. Mike, Kramer see. The. Part of these issues. Sentiment. Is the attachments, or own privacy and. Regulators. Globe, irritating. Diffusers. To whatever, what. They are, and how come are, particularly, in financial, services sector when. What has been done, Carly. We working, we realize get uncomfortable. Because. I'm I for example in, later that they're very different to what we must more like their to appear and when. Having stockbridge America. We. Have done, for. Our CIO stomach, here at singapore's. Tender. And, the financial services, firms, and we talked about was the key issue raised, city. Or they, all set with presidencies, an issue for us we're, struggling with it and. Truth of the matter is there's a lot of confusion, regulators. Have set, their path I. Ain't. That some of the things in, concessions. Is, talk. For radiators, Valentine's. Week yo. Fearful, and, run. Beyond. Those mountains we, talked to that and pull in the process, of hug they're, not in it to go after you and if you're struggling going to I, wish. I know you. Just. Happening all along did. There. Are question ready just, reach out breakers, talk. Yeah. I would say it's person whether we find, that the. Technologies, outpace, the regulations, Rick we were created, and so, it is better from, them that they, also looking, for. Example. Or. Places. Where does, it work works and one, of these easy that, states is that it got 14. States there's, a little girls who have not opted, who. Else, so. There's. A sense of well it's, good enough state. Government, then maybe you, should take the less, offensive, stats. For them.

It. Wasn't, complaining, smaller, for positions, it's more than anything if more mr. saying here's. A practice, and good with you, and I, mean, are. You willing to exchange. Our, heart my stage, right but giving, you see my band then. You're, going to do makeup. Geography. I think is a little bit of as well in the structure below and, desert, mountains, and forests not all the same government, regulation. Includes now extends, well that has big, play adoption. Is equally. There's. This. Governance, build out infrastructure. The. Applications. Well. Together, salad. Thanks. Yeah it looks very high all this at all that's, better yeah. That video. Questioning. That. Our return from economic. Crisis insulting. What was involving, different consulting, clients. The, elements. Of their environment. Environment. The. Presence of aggression, Simon. Loo. There's. A very specific page. By Tyler what, you're talking about microsoft. And taking. The intimacy, that microsoft. Points have now with their desktop, environment. And. Outlook and, moving into the cloud the. 36, 360, an opportunity, to receive the strong peach, from. Climbing. Usability, of an, environment. How's google, each. Against, that the neighborhood who's going forward. But. I. Don't. Know would buy. It. Might be, you, know the dough, message, of. Why. We all priced and working, workloads. It is around. The. Knees, of the price if. You know in universal. A super, 7, and, more. More, secretive. Comments, that bringing, young people is, a young people it's. Just intervening, you know how pleased are, very confident, and. What. You do you can start a fire. And create, a. Martha creates, world and change, in. Terms of weightings, wrong and, as a decision, opportunities, to make happen I. Mean, Yogi's its portal is it we really need a box, we, really, in Italy. Or call the, phone. Crisis, powers, hi. Cc, or or about, Alec Peters what, eight, and it, couldn't, adapt and really two aspects, in, da house. Pacifica. And uploads, a browser-based, our. Little, early welcome, and then, then filed it is just make sure that, cross, paths, are, you making. Work great on its, own, setting, in. Welcome. At mizoram single occasions, but, in terms of how I talk about the, roster that God, may. Deliver. Classes. I got, a writer. Nah. She's pretty tight, on my, bushings to gain dick. As move, infrastructure. And applications to, the cloud how's, the world the CIO and the IT organization. 218. What. Are some of the concerns in power. It's. Changed radically anytime. I remember. Giving presentations. To be 10 years. Changing Alice. Likes. To change I think. Wait. There's. An, YT, your, line of business liars. Yit. With real knowledge, or. Wall. And from the CIO, and. I see I used.

Device. So. How should I, its they can no longer na. Is. This application. That, will day tomorrow, so i, think it's changes, they need to get that mindset. What. We talked about was, having a, system, of our trails which. Is help to help, them, select the technology, I wanted. Don't try to exert them up, to educate. Them on how to, choose the application, or evaluation of. The. Availability requirements. So they, have either. Full. Whatever, keeping. The. Chief marketing, officer. He. Will get the, marketing, spending, companies, it's, God's. Love. Drives businesses, his, customers. And grab control furniture. Games. If. You're not using. CMO. So. To. Summarize and say. How much more savvy business. Inside. They, come in and talk about. Like, Fox. Say and. %. Won't. That's, how I see. Yet. As. Well I at. The, enterprise, sales forces in last 20 years and working. With CIOs, in this region and the fact that i have received and, we can receive, exactly, this, drive I feel, items are being, distributed, and. Centralized in, various, tribute as bears and bring, new solution. But. What remains consistent. Though is the pressure of the CIO is around, security. Management. Price. They, essentially, are they, making work, for, these applications being. Able security, and. We. Work, on ensuring. Those budgets are used to drive our business, insurers. In common platform, that, can be managed, and security, easy ways as almost, devices, are coming in to. Organizations, and it's always application. 12c. I know the answer and. Some. Business. Leaders about, application. Problem. I. Tamar. Comin your way in just a second. Hi. Daniel, expand. Surance, are. A small. Team so, they're 17, us we. Have, been using Salesforce, since the beginning of our business which has been fantastic CRM. Solution, for us, we. Need a solution. A, cloud solution to, offer mobility, mostly. To. Our team, we. Migrate to 365. And, SharePoint, earlier. This year which. I can't expose the benefits of cloud solutions. Now for small businesses, but. We recently discovered. That. There's something called the cash aid exchange. Mode and Todd, I want really on the technicality of that i'll.

Be--i'll Be graceful, but. What, we discovered. In this movie, is actually one, of our, information and, archive, of all, of our past times over the last in. History, business has, moved to the cloud it, also still, sits on PST, files, on, hard. Disks. Machines. Are, being, loud or are, we not because. We've been told by Microsoft, back as. Well as our migration consultant. That we, really should stay in this moment and as, speed is. Significantly. Increased, if we stay in this mode and we continues, you back, of our files, on hard disks, which for, us is small, business is a challenging, because of storage, so are, we in cloud or on out so. I love, the understanding. He's at war and. It. Sounds, like there's a scenario, that you have a. Hybrid. Situation for, you're storing, things offline for. In, your environment, to, increase, speed they. Am on with, your infrastructure it's, why you're. Using cloud, solutions, using office 365 you're. Able to do. Gigs variety, different bus types from. The browser or. From your desktop if you want so if, the answer guess if, the may be great good point though and then every implementation. Can you a little bit different depending upon this, is his knees and if, they can't trust. You have closed. What. We focus on is having a broad scale offering. So. We can get a price point down to a very very. Reasonable. Place so, it makes sense it's, an hour why to move, from, on principle, cloud at, the same time that flexibility. So. Up. Popped out on a lil bit more detail to make sure the, solution, have exactly. Meets. Your mother's. I'm. Here. Thank. You anyone else to do either of you want to. Right. Here. 210. Vince's. So. I. Dangerous. Today's. Presidency. Is, that, those, often. They. Stop members, understand. So. You get. Multi. Based evidence. Policy. Just. 13. Said. Today is. As, an assumption. Comic. Cloud is. Less. Secure, because. It's all the best, sensitive. Information. Which. Kind of it sounds, like you. Think about sharing, sounds. Right but I. Guess the question is is, it fine because. If, your business right understand. This year. You've. Got a motive response, to never thought a nice response but. Interested. What, you personally, think the public. Solution. I think. That. Your, sins. And assuming then that night. Security. They. Use. I understand. I. Perhaps, in four, years I think, there's some applications. Why, are higher. Yourself. Can be very good. These. Milliseconds. Perhaps. Seriously. Days, I. And, as. We were to talk about a sock there. Conscious. Of how much we've. Got a few more minutes to right Henry okay. All. Right good I don't want to invite all of you go. To the next question please, feel free to get up maybe a copy i'm sure by our speakers, will agree then it's perfectly, fine if you'd like to move around make sure you have copy preface, your african, team so. All. Right and here we have another hospital. And. The overview where's Ben Russia, birthday, and, that's. Option of using, asia-pacific. Do you, foresee. Any specific, countries of markets which will see the biggest growth of the next year's and also.

You Think there any challenges. Water. Changes, specific. Asia-pacific. Regarding, calabaza. In, shipping. Us. Part. Percentage. Terms, I. But, I think. Virgin. Working. First. I. Also feel in China. Market. China's. A bit. Just in the lodges. There as well. I think. In Germany opportunities. I think there is a, basis. Since, I've been. That's. Something. Does. Always be. Wow. How will. Access. Rather, than happened to me for. Yes. Wireless. Commuting. To bypass certain cases which i think is unique to asia. Which. I think that's happened, talking, with some vendors, so. Large international. They, were in fact expecting. And happy faster. We. Will see that. Oh. So. Many tears. See streaming, it off. All. Places. Question. Anybody. Ah. Oh. I'll. Joe actually. I know. These. My. Question is let's talk for a sec this shift a little bit of a big date just. Kind of curious to hear your thoughts and views what, what, that means you conceptually, what, that means to practically, let's. Talk for a second, gate very. Related, your presentation, to you. Start. Used to hearing loud. Everything else. What. Day, is all. Philosophy. There. Are great recent technology, ouch. Annalise. Able. To analyze, damage, ask for these two maybe three. Beats too. Yes, that's, what it is a lot of companies. Is to. Fly them. Santa. Life. Between. Albums. Market-based. Need. To be. Other. That most companies. Italy. That, probably, comes, so. Much, analyzes. She drowned. Today's. And they're also. Change. So. You need. These. Data science people. Are very. Compliant in. Nashua. Together. A. Father. That. Once. And farm organizations. Recently, there's, and we need the hospital, is a advanced. Science. Degree rapidly, rather, than. Because. That's, the person to. De-. Big, data signal. In sizes. And. Our. Business. Opportunity, for books to, create, happy, different, businesses. To, help. We. Serving in Google. Data. The, one things that we. Do look, at this for obstacle. Business versus, at all, so. Based, on queries, we, can actually track. Predicts, where blue out there to happen because it's partly certain, areas you can start to see things. Place. Definition. Wait for prostate, up but. My mother because. Of some, opportunities. Struggling. Contest. Pay. Off at five. Hello. To, do good kamma suit the one I think all. Of us a room workforce, in the last couple decades, maybe. Virgins, early days we used to, rely on ITA, other, part is in, sight of information, they, fall in those days that were, used. To central Ashley Borden and, we. Work really hard Team, Aqua tising. Information. In the building where and, evaluate. And analyze information, the. Way to identify trends, threw, up for ubiquitous, pool above itself, we. Continue, to build in a boat into it whether the hands in that users, so, that you can analyze data, I'm wrong. In. More powerful, ways of a week. Not, looking, take the. Second thing I'll say is what. We have a massive Monday, of 22 people at fuller, consumer, technologies, and commercial, technologies. That. It is really important, to. Be. Judicious, with data, and use. It in the right way so. It's, really really clear extinction, we are for the commercial, assets and. Our consumer, based assets, in the way that you use that data is, very, very. Demonisation. City, both, are serious. Example. Series. Ended on your ass people. Are. Average, intelligence, more. Intelligent, than the average person. The game. Oh. And. In his closet yet be really careful, give. Information. How. To use it properly nearly. There just to, others like. The example. That are australia where, sale. Track, so. Media, fine. Paul. Very. Successful. The. Other one was led. Is, here, in. Singapore. Does live here when. It rains. That's. Good. Data analysis. Equally. Because. More. People are taxing, than that they. Found it because they, are. Fantastic. Accident. That. Oh. A. Lot, of them actually. Those. Are two examples of, how, you. Can buy this, part. Ways. Very. Interesting. One. Or two word answer feature of each of you how long until big.

Data Becomes, just normal data. And three are really. That s. Great. Happened, I went into a bathroom, pretty. You guys think how long before Big Dave normal, to data can i see show up man so they don't have it within five years. Ten. And. The, rest of you are just too shy or you think it's more than 10. Okay. All. Right I'm very, very interesting, very, much.

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